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Huge Sale Coming To Rawtop.tv!

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Just thought I'd let you guys know that there's a huge sale coming to rawTOP.tvThe Twelve Cumdumps Of Christmas starts Christmas Day and goes through The Feast of The Epiphany on January 6th. Yes, that's 13 days and hence 13 cumdumps – don't ask me how that makes sense – ask a Christian…


Anyway, during the sale ALL DVD downloads will be just $9.95 and if you download ones that have the featured cumdump that day, they will just cost $4.95. That's a crazy low price – so plan now! If I bought porn (I don't 'cause I sort of have too much of in my life as it is), I'd stock up for the year…


Here's the list of what cumdumps will be on what days…

  1. Thu 12/25 – Dawson
  2. Fri 12/26 – Armond Rizzo (aka Joey Rodriguez)
  3. Sat 12/27 – Drew Sumrok
  4. Sun 12/28 – Marco Cruise
  5. Mon 12/29 – Dominik Rider
  6. Tue 12/30 – Jarod Steel
  7. Wed 12/31 – Jeff Palmer
  8. Thu 1/1 – Sean Storm
  9. Fri 1/2 – Jayson Park (aka Parker Boyd)
  10. Sat 1/3 – Draven Torres
  11. Sun 1/4 – Ian Jay
  12. Mon 1/5 – Blue Bailey
  13. Tue 1/6 – Christian

Anyway, that's your heads up. There will be more details on my porn blog on Christmas Day.

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