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  1. Well, it's starting… The day after the election (11/4) the Supreme Court will hear a case where a Catholic adoption agency is saying their first amendment religious rights trump the City of Philadelphia's anti-discrimination laws. The Catholics had a contract with the city to handle adoptions for the city. When the city had children it needed adopted they would contract with various agencies to get them adopted. The Catholics refused to place kids with gay families. Since they were doing work for the city (not independently) the city canceled the contract when they refused to abide by the city
  2. For those of you using an email service run by Apple (@icloud.com, @me.com), just realize they censor emails based on the content of the message. They don't appear to allow emails with adult content to be delivered.
  3. Because we're a republic our national government can't lock things down the way a totalitarian system like China can. But there's a hell of a lot they can do… The federal government can insure adequate supplies of PPE, testing supplies, etc. The federal government can coordinate the distribution of a vaccine when it's ready (they're leaving this to the states). The federal government can aggressively determine the facts and disseminate those facts clearly and then market them to convince people to follow evidence-based health guidelines. The federal government can coerce st
  4. When they start protesting outside restaurants at the beach that have signs saying "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" then maybe I'll take them seriously. "You must wear a mask to enter" is no different than "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" – it's a health regulation. If they can put on a shirt and shoes, they can put on a mask. While it may be about personal rights, it's not about freedom. We have less freedom in the US today because of people who refused a short period of sacrifice so we could be free from the impact of COVID. People in New Zealand have freedom because they don't have to
  5. This is a false statement. Look at our experience here in NY with a Democratic governor and compare that to the red states that have followed Trump's advice. The differences are shocking. For example, North Dakota has an infection rate that's 13 times that of NY. Hillary's approach would have been much like Cuomo's approach or Canada's approach and a lot more people would be alive today if she were president. That's what your family is trying to say. Here's a reputable site where you can get good data about the state of COVID in the US: https://www.covidexitstrategy.org/
  6. Just a reminder – false statements and promotion of conspiracy theories will earn you an infraction. "New Members" who do it will probably be banned permanently. In the case of false statements in this particular thread, it's election interference and in many cases it's advocating harm against the gay community. Neither will be tolerated on this site. https://www.glaad.org/trump
  7. To be a little more specific… There were a few days where there were hundreds of new account registrations. They then used those accounts to send out spam private messages. The accounts were deleted and the PMs deleted as well. But in some ways the damage was done. People who had "send me an email when I receive a new PM" got the spam messages in their email inboxes. Clearly I can't delete email from your inboxes, so that couldn't be undone. Some of those users then reported those emails as spam to their email service providers. For example Google lets me see the percentage of emails that I se
  8. "New Member" isn't just about when you signed up, it's about whether you've participated in the community. So you ARE still a New Member. It says as much right under your (default) avatar.


  10. As much as I liked RBG, her one major fault was not retiring when there was a president who would have preserved her legacy. That alone was an enormous mistake. So yes, let's hope Breyer doesn't make the same mistake. And fingers crossed that Thomas and Alito's seats become vacant.
  11. What's really encouraging is that the logic used for the decision means that in many (if not all) cases "sex discrimination" now covers LGBT discrimination. They said if two people – one male, one female – are both in love with the same person and you treat one differently than the other because of their love of the other person, then that's discrimination based on sex because the only difference between them is that one is male and the other female. Sex discrimination is written into a lot of laws, so that's huge. I'm not sure Judge Barrett will uphold the precedent, but at least it's on
  12. I just did a quick scan of the sexual health section and was generally fine with what I saw (not that I looked at every post). Bottom line I'm fine with honest, thoughtful discussion on any sexual health topic being in that section. Going completely without meds is absolutely a health topic that's sexual in nature. Having been through the AIDS crisis and having watched a lover die of AIDS, it bothers me that people would choose to do that to themselves. But it's their body and (in the age of PrEP) they're only harming themselves. They're more likely to get a balanced caring response to th
  13. ALL of Western Europe is successful with socialism – at least socialist in the way the Republicans define it – universal health care, strong rights for workers, a comprehensive social services system, etc. No significant person in the Democratic party is suggesting more than what Europe does in terms of socialism.
  14. The attack is continuing. I've deleted another ~300 new registrations (apologies to the few new members who were legit who got deleted). I've also deleted over 16,000 private messages that were from users who've been deleted. Most of those will be spam messages. Also – "new members" are no longer allowed to send any messages. Hopefully the spammers will realize it's now pointless to join. But I expect the next thing they'll do is try to do spam posts in the forum hoping to get to the next level of membership where they can send messages – though that will NOT get them to the next level of
  15. I just also deleted all private messages from those 9 hours. You may see message threads with no messages as a result. (Too tired/drunk to get it right). I'll clean things up on Monday morning.
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