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    • By VerBtmBrisbaneBoy
      Horny young bottom looking to be used by tops, you can be rough if you wish. Can host monday and tuseday in Brisbane 7am-3pm.
    • By dirtycumlover
      I've been reading stories on the site for awhile. Every story about taking poz cum just got me hornier and hornier. I noticed barebackrt kept popping up a lot so I decided to take the plunge. I set up my profile and then started browsing. Several profiles caught my eye but one in particular was just what I was looking for. I've always had a thing for older men. This guy was definitely old enough to be my Daddy. He said he wanted someone young and in shape and knew what they wanted. He was poz and not on meds. My precum was leaking bad. I sent him a message with my stats and pics and to my surprise he responded back immediately. He asked me if I wanted to get fucked immediately and without thinking I said Yes Daddy. He said good boy. I gave him my address and he said he'd be over in an hour and to be clean for him. He also asked if I had a hard bristle toothbrush and if not he would provide one. I knew why he wanted the toothbrush and that only added to my excitement. He told me to start getting ready and he will see me in an hour. Damn the hour is dragging by. 
    • By Bristolperv
      Horny bi single dad in UK looking for perv sleazy meets. Can accom. Ex going away next month so had to take week of work to babysit my sprogs. Want some filthy company 
    • By AsianCuntBoy
      **Raceplay themes ahead, proceed with caution! Partly true story**
      I guess you could say it started as all good stories do, with a Personals ad posted on CL. 
      "Hi there! My name is J and  i'm 28 this year. Local Chinese boy (chink/gook). slim/normal body type, 179/78 and I try to keep in shape. Super turned on by the idea of getting on my knees and serving a superior, dominant Caucasian man. As you can tell, i'm very much into raceplay and hope that you are too.
        while I consider myself very submissive.. would love to be guided and taught. Can dress up for you if you have the clothes and of course, depending on how you like me. Let me know what else turns you on and we can work towards that? You can contact me at XXXX-XXXX.   Playing safe is a 100% priority to me...HMU!"     Playing safe is what I'd thought i always wanted. After all, hormones have gotten me into all kinds of worrisome trouble before. Not that I've ever tried raw fucking before, it's just the widespread fear of HIV that got to me. I've been to that place - that place where you worry for 28 days before you can get a "kinda" reliable result from your HIV test. It wasn't pleasant. Everytime I had sucked cock, or had my cock sucked, or my boy pussy rimmed, i just felt dirty and thought i'd caught the bug definitely. The idea of turning my life into a rut was just impossible to fathom for me.   Yet, the temptation of submitting myself into a stronger, matured, often caucasian man drives those thoughts out of my mind, even ever so slightly. You see, I've grown accustomed to watching "White daddy asian twink" porn. Too bad there aren't too many of them. I picture myself kneeling in front of a faceless man that'll humiliate me and derive pleasure from that. The times i picked up the courage to hook up with someone were exhilarating - it felt like I could be the chink slut I always thought I was. The rare times I could get my hands on a big strong white cock in front of my face, I would relish it, worship it, make sure my daddy is well taken care of and not waste a drip of his cum. It's been a while since I've had that now, and i think deep in the recesses of my mind I still can see, taste and feel what those times were like. Fortunately (well, depends on how you look at it), these guys would always assert self-control stronger than mine, and would respect my wishes to have protected sex. Whilst I appreciated it, I guess i secretly hoped that one of them wouldn't; that one of them would say "fuck it" and just use my gook cunt as it was meant to me.   Well, one of them did come by.   You see, it was one of those nights that I found myself jerking off to BB porn, reading raunchy stories and finally decided to put out an ad to see if anyone was interested. It wasn't easy for GWM to come by in Singapore, and they always get snapped up so quickly. That night, I got a "tap" from Grindr and saw what I liked - obviously older gentleman, from the US, a bit of a beer belly and you could tell, from the grainy picture that his build was large, the kind that would tower over me and truly dominate me. That drove me to write the DM you see above. I sent it, and didn't expect a reply.   I really didn't get a reply in the form of a message. Minutes after i sent the ad, i had a call from an unknown caller.   "Hey?"   "Is this J?"   I realized who it was. My heart was thumping and my cock was throbbing already. Thinking about the possibilities...   "Yes... daddy." I said meekly.   "Good. I could use a chink cunt to play with tonight. Are you shaven smooth Chink?"   The directness and the language  used whizzed past me, i didn't mind, it seemed natural, it seemed like he owned me already.   "Yes daddy, how do you want to me pleasured daddy?"   "Come here and find out. I'll text you my address. Oh one more thing, no underwear - i want you ready to be fucked."   Needless to say, at this point, i was sold. Here's someone who didn't just fit the physical bill of what I liked, he seemed to like the whole idea of raceplay as much as i did. I took a quick shower and douched my ass. I even took the time to do some last minute shaving so that I could be presentable. I was a real competitive person too, i wanted to not just meet his expectations but exceed them. Before I left, I took some condoms and lubed my ass up and slid in a 3" butt plug (it had a little crystal stud at the end), I really hope he liked what he would see.   By the time I had arrived at his place, it was 1:00AM+. It was in a well-to-do neighborhood and the streets were well-lit. I rang the doorbell in anticipation.   "Hi, you J?"   I nodded. His place was dimly-lit but I could already see his much larger stature compared to my chink body.   "Come on in and take a seat."   I followed him into his place and shut the door behind me. He was shirtless and wore only shorts. His stature was intimating, one of those big, daddy type guys that weren't all that common where I came from.   "Hang on daddy."   I was serious when i said i wanted to exceed his expectations. As he turned around, I took off my t-shirt and jeans, revealing my smooth chink body. I knelt down in front of him, looking up at him with eyes that screamed "i'm here to please". I reached out to my bag for a single-pack condom.   "Please feel free to have fun with me daddy. I'm your chink fuck-toy tonight and my cunt is yours to play with." I used my lips to clasp on the condom i had retrieved earlier.   I can't believe those words came out of my mouth. There I was, naked and kneeling down with a condom in my mouth and a butt-plugged, lubed-up ass.   "Well boy..." He came closer to me.   "Firstly, good boy. Secondly, you aren't just mine tonight. You're mine, period. Third, you won't be needing this." He pulled the condom pack out of my mouth, and cradled my chin with his large hand.   I was scared shitless. I didn't know whether he was clean, I wasn't on Prep or anything. But those thoughts were flooded out of my mind with images of him feeding me his cock and fucking me.   "Stand up."   I did so. He swooped me off my feet and kinda carried me. Our mouths met and his tongue invaded mine. We were kissing so deeply I got lost in the moment. His hands roamed around my hairless body and eventually his fingers found my buttplug. That didn't surprise him; Never breaking the kiss, he prodded my ass further with the plug, which had made a nasty squishy sound against the lube in my ass. My hands roamed too; I was fondling with his large, veiny cock. I stole a peek at it whilst kissing and damn near let out a gasp. It was everything I'd imagined. I was craving to have it in my mouth.    "You came prepared huh?" Referring to my butt plug.   "Yes daddy, i wanted to make sure i was easy and slutty for you."   "Good boy. Before we begin, daddy wants to piss first. Have you drank piss before?"   "No daddy I haven't."   "Good, it's time you tried. Once you've drank my piss and tasted my cock, you'll be a bitch in heat."   He broke our embrace and nudged my body down. Instinctively, I knelt once again.    "Follow me."   I crawled behind him into the bathroom. We found ourselves in the bathrub with me kneeling in front of his enlarged cock. He didn't let me taste it just yet, and just positioned it in front of me, as it to tempt me.   "Here we go you chink fuck..."   As his hot piss hit my face and into my mouth, i slurped up and swallowed every bit I could. I just really wanted to show this man that I'm nothing but  a weak Asian boy pussy for his pleasure. The worse he'd treated me, the hornier it got me.   The thought of HIV was far removed from my mind. All I was at the time, was a mindless chink, gook fucktoy for him. I wanted him to be able to do whatever he wanted to me. I think I could even say, I didn't care if he had the bug or not. In fact, the thought of being pozzed by him had at that very moment, seemed desirable.       To be continued...    
    • By jackdaw
      Hospice Worker

      Today was my first day on the job as an AIDS Hospice worker. My agency provides in-home services and proudly specializes in what they term “loving care.” I had received hours and hours of training, but this was to be my very first case.

      I was 2 minutes late when I rang the doorbell. A tall, fair-haired man opened the door. He had a pleasant face but at that moment, he looked tired and rather stressed out. He stepped back and beckoned me to enter. “Hi! I’m Bill. You’re here to see Martin, right?”

      I replied, “Yes! Hi…I’m Joey…from the agency!”

      “Well…thank God that you’re here!” he said. “He’s been asking for you!”

      “I’m not sure how much longer he’s going to last,” Bill said as he walked me up the stairs to the master bedroom, which had been converted into a sort of hospital room. “I know that he’s excited to be seeing you! He’s been saying that there’s something that he wants to give you before he goes.”

      I didn’t know what he was referring to, but…looking back…would it have made any difference? I was trained to see to any and all needs that my client had, right to the very end.

      Bill tapped on the bedroom door and opened it gently. “Martin? Are you awake? Joey’s here to see you!”

      After entering, I saw Martin lying on the hospital bed. Although now he was emaciated by the disease, at one time he must have been a rather fit and good-looking man. He had a ready smile and I could still see a passionate fire smoldering in his eyes!

      He said, “You must be Joey! I’m SO GLAD to finally meet you…SO GLAD that we can spend some time together!” He turned to Bill, “Could you bring Joey a cup of tea?”

      Tea is not really my thing, but like I said, I’m here to serve. When Bill returned with a cup and saucer, I murmured my thanks!

      Bill nodded and said, “Well…I’ll leave you two alone. I’ll check back in a bit!”

      There were no chairs in the room. Martin patted the spot next to him on the mattress, “Here! Come sit on the edge of the bed next to me. We can get to know each other.”

      I sat down, holding the tea saucer on my lap. We chatted about this and that. Even though this was our first encounter, he seemed exceedingly pleased to have me there. His cheeks had a feverish flush and his eyes burned brightly.

      “So…how’s your tea? Earl Grey, is it?” he inquired.

      I politely took a sip and said, “I’m not sure…but it tastes good!”

      Out of the blue, he asked me about my HIV status. When I informed him that I was HIV-Negative, his face lit up with an amazing smile. It was like the sun suddenly coming out from behind the clouds.

      “I, on the other hand,” he said, “have an incredibly high viral level! I bet that I’d convert you…I mean, someone like you…in no time at all! It makes me horny, just thinking about it!”

      His hand found its way onto my thigh. As we continued talking, he left it there. It didn’t really bother me, so I said nothing. Soon, however, his fingers began to trace lazy circles, almost as if he was trying to seduce me. In the interests of propriety, I tried shifting my leg a little but his remained perched where it was. He kept telling me to finish my tea, so before long, the cup was empty.

      I started to feel unusually tired.

      Martin asked, “Are you OK?”

      I answered, “Yeah…it’s just that all of a sudden I really feel like going to sleep.”

      Martin’s response was, “That’s just the knock-out drops kicking in. Don’t worry! They only last a few minutes. Here now…just relax! You’ll be alright!” I heard him call out, “Bill!” and vaguely heard the bedroom door open.

      As if from a distance, I heard Bill’s voice say, “I’ll get his things off!” Hands tugged at my clothes and then, at some point, I was aware of being naked. Bill’s voice came again. “Here you go! Up on the bed with you!”

      After that, I must have drifted off. At some point, my eyes popped open. I could feel what must be a large stiff cock, inching its way up inside me. Where was I? Someone’s fingers were playing weakly with my nipples. I became aware of someone’s hot labored breath on the back of my neck.

      I managed to speak. “Martin? Is that YOU?”

      A voice said, “Relax! I told you that you’d be alright! It’s just me! I wasn’t sure you’d want me making love to you…you know…you being NEGATIVE…and with my AIDS and all. This will be my last time and I wanted it to be with someone special like you. I hope you won’t hold this against me for doing this.”

      Once I was past the initial shock of my situation, I was able to put things into perspective. Martin had needs. Needs that only I could fulfill for him. Wasn’t that part of my job, after all?

      Martin, along with so many others, was entitled to the same joys and physical pleasures as the rest of us. I felt as if were my duty to open myself to him and provide what comfort I could.

      His hips started moving, pumping his organ in and out of my hole. God, it felt so good! His hands continued to paw at my chest as my back arched with delight. In his weakened state, he didn’t last very long.

      “Joey!” he cried. “Take my SEED! I’m passing my virus on to YOU! Treasure it! Keep it safe within you and let it flourish and grow. Let my DNA join with yours! That way…I’ll live on inside of YOU!”

      His body started to spasm. His hips slammed into me 3…4…5 times…and then held against me as the last of his toxic sperm drained into me.

      “Don’t move! he whispered imploringly! “Let my seed find a place to latch on to your innards and begin to multiply! It’s my GIFT to YOU!”

      It was the least I could do to remain there with him still inside me, his last diseased load beginning its assault on my immune system.

      A few minutes later, Martin passed away, a contented smile on his face.

      Bill re-entered the bedroom and helped me disengage myself. He handed me something and said, “Martin was hoping that you would use this!” It was a butt plug. “He wanted you to give his bug the best chance to spread throughout your body!”

      That made perfect sense. I won’t clean out tonight. I’ll keep his gift inside me & cherish it as a way to honor Martin and keep some part of him alive inside me.

      All I know is that, from now on, I’ll let our clients know that I’ll willingly offer my body as an incubator for their their viral seed.

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