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    Bare or Safe fun in and around Liverpool. Love Wanking, Sucking and most of all getting my arse Fucked.

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  1. perv/taboo chat

    Kik newguy8688 Nothing to trade. Just want some yng pics/vids to get me off.
  2. North West Uk/merseyside

    Vers bttm guy here in North West. Can't accom but happily travel for neg hookups up to age 45ish. I'm on kik: newguy8688
  3. Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

  4. Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

    Wickr - dudebreed. Send me taboo dropbox stuff. NO I don't have any to trade and don't wanna waste time talking fantasies. Just hook me up with the good stuff and help me get off.
  5. perv/taboo chat

    30 UK guy. Hmu on Wickr, name is dudebreed, need someone to send me dropbox taboo stuff.
  6. My first ever video of me being bred: https://www.xtube.com/video-watch/regular-and-me-32854582
  7. Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

  8. Uk Lad into Perv/taboo

    newguy8688 on kik...
  9. perv/taboo chat

    newguy8688 on kik wiredude86 on wickr Love taboo male and female
  10. perv/taboo chat

    I'm on wickr: filthdude86 love taboo mostly stuff mentioned above.
  11. Haven't read the replies but here's my view : I get off on the submissive side - knowing I'm opening my most intimate parts up for someone's manhood, with no barriers. There's nothing like knowing you're taking raw cock. Knowing someone's dick head is stretching your guts, precum coating your walls. Guys love when I clamp their cock hard and clench my arse walls. Then of course, knowing I've claimed their warm load. I'd say there's perhaps more in it for the bottom than the top!
  12. perv/taboo chat

    Hmu on wickr: dude86881 into the same as above.
  13. As a bottom who's relatively new to this scene, I find Grindr is a huge waste of time. Guys just want to see your pics and if you tell them you're not willing to send first they usually get bored quickly. Seems there aren't many that keen on actually meeting and are just wank fantasists! The worst part of Grindr is being blocked, if you're brave enough to show your face, gays can be very superficial. I mean, it's just a fuck at the end of the day. Sites like fabguys here in the UK are a little better. All my pics are on my profile, except my face, so someone can just take me or leave me. However, not many guys can accommodate which again makes meeting unrealistic. In the past 2 months I've discovered the nearest gay sauna and it's been a revelation. Yeah sometimes you seem to spend quite a bit of time wandring the different areas, but I always get at least one fuck, and guys seem quite respectful of your boundaries and if you're not interested in them. I seem to spend around 4 hours there with at least one or two fucks, sometimes more, so it's statistically better than sitting on an app or website with my dick in my hand having my time wasted all evening, even if I have to invest in petrol and the entry fee.
  14. Northwich Sauna: Newbie's Thoughts

    Would be keen to hear other's views.
  15. Took the plunge last week and visited this place for the first time. Was nervous and unsure what to expect. Figured it would be full of old perves looking to grope younger men, and I guess there is an element of that but also a few younger guys eventually to be found. The older ones seem less choosy about who they have their fun with. I found it hot just walking around and taking it all in. Hearing other dudes fucking in the rooms was horny but after a while quite frustrating when nobody showed any interest my way. The porn they show is hit or miss, mostly condoms in the videos, but going from room to room means eventually you'll find a horny bare scene. Found the room with 'straight' porn very annoying. Usually seems to show 'bi' videos where everyone's using condoms and it's blindingly obvious all the guys are just gays doing the woman for money. It's evident lots of fellas wanted to wank to straight porn so just put hot bare straight scenes on in there is my view. The place is a little smelly in areas and needing some love. You can't really complain about free lube and condoms, but the lube has a vanilla smell that doesn't wash away easily after a day. I went back 3 days later a little more confident and had some nice encounters. More familiar now with etiquette/do's and don'ts. It does seem most guys play safe but I can't speak for those having horny sessions behind closed doors in the porn rooms. Would be nice to see more younger clients in future and to perhaps feel less like meat being sized up by dirty old men.

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