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  1. I think his quote was "We don't live in fear" at which point I was thinking "yeah, but people in your state are going to be living in pain…" And his surgeon general was trying to boo hoo the vaccine saying it hasn't been tested enough on people. This is why I live in a deep blue state. I honestly don't understand why anyone would want to live in a red state.
  2. So… MEA CULPA… The article that I started this thread with is FAKE NEWS! Apparently guy in the pic has neurofibromatosis, not monkeypox. Reddit has banned the story. Below is the bit that I said in a post above that was wrong… That said, based on what people are saying here some health authorities and doctors are giving out misinformation or inadequate information, so it's not like it isn't an issue.
  3. This is a false statement. Evidence is here… https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22270271/ When you see a demonstrably false statement or conspiracy theory posted here, please report the post and an infraction will be given to the member (as I've done with TotalTop).
  4. All it takes is one closeted pastor, like Ted Haggard, going for a discreet weekend of fun and then coming back and "ministering" to the boys in his church and then they go and make out with their girlfriend…
  5. MPX deaths There are now four MPX death deaths outside of Africa… https://apple.news/AzHTxcszNTX64HgjpebLRGw The first one in Brazil sounds like there were a lot of underlying conditions. But this last one in India sounds more serious - 22 years old with no external lesions. Vaccines The vaccine shortage in the US looks like it's gonna go on for months… https://apple.news/AxgmmAkMsQ0mvyvwRCIsDMQ So work hard to get your vaccine now, before they run out. And PLEASE delay your 2nd shot until after everyone has had their 1st shot. They're also discussing giving people the older vaccine that has a lot more side effects. Monkeypox's name There's been a push to rename Monkeypox. Turns out that's complicated. The virus itself will probably continue to be known as Monkeypox, but the illness looks like it may get a new name at some point. One of the suggestions is hMPXV for human Monkeypox Virus. The problem with that is that I've already seen the clinic near me using MPXV for Monkeypox vaccine. But it sounds like it'll take a while for the renaming to happen. https://apple.news/AIBKMdYvaTnSvdT4OSQJQCw (EDIT: the following bit is apparently fake news) People not isolating A doctor spotted a guy on the Madrid Metro with a pretty severe case of MPX. He approached the guy and asked why he wasn't isolating and the guy said his doctor just told him to wear a mask. Meanwhile there are visible sores all over uncovered parts his body and contact with sores is the easiest way to get MPX while respiratory droplets that the mask would stop are actually an unlikely route of transmission. To make things worse, the woman who was near him said she wasn't worried because she's not gay. https://apple.news/AtB59iR0kRD68IV34DrC5oA So it looks like the word is not getting out about how to protect yourself or others.
  6. Yup… Besides Silver Steele, which @EuroMusk76 detailed, here are a few more… This tweet from HungerFF doesn't mention vaccination, but after looking at the pics IMHO it should make people want to get vaccinated… I've also seen guys mention they got vaccinated - which acknowledges the problem and makes it clear that vaccination is good. There's a lot of example - but I can't put my finger on them right this very moment.
  7. Hypothesizing… All the sex parties shut down (voluntarily). Guys know friend (or friends of friends) who got it and are going through long painful illnesses. Guys are seeing OF/JFF models describe what they're going through and urging them to get vaccinated. More guys are getting vaccinated. Most guys are just cutting back on sex generally. The guys who aren't cutting back are getting it and in too much pain to have sex. The other (less optimistic) reason might be that the 9.4% represented a getting through a backlog of tests (it was around the time additional labs were allowed to do the test). If that's the case then the percentage that week might be artificially high and it may not actually be going down.
  8. Good news, kinda… The rate of increase for MPX cases in NYC is going down. Last week it averaged a 6.6% increase each day. The week before it was 9.4%.
  9. There are now two deaths related to MPX outside of Africa - one reported Friday in Brazil and one reported today in Spain… https://apple.news/ADR32bQIwRVuQ-VLGp8h5Fg Another interesting detail in that story - in Spain 3.2% of the known cases require hospitalization.
  10. Since Smallpox and MPX are both orthopoxviruses and the vaccines were/are actually general vaccines against orthopoxviruses - then yes, the current vaccine will act as a booster for any vaccines you got as a kid. Smallpox was wiped out because there was enough herd immunity. But I'm not aware of any studies that say how much immunity a particular person has if they only got 1 or 2 shots 50 years ago. It's an unknown. And when a medical provider asks if you got "it" as a kid - that's the wrong way to put it when "it" wasn't a single thing - it was 4 shots - and it's wrong to assume 1 shot is as effective as 4 shots 50 years later. The problem is lack of data. Smallpox isn't around anymore, and Monkeypox has only affected relatively small numbers of people in countries that the rest of the world doesn't pay attention to. If we had data we'd know what to do right now, but we don't have the data since no one studied it properly in Africa. Which makes the point that it pays to deal with other people's problems. If the world had dealt with MPX when it was "just an African problem" then it wouldn't be a problem now. And if the world doesn't deal with it when it's "just a gay problem" then they'll have to deal with it when it gets into the general population (via school kids or prisons, or whatever)…
  11. You've got to be typing in a bad URL. ALL of the following should work… breeding.zone http://breeding.zone https://breeding.zone breedingzone.com http://breedingzone.com https://breedingzone.com www.breedingzone.com http://breedingzone.com https://breedingzone.com In addition there's (http:// | https://)www.breeding.zone which goes to the site where the chat feature runs, but there's a link to the forum on there. If you can tell me exactly what you're doing when it doesn't work, then maybe we can figure out what you're doing wrong.
  12. I think for him it was transactional. He supported a policy he didn't necessarily believe in because it would give him needed support from a large group of people without whom he couldn't win the presidency. And he knew continuing to support their agenda would be his best chance to retain power.
  13. The Michigan Supreme Court has ruled that discrimination against LGBT+ folks is sex discrimination under Michigan's anti-discrimination law! https://apple.news/A0qJZ3nK1QxyakO7ITaJGVA
  14. If this is your source for saying 85% efficacy… That source does not say that a 50 year old, incomplete vaccination is 85% effective. In fact it's unclear what they're talking about. The way I read it they're talking about JYNNEOS and they acknowledge that it's based in part on animal studies, not studies in humans. It's always better to err on the side of caution. Hence my comment that one shouldn't assume protection from 1 or 2 shots 50 years ago.
  15. The smallpox vaccination was a series of 4 shots at 18 months, 5-6 years (just before school), 10 years and 15 years. The US stopped giving that vaccination in 1972. As a result you'd need to be over ~65 years old to have had all 4 shots, over ~60 to have had 3, over ~55 to have had two. I wouldn't count on much of any protection unless you had 3-4 shots.
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