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    upstate NY
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    Love all sex. Definitely want to try breeding with a poz guy who is not on any meds. If I get knocked up ... not a bad thing.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    str. guy most of my life. A few years ago I got much more interested in guys. Now I want gay sex. Really going for bareback risky sex. I will consider a conversion party for my neg. ass. Want to talk to all guys and even poz guys not on meds. please contact me.
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    looking to get bred.
    interested in poz guys
    bareback only sex
    Cock sucking I can suck cock good. Suck it get it real hard then put it in my ass and pump hard and deep.

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  1. cman54

    Neg boyfriend

    I have already commented a couple of times here. I agree with this post here from tboyer. Talk about pozzing and keep the poz conversations going. You have talked with him already and he seemed kind`a open to it. He just might be asking you to stop taking your meds. for a while sooner then you think.
  2. cman54

    Neg boyfriend

    Thanks for your updates Littlepiggy. I would say from what you have told us now that he definitely does not need to be going on prep. You say he eventually is ok getting poz and he wants it from you if or when he does. So no need from him to go on Prep. And I would just let him know that anytime he says he would like you to stop taking your meds. for a while just suggest it. Or when you two are enjoying a good fuck mention that you would stop meds. anytime he wants. I know you said it would turn you on to knock him up. Tell him that when you are fucking him good. You might be surprised that he may want it sooner then later.
  3. cman54

    Teacher Gives Me 1st Poz Load

    I am looking forward to reading more chapters about this one. I`m sure this teacher is going to know how to convince this student to let him put a his bare hot cock in his ass. Once it is in deep I`m sure there will be no pulling out til he has unloaded in him.
  4. cman54

    HIV risk and Older Men

    I`m an older guy too. 64 I am fairly new to gay sex. I am very sexually aroused by taking the risk of getting pozzed. So I am not taking or will I take Prep. I want my ass to be vulnerable to catching it. There are many poz guys out there that are dealing with being poz and they are living a healthy fun life. I want to have fun and just enjoy the sex to the fullest so for me bare full on breeding is the only way with everything that goes with that.
  5. hope you got  fucked good over the week end. You must be pozz by now 

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. bbpoznow


      yes same here , hope to set some thing up in The UK  if not to pricy to get there . will stay at one of there place , and breed until  pozz results 

    3. cman54


      I`ll PM back.

    4. bbpoznow
  6. I`m neg. and not on Prep. I am more interested in the guy normally. If I like the guy I will let him fuck me. I will want him to fuck me. If he is poz and even if he is not on meds. I am ok taking his cum deep in my ass. It is about the fuck!!
  7. Completely naked I think is always the best. Leather gear can be fun for sure from time to time. I do feel though if it is a poz no meds. top doing a neg. no prep bottom it is hotter and better if both are completely naked!!! All naturel cumming deep in the bottom and sweaty too!
  8. Not sure how far you are from Troy New York. I have been told it is a good one. The River Street Club
  9. cman54

    Best age for starting sucking cocks

    I have thought about this for a while and really have not come up with a answer that I like. May be it is something that should be taught in gym class in school. I would think right around 6th 7th grade 12-13. Some where in there. I think it would be good if it was talked about a lot and excepted as a normal part of growing up. Might help a lot of young guys figure out if they are gay or not. I think all guys should at least try gay sex as a teenager. Just a few of my thoughts.
  10. cman54

    At what age did you first ejaculate?

    I was like 12. Was late at night in bed. Could not sleep. Was hard as a rock just rubbing my balls and crotch area on my hands and knees in bed. I had an orgasm and shoot cum all over the bed. Sure was a wet mess at the time.
  11. Awesome fucking guy!! Really love that large PA too!!! You could fuck me anytime like that.
  12. cman54

    Being Cautious, or still pushing my luck?

    This site will help you a lot about being more relaxed talking about it. And being with any guy.
  13. cman54

    Period off meds before guy could poz me

    Some very good questions. I think it is a very noble thing to do for a poz guy to stop taking his meds. You two must care about each other a lot.
  14. Awesome how things change with age.
  15. cman54

    How viral is a VLC of 400K?

    Can you give us an update?

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