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Guest sub4alphamale

Looking for a top to please

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Guest sub4alphamale

Cambridge boy looking for a neg top to please. I cant host and don't drive but would be down for a few days of play. Would love to visit t.o. with a hot top. 

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    • By eagerbeaverto
      Any hotels that are central, easy access without needing key for elevators? 
      Where to get poppers?
      Pig ass cumdump btm visiting for the first time - looking to for some hot breedings. 
      Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com if interested! Feb 22-24. 
      Also on BBRT - eagerbeaverto 
    • By barejackbro3
      So I was at Vault 139 in London Last Thursday and Friday trying to get as many loads in my ass as I could. I posted much of the story in the 'Last Load' section, but there was one guy who deserves a post all of his own. One wonderful Alpha Dom guy who was so true, so natural, so brilliant at making submissive guys like me submit completely that he deserves his own post. And the load went down my throat not my ass, but it doesn’t matter, because it was pure Dom Alpha Man Seed to me. A fucking sacrament to a sub bitch like me.
      He was fit, lean, muscular, in a vest top and by the way he grabbed the back of my neck as I walked past, nicely dominant. I kneeled, as a good sub bitchboy should before an Alhpa Dom like this, and he pulled his cock out and slapped it against my face. Now I was going to get a great skullfucking. Instead thought, he clenched his fist in front of my face and pressed it against my cheek. I knew what to do, and began kissing his fist, licking his dominant Alpha knuckles and wondered if he was going to punch me. I’m good with that.
      He opened his hand like some kind of blessing, lifted it up and spat into the palm of his hand. I licked it up eagerly, before licking his hand all over like a dog. He slipped his fingers into my mouth and started exploring – under my tongue, into my cheeks, pushing his fingers down the back of my throat to test my gag reflex – I opened wide and gave him every part of me that he wanted. A beautiful moment of submission. He pulled out, clenched his fist again and I began to worship that manly Alpha fist with my mouth, my tongue and my fucking soul. 
      I slipped my hands under his vest top and raised them up to feel his abs, and work his nipples with my fingers. In a perfect pose of pure worshipful submission, him standing with his fist in my mouth now, looking strong, manly, upright – and me, kneeling, licking, worshipping, with my arms up in an almost religious posture. Kneeling before my new god.
      Well he began now to skullfuck me, with one hand on the back of my head and the other with fingers in my mouth as he fucked. I began to taste precum but there was no space, no room for my usually trick of looking up and offering my ass. This alpha god will take whatever he wants and I trust him.
      After a few minutes of skullfucking, he pulled out and started jacking off. ‘Lick my fist’ he said at this point, the only words he said to me during the entire encounter. I licked his fist hard, the fist he was using to jack off with, licking his knuckles like my life depended on it, his other hand still on the back of my head, directing me. I was ready, and when he started to cum, he slammed my head back onto his cock to take a full throatful of his alpha cum. 
      It tasted like fucking ambrosia from the gods, I am not kidding. I was so deep into a subspace feeling by this point – and all really just from his demeanour – he had to do so very little to make me submit completely, a mark of a true confident and brilliant Alpha – and this subspace meant his cum wasn’t just cum, but fucking nectar!
      I heard his moans of pleasure, and felt so happy I had given him this feeling. I worked his cock slowly, keeping it in my mouth, making sure I received every drop of his seed, trying to prolong his pleasure with my work for as long as I could. He eventually pulled out of my mouth, and slapped his wet cock around my face, marking me with his scent. 
      I was in a kind of ecstasy by this point, and he just rested a while with his hands on my shoulders, looking down at me with a smile on his face like a man looking approvingly at a boy who’d done a good job, his cock hanging by my cheek. No words needed. He ran his hands up from my shoulder to my neck and played with my throat. At this, I brought my hands up to hold his, to press them against my throat, and he took my invitation, choking me gently for a little while, lightly squeezing and controlling my airflow.
      Then he bent down with his hands around my throat and kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into me. And the spell was broken. He released my neck, smiled down at me like some blessing god one more time, and then moved to walk away. ‘Thank you sir’ I said quietly, and he quickly slid his fingers into my mouth one last time as he passed, bring my head backwards as he walked around me. I watched him leave, being sure not to get up off my knees while I could still see him.
      He disappeared, leaving me feeling so grateful for the encounter. Normally I will feel horny and brilliant about feeling used or abused by a Dom but this was nothing like that. With hardly any words, with just his hands, his fist, his smile, his stance, his cock and his whole being, he left me feeling blessed.
      What a Man! What a true Alpha Dom Man to find a god-worshipping space within me like that. 
    • By CockSucker2018
      I am a panty wearing cock sucking cum slut. I live 30 min. north of  Pittsburgh, PA.  I can host Mon. - Fri. after 7 pm and Sat. most any time. I am looking for masculine mature white men age 45 and over to service on a regular basis.  I am not looking for love or relationship just looking to be used as a cock sucking sissy cum slut! Straight masculine married to the front of the line! 
      I am a cock sucker my place is on my knees my mouth nothing more than a hot wet hole for men to unload in! I want or need nothing in return but the pleasure of sucking dick for hot loads of cum!
    • By backdoorjimmy
      For as long as I've been having sex, I go through periods where I'm insanely horny for anal sex no matter what. My hole feels like it's shivering all the time and I feel like I need to take it up the butt right away. Even when I get a good lay in, I still want more. The last week has been really bad for me and it feels like no matter how much I get laid, I need more. My boyfriend joked that I go into heat like a dog but it makes me wonder if bottoms can actually go into heat. Is that what's happening? Do any other bottoms go through this? 
    • By NULL
      I’m thinking I should use Nair again to get my body bitch smooth. My regular alpha needed to release some stress from work so I walked over to him. He picked me up and bent me over the couch gave me his kids after pumping like a stag for five minutes. Being his girl is very satisfying 

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