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  1. How do I edit my information on the cum dump network - had a guy call me 2 weeks ago, I waited in position and then heard some kids run up laughing, they got scared and ran away yelling stuff. no harm done but I'm rethinking not a great idea putting my info out like that. please advise and thank you. 

  2. Thanks for this site...

  3. AFAIK, the server doesn't save "drafts" (the only button is "Submit Topic", there's no "Save Draft" button). So there's nothing that can be done. We only have what's been saved on the server, which is submitted posts. I suspect what was happening was your browser was saving the data locally. But that's out of our control. Clearly, in the future it's best to draft in a text editor (locally on your computer, or something like Google Docs). Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear.
  4. READ THIS!! Beyond this post I'll allow only one type of comment… Anyone posting other types of comments will have them deleted/hidden, and if they persist, I'll give the person an infraction. Give me the URL of a post that's been changed. In particular I want the URL for the particular post, not the URL at the top of the page. To get the post URL right click on the "Share this post" icon just above and to the right of the post. Post that URL and tell me what's changed. I'll look into it to see who changed it. I'm particularly interested in recent changes (last few days). I'm not really interested in what people think about what's happened. I want to know who did what and when. As I mentioned above, I think I know how it happened. And I just need to make sure I've got it fixed. There's limited information on moderation changes, but there is some – enough for me to figure out the source (but not enough to roll back the changes).
  5. One of the moderator accounts (that was set up ages ago) seems like it's been compromised. I've locked down the account until I can talk with him and see what's up. That may be the source of the problem. But it's really weird that the damage is so minor.
  6. I agree, that edit makes no sense to me either! If a fictional story has merit but is poorly written I'm fine with a moderator "fixing it", but in that particular case the original was better.
  7. The moderators look out for trigger phases that can get this site in trouble. In this case "good kid" is quite borderline, especially in the context. The word kid has to be used VERY carefully otherwise Google (and the FBI) may start thinking we're promoting things we have no intention of promoting. I suspect that was the intention of the moderator in this case. The point being, there are things moderators think of that you don't think of. They don't take on work for themselves just for the hell of it. They do it to protect the site. Just because you don't understand what they're doing doesn't mean it shouldn't be done.
  8. I've gone through all the pending deletes. It literally took me almost an entire day to do them. The time consuming nature of the deletes is why they're not done more frequently. I'm locking this thread. Posting here does not get your profile deleted any more quickly.
  9. Actually, the real purpose is booty bumps for chem sex… But it works for other purposes as well.
  10. OK. All background processes are done. Logo and background image are restored. I think we're good. I'm going to ask tech support to put back the caching that was in place before the upgrade (that caused problems with the upgrade). It should make the site a bit faster. And I'll try to remember to check everything before I go to bed.
  11. Unfortunately your two options are 1) to delete everything, or 2) to go into each message and delete that conversation. It's a bit dumb, I know. But I didn't write the software. Sorry. [Oh, and this has nothing to do with the upgrade problems.]
  12. The site is based on IP.Board, which is off-the-shelf forum software. The site gets it's look and feel from a theme I pay for. The name of the theme is Villain. The upgrade is messing with the customization of the theme (logo, background images, etc.) When the reindexing is complete I'll restore the missing images.
  13. I should mention I'm seeing issues. The site logo isn't working anymore, and the background images aren't there anymore. There's a background process running that's "reindexing images" (whatever that means). It's apparently the source of the problem. Once it's done, I'll work on fixing things. Hopefully it's just a matter of fixing a few images and the other problems won't crop back up. 🤞
  14. Just so you guys know what happened… I did an upgrade the software vendor said was "minor" and part of the upgrade process wasn't compatible with how my server was configured. When I had tech support help at one point the upgrade process got kicked off twice. Somewhere in all of that there was clearly some data corruption. I tried my best to resolve the problems, but they just couldn't be fixed, so we've rolled back the back up that happened the night before all this happened (~8pm on Wednesday). Nothing could be posted to the site after the failed upgrade (late morning on Thursday). So about 12 hours of posts and other changes were lost. Ditto for anyone who registered during that time as well. It is what it is. We just move on… If you see problems (you didn't see before yesterday), please comment below… But before you comment, please reload the page or (better yet) close and reopen your web browser.

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