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    upstate NY
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    Love all sex. Definitely want to try breeding with a poz guy who is not on any meds. If I get knocked up ... not a bad thing.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    str. guy most of my life. A few years ago I got much more interested in guys. Now I want gay sex. Really going for bareback risky sex. I will consider a conversion party for my neg. ass. Want to talk to all guys and even poz guys not on meds. please contact me.
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    looking to get bred.
    interested in poz guys
    bareback only sex
    Cock sucking I can suck cock good. Suck it get it real hard then put it in my ass and pump hard and deep.

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  1. Good story for sure. I love how you just let go and do it with hesitation.
  2. Yes that could be very intersting.
  3. Very good story or sure. I am really hoping my first visit to a bathhouse turns out just like this one did.
  4. Awesome story and just another example of how good it can be if a guy just gives in to his urges at the time and enjoy himself. I think if he is getting poz loads in his ass he will be ok with it.
  5. I have done that a lot times too. So good to eat it from her pussy.
  6. May be the prep lowers the sex drive on purpose so we don`t do it as much?
  7. Yes very nice ass for sure. A lot of men would love to get it that ass. I`d say just keep talking about it and watch porn with him where there are three ways. Are you hoping he is Bare backed by other guys?
  8. I will take poz cock. I want to try it anyway.
  9. I had thought about this option myself and I`m sure it could be a lot of fun too. Even have you boy friend with you when this third guy is fucking your ass and loading it would be so hot.
  10. That was very well put. I feel exactly the same way as you do my friend! When I first did my bbrt profile I put down poz friendly for just those reasons.
  11. Has the subject of birth control come up yet? May be you will get the chance to fuck the daughter again someday too. I still think it would be so hot to get the daughter and mom in bed with you at the same time. What would really be awesome is if the mom would help get the daughter pregnant. Like if she massaged your balls as you cum in her daughter and the daughter was off birth control.
  12. What are his thoughts on it? Does he want to poz you?
  13. I`d meet you at Rock River for some fun.
  14. Great story I hope it continues. Be great if the teacher is poz or he is poz and undetectable and he talks it over with his boy and he stops taking his meds.
  15. hey. no more messages.. no. i sure did not. i would not even know that i was toxic if i had not seen the lab results.

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