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  1. It's taking me years, but I'm gradually building a hookup site to accompany Breeding Zone. Actually it will be a couple different, interconnected hookup sites – one for bareback, one for poz fetish, one for oral, one for vanilla, etc. I realize things change over time, so I want to understand what works and what doesn't work for you. Specifically, I want to know where you guys go first when you're looking for sex. Do you use a website, or an app, or do you skip all that and just go to a bathhouse or sex party, or what? I specifically want to understand your experience with BarebackRT since it will be the primary competition for what I'm building. It's grown a lot, but on the guys on there now as easy to hookup with as they were a few years ago? In other words, are quality sex pigs who actually want to hookup and fuck now or in the near future harder to find because bareback is so popular and the more average guys (or the prettier guys?) aren't actually as uninhibited and piggy as the ones who were on the site initially? It's sorta my theory that that's the case, but I wanna hear your thoughts. But overall, more guys are barebacking, but if they're pickier than the old-school bareback pigs (before PrEP got everyone to go raw and take loads), then more people doesn't mean a better experience when you want to fuck. Do you have any suggestions for how I can keep things piggy with what I'm building? Would going invite-only once things are up to critical mass be a good idea? I'm thinking I'll have a vanilla hookup site and people start there, and then to get access to the raunchy hookup sites guys have to be vouched for by a trusted member. That means guys will probably need to have sex with someone to get vouched for. Good idea? bad idea? Meanwhile with apps, I quit Grindr when it just became all buff torso shots. Scruff had more "regular" guys, but now it's getting to the point where it's all buff torso shots too (just more hair). Do the apps actually work for you? When was the last time you had a good hookup off an app? (And compare that to how much time you put into trying to make it happen). In general, what is it that you want to help you fuck and get fucked? I'm thinking a lot broader than a hookup site (which is one reason why it's taking me a long time). I mean for starters everything here on Breeding Zone will (a few years from now) get merged into the hookup sites. So there will be a social / sharing aspect to what I'm building – but also a hookup component. I'm also envisioning a place database similar to Squirt.org where guys can talk about their experiences at different places – only improved and not limited to a few views per day like Squirt. And then there are things like party listings – both commercial parties (which are technically lacking on BBRT, except CumUnion), and non-commercial ones like hotel gangbangs. So think about what you need to improve your ability to hookup and share it here… I can't make promises to do everything (I can only do so much), but your thoughts and ideas will definitely inform what I'm doing. Thanks!
  2. Zoom room

    I understand why you'd want video chat. I want video chat. But 1) I'm not sure we'd have critical mass for it to really take off, and 2) It would compete with the current chat function – sorta spelling doom for both of them, and 3) I'm busy working on other stuff and don't really want to spend the time to do a 3rd party solution (I'm trying to get off 3rd party solutions). If there were an easy way to let someone incorporate video into the current chat I'd be all over it.
  3. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    The problem with pictures seems to be that my host is blocking the CDN I use. So pictures that were in the CDN's cache you got, but any that have expired or are new didn't show up. I yelled at my host and It should be fixed now. If that doesn't make sense, let me explain further (if you're interested). When you type in a URL on here it goes to my server and returns the HTML. The HTML has URLs in it for things like stylesheets and images. They exist on my server, but you don't get them from my server. Instead, I use a CDN which means you request the file from an "edge server" and the edge server requests it from a "shield server" and the shield server requests it from my server. That may seem horribly inefficient, but it's not because the edge and shield servers cache the file and there are many edge servers around the world, so unless you're in Atlanta, you're probably getting it from a server that's closer to you than my server is. Anyway, my server was rejecting requests from the shield server so everything sorta broke down.
  4. A get quite a few requests about account deletion. But we almost never delete accounts. Let me explain why… Yes, I do have the ability to delete accounts, but I don't use it because deleting the account doesn't do what you think it does. It doesn't delete your content and your profile name will still show next to everything you've posted. All deleting your account does is gets rid of your profile page, photo albums, etc. And 90+% of the time you're looking for more than that. The reason why deleting the account doesn't delete the person's posts is because those posts are part of threads that only make sense if there's a cogent train of thought. When you start deleting messages from threads they become like Swiss cheese and you can't follow the conversation. That's why what you post on this site is different than what you post on, say, a hookup site. Or even what you post on Twitter. Remove content from those sites and (almost) no one will notice. I hear a few different reasons why people want their accounts deleted, so let me address each of them… "I've met someone, we're monogamous, my life is different now, so I don't need this profile." I'm happy for you, but I'd put money on the fact that you'll be back. Gay relationships are either 1) open or 2) short. So you'll be back. (That may sound harsh, but it's true 99% of the time.) "This site is a bad influence in my life, I can't be part of it." If the chem sex part is a problem, I can block that for you. Just ask and I'll be happy to do it. Otherwise, it sounds like you're not at peace with your own sexual desires. Having you make peace with your desires is one of the functions of this site. So (again), you'll be back, and IMHO this site will help you not harm you when you do come back. And for the few of you who do move onto other phases of your life… Congratulations. But in that case there's really no harm in just walking away and letting your account go inactive. "My life is ending. I used the same profile name I use on other sites and my [mother/boyfriend/boss] found everything I posted here." I feel for you. I really do. But the damage is probably already done. Deleting the account won't fix anything. What I can do is change your profile name. Actually, I'm pretty sure that's something you can do yourself in settings (so please don't hit me up for that). BUT, realize your profile name is just a textual label that's on top of an account number. If someone has the URL for your old profile, it will redirect to your new one because the account number is in the URL. So again, I feel for you, I really do, but the damage is done. So the solution is just to walk away and let the account go inactive. I should mention that Breeding Zone won't be around forever in it's current form. I'm developing some new sites and in time the content/functionality will be moved over to those sites. Since about the beginning of the year I've been creating user accounts in the new system for anyone who is logged in here on Breeding Zone. As of yesterday having a user name here no longer guarantees you the user name on the new system. What that means is that people who don't login here won't be migrated to the new system. Their accounts will die when the current version of Breeding Zone it turned off. That will probably be a couple years in the future. And the new system will be better able to delete inactive accounts and recycle user names. (Based on how active the account was). So if you want to delete your account, just walk away and let it go inactive. At some point in the future it will get deleted when I purge inactive accounts.
  5. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    Because there are so many different forms of vision impairment and very little in the way of clear guidelines on how to design for all the different types of impairment, it feels like whack-a-mole to try to cater to each different type… So… I think it would be easier to have you pick a theme that works well for you and which you think will work well for other users with vision impairment. So please take a look at this page… https://www.ipsfocus.com/themes/ And tell me the themes work best for you. Please give me at least 3-5 options since not all of them function they way I need them to. And if you give me a commentary on why certain ones function better than others, that would be most helpful. (Even commentary on the ones that are worst and why they're worst, or ones you think will be difficult for other types of vision impairment, etc.) I'll pick one from your list and see if the theme developer will let me swap licenses (otherwise I'll just buy a new license and not renew one of the ones I have currently).
  6. Profile pic too large...

    There are image editing apps for smart phones. They can help reduce the size of the image. Short version of a long story, I'm (slowly) working on software to replace IP.Board which currently powers this site. What I'm writing won't care how large the image is – it'll just resize it and compress it to the size that's appropriate. In the meantime we live with IP.Board, but non-blocking problems like this I'm just ignoring. It makes more sense for me to spend the time on the new stuff rather than fixing what I plan on throwing away.
  7. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    I wound up taking a somewhat long weekend as things other than work imposed on my schedule. There's no point being bitchy about it. Which theme did you have the problems with? And which theme is working for you. Beyond that, you were the only one having a problem (AFAIK). And I have no clue the nature of your problem. I don't understand what was obstructing what. You just didn't give me enough information to work with.
  8. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    @BlindRawFucker has been my guide on a lot of accessibility issues for visual impairment. It was my understanding that the issue is contrast and white on black is as constrasty as black on white. This theme has no transparency, and that's another thing that is supposed to make things better. Which theme are you using?
  9. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    Not easily, no.
  10. July 26 Site Upgrade Issues

    That's been the case for a couple years now. On top of that – Raunchy Fuckers is about to get moved. All the commercial content will move to bbbh.com late summer / early fall but I've had a lawyer say the amateur stuff can't be moved, so that will stay up for a bit longer and then eventually go away. However, bbbh.men (once developed) will allow guys to upload their personal videos, and s3x.social (once developed) will allow guys to share videos they like (within legal limits).
  11. Once upon a time there was a good member here known as GoodExercise. But the last few months he sorta went off the deep end and became disruptive to the community. He started multiple accounts and became a moderator's nightmare. As a result, I've deleted all of his accounts. It's sad. He was a good member at one time. We tried to be patient with him since he had been a good member, but enough is enough.

    The clubs feature is now gone – for a number of reasons including people abusing it to post stuff that is redundant or otherwise not allowed on the site (or not allowed in public parts of the site), and more importantly because the idiot developer didn't give me a way to delete groups that had been created. So no moderation tools for clubs = no clubs.

    I'm not sure. But a moderator can do it for you if you ask nicely

    No groups should be overtly about PNP or other back room topics. If you happen to have a private, invite-only group and things other than sex happen at your events – that's one thing. But if you start a public discussion of a backroom topic, you'll get a hefty infraction like you would if you did it in a public forum. And remember – coordination of illegal activity is also prohibited on the site. Plus, it's just stupid to post about your illegal activity on a public forum that keeps all your comments available for posterity.
  15. If you've been around here a long time you'll remember the "groups" feature that was here for a while a number of years back. That was buggy and not well supported, so it went away. Well, a new version of that is back… It's called "Clubs". Basically the idea is you can start a club that's a targeted group of people. Could be invite-only for you and your local fuck buds to plan sex parties, etc. Or it could be publicly visible and aimed at people into particular fetishes. All I ask is that you not duplicate communities of interest that already have defined areas on the site. So if you create a public group for people to discuss sex in NYC – that's redundant and will be deleted. But you create a private group for a group of NYC-based fuck buddies – that's fine. If you created a group for piss pigs – that will be deleted because it's redundant. If you create one for nudists who want to discuss nude beaches around the world – that's not already covered, so completely fine. Let me know what you think of it and if you have any problems. Honestly I don't know that much about how it works, but I'll try to help as I can.

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