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  1. I was more shooting for what was going on just before you found out – during the time when you actually got infected. In other words, were you in a bad place and getting pozzed was part of generally being self-destructive, or were things going well and it happened some other way…
  2. Just wondering, those of you who are poz… the period in your life when you got pozzed… if you take out the actual infection, was the period an otherwise good period or was it a bad/dark period for you? In other words was it a generally happy, productive time, or a sad, depressed, and/or self-destructive time?
  3. PrEP is still 90% effective 7 days after you stop taking it (assuming you were taking it daily). But from what I've heard the percent effectiveness goes down quickly after 7 days. So I'd say you start being "at risk" (defined as less safe than a condom) around day 7. And I'm guessing you'd be "high risk" 10-14 days after you stop.
  4. The first part is pretty normal. There's a whole thread about it. The second part means you need to change or validate your email in the system powering chat (which is different but semi-connected to the forums). There's no error there. I started working on syncing the two systems, but got distracted by other things. I'll get back to it in the near future.
  5. I just did a change that will make it much less likely for legit users to get banned. Here's what is needed to qualify for the new criteria… Have logged into chat in the past 6 months (starting with logins ~now) and not have deleted your cookies since that time Not look like a bot to reCAPTCHA v3 or be blocking reCAPTCHA It's highly unlikely you'll be blocked if you pass those two tests. If you are currently blocked and want your IP address unlblocked, do the following (this offer is not available to New Members)… Click on this link. Then change to the network where you're having problems and reload that page. Make note what it says for "IPv4" – that's the IP address with the problem. Switch back to the network that lets you view this page and send that IP address to me in a DM. I don't promise I'll unblock your IP, but it will give me a better idea of what's triggering blocks and if you seem legit, I'll undo the block. Senior members will most likely be unblocked.
  6. Possibly! 😈🐷💦 Sorry I didn't see this until now. If anyone is interested feel free to post here, but also hit me up with a DM.
  7. Then there’s this position for fucking that keeps your faces 6+ feet apart with you breath expelled in opposite directions… Do that position outdoors with masks and it’d probably be pretty low risk. lol I did see one of the LA cumdumps post a video on Twitter of him taking loads in his back yard and looking for more. A quick outdoor pump n dump is probably pretty low risk — or could be depending on how it’s done.
  8. Just because you ask him to pull out, and he seems to pull out, doesn't mean he didn't blow half his load in your ass and the other half after pulling out. Pulling out is pretty low on the list of ways you can protect yourself from HIV.
  9. One point of clarification – this is not an alternative to PrEP. It's a different type of PrEP. Truvada was the first type of PrEP. Descovy was the second type of PrEP and now this injectable looks like it will be the third type. If Truvada works for you, stay on it. There's nothing wrong with Truvada for most people. It's a generic drug in most of the world and will be soon in the US. IMHO, in a world with sky-high medical costs, I don't think it's ethical to take a drug that costs $1000+/month when you could take one that's $50/month. Descovy is great for folks that have side effects from Truvada, and the injectable looks like it will be great for folks who keep missing pills (e.g. drug addicts). IMHO, the extra cost is warranted in those cases.
  10. If you're in a jurisdiction that requires disclosure of HIV status (I think that's the case in Ontario, but it's being challenged), then put it in your profile. If you're in a location that doesn't criminalize HIV (like NY) then do whatever you like. Honestly, if you're undetectable and can't infect them, it's really not any of their business (IMHO). That said, if asked a direct question about it don't lie – maybe evade the question, but don't say you're neg.
  11. Just so you guys know… I'm continuing to tweak the algorithm that's banning some of your IP addresses. Things that are typical of problem users put you on a really short leash. Things that are typical of good users increase what I let you do on the site before your activity looks too suspicious and I ban you. One of the most important things is to not block reCAPTCHA. I can't stress that enough. I use Google's reCAPTCHA v3 – it operates behind the scenes and tells me how likely it is that you're a bot. Bots know not to load reCAPTCHA (thinking no score is better than a bad score), so if you don't load it, then you look like a bot and you'll trip the algorithm very quickly and get banned. If your privacy controls block reCAPTCHA, then whitelist it. Otherwise you'll probably eventually get banned. If you do get banned, try again in 3-4 days. Most of the time the ban period is pretty short.
  12. So your IP address is banned. I’m locking this topic since it’s attracting discussion that has nothing to do with the original problem.
  13. Then it's not the same problem… How are you access the site now? Why do you think it's something other than a banned IP address?
  14. As I said above… if it's a 302 redirect, I need to know what URL is being redirected and what it's trying to redirect to. I can't diagnose "I'm having the same issue". The issue was never clearly defined.
  15. Not right now. But that will be possible on the sites I'm building. Just out of curiosity… How large are your video files? (I may have to increase the max upload size on my server.)

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