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  1. It could be used for ads for clinical trials of HIV medications, etc. It could also be used by conservatives for whatever message they want to sent us perverts.
  2. Google is changing things and migrating away from tracking individual users to putting you into a general classification group based on the sites you visit when you use Google Search, etc. The new group-based system is called FLoC. You can opt out of it by setting your browser to block 3rd party cookies. But most of you either won't know how to do that or won't get around to it. SO… I've changed the configuration of my sites so none of them will be used in Google's FLoC calculations. This is something I doubt any of my competitors are doing for you. But I actually give a shit about y
  3. What are your stats (height, weight, age, etc?) Maybe a pic?
  4. Im charlotte and all i think about is getting a poz load. I really want to be converted, could you help me. My kik is TSCharlotte2020.

  5. There is a member group that restricts access to chem sex threads.
  6. You're in the "Senior Members" group. They're membership groups, not discussion groups.
  7. ^^^This^^^ is correct. If you see something that violates the rules of the site, report it. There is no limit on the number of things you can report per day. But the scenario @boy4dad described wasn't necessarily rule violations - they were scenarios that were appropriate for downvoting - "low quality" posts. But to boy4dad's question - downvoting can be abused just like upvoting, which is why both have the same limits. So if you see a rule violation, report it and only downvote it if you feel you've got spare votes for the day. Save your votes for stuff you like or low quality
  8. Ugh! I really have to get busy programming. The solution to all of this is that when you do any post it should ask you if it's region-specific and let you specify a precise area. I've been using Geonames for years now (for other purposes) - it gives hierarchical relationships between geographic regions. So for example I could say my post was about "Mount Morris Park" (the neighborhood I live in), and that would automatically associate it with Central Harlem, Harlem, Upper Manhattan, Manhattan, New York City, New York State and the United States. My idea is that it will run though a quick
  9. The key phrase in what I said was "own or have a license to use". In the example you cite, the person posting probably didn't own or have a license to use. Yes, the photographer has rights (especially if the photo is taken in a public place), but the moment the photo is sexually explicit the model has significant rights as well. So using the example at play here – if the photo of Dietrich was taken on a public beach in the US and he was in a bikini and didn't have a visible penis line (so not sexually explicit), then Dietrich has not right to request a takedown (AFAIK). This is be
  10. In addition to what drscorpio mentions, the key to getting the regional forums to work effectively is to mention your area in the title. FAR too many posts are have titles like "Looking to get fucked" and you have to click into the thread to see where the guy is. Basically adding your location to your title achieves the same effect as having more sub-sections. But getting people to figure that out is easier said than done.
  11. American companies (like mine) are technically bound by EU laws like GDPR. But it's difficult for the EU to penalize a company that has no presence in the EU. That said, I do try to generally comply with GDPR. Data is encrypted when at rest, account deletions are possible, etc. However, if a person uploads an image they own or have a license to use, there is no way GDPR applies unless they ask us to take it down claiming it contains personal information, and we fail to do so. We do remove personally identifiable information from posts when a person can prove they're the person in que
  12. Also, don't forget that you're liable for copyright infractions. Do not upload pictures that you do not own or do not have a license to use. Images watermarked with the porn site that originally featured the video are generally safe - they're promo images that are meant to be distributed. And thanks to Google Images a court case has determined that "hotlinking" images (e.g. using "insert image from URL") is OK as well. That said, often those URLs break over time and they create an unsightly mess. And remember - just because "you found it on the internet" does not mean it's "public domain"!
  13. Getting infected while on PrEP is so rare that if it happens to you your case will probably be written up in a medical journal. Most of the cases that are reported turn out to be situations where the person was positive when they started PrEP (the doctor did an antibody test rather than a viral load / RNA test). There are literally about a handful of known cases of it happening when the person has been taking PrEP as directed. For all practical purposes it's impossible. It is possible for a strain to be meds-resistant for Truvada. But apparently the mutation is unstable/fragile and the r
  14. Good points. That said, nothing is foolproof. Members should always think about what information they're putting out there. Making most of this site open to Google drives home that point. On the security side I do what I can. I implemented HTTPS before most other sites. I encrypted personally identifiable data "when at rest" before the vast majority of other sites. I've now set up "HSTS" and CAA DNS records both of which work together to ensure that your ISP or employer can't eavesdrop on what you post here. When ESNI is usable, I'll implement it. I've urged people to use DoH (DNS over HTTPS).
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