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  1. We hardcore barebackers take risks other people aren't comfortable with, here's your chance to do some good for the community while taking that risk… There's a Phase IIB HIV vaccine trial going on right now that needs volunteers. It's called The AMP Study (aka HTVN 704 / HPTN 085). One third of the people are getting a high dose of the vaccine, one third a low dose, and one third a placebo. They've done basic safety tests, so the goal of the study is to see if it's safe in a broader group of people, and to determine what dosage of the vaccine works (if any). There is substantial risk in this study. There's at least a 1/3rd chance you'll have zero protection. And there's a chance the low dosing won't work, and possibly even the high dosing won't work. I doubt they want people who are on PrEP, since that would mess with their results, but I haven't confirmed that yet. If you're in the study you'll get an IV drip for 30-60 minutes every two months. And I'm guessing you'll need to keep a record of all your sexual contacts so they know how much risk you take. And that's why guys who take risks are perfect candidates. The more risk the study participants take, the more definitive the results of the study. So you'll literally be giving back to your community while you're ass up in the bathhouse taking loads (and not just to the tops who breed you). If you're in NYC, and you're interested, click here for an online survey to see if you're eligible and indicate your interest. Outside NYC, contact your local HIV research center to see if they're participating in the trial. They're looking for 2,700 participants, so research centers all over are participating in the study.
  2. Have you tried this site on your phone? It's mobile optimized and pretty decent. Mind you, I wasn't the theme designer, but the sites I'm programming will work similarly. I'm using a framework that's mobile optimized (it's Bootstrap for you techies who might be interested). As far as chat on mobile. I can style it so it's like text messaging with colored balloons, etc. The mobile version has ads just like the regular version. They're more likely to be at the bottom of the page since that's where the sidebar ends up, but they're there. When it comes to chat the ads won't be as effective because the screen is smaller and the ads will be "below the fold" – unless I start putting text ads into the chat streams like "This chat is sponsored by Sketchy Sex. Their latest scene features a drunk college guy getting gangbanged raw by 15 dudes. Check it out!". In other words I'll manage to make ads work! And I'll try to make it not too obnoxious. lol As far as restrictions on mobile you're confusing / mixing up apps (like Scruff) and mobile-friendly websites (like BBRT). I'm doing a website, so no restrictions.
  3. All Real Bareback is a gay site. This is a straight thread. I'm looking for straight sites. I've got the gay ones.
  4. It won't go away. It will simply be split up between a bunch of inter-connected niche sites – so basically just a rebranding and reoganization. And that's YEARS off. As I mentioned, that's a feature I plan on having. I believe IRC servers are one of the few things my host doesn't allow me to install on my server. I actually had ejabberd installed on my server – it's an open-source XMPP server (so similar in concept to what you're talking about), but at the end of the day I want full control over the data in messaging and chat – it lets me do more. The only downside is that you won't be able to connect off-the-shelf chat apps to what I'm building, but all the major chat apps are going proprietary and dropping support for XMPP, so there's no point going down that road. So YEARS from now when I'm finally ready for the move, chem sex will have it's own site. Unfortunately the domain I really want is owned by NKP (they redirect it to their site). If they ever drop registration on it, I'll pick it up. There are some other domain names I'm considering, but they're all owned by someone (but undeveloped). I'm just waiting for someone to drop the registration and I'll pick one up. Interesting request. What I can do is make all the content from all the sites visible on a generic sounding domain. I'd do that on S3XConnect.com or S3X.Social. Are those generic enough?
  5. What particularly do you like about those chat apps?
  6. I've been notified by the software developer of the program that runs this site that the chat feature is ending May 1st. That means I have two months to get something else in place. Any new features I'll be implementing on the new sites I'm developing. So chat will be done there, not here (but I'll link to it here). My new sites are niche based. I've been working on the porn sites in each niche, but the chat feature will be the first feature for the social/hookup sites I want to develop. The niches that I can see having chat are (these sites will hopefully replace Breeding Zone in a few years): Bareback – BBBH.men (BBBH.com is the related porn site) Poz Fetish – PozPigs.com BDSM/Fetish – TwistedPigs.com (TwistedPig.com is the related porn site) Oral – OralPigs.com (OralPig.com is the related porn site) Vanilla – SpunkBuds.com (SpunkBud.com is the related porn site) But I want to think bigger than what you have currently for chat. Yes, there'd be a general chatroom for each of those sites, but you could start topical chat threads that have keywords, etc. Chat threads could be visible to members only or visible to the public or only visible to a selected members. And I'd make it so you could create your own groups (secret or visible to the public). You could choose whether your chat thread is transitory and goes away after X hours of inactivity, or it's permanent. A permanent chat thread is actually the equivalent of a thread in a forum section here which is why these sites will eventually replace Breeding Zone. Chat activity would show up on your profile page, just like tweet replies show up on your Twitter page (with similar restrictions on who can view). The messaging system on those sites would be based on the code I write for chat – messaging is just a two person chat. All of that would run in a web browser. Clearly not all of those features will be available on day one (two months from now), but I'd work on getting there over the coming yar. Clearly text will be supported from day one. Then I'd figure out support for images (letting you build an image library of stuff you upload plus stuff you like on the connected porn sites). And lastly I'd figure out support for video uploads. HOWEVER, I can't see ever see supporting live video, just video uploads. So (unfortunately) this will never be Cam4 for barebackers. But it could start to replace Twitter or some of the raunchy secret Facebook groups. So, give me your input. Does what I described above sound like a good plan? Does it leave you with questions? Are there things you think are missing or want to make sure are included?
  7. I just saw a notice that the maker of the software that runs this forum is ending the chat feature come May 1st. I'll look into other solutions before that time. In the meantime chat is what is what it is. I'd rather spend the time I have coming up with a new solution, not fixing a solution that has no future.
  8. I'm clamping down HARD on people who post restricted topics in public areas of the site. I didn't usually give infractions if I didn't catch the offending thread within a few weeks, but I'm now giving infractions even for old threads. And if you've done it more than once it will be a LONG time before you can use this site again. And ditto if you post threads in the chem sex section (or elsewhere) trying to facilitate drug transactions. If you want to avoid that fate, report your own posts (and your friend's posts) using the report function. If a moderator moves it based on that report, you won't get an infraction. If you're wondering why this is happening, FetLife just got their ability to process credit cards taken away. There's "illegal" and there's "things that Visa & Mastercard don't like". Unfortunately we have to live by the latter – especially on public-facing pages. [And to be clear "illegal" isn't permitted anywhere on this site.]
  9. Thanks for the 'rep'. Much appreciated xx:)

  10. I've finally figured out how to present non-gay banner ads to you guys. I'm just wondering which porn paysites you guys like the best. Some of the gay sponsors have straight sites as well. I'll start there. Then there's the sites related to wasteland.com – I really like the guy who produces that, so I'll add those. But I can add others as well. Basically I'm wondering which of the sites you have in the past or might in the future buy a membership from. It'll take me a little while to set up, but hopefully I'll have it up and running in a month.
  11. AT&T? I could see a largely mobile carrier "caching" things that shouldn't be cached. I just did a minor upgrade of the forum software. I'm not expecting it to help, but it might. Bottom line, I need input from more people to understand what the common denominator is. It's only affecting a small number of people.
  12. Clearly this problem is rare since most people are logging in and posting stuff. I can't replicate the problem and until someone can give me a test case where I can replicate it, there's nothing I can do. I don't know what OS (and OS version) you're on. I don't know what browsers you've tried. I don't know if you're going through a proxy server. And so on…
  13. Hello sir. I'm located in W chelsea and have been a fan of yours for a long time. Just moved back, so I figured I'd hit you up. I hope that it's not in poor form to publicly request that you use my hole and give me ur load. Love anon - love to be rimmed and bred, full service, so I'll suck ur cock before / during and after. 



  14. Recent likes (aka "give reputation points") and follows can be seen under the activity tab on a person's profile. Older activity was dumped in the upgrade. Give me a day or two and I'll enable "default". I thought it was too ugly to use, but if you want it, I'll enable it as an option (though it won't be the default option, despite the name). There are two reasons why I use dark themes – 1) it suits the subject material, IMHO, and 2) about half of the visitors are on mobile devices and dark backgrounds use less power, so they're more battery friendly. What would be the best upgrade? There's a lot that's been mentioned in this thread… Reputation points are the result of the up/down vote buttons. You can only give 10 per day. It will tell you when you hit your limit. I haven't seen any other instances where you can't vote up or down.
  15. Ah, one other thing… @st8boy2012 managed to post pics in chat. Something I thought was impossible. But the way to do it is to drag and drop the image from some other web page, or copy and paste the URL. I think it has to be the only thing in the chat message and if so, it will appear.

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