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    Bare or Safe fun in and around Liverpool. Love Wanking, Sucking and most of all getting my arse Fucked.

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  1. Guess I'm different. I'd find it much hotter if I could relax knowing the Top was on PrEP and our fun was safe ( STIs aside!)
  2. Never been GB'd but the idea of taking dicks of various length and girth makes me wanna try, the idea of my hole being used and opened in different ways. They'd have to be gentle! I'd love to meet a hot vers couple and let them use my ass to give me a taste of GB fucking.
  3. Not far at all from me in Warrington. Hit me up if you can accom in the next day or so, vers bottom here.
  4. If You do, get him to douche properly!
  5. I'm based in Warrington and Liverpool. Split my time between the two. Am vers bottom. Can't accom but hotels an option.
  6. Tested in October, all clear.
  7. I notice in so many amateur videos and even some professional ones, a heavy emphasis on cock rings. What's that all about? It's hotter for me to see a guy totally hard without the need of a ring.
  8. newguy8688
  9. Once I've cum, either from jacking off or during sex, I totally lose interest and sometimes even get waves of depression, guess it's like a downer, I dunno. I've paid good money to fuck escorts before (I'm bi) and blasted early and just finished the meet even if there's still time left. My drive just totally disappears it's odd. Point being, fucking my arse would be off the table once I've cum and my mojo has disappeared. Luckily, I don't need to play with my cock during sex and very rarely do I actually get hard myself while taking dick. More inclined to enjoy having dick inside me and then jack myself off to the memory later.
  10. Warrington, Cheshire UK. Need a neg load up me. Pm for number.
  11. Never been to a Sauna but am I correct in my assumption that they're mostly populated by pervy old men?
  12. Interesting! I came back neg in July and August from sexual health screenings so maybe I should just start on the PrEP asap? However they were concerned about my liver function baselines (these have been slightly raised in EVERY single blood test I've had, even the pre-PEP one, so not seen as indicator of infection).
  13. As a rather recent beginner to taking dick, I find the whole process of cleaning is quite awkward and difficult. I've tried a shower hose and also a little douche I bought, but I'm wondering if my diet is at fault for me never being able to get totally clean. I see so many hot amateur videos on xtube where there is no mess or leakage whatsoever. I get jealous! Is starving yourself for 2-3 days really the answer? How 'deep' should you clean? For how long? I can finger my ass and once I reach the second hole it usually always still has dirt in there. Sorry, not a nice topic but a reality of anal sex.
  14. Got fucked BB back in June. Had PEP til July. Docs want to test me in October (3 months post-PEP). Showing no symptoms, so my hopes are up that I'm still neg. But I know symptoms, or lack of, aren't definitive indicators either way. We'll see! All being well, if I'm given neg results I'll celebrate by buying my first batch of PrEP!
  15. Well I've got my 3 month post PEP test next month. All being well, that is, neg, I'll probably order my first batch of PrEP.

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