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  1. No comments in almost 2 days. I suppose that's a good thing. Here's what I'm working on… 1-on-1 Chat – I moved a bunch of code around yesterday (and messed up chat for a half hour or so in the process), so that group chat can share code with 1-on-1. That means when something is fixed or implemented in one, it will probably be implemented in the other. I also more or less figured out how I'll do the "you've got a message" feature. Stats & Location – Under each profile pic / screen name I want to have two lines. One with general stats and the other with location. It'll look something like this… rawTOP 49 ➖ ↗️ 💊 Harlem, 35 mi. So that 2nd line would read 49, neg, vers top, on PrEP. (The neg emoji would be a fully readable color – not something I can accomplish here). I'll use a biohazard symbol ☣️ for unmedicated poz, and a plus sign ➕ for poz on ARVs, and a grayed out biohazard for poz and unknown whether on ARVs (not something I can show here since it requires CSS). And you'll be able to specify whether certain stats are shown or not. I'm also thinking of letting users specify up to 4 other emoji that describe them or what they're into. So I might add 🐷💦🤜🔒 (for piggy, breeding, fisting, bondage). Then I'll also let people specify locations. They will specify a precise location (so I can calculate distances), and then they'll specify a city or well-known neighborhood. The location part will one of the things I need to build for Cumdump.Network (which I hope to have up by end of summer). I actually sorta built a lot of it a couple years ago, but need to rework it for my current programming environment. The stats part will probably get up quickly. The location part will come after 1-on-1 chat.
  2. A number of improvements were made today. Most notably was quick reply – a separate entry area where you just enter something and hit return. That was high on a lot of people's list. Right now I'm showing both. Tomorrow I'll probably make it so you can toggle between the two. I also improved the Who's In Chat section to break down the people who are active (<5 min) and ones that are semi-inactive (5-15 min). The semi-inactive ones may come back since if you look at another tab in your browser you don't ping the server for updates.
  3. nice crew you have here...

  4. There's a background process that runs every minute that updates how long ago a remark was made. It also gets kicked off after new comments are written to the page. Odd that it was wrong the first time. It's the same code. But it helps hearing that.
  5. It polls the server for new messages every 12-45 seconds (12 seconds if it knows someone is typing a response, 25 seconds normally, and 45 if you're the only person in chat). So you shouldn't need to refresh the page. That said, it won't poll for new remarks if the page is not visible. So if you jump to another tab, while you're on that tab chat will not refresh. I've just done two things to make it feel faster. I've dropped the regular refresh from 30 to 25 seconds, and I've implemented a 3 second max refresh when coming back after the tab is hidden. Also really weird that it would show new comments as 20 minutes old. Given time zone issues, time is actually pretty tricky to get right. I give the browser the datetime on the server, and when the page is loaded it determines how much the browser time is off from the server time and then all of that gets used to calculate how long ago a remark was posted. Definitely let me know if you continue to see problems with times.
  6. If you're on a computer and the fonts are too big, your browser will have the option to make them bigger/smaller (it's command + and command - on the Mac – I assume it's something similar on Windows – all browsers have it so they comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act). On a smart phone it's more complicated. On iPhones i'ts a system setting – which isn't granular enough, I know. But the point in, font size is a personal preference. I did notice that the profile pics were too big when I was on my iPhone. That's been resolved. As far as the placement of the list of who's online – it's just above where you type a reply. That seemed to me to be the most sensible place to put it. From that area you can see 1) new responses, 2) who's typing a reply, and 3) who's online – all things you may want to know as you're typing your own response. If I put things at the top as well that would increase the "jitteriness" of the page when there's an update and the page has to resize to accommodate the new list of who's online. And there is no sidebar because I take a "mobile first" approach to design. So I see more negatives with the other solutions than I see positives.
  7. There is now the option to play a sound when new messages come in (and turn off said sound). And your sound preference will be observed when you come back the ne Also, the new background for new messages goes black when they come in and then goes back to normal when they're no longer new messages. (It gets a bit confusing when a whole bunch come in at once). So let me know what else you guys want…
  8. The comment box is now smaller. But it will grow as you type stuff in it. The backgrond image has been "tamed" by putting a mostly opaque color behind the comments. I'll work on sound now. Otherwise, let me know your feedback on how it stands now.
  9. I have no recollection of what it looked liked Why?
  10. The vertical bars are there because it's quoted text from someone else's comment. It distinguishes it from the remark that person is making. An option to turn off background pics and enable sound will be coming for accessibility reasons.
  11. It's been there from the start. Right above where you type your comment.
  12. I'll make the comment area smaller. I noticed that last night when I was on my iPhone (on my 27" monitor it wasn't a problem – lol). Emoticons are not supported, but emojis are supported. Is that good enough?
  13. Well, I nearly cleared my list of bugs and enhancement that I compiled yesterday (and took care of a few more things I noticed today). So another question for you guys… Advertising. I'm thinking the most effective form would be text ads in the chat stream. They'd be kept pretty minimal. I'd put a limit on them where they couldn't be more frequent than every 10 minutes AND there would need to be at least 50 (real) chat messages between them. OR I could do banner ads. Do you guys have a preference? Also @kitpig said he thought the new chat was "clunky". If you agree (or disagree) can you guys explain what needs to change to make it not clunky? Otherwise, I think it's mostly done. So let me know what you want changed. [@BlindRawFucker wanted sounds. I hate sounds, but it's an accessibility issue for him, so I'll look into it. And I think he was the one who wanted to get rid of the background image – again for accessibility, so I'll work on that.] Also – I'm struggling imagining how you'd get alerted when someone wants to do a 1-on-1 chat with you. So thoughts on that would be helpful.
  14. To explain why I asked about topical chats… My eventual goal is to split up Breeding Zone into a number of different brands. #BBBH.Men for general barebacking Poz Pigs for HIV fetish Oral Pigs for oral Public Urinals for watersports ??? for straight stuff ??? for chem sex But I realize each of those needs critical mass for chat to be successful. That said, someone who is turned off by bug chasing may participate in a cleaner bareback chat, so this is a case where the sum of parts may be greater than the whole. But first there needs to be critical mass for each brand. You guys all said you wanted a unified chat. So that's what I've given you. And it will remain. But once I tackle a few other issues I'll be introducing nice-based chats. I've got them mostly programmed. The only thing lacking is user profiles on those other sites. (I could do them easily, but I want them to be integrated with the profile names here – so when you have a profile name it's reserved for just your use on all the other sites.)
  15. I managed to accidentally delete the other thread about chat (sorry – I thought I was deleting one comment). So give me your thoughts on the new chat. I still have a list of things I'm working on, but your input will help a lot. I'll post questions here. If you can answer them, it will help me debug things. First question – do the times on the responses seem correct? In other words, if all the messages (or a lot of them) say "now" – that's a problem, or if all of them say they were posted hours ago – that's also a problem.

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