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Hello all.  I'm rather new here but wanted to share my first time experience with you. 


I'm in my 30s, married with a child.  My wife fucks other guys with my blessing.  It's an arrangement we've had for a long time and we both love it.  On one occasion both my wife and I ended-up licking clean the cock of a guy who had fucked her.  Of course I didn't know at that time that eventually the same guy would take my anal virginity.

I did know, however, that I had enjoyed licking his dick quite a bit so I started communicating with him. It took a few years but eventually we met up and ended up sucking each other off.  About another year down the line, on an occasion when my wife was away, I invited him to come over to the house to fuck me.  I hadn't to this point ever before taken dick into my ass, and in fact butt plugs were as wild as I had been.  Of course my ass was tight as a duck's. 

I sucked him hard, bent over, and let him try to get in.  It hurt so bad I stopped and almost called it off, but I took a breather, put more lube on his cock and told him to get inside of me no matter what. 

He did.  It hurt so bad and I was just a mess, grunting away as he pounded me to oblivion. He had me bend over, then on my back, then on my stomach, where he finally emptied his balls into me. Holy shit that was hot. 

Afterwards he took a quick shower and left.  Not all that surprisingly I found myself beating my dick thinking about what had just happened. 

About a a month later, I had him back over and this time as he was fucking me, I jacked my dick while doggy style and came all over the bed. I threw some dirty talk his way, telling him how good his dick was because he just made me cum all over the bed and I wanted his cum deep inside of me and he blew then and there. 

Those are the only two times I've been fucked. I want more but the risk of my wife finding out is so high that it turns me off. That, and I only want bare and don't want to give her anything if I catch it. Maybe one day I'll find a steady guy or maybe just get back in contact with the first guy. 

Thinking back, the actual dick in my ass didn't get me off. It didn't feel good. It still was mighty uncomfortable. But the act of getting fucked did. Having a man stick his hard dick in me and for a little while make me a quivering little bitch that just wanted to take his load is what got me off. 

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