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  1. So it seems chat is working pretty well now. The problems most of you posted were probably due to the browser remembering temporary redirects or there being some weirdness stored in a cookie or something that needed to be corrected. If anyone has continued problems with chat, let me know.
  2. I believe that's a caching issue. If you'd tried a few minutes later it should have worked. I've put the cache period down to 1 second, that should take care of it. If you (or anyone else) continues to see that problem, let me know.
  3. OK. I think I just figured out the problem(s). Somehow I had managed to delete a small line of code and didn't see the omission even though I looked at it 1000 times over the past 4 days. There was also a problem with certain browsers and validating their version numbers (something I do to try to stop hackers). And there was the problem with + signs in one of the pieces of data (something I had suspected early on). But the good news about working on it for so many days is that I found and fixed a few other problems in the process. I don't have time to test things properly. My two test cases are working, so all I can say conclusively is that it's working better than it was. It's the end of the day and we have a guest coming over in an hour, so I'm gonna quit there and do some cleaning. Please let me know if you continue to have problems and what the exact error messages are. Also, please copy the URL from the error page. I have some extra debug code in there that I don't have on the page. Again, sorry for the down time. Trust me, I've been really frustrated about not being able to get it back up quickly.
  4. Well, I fixed the data problem. Haven't figured out the cause of that problem yet. And it did not fix the chat login problem. It's the end of the day. I'm frustrated and stopping. I'll pick it up again in the morning. Now I have to figure out if I wanna go out cycling (my new way to release energy) or if I want to have a drink. My boyfriend will probably suggest combining both and cycling to a bar
  5. Well, I found a potential source of a problem. Unfortunately it's a data problem (some duplicate records) and data problems take longer to fix than code problems because I first have to write code to fix the data problem, and then prevent the problem from happening again, and then have to find the flaw in the code that created the duplicate records. And then I have to see if that's the source of the current problem. So clearly that means I need more time. Not certain it will be done before I quit today, but we'll see. Maybe… By the way… Sorry this is happening. It's sorta just bad luck that it showed it's head right before a weekend. If I had seen it quickly I would have rolled back to the old code. But I would have needed to resolve this problem eventually…
  6. There's a problem with chat? Really? I had no clue! Maybe I should have read this thread… Yeah, that's sarcastic, but yes, I know there's a problem with chat. I worked on it all day yesterday. Only stopped when a woman down the block dragged me to a community meeting. I know the nature of the problem. Just trying to figure out exactly why and when it's happening.
  7. It's the morning and I'm back at it. Those error messages are helpful. In particular, 3 of the 4 hashes didn't contain + signs. So that means the problem is something other than what I thought it was. Now to figure out what the problem really is… Can't say how long it will take. Could be 5 minutes, could be 5 hours, could be (parts of) 5 days…
  8. That is exactly how it it supposed to work. You can't go to chat until the word Chat shows up.
  9. It's 7pm. I'm frustrated I can't get the 2nd of my two test cases to work. So I'm stopping for the evening and will pick it back up in the morning. But some of you are able to get into chat. Anyone that is continuing to have errors, please post them here (unless they're just like someone else's error). In particular, my test case that fails throws an error something like this: IMPORTANT MESSAGE: Invalid Login Hash IElcA5aTNnogzWOGu3+gHI/R9yVTWsjYSOSGzI/qHRw= Let me know if you see anything like that (or anything else).
  10. I think I'm closer. Now I'm seeing a problem with the authentication keys I'm passing after you're logged into the new system. If they contain a + things don't work. So let me work on that now. But those of you lucky enough to not get a + in your login hashes should be able to get in right now.
  11. My comment just above yours answers your question.
  12. I have something else I'm gonna try. So give me a half hour or so… [A few of you can get into chat (including me), but not everyone. I think I know why…]
  13. If anyone is still seeing this error, please let me know. I've made some changes, but I may not have fixed what's causing the problem, so need to know details. UPDATE: The fact that I'm the only one in chat right now makes me think something is wrong. But there were some guys who got in a little while ago…
  14. The short version of a long explanation is you now have to wait for the check of how many people are in chat before you can go into chat. I've changed it so there's just a . while those stats are loading. When they're loading it changes to "Chat". At that point it's safe to click.
  15. Sorry for the delay. Everything worked when I tested it, but then I took the weekend off. Unfortunately as soon as there were zero people in the chatroom things failed because it tested to see if >0 were in there to do something critical. I've changed it to >=0 and now everything should work. ronetbus – I'm not sure the problem you reported is the same problem, so I'll look into that next.

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