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Found 112 results

  1. Cum dump bug chasing experienced bottom here... chasing all STIs and STDs offered to me and will take all loads! Love Anon, hooded, bent over ready but will of course take anything that comes my way! Would love to go to a gifting party and be given and converted! Twisted sleazy chemmed slam slut! Own me and control me! Or owned by a gifter / group / top Whos intention is to get me as toxic as he can! Based in West London!
  2. I was in the hospital for routine sinus surgery. I was in the screened-off area where patients are prepped. The nurses had finally finished the lengthy preparations. I lay on the gurney, naked except for the flimsy johnnie they had provided. The curtain parted and in walked two men. The first one had on a white coat and a name tag that identified him as "Dr. Graham." "Hello!" He said, "I'm Dr. Graham and I'll be the anesthetist for your procedure." He went on to explain that he would lightly sedate me now and then, in a half hour, I would be brought into the surgical suite. There, he would put me under completely. After the operation was finished, I would be brought back to the waiting area until I had fully recovered from the anesthetic. After that, if all was well, I could go home. The other guy was pretty young. Mid-20's maybe. Pretty good looking, too! He kept looking at me with a funny expression. I might have been mistaken, but I'm pretty sure that he winked at me! "Hi, my name's Davey! he said. "I'm your attendant. After you drift off, I'll be staying here with you until it's time to go into the O.R.. When you wake up afterwards, I'll be around in case you need anything." With that, they got down to business. After they put a drip into my arm, they plugged in a sedative and asked me to count backwards from 100. I remember getting to about 92 before I went under. Next, I remember coming awake and feeling confused. Was this what recovering up from surgery felt like? I noticed things that, at first, didn't make sense. It felt like my legs were up in the air, spread apart . I could feel the weight of...was that a person?...rhythmically pushing into the back of my thighs! And something was bumping into my butt. It felt strange down there. Was I losing bowel control or what? Still groggy, I opened my eyes. A man had my legs propped up on his shoulders while he rocked back and forth against me. He was wearing a surgical mask so I couldn't see his face but I could hear him breathing raggedly and grunting quietly in time with his thrusting motions. I knew I must be hallucinating, but I swear that it felt like he was FUCKING ME! I must admit...it felt GREAT, even if it wasn't for real. The only other things I recall was that he had 2 tattoos. The first, some kind of Celtic design, circled his left wrist. His torso was bared. He had pulled his shirt up to get it out of his way. Right there on the right side of his chest was a large black biohazard symbol! Great! My imaginary lover was HIV-positive, maybe even had full-blown AIDS. I couldn't move really, but I managed to croak, "What...?" The man looked quickly down at me. He didn't seem surprised or alarmed and his slow, steady pistoning cock didn't miss a beat. He whispered to me, "Sorry! You were meant to be asleep. Let me just increase the sedative drip for you. Rest now!" Immediately, as I began to drift off again, I thought I felt him shudder and from a distance I heard his voice say, "I'm cumming!" The next thing that I recall was the nurse in the Recovery Room waking me up. It took a while, but the world came back into focus. They told me the surgery had gone well and left me to rest up and regain my energy. All of a sudden, I remembered that strange dream. Wow! Getting pozzed in a hospital! What a hoot! Since it couldn't possibly have been real, I didn't feel upset. In fact, now the whole thing seemed like a really hot scene! Hospital or not, I began to feel a little horny! Just then a voice interrupted my thoughts. "Hey! How're you feeling, sport?" It was Davey, the attendant. Given my sexed up state of mind, I decided he was looking pretty good. I wondered what he might be like in bed. He said, "I'll be around for a while. Just holler if I can get you anything." It was then that I noticed the striking tattoo on his left wrist. My heart jumped as I stared at it. He had the same tat as the mystery man that pumped me full of his virus had in my "hallucination!" As I looked up into his eyes, he winked at me!
  3. You’re the young dark-haired man...the one from my dreams that defiles me with your eyes! I cannot resist your lewd commands. I fall back and lie helpless...hopeless...as you remove my clothing. I cry as you roughly enter me...your slow rutting gains speed and power...my nostrils are filled with your goatish stench. I want to cry aloud as your pronged organ starts to spasm deep inside me...filling me with spurt after spurt of AIDS-tainted Demon Seed. Even now, I can feel that noxious sperm beginning to multiply within me...taking me over...claiming my soul for the Dark Lord! You bite into my neck and then I feel your lips brush against my ear. “I claim you for my Master. Acknowledge Him!” I no longer seek to resist. A strange calm has enveloped me. It’s as if the meaning of life had suddenly been made clear to me. Your teeth find one of my nipples. New and wonderful words issue from my mouth, “Hail Sarah Palin! I am YOURS!” As you continue to gnaw on my flesh, I can feel your tail as my legs wrap around your waist. I pull your head up by the horns and my lips fasten greedily on yours. “Again,” I breathe. “Take me again! Pollute me with your unholy seed! Sarah Palin...I am YOURS!”
  4. I’m an ex army neg guy going to Buff at Mile End this Wednesday 24th January with a poz buddy who is going to use me and pass me around to whoever wants to give me their load. Absolutely no load will be refused. If you’re there, don’t ask, just take. Force me over and ram your dick in.
  5. I noticed its quite difficult for a straight male (even though i'm good looking). I tried: - Forum here. Hard to fined willing female users. - HIV dating site: They are not kinky at all. - Emailing prostitutes Best case would be fucking a positive woman and knowing it. I would also consider fucking her while shes menstruating and making her bite my dick bloody. I could also consider sloppy seconds with positive guys and a woman. i'm open for other ideas. What about getting other STDS? Is that easier? I want sth more than just fucking prostitutes where i dont even know if they are positive.
  6. san antonio cumdump bottom

    looking for a top that needs a cumslave. you can host me and use me as you see fit. will take any and all loads of cum and piss. you can whore me out to any filthy tops u want. can flip but do not often top. toxic poz wasting preferred.
  7. THE CORRUPTION CONTINUES CHAPTER ONE After the scene at the bistro, Pat’s relationship with his bitch wife was officially over. In an effort to end things quickly, he actually convinced the cunt to take the house (including the majority of the contents) and her shiny sports car as her settlement. No alimony to hold over his head for years to come, just a clean break. And trust me, she’s the kind of parasite who would milk him for alimony until the day he died. Pat continued to stay at the cheap motel he’d been checked into the night he came to me, even though we spent most of our free time together now. He blocked out all of his buddies who tried calling him to ask him, “What the fuck?” when they heard about his divorce. Not to mention the fact that his skank ex-wife felt no shame in spreading the word that he was a faggot now. Little did she know how bad that made her look. She could have had the sexiest man in town all her own, but she couldn’t keep him happy. In fact, I made sure that word spread that she practically pushed him into my arms. And bed. It took so little effort to let everyone know that she was a shrill, frigid, caustic shrew who knew less about pleasing a man than the butchest of diesel dykes. The other reason Pat insisted on keeping the motel room long-term is because he liked the seedy nature of it. We fucked there often, making sure that people walking past or in nearby rooms could hear two guys fucking like animals. He had gone from ‘so naive’ to ‘such a pig’, it made my head spin. And my heart flutter. Despite the motel room, he basically lived with me. All of his clothes were at my place. That’s really all he took away from his marriage. That and his truck. And all of his tools. He was a man who works with his hands and needs his tools to work. He didn’t want anything else from the house. His clothes, his truck, his tools, and his dignity. What more does a horny single hunk need? With no bickering, his divorce was final after a month. After that everything changed. Pat had really gotten to love having a pig at his disposal. I literally sucked his dick anywhere he wanted, and bent over for a fuck anywhere he needed. Basically any time we were in his truck, I was leaning over and sucking him off or slathering his balls. We fucked beside his truck in a packed parking lot, and only one guy walked past us and grunted, “Faggots” at us. He was smiling, though, so he wasn’t going to cause us any problems. He fucked me in public bathrooms, clothing store change rooms, adult book stores and bath houses, cruising parks. Anywhere and everywhere. I was a slut in HEAVEN. But with the finalization of his divorce, Pat took a turn for the darker. He had started paying more attention to the guys around us while we were pigging out. Mostly at the bath houses and book stores, he started to notice some of the men who he hadn’t seen fuck me yet. Well, actually, we’d been fucking so much that he hadn’t told me to take any other cocks since those first couple of meetings. Since we were more ‘together’ it’s just been us. Until he started looking around at other guys who seemed to want in on the action. The sick looking guys. Skinny, wasting, gaunt, with KS lesions. He started asking me questions about them one night as we lay in bed after a particularly satisfying fuck session. “They have AIDS, don’t they?” he asked me, his arms around me, holding me tight to his body while we spooned. “I’m sure some of them do,” I sighed. “Does it ever worry you? You’ve let me encourage you to take loads from a few strangers and I never once thought about what it could be doing to you.” We had already discussed we were both negative shortly after our first fuck session, so he had an idea of what we might be getting into. Although his concern was seriously sweet, it was also getting me royally horny again, and I couldn’t help but shove my ass back towards his cock, which I found, had begun to fill out once again while we talked. “I lived too much of my life worried about the consequences. And I never had any fun,” I told him. “That’s why I started going to the book stores and being a slut. I know enough to know that it isn’t a death sentence, and the guys I know who are infected fuck like you wouldn’t believe. I always felt like I was missing out.” “But those guys who are sick . . . they could die, right? So it still could be a death sentence,” he pointed out. “Yeah, but some men who have full-blown AIDS have let themselves get to that point. They love having the virus so powerful in their systems. It’s a high for a lot of guys.” I continued to rub my ass on his now-hard cock, hoping he’d take the hint. Pat reached around and grabbed hold of my own rock-hard throbbing dick, and he laughed. “Fuck, feels like you might love it, too. Are you seriously this turned on because we’re talking about AIDS?” “I guess I am,” I replied, reaching back and lining him up with my already-cum-sloppy hole until he started to sink back into me. I was surprised to feel Pat get even bigger and harder inside of me, and he growled sexily in my ear as he began to ram me harder from behind. Normally getting fucked on my side wasn’t my favorite position, but this was feeling damn good to me. Intimate. “Uh! It -feels like -uh! like you -uh! enjoy it too!” I managed to grunt out between his urgent thrusts. Pat’s grip around me got much tighter, as if he was trying to possess me, get as deep as he could into my greedy pig hole. “Fucking right,” he grunted. “Let’s do it.” “Do what?” I asked. I knew the answer, but I really wanted to hear him say the words. “Get AIDS. Ah, fuck, I’m gonna cum!” he roared, squeezing me to him as his balls drained their payload into me. After we came back down and got our breathing under control, I rolled over so we were face to face, kissed him, and then just stared into his beautiful eyes. Pat reached up and caressed the side of my face and smiled at me. “You don’t have to if you don’t want to.” “Get infected, you mean?” I asked, to which he nodded. “I always expected it to happen sooner or later, so I’m fine with it. I just wasn’t sure if it was something you would be okay with.” “It scares the fuck out of me, I’m not gonna lie. But....” He stopped and looked down towards his crotch and then back up at me and grinned. “I think that says it all.” I glanced down. His cock as throbbing hard once again. Clearly he liked the idea as much as I. “Okay, then. Looks like we have a consensus,” I laughed.
  8. Part One: A Blinking Light ********************************************** A bump in the road snapped me back to reality. It was nothing more than a gravel driveway, and I slowly navigated the darkness, the crunching sound of tire on stone and rock the only audible noise, heading for my destination. My stomach lurched with every tiny bump and pothole I hit. Yes, I was really doing this. My mind began to wander back again to our conversation just a few minutes previously. I had been driving when the telltale flash of my phones status light told me I had a message, that distinct orangish hue indicating it was from Grindr. I was in the middle of nowhere so I did what I shouldn't have and flicked open the app. He had started simply enough with a "hey man," and little did I know it would be anything but simple from there on out. As I always do, I flipped to his profile to see what I was dealing with: no picture, 46, 6'0", 145#, top, right now, positive. My pulse quickly sped up with that last part. It didn't say undetectable. Ordinarily no picture means instant dismissal but a guy on Grindr who straight up said positive was a rare find indeed! Of course guys who say positive often mean undetectable, but still the thrill of his stats (that one in particular) had me intrigued enough to respond. "Hi there." "You looking for some fun sexy stud? Slightly older guy here, but always ready to please." Slightly corny, but okay, I was still horned. "Depends on what you have in mind for me." Vague and elusive, I wanted him to give me more so that even if he turned out to be one of the thousands of flakes, at least I'd have something to beat off to when I get home. "Looking to slide inside a young buck such as yourself and ride him until I unleash my seed inside." A barebacker it sounded like, just my type of response! But now for the real test. "Sounds hot, you got any pics to share?" My phone fell silent for a moment. I knew it, he was one of those guys who probably hit up everyone in range just to amuse himself. I set the phone back down and returned myself to the task at hand of driving, though I noticed with slight amusement that he had definitely gotten the blood flow going down there. And then the steady pulsing of the notification light returned. He had responded. Oh fuck! His pictures took my growing uncut 7-inch piece straight to a solid state. His first pic was a full body shot. He was definitely rocking a semi-wasted look. He was thin with a hint of rib cage showing beneath his well-tanned skin, a nice but not too thick pellet of fur on his chest. His face was slightly gaunt, a thick but trimmed beard and a buzzed head. Thin, hairy, and veiny legs supported him, but his cock... my god, it was true what they said about wasting men--it makes their cocks more impressive. It looked long, uncut like mine, with an ample shaft but a quite impressive head that definitely flared out under the hood. It was the type of head, much thicker than the shaft, that would create that feel of a suctioning plunger inside an ass. There was a second picture, an even more impressive close-up of his wonderful monster. Now clearly hard and pointing at an erect and upright angle the head looked solidly larger than the shaft as I had noticed from the first picture, and just the tip of his piss slit peaking through the opening of his foreskin with a succulent and substantial strand of precum dangling down. I was sold. I responded with a picture of myself and one of my ass, as clearly that would be the most interesting part of me to him. I am a pretty good looking guy if you can get me to admit it. I stand 28, 5'11", 179#, fit though not muscular or ripped, but well exercised from all the sports I play. My chest is smooth, my skin a lightly tanned color, and my ass nice and firm--a slight bubble to it--and just a hint of fuzz on it. "Boy, I would love to be inside that beautiful pink hole, unleashing my seed inside you." "Fuck yeah man. It sounds like you play raw and shoot positive seed, right?" Again my phone fell silent. Had I perhaps broached that topic too quickly? I'm not one for small talk usually, but maybe this time should I have held off slightly, let the conversation develop more? The flash returned. "Prefer raw here, boy. My cock doesn't appreciate plastic. Oh, and my seed will change you - if that's what you want." Fuuuuuuck. It was. "It is, but your cock looks quite large, not sure that head will make it in!" "It's the hardest part to take, but once it's in, you'll never want it out." "Where are you?" This time there was no pause. Up popped the little map clip with the marker. Holy hell, he was just a few miles ahead. I was on a state road, but at 11:00 PM it was all but deserted and dark from the thick woods on either side. I had driven this road many times and had never noticed a house along my drive. "Looks like I'm driving toward you now and would arrive at your place in about five minutes. Is that too quick an arrival?" "Not at all. That cock pic is me - now. I'm ready if you are, boy." "Then I guess I'll see you shortly!" "Fuck yeah boy. Just be sure, 'cause I don't stop once I start, and once I'm in my head doesn't soften until it has unleashed its load inside you." Music to my ears. "I want it." "See you soon." And now, just a few minutes later, here I was, his small house in front of me, deep back in the woods. I parked, turned-off the Jeep, and took a deep breath. Last chance. I opened the door and stepped out into the crisp, cold, late-night air of a fall evening. Another deep breath and a pause. I turned and walked to the door and knocked. A few seconds later I heard footsteps approach the door. A hand on the knob, and the door opened. "Come on in," a voice said from inside. The room was dark, I couldn't see him in there. One last deep breath. I stepped inside.
  9. https://gizmodo.com/this-guy-just-injected-himself-with-a-diy-hiv-treatment-1819659724
  10. What the Pill Doesn't Do

    I got AIDS from barebacking. Not just HIV - AIDS. As in, I didn't just get the unstoppable, irremovable virus in my body, it actually had time to eat me alive. HIV destroyed my body's ability to defend itself from disease, an ability that it had developed over the course of my entire life. By the time the doctors diagnosed me, every random bacterium, virus, and fungal spore had an odds-on chance of killing me. Some of them tried. Pneumonia, fungal meningitis. The latter almost finished me off by causing two small strokes in my brain. I would have died, too, if I hadn't been lucky enough to have a complete Circle of Willis - a circular path of blood vessels in the brain - that kept enough blood flowing to the blocked area to keep me alive. Even after I pulled through and started ART, I got an onset of molluscum contagiosum around my cock and balls - normally this is easily resisted, but it took months to clear. Then an old friend returned from childhood: chicken pox, in the form of shingles, activated because my immune system started to recover. That was misery squared for about three weeks. My CD4 count inched up slooooooowly, and I had to take prophylactic doses of antifungals and antibiotics until the count reached around 200. It's now around 300 after three years, where it ought to be at least 500, and it may never get that high again. I started on Atripla, then Triumeq, and now Genvoya. Every. Single. Day. Atripla sucked because it had to be taken at the same time each day, coordinated with meals, so there were times when I could, and could not, eat. It also made me gain weight, and shifted that weight to unattractive areas of my body. It has taken a long time, a complete change in my lifestyle, and a heartbreaking change of diet to alter that. Most recently, my doctor informed me that, as a result of my medication, I have developed a low-grade case of diabetes. Yep, you heard that right - meds-induced diabetes. Why am I bringing all this up? Because these are the consequences. I'm alive. I'm relatively healthy. I'm not sick, my viral load is undetectable, my chance of infecting someone else with HIV is very, very low, and my chance of getting another opportunistic infection is also very low as long as I take my HIV meds daily. But that doesn't mean I don't have to pay a price for my barebacking. From now on, I have to live very carefully. Until science catches up with this enemy virus, I have to live with diabetes. I have to watch what I eat, knowing that badly prepared food could do far worse than give me a bellyache. I have to work extra hard to keep my body from changing shape into something I don't want to look at. And I have to live with the understanding that my life expectancy, even with these miracle meds, is my mid-70s. That's at least 10 years less than I should have had. Now, I never particularly wanted to live to be an 80-year-old, so that's no great loss for me, but in a general sense, is the feeling of a raw cock up your ass worth ten years of your life? I can't answer that for you, because I can't answer that for me. Even after everything I've said above, I'm still not sorry for the day I took 34 loads in my ass. I wish I could do it again tomorrow, and the day after that. Being that kind of bottom completes me. I've accepted that part of the reason I'm here is to serve other men in just that way, and it gives me great joy every time a man experiences his climax inside me. I feel as though what I lose in quantity of life I perhaps gain in quality of life at that moment. I only wish I had more opportunity to give. But maybe that's what these HIV meds do, after all - not more opportunity to give the virus, but to give ourselves.
  11. Three Years

    In July 2011 I got pneumonia. No big deal; I went to the doctor, got treated. The odd thing was, the next month I got it again. My doctor said, "Nobody gets pneumonia twice." But he treated me anyway and sent me home. Later in August I got a cracking headache, worst I've ever had. My brother had to take me to the emergency room, but they sent me back home. By the next day, I was at the doctor again, and an astute nurse spotted the signs of possible meningitis. Back to the hospital. Long story short, by early September I had been diagnosed with fungal meningitis, and had nearly died from two small strokes related to it. I lay in my hospital bed and one morning a small United Nations of doctors from different nationalities lined up by my bedside and delivered their verdict. "You have AIDS." "What?" "You have AIDS." "Are you saying I have HIV?" "No, AIDS." (The guy didn't pull any punches.) My C4 count stood at 49. My new infectious disease specialist put me on ART immediately. I've been on Atripla, Triumeq, and now Genvoya. I've had shingles, and watched my body shape change as a result of the meds, and have had to change my lifestyle because the meds have given me a case of med-induced diabetes. Many things about all this suck ass, and not in a good way. I tried to figure out how this could have happened - I had gotten tested regularly. My tests had been negative. There had been no indication at all that I had had HIV in my system that could have turned into AIDS. I had been careful. But not careful enough. I knew that. I had no idea who had given me this, and would never have any way of knowing. There had been too many men. The most likely time had been the day I took 34 loads in my ass, probably without a single condom; there was no way of knowing. There had been other times, many other times, but every time I had been tested, the tests had resulted in negatives. Not all of these were over-the-counter tests, either. Two years earlier, my doctor had hospitalized me for a mystery illness that he chalked up to some unnamed virus that came and went. At the time he gave me a full-bore HIV test, which came back negative. Yet I'm now certain that that "mystery illness" was my seroconversion. I quizzed my doctor later: How could this have happened? I had been under his care for years - how could HIV have flown under his radar long enough to have turned into AIDS and nearly kill me without his seeing it? He explained that the problem with modern HIV testing isn't just false positives, but also false negatives. The truth is, the science just isn't good enough yet to give us certainty in diagnosis. I was just unlucky as I could possibly be. On the other hand, I was as lucky as I could possibly be. I survived. I've now been undetectable for over a year, and have not missed a single dose of medication since I began three years ago. My cell count is now at 300, which is not too bad for someone my age, and it may improve. I don't hold any bad feeling toward the man who gave me HIV. I hope he discovered his infection soon enough to be treated before it wrecked his immune system. In honesty, I can't say that I regret the behavior that resulted in this, because the day I took 34 loads was a highlight of my sexual life. I would do it again in a moment. What I will never, ever do again is top anyone. I will put no one at risk. I will not be the one who passes this down the line. This blog is called News From The Front Lines because we are at war with an Enemy, and I am committed to fighting that enemy inside my body, and in the world outside. I will use my words, and I will use my body as the means to fight, and if I can prevent even one person from ending up where I am now, then I will have justified my survival where so many others have died. More dispatches to follow.
  12. Descent into debauchery

    Here is another installment about the adventure of Enix and David. I hope you will like this story too! The non-stop fucking drained David. He didn't know exactly when he fell asleep next to his new lover and mistress, Enix. Everything in his body was hurting. Bite marks and scratches marked his body, Enix claimed and marked her territory as a deterrence to anyone who wants to steal David from her. He slept naked, being the little spoon to her. She was gently stroking his leg while he slept. She was breathing his scent in. The shit has long dried into the sheets. They were both sleeping in her excrement and piss. The room smelled but they had their rest despite the smell. She fell into dreamless slumber next to him. David woke up before her. He looked at her for a moment. Sleeping peacefully. Her breathing was slow and hear breasts were moving with every inhale and exhale. He wanted to fondle her breasts but decided against it. He wished to do something special for her. He went out to find a kitchen and make something for her. Kitchen was easy to find, the fridge was fully stocked with various food. There was one shelf of blood, piss and packed shit. I rummaged for a bit and saw names I didn't recognize. The blood vials had inscriptions HEP C, 4 strains of HIV, Herpes... I put it back where I found it. He retrieved eggs and found a day old bread. He decided to make french toast and coffee. He put milk to boil and oil to get hot. The sink was half-full of dirty dishes. He took care of those dishes whilst waiting for the oil to get hot. It took him a couple of minutes to wash and dry the dishes. He sorted and stacked them to their appropriate places. The oil was getting ready and the milk was done, He let the milk cool and started beating the eggs. He soaked the bread, put it into the pan and begun frying the toast. When he was done, he poured the coffee into the cup, took the serving tray and off he went to bring breakfast to his lover. He entered the room and found her stretching in the bed. She was ruffling her hair and looked so happy at the prospect of being served breakfast in the bed. "I smelled something nice from the kitchen. What have you made for me?" "French toast, milk and coffee. Hope you will like them." *"I most certainly will. Come here, baby. Kiss Mommy." I set the tray down and kissed her. We kissed for a bit and then she stopped and said we have to eat. "We will eat now and after, I shall tell you what we are going to do today. I have lots of people for you to meet." "I am sorry but I have to go home. My parents will be worried. I didn't phone them last night. I totally forgot to do that. Forgive me?" *"Yes, I will forgive you for not thinking that I am clever and haven't already taken care of your "predicament" with parents." "What? - What did you do?" "Took your cellphone and sent them an SMS that you are at your girlfriends house and that you won't be back home on time. I had her mother phone your mother. I did mention that I would find you a girlfriend, to keep up the pretense. I can't very well be meeting your parents, they won't approve of our relationship." *"Her name is Daniella. 18 year old black girl. She goes to your college and she had a crush on you. She's a fellow bugchaser. Right now, she's got a mild case of yeast infection. Bot her mother and she are heavily into raceplay. They like being called niggers and such. It's very fun. I defended her mother, Celia, when she stabbed her husband in defense. He wanted to rape their daughter when she was 9. She used to be hooker and the daughter isn't even his. Her mom has herpes but she hasn't passed it onto her daughter. She got that after her daughter was born."* "I don't recall her. Can't even remember if I have ever met her." "What's there to recall? All niggers look the same, however, their cunts do not." "That's so hot. I love raceplay too. Thank you for finding her. Do I have your permission to fuck her?" "You are welcome. Not only do you have a permission, I expect you to fuck her. Her and her mommy. I give your permission to fuck ladies and girls who have all sorts of hot diseases. There is a bisex couple who are on a trip through Jamaica but will come back in a week. They would love to meet you." " Would you like to be sandwiched? - To get fucked by a guy while you fuck his wife? They both have gonorrhea." "Yes. I would love that. Like I said, I've never had a cock up my ass but would gladly experience the new stuff". "Done deal. Well, since you are free today, you don't have to go to your classes today." "I invited Nadia to come here. She's the 62 year old with full blown AIDS. You remember me mentioning her? - Well, she was anxious to come and I told her she could. I think you will like her. You know how Donatella Versace looks like now? - Well, Nadia is almost a spitting image of Donatella. Aids has ravaged her body but her lust has lost none of its potency. She is one horny slattern." "I can't wait to fuck her. Oh, god... I wanna fuck her silly. I want to smell her cunt and ass, to lick her feet, armpits. I want to have her spit in my mouth. To eat her cunt and asshole for a long time before putting my cock into her death trap." "You are so good for me. I love your nasty ideas, and feel free to do that with her, she is up for anything. She's often constipated and I'm sure you can put your cock to a good use up her ass. Give her a piss enema and I can plug her ass, let the piss soak up her dried shit." "I will record you fucking her on camera. I have clients who are into sick films. Sure, she won't kill you outright with her deathly holes, but she will show her papers, viral loads and they will know you just fucked Death and lived to tell the tale." "We are so fucked up. I am glad I took the plunge and sent you my photo and went to the club. I wouldn't have met you otherwise. Thank you for teaching my about bugchasing. I won't get tested. I will just keep on fucking. Perhaps I'll get tested in about 2 or 3 years." "However, I have a question. What about my college and my job?" "You will go to the college and keep on attending the classes. I need your good grades. And once you bring your Daniella around your house, you can move out into hers. I will buy some condo and both of you can live there. I, of course, shall be a regular guest there. Needless to say, you won't be telling your parents anything about you fucking diseased cunts. Keep it on the DL." "Understood. Didn't even plan to." "Excellent. Now, come with me to the bathroom. I have to remove the hairs from your cock, balls and ass. I want your back and front hairless." "That's good. Now you look way better. And it's easier to just remove the hair with hair removal foam" "Now, this bare butt of yours is giving me nasty ideas. Grip the shower handles and present your ass to me. I will spank you now." I did what she asked without any hesitation. *"You are a fucked up kid. You want to fuck STD ridden slatterns" SLAP - SLAP Each of my buttocks were slapped and I jerked due to the force of her slap and moaned. "Look at you now, what exactly are you moaning at? The slapping or the thought of fucking diseased cunt?" SLAP *"I guess you are moaning at both things." SLAP - SLAP - SLAP - SLAP I don't know how many slaps have I got on my ass but I was quivering and crying now. It isn't pleasure I feel now but a stinging pain. Still, I endured the pain for her. It's about her pleasure now. I felt her raking nails across my red ass. I let out a yelp when I felt her teeth into my plump ass. I felt her teeth on my other cheek I felt her finger enter my anus while dry. I inhaled and kept my mouth shut. Her assault was relentless and without mercy. She said that it's okay if I wanted to scream. Nobody would hear me. And my screams would be music to her ears. I began screaming whilst she was fingerfucking my ass. I felt her nails scraping in every direction. She stopped and told me to turn around. She pointed her finger at me, it was caked in fresh, red blood. I went to lick it but she took it away and smeared it across her lips. My blood was her lipstick. Now her lips had color of blood. "Thank you for your suffering, sweetie. And the lipstick provided from your ass. You are a doll!" My tears were running freely. She reached to my face, removed the glasses and licked my tears, carefully, not to let her lips touch my face and ruin the lipstick. She took her tongue in, swished around and commented how my tears tasted delicious. "You are welcome." - I said. "I want you to pee in my mouth now. I am thirsty." I stood up and went toward her. I put my cock inside her mouth. Relaxed and just let go inside her mouth. She was gulping it down like a madwoman. I grabbed her head and skullfucked her whilst pissing. She didn't do anything, she just took the abuse and kept watching me. I felt I was going to come and removed the cock. She held my cock inside her mouth and I spurted inside. She didn't swallow it. She rose up, pried open my mouth, held my head up and spitted my cum back into my mouth and told me to be a good boy and drink up my cum. I obeyed her. We dried off and ventured into the living room. Her cellphone was ringing and she answered. While she was speaking, I sat on her leather couch and watched her, walking in circles while talking to someone on the other end. I recognized the name, Nadia. Eni whispered to me that Nadia is coming in 15 min. I gave thumbs up. I helped Enix to mount the cameras in living room, bathroom and her bedroom. She obviously knew where I was planning to fuck her. She said that I am to give my attention to Nadia. To just forget that she was here. Today is Nadia's day. There was a ring on the door. Enix went to unlock the door. I heard a sultry voice, wet kisses and laughter. Then, the most amazing creature I've ever seen walked in the living room. Enix was right. Nadia indeed looked like a prettier version of Donatella Versace. Her hair has gone silver. Eyes sunken into the sockets, thin face, black lipstick. Leather coat, pants and leather shoes. For a moment there, we stood and watched each other There was a motion behind me and I heard cameras were on. Nadia pounced on me and started kissing me roughly. I responded in kind, grabbing her skinny behind through leather pants and groping her. I sneaked the hand into her pants and grabbed her ass. It was hanging from her bones. I moaned when I was kissing her. Her mouth tasted of cigarettes. It was like making out with an ashtray... She stopped to catch her breath. After a while, she said: It's very nice to meet you, David. Undress me, would you kindly? I removed everything from her except the shoes. I told her to sit down on the couch and to just enjoy whatever I do to her. I removed the shoe, picked her foot and started kissing and licking the soles and toes. I enjoyed the salty taste of her and another fragrance that was inside her flesh. I saw on the internet that people with AIDS wasting disease have different smells with them. She smelled so good. I removed the other shoe, brought her other foot and started smelling both of them. She was wiggling her toes and inserting them into my nostrils. I opened the mouth and took her pointy thumb inside. I sucked and licked it as if it were a minuscule cock. I started slobbering up her feet, they were wet and slimy from my spit. She was panting and frigging her clit and pinching her nipples. I told her that I wanted to fuck her cunt now. She didn't say anything except to smile and spread her legs as hard as she could. I put my cock in and started fucking her slowly. My hands were roaming her body. I could feel every bone, every rib. She was just skin and bones. Once upon a time, her boobs were full of fat, now they are sagging and small. She put her hands on my face and started fondling me, putting her bony fingers in my mouth to suck them. Played with my lips and stroking my cheek. I was reaching my breaking point. I hugged her, pushed my body into hers and fucked her cunt hard and deep until I felt my cum bursting into her deathly cunt. I was depositing my fertile cum into a barren and poisonous wasteland. I was sweaty and she was cool as a cucumber. I guess her sweat glands were shot to hell. I started kissing and she responded by grabbing my ass and slapping it. She kept squeezing every part of my anatomy. Breaking the slimy kiss, I stood up and looked at her, she was such a tiny, fragile thing, her disease has taken the best of her and I just fucked her without any regard whatsoever for my own health... And I wanted more. I picked her up, she wasn't heavy at all. I was wondering how didn't the wind manage to blow her away. I said: "I am taking you to the bedroom. I aim to make your ass mine!" I put her gently onto the bed, took the pillow and told to lie on stomach and get the pillow underneath her. I saw cameras around me, they will record everything, no matter where I am. Enix gave me a box. I opened it and saw Cruel Condom inside it. A mesh wiring, resembling my cock with a pointed, sharp stud where the tip is. I was feeling so wicked. I am about to hurt this old, AIDS cunt, draw blood and take it inside my cock. I put the condom on and said: "This is going to hurt, Nadia, but you won't mind it, will you? - I put the Cruel Condom on. I will make your ass bleed, so grip the sheets and try not to scream too much. I am going in dry." Her anus was very prolapsed due to the abuse she's suffered over ages. I put the tip onto her prolapsed anus and began teasing it. She was buckling her ass, trying to take it in. I just slapped her ass and laughed. In one swift move, I impaled her ass. She screamed so hard and the bed shook. I looked and there was blood on my cock. I pulled the cock out, waited a bit and pushed it one more time. She was shaking. I removed the cock, took the condom and put it back into the box. Now, it was time to fuck her bloodied anus. "Thank you, Nadia, for your AIDS. I loved fucking your cunt, but I will love fucking your bloody ass more." There was a cacophony of sounds in the room. Our moaning and groaning, sounds of the flesh, slapping into one another, sound of my cock sloshing her wet, bloodied anus. A coppery taste was in the air. Her prolapse was wounded good and the wound isn't closing because I am still not done fucking her. I gripped her shoulders and screamed obscenities at her. "Take it, you filthy whore!!! - I am fucking your sick asshole. You are infecting me, right now, aren't you? - And you like it, bitch." "Yes, I am fucking Death up the ass. Take my cum, you fucking Russian slag!!!" I came so hard that my balls hurt. I kept my cock inside for a couple of minutes. Removing the blood stained cock, I put my face into her ass and sucked the mixture of my cum and her blood. Nadia looked at me and opened her mouth to receive the offering. I spat the mixture into her mouth and she drank it. We started kissing and haven't stopped for a while. She cleaned my face from her blood and sucked my cock as clean as it possibly could be. She made me lie on the bed and she impaled herself on my cock and rode me until she couldn't take it anymore. I took her gently into my arms and we took a quick nap. Another chapter is done. Hope you liked it. Tips are greatly appreciated.
  13. I had always been a nasty fuck and even though I've mostly been bottom, I've always like licking a perfect hole. That perfect whole not bleached, its nice and natural brown, it looks somewhat used, not to stretched or open, its inverts slighly with some skin to make a small wall. Your tongue gently slides in and as your whole gets narrower, you taste that amazing salty, dry sometimes sweet taste. But most of all, the perfect whole usually has just that extra few pieces of skin to make pretty or you feel small pieces just past that sfinkter STDs interested me way before HIV - My perfect hole is what I wanted. ANAL WARTS, a slightly dangerous looking but risk taking hole I knew that I had developed them a while ago, but only today I decided to inspect them properly, as I opened up my ass, these beautiful pieces popped out. It was fucking beautiful. I have not felt such a fantastic feeling going through my cock - I had a mini orgasm without touching myself. I took a quick pic, but I hve invited someone over to take decent pictures to post when I can street my ass properly My Chasing experience has been he most erotic and rewarding experience in my whole life. Give me your thoughts on this beautiful used hole..
  14. I have not posted in a while, so thought id do a very quick update for everyone...I will also be posting ALOT of new pics of my adventures during today 1.I wanted to wait till my birthday this year to get tested, unfortunately I had cut this timeline by a month because of health insurance requirements.......I'M PROUDLY A POZ FUCKER. my medical insurance since this is supplying meds, Which I have since just flushed down the toilet!!!! HAIL!!! 2.My Syphilis Hookup last month was unsuccessful and I continue to Hunt for this - Ill pay 3. STI test confirm: Hep, HPV (well who doesn't have it), internal anal warts of note and a recent two week strain of ghonno (If it wasnt for the fucking medical insurance requirements I wouldn't have to get the shot) So there ya go....I HOPE YOU ARE PROUD OF ME AND ANY HELP GETTING ME MORE INFECTED IS WELCOME!!!! AND THE QUESTION IS...WHERE DO I PUT MY BIO TAT???????
  15. Was trying to research online a bit. I know that a high viral load doesn't equate AIDS, that is more derivative of the CD4 count, but is there a generic standard as to what a viral load would have to reach to be considered full blown?
  16. Last week I started to write blogs(I have since deleted the entries), my initial idea was to give a quick background of how this pretty boy became this filthy whore and from there I wanted too give details of my daily hookup's as I go. I realized however that this is a complete fucking waist of my time and yours. Ill rather do pics and short status updates to not waist fuck time All there is to know is that I''m a very good looking boy (I say this as people usually don't expect extreme filth from me) and I'm into anything dirty, filthy, sleazy. My dick gets hard when people are grossed out by me! I try and live every fantasy that I come up with but my Ultimate would be to be a diseased whore, the go to guys for other struggling chasers - and I am determined to get there in the next two years. Currently I'm in a job where making myself public could be damaging to the company. By end 2017 I plan to quiet and just focus on being a ''whore'' and will finally then be able to share my info, location and pictures fully. I have been saving money for 5 years with this in mind. That''s a brief intro, more info on my profile, and feel free to make contact - as I said, Nothing is taboo and I never say NO. If you one of those who think what I say is just horny talk - Try me?! I will share this message below I sent to @rawTOP, as a curious young guy his blogs pointed my in the right direction - Thank you, thereafter Thanks to Dawson for being my role model, But now, I'm going ALL the way!!! Dear rawTOP Just want to tell you a quick story back in 2011 and 2012, me still very innocent but already wanting to explore bb, came across your blog. I was driving back with a friend on holiday and for a 7 hour drive my eyes were glued to my phone (pre tablet era for me) reading your stories over and over. You introduced me to a new world, pozzing and bug chasing.... or you blog posts lead me to research that. I never actually went onto breeding zone prior to this year, didn't know what it was and was probably to scared. As years went by I starting fantasizing about chasing, still to discreet and shy to act ..... long story short, I eventually just gave in after a guy bred my ass, told me he was safe and weeks later said he lied - when my dick got hard in the middle of a club when I heard this, i kinda surrendered. So pozzing is still in motion, But my darkest secret was, I had been obsessed with bug chasing for years, This however took alot of thought and consideration and for weeks I tried to make contact with other guys, and especially young guys with the same interests...as I thought I was mentally unstable, then someone refereed me here yesterday afternoon. I spent 12 hours reading through all the post and blogs and chatting to other guys similar, hot young fuckers. And I realized that eventually, I'm going to give in so why not now. So In a matter of hours I made a life changing decision This is probably weird to tell you some lame story, but it all started with you. And I really hope you take that with a compliment. You gave me the initial base and material and I''m fucking glad I came across it - It would have happened years later, I'm sure if that urge is in you there''s no stopping it. Hope you will check my profile as I go on this journey Finally I want to share this picture with you all, Last week 26 July at 2pm, I went to my first pre-arranged hookup specifically for Syphilis. I'm yet to see any symptoms but i''ve been told it takes up to two weeks. he kindly labelled me when he was done:
  17. Read this on the internet: http://herb.co/2017/07/22/hiv-aids/ I make Cannabis Oil with coconut oil myself to treat my rheumatism and my depressions / anxiety because of bi-polar disorder... It is legal where I live thank heavens and it helps me good against my anxiety attacks. A major breakthrough has occurred in the decades-long fight against HIV/AIDS and it has to do with (you guessed it) cannabis. It seems like each week (sometimes daily), cannabis is being linked to the successful treatment of some ailment. Last week was no different, as a new study published in the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (JAIDS), found that THC might be able to prevent HIV from becoming full-blown AIDS. I guess it is a bit premature to say it would really work but they already found so many working treatments with Cannabis, that I wouldn't be surprised.

    Here's a nasty idea I'm toying with ... I think it would be fun to have a Pozzing Raffle. Goes something like this: A bunch of Toxic Gifters invited to a motel for a long, gang-fucking night of pumping AIDS Spunk into my Bug Chasing ass. Each guy brings a recent medical printout showing his Viral Load Count. Before the fun begins, everyone puts their printout into a box. At the end of the night when the guys are done using me and my guts are good and flooded with lakes of Charged Jizz ... One of the printouts is drawn at random for 1st Prize. Say, $500. Grand prize of $1000 goes to the one with the highest VL, of course! Other prizes could be awarded for most brutal rapist, best Cock, etc. Prizes for them and AIDS for me: Everyone wins!
  19. CRISPR, a cure for HIV?

    It looks like researchers at Temple University have recently used a new gene editing technology called CRISPR to completely remove the HIV virus from mice. For those unaware of what CRISPR is, it's a new gene editing technology that's incredibly precise, incredibly effective and very cheap compared to previous gene editing technology. It's been used to genetically engineer mosquitoes that are immune to miliaria, cure blindness in mice and treat/reverse muscular dystrophy. The potential of this technology is incredible and it may one day be used to cure HIV/AIDS. We live in some amazing times. I recommend anyone reading this to do some research on CRISPR. It's pretty impressive what this technology can do and what it may be able to do in the future. http://www.cbsnews.com/news/gene-editing-crispr-remove-hiv-infection-in-mice/
  20. “DOES THAT RAW DICK FEEL GOOD BOY? IS THAT WHAT YOU NEEDED?” The bottom had tried crawling forward, his body reacting to the infectious AIDS T-Bone I had just shoved in his booty hole - dry. He didn’t get far. His doggy masked head shook from side to side as his manicured pink nails - hidden inside his puppy costumed paws - tried to hold their grip on the edge of the bed. “GET BACK HERE BOY! STAY!” I snarled as I yanked my dick out of his rare hole, grabbed his wrists, dragged him back to where I wanted, and then mounted him again. My POZ drip mixing with his bloody hole was all the lube the pup needed. The pup’s dog tags jangled and jingled. “FEEL THAT BIG DICK KNOTTING YOU BOY?” He might have said something, but then arched his back and yelped like a good pup when I yanked out and slammed back in. I yanked out again, took a second to admire his furry little hole - surrounded by a touch of pink, now red, skin. His hole was the only thing on his body not covered by his pup costume, which was just fine by me. All I needed was someplace to bury my AIDS T-BONE. “BIG AIDS DICK IN THAT ASS BOY - FUCKING YOUR PUPPY HOLE!” The boy bucked, I laughed, grabbed the back of his collar, slid the fingers of both hands underneath and twisted and pulled back. The pup bucked and yelped and my AIDS T-BONE buried a little deeper. “I GOT A SHIT LOAD OF HOT AIDS GRAVY FOR THAT PUP HOLE BOY - FULL OF VIRUS KIBBLES AND BITS!” His little paws were useless. I turned my head to the left and admired myself in the full length mirrors he had on the wall. The small lenses of his two video cameras were not easy to detect, but I made sure they got the shots. I hope he enjoyed watching this later. I hope he enjoyed seeing my wasted body, the skin that hung slightly off my muscles, the ribs that showed in my chest, my hollowed out cheeks and lesioned skin. “THAT’S IT - WHIMPER FOR ME PUP. MY AIDS T-BONE DICK IS FILLING THAT ASS UP - TURNING YOU INTO A FULL FLEDGED BITCH!” The pup gurgled his agreement as I twisted the collar tighter and started to long dick that ass with deeper, filling, stretching and wrecking strokes! I had been eyeing the pup online for a while now. I knew his habits, his secret desires, his voyeuristic pleasures. I knew he liked to secretly record and live stream anonymous dick fucking him. I knew he always insisted on safe sex only - something which he was not only vocal about, but condescending to those who held a different approach to life. “I’M YOUR AIDS SIRE PUP! UNMEDICATED DADDY DOG DICK SLICKING UP YOUR LITTLE HOLE - BUSTING IT OPEN WITH MY BIG KNOT - THAT FORESKIN SLIDING BACK, GETTING READY FOR MY POZ NUTT TO SPADE AND FIX YOU!” A loud, clear, yelp escaped the pup’s lips as I tore open a new path of destruction in his guts. I pressed down on his shoulder blades with my left hand, turned my body clockwise with my dick still buried deep in his furry ass. We formed an AIDs’ cross, ready for his crucifixion. I took my right hand and pushed his right leg outward so his hips raised up a bit, giving me head on access to his sidewalls. “YEAH BOY, PLAYING FETCH. TAKING MY AIDS T-BONE SMACK IN THEM ASS WALLS. OPENING THAT FURRY HOLE SO WHEN MY BALLS MAKE YOU PREGNANT THERE WILL BE LOTS OF BRUISED AND BLOODY SPOTS FOR THEM BABIES TO HOOK UP TO!” The pup’s hole was smearing my dick good now, creaming for my AIDS T-BONE. I yanked out, the pup’s body spasmed from the sudden evacuation, and I easily rotated my position. I used my right hand now to press down between his shoulders keeping his body on the bed and adjusted his left leg and held it so I could damage the other side of his ass walls. The pup’s whimpering told me he was hungry. “GOOD PUP READY TO SUCKLE SOME POZ MILK OUT? GET THAT ASS BACK HERE - THAT’S IT - RIGHT ON THE END OF THE BED AND DROP THEM LITTLE HIND LEGS DOWN. I’M GOING TO DRIVE MY AIDS T-BONE RIGHT UP THAT HOLE AND SQUIRT MY VIRAL MILK! GOOD PUP - TAKE THIS AIDS T-BONE! FEEL IT PUP? FEEL THAT KNOT SWELL? YEAH WHIMPER FOR ME LIKE A GOOD PUPPY - WHIMPER FOR ME AS YOUR SIRE BREEDS YOU - BEG FOR MY POZ MILK! BEG FOR IT PUP - BEG FOR IT - FILLING YOUR PUP ASS UP YOU FUCKING BITCH! FILLING YOU UP!” A couple of hours later I got up my nap. Filling a NEG hole up is always the best thing to get me set for a long nap out in hammock in the afternoon sun. I wiped the sweat from my brow, adjusted my eyes, and pulled up the pup’s homepage. Fuck yeah! Folks had liked our scene and had rated it five WOOFS! Lots of comments about ‘what a great set up’, ‘hot role play’, the ‘realistic fake fluids’. I’d give pup a couple days. He’ll come scratching at my door begging to be let in and when he does, I’ll be ready. (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  21. Breed Me Please!!!
  22. The Breeding

    NOTE: This is fiction. It did not and has not happened. All characters are fictional, except maybe myself. I think I am real. I hope that this is how my neg bottom will be pozzed some day, soon. This is my first story and i sincerely hope that i do not accidentally violate any rules. I have read the rules and I think it is OK. This story has some graphic language and personal slurs. The door to my hotel room was ajar, just as he directed. The room was dark and I was naked with my ass up on the bed. A lamp was on in one corner of the room with a towel over it to diffuse the light. My hole was as clean as i could make it and ready for the expected gift. My breeder had texted me from the hotel lobby that he was on his way up to my room. I was ready, but I was nervous. Yet I was excited too. How did I get here? We connected on BZ. It was clear that this was the high viral load, med resistant HIV+ and full blown AIDS breeder that I had been seeking. He was willing to gift me. We exchanged medical reports, he wanted to ensure that I was truly NEG and I wanted proof of his claimed 2.1 million viral load. I traveled just to be bred by his toxic cock. I had seen pictures of him and I wanted to worship his death stick before it plunged deep into my most private places seeding me with his toxic death. He was my executioner. I had no plans to go on meds. I wanted AIDS. I wanted to share it widely once I was fully toxic. But first, I needed him to breed me deeply. I heard the door slowly open and then close. I snapped back into the present. I wanted to look, but knew I shouldn’t. He said, “Good faggot! I hope you are ready because I have not cum in five days and you are going to get the most toxic load I have ever shot.” I heard him take off his clothes. and shuffle over to me. He roughly stuck a finger into my hole and spun it around. I could feel his fingernail cutting into my tissue. I stopped breathing and held my breath knowing that this would make the virus he carried more likely to infect and then ultimately kill me. “Say it,” he said. “Give me AIDS,” I quickly replied. I had been prepared for him to ask that question. With that he stooped over and began to rim my clean ass deeply. “MMMM, perfect. You are clean and properly prepared to receive my gift,” he uttered. It felt good to have his tongue so deeply inside of me. I knew his cock would soon be delivering its special load of death to me. He grabbed my cock and balls and gave them a nasty twist. My precum was flowing copiously. He took some of my precum and wiped it on my hole. “Suck me,” he commanded. I had been waiting. I wanted to worship the instrument that was going to infuse death into my body. It was the executioner’s tool, as lethal as the guillotine, the axe blade or the scimitar; only this death would take longer to consummate. I would have a lot of time to reflect upon my decision and the chain of events which led me here. I eagerly took all 8 inches of his uncut cock into my mouth. He was already semi-erect and I knew that I was to bring him to full hardness. It was then that he would be ready to gift me as we had planned. I wanted this. His balls and pubes were shaved. It was very exciting for me to feel the bare skin against my nose as I took him deep. I gave him the best blow-job of my life, fully worshiping his cock and balls and the seed that was within. I lost track of time while preparing the instrument of my ultimate destruction. I became aware that he was beginning a slow in and out motion as he became more excited. He started to pull his cock from my warm mouth. “Turn around faggot, it is time.” I was jolted back into reality and realized the moment had arrived. This beautiful cock that i had been deep throating was about to become the instrument of my ultimate demise. I slid my mouth off the heavily veined shaft of his cock, lingering for a moment to run my tongue under his foreskin. I love uncut cock and the sensitive glans protected by the foreskin. I savored the flavor of his precum and I knew in a few moments this hard instrument of sex and enjoyment would be deep inside of me. And he was hard, like a piece of steel. Once I had relinquished his cock from my mouth I got back onto the bed and and presented my ass for his use and enjoyment. He had previously told me he only bred doggie, so there was no question what position I needed to assume. He bent over and licked my hole one last time. “This is your last chance you sick fuck,” he said. “Once my cock head is in your bottom there is no turning back. I will fuck you and give you AIDS and you will die from it. You will get sick, you will have terrible diarrhea, and my strain is med resistant. Meds will not help you nor will they save you. And just so you know, I may have some other bugs that I will be sharing with you too. It is a complete package of sickness and death.” My own cock started to get hard as he was telling me about what he was going to do to me. I wanted it so badly. I relaxed to allow his steel hard cock easy entry even though I knew it was going to hurt like hell. He told me there would be no mercy. I was being bred like a mare and this stallion had infected over 100 men and some women and almost all of them had developed AIDS within a year and many had died. He was very proud of his toxicity. I felt his cockhead brush my hole. No lube was going to be used, just the little bit of precum that dribbled from his cock. I was both scared shitless and excited beyond belief at the same time. After weeks of planning he was finally going to breed me. “Last chance,” he said. “If you are ready, you know what to say.” I knew the magic words, but I was enjoying his cock playing across my hole. I backed up a bit to try and entice him to enter me and he playfully pushed in a bit. But then withdrew. I relented, for some reason I didn’t want to say the words and actually give him permission to fill me with AIDS and almost certain death. I wanted him to take it from me. But I was willingly going to my own execution and I had known that from the beginning. I knew he was a fully experienced breeder and understood there needed to be a moment before the willing victim agrees to sentence being imposed. “Give me AIDS,” I finally uttered. Instantaneously his steel hard cock slammed past my sphincter and drove into the deepest part of my inner self tearing past my second sphincter. He held his cock deep inside of me for a few moments for me to adjust to the pain. This was not supposed to be enjoyable. And it wasn’t! He started roughly fucking me to tear my insides up as much as possible. Then he put all of his weight on me and grabbed each of my nipples and twisted them hard. I loved it. It was stimulating and helped me get past the pain from his rock hard cock which had found its rhythm. I felt some lubrication and knew it was a mixture of blood and my naturally wet ass. “OMG,” he said, “you have an awesome ass, faggot. I am enjoying wrecking it and giving you AIDS.” “I’m tearing you up and my bugs are preparing to thrive inside of you,” he continued. He twisted my nipples extra hard and that almost caused me to shoot my last neg load onto the bed. “I’m going to give you AIDS,” he muttered. “You are gonna be sick and you are gonna die from fucking me today. My AIDS is the worst and no meds in the world can save you now.” I backed up onto his cock too take it deeper into my ass. My second sphincter no longer hurt, it was probably totally destroyed. I looked down between my legs to see what I could see and I saw what was probably blood dripping onto the bed. I reached down with one hand and felt his steel-hard cock as it plunged in and then came out of my bottom. “Your ass is awesome and soon it is going to be a toxic waste dump.” His full weight was on me as he fucked me deeply and twisted my nipples. I felt his already hard cock begin to grow thicker. “Faggot, it is almost time for you to become pregnant with my toxic seed, I hope you are ready for it because you don’t have a choice.” I knew that. I was here because I wanted to be here. I wanted him to infect me. I wanted his AIDS to destroy me. I wanted to share his HIV and AIDS with as many other chasers as I could. I wanted, no I need him to fill me with his cum. His cock continued to slide in and out of my now bloody ass. He stopped deep inside of me and held his cock still. I felt it quiver. I knew he was close. He pulled it all the way out of me and despite the pain, I felt empty. I needed his cock in me and I needed his cum. He looked at his cock and announced, “It is covered with blood, I am about to shoot my five day toxic load into you. I hope you’re ready.” As he finished speaking he rammed his cock back into my ass so hard that it took my breath away. He fell back onto me and twisted my nipples some more. The thrusting began to increase in intensity and speed. “I am about to get pozzed,” I realized. My chase was going to be over, my dream was cumming true. “Give me AIDS,” I said to him. It excited him and his thrusting reached a feverish pitch. “Fuck,” he cried out. “I am giving you my AIDS and you are gonna die you worthless fuck slut,” he screamed as he came deeply inside of me. He held his cock in place for a long time. I felt it spasm eight times with each one shooting poison deep into me. I relished each shot. He was giving me the gift I sought for so long. He was giving me the gift of death. He held his cock in me for a while as the excitement of the moment subsided. It had felt each shot of cum. I was ecstatic, it was done now. We hadn’t talked about what would happen next, but I was not surprised as he pulled his cock from my ass with an audible plop and he instructed me to clean it off. I love the taste of cum and ass juice mixed with blood. I took the executioners tool into my mouth and greedily cleaned it. It tasted good. There was a lot of my blood on it, but there was also a generous amount of his cum with my natural ass juice. It was a tasty mixture. I took my time to ensure his cock was completely clean. Once his cock was clean I asked him, “Do you want to go again?” He smiled at me as said, “No, I don’t need to and you are now poz, bet on it. You are fucked and you have the gift you desired. It only takes once with my 2.1 million VL.” I pointed the open bottle of wine that I had prepositioned on the desk with two glasses. “Do you want a drink to celebrate?” i asked. He smiled and said, “Yes, you did really well. I fucked you harder than anyone else just to make sure. I am happy to celebrate your conversion and soon to develop AIDS.” We drank a small drink of wine in silence in the still darkened room. I was naked and he got dressed pulling on some jeans without underwear and a t-shirt. He had no socks either, just shoes. We finished the drink and he said, “In about two weeks you are gonna get so sick that you will think you are dying. My strains are very strong. And, O by the way I also left you with some herpes and chlamydia. Enjoy them. I was trying to get syph for you too, but couldn’t. I wanted to fuck you up real well. Call me when you test poz and stay in touch as you develop AIDS.” He put his glass down and walked out of the room and closed the door behind him, but I knew he would never be out of my life.
  23. Over half my life poz

    Looking to reach out to the young ones here who may not be sure (and anyone frankly) I am 38, pozzed at 17, I sought it out, knew I was guy, partied with daddies and grandpas and had one solid guy (63 when I was 17) used to have me sleep over get me fucked up and I would get gang raped for him and it was beautiful
  24. The Mugger

    The Mugger I’ve never considered myself naive, but I did tend to walk around as if nothing bad would ever happen to me. Sometimes I would find myself walking home late at night and not even pay attention to the fact that I was passing through a rougher neighborhood. I always made it home safe every time, so in my mind I was always safe. Until Friday night a couple of weeks ago. It was dark and the streets were basically deserted -which is probably why I always felt nothing would happen to me. How could something happen if no one is around? Someone was around, though. I just didn’t see him before it was too late. I didn’t hear his footsteps as he stalked me, eventually wrapping his arms around me from behind and growling in my ear to hand over my cash. Luckily my other instincts kicked in and I went into self-defense mode, wrenching his arms free from me, and spinning around to face him (which I couldn’t see anything -it was too dark). I nailed his jaw with a right hook and then did something I never thought I would do -I slammed my knee into his jewel box. He dropped to the ground like a sack of potatoes, groaning in agony. When he looked up at me, his black hoodie fell back to reveal quite a handsome face. Mind you, it was contorted in agony at the moment, but his good looks were not lost on me despite what had just happened. “Jesus, why’d you do that?” he hissed. My true nature came out at that point and I started apologizing to him (I’m know -idiot!). “I’m sorry, I’m really sorry.” I had always felt that I would never have the heart to inflict such pain onto another man, but somehow something else had taken over at that point. “In my defense, you were trying to mug me.” “Yeah, but I wouldn’t hurt you,” he moaned, rocking a little on his knees and cupping his crotch. After a couple of minutes he managed to stand. Now that he was facing me I could see he was much larger than my own trim 5’9” frame. Great, I thought, he’s going to kick my ass first, then take my money. He just stood there eyeing me for a minute, probably debating over which of the hundreds of painful and bloody ways he could kill me. He stepped closer, never taking his eyes off of me for a moment. “That fucking hurt,” he told me in a low voice. “If it means anything, I really didn’t mean to do it. It just happened,” I blubbered. “Kicking a guy in the balls is pretty low. I think you owe me more than just some cash, for that kind of pain,” he said, lunging at me and somehow managing to get me into a choke hold that I could not break. I wasn’t completely out, but the lack of oxygen did it’s part in immobilizing me. He dragged me just around the corner into a rundown old house. It was dark and I didn’t hear any voices. I knew we were alone. Through the house he dragged me until I found myself on a bed. His large body loomed over me as the cobwebs and fog cleared from my head. Well he could have killed me in an alley and not have to deal with disposing of the body, so maybe he’s not a homicidal maniac. On the other hand, maybe he is, and he just enjoys toying with his prey and taking his time torturing them before they succumb to the vast array of injuries he’s inflicted upon them. The bed threw me off, though. I’ve seen Dexter -these guys like a work space. As soon as he stripped his shirt off, revealing a mouthwatering rugby player type of build, I knew he wasn’t planning on killing me. Still, being raped was never something I dreamed about, either, so I started to move, trying to get my bearings so I could make a run for it. He had just opened his pants and out flopped a dick that was totally proportionate to his hunky hulky body. It had to be at least 8 ½ inches long and it was just starting to harden! And thick -bloody hell! That was my cue to get my ass in gear, so I struggled to a crouch on the bed, jumped, and then tried to run around him. His muscular arm caught me around the waist, heaved me up in the air, and deposited me back down in the center of the bed. “Uh-uh, you’re not going anywhere ‘till I’m done with you. We’re gonna have some fun tonight, you and me.” Despite my fear, my dick was hardening in my pants and my ass was going into spasms of anticipation. What can I say -sometimes you can’t take the gay slut out of the man. Show me a rapidly growing dick and beautiful body and my body knows what to do. I lost my head by then, and there was no point in fighting him. Besides, if I submit to him maybe he won’t be too rough on me. That dick can do some damage, I thought. “Fuck it,” I said, rolled back to my knees on the bed and beginning my own strip show for him. His face lit up seeing that I wasn’t going to give him a hassle. “Well, I guess I found myself a bitch, didn’t I?” “I’ll be your bitch,” I told him, my breath coming up short. I shuffled to get closer to him, and then taking him by the hands, pulled him down onto the bed with me, kissing him hard and deep. He kissed me back, but he took the kiss over. We were definitely going to do this his way. And he wasn’t in the mood for anything affectionate. He kissed me almost violently, his tongue invading my mouth and throat (yes, throat -he’s got a long one!) nearly made me gag, but I became so turned on that I just rode it out and tried to match him. Suddenly he broke the kiss, grabbed me and flipped me over onto my stomach. I felt him moving on the bed until his hot breath was on my butt. Lucky for him I had gone to the bar prepared tonight. Unluckily for me, had I gotten lucky I wouldn’t find myself in this mess. His long tongue immediately began to snake up into my ass. I’ve never felt a rimming like it -it was beyond ecstasy! It literally felt like a small snake going up into me. It was insane! I couldn’t help but moan and writhe -what else could I do? After a few minutes I was desperate to feel his cock in me -despite the fact that it was now full-grown and towering at an impressive 12 ½ inches. I’ve never had anything that big in me, the largest so far being around 9 inches. “Oh fuck, you have to fuck me,” I pleaded. “What the fuck do you think you’re doing here, bitch? You’re gonna pay for kicking me in the junk. And I’ve got a special way to pay you back. You’re gonna take my poz loads all night long.” Suddenly there were sirens and shrieking going off in my head! Did he say ‘poz’? What the fuck? I’m negative and had been very conscious to keep it that way. I began to struggle against him, trying to keep him from straddling me, but his size made that impossible. I went back to pleading. “Please, man, I’m negative. I don’t want this.” “Who asked you, bitch? You got to pay for what you done to me.” Okay, he was hot -his vocabulary didn’t need to be ivy league when you look like that. What the fuck? How can my mind be thinking about vocabulary when he’s about to put HIV+ cum inside me? I begged and struggled for a few more minutes, and then he got fed up, laying his entire body weight on top of my back. His face was next to mine, and he was breathing hard. “Am I going to have to choke you out again?” he asked menacingly. Lord only knows what he might do if I’m totally unconscious, so I weakly told him it wasn’t necessary. “Good bitch. I don’t want to feel that ass pushing me out, either. When I go in, I’m staying put until my bruised nuts fill you up with their revenge.” Shit, there goes my other plan. I figured that I might be able to buck him off of me or push him out just before he blows. I’ve never felt that kind of conflict before. My mind and heart were telling me to do whatever necessary to get the fuck out of there before he infects me. But my damned hormones . . . as soon as they kick in, all reason and logic fly out the window. My hormones were telling me that I’d gone out to the bar tonight to get laid. Now I was going to get laid. Quit complaining. Bitch. Hormones with attitude, right? It’s bad enough HE’s calling me ‘bitch’, I don’t need my own subconscious calling me names! Alas, the hormones were in the driver’s seat and I just surrendered to him. If the opportunity presented itself to escape I would take it, otherwise I would just survive. I can always go and get that pill I heard my friends talking about. “That’s it, I feel the fight going out of you. You’re my bitch for the night. You might as well like it,” he told me. I felt his fat cock head at my entrance, and he rutted his hips a couple of times, enticing my hole to yawn open and swallow him all on it’s own. Would you believe that the damn thing did? Suddenly my ass was sucking several hard, thick inches in. It actually took my breath away, the rush of him suddenly entering me. But by now I was so hot I didn’t resist -despite the pain. Oh, yes, there was pain. That was a fat knob pushing into me. I’m sure that I felt tearing inside, especially since he had only used spit to lube my hole. “Fuck, buddy, your ass is just eating that big dick up! You’re nothing but a whore, aren’t ya? How else would that ass just take it like that? I got a big dick and most bitches can't get past the head.” He sounded like he was enjoying himself, and he reared back and then thrust in, this time adding a few more inches to the penetration. A couple more times like this and I felt his pubes scratching my ass. Fuck, he was balls deep in me! It hurt like fucking hell, and he’d torn me open good doing it. My insides were going into mad spasms, while I silently let the tears pour down my face and drip onto the worn bed sheet. Shockingly, he wasn’t a complete asshole, and he held still until he felt the spasms subside, and then he got to fucking. It really only took a few minutes for my hole to feel totally open to him, and by now the pain had morphed into unbelievable pleasure. I wanted his dick in me. I loved his dick destroying my hole. I guess that might make me a whore, but just then I was happy being a whore. By the time he got a rhythm going that he liked, I was really into it, and raised up onto hands and knees and began shoving my ass back at him, riding him deep and hard. “Fuckin’ pig likes it!” he roared. “Pig’s gonna like my toxic cum, too.” Reflex response had me saying, “Please, pull out before you cum,” even before I had a chance to consider it. Of course, I came back to my senses when I felt the sharp sting on my ass as he smacked my cheeks hard. Really hard, like I’m sure there will be a bruise in the shape of a hand print. “No fuckin’ way, bitch. That’s your payback for nailing me in the balls. You’re gonna learn how important that real man cum is. Toxic venom flowing through my veins, in my sperm. And soon it’s all gonna be in you.” My logical mind was becoming more and more cloudy as I rode that cock. It just felt too damn good. And yes, I do take loads from guys, so naturally my body is craving his seed in me. That’s just the natural order -dick goes in, fucks, deposits seed. Sometimes repeat. And right now my ass and guts were praying he would fill me with his load. It was like the devil sitting on one shoulder and the angel on the other. One says, “Fuck yeah, you want it!”, while the other says, “Don’t listen to him. You know you shouldn’t be doing this!”. As usually happens when my hormones are in flux, that little devil went over and drop-kicked the angel right out of the equation. The next thing I know . . . “Fuck yeah, give me that load,” I heard myself saying. Excuse me? “That’s it, bitch. You know you want me to knock you up. Beg me for it, bitch.” “Do it, cum in my ass!” I yelled. “Say it,” he ordered. “Please, cum in me,” I pleaded. “SAY IT!” he demanded again. And then I knew what he wanted to hear. “Poz me!” I screamed. “Give me that toxic cum! Cum in my ass and infect me!” “That’s right, bitch,” he said in almost a purr, now really railing into me. I knew it wouldn’t be long now, and sure enough he slammed in particularly deep, roared, and slapped my ass again as I felt his balls blast my battered hole full of his venomous load. “Take it, you fuckin’ whore. Take that poz cum!” he yelled. “Yes! Yes, poz me! Poz me!” I yelled back. At that moment I was loving every second of that fuck, despite what would probably result from it. What’s done is done, and I might as well get some enjoyment out of it. I can go to the clinic in the morning and get that pill. His dick stayed hard in my ass and he just kept on fucking me. After 3 more viral loads from him, he finally extracted himself from my gaping hole and took a break. He went and got himself a beer. Nothing for me. After he’d finished it off I knew why -I was allowed beer, only it’s the same one he’d just drank. He stood over me and I clamped my mouth down on his semi-hard dick, and immediately began to swallow as his piss sprayed into my mouth. I chugged like a champ and didn’t lose a drop. Seeing that actually turned him on again, and within seconds he was back up my cum sloppy hole. He used my ass all night long. Literally. I’ve never met a man who was such an animal when it comes to sex. He just could not get enough. He blasted a dozen loads into me in one night. Some guys don’t even get that much at a gangbang! By the time the sun was shining and the rest of the world was up and on their way, he finally took his spent dick out of my hole. We were both covered in sweat and cum. And we were exhausted. He lay on his back staring up at the ceiling. “There, your ass got what it deserves. Next time you’ll think twice about hitting below the belt,” he reminded me. “Now get the fuck out.” “Is it okay if I take a quick shower before I go?” I asked. “Fuck no. This isn’t a date, bitch. Get the fuck out,” he ordered. Now reality was sinking in again and the sex haze had lifted. Time to get out before he decides to get violent on me. I grabbed my clothes and raced from the room. I dressed just inside the front door, and then hurried outside.
  25. Authors note- This is not yet a fleshed out narrative story. It's a just concept that I think about frequently. I'm posting it here and if folks like it, I may attempt to fashion it into a story. First try, so be kind. WARNING: Extreme racial content. If you do not enjoy race play, please do not read. Am I a pimp in the making? I recently read an article about Survival Sex. Young homeless guys having to sell their bodies to eat. The better looking and biggest hung ones obviously have more success. As it should be. I love the idea of homeless guys going form rich white man to rich white man to scrape together a living. Prissy white fags giving into their most base and primitive instincts. Paying money for the privilege of sucking a big cock on a man who disgusts them. I’m certain many white men have looked at a filthy black buck and thought “Put that big AIDS nigger dick in me.” Oh, how I would love to exploit these homeless guys. Groom the most hung among them so I could rent them out to gay men as AIDS Trophy boys. It excites me when an escort (of any race) is out about his HIV status. I like to think that these men can demand the most money. I’d love to encourage any high end escort or broken down whore to become poz to increase their business. HIV as an economic engine is hot. Of course, it is already to pharma and other industries. Is it now my chance to profit?

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