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  1. rawTOP

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    Here's an article on another option if you're looking for some place to have a blog after Tumblr… https://www.wired.com/story/tumblr-porn-bloggers-dreamwidth-pillowfort/ I don't know anything about them, so that's not a recommendation…
  2. rawTOP

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    I'm really happy to hear your perspective and hear your interest in the site. I've followed you on Tumblr for many years now and know you know what you're talking about. And yes, I'd absolutely love to have you as a moderator Gifs will be supported from day 1. I have to experiment with resizing huge gifs. If I can't figure that out quickly there may be size limits on the gifs initially (since gifs can be as big as videos), but once I've got size issues under control they'll be fully supported. I'm also thinking of allowing people to enter URLs for .mp4 video files and then I'll put those in a player I control. It's more of an advanced feature since most users won't know how to find the video URL, but the ones who can figure it out will be popular since they'll have the videos other people will want to watch and share. I'm not planning on having a limit on the number of posts per day. But I will have checks to see if someone else has uploaded the same pic previously. And if Google's reCAPTCHA (v3 – the new one that's invisible to users) thinks your a bot, you won't be allowed to upload anything. Since it makes it's determination based on patterns of usage doing a lot of uploads could get you classified as a bot at which point you won't be able to submit anything on any of my sites since they're all tied together. And your mentioning it means I'll need to monitor the quality of the posts for people who do a lot of uploads. But if the quality is good, I don't care how much people post. As far as chat… The chat here is actually based on my new system. I've been needing to flesh that out into a more full-featured system that allows 1-on-1, and small group chats, as well as public chats. [The primary problem with the current chat system is the login from this site to the other site. That problem will go away when everything is on the same site.] Thanks for letting me know that that's important for the social site.
  3. rawTOP

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    I tackled porn first because I needed to pay the bills. Porn sites convert better (they make more sales for a given number of visits). Social sites like this one or the new one I'm envisioning, and even hookup sites are "traffic sites" – they get a lot of visits, but don't make a lot of money. (Which is why sites like BBRT are so aggressive with paid memberships – which is something I'll try to avoid when I finally get the hookup sites rolled out). It's important for someone like me to have both kind of sites. The porn sites don't make sense without traffic and I can't depend on Google, Tumblr, Twitter for traffic – I need my own traffic sources. And the traffic sites don't make sense unless I have productive places to send the traffic to make money off of it (and banner ads to sponsor sites isn't enough). So it's a balance. At the end of the day making money has to come first. Only then can I do the more esoteric, community-oriented things. And BTW, if you spend time on here, you are spending time on social media. Forums were one of the first types of social media sites.
  4. rawTOP

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    Good questions… I'm building a network of interconnected sites that will include niche porn sites, niche hookup sites, a fitness site, a social site, and an online store. Following each of those links will explain things more. But the division is due in part to the legal requirements for each type of content (which have been shifting even after I broke things down like that). In terms of just #BBBH – bbbh.com will be commercial bareback porn, and bbbh.men will be a hookup site. And there will also be Cumdump Network which will be a cumdump listing site where the tops don't have to register to fuck a cumdump (it will be the final home of the Cumdump Network listings on this site). I'm only envisioning one social site, not several niche sites. The way many people express themselves on social media is just more chaotic and fluid than niche sites will allow. That said, users can have multiple profiles for their many personas, and when they post something they can pick a niche. If their post turns out to be popular it will be featured on the other sites in that niche. In terms of videos… The lack of videos on Tumblr is because they banned new porn videos a few years ago. Some people had tricks to get around that ban, but most people complied and only posted pics. But I'm not trying to just replicate Tumblr. A LOT of videos are posted to Twitter, and Facebook loves showing it's users videos because they're engaging. So I will need videos eventually. But I may not have them initially.
  5. I might be interested in moderating.  Tell me more when you. Get a chance, please.

  6. rawTOP

    Say goodbye to Tumblr... Now what?!

    SO… I've been thinking of launching a porn & sex-friendly social media site, but was trying to get my new porn sites finished (there are several, but bbbh.com is the one you guys would be most interested in). I'm actually "close-ish" to done with the porn sites. They're complete enough that I've moved all my porn blogs to the new platform, as well as all the commercial videos on my tube site – Raunchy Fuckers. But I still have at least a couple months of work before they're done enough that I can work on something else. I've been thinking about what comes next – I was planning on working on hookup sites next, but I could work on the social site instead, so I spent a while today thinking through the issues of doing a sex-friendly social media site, please give me some feedback on what I'm thinking… First off, the reason why other people aren't doing it is because of the legal issues. Tumblr got in trouble for child porn, but there's also prostitution and sex trafficking issues as well. (For the record, I'm fine with folks being prostitutes – if it's what they want to do, but the law isn't in most places, and I have to be compliant with the law). Those legal problems are far bigger on the straight side than they are on the gay side. So for starters I'm thinking if I do a social site it will only be for gay male and trans masculine content. The moment you try to appeal to straight guys (and trans feminine appeals to them), you up your problems about 10 fold. My experiences with the straight portion of this site were crazy. Just a fraction of the overall discussion on the site, but 95% of the big problems (including a call from the London police). I'd rely mostly on community moderation – much like I do on this site. You guys are excellent at reporting spam and other stuff, and this site wouldn't exist if it weren't for @drscorpio doing so much moderation (I need more guys like him! Any volunteers?) I've been trying to formulate some type of credibility score for users for my new sites. So people who've proven they can be trusted can do more. In this case the "more" they'd do is moderation so problem content can be axed from the site quickly. The other big issue for Tumblr is that mainstream advertising doesn't mix well with adult content. Even though experiments have shown that adult sites can be quite profitable for selling mainstream products, none of the brands want their ad appearing next to porn. And there's A LOT of money in mainstream – FAR more than in porn. Verizon bought Tumblr from Yahoo! last year and I think Verizon's trying to figure out how to get rid of the porn thinking that will make the site more profitable. Getting banned from Apple's app store was the perfect excuse for them to do what they wanted to do all along – ban porn. Problem is no social site has flourished after getting rid of porn. Getting rid of porn (after allowing it) is always a sign of weakness and decline. In terms of how I see the site functioning… There'd definitely be both pics and text. On the text side I'd have two fields – one shorter (160 to 255 characters), and one much longer. The shorter one would be visible in timelines, but when there's more you could click through to a blog post. Pics would be limited to 4 static per post or 1 animated gif. The question is videos. I'm actually thinking of launching with no (or limited) video capability. I definitely don't intend to be a tube site with long user uploads – but that wasn't Tumblr either. When I get to the hookup sites I'll permit video uploads there within the context of people sharing videos of their own personal sex life. But too often on the tube sites people are just uploading videos they think are hot and not thinking about the legal ramifications. The gay porn industry seems to accept that videos that are ~2 min or less are "promos". I haven't heard of producers complaining about the 2:20 videos on Twitter. Ultimately allowing ~2 min video uploads is probably where I'll wind up, but I need to do it carefully. Tumblr allowed 5 min videos (though they said no new porn videos a few years ago because they were taking too much bandwidth), but that was pushing the limits of "fair use" and definitely not OK with some producers. One other option is video embeds – like MyVidster has. In that case they don't host the videos – they're just hotlinking via other sites' embed codes. BUT as soon as I put a page from someone else's site in an iFrame on my site (which is how embeds work) all sorts of undesirable things can happen. I'll definitely let users embed anything that's on one of my sites, but I know they're gonna want more than that. But beyond that – expect all the standard social features (with some twists) – likes/favs, reposting, conversation threads, etc. So please let me know your thoughts – how do you think a site like I described would do? Is a gay site too restrictive? What are your thoughts on videos?
  7. Please tell me you’ll be at Folsom and please tell me you’ll breed me

    1. POZaddict


      Hot! Hope you get lots of toxic cum in your hot hungry neg hole!

    2. poshtoxiccock


      I wish I could fill you for several days :)09681A20-47C7-4252-81F1-E2344D6A34DA.jpeg.bc48c502ce75333d74970f5c4c87c874.jpegC1201DEA-49FE-4289-B659-7B6AED5894F5.jpeg.fbe7e1aaa8ec84b3586dca17a5fbfd9e.jpegimage.jpg.00bbaf2851b671b1ae4b14e2b524b0ab.jpg

  8. Hi. I've written a long fictional story about zombies - specifically there's one sex scene with a zombie. I spent most of the Summer writing it (had a heart attack in June and was delayed). I make it very specific that these 'zombies' are very much alive despite having been dead briefly. I'm just afraid that people will think I'm advocating necrophilia. NO. I even went so far as to have the characters discuss this. I tried to make it clear that these are not zombies in the traditional sense that we've seen in movies and TV. They aren't violent and the worst thing that happens in the whole story is that one character punches another in the stomach. The rest is a real a love/sex story that happens in a fictional town between made-up characters.

    Is this allowed? If not, I'll publish it elsewhere. I just don't want another suspension.


  9. I just did a big delete of profiles that asked to be deleted – probably about 200 of them. I'll be doing them in batches going forward, so do not expect your profile to get deleted quickly - it could be months before your profile gets deleted.
  10. rawTOP

    Gallery and user pics problem

    I've upgraded the forum software and the theme (user interface package) for the site. I don't know if that will fix the problem. Please let me know if you continue to have problems. If you do continue to have problems I need very precise steps to take to reproduce the problem since I really have no clue what you're doing when you encounter the error (there are multiple areas on the site where you might upload an image).
  11. hey rawTOP - I was just watching HDK's Cream 'N Daddies and one of the actors was wearing a black breeding Zone tee shirt. This weekend is Dore Alley and I was hoping to wear one of these tees, but couldn't find your online store link. Are these tees available? Thanks for all your work!

  12. rawTOP

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    How can a 6 year old take dick up his ass? Is that physically possible? I mean take a look at what 6 year old boys look like on Google Images… I'm just not seeing it. Or rather, it would be rather massive physical abuse to even try what is being suggested (major bleeding, etc.) [And to be clear – do not even think of posting pictures of young boys on this site when the topic goes in directions like it's going right now. Porn and kids don't mix. I linked to a neutral 3rd party, Google Images – that's about as much as you're allowed to do on topics like this.]
  13. rawTOP

    How many loads have u taken in ur ass

    This is one of those rare times when Dr Scorpio and I disagree. I probably would have questioned it as well. I've reversed SlutTony's infraction. Just as a case and point… Ryan Cummings… Clearly he gets A LOT of loads, but there are times I'd swear he counts the number of times dick is inserted into his ass rather than actual loads. I mean, I'd love it if his numbers were real, but I'm highly skeptical. But at the same time even if he "only" actually got 400 loads in a month when he said he got 1144 (to take January as an example), he's clearly in a class where the difference is somewhat immaterial. So yeah, I question it, but at the end of the day it's a difference without a distinction.
  14. I just want to clarify that I'm doing deletions every few weeks. GDPR gives me up to 90 days to do deletions (and only some of you are covered by GDPR). Deletions do not happen automatically or even quickly.
  15. Hey Rawtop,

    I still can't upload any pictures!


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