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    upstate NY
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    Love all sex. Definitely want to try breeding with a poz guy who is not on any meds. If I get knocked up ... not a bad thing.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    str. guy most of my life. A few years ago I got much more interested in guys. Now I want gay sex. Really going for bareback risky sex. I will consider a conversion party for my neg. ass. Want to talk to all guys and even poz guys not on meds. please contact me.
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    looking to get bred.
    interested in poz guys
    bareback only sex
    Cock sucking I can suck cock good. Suck it get it real hard then put it in my ass and pump hard and deep.

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  1. Totally agree with this! It is considerate to start slow and let the bottom get a bit comfortable with a large cock in his ass first but once it is in for a while then pick it up and really strat pounding in use his weight to drive it in deep. As the top cums hold it in all the way for a few seconds so the bottom can feel it cumming in him. Then stroke it in and out some more while he can before he goes soft.
  2. Great story. Your friend might be going for Bi now!! Some times a guy just needs help with finding out what he really likes. You are a great friend for sure.
  3. That was so hot and it really shows how easy it can happen once you step up and go meet a guy. Getting naked helps so much. With the right guy like this one was he can cum in me anytime.
  4. You think he might be under some peer pressure to get pozzed up...lol
  5. You can call it getting fucked, breeding, or making love but the bottom line with me is if he has his cock in my ass and it is going to be bare I totally expect him to cum in me. It is just naturel to me.
  6. I am here  you around 

  7. Yes I agree It was a very long intense fuck that looked to be caring and intense. Definitely a good breeding session.
  8. Sounds like you are having a great time with a horny young girl. Keep it up man. You never know how long this will last. I think it is hot that you or her has not mentioned birth control. Definitely do not bring it up. Just keep cumming in her. She must like your cock and how much you cum in her.
  9. I had talked with a guy I was going to meet about this . He really wanted to ram his cock in my hard the first time he put it in me. He basicly said he wanted to tear my lining in my anal canal so his sperm would soak in me better.
  10. I`m sure it must take some experience to be able to take it like that?

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