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I am a bisexual married man approaching 50.  I spent most of my adult life on the hetero side, but as a teenager in a small town I became a semi-professional dildo manufacturer.  Personal work only though--nothing fancy,  just hard and straight and penetrating.  I always knew I loved the feeling of something hard up my ass.   It wasn't until my 30's that I finally crossed over to the real thing.  Safe only, but I grew to appreciate a real cock and what it could do to me.

After a divorce, and a really brief chat, I let a man fuck me bare.  Holy fuck, but I was hooked.  Terrified, but I knew I could never go back to condoms.  I did, however, keep up my hetero side and ended up married yet again.  It was love, but goddamn, I still felt the need for a cock.  There are many stories between there and here, but this is the final one:  this is where I made my choice.

Although I was married, I still cruised Adam4Adam and BBRTS for the occasional hookup.  Fast, NSA, and completely on the downlow.  It was always good for a rush, but it never really scratched that itch where it needed scratched.  And then I found "got2breed" on BBRTS.  His uncut cock screamed out to me like a fucking siren and I couldn't get it out of my head.  Even though he was soft in the pic, his cock looked to me like what a pile of heroin would look like to a junkie.  Full ragged hood, dripping precum like a faucet, and pure goddamned gold.  I felt like if I could even just get my tongue under that hood for a minute or two, my life would be complete.  

But I had to take a pause.  His status on his profile said 'negative', but there wasn't a chance in hell that was actually the case.  His buddy links showed a list of 'poz and proud' guys and I knew for sure that I was getting myself into the deep end in more ways than one.  And all I wanted to do was drown.

After multiple messages, and an absolutely interminable amount of time, I found myself faced with a weekend free from the wife.  When I found out about her plan to surprise her out of state mother on her birthday with a visit, I began to sweat.  Immediately.  This was it.  No matter what, I had to hook up with 'got2breed'.  As soon as I could, I messaged him exactly that and he replied, laconically as ever, "Okay."

I could barely breathe as I read that one word reply.  I quickly replied, "And I will do anything.  And everything."  

"Cool." came back his usual one word reply.  

At that moment, I felt like my heart stopped.  With every fiber of my being, I knew I should not follow through with this.  Every fiber except that one, inescapable fiber, right between my legs.  And when that spoke, everything else was erased.  This was going to happen.



I cleaned myself with my makeshift shower shot for over two hours and shaved every trace of hair below my waist.  Purging my ass like this was a longtime pleasure, but it was almost a mania trying to get every last thing out.  I loved the feeling of being full, painfully full, and rapidly empty again.  I could have continued for the full weekend but I finally had to send the message, at the appointed time, "I'm ready."

He replied after a short time that felt like forever, "Come on over."  He included his address and the simple instruction, "Enter through the door by the garage.  You'll find your instructions there."

To tell the truth I don't really remember the drive over to his place, except I do recall the sensation of my heart trying to pound its way out of my chest.  He lived about 20 minutes away, down a quiet residential street.  The house was nice, but all I could focus on was that door by the garage.  I managed to find a place to park my car and began the walk to that door, my face bright red at the thought of turning that knob and going inside.  And yet there I was, in his garage.  It was fairly empty as garages go, as it didn't contain an automobile, but true to his word, taped to the door into the house was a note, and on a table next to the door into the house was a video camera and a wooden box.  I could see the camera was already on as I pulled the note from the door and read:

     1.  Take all your clothes immediately upon reading this direction.

     2.   Open the box and take out the contents.  You will find a leather collar, one pair of chained leather ankle cuffs, one leather parachute ball stretcher, one buttplug, and one leather waist strap with handcuffs attached.

    3.  Lubricate the buttplug with your mouth and insert it into your ass in view of the camera.  At no time from this point forward will your ass be unfilled.  

    4.  Attach the collar to your throat and tighten it as tightly as you can bear.  You must make it tight enough so it is visibly uncomfortable for you.  I am watching and I will know if you fall short of this direction.

    5.  Attach the ankle cuffs.  The chain connecting them is short,  and you will not be allowed to sit to accomplish this task.  

    6.  Lock the ball stretcher into place around your testicles.  

    7.  Strap the waist restraint tightly around your waist, just above your hip bones with the handcuffs to the back.

    8.  Pick up the camera and directly state your complete and absolute consent and submission to the events that will follow your entry into my home.

    9. Place the camera back on the table and cuff your hands behind your back.

   10.  Once all steps are completed to my satisfaction, I will bring you into my home.

I shook.  Hard.  But I was also rock hard, dripping profusely, and my hole was clenching for that plug.  And for what was to come.  I stripped bare, sucked that plug into my mouth and then, after a complete blur, I choked out these words, only just able to catch my breath around the tightness of the collar, "I give my complete consent and permission to any anything that happens from this point forward.  I say this completely sober and of my own free will.  If at any point I say words to the effect of 'no' or 'stop' I accept and hope that these wishes will be ignored.  I submit now completely."  

With that said, and my pulse pounding against the collar, I placed the camera back on the table and snapped the cuffs tight to my wrists behind my back.  Seconds after the final click of the handcuffs, the door in front of me opened and I was pulled inside.



Alhough I was on the verge of graying out, my mind took his picture in:  he was a few inches shorter than me, a few years older, and solidly built.  He was dressed only in a black jockstrap and it was bulging hard against the material.  He pulled me smartly and quickly, my short chained ankles forcing an awkward shuffle.  Before I could form a full picture I was in a room full of men.  Things were happening so quickly I couldn't process numbers, but I was forced to my knees in short order and the plug in my asshole jammed against my heel, lighting stars behind my closed eyes.

"Welcome to our party you little cunt pig," he hissed in my ear.  He grabbed my hair tightly, "Right now, you are at the bottom of our pyramid.  From this point, you need to earn what you want most.  You begin by eating every asshole in this room.  You will rim each hole presented to you like your life depends on it.  Start now!" 

With that instruction my face was pressed into a fully spread, hairy hole.  As I tried to catch my breath, my tongue became as hard as my cock and I was instantly intoxicated by both the pressure the collar was exerting on my constricted neck and the taste of this raw asshole.  And I ate that hole like it was thanksgiving dinner.  And then I was moved to the next, and the next and so on.  I began to believe that the only thing I ever wanted was to eat assholes.  Until, of course, I was yanked back into reality.  My host had his hard, uncut cock directly in front of my eyes and it became my entire world.  At that moment, it seemed twelve inches long and just as many inches around.  His foreskin tight around the bulbous head, dripping with precum.

"Open that filthy mouth pig" he hissed, "I'm about to clean it out."

With those words I did just that, opening wide as his cock just barely grazed my stretched lips erupting in a hot stream of piss that filled my whore mouth instantly.  I'd never, ever tasted any more piss than was a remnant on a cock that I had sucked before this moment.  Now I began to swallow, open my throat to the powerful flow that drenched me.  He knew exactly what he was doing and did it to perfection.  He was a master artist at the mindfuck and he was turning me into something I never thought I would become.  

After what seemed like a gallon of hot piss down my throat he spun me around, and my face was planted into the floor, my ass up high and, with a hard yank, the plug was torn out of my hole and his soaked cock head planted itself firmly at the burning entrance of my hole.  He leaned down and whispered into my ear.  "I'm going to take this cunt now.  I'm going to fuck you harder and deeper than you've ever understood you could be fucked.  And you will belong to me when I am done.  And after that, every man in this room will take their turn using your holes, and after that, any man who has been watching you degrade yourself on my live feed from the moment you entered my garage and is within driving distance will be welcomed to use you as well."

At that moment, my eyes clearing of the piss, my face pressed hard against the floor, I became aware that a camera was inches from my face, but I was focused on his instructions as he continued saying "Right now, before I bury my cock in your asshole, I need you to speak directly into the camera.  I want you to tell everyone who will see this either live, or on any website this gets posted to after I've shared it, tell everyone what you are."

My words came out, choked and raspy from my burning throat, but directly and without hesitation, "I am a filthy, ass eating, cocksucking cum whore."

With the last syllable out of my mouth, his thick cock buried itself balls deep in my torn hole.  My eyes rolled back in my head and I knew every word I said was absolutely true.

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