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  1. I haven’t topped BUT I fucking love fucking my wife after another guy has just nutted in her. Cum is the best lube so I’d pick middle.
  2. Mine is hairy and the guy that’s twice blasted his nut in my guts didn’t seem to mind!
  3. Fuck yea I do. The struggle fuck is real for lots of bottoms. But you wanted some dick so shut the fuck up and take it.
  4. Gotta get off at least twice a day or I get anxious.
  5. Don’t care if hairy or not. Just want it loose. Love the feeling of slut hole.
  6. Haven’t had it straight from the tap. I eat fresh creamies from my wife’s pussy though. I found it to be an acquired taste. Wasn’t thrilled about it at first, but I crave the taste now. Super addicted. Totally would take her lovers load in my mouth but it isn’t like that and likely never will be.
  7. My goodness. You’re incredible. Porn star level fantasy hot for sure.
  8. I find that if the bottom isn’t legit grunting with each stroke, it’s not as hot. I like to see the struggle. Not necessarily straight up pain, but knowing he’s super uncomfortable and when they really are, you can hear it in their grunts. They won’t whine or bitch or stop, but the struggle is very much there for them.
  9. I’m proud of what you did. You’re living the dream. Enjoy.
  10. I was pretty young. Probably 12ish. My cousin and I played with each other for a few years. Mainly sucking each other off. He wanted to try buttfucking so I went to the bathrooms with him while we were camping. His family took me camping with them often. I’d never bottomed and didn’t know what I was doing so I just leaned against the wall and offered him my ass. He has a huge cock and I was not able to take it. Hurt so fucking bad. now like 20 years later I end up fully taking my first cock and he was pretty large. My cousin doesn’t live close to me at all anymore, but I’d
  11. I think I can continue to get fucked by the same guy if he’s giving me what I want and need. however, I don’t think I’d be able, long term, to only be fucked by him. There would have to be constant new dick too. Never could be exclusive.
  12. There’s no physical pleasure in my hole for me. The few times I’ve bottomed, it’s been for the same man and it wasn’t because it felt good in my hole. It’s more of a mind fuck than anything physical. Being so vulnerable and giving your ass to another man is just such a mental fuck for me. Like I’m giving this guy the most precious part of me, and it doesn’t feel good, but that doesn’t matter because in some fucked up way I derive pleasure from being taken like a bitch. I’m sure there are a few that understand what I’m saying here lol.
  13. I wish I knew how I did it, but I totally swallowed my top’s long cock to the balls. i have a really bad gag reflex. Like really bad throw up in my mouth often gag reflex. But the second time I saw my top, I was able to totally throat him. I guess it was pure lust. I was horny for his dick and wanted it badly. That was a trip.
  14. Can go both ways. I can enjoy a tight hole for the amazing feeling of gripping my cock and hearing him grunt as I stretch him out. I can also enjoy a loose hole because I know it’s loose from the bottom taking lots of cock and I love fucking sluts. They both have a certain appeal.
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