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    upstate NY
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    Love all sex. Definitely want to try breeding with a poz guy who is not on any meds. If I get knocked up ... not a bad thing.
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    Not Sure, Probably Neg
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    Versatile Bottom
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    str. guy most of my life. A few years ago I got much more interested in guys. Now I want gay sex. Really going for bareback risky sex. I will consider a conversion party for my neg. ass. Want to talk to all guys and even poz guys not on meds. please contact me.
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    looking to get bred.
    interested in poz guys
    bareback only sex
    Cock sucking I can suck cock good. Suck it get it real hard then put it in my ass and pump hard and deep.

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  1. Really hot story! It is always so hot and the bottom cannot resist it when he finds out his top is not neg. but Poz just as he is getting fucked.
  2. cman54

    Have You Ever Had Sex With A Girl?

    I love the smell of a horny wet pussy!!!
  3. cman54

    Why do you want to get pozzed?

    I think it is awesome that you have a plan and you will see it through.
  4. Awesome story. Sometimes things just feel so right.
  5. cman54

    Awaiting HIV Blood Test

    I`m 64 also and just getting into gay sex. I`m definitely a bottom and really only like bare sex. I`m neg. as of my recent test. I have no plans for using prep and I have the mindset that I will most likely get pozzed. I have even talked to some poz guys that are not on meds. and thinking of setting up a meeting with one and do some serious fucking with him. I tell my self it will be liberating and I`m not chasing. I am just going to let it happen.
  6. cman54

    Camping with My Poz Neighbor

    Great story and looking forward to reading more. Awesome when a guy knows what he wants and goes for it.
  7. Awesome video. If that does not make you want to party bareback with no pulling out nothing will!!!!
  8. cman54

    Surprise Breeding

    I feel once you let a guy cum in your ass it is much easier to let it happen again!!!
  9. cman54

    Favorite Moment During Sex

    My favorite moment is when he is balls deep in my ass and I feel him cumming and filling my ass with his cum!!!
  10. cman54

    My 2nd bareback

    Yup I understand but that bare cock cumming in your ass just feels so good!!! Let it happen.
  11. cman54

    My 2nd bareback

    That is a very nice story for sure. I`m sure when you go back you will not even think about using a condom will you?
  12. I weight in on this. I just feel if I pull a top in me while he is fucking me, I am telling him I really want him in me and I want him to cum in me. just my thoghts as a bottom.
  13. I totally believe in sucking a tops cock first. Show him how much you want his cock. Worship it and love it. Tell him how much you want it in your ass. I like to get him real hard first by licking and sucking it. A good hard cock will go in my ass easier. What ever the top wants is best but I think it shows your top a lot of respect if you suck it first.
  14. cman54

    As a group, where are the loads ending up?

    As a bottom I definitely want the cum in my ass. I`ll suck a guy for hours if he likes that but when he is about to cum I want him to ptu his cock in my ass and cum deep in it!!
  15. cman54

    The Gifted Virgin

    This is an awesome story. Looking forward to the next chapter!!

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