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Guest bbpiginsyd

My Wife Worked Out I Was Bi

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Guest bbpiginsyd

My name is Gary and I'm married to Robyn. We're both in our early fifties and both in great shape and sex with Robyn was still great. But she wouldn't let me cum in her mouth or fuck her ass. Two things I've always wanted to do.

There's one fantasy she doesn't know I had, and that's having sex with a man. So when I'm home alone, I surf the Internet and chat with men while jerking off to movie clips of men sucking cock and eating cum. I'm just too chicken to be with a man in real life.

One day, my wife and I decided to buy one of those sex swings for our spare bedroom. It was great eating her pussy and fucking her while she was in it and she would suck my cock an lick my balls while I was in it. Then one Saturday night, we were in the swing mood again...

"I want you in the swing tonight, Gary," Robyn told me. "You got it," I answered then immediately stripped naked and she helped me get in it.

"I'll be back," Robyn said, as she left the room. There I was hanging from the swing wondering what she was up to. A few minutes passed by and I was still wondering.

"What's taking you so long Robyn?" I yelled out. "Don't worry. I'll be there. I have a big surprise for you," she yelled from the living room. I was getting curious and excited of maybe she was going to do something kinky to me. So I just hung there in the swing singing to myself while I waited.

"Gary, I have two surprises for you," Robyn said as she entered the room. I looked and saw her still clothed standing in the doorway. "But you're not naked," I told her with some confusion as to what the surprises could be.

Robyn walked into the room and two guys entered. Both were around forty years old and in great shape. I was shocked and didn't know what to say. "So your two surprises is to watch two guys fuck you?" I asked Robyn, as this had always been a fantasy of mine. "Gary, watch this little show first -- you asshole!" she said. I was shocked but really wanted to watch her being fucked by two guys, as I wanted to see their hard cocks. So I kept my mouth shut.

Robyn undressed the first guy and he stood bare ass naked with a nice cock hanging down by his shaved balls.

"Meet Alex," Robyn introduced us. She stripped the other guy naked and he stood bare ass naked with a nice cock hanging down by his shaved balls.

"Meet Tyler," Robyn introduced us. "Hi guys," I replied. Robyn stripped out of her clothes and stood bare ass naked. The sight of her naked with those two guys gave me a hard-on and she noticed.

"You like what you see?" she asked me.

"I'm ready to watch," I answered.

"But I'm the one that will be watching," she told me.

I was confused with her response and she noticed.

"These two guys are here to fuck you Gary," she said. "What's going on here?" I asked confused.

"Come on Gary, I know you have this fantasy of sucking a cock and being fucked by a cock," Robyn told me.

"No!" I quickly responded to hide my true desires. "Now, now Gary, I know what you've been looking at on the Internet. Don't worry. I'm cool with this," Robyn answered.

Robyn grabbed Alex and Tyler's cocks and walked them over to me. "Okay guys. My husband wants to suck a cock and have his ass fucked by a cock. Make him your whore bitch," she told them and then walked to the other side of the room and sat down in a lazy boy chair.

I looked at Alex and Tyler who were stroking their cocks. "So Gary, you want to suck my cock?" Tyler asked me. "Say yes Gary. I know you want to be a cocksucker," Robyn yelled across the room.

"Yes. I want to suck your cock, Tyler," I told him. "Good boy," Robyn responded. Tyler walked up to my head with his flaccid cock staring at me. I hesitated for a second, looked across the room and saw Robyn rubbing her clit.

"Suck his cock, Gary," she said with a smile. I opened my mouth and Tyler put his cock inside my mouth and I started sucking on it. Within a few seconds, Tyler's seven-inch cock got rock hard and I continued sucking. I loved it and it tasted great! "How does his cock taste?" Robyn asked me. I took Tyler's cock out of my mouth. "Great honey," I answered then put Tyler's cock back in my mouth and continued sucking. Meanwhile,

Alex stood by me stroking his cock while watching me suck Tyler's cock. Tyler grabbed both sides of my head while he fucked my mouth. "I'm going to cum," Tyler yelled out. "In Gary's mouth," Robyn yelled across the room.

Before I had a chance to refuse, I felt hot globs of Tyler's cum spewing out of his cock into my mouth.

"Don't swallow Gary. I want to see it," Robyn said, as she got off the chair and walked over to me with her hands behind her back. Tyler's cock quit spewing out hot cum and it filled my mouth. Robyn stood by me. "Open you mouth," she told me. I did and she saw Tyler's cum inside. "Good boy. Now swallow it," she told me. I swallowed it.

"How did it taste?" she asked me. "Actually. Great," I answered. "Good. You're officially a cum sucking whore," she told me. I just smiled.

Robyn handed Alex a tube of something. "Fuck Gary's ass Alex," she told him I looked at Alex and saw him putting some lubricant on his nice six-inch cock. I wasn't going to refuse and Robyn noticed. "That's right Gary. I know you want your ass fucked," she told me. I just smiled at her and waited for Alex to insert his cock into me. Alex walked over and lubricated my waiting asshole.

"Fuck my cock sucking cum slut of a husband Alex," Robyn ordered him. "With pleasure," Alex responded. Alex put the head of his cock right at my ass hole.

"Beg for it," Robyn demanded.

"I want my ass fucked," I yelled out.

"Louder!" Robyn said, as she slapped me.

"I WANT MY ASS FUCKED," I screamed out. "That's a nice whore," Robyn said to me.

"Fuck him," Robyn then told Alex. Alex's cock penetrated my asshole. It hurt at first but I started to like it. After all, I would shove a broomstick up my ass wishing it were a cock. Alex slowly pumped my asshole and I was loving it.

"My husband loves having his ass fucked. Doesn't he?" Robyn asked me.

"Yes. I love having my ass fucked," I answered. Alex continued to pump my ass and I moaned in pleasure.

"Fuck my ass," I moaned out. "I'm a fucking ass whore," I yelled out while Alex continued fucking me.

"I'm CUMMING," Alex yelled out.

Before I could say anything, I felt hot globs of his cum fill my asshole. Alex pulled his cock out of my ass. "That's a good boy Gary," Robyn said to me. Robyn walked Alex and Tyler to the Lazy Boy chair.

"Watch me now, Gary," she instructed me. I moved the swing around and watched as Robyn got on her knees and started sucking on Alex and Tyler's cocks. It didn't take them long to get rock hard again.

Robyn got on her hands and knees. "I want a cock in my ass and one in my mouth," Robyn ordered them. Tyler got by Robyn's head and Alex got behind her. Robyn started sucking on Tyler's cock while Alex slowly inserted his cock into Robyn's ass. I watch in disbelief.

"Robyn, why didn't you let me do that to you," I asked her.

"Shut the fuck up asshole and watch. If you're a good boy while watching, I'll let you do this to me," she yelled out. I just watched as Tyler fucked her mouth and Alex pumped her ass.

A few minutes passed and the action was hot with Robyn sucking Tyler's cock and letting Alex fuck her ass. She took Tyler's cock out of her mouth.

"FUCK MY ASS," she screamed out. "FUCK ME TIGHT ASSHOLE," she screamed out again. It didn't take Alex long.

"I'M CUMMING," he yelled out. "AHHHHH," Robyn moaned out as Alex filled her ass with his hot cum. Robyn put Tyler's cock back into her mouth continued sucking on it.

"I'M GOING TO CUM," Tyler screamed out. To my surprise, Robyn kept on sucking and let Tyler cum into her mouth. She got up walked over to me. She opened my mouth with her fingers and let Tyler's cum drip out of her mouth and into mine.

"That's a nice cum whore," Robyn said to me after the last drop entered my mouth. Robyn turned around and put her ass into my face.

"Suck his cum out of my ass," she ordered. I placed my mouth on her ass crack and stuck my tongue into her asshole. It didn't take long until I could taste his cum on my tongue. I continued to tongue fuck her with my tongue. After a few seconds, I removed my tongue from her ass and opened my mouth and it didn't take long until his cum dripped out of her ass.

Robyn stepped to the side and got me out of the swing. I immediately kissed her on her lips.

"Thank you honey," I said to her. "My pleasure," she responded. "Let's get some drinks," she said to Tyler and Alex. They followed us out of the room with me turning off the lights.

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Hi Man. What a great wife. Oh my that was so hot. Did you know their status?

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