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Found 54 results

  1. RV Park cumdump

    I'm moving to the bay area (California) soon and stayed up at a friends place so I could go apartment hunting. While I was there I decided to check out an RV park and their showers to see if I could get any action. I posted an add on craigslist announcing to all members nearby that I would be in the RV park showers in a huge time slot, just to be sure I could get as many loads as possible. I got in bathroom, turned on the shower and left the door ajar. I then cleaned myself up and got down on all fours, oiled and greased my ass up and then covered my head with a towel. At first, it didnt look good, I was simply stroking my cock with my ass high up in there air. Men entered the other bathrooms, showered then left. Just as I was about to give up and head out, a man knocked on the door and walked in. My hole flexed in anticipationa and i further arched up my back to present my cumdump hole to him. He entered and closed the door as he unbuckled his pants. He got his pants on and began to softly caress my ass. I could tell he was older due to the gray hairs on his hands has he groped my balls gently. This made me even hornier. I then spread my ass cheeks with my hand and winked my hole at him. He spat upon my hole and gently rubbed his finger against me as i continued to wink my hole. He then slid it in. At first I flexed tightly and then relaxed. 'Thats it old man', I said to myself, 'use this young cumhole'. He fingered me slowly at first and then faster and harder with two fingers. He then pulled them out and sucked on them loudly so I could hear it. Now I was very horny. I stretched my cheeks out even further and I could feel him lowering himself upon me until his dick was pressed up against my hole. I relaxed and he slid right in. From there he pumped my bare hole slowly for a few minutes and then began to pick up pace. He had really soft skins and i loved feeling his low hanging balls slap up against mine. As soon as I felt him seize up and cum and clenched my hole tight. I didnt want a single ounce of his cum anywhere else but my hole. After he was done he fixed himself and slapped my ass on the way out. God i love being fucked by older men. Three others would come in and load me as well. I believe they were older as well. I had so much fun, I will have to try that again soon
  2. My first outdoor swallowjob

    A Sunday in October 2017 - This is the craigslist Ad I placed: I've found many women enjoy watching their guys get off but aren't comfortable with another female involved. If you want to see him get a ball licking, deep sucking blowjob that ends with his orgasm being swallowed without question I can help. I don't want anything in return. This won't be a social meeting. I'll get right to it when we meet and leave as soon as his orgasm is finished. I'll never contact or bother either of you in any way. Your privacy is guaranteed. I'm a well spoken, well mannered, masculine guy next door type. I got an answer from a guy about 15 minutes away asking if I'd be willing to service him while his wife was at work. I knew his wife probably knew nothing about it, or it's possible he didn't even have a wife but the important part to me was that he wanted me to suck him off. He couldn't play at home and suggested we meet at a boat landing. I hadn't ever done any public type play and was very wary but he said he'd done it before, knew the area well, and knew a place we would'nt be bothered. I initially decided against his offer but thinking of sucking him off outside got me more and more horny until I emailed him for directions. I met him at a boat landing and he told me to follow him a short distance away. He turned town a dirt road and I followed until we were out of sight from the main road and he pulled over. He dropped his shorts and sat on his back seat while I leaned in and started handling his cock which hardened quickly. I started sucking and he got firmer and bigger. He was enjoying himself, I was too. I could feel the sun on my back while he used my mouth and started getting verbal. "Suck that cock", " suck it deep, move your hands." I moved my hands and used just my mouth and he enjoyed that more. I kept going deeper and deeper until I gagged hard one time. His cock got bigger and harder when I gagged and he responded with more instructions. "Gag yourself, put it back in your throat." I worked him back deep again and noticed that when I gagged , his cock got harder, and the head flared up larger at the back of my tongue. It only took a second to realize he like me gagging on him and as soon as I recovered from gagging, I'd shove him back in my throat, deep, gagging myself again. Everytime my throat contracted from gagging, his breathing would get a little more ragged, and his cock would get harder, and he would lift his hips to fuck my mouth deeper. I kept gagging myself and he kept getting more verbal. I was soon rewarded by his thrusting and breathing stopping. He lodged the flared, swollen head of his cock behind my tongue and I could feel the shaft start pulsing. I didn't have to swallow. He was so deep I couldn't have if I had tried. He pumped his cum directly into my gut while my lungs started burning for air. After about 30 seconds that passed too quickly, he relaxed and started breathing and his cock slipped out of my throat so I could breath again too. I got only a faint taste of his cum as almost all of his load had been injected way past my taste buds. I thanked him and walked to my car as he was zipping up, backed out and drove home hoping he'd contact me for a repeat.
  3. Comptons

    I've always been into older, piggier guys but have been pretty shy about it & never really acted on it. Well behind doors maybe, but what I really want to submit to a older bigger poz pig in public as well as private. I'm not into the pretty boys, I prefer the guys who look like they've lived & fucked! Older the better, I'm 40 so any one older but 50+ pigs is where my heart & cock is. When I first came out I used to love Comptons, Old Compton St. Thats where the dirty men used to go, proper old school soho, I i want to be in the middle. But was always too shy to get involved. Time have changed & it's quieter now, but makes me think that the guys who go there must be filthier because of that. What I've always wanted is to arrive with a poz pig & every one know I'm his. No matter who's there or how shy or embarrassed I feel. I would spend the evening making sure he was looked after, getting him & his friends drinks. If any of them need relief told to follow them into the bogs where I service them. But that was a fantasy, where was I going to find a pig going to waste their time training this shy pig in waiting. I would wank constantly thinking about all the guys I was made to service whilst my dad looked on approvingly. Whoever he decided I service i would, he would pick all sorts, but I always wanted that older pig dick in me, the sweatier, more desperate the better. Be he knew that & would hold those guys back making me suck & snog the twinkier skins that hung around. One evening I got so horny & frustrated that I thought fuck it, I need to find this pig & be debased for his pleasure...
  4. Virgin Chub bottom

    Virgin bottom by Elmwood park looking to have my first cock breed me. No load refused. Love public play
  5. Public or Private

    Hi guys. I wanted to ask ask if you all would prefer this Club to be public [non-club members cannot post but can read posts and view media] or private [only group members can read posts, view media]. Feel free to reply to this discussion or private message me to let me know what you think. Thanks!
  6. Friday night. I'm at a gay bar in New Orleans(the name escapes me...if I ever knew it), buzzed and horny as all fuck.I'm out on the patio, drawing on a Rolling Rock, standing close to a hot looking guy telling his buddy how he was needing fucked that night. Medium height, balding, bearded, tight workmans body, in well worn jeans and t-shirt. I've had plenty to drink so I don't need much encouragement. I step to him, he turns to face me. I take another draw of my beer and set it down...unzip to expose my hard cock and hairy balls. "Want this?", I asked with a sneer.He looked at my throbbing cock, then up at my face. I put my hands on his shoulders and he went to his knees. He took my cock into his wet mouth. His buddy watched and grinned while he sucked me hard. And he sucked me with a purpose; the kind of cock sucking that tells you he wants you hard for a reason. I was not mistaken. He rose to his feet and dropped his jeans to the floor, turned around, bent over against the wall, produced a bottle of lube and greased his hole. All in one well practiced and fluid motion. Subtle he was not.I lined up my bare throbbing cock against his hairy hole. He took a loooong hit of poppers which he then handed to his buddy. I waited half a tick for the poppers to hit, then I inched in. His fuckhole was warm and welcoming, I slid to my balls in one long lazy slide. And only when I was balls deep did he utter a sound..."Yessss.", he hissed.And I fucked him. Right there on the patio. With men all around. I fucked his ass like I owned it. He was hungry for it alright. And he got a damn hard fuck. At one point, noticing a small gathering me men, I forced him to swing around and grab a chair. "Lets let everyone watch you get fucked!", I said. "Oh god!", he moaned as he stroked his dick. "Look up at em. Look at their faces watching you get plowed!" He did as I instructed. He looked up to see a circle of men watching his ass get used in public. "You like that raw bone, boy?" I growled. "You want my seed? My dirty cum up your fuckhole?!" "OH FUCK! OH FUCK! YES!! BREED ME! PAINT MY GUTS!!", he screamed - as every head turned. Apparently, that was all he needed. "OH GOD! I'M GONNA CUM!" And damn did he. His ass muscles flexing on my cock with every squirt. THAT was all I needed. I seeded his ass deep and held it there for a long moment....making sure my toxic load was deep inside him....grinding my DNA into his guts...before pulling out very, very, slowly. I do love the whimper a fuckhole makes when I pull all the way out. My wet softening cock hung there. I made sure anyone that wanted got a look at it. The fuckhole was straightening himself, his buddy lending a hand. I pull my jeans back up, stuffed my sliney cock roughly into my jeans and grab my beer. I take a long draw and stood there, giving the fuckhole a hard silent stare...sending the message. "Thank you...Sir.", he murmured. I nod my approval, take a final draw of my beer and walk back to the bar for another.I believe every eye followed me. And it felt damn good. And yeah, I did fuck and breed another dude later that night.
  7. FREAK SHOW I needed to get out of the house. I needed some fun. It had been two weeks since that asshole packed his bags and left, with no fucking reason. I wanted to get away from the memories inside my condo. So I get ready, ready for anything and headed out, driving around the city for a while, not wanting to head to the bars. They were predictable and filled with people that new me and the ass hole. So instead I jumped on the interstate and headed west. About thirty miles outside the city, I saw a sign for a traveling carnival. Not the fun I had prepared for but a good distraction for my pain, maybe I would laugh. I exited and found the parking lot, which was just a big empty field that was filling with cars. I was directed by a man with a flash light to the next empty space. He walked up to my car opened window. When I turned to the window, I came face to face with his crotch. I could see a long tube snaking down his left leg. “Ten bucks to park,” he said. I pulled out a ten and handed it to the man. Before I could pull my hand back in he thrust his crotch toward my hand, pushing his bulge against it. Fuck, my mind wondered if that actually happened. Apparently it had as the attendant bent down, looking into my window. He was handsome, jet black hair with just a little grey at the temples, his eyes were blue and had a thick salt and pepper goatee. I could see inside his shirt, which was hanging open at his neck, revealing a jungle of black hair on his chest. “Looking for some fun?” he asked. “Yeah man, any kind of fun.” “Oh I know what kind of fun you need” he said, squeezing his crotch. I just smiled. “Inside the gate, look for a guy in a black T, it will have a red cross on the right chest” he said. "I'll give him a call on the radio him to tell him to look for you.” With that, he walked away, pulling a radio from his hip and speaking into it. I rolled up my window got out and headed to the gate. There were people every where but I could still see the hot men, their crotches and their asses. Some were in groups of other men, while others were with families. At the gate I paid my entrance fee, and went it. I looked for the guy and instantly found him. Shit, you really could not miss him. He was a massive muscled man, his shirt was straining to hold back his chest, shoulders, and arms. I moved through the flow of people entering, making my way to him. When he saw me, an evil grin formed on his face. Something told me I was in for some trouble. “Ready for your fun?” he asked as I approached. I nodded 'yes'. “Follow me.” We moved through the crowds, passing rides, games and food. We turned next to the fun house and entered a door near the back of the trailer that was the fun house. It was dark, and I could hear laughter coming from inside. With a flick of a switch the small room dimly lit up. In front of me was a window, I could see people passing by pointing and laughing. Some screamed. I started to get nervous, asking myself 'What the fuck is this'? The muscle man, stood next to me and removed his shirt. His pecs were massive, like boulders, smooth and tan. I watched him unbutton his jeans, then popped all the buttons on his fly. He was completely smooth, no crotch hair at all. I could just see a little of the base of his cock and the metal cock ring. What really caught my eye was the tattoo where his hair would be. It was a scorpion, black with a touch of red. He moved behind me and pulled my shirt over my head. Reaching around me, he opened my shorts and dropped them to the floor around my ankles. I was still watching the people on the other side the window. A family had stopped and was just staring, as if they were shocked on what was going on. They jumped and then started to laugh. What the fuck? I could feel his hand on the waist band on my underwear, tugging them down, until they joined my shorts at my ankles. “Shouldn’t have worn those,” he said. I kept looking forward through the window, as I heard his jeans drop. He was rubbing his cock up and down my crack. My cock was rock hard, my head was spinning. I wanted this so bad, yet I wanted to run. He dropped to his knees, placed a hand on each of my ass cheek and spread my crack open. His hot breathe was blowing directly on my hole, causing it to pucker and twitch. "That's it, baby, wink at me,” he said, “show me you want it.” He slowly began to lick my crack, up and down, using a force so strong I had to brace myself against the glass. His tongue found my hole and began to lick it round and round, until pushed into to my hole, tongue-fucking it. I moaned loudly as the people moved on the the other side of the window. At this point I didn’t care who was watching. The man’s tongue slid further into my hole. As good as this felt I could only imagine that his cock would feel like and I was soon to get to know exactly what that felt like. He stood, dropping his hard cock onto my back. I heard him spit, only to feel him lift his cock. I looked over my should to see him wiping the spit on his engorged cock. The cock ring had his cock so hard and thick it looked almost purple. It was massive in girth. "Got a condom?” I asked. "Don’t use them.” “I don’t get fucked with out them.” "You do now” he said, putting his wet cock head against my wet hole and pushed. I tried to fight but he wrapped his free arm around my waist holding me in place. My hole gave way and his raw cock slide in. I tensed up from my hole being stretched open. The pain was intense as his raw cock moved in deeper and deeper opening my hole wider. I felt like I was ripping open. He continued to push in as I held my breath. "Breathe. It will make it better.” “Please take it out. I only fuck safe, man. I don’t want this.” "Relax baby, it’s going to be okay. I won’t hurt you,” he murmured, pausing only to finish his sentence with the word "much." His cock slowly moved back, pulling out until the ridge of the head of his cock was pulling at my hole, then he pushed back in, until I felt his smooth abs against my hole. Over and over he slowly moved in and out of my hole. The pain started to turn to pleasure and I let a moan escape from my throat. “See baby, I knew you would like it.” He picked-up speed, his cock pumping in and out of my hole. He gripped my hips tightly as his balls began to slap against mine. I licked my lips. Holy shit this was hot, this was good. I had almost forgotten he was fucking me raw. Then it hit me again. I couldn't do this. “Fuck man, take it out and put on a condom, please,” I pleaded. “Too late, man. I leak fuck juice like crazy. It's in there mixing with your ass juice. The damage is done.” I tried to push off him, but he had my hips in a death grip. The pain had returned with a vengeance. “Won’t be too much longer and you will get a big shot of poison.” He pounded me harder and harder, my fate was sealed. I watched the people laugh and point in my direction on the other side of the window, as tears ran down my face. I knew I found trouble. “Here it cums! Take that toxic seed, baby.” He pushed up against me, his cock jumping in my ass as his legs shook behind me. He was right. it was too late now. The damage was done. As he had said. He withdrew his cock and I tried to straighten my back, but he stopped me, saying “Nope, stay just like that for a sec.” I could hear noise behind me but didn’t know what was going on. He pushed some thing against my hole and it popped in. “Got to keep that in. Don’t want to let that poz seed escape before it works it’s magic.” He stood behind me and laid his chest against my back as I reached for my shorts and underwear. "Oh, by the way, the visitors couldn’t see us from out there. It's a two way mirror.” I grabbed my underwear to pull them up. I only had reached my knees when I hear the click. He was holding a switch blade. I panicked. He reached down and cut my underwear off me, sniffing them and tossing them aside. "You don’t need those. Now, get dressed. I want you to meet someone.” We both dressed and left the small room of the fun house and moved again through the crowd.
  8. Hey guys, I'm new to L.A. Got a big public play fetish and I'm wondering what are the good cruising spots... any sort of public, outdoor, exhibitionist play turns me on a lot. Any tip is welcome! I gravitate around West LA, SaMo, Venice...
  9. On Tuesday I met up with a very dom top I'd been talking to for a week online, after years of anal chastity following some surgery. When I showed up at his place I was taken aback at first - the apartment was almost empty, with no furniture except a stripped twin-sized mattress on a box-spring and some shelves in the kitchen. The linoleum floors were filthy and gritty with tracked-in dirt, which got ground into my sweats when he shoved me to my knees. We both dropped an E as I started worshiping his cock; I'd barely got it wet before he spun me around and speared my unlubed hole. I melted into the bed as the roll began, staring at cum-stains on the wall while he pounded into my ass and throat, telling me how next time he was going to pimp my ass out to earn some cash. After three or four hours and at least two loads, he was ready to call it quits, but I needed more. I took the subway into Manhattan, hoping nobody would notice my dilated pupils or the cum leaking into my sweats. My next stop was the Blue Store, an infamous ABS with gloryholes in Chelsea. The cumdump gods must have been smiling on me, because the place was hopping. I grabbed an open booth and stripped totally naked, with a thick white cock waiting for me before I had a chance to put my clothes away. He fucked my mouth and came down my throat in only a few minutes, but was immediately replaced by a dark, lanky kid with a ripe but beautiful uncut dick. In a thick borough accent, he asked if I wanted his load up my ass, and I answered by taking it to the hilt. He tried to hustle me for $20 after he bred me, and when I said "no" he immediately dropped his request to $5. I paid up so he would leave the booth and make room for the next cock, although paying so little to get fucked was kind of a turn-on. I was alone for a minute or two after the hustler left, until a handsome, bearded guy came into the next stall and motioned for my cock. He gave great head, but that's not what I was there for. As soon as he let go of my dick I pulled it back and dropped to my knees, pressing my open mouth against the cum-stained partition. He gasped when I throated his cock to the root, and started fucking my face through the partition. Just as I was worried my throat might be getting fucked too raw, he told me to give him my ass if I wanted to get bred. I was already slack and leaking cum, and his cock slid in without any effort or lube. As he fucked me to orgasm, I noticed wet spots of cum on the floor, loads that had dripped from my hole while I was busy slobbering on anonymous dick. It was so depraved and filthy I had to do it - I started scooping up my dropped loads and sucking them from my fingers, while still getting pounded through the wall. The strokes into my ass got longer and slower, until my fucker buried his cock to the hilt and flooded my ass with more jizz. I expected a geyser of cum when he pulled out, but instead felt only a trickle running down my thigh. At that point it was late and my throat and hole were feeling pretty abused, so I headed back to Brooklyn, reeking of cum and temporarily satiated.
  10. Lake Sex

    Since the weather has been nice the last few days, I decided to scope out some places to swim and possibly camp. Found a good place about 45 minutes from me. It was secluded, and a good path that had to be hiked due to put holes that a vehicle can't get through. When it opened up to the lake I found two guys had already set-up a camp. As I approached them to introduce myself, I saw the two guys were in their late 20s, and both were naked as they were apparently swimming in the lake. Both walked up to me and shook my hand and acted like everything was cool, as if it was not unusual for guys to go skinny dipping. As we made our introductions, they both suggested I take a dip in the lake, adding there was no one else around, so it was fine if I skinny dipped. At this point I began to wonder if I had interrupted them, as both guys' cock was somewhat plumped up, and each was at least seven inches in length, and quite thick. I noticed they were both very 'touchy' with me - for certain, if either could find some excuse he did so, so I went with it. Before long, I was naked and sucking off both guys. After a few minutes of sucking, the more dominate guy asked "Hey, guy, do you have any condoms?" Of course I didn't, so I paused in sucking his buddy and answered "Just go ahead," as I went back to sucking his buddy, and as I presented my ass to the other guy. The more dominant guy went balls deep on the first thrust. My cock immediately began to leak precum, and didn't cease for the next hour as they alternately fucked my hole. Finally one shot up into my hole and the other instantly spun me around and pushed his dick inside and shot his load. With two loads in my hole, I collapsed onto my back. The more submissive guy immediately rolled over and sucked me off. Before, however, he had a chance to swallow my load, I kissed him and we snowballed the load between ourselves. I think I'll be camping at the lake quite a bit this summer.
  11. Mind fucks

    Any one ever have someone mess with their mind, in terms of sex? I was posting in the public sex topic, and remembered this incident. Once this sexy Latino teen, tall with a beautiful uncut cock, fucked me in the bushes on the edge of a park. He ordered me to drop my pants, he did the same. We kissed a bit, I sucked him for a little and we kissed some more. He stopped, said "give me that ass," turned me around and fucked me hard and fast, quickly gave me a huge load. It was night, the park was lit up and I could see and hear people playing ball on the field and courts as he pounded my ass. I really was a bit afraid of being seen, and also having feelings of excitement and humiliation. He was young, but had seen me eyeing him in the locker room of the nearby gym. He waited in the parking lot, started talking to me. I was a little tongue-tied and nervous in the presence of such a sexy, masculine and yes, young guy. He understood this quite well, grabbed his crotch while mocking me, "you want this, right?!" Told me to follow him and that's how I ended up in the bushes. His confidence, and the way I just did what he said, and his contemptuous attitude all hit me in an emotionally primal way. He was fucking with my head, making me feel exposed, and again, humiliated, and he knew it. After he came, he slid his dick in and out, slowly, a few times, and before pulling out and wiping his dick on my ass. Gave my exposed, leaking cock and balls a rough grab and shake, not to stimulate me, but more as signal of disrespect, to show he could do what he wanted to my body. Immediately he pulled up his sweats and left, leaving me alone with my pants around my ankles, my hole dripping with his seed, and a hard-on. I jerked off and came really hard, an intense, shuddering orgasm. Took me a minute to get my breath, there was a knot in my stomach, it was a moment of deep pleasure and also, mentally, some shame. This kid had quickly established his control over me mentally, then imposed physical, sexual domination. When I got home I jerked off again.
  12. Taking loads at Blacks Beach

    I always love going to Blacks Beach in San Diego. The feeling of freedom to walk around, sunbathe, and swim in the ocean all in the nude is great. There's also a side benefit. There's one bushy area on the beach where guys cruise and have sex. This one time, I saw a cute, young, slim Latino cruising the place. He looked a bit nervous but we kept looking at each other. Finally we got close to each other and started rubbing the other's dick. I proceeded to suck him. While I'm on my knees doing that, three sexy cubs came to place and started playing with each other. They all have hard, thick cocks. Another guy joined them, got on his knees and started sucking all of them. They all came on his face, it was literally covered with jizz. I was kinda envious, but I was busy at the moment. The guy I was fucking finally came and dumped his load in my mouth. I realized at that point that there were others watching us. Soon, one of those guys offered me his cock to suck. He then fucked me bare and came in my ass. Right after that, a tall white guy who said he's visiting from Seattle started fucking me as well until he came in my ass. We then washed ourselves in the ocean. If any of you are planning to go to Blacks Beach, hit me up.
  13. I knew I was gay quite early and had started to cruise public bathrooms. just after I had turned 18, I went into one close where my father works. I was wanking off closely when I heard someone say "well - well" behind me, I turned around and stared into the face of a colleague of my father. He told me to follow him back to his car. He is quite good looking, late 50s, grey hairs and a good skier (my father told me). Inside his car, he said that he was not going to tell my father if I sucked his dick and swallowed everything. I was scared to death, and now I gues he was there looking for a sex partner (I just didn't think about that at the time). I was quite new to this, but managed to get his cock down my throat and he started pumping my head. when he came, I didn't manage to swallow it all and he slapped me in real anger. That made me rock hard. and then he kicked me out of the car. two weeks later, my father was going back to Sweden, and I had the flat to myself when he came around (he knew I was alone, and he knew I was horny). he just entered the flat when I opened, brought with him a bag with a ruber thing for cleaning my cunt, and ordered me into the shower. there he cleaned me oyut, lubed me up and inserted his cock slowly into me, he did not stop when I pleaded that it was too big (no kidding). after opening me up, he carried me into the liwing room and fuucked me long on the sofa. when he came, he inserted a butplug with a dog tail, and laughed good when he asked me to wriggle my ass. But I was exhausted and confused, I felt raped but knew I liked it.
  14. Central London Jan 11-16

    Will be in London Jan 11-16 on business with plenty of time to breed young smooth bottoms. Any scene, can host at my hotel near St Pauls Cathedral or travel to you or meet you someplace.
  15. Last weekend I woke up craving loads in my ass so I posted an ad on Craigslist calling for anonymous loads at the local park in the baseball dugout. A bunch of guys responded, each saying he would breed my hole. I arrived at the dugout and set up at the end of it...ass up, hole lubed and ready to take some loads in my cunt. The first guy flashed a bright flashlight. I thought it was the police. Scared as I was, I just arched my ass up even higher and lowered my head hoping it was just a horny guy looking to drop a load. Thank god I was right. He walked up and fingered my ass while he was jerking to get hard. I bit my lip once he entered me and began pounding. The smacking noises we made as he pounded me made me cum. He dropped his load in my ass and then immediately took off. The next guy I believed to be homeless. He smelled of alcohol and piss. I could hear him set down a bottle of alcohol on the concrete bench. He was mumbling and he was nervous...constantly getting up to look around and make sure nobody was coming. He started by gently rubbing my balls and then fingering my ass. After awhile he pushed his huge cock inside my hole and steadied himself over me while pushing down on my back. Once he was set he began to ram my hole furiously like he was angry. He continued to mumble angrily with each thrust which made me bite my lip. His strokes slowed down but got deeper as he drained his nuts inside my ass. I thought he would get up and leave but he didn't, he stayed inside of me for what seemed like 10 minutes. I was worried as he was still mumbling but then I felt it. He began pissing inside of my hole. It was exhilarating. Feeling all that warmth spill deep into my ass. After he was done he picked up his bottle and took off. The next two guys had to be friends. I couldn't tell because they both spoke Spanish. No foreplay with these guys. They were both hard and each was ready to drop his load. The light from their phones let me know each was recording the session while his buddy dropped his load in my ass. After these two guys my hole was completely flooded and cum was dripping out of me. There was no way I could contain all of it but I didn't want to waste any. Still, I emailed the next guy saying he should come around, and also letting him know how many loads I took. He said he was fine with a sloppy ass. And it was definitely not a problem as, when the next guy arrived, he began by felching all the cum and piss out of my ass. Afterwards my hole was aching for him, but before he mounted me he said "Batters up!" and began pounding away, getting quite aggressive and verbal. At one point he grabbed my neck with both hands and grunted "How you like that fag?" . "I love it, Daddy," I whimpered. "You want this hot cum in your ass?" "Yes please!" He then grunted as if he was pulling a boulder while cumming deep inside me. He then slapped my ass until it was red and took off. The last four loads were just guys dropping more loads into my ass. After taking nine loads my body was wrecked, my knees hurt, my hips hurt, my back hurt and my hole was swollen and puffy and full of cum. I couldn't help fingering myself and rubbing the cum all over my cock and masturbating with it until I came. I made it back home and found some emails from the guys who had fucked me, suggesting we should get together again sometime. Can't wait
  16. This js any open invitation to any and all men of Melbourne (or anyone traveling to Melbourne). I am a 19 year old neg bugchaser. I will be at Subway sauna from 10am till 4pm on Wednesday September 14 and will be taking any and all loads (absolutely none will be refused). I will post here on the day exactly which room I will be in (I don't know which rooms will be available). Also, if any guys come who have biohazard or scoorpion tattoos, I'll do anything you want! Just knock me up! For anyone who doesn't know, the entry price is $25 (I think), and there is a concession price of $22.
  17. This just happened Wednesday, but let me give you a little back story first: Back at the end of July I met an Arab Daddy at the local cruising ground (I call him Daddy coz he' s the top, but he's only a couple of years older than me) - Anyway, at the woodland there's a particularly secluded quiet spot ideal for those that want a little privacy, where another guy who'd just worked 2 loads out of me whilst sitting on my face, and I were just getting our clothes back on when He appeared round the bush and asked if we'd be long as he wanted to bring some trade there for a fuck. I told him we were just leaving when he asked if I liked to be fucked... I told him truthfully not very often, but I'd like to with him so we swapped numbers and made tentative plans to meet after the weekend. So Monday rolls round and we met at the same place, where he fucked me face down in the dirt and grass begging for his hard Arab fuck stick.. he wrapped it at first, but soon got him to chuck the condom and bareback me. It was over pretty soon, but was just what I needed to re-ignite my desire to get fucked and take loads more often -- well, that and all the hot posts from you dirty sluts and fuckers on here of course That was good, so on the Tuesday he invited be back to his place for a quick fuck before his bf comes home. I had to quietly suck him whilst they were on the phone together for a while, but once he hung up he barebacked me on the living room armchair. Yes, this guy knows how to top, and I haven't felt like this in far too many years. He's got me moaning breed my ass daddy, give it to me. And he's whispering I don't know what, but it's hot and he's really going at it before leaving a load deep inside. He takes me to the shower for a quick clean up, and I thank him again and say I hope we can play again soon, when he says he's off on holiday for a month or more... Fast forward to yesterday when I get the text arranging a quickie for this afternoon between him finishing work and the bf getting home. I head over and start to strip on the way in, drop to my knees and get my mouth around the bulge in his shorts inhaling deeply, taking in his scent. He starts playing with my nipples as I free his cock and engulf the head probing and licking all over. We both know time is short, so we shed the rest of our clothes during this little foreplay and as I take position on the armchair again he's putting a condom on. He give my ass a quick lick and I gasp, but alas rimming is not on the agenda and his tongue is quickly replaced with a lubed finger. I'm squirming and begging "Fuck me Daddy", as he runs his cock head up and down my crack, and starts to push against my tight little hole. I try to remember all the accounts I've read of taking cock and clench on the in breath and relax on the out breath, 2 more breaths and we're in sync and he rams that hard Arab dick right in me. I'm stretched, but it's good... the practice with my training set of butt plugs has paid off... no pain, just pleasure and I want more. The fucking intensifies but I'm strongly aware of the rubber between us. I tell him I want him to breed me, and as he pulls back I shift forward a little so he slips out. "Take it off" I say and with barely a moments hesitation he does. I stick my butt out to him and he enters me raw...much better I tell him, "Breed me Daddy" -- we're both more up for it now, he's fucking harder and faster, then moves me a little to get in deeper. He's hitting the right spot and I'm loving it, wondering if I'll cum without touching myself again. But not this time, before too long I feel his cock twitch and I know by his motions he's seeding me deeply... I'm really content, as he rests his chest on my back and kisses me, still buried deep inside. gently my ass is still milking his cock as he slowly softens a little and withdraws. Like a good little slut I say "Thank you Daddy" as I spin round and drop to my knees and take his cock in my mouth to clean it off and suck out any last remnants of his baby-batter. "Good boy" he tells me Mission successful, it was a bit quick due to time restraints, but it's the best fuck we've had -- and it's the best I've been fucked in years, and the smile on my face shows it. I dress and thank him again, and 25 mins after arriving I'm on my way out of the door. I'm loving the feeling, but I'm aware that I still haven't cum, so I head up to the local cruising ground to see whats around. It's rarely great, but usually adequate.. and there's often that really good cocksucker there at this time, which I think will round off the day nicely. But when I get there he's nowhere to be seen. There are a few guys milling around... more around than usual in fact (it's been a nice warm afternoon), but everyone's just looking, no one's playing. I'm not particularly interested in anyone there anyway, but I wander around a bit. A couple of guys have paired off and blue shirt is blowing his new friend - amateur isn't even on his knees! I keep walking, but rapidly losing interest. One more lap and I'm just content in the afterglow of having received my best fucking in ages, not even particularly horny any more so I decide to call it quits and head home via the supermarket. I'm slowly making my way towards the tram stop when I spot a new lad through the trees... he hears me and diverts his path, so I stop and wait. As he comes in to view my first thought was "this mid to late twenties fit lad in running shorts and a backpack is younger and hotter than anyone else here -- target acquired". He looked over as he was about to pass the end of the path that I was on about 10ft away, I licked my lips and grabbed my crotch, still watching. As soon as he paused I did the beckoning head nod to call him over, and turned and took a few steps down the path away from him, got to a slightly obscured corner by a tree and turned back to see him approaching as I dropped my jeans and dropped to my knees (Don't want the jeans getting dirty ). I looked up and said "Please Sir" and he tucked his shorts under his balls revealing a long thinish soft cock. I inhaled deeply and lapped at the tip which was hidden under a long, but not too much foreskin. He held my face up to look at him and slapped me with his cock a couple of times which seemed to make it grow. He shoved it hard back in my mouth and I got my tongue under the foreskin licking and probing his piss-slit. He held my head with both hands and started roughly impaling my face on that long cock which had grown nicely to about 8" and thickened up too by now. He'd occasionally stop to slap my face with his cock, and was otherwise nice and rough, playing with my nipples, and slapping my face a bit whilst pulling my head hard down on him, his cock down my throat and my nose pressed against his pubic bone. I choke a little and my eyes are watering... A good brutal face fucking just the way I like it. He pulled me off him to allow me to catch my breath and slap his cock around my face again and I had time to gasp "Sir I'm gonna cum if you keep doing that" and he leaned down and gave me a very hard handjob, and then just as I was starting to cum rammed his cock straight down my throat again pushing my head towards him, as he said "Yeah, shoot that muck." (Was that an Irish accent?) Very hot anyway. Then he reached down and used a finger to scoop up the last little bit of my cum that remained on my PA / cock tip and fed it to me wiping it on my tongue. "Thank you Sir" I said as he pulled up his shorts... "Good boy." he replies and off he went to find some other lucky guy.... On reflection, perhaps I should have hung around to take his load too, but didn't want to be too desperate or greedy. 8.5 / 10: needs more spit and verbal... but having said that it was the best brutal facefucking I've had in a while, so that combined with Arab Daddys fuck earlier made for a very good day indeed. I hope someday to be able to bottom properly for a similarly rough top. And thanks again to those of you that post here for the encouragement to go out and get the sex we desire.
  18. Lets Poz That Slut!

    So I noticed on BBRTS that a young little NEG slut is going to be gettin bred by like 20 tops at Subway Sauna (in Melbourne) on Friday (12th August). Any other guys wanna breed this bitch, with me? Let's knock him up, together. His posting said he'd be there from 10am-4pm. He said he'd post the exact room on the day, so when he does, I'll post it here. I say we don't reply to his actual ad, just show up, so that he doesn't know we are coming, or what we will give him. Anyone else up for this?
  19. Total 100% bottom at Dore Alley wearing black harness and a black/red Mr S jockstrap. Will try just about anything once. Let's have some fun, groups street scene, port-a-potty If you know where some hot action is I'm in to be the group bottom. Bottom_boy4fun@yahoo
  20. Bareback In The Trees

    Today I got an unexpected surprise. I was passing through Sheffield in northern England and decided to stop off in the middle of the afternoon, jump on Grindr to see who was about. It sometimes works. Today, nothing seemed doing and I was about to give up and carry on my journey when I got a message from a sexy guy only a kilometre away. We chatted, swapped pics, but then he said he couldn’t accom. Straight after he says ‘what about outdoors?’ So long story short, we meet in a park behind the railway station. It’s on a steep hill with nice views over the city, and happily as he walks up I see that his pictures don’t do him justice. He is much hotter – cuter, less muscular but body tighter, to be precise – in real life. Black hair, 5ft 10 tall, wide brown eyes and a tight body revealed by his T-shirt. I tell him his pics don’t do him justice and he tells me I’m fucking hot. Nice. So we go walking into the wooded area of the park, and just a few metres off the main path we find a little group of trees to duck into. First thing I do – first thing I always do in this situation – is take my shirt off: that always seems to get things going! He’s got his hands on my body, and we’re kissing and then quickly he snaps open my belt, drops down, pulls my cock out and starts to suck me. It’s nice but it’s not really what I want – I should be the one on my knees. So I lift him up, kiss him some more and then drop down on my knees. He’s pulling his trackies open and his cock is in my mouth before he knows it. I suck slow and deep, waiting for the first taste of precum, because I’ve got a plan… After a couple of minutes I get the taste, and I quickly stand up, kiss him and say: ‘do you wanna fuck me?’ Breathlessly he replies ‘yeah!’ I drop back down onto my knees and take his cock really deep down to my throat when suddenly I feel his hands on my head, gripping the back of my skull so he can fuck my throat. His cock is just the perfect size for me to swallow it down but not choke. The precum is coming thick and fast now, and I think I’ve got him in the perfect mood. I stand up, turn around, slip my shorts off down to my ankles, and take the mix of spit and precum in my mouth and use it to lube up my ass. I have no idea if he regularly barebacks, but he’s inside me so fast and suddenly fucking me. I’m gripping the branches of a tree to steady myself and push back, but I take a moment to turn around and tell him: ‘I want you to cum in my ass!’ He nods. ‘Yeah, fuck yeah. Yeah.’ I turn around and start to enjoy the fuck from this cute sweet guy. Now for the first time I see exactly how close we are to the path. Barely five metres, and there are people walking by. It’s the middle of a sunny afternoon: we’re only just hidden from families with kids, scally boys with beer cans, and here we are in the trees fucking like rabbits. It’s kinda funny. The fuck itself is nice and smooth. He grabs my cock with one hand, now rock hard from the fuck, and grips my abs tightly with the other. By the time he’s inside me he’s already pretty close, and he fucks me pretty hard – hard enough to trip my pleasure but not hard enough to hurt. He starts to thrust harder, and automatically I say: ‘cum in me.’ I’m cheering him on. So close. He doesn’t fuck hard but I’ve a feeling this’ll be a big one. Wishful thinking, but actually he doesn’t disappoint. The first thing I feel is a single hot spurt inside me, just as he says, quite loudly ‘oh fuuuucckk!’ (remember there are people close by!) and then as the warm rush hits me with what I assume are subsequent cumspurts, he just folds up onto my back. His thrusts turn to slow, rhythmic pulses as he cums some more, and his body spasms in these really sweet, smooth rhythms. Never seen that before. Nothing jerky, just smooth and slow. He folds his arms round my body meeting at my chest and puts his head on my back, just enjoying what is happening. Meanwhile I reach round and grab his ass – until now I hadn’t realised how tight and fuckable his ass was! – and press him against me. ‘Fuck your cum into me’ I whisper, and he does for a bit, before slowly pulling out. It’s perhaps as if he knows I want to keep that cum inside me. And then it’s all over. It’s been no more than 10 minutes, but we have to wait for a quiet moment on the path before coming back out. We get seen anyway. By this point, I’m feeling waves of jizzjoy, and sensing that he unloaded quite a lot of cum inside me. We say our goodbyes. What an unexpected surprise! Within 10 minutes more, I’m on my train home. Feels funny to walk through the station grinning from ear to ear and flying high while trying to keep my ass nice and tight! I jump straight into the toilets to jack off, and suddenly decide to take some me-feeling-the-jizzjoy-selfies in the toilet mirror. For fun, here they are. I’m not showing it, but just know there’s fresh cum in my ass when these were taken. Maybe they communicate how I felt, but anyway - Enjoy!
  21. Today At The Community Pool

    Took a load today in the changing room at the community pool. Put up a quick connect ad on Bbrt and got 2 tops to respond. First to arrive was a young black top with a great body and a nine inch cock. I was waiting in the changing room. He came in, locked the door and said, "get on your knees bitch." I happily obliged and he skull fucked me for about five minutes. Then he yanked me to my feet, bent me over and pushed my head toward the toilet. He slammed all the way in and fucked me hard for about 5 minutes before Cumming in my ass. As he pulled out he told me not to moved. He held myrtle head over the toilet while I cleaned his cock, the started pissing in me. He pulled out, finished pissing on my face. Finally, he pushed my face into the piss filled toilet and pulled the handle. As he walked out, he said, "Hope you like that poz load, cunt." I sent him a thank you email and told him I'm always available. I hope next time he gets even nastier.
  22. Liam was 21, had dark tanned skin, curly black hair and a lean, atheletic body. He was masculine and in the closet. Even though he was gay, he still fucked girls to prove himself to his friends, something I found pathetic. Him fucking me was pleasurable, but he always insisted on a condom despite the fact we were both neg. It irritated me: we were both clean, so why wouldn't he dump his load in me? Liam had told me previously that an HIV scare when he was younger turned him away from any unprotected sex, so it was a condom or nothing. I could accept this for a while, but as time went on he started to take me for granted, expecting me to make all the effort to get his plastic-covered dick inside me. But he was hotter than fire and had an amazing physique, so I put up with his bullshit for a year. One night I was desperately horny to top someone, so I invited him over as he had always told me he was vers. But when it came to fuck, he refused to bottom, let alone take my load. "I bottom for masc men only, fag," he told me. I decided that it was time for him to overcome his fear of HIV. I formed a plan. That week I created a Grindr profile on my phone and my tablet. On the tablet I found a picture of the only type he bottomed for: A tall, muscular, masc man. I used that picture to set up the fake profile of a man who I named 'Jim' I used a fake location app to move 'Jim' to Liam's area, and immediately began chatting him up. Soon Liam was begging to bottom for the imaginary 'Jim', but as expected he stated that he only did protected sex. "Don't worry," I explained through the 'Jim' profile. "I'm neg, and I ALWAYS use a condom." I spent days teasing him, leading him on, making him hungry to feel 'Jim's' cock deep in his ass. Then I moved to the next part of the plan. "I want to use u at night in a park." I explained through the 'Jim' profile. "To go there, find u on ur hands and knees with ur ass in the air ready to b fuckd. SAFE only tho!" I smirked. Liam took the bait, agreeing to be fucked, provided Jim wasn't rough because, in Liam's words: "I don't btm much." Now the first stage of my plan was in motion, I moved to the second stage. On the phone I created a fake profile with a picture of Liam. Then I searched my city for any poz man I could find, pretending to be Liam, explaining that I wanted unmedicated poz loads only. I found some poz profiles, and explained using Liam's fake profile: "I have a fantasy. I want to be raped in a park by a poz guy. I'll wait with my ass up in the air, and I want to be held down and have my hole raped with NO LUBE or spit. I want it rough, raw, bloody. I want a poz load in my torn up ass. I want to have any screams, tears or begging to be ignored, I want the real experience. I want me and my ass to be abused and used with no mercy. If I try and move I want to be held down. No safe words, no games. Pure charged poz loads in my ruined hole." I got more responses than I could've hoped for. Soon I set up a time and place, continuing to flirt with Liam using the 'Jim' profile so he would become hornier and more open to suggestion. Then the final part of the plan came about. The night of the event had arrived. I messaged Liam using the 'Jim' profile.. "I was thinking how hot it will b if ur blindfolded when I start fucking u. It will b so hot. I'll take the blindfold off at the end so we cum together " As I expected, Liam was hesitant, but I eventually I convinced him to do it for just the first minute of the fuck. Liam told me his hands were shaking. I told him I was excited to meet him and have some safe fun. Liam arrived at the huge park and walked to the very back where he would be furthest from the road... and anyone helping him. He got on his hands and knees like I had ordered him earlier, and he pulled his pants down to his knees, exposing his ass to the night air. He pulled out a piece of fabric and bound it over his eyes. He waited. Around the corner were 9 highly-charged, poz men who had arrived earlier in anticipation. I'd told them through my fake Liam profile to look out for other poz men who might want in on the action, and they'd noticed each other and gathered as a group to give a young, toned masc jock the gift he had been begging for for weeks. As per my request, they had phones ready to film every painful, dirty detail. Liam messaged 'Jim' that he was ready and putting his blindfold on. He reminded me "Safe Sex Only", and promised he'd leave if I tried anything. I relayed the first part of the message to the waiting men, and like wolves they silently approached the naive young man, unknowing that they were all being used to rape an innocent, unsuspecting neg boy. As the rape began, I blocked Liam on 'Jim's' profile and then deleted it. The next day I asked the men to send me their videos and pics of the night. They all mentioned how hot it was that Liam struggled and cried so much, thinking it was mainly an a roleplay act. The videos showed Liam being set upon by the group and held straight down on the dirt by the men as one by one they shoved raw, dry poz dicks in his tight, hairy hole. He had screamed. He had begged. His hole tore and bled. Toxic loads became the lube of each successive stranger until they had all fucked him more than twice and cum leaked out of his red orifice and dribbled down his bruised flesh onto the ground. After a while, Liam had stopped struggling and instead lay on the dirt crying, poz loads swirling around inside his bloodied, torn guts. Each man dressed and walked off from the crime scene. I saved the videos on my computer and still watch them regularly. The image of Liam being raped again and again for more than an hour makes me instantly hard to this day. I deleted all the Grindr profiles I had used in the crime and went back to my own personal profile where I had favourited Liam and where we usually arranged hookups. His profile was offline for more than 3 days before he finally came back online. I waited another few days so it wasn't suspicious then messaged him. "I'm so horny, I've missed you, sexy!" "Hey... I dont kno." He replied. "Im... not sure I can do sex anymore." He paused for a long time before adding "I want to see u. Im going through a lot right now and Im an emotional wreck. I dropped out of uni bcuz some shit happened that im still getting over. You're a really nice guy [NAME REDACTED]. Plz see me tonight?" I smiled. "I'm kinda busy. Next week?" "OK, I'd like that." Liam replied. "Thanks for messaging me. I rly need someone to talk to." A week later I asked if he wanted to see me. "Im not feeling well today." He responded after a delay. "I think Im coming down with the Flu."
  23. Last weekend, I had my first visit to the public restroom at a park near my place. The guy next to the stall was a very sweaty runner, and as I have a thing for the combination of piss and sweat, I found sucking his cock to be a major turn on. I blew him for several minutes, thoroughly enjoying myself, when he withdrew from my mouth and gestured for me to turn around. I complied, and lowered my ass for his examination. First, I felt his finger, then his nose, and then his wet tongue going at it, rimming my hole. Without too much delay he knelt, rubbing his cock on my cock while going through his bag to get lube and condom. First he lubed up my hole, and then turned his attention to the condom. Meanwhile I stroked his cock, grinding my ass on the head and gently pushing it against my hole. While he was unwrapping a condom I took hold of his cock and slowly push backed. As my ass was lubed, his cock head entered effortlessly. "Dude!" he exclaimed, but didn't pull out, so I kept pushing back onto him as he moaned "Ah...fuck...." He spread his legs, grabbed hips and thrust all the way in, pushing his shaft forward at a fast speed. Stopping for few seconds, he then pounded hard again. And then stopped again, only to resume a third time, drilling my ass hard. It didn't take long for him to push deep in my ass and unload several big cum shots in my ass. When he pulled out I could actually feel his cum squirt out on the floor. Then he abruptly left, and no, I never saw his face.
  24. I met this guy awhile ago on CL when he replied to my post. He claimed to be a married guy with 7" cut cock. The first time we met, it was the blindfolded, naked, he walked in scene but he didnt fuck me right away. however, he flipped me over on my back, felt his lean body on me, start kissing. The best part about anon is, you dont know who is he and what he's gonna do to you. I touched his face, clean shaven, shaved head. then he moved to the side, one hand exploring my smooth body and the other hand is fingering my hole. Then he put on a condom, back to the side position, started to push on my hole. it is thick for sure, i felt the pressure but he pushed gently. Finally, his head went in, few minutes later, my hole has slowly opened and letting it in. i can hear the condom is getting loose due to my ass grip on it each time he pull out. I enjoy the slight pain and the challenge of taking it all the way in and the thought makes me horned up. This time, he pulled out and I can hear him pull off the condom. He lubed my ass, lubed his cock and stroking it. He's ready for another entrance. i heard him taking 2 deep hits of poppers and he gave me some. without wasting much time, hes back in position and slide the head in just further. both of his hands were holding me while he pushing on my hole. "thats better. now, open youe hole, boy...open up, thats it..." i felt his cock dip in and push in deep. His hand stroking my cock in fast stroke as if hes trying to make me cum. It didnt take me long and I warned him that Im cumming. i shot up to our face, just the first squirt and i have never shot that far i guess. he kissed me and i tasted my own cum. "keep your hole open for daddy, you are not done till i cum ok". i nodded and let him fuck my ass until he sprayed his cum deep in my ass. He continued to drill gently and told me to do another anon scene. we have done another scene where i waited in my car, parked in my drive way. we bareback in the seat. Another anon scene where I waited in the bath tub, he gave me piss shower, jo and gave me a cum shower too. Do you guys have any hot anon scenes to share? I want to keep seeing him and I need to come up with a new ideas.
  25. Placed an ad on CL looking to meet up with hung college guys in a public restroom at university. This 20 year old BBC with a thick 8 inches messages me to say he's interested and wants to meet within the next hour. He said he only wants blown. Disappointing, of course, but I was not going to turn down an opportunity to suck that big cock and swallow his load. He's right on time. Enters the stall next to me, taps his foot, and then whispers for me to meet him in the back handicap stall. I open the stall door, and there stands this tall, athletic young and very attractive black guy. He pulls out his impressive cock, and it grows even bigger as he strokes it. I bend down to take that cock in my mouth, realizing quickly that his large girth is going to make sucking difficult. One minute passes and I feel him reach around and rub my ass. Suddenly I feel a wet finger enter my hole, then a second finger. He spit on his fingers and continued to probe me, going as deep as he could. Then he grabbed me roughly by the hips, turned me around, and forced me to bend over. I heard him spit in his hand, and then he rammed his hard cock balls deep into my ass. The pain was intense. I had to bite my lip to not scream or even whimper. Without any pause, he pummeled my hole with that massively thick black cock, ramming it in and out as hard as he could. When he finally slowed down the pace, he pulled all the way out, softly rubbed his cock head against my hole, then forced his cock back in my ass all the way in one push. This continued for at least 10 minutes until someone entered the restroom. I got paranoid and thought we should at least make it less obvious what we were doing in that stall, but the fucking continued--quieter and gentler, though that BBC was still deep in my hole. After the other guy finally left, he really started to pound my ass. Hard, fast, and nonstop for another 10 minutes. By this point, my ass is sore, and I'm starting to feel I can't take anymore. But then he starts to breathe harder and asks if I want his cum. Of course I do! "Cum in my ass." "Yeah breed me with that black cock." He moans and slams his cock as deep as it will go in my ass. I feel his cock tremble in my hole. He's shooting his hot load deep, and I can feel it. He gently pulls out. The head of his cock is covered in frothy cum. Before I can lick it off, he wipes it clean with his hand. About 20 minutes later, I get a message asking if I'm clean. Apparently he didn't anticipate fucking my ass. But what BBC could turn down a chance to cream in a smooth white ass?

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