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  1. So, everyone say thank you to @thejadoman… He got in touch with me and gave me information that let me figure out the problem. Turns out a database table I thought only had spammer IPs in it, also had good IPs. I now know how to tell the difference.
  2. If you see no relationship between the thread and the (sub)forum that it's in, please report it. A moderator will make the call.
  3. Damn this job with you having to police it seems like it would be nerve wracking.  Does it drive you nuts some days?

  4. wish i could be fucked by you rawTOP

  5. Be careful with what you state in this thread. Anything that would seem to encourage escorting will earn you an infraction.
  6. I was busy and didn't ask my host exactly what went wrong, but it was NOT a cert renewal problem – they renew automatically.
  7. Just a warning, anyone tho posts something about sex in this thread will get banned from the site (temporarily). Don't do it.
  8. We don't delete posts when we delete accounts. We simply anonymize the posts. Account deletion is requested in the Settings section. It takes a minimum of 30 days and (usually) a maximum of 90 days. Please read the account deletion thread before commenting further (and comment there, not here).
  9. We have no interest in having threads that are started by spammers. They’re not real. It’s like saying you want all the news sites to keep their fake news stories.
  10. Thanks for your feedback. It's always good to get a perspective from someone who knows something about server admin. I'm on PHP v7.2 rather than 7.4 because it's the version that's part of the stable build of my OS. And it is using php-fpm – that's the only way to get HTTP/2 to work properly. I'll ask my host to turn off the x-powered-by header – doing so is not a bad idea. That said, it's probably clear the site is running IP.Board and IP.Board is php-based, so turning off x-powered-by only really hides the version number. Apache doesn't like/support turning off the server header. Just showing Apache with no version number is the compromise. That said, I'll ask my host to turn it off. Maybe they can. I'll look further at fail2ban, but it may conflict with what I've already written. fail2ban will never be able to detect who's spammed the site, etc. though it will do a better job with other types of attacks. When I tested I only saw the strict-transport-security header once in the response header. But when I ran the site through an SSL test (see below) it complained about duplicate headers. I did find the htaccess rule that was setting it a second time. But now I'm a bit confused what's setting it the first time. But it's working, so I'm not going to complain. As far as specifying a cipher order, if I understand the issue correctly, I don't really see the point. I've disabled all the insecure ciphers. Doing so is necessary to get an A+ rating on the "SSL" test… https://www.ssllabs.com/ssltest/analyze.html?d=breeding.zone So if there are no possible insecure ciphers, it doesn't matter which the browser uses.
  11. This was happening to you because of something unique to your email address. You should be good to go now. It's real and ignorable (for now). Chat is based on the code for my new sites. The new sites have a separate database (but can access the BZ database when needed). Your email address is not confirmed in the new system. If you confirm your address in the new system the warning message will go away.
  12. @dirtyarizona – your comments were at the edge of what's allowed here. Please state your case a bit more politely in the future. So to answer the original question… What I do for chem sex is not easily done. It's a special case. I can't feasibly do it for every combination of personal preference. But dirtyarizona is right (even if he's a bit harsh in how he puts it)… The world is full of things that may offend you. Hell, some people are offended by the mere existence of gay people. So that same tolerance that you demand of others in putting up with your existence, is demanded of you here on this site. That said, I totally get it. It's the reason why we're so strict about people putting certain content in designated places. The idea is go to sections of the forum that are what you're interested in and you should only see stuff that are of interest to you. The general activity feed is NOT that place. If you see something that doesn't belong in a particular section, use the "report" function under the post to let us know and a moderator will take care of it. But even within a fetish there are sub-fetishes and related fetishes. I'm struggling right now with how to deal with PozPigs.com. The original idea was a hookup site made up of poz guys and poz-friendly neg guys where the neg guys could only interact with poz guys, not other neg guys. But I'm realizing that a lot of the interest in the site is coming from guys who are generally into STDs and staying off meds and advancing to AIDS. IMHO general STD fetish and staying off meds indefinitely is a level of self-harm that I'm not OK with. They can do what they want with their bodies, but that's totally NOT what I want the site to be about. So I now have to figure out how to not let those guys alienate the guys I want on the site. Bottom line – don't use the general updates feed. Browse the sections of the site that best match your interests.
  13. Without the error message there's nothing I can do for you.
  14. PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) and PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis) are similar, but different. In simple terms… PEP assumes you've just been infected and tries everything possible to stop the infection from getting to reservoirs in your body where HIV can hide. It takes a very broad approach to fighting HIV, much like the approach for poz guys who are managing the infection. PEP should be taken within 36 hours after infection (and might work up to 72 hours after). PrEP is for when you've only been exposed to the virus. It does not assume infection. As a result it is narrowly focused on preventing HIV from attaching to cells where initial infection occurs. It does not concern itself with viral replication because that comes after initial infection. PrEP should be taken 2+ hours before exposure. It probably won't work if taken after infection. It may slow down the infection, but unlike PEP, it's not capable of stopping HIV once infection has occurred. This means fewer drugs are in the PrEP "cocktail" than the PEP cocktail.

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