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  1. Check out rogerkint.co.uk Amateur UK poz undetectable guy with a big PA who is versatile and posts videos of his encounters. There's one video where he's fingering the other guy's hole and his own dick is twitching in anticipation. I'd love to meet him but think I'm too chubby.
  2. Seem some redtube and pornhub links sneaking in here. Isn't this an xtube thread?
  3. Getting fed up of trawling Grindr and Fabguys with no joy, just LOADS of time wasters. Basically: looking for a neg top who can accom and isn't hairy. Just an average relaxed guy who wants regular discreet meets at his place to fill me with cum. I'm versatile when horny enough so can trade loads. Too much to ask? Get me on Kik if you're interested and we can chat and exchange pics, newguy8688.
  4. Question: are you not worried about getting HIV? Sure some guys here are poz.
  5. Fuck, I wanna fill you lexxie!
  6. I join and subsequently leave fabguys with alarming regularity. Paying most times for gold site supporter upgrade. Very often they don't allow some of my pictures to upload, saying they're 'too rude for this site'. Now, given they're pics of my clean, smooth arsehole I don't see the issue, the site allows far worse material! Then other times they allow them. They've yet to accept the photo of my game though haha. Anyway, it seems it's full of time wasters, posers and most of all, dirty old men who get off on wearing knickers. This does absolutely NOTHING for me. Nobody seems to accom and I'm not looking for an outdoor meet. I need to be able to relax and take my time to open up for a fuck. So, anyone had better experiences?
  7. Just saw on Twitter that PrEP is now available in Scotland on the NHS. Maybe I'll have a drive up north for my summer holidays http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-39552641
  8. Only read the first page but surprised nobody said "if you want to take all that anonymous dick just get on PrEP". Surely it makes sense?
  9. Spot on - why I find more amateur videos much hotter!
  10. I'm on Kik and get off on teen talk both male and female 18+ and otherwise. newguy8688
  11. How come, even in amateur porn, the top often feels the need to pull out and waste their load all over the bottoms hole and then shove their emptied dick back inside? I understand more in regular porn because it means we know that he definitely came and wasn't pretending. But I gotta say I prefer when dudes don't pull out. There's no need.
  12. Title pretty much says it all. Saw one once on xtube but can't find it now, and wondered if anyone had any favourite videos where the bottoms hole 'pops'.
  13. Bumping this. Vers bottom looking for neg top/vers who can accom with discretion. Need my hole fucking nice and slow.
  14. Having only had a handful of successful meets, I'm curious about the 'how to's' of bottoming. I get so turned on by the idea, and can spend a good few hours in an edging wank session fingering my hole. By the end I can get three or four fingers inside and I produce a decent gape. (Can share photos elsewhere, e.g. Kik!) My question, I guess, is how can I open up more. I can just about reach my 'second ring' and would ideally like to find a nice patient top who's happy to spend the time working his swollen cockhead inside it gently. I guess dildos or plugs are the next step? And am I correct in thinking it's best to 'push out' to make the hole more receptive to the cock head?
  15. Guess I'm different. I'd find it much hotter if I could relax knowing the Top was on PrEP and our fun was safe ( STIs aside!)

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