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  1. Actually, the real purpose is booty bumps for chem sex… But it works for other purposes as well.
  2. OK. All background processes are done. Logo and background image are restored. I think we're good. I'm going to ask tech support to put back the caching that was in place before the upgrade (that caused problems with the upgrade). It should make the site a bit faster. And I'll try to remember to check everything before I go to bed.
  3. Unfortunately your two options are 1) to delete everything, or 2) to go into each message and delete that conversation. It's a bit dumb, I know. But I didn't write the software. Sorry. [Oh, and this has nothing to do with the upgrade problems.]
  4. The site is based on IP.Board, which is off-the-shelf forum software. The site gets it's look and feel from a theme I pay for. The name of the theme is Villain. The upgrade is messing with the customization of the theme (logo, background images, etc.) When the reindexing is complete I'll restore the missing images.
  5. I should mention I'm seeing issues. The site logo isn't working anymore, and the background images aren't there anymore. There's a background process running that's "reindexing images" (whatever that means). It's apparently the source of the problem. Once it's done, I'll work on fixing things. Hopefully it's just a matter of fixing a few images and the other problems won't crop back up. 🤞
  6. Just so you guys know what happened… I did an upgrade the software vendor said was "minor" and part of the upgrade process wasn't compatible with how my server was configured. When I had tech support help at one point the upgrade process got kicked off twice. Somewhere in all of that there was clearly some data corruption. I tried my best to resolve the problems, but they just couldn't be fixed, so we've rolled back the back up that happened the night before all this happened (~8pm on Wednesday). Nothing could be posted to the site after the failed upgrade (late morning on Thursday). So about 12 hours of posts and other changes were lost. Ditto for anyone who registered during that time as well. It is what it is. We just move on… If you see problems (you didn't see before yesterday), please comment below… But before you comment, please reload the page or (better yet) close and reopen your web browser.
  7. Holy hell Batman!  Damn that is one amazing ass!


  8. I have a TON of unanswered questions about Article 13, but based on my current understanding… It probably won't go into effect for 2 years. My porn sites with sponsor content (e.g. bbbh.com) are completely safe. My affiliate agreements make that content completely legal. The hookup sites I want to build (e.g. bbbh.men & cumdump.network) are probably safe if I'm strict about the nature of what people upload (has to be pics/videos of the person). BUT my plan was to pull in people's content from social sites, etc. EU visitors will need to be blocked from seeing that content. But the social site I'm working on (s3x.social) will have major problems. I'll basically need to block all EU traffic from that site. The question is whether blocking EU traffic will be sufficient. I'm not sure yet. But it's early and my understanding of all this could change completely.
  9. This YouTube video explains what just passed in pretty good detail… This site would be exempt if it were less than 3 years old. All I can can is we'll have to see how things play out. Each of the countries in the EU has 2 years to pass the resolution into law. Hopefully sites like this one can get some type of exemption in that time.
  10. I may have to block all of the EU based on what the EU Parliament just passed… https://www.xbiz.com/news/242985/european-parliament-approves-controversial-upload-filter-directive Basically any site that allows user uploads will have to guarantee that there are no copyright infringements even momentarily. Currently the business model is that copyright holders file DMCA take down notices and the website has to take action on those within a given period of time, and ensure that repeat offenders don't keep offending. Mind you, this is a MUCH bigger problem for Google's YouTube than it is for this site. Ditto for all of Mind Geek's porn tube sites. This site is small and has never had a DMCA notice (that I know of). And we don't have a EU business presence. So I'll let Google and Mind Geek fight this in the courts (or however they fight it). Thing is, they are much more able to put some absurdly expensive solution into place that a small site like this one can't afford. So people, the take home here is YOUR VOTE MATTERS. You folks in the EU elected these fools…
  11. The extent to which this site is subject to EU law is minimal. We do not treat EU citizens differently than anyone else. As has been explained several times in this thread, account deletions are done every few months. The timing of our deletions generally complies with GDPR, which says deletions should be done within 90 days.
  12. All messages like this will be ignored. This is NOT how you get your account deleted.
  13. When I added a drive on the server I forgot that this site had it's files stored in what I moved from an old drive to the new drive. So it was trying to upload to the wrong place and failing. It should be fixed now. Sorry about that.
  14. When I added a drive on the server I forgot that this site had it's files stored in what I moved from an old drive to the new drive. So it was trying to upload to the wrong place and failing. It should be fixed now. Sorry about that.

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