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Prep In The Uk?

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I was told something at a recent clinic appointment that only just made sense 5 minutes ago.

I am on Atripla but my next supply of meds will be Truvada and Efavirenz as it is more cost effective.  The same components split up over two pills.

Since the NHS reduces cost by negotiating a discount based upon volume this could indicate that they are gearing up for a more wide scale use of PrEP.

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A lot fo false information is being spread in here the NHS does not get "discount deals"


I can tell you this from working in the system as a researcher and because other countries trials/tests show a drug works the UK/NHS has to still do it's own testing which is why you see this country have a big delay in getting new drugs if they get them at all due to high costs. (each patient has a set amount each year allocated for medication which is around £300)


If I was the one that had the choice to provide this drug on NHS or not I would not the cost is too high and it has already been stated use of condoms is fine why should NHS pay for long term prevention because someone refuses to use a currently available method which offers 99-100% protection.


The US drug prices are always inflated as are UK this is what happens to rich countries we are not allowed to just go and buy cheap generic ones like Africa/India. (it's also to do with medical people have ties/deals with drug companies)


Working in the field I do always say to normal people do not donate to charity when it comes to research/cures for medical side of things you are basiclly funding comanies to make them big profits out of your money (I am one of the people that make money from it of course the projects I work on are funded by donations)

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