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  1. This problem should be fixed now. Let me know if you continue to have problems. For those who are more technical, the version of PHP was upgraded on the server and the password hashing routine was using a function that had been deprecated and finally taken out of PHP. I've replaced it with a different function call.
  2. Thanks so much for fixing chat. We all missed it!

  3. Sorry about that guys. This problem slipped my mind. Everything should be OK now.
  4. I'm aware of a problem with chat. Hopefully I'll be able to get to fixing it tomorrow.
  5. Short answer – you can't. But the longer answer is that in a couple years I'll move the content on here to some new sites I'm building. That platform will let you merge things.
  6. I just wanted everyone to know that I've written an importer that can import Tumblr blogs into a social site that I plan on developing – https://s3x.social If you have a Tumblr blog you want to have on the site, send me a PM here. The imports can be huge and for now it's a manual process. (More like a proof of concept). I've imported all of my own Tumblr blogs and it seemed to work. That said, the site has a LONG way to go. I don't even have profile pages or individual feeds. But I'll get there – it's literally just day 1 after a proof-of-concept. I haven't even fleshed out all the details or done any interface work. It seems banning porn hasn't hurt Tumblr's traffic. I worry that when Twitter sees that it will think it should ban porn. That would be really bad for the #BBBH community. We don't really have critical mass anywhere else. So my initial goal is to cater to you guys and grow from there. At least initially S3X_Social will only allow stuff targeted to gay and trans men. Fem content (female, trans fem and cross dressing) will not be allowed. That policy comes out of the experience with the straight forum here on Breeding Zone. I have zero interest in dealing with the problems of straight men (who are the consumers of fem content). With straight men comes sex trafficking, pimps, child molestation, etc. Those problems are FAR less prevalent in the gay (masc) community. In terms of a timeline, I have an industry conference I'm going to in Phoenix at the end of March. I'll want to present S3X_Social there – to get the various porn sites to import their old Tumblr blogs, etc. So by that date it will be presentable as a concept. But a lot of the features won't work yet. There will just be enough so my sponsors can get an idea of where it's going. One thing I will (hopefully) be doing before then is scraping Twitter and Instagram and pulling the posts by pornstars and porn sites. I plan on using those tweets on my porn sites to flesh out pornstar and porn site profile pages. Anyway, I'd love to have some of your blogs imported by that time to show a good mix of content, so definitely get to me if you had a blog on Tumblr.
  7. I've reviewed the thread and discussed my thoughts with moderators (e.g. @drscorpio). The thread has merit for a couple of reasons… First, there's at least one person in the thread who commented that they found it reassuring that it didn't just happen to them. It can be really isolating and personally devastating if you think you're the only one who got (or is getting) molested. It's empowering when guys realize that quite a few others went through similar experiences. When I was in college the gay men's support group I was in had a high percentage of guys who'd been molested (about half as I remember). It's a topic the gay community needs to discuss frankly and honestly. Second, the thread challenges the black and white way that most people see child molestation. There are guys in the thread who were devastated by the molestation, and on the opposite side of the spectrum, guys who sought it out and enjoyed it (at which point it's only molestation in a technical legal sense), and there were plenty of guys in the middle as well who had a combination of both experiences – or were just generally rattled by the experience. For these guys it made them see their bodies and their sexuality in a different light. Whether that's good or bad is for them and their psychologist to figure out. But the point is that this isn't a black and white issue. IMHO, it's really bad that our laws are so rigid in how they see things. But generally the thread keeps to only presenting the perspectives of "victims" (even if they were willing victims). It gives no voice to the "abusers", which is totally in line with the TOS I've set up for the site.
  8. FYI… Yes, this is something I'm aware of, but I'm not sure when I'll be fixing it. At some point I'll disable the current chat and have more niche specific chats – general bareback, poz fetish, oral, fetish, etc. (including one for "fem pigs" which you'll probably like). At that point (or sooner) I'll fix the underlying problem – that my new system doesn't check to see if your display name on this site differs from your original profile name (which is retained even after you change your display name). I'll get to it in the next few months, but there's a bunch of other stuff that's more urgent that I need to deal with.
  9. It sounds like a caching problem. You probably had one bad login and your browser is remembering the error page as the URL to go to on logon.
  10. Yup. Reactions are limited. I searched pretty hard and couldn't find the exact setting that controls the number per day. I don't know whether it's per calendar day or number in the past 24 hours, but based on the comments above it seems it's per calendar day. And yes, the calendar would reset at midnight eastern time. Ultimately it's not a bad thing. For starters it's a way to control spam (e.g. disgruntled users down voting everything they see). But it also means likes mean something since they have to be used judiciously. Oh, by the way, while I was looking at the settings I enabled additional types of reactions – Thanks, HaHa's, and Confused… And if you're wondering down votes are negative (obviously), confused is neutral, and all the others amount to a +1. So a like and an up vote have the same point value.
  11. I'm just wondering if any of you are still having this problem? Looking at my daily stats, the % of bots dropped from being regularly around 40% to ~10% about 10 days or 2 weeks ago. I suspect it took Google that long to figure out what "normal" looked like for my sites. Now that it know what normal humans do, it's finding less suspicious activity, which, if true, means fewer of you would be blocked when trying to go to sponsor sites. I should also mention that I checked the code and my code was only blocking people who were rated as the most suspicious. Google's rating scale goes from 0 to 1 with 0.1 meaning "almost certainly a bot". Those were the only folks I was blocking. Given that no one else has posted in the thread I'm assuming the problem solved itself. If that's not the case, please let me know.
  12. Bottom line, you can't prove you own the accounts and this has been the case since before GPPR went into effect since I started accommodating account deletions when GDPR went into effect. In cases where people can't prove ownership of an account, GDPR says I should not delete the account. You've been notified of this both privately and now publicly. I've looked briefly at the accounts and don't see anything in either account that could be used for claiming ownership. GDPR specifically discourages websites from collecting and holding personally identifiable information. So this is a catch 22 that's actually created by the privacy laws. Websites are discouraged from collecting the data that would let you prove ownership and you have to prove ownership to have an account deleted.
  13. We have regional forums here, though none are dedicated to the Caribbean. The Central & South American Forum is probably the most appropriate one. Honestly, given how hostile the Caribbean is to gay folks, and the relatively small population, I don't expect a Caribbean forum to have much activity. If you start getting many threads in the Central & South American forum, I can create a Caribbean forum and move them there.
  14. Hej.. Looking for dominant master.Want to be pozzed from You and serve You with respekt become slave 

  15. Did you set your browser to delete cookies when you close out of your browser? Or are you in privacy mode? Both of those would make you login again. You need cookies in order to avoid the logins.

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