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  1. I just want to clarify that I'm doing deletions every few weeks. GDPR gives me up to 90 days to do deletions (and only some of you are covered by GDPR). Deletions do not happen automatically or even quickly.
  2. Hey Rawtop,

    I still can't upload any pictures!


  3. First of all, damn I'd love for you to breed me and whore me out. Secondly, about the Cumdump Network, any idea when it's going to be up? I would think that such a network would be so popular that people would wanna pay... :-)

  4. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    This morning I also found a major reason why pages were loading slowly. I'm giving it 24-48 hours to see if it speeds things up for you guys. Fingers crossed!
  5. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    Emails should now be working. I doubt the missing ones will be resent, but going forward you should be getting the emails you're expecting…
  6. rawTOP

    Problems w/ Galleries

    I think the main problem was videos. The software is supposed to block video uploads, but that constraint isn't working properly. The software running the site does resize the photos and there's a max size and the resized photos will probably be under 250K. So photos are probably safe. Though it's possible the size I was looking at when I did my deletions was original upload size, not the size after the photos were resized.
  7. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    To be clear… Two changes were made last week – an upgrade to the server OS to enable HTTP/2, and an upgrade of the software that runs the site. The leaderboard issues and the email issues are forum software issues that are a bit out of my control. Presumably there will be a "dot version" upgrade that will iron those problems out. What I'm most interested in, in this thread are the general performance issues – how quickly pages load. I've looked closely at Google Analytics and I'm seeing a 3.7s slowdown overall in home page load times (125% slower), and just loading the HTML for the home page is 62% slower. I've made my host aware of the problem. We'll see if they can fix it. And when they fix it, how much better it gets. So page load times is what I'm working on – site functionality problems I'll look into later.
  8. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    IPv6's main advantage is more addresses. But I have the IP addresses I need, and IPv6 maps to IPv4 addresses, so it's not like people can't access my site because I'm on IPv4. IPv6 has some theoretical advantages, but I can't see them making a significant difference in my site performance. So I don't see the need to support it.
  9. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    I just want to say a huge thanks to all you Aussies who just chimed in. It wasn't the technical details I was hoping for, but since there were so many of you, it's just as good. Apparently, my host still hasn't completed all their tweaks, so please continue to monitor the speed and let me know your thoughts.
  10. rawTOP

    ESCORTING Do's and Don'ts

    All true, but I have zero interest in being the test case. Escorting just isn't that important to this community. I'll let someone who's closer to the issue fight the fight. (And those fights aren't going so well – e.g. RentBoy & Backpage).
  11. Long story, but I've been taking a closer look at things and realized some of you were using this site as a tube site and uploading videos. That increased my bandwidth and bandwidth costs (since files like that are served via a somewhat expensive CDN). I deleted all images/videos that were bigger than 250Kb, but that messed up something and now the Galleries section isn't working properly. There are a number of things that have to happen before it gets fixed, so it may be a week or more before everything works properly again. But going forward – don't upload any videos or images >250Kb. The software should stop you from doing this, but it's not working properly (another thing that needs to get fixed).
  12. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    That's not surprising and in line with what I'm seeing in my testing. In the US the page load times seem to roughly similar in the US (wouldn't surprise me at all if it was faster in some places – especially as you get closer to Atlanta where my server is). But when you get to Europe the old way is a bit faster, and when you get to remote places like Australia, South America or South Africa the page load times double and initial page load times are so bad it will turn away visitors from those places. So basically I'm going through all this to keep 5-10% of my visitors happy. At times I wonder if it's worth it. Especially when I can't get any people from those places to chime in on a thread like this which is all about their needs…
  13. My hosting company created one problem while fixing another. I'm frustrated with them, but it will be fixed shortly.
  14. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    Mexico is close to data centers in the US, so if there are issues they’re different than the ones I was looking to examine. Basically in networking the two problems are latency (caused by distance) and packet loss (caused by network congestion). I’m mostly looking to figure out the effect of latency, but am mildly interested in packet loss. The upgrades to the server could actually make things worse for people on poor internet connections with lots of packet loss. Mexico is close to the US so latency isn’t an issue, but packet loss might be an issue, so feel free to run the test if the instructions make sense to you, but I still need results from Australia or South America.
  15. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    I need the help of one or more of you who are in far-flung places like Australia, South America or Asia. This is semi-technical, so if you can't figure it out, thanks for trying… Hopefully someone else can figure it out and give me the feedback I'm needing. Open some browser that you haven't used to access this site. Right click anywhere on the page and you'll hopefully see something like "Inspect" or "Inspect element". If it's not there you may need to turn on developer tools up in something like a tools menu (depends on the browser what that's called). The window that comes up will have a bunch of tabs. Navigate to the one that says "Network". Enter the URL https://breeding.zone and you'll see every file that makes up the page scroll across the window. At the bottom of all those lines you'll see a summary line. I need to know what you see on that line right after the page stops loading. It will give one or more times in seconds (or milliseconds), and an amount transferred (probably in KB or MB). And please let me know the label that's shown on each number. (e.g. Chrome shows two times "DOMContentLoaded" and "Load", whereas Firefox only shows "finish"). Then reload the page and make note of the numbers again. (It should be faster since some of the stuff will be cached by your browser). Then just tell me what browser you got the numbers from, your country, the browser you were using, and your type of internet connection (upload/download speed, if you know it).

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