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  1. Northwich Sauna: Newbie's Thoughts

    Would be keen to hear other's views.
  2. Took the plunge last week and visited this place for the first time. Was nervous and unsure what to expect. Figured it would be full of old perves looking to grope younger men, and I guess there is an element of that but also a few younger guys eventually to be found. The older ones seem less choosy about who they have their fun with. I found it hot just walking around and taking it all in. Hearing other dudes fucking in the rooms was horny but after a while quite frustrating when nobody showed any interest my way. The porn they show is hit or miss, mostly condoms in the videos, but going from room to room means eventually you'll find a horny bare scene. Found the room with 'straight' porn very annoying. Usually seems to show 'bi' videos where everyone's using condoms and it's blindingly obvious all the guys are just gays doing the woman for money. It's evident lots of fellas wanted to wank to straight porn so just put hot bare straight scenes on in there is my view. The place is a little smelly in areas and needing some love. You can't really complain about free lube and condoms, but the lube has a vanilla smell that doesn't wash away easily after a day. I went back 3 days later a little more confident and had some nice encounters. More familiar now with etiquette/do's and don'ts. It does seem most guys play safe but I can't speak for those having horny sessions behind closed doors in the porn rooms. Would be nice to see more younger clients in future and to perhaps feel less like meat being sized up by dirty old men.
  3. Gay guys more picky?

    I'm a bisexual 30 year old and like to class myself as 'average' everything: face, body, cock size. What I find is looking for hookups is incredibly frustrating, as soon as most guys see my face/body picture it's a block on grindr or whatever site/app. Also it seems most guys on these sites are all old enough to be my dad, which is a turn off for me. I get that we all have the right to choose who we stick our dicks inside or who sticks theirs into us, but I just feel that unless you're a young tanned twink, it'll never happen. I've never been to a sauna but most people tell me they too are populated by daddies and I reckon I'd spend the whole time being passed up anyway. Anyone else feel the frustration? Just seems gays are rather superficial when it comes to looks. It's just a sex hookup after all.
  4. Hull first time

    Good luck, mate. I find most sites/apps are full of older men who are looking for skinny young twinks to fill up. I'm 30 and average bodied and it seems fags can be quite picky, so I hope you fit the bill otherwise you'll spend a lot of time blocking or being blocked. Sorry, just had nowhere to spout this frustration.
  5. Barcelona fuck fest

    Whatever happened to badmanrobin8 I wonder. Did he die?
  6. Warrington this weekend

    Any neg tops keen? I can accom in Warrington all weekend.
  7. Long shot - borehamwood

    Travelodge tonight. Any fit neg tops keen?
  8. Dick Piercings In Porn

    Check out rogerkint.co.uk Amateur UK poz undetectable guy with a big PA who is versatile and posts videos of his encounters. There's one video where he's fingering the other guy's hole and his own dick is twitching in anticipation. I'd love to meet him but think I'm too chubby.
  9. Seem some redtube and pornhub links sneaking in here. Isn't this an xtube thread?
  10. Getting fed up of trawling Grindr and Fabguys with no joy, just LOADS of time wasters. Basically: looking for a neg top who can accom and isn't hairy. Just an average relaxed guy who wants regular discreet meets at his place to fill me with cum. I'm versatile when horny enough so can trade loads. Too much to ask? Get me on Kik if you're interested and we can chat and exchange pics, newguy8688.
  11. New pussy from Bristol UK

    Question: are you not worried about getting HIV? Sure some guys here are poz.
  12. Bb sex in Bristol this girl can host

    Fuck, I wanna fill you lexxie!
  13. I join and subsequently leave fabguys with alarming regularity. Paying most times for gold site supporter upgrade. Very often they don't allow some of my pictures to upload, saying they're 'too rude for this site'. Now, given they're pics of my clean, smooth arsehole I don't see the issue, the site allows far worse material! Then other times they allow them. They've yet to accept the photo of my game though haha. Anyway, it seems it's full of time wasters, posers and most of all, dirty old men who get off on wearing knickers. This does absolutely NOTHING for me. Nobody seems to accom and I'm not looking for an outdoor meet. I need to be able to relax and take my time to open up for a fuck. So, anyone had better experiences?
  14. Just saw on Twitter that PrEP is now available in Scotland on the NHS. Maybe I'll have a drive up north for my summer holidays http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39552641
  15. Are the baths any place for a neg guy?

    Only read the first page but surprised nobody said "if you want to take all that anonymous dick just get on PrEP". Surely it makes sense?

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