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Guest sub4alphamale

Looking for a top to please

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Guest sub4alphamale

Cambridge boy looking for a neg top to please. I cant host and don't drive but would be down for a few days of play. Would love to visit t.o. with a hot top. 

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    • By SubBottomChaser
      Where are all the guys in Nice?? Here until Saturday and can't seem to get someone to ruin my holes...
    • By Hotload84
      The young man e-mailed me, saying he wanted to explore gay sex. I met him at the motel parking lot; as soon as I saw him, I wanted him.  He was cute, divorced, 25, 5’9", 150 pounds, brown hair, and wore wire rim glasses that made him look, well, bookish.
      We got a room, and I suggested he take a shower, after which he stepped-out of the bathroom with a little white towel wrapped around his waist.
      "Have you ever actually sucked cock before?" I asked.
      "No, but a guy sucked me off last week," he replied.
      My shaft twitched as I studied his sweet ass.  
      Yanking off his towel, I was rewarded with the sight of his rock hard, six inch cock which was oozing precum.  Without a word I went down on his balls, licking and teasing them, driving him to squirm in pleasure.  Taking his cock in my mouth, I ran my hands up his smooth thighs, slipping my spit-lubed finger in his butt, and when I connected with his prostate, he moaned, “Oh, my God!”  His pole throbbed, his butthole tightened in pleasure.  When he shot into my mouth his butt hole tightened so much I thought he was gonna amputate my digit.  I didn’t swallow his all his cum, but instead used as much as I could to lubricate his hole, and playing a bit more with it as I positioned a pillow beneath his ass.
      “What are ya gonna do?” As if he had not an inkling.
      “Time to get fucked, Bud.  I need it bad; and you do, too.  You just don’t know it yet.”
      “Go easy, Man!  This’ll be my first.”
      I told him not to worry.  It might hurt a bit, but he’d cum to love it.
      I pressed my tool against his hole, but couldn't make an entrance.  It was so fuckin' tight!  I tried again, taking the precaution of balling his briefs and shoving them in his mouth.  This time my rod popped in.  He closed his eyes, as tears streaked down his cheeks.
      "Sorry, man, I can't and won't stop.  You've gotta learn, and believe me, you will come to crave getting cock in your ass," I told him by way of consolation.  I have no doubt the pain was profound, and the blood on my dick was graphic evidence.  Of course my cock had no qualms about his discomfort, but rather throbbed in his ass.  I pushed in all the way, paused, pulled the briefs out of his mouth, leaned forward and kissed him.
      I decided it was time to plow him. By then he was really getting into it.
      “Fuck me!
      “Yeah, man. I wanna knock you up."
      I pistoned mycock in deeper and blasted a huge wad of poison jism up his tight ass.  I pulled out and saw his now gaping hole, which invited me to slide a couple of fingers into his ass to slip and slide in my noxious seed which was swimming in his guts.
      "Squeeze your ass muscles a bit," I asked, and was gratified to see a juicy mixture of blood, cum, and yes, traces of shit, ooze out of his hole.  I was so further aroused I screwed him three times more before he left.
      Within two months he had converted.
    • By HornedBottom
      Any Tops in Baltimore looking for an insatiable masculine hairy bottom? I’m in Patterson Park- I want to get naked with men you love sex and are comfortable with their bodies - 
    • By Petebttmslut
      I am a total bottom and love getting fucked. I always prefer to be super clean when I get fucked but sometimes cleaning out seems like such a chore that I just choose to skip a hookup. It takes a lot of the spontaneity out of fucking. I am also bi, married and closeted so cleaning required a certain amount of privacy and discretion. How do other slut bottoms stay ready for dick? Are there tops out there that want/will fuck a slightly dirty hole?

    • By barenekkid
      Hosting in Ottawa South, near Hunt Club & Conroy Road. Horny bottom, lubed up and aching to get fucked. Message me if you want to come dump a load in me

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