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  1. Please tell me you’ll be at Folsom and please tell me you’ll breed me

    1. POZaddict


      Hot! Hope you get lots of toxic cum in your hot hungry neg hole!

    2. poshtoxiccock


      I wish I could fill you for several days :)09681A20-47C7-4252-81F1-E2344D6A34DA.jpeg.bc48c502ce75333d74970f5c4c87c874.jpegC1201DEA-49FE-4289-B659-7B6AED5894F5.jpeg.fbe7e1aaa8ec84b3586dca17a5fbfd9e.jpegimage.jpg.00bbaf2851b671b1ae4b14e2b524b0ab.jpg

  2. Hi. I've written a long fictional story about zombies - specifically there's one sex scene with a zombie. I spent most of the Summer writing it (had a heart attack in June and was delayed). I make it very specific that these 'zombies' are very much alive despite having been dead briefly. I'm just afraid that people will think I'm advocating necrophilia. NO. I even went so far as to have the characters discuss this. I tried to make it clear that these are not zombies in the traditional sense that we've seen in movies and TV. They aren't violent and the worst thing that happens in the whole story is that one character punches another in the stomach. The rest is a real a love/sex story that happens in a fictional town between made-up characters.

    Is this allowed? If not, I'll publish it elsewhere. I just don't want another suspension.


  3. I just did a big delete of profiles that asked to be deleted – probably about 200 of them. I'll be doing them in batches going forward, so do not expect your profile to get deleted quickly - it could be months before your profile gets deleted.
  4. rawTOP

    Gallery and user pics problem

    I've upgraded the forum software and the theme (user interface package) for the site. I don't know if that will fix the problem. Please let me know if you continue to have problems. If you do continue to have problems I need very precise steps to take to reproduce the problem since I really have no clue what you're doing when you encounter the error (there are multiple areas on the site where you might upload an image).
  5. hey rawTOP - I was just watching HDK's Cream 'N Daddies and one of the actors was wearing a black breeding Zone tee shirt. This weekend is Dore Alley and I was hoping to wear one of these tees, but couldn't find your online store link. Are these tees available? Thanks for all your work!

  6. rawTOP

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    How can a 6 year old take dick up his ass? Is that physically possible? I mean take a look at what 6 year old boys look like on Google Images… I'm just not seeing it. Or rather, it would be rather massive physical abuse to even try what is being suggested (major bleeding, etc.) [And to be clear – do not even think of posting pictures of young boys on this site when the topic goes in directions like it's going right now. Porn and kids don't mix. I linked to a neutral 3rd party, Google Images – that's about as much as you're allowed to do on topics like this.]
  7. rawTOP

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    This is one of those rare times when Dr Scorpio and I disagree. I probably would have questioned it as well. I've reversed SlutTony's infraction. Just as a case and point… Ryan Cummings… Clearly he gets A LOT of loads, but there are times I'd swear he counts the number of times dick is inserted into his ass rather than actual loads. I mean, I'd love it if his numbers were real, but I'm highly skeptical. But at the same time even if he "only" actually got 400 loads in a month when he said he got 1144 (to take January as an example), he's clearly in a class where the difference is somewhat immaterial. So yeah, I question it, but at the end of the day it's a difference without a distinction.
  8. I just want to clarify that I'm doing deletions every few weeks. GDPR gives me up to 90 days to do deletions (and only some of you are covered by GDPR). Deletions do not happen automatically or even quickly.
  9. Hey Rawtop,

    I still can't upload any pictures!


  10. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    This morning I also found a major reason why pages were loading slowly. I'm giving it 24-48 hours to see if it speeds things up for you guys. Fingers crossed!
  11. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    Emails should now be working. I doubt the missing ones will be resent, but going forward you should be getting the emails you're expecting…
  12. rawTOP

    Problems w/ Galleries

    I think the main problem was videos. The software is supposed to block video uploads, but that constraint isn't working properly. The software running the site does resize the photos and there's a max size and the resized photos will probably be under 250K. So photos are probably safe. Though it's possible the size I was looking at when I did my deletions was original upload size, not the size after the photos were resized.
  13. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    To be clear… Two changes were made last week – an upgrade to the server OS to enable HTTP/2, and an upgrade of the software that runs the site. The leaderboard issues and the email issues are forum software issues that are a bit out of my control. Presumably there will be a "dot version" upgrade that will iron those problems out. What I'm most interested in, in this thread are the general performance issues – how quickly pages load. I've looked closely at Google Analytics and I'm seeing a 3.7s slowdown overall in home page load times (125% slower), and just loading the HTML for the home page is 62% slower. I've made my host aware of the problem. We'll see if they can fix it. And when they fix it, how much better it gets. So page load times is what I'm working on – site functionality problems I'll look into later.
  14. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    IPv6's main advantage is more addresses. But I have the IP addresses I need, and IPv6 maps to IPv4 addresses, so it's not like people can't access my site because I'm on IPv4. IPv6 has some theoretical advantages, but I can't see them making a significant difference in my site performance. So I don't see the need to support it.
  15. rawTOP

    Changes To The Server

    I just want to say a huge thanks to all you Aussies who just chimed in. It wasn't the technical details I was hoping for, but since there were so many of you, it's just as good. Apparently, my host still hasn't completed all their tweaks, so please continue to monitor the speed and let me know your thoughts.

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