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Found 44 results

  1. Any rough, dom poz tops want to poz my neg virgin hole?
  2. Frustrations with married guys

    I've not long got into barebacking (just a few months), and have very quickly become addicted to it. I've found a site that has plenty of local guys willing to fuck bareback, but they are, by far, mostly married bi Tops. I've begun spending a lot of time cruising the site and getting into convos to arrange me being bred. However, the main issues with meeting seems to be the problems with arranging the time when they can come and use me. This week has been my most prolific week to date. It has been about one raw fuck every week or two, but this week I've arranged six meetings to breed my hole. One of the two Wednesday evening fucks was cancelled in the morning, due to his unforeseen domestic situation changing, and tonight another very keen married Top cancelled because his young son wasn't well and didn't go to a football session, and he had to stay in with him... because his wife was out. Hopefully, the next few will be successful breedings this week, but it's very frustrating to be at the whim of their family lives' permutations. I've had 2 very horny Loads this week so far, and I appear to be becoming a married men's faggot slut, which I'm totally fine with... but it's frustrating. I'm sure that others have the same frustrations? Mike
  3. Manila Surprises

    I sometimes travel for work and while that can be a drag, it is great to turn on the computer or open an app on the phone to see who is cruising for sex. Without fail, every time I go to Singapore, Philippines or anywhere in SE Asia, there is a bonus to being a European. For some reason, these guys who are usually smaller in stature, like bigger white guys of all ages. On a few occasions in Manila I have met the same guys on different visits. I want to tell just one story. I saw this guy on one of the websites. His profile suggested a safe sex status as 'sometimes'. Usually, as we know, that means the rule is for this guy to bb. So, he came to the hotel and he was 160cm to my 179. He was slightly built to my big frame and he was a good fifteen years younger. Polite, friendly and happy to meet when talking over a drink, I got the surprise of my life when we went to the room. In seconds, he was naked and on the bed. His cock was not big but Im not huge so I don't get too hung up on other guy's size. He became powerful and dominant in the bedroom. What i like was that he was serious and not acting or putting it on. He needed to urgently cum and made it clear that he had to blow a load fast. I was ordered to my fours and he climbed up on my back and smelled me from head to toe while his cock just got rock hard. "you don't drink milk, do you.. I cannot smell dairy from you". and with that he just spat on my ass hole and plowed his very hard cock into my arse.. he was small but he fucked that cock of his in several directions inside me so that I felt like i was being plowed by a piston and he did it as if he was twice the size. I knew he was strong and he blew hard and heavy inside me... After that he relaxed for a few minutes and asked me to take him to the bathroom.. I did and got into the bath with him for the shower but I had that wrong because his shower was his piss in my mouth which he did to show me he was in charge of what happened. Once back in the bed, he took his time. He wanted to suck and be sucked, to rim and be rimmed and then fisted me gently until he was ready to fuck again which he did. First on my back, then he flipped me to my side and then flipped me over again on to my knees. he threw me around as if I was the little guy and he the big guy. Clearly a wrestler or something he was so strong. By the end of that first meet, he had cum in me three times. he came again on two of the nights that I was there. He told me that he was cheating on his boyfriend who would be horrified. I met him on any trip I have taken to Manila since but now he is in a new relationship with a guy who is as promiscuous and free as he is.. he continues to breed and enjoys it. It was one of my favourites because it was not just hot but unexpectedly so.
  4. Picky Tops on BBRT LA area

    Is it just me or does there seem to be an influx of picky tops on bbrt lately in the LA area? I am blk vers and like to get fucked from time to time, but lately haven't really had anyone interested. Or do they just not like vers guys? Not trying to sound desperate or anything its just what I am experiencing right now. Anyone else?
  5. At one poinT in time, I heard there was a special night at a LA Bathhouse that a Bottom, such as I could be a Cumdump for either Black Men or Down Low Black Men. Does anyone have any answers? Does it still occur? slamandfukme@outlook.com
  6. I posted this chart "Master Temeck's Submission Scale" on another thread, but thought it would be interesting to throw it out here. The chart outlines four different types of sexual submissive, from "Bitch" which is almost purely about sex and not as much about absolute domination, to "Object" which is far more about over-riding and complete dehumanization and restriction. I'd argue there are gradients in-between, but this is a great place to get started. For me, I'm pretty much on the "bitch" side of things (obviously, it's in my profile handle) but, as someone else pointed out, with more than a bit of the "fag" stuff mixed in. If you are into submission, which of these four would best describe you? Are you somewhere in-between? Is there another category that applies to you? If you are into domination, which kind of sub do you prefer? Or do you care, as long as you have a hole to use as you want?
  7. Visiting bttm

    Raw bttm will be in Toronto on Wednesday night, staying overnight and looking for anonymous tops to fill me with cum and piss
  8. Cumdump

    Id love to get plowed and loaded up text me 512-450-3186 if interested do not call host usually at night and love being shared
  9. Anyone get off on worshiping alpha male tops by providing them with gifts/rewards? Gifts because they're a real man, with a big dick and a horny superior fucker?
  10. We are always reading about how many loads bottoms take at the baths or sex parties but we rarely hear about guys who also enjoy breeding anon holes. Number of holes are you able to breed in one night: Do you just breed one hole and your done and usually go home after the breeding? Do you combine breeding holes and taking loads?: Some guys may want to first bottom for a while before they are ready to top and breed holes. Then back to bottoming.
  11. Hi I was wondering if anyone can recommend an escort in SFO with a monster cock, or anyone here that would be interested in an eager latino bottom. Cheers Thanks!
  12. Tops & The City

    Which city have you found has the most tops in your experience? For me it would have to be NYC. Had no problem getting breed several times on each of my visits. Guys seem to be easy to find, ready to come over quickly and unload. Maybe it's just my luck. Thoughts?
  13. Bareback.com

    Who else thinks bareback.com is awesome The original & best website. Love to hear your comments from other members please.
  14. Any top guys into chubby bottoms around London?
  15. Hey men...where are all the big brutal, rough fucking tops here? Somehow only really seem to meet the gentle easy kind, which is great, don't get me wrong, but sometimes, really REALLY need my holes raped and pillaged and whatever other words come to mind...any ideas? And if you ARE one of these kinds of men, get ahold of me asap please! Desperate to be ridden hard and hung up wet to be used again before dry...!!!
  16. Visiting Chicago

    I'll be visiting Chicago for two weeks starting October 15, 2015, and I'm looking to hookup with some guys while I'm there.
  17. Impossible To Find (Bare) Tops

    So this is more of a general rant, but maybe other bottoms ( or even Tops?) are in a similar position. Let me explain. I'm around my 30s, with looks of 20-25 (good genes, I think). I workout 6+ times a week and keep myself generally healthy. By no means am I muscular, or have a six-pack, just a normal guy who takes pride in taking care of himself. Anyhow I've loved to play with my ass since my teens, and occasionally in my mid-20's I barebacked (like four times. 2nd time was a disaster, 3rd-4th I seroconverted. No I wasn't chasing). Since seroconversion It took some time to adapt to the meds and get my health back on track, but figured what the hell, now I can bareback with impunity, right? Wrong. (and yes, other STDs do worry me, hence why I look after myself. I can only hope others think the same way. Actually had a discussion about this with my doc. Can't believe people would be active whilst having a STD like chlam, herp, gon,hep C etc...and thus how it spreads). It's impossible for me to find decent Tops who are willing to fuck an otherwise healthy (undetectable, fit) ass. A lot of the times on chat sites I get 'Hey', or 'facepic' or lol tel nr). I don't actually like men. I don't enjoy kissing, cuddling, nipples, et al. I enjoy cock in the ass and/or a cock in my mouth. It could be a short pump n dump, or a long fuck. But the lack of action is really starting to get to me. I know how to clean myself fully out so that Tops can go balls-to-the-walls without worrying about getting dirty (something I learned along the way whilst playing with various size vibrators/dilos/buttplugs/self fisting). But reading these forums seems to be about Tops also enjoying a good kiss with their bottoms, something that is not my cup of tea. The Europe/Russia forums seem to be a bit dismal as well (Netherlands here, how come there is no Amsterdam Metro area? Seriously? Also lack of action in NL in general. It's a shame tbh, I'm willing to take cock, be clean, do what is needed, but no dice. I'll leave a picture here for you all to judge. Maybe other bottoms, or Tops, have the same issue? (there is a big issue of fakers in online chats as well). If people want to make a serious sexdate, and commit, I'm willing to travel. Netherlands isn't all that big, even to Amsterdam (ok train service here is pretty bad), but Tops need to play their part as well.
  18. Visiting Bottom

    Visiting sydney for 3 days end of this months. Looking for tops to use my holes and feed me cums. I have hotel im cbd so can host. But happy to travel as well and aiming to get 15-20loads each night. So msg me if you are keen. Ideally looking for tops who can organise a group fucks:)
  19. Bottom Pig

    Bottom pig here looking for as many loads as I can take. Cum fill this tight hole or whore me out
  20. Toronto Bb Breeding Group

    Toronto area bareback pigs I'm looking to set up regular bareback breeding sessions Central location - Carlton Church area near the gay village Let me know if you are interested and any ideas for the breeding sessions. No drugs. Poppers ok. Open to tops, bottoms, vers. Pref 18 years old to 60 years old. Let's make this happen. Reply here or to: Eagerbeaverto@gmail.com
  21. Would love to be invited over for some one on one only to have you tie me, chem me and use me however you want - and then invite others to do the same.
  22. Real men wear condoms. There is nothing wrong with wearing a condom as long as what you are wearing is THE right kind of condom. There are many kinds of condom. The rubber kind do not work for a lot of men. These are the wrong kind to use. These kind of condoms are use and dispose. The kind of condoms real men need are the ones which are be reusable. The kind of condom I am speaking of, the best fitting condom for real men, has been in use for centuries. Let me reintroduce you to Bottoms for Men. A Bottom is not only skin tight, it is also reusable. Sharing a Bottom with other men couldn't be easier. You can slip your dick out of a Bottom and pass it to a buddy very easily. This sharing can happen as few or as many times as you desire. This could not happen with a rubber condom. Bottoms for Men are also washable. You could never do this with a rubber condom. Pictured is a man preparing to slip his hard dick into a Bottom. It is really easy to use a Bottom. See how easy it is. Try it yourself. Bottoms for Men come in many sizes, shapes and colours. You can use Bottoms for Men anywhere you please. There is nothing like a good Bottom to satisfy the sexual needs of men. It doesn't matter what the size of the Bottoms for Men condom is that you are using, your dick will fit inside it. Remember some Bottoms are tighter than others. You might have to give your dick a good hard thrust to get it in. The best method to use is to hold Bottom firmly and slam your dick inside it. What could be easier? All bars, bathhouses, bookstores, sex clubs, parks and recreation areas stock Bottoms for Men. Everywhere, regardless of whether the management wants to admit it or not, stocks Bottoms for Men. Remember Bottoms for Men come in two types: NEG and POZZED. Use Hard. Use frequently. Only dispose of a Bottom for Men when it is completely used up and totally unusable.
  23. Hey bros, I made the decision to bareback in 2011 and well, as they say, no way back. Been barebacking ever since and I've noticed how pretty much nobody uses condoms right now. I was fucking a poz bottom dude for a while last year. Got tested recently: negative. Have met a lot of total tops who bareback and none of them are poz, really! I only know vers and bottom guys who are poz. I can be a very aggressive fucker and the sessions gets as raunchy as the bottom is willing to it get. Keep on reading articles about how risky bareback topping is but anecdotes from guys I've met and going through forums, chat, etc. Tells me it really takes a while for a top to go seroconvert. Each time I get tested I'm not all worried about the results. It's just routine. How could I be surprised or unsettled by a positive result if I've been barebacking for so long? Also, all the poz guys I know just take their pill(s) and that is it. They don't even get a cold. Have not met anyone having all those "horrible side effects" people (especially sex counsellors) talk about or post on the internet. So what's your story if your a top barebacker and have remained negative for long? Also, some poz guys I've fucked have not been on pills so their viral load I can guess is not "undetectable." Is it the vaseline? I use vaseline a lot. I was wondering if it becomes a sort of coat protecting your cock's skin. I know I can fuck or jerk off for hours using vaseline and not get irritated at all which is something that doesn't happen with water-based or silicone-based lubricants. I am not immune and this is not about being a top because you remain negative or whatever. I don't care. I'm just wondering and I've become quite suspicious about medical articles claiming bareback topping as high risk. HIV counsellors usually try to alarm saying all kinds of stuff. So I wonder about the gap between clinical literature and the sex experts' discourse on HIV infection risk and what I've been living and the people I've met, and so on. What's your story? What's your opinion? Have to say it again. This is not about feeling good about being a top and remaining HIV negative because of that and of course this should not be taken as any sort of put-down to bottoms or versatile guys who are HIV positive. I've fucked plenty of HIV positive dudes and I don't mind. I don't mind HIV, I just wonder about the top/bottom HIV risk discourse sustained by the healthcare establishment and STD counselling, etc. Also wondering what could be it about remaining negative for long and am curious to hear more stories similar to mine. Thanks!
  24. What are the secrets to finding a Daddy/Master/Owner - regular Top? Do other bottoms out there have recent experience or tips? Do Tops out there have a craving for a boy to own? What are they looking for? Where is do boys go to find Daddies? I'm looking for a Daddy/boy relationship.
  25. Tops with Low Hangers!!

    Been around the block lots of time taking cock where I can, had a breather for a while and now back in action! Got fucked quite a few times the other day enjoyed as always, however; I got fucked by a bloke with low hanging bull balls that slapped my ass and was smacking loudly against me and mine, it was awesome, I loved the slapping and extra banging, I must have never had a big balled low hanging top fuck me before, this was totally different and really got me hard and moaning.. awesome. Any bottom guy notice a difference with Tops with low hangers slapping away? Any Tops with low hangers, tell me who you are.... please.

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