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  1. Thanks for the 'rep'. Much appreciated xx:)

  2. I've finally figured out how to present non-gay banner ads to you guys. I'm just wondering which porn paysites you guys like the best. Some of the gay sponsors have straight sites as well. I'll start there. Then there's the sites related to wasteland.com – I really like the guy who produces that, so I'll add those. But I can add others as well. Basically I'm wondering which of the sites you have in the past or might in the future buy a membership from. It'll take me a little while to set up, but hopefully I'll have it up and running in a month.
  3. I'm unable to put a pic in my profile all too big in size

    1. spankie


      Some people have to boast about the size of their cock


  4. AT&T? I could see a largely mobile carrier "caching" things that shouldn't be cached. I just did a minor upgrade of the forum software. I'm not expecting it to help, but it might. Bottom line, I need input from more people to understand what the common denominator is. It's only affecting a small number of people.
  5. Clearly this problem is rare since most people are logging in and posting stuff. I can't replicate the problem and until someone can give me a test case where I can replicate it, there's nothing I can do. I don't know what OS (and OS version) you're on. I don't know what browsers you've tried. I don't know if you're going through a proxy server. And so on…
  6. Hello sir. I'm located in W chelsea and have been a fan of yours for a long time. Just moved back, so I figured I'd hit you up. I hope that it's not in poor form to publicly request that you use my hole and give me ur load. Love anon - love to be rimmed and bred, full service, so I'll suck ur cock before / during and after. 



  7. Recent likes (aka "give reputation points") and follows can be seen under the activity tab on a person's profile. Older activity was dumped in the upgrade. Give me a day or two and I'll enable "default". I thought it was too ugly to use, but if you want it, I'll enable it as an option (though it won't be the default option, despite the name). There are two reasons why I use dark themes – 1) it suits the subject material, IMHO, and 2) about half of the visitors are on mobile devices and dark backgrounds use less power, so they're more battery friendly. What would be the best upgrade? There's a lot that's been mentioned in this thread… Reputation points are the result of the up/down vote buttons. You can only give 10 per day. It will tell you when you hit your limit. I haven't seen any other instances where you can't vote up or down.
  8. Ah, one other thing… @st8boy2012 managed to post pics in chat. Something I thought was impossible. But the way to do it is to drag and drop the image from some other web page, or copy and paste the URL. I think it has to be the only thing in the chat message and if so, it will appear.
  9. Ah, Raunchy Fuckers. With this upgrade I'm guessing you can no longer login there with your BZ password. If there's anything removed from there, let me know. In the not-too-distant future all the commercial videos on RF will be moved to BBBH.com. The guy I'm gonna hire as a lawyer says I'm not allowed to move the user content on RF anywhere else and there are legal issues with all the user-uploaded videos as is (uploads have been disabled for a while). SO, that means all that will go away at some point. However, when I get around to developing BBBH.men, you'll be able to upload personal videos there.
  10. I just tried to implement something to give you the ability to make fonts bigger/smaller and it didn't work. I'll suggest it as a feature to the theme designer and see what they say, but no promises. Sorry about that.
  11. We get asked a lot whether warning points expire. The answer is no, they don't. But you shouldn't worry about it too much. Only you and the moderators can see your warning points. If you racked up a few points 2 years ago, we really don't care too much. They stay there to discourage repeat bad behavior, but let the moderators be aware that they might be seeing repeat behavior if you continue to do things that break the community rules. Bottom line, once the penalty wears off from your infraction, don't worry about the points.
  12. Deleting your membership (something you can't actually do), doesn't delete posts since it would make the site completely confusing since threads depend on a continuity of discussion. Moderators can edit posts to remove personally identifying information. Just click on "Report Post" above the post and say what the problem is.
  13. I can see you've sorta replicated what I had done for Cumdump Network. Well, Cumdump Network (when it launches next year) will be for both anal and oral cumdumps. And there will be a sister site, Public Urinals, for piss bottoms. They'll all work more or less the same way.
  14. OR, go to the bottom and choose the Villain theme from the dropdown on the word Theme. It has no transparency. Yeah, I had a problem with it too and increased it slightly in the body of the posts. On desktop you would do Command + (or whatever the Windows equivalent is). If you're talking about landscape, that means you're on mobile. I just googled it and found a possible solution. I'll have to figure out how to implement it. I'll try to get it done by end of day on Monday (if not sooner).
  15. Last question first – Otters are thin and hairy. Bears are much larger. Looking at your body type, you'd probably be called a cub – especially as you get more hair. (Cubs are shorter than bears and often younger). That said, congrats on your transition! I personally think FTMs can be really hot. Some guys aren't into the vag, but it doesn't bother me Whether guys find hair a turn on depends on the guy. It's neither right or wrong. Everyone has their preferences (and that's OK). Personally I just don't like subble… Everything else depends on how well the guy pulls it off. Some guys would look weird with hair, others would look weird if they were smooth.

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