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    upstate NY
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    Love all sex. Definitely want to try breeding with a poz guy who is not on any meds. If I get knocked up ... not a bad thing.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    str. guy most of my life. A few years ago I got much more interested in guys. Now I want gay sex. Really going for bareback risky sex. I will consider a conversion party for my neg. ass. Want to talk to all guys and even poz guys not on meds. please contact me.
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    looking to get bred.
    interested in poz guys
    bareback only sex
    Cock sucking I can suck cock good. Suck it get it real hard then put it in my ass and pump hard and deep.

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  1. So Fucking HOT profile and your out look on Stealth / broken condoms !    :)

  2. I certainly do not feel you are insane. I think it is more common to feel the way you do.
  3. Very good breeding video! I like it when he says he is going to cum!!! It`s like he is not asking if he can cum in you, he is telling you he is going to cum in you!!! That is the best!
  4. cman54


    I was str8 for many years. I had many affairs and regular GF`s. If a women wants a guy to cum in her or will just let a guy cum in her I feel it is our job as men to do it. Doesn`t matter if she is on birth control or not. Women need cum in their pussies no matter what!!
  5. cman54


    Awesome story! I`m sure this is going to be continued and I`m looking forward to reading more!
  6. cman54

    Doctor Death

    You have to wonder if his mom new her son was gay and knew what that doctor could do with him and set it up on purpose?
  7. cman54

    Experiences getting fucked by a PA

    I love the sight of a PA in a nice sized cock. I have never seen one for real yet but when I do I know I will want it deep in my ass.
  8. cman54

    Long Drive to Civilization

    Awesome story!!
  9. cman54

    Poz Tattoos And Piercings

    I think biohazard tats are so hot!!
  10. if your guy with the 100000 VL  does the job let me know  and he could do me to . I am sure he could do it 

  11. cman54

    Number of days without cuming

    What Cumunion party are you going to?
  12. That is on my to do list also. Man to just hang out in nothing but a jock strap or just plain totally nude would be so hot. And get fucked a few times a day would be so hot!! I would think at a place like that there should be no questions asked about status or anything like that. Just good bare fucking and getting lots of cum in my ass.
  13. So he has stopped fucking you because of this?
  14. Very good start! Looking forward to reading more. I`m sure this is going to get good.
  15. cman54

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Sure sounds like an awesome time for the bottom too!!!

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