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  1. If ever in Atlanta GA I'm def down for some raw tops


  2. This has been suggested previously (I'm too lazy to look for the other thread, if someone finds it, I'm happy to merge them). But yes, what you're suggesting makes sense, but is not possible with the current software. In a few years if I move the stories to something I develop, then I can sort by things like last post by the original poster.
  3. ^^^^ What he said ^^^^ To which I'd add that certain types of speech are abhorrent in modern society. Imagine if someone wanted to speak on why white people are genetically superior to brown and black people. Some of these topics are personal to our community since those conservative speakers often mention things like how marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Or that people should not have control over their own bodies (that assertion on abortion affects our trans brothers and sisters, and even bug chasers). So yes, many college campuses will not allow hate speech. If that bo
  4. You're a stud Sir!

  5. There isn't actually a mobile version or a desktop version. The website is "responsive" which means the interface changes as you make your web browser narrower or wider. Which means a desktop computer can mimic a mobile experience, but a phone can't mimic a desktop experience.
  6. Just logged in as you to see what you see and you're right, it's not in Settings. On the desktop version there's a drop-down that lets you go into Messenger and tells you when you try it that it's disabled and asks if you want to re-enable it. BUT that isn't an option on small screens. I've enabled it for you. If others are having the same issue, login on a computer and do it from there.
  7. When I look at your account it says you've disabled your messenger. The option to enable it should be in Settings.
  8. It should be next to the bell. But it isn't, clearly.
  9. Click on the "hamburger" menu in the upper right corner. Then you'll see an envelope icon. Click on it and you'll have the option to start a new message.
  10. I see what you mean. (I rarely message people, so hadn't noticed). But you can always go to Messenger and type in their handle and start the message thread that way.
  11. If you had your profile deleted, there is no proof you are who you say you are. This is why we discourage people from deleting their profiles.
  12. I get that, but if someone comes on the site and starts posting a bunch of unwanted stuff the established members of the site can stop them dead in their tracks by downvoting the posts. That is one of the factors that determines whether you can progress to the next membership level. Basically, if you haven't proven yourself, you don't get to determine whether other people progress and get more abilities on the site. And the more we trust you, the bigger voice you get.
  13. What would the administrators like to see from me at this time? How could I win the day? 

  14. Use downvote in that situation. It has a clearer meaning of disapproval of the post itself, rather than the topic being discussed in the post. Correct.
  15. Just wrapping this up. I've re-enabled 'sad' (it was in there, but disabled). And I added piggy 🐷. Like and upvote can't easily be combined because like can't be disabled and making like upvote would result in a weird UI/UX. I think that about takes care of it.
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