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  1. Going to the doctor is a pain in the ass, but when your doc blocks the renewal of your Truvada script, he has you by the short hairs. I booked the last appointment of the day to minimize the time off work. When I arrived, the waiting room was packed out. I stood out like a sore thumb, dressed in my suit. Most of the guys were casual, wearing jeans or shorts. Given the time of day, I guessed most of the guys weren't working, particularly as my doc has a large infectious disease practice. Some of them were clearly long-term poz, showing a little wasting and or a lot of vascularity. So fucking sexy! Soon I was brought to a room, and shortly thereafter Doctor Woods came in and gave me a warm hug. It's great having a doctor close to my own age, and so sexy too. I've been going to Brad for several years, and we have a great doctor / patient relationship. We're both early 30's and keep ourselves fit. From time to time I see Brad and his boyfriend at the gym and out at the clubs. They are both tall and lean, and surprisingly vascular from exercise. Having seen both Doc Woods and his boyfriend in the showers at the gym, I knew he has a sweet uncut cock, just like mine, and his boyfriend is cut and has huge low-hangers. Both of them are also quite gifted, swinging big packages. "Rik! Dude! It's been six months since your last appointment! To stay on Truvada, I need to see you every six months." "Yeah, sorry, I've been busy with work and just didn't make the time...." He looked in my eyes and held the gaze for a while to make his point, and said "Go ahead and take everything off except for your underwear, and then up on the table." He asked the usual health history questions you might expect as he was feeling around my neck and then listening to my heart and lungs. His hand grabbed on to my pec as he listened to my back. He gave my tit a little squeeze and then gave a little tweak on my nip... which made my cock spring to attention. He made some notes and then asked, "I'm going to assume you've been sexually active, right?" He gave me a big smile, because he knew that I was testing just how good Truvada really is. "Yep, I'm breeding and seeding. Always looking for holes and poles." "I don't doubt it; your reputation is firmly intact. Once a slut, always a slut! (He's called me a slut in the locker room at the gym, so this isn't anything new!) “Go ahead and lay down and turn on your side. I'll do a rectal swab and check your prostate." I slid my underwear off, then turned to my left side. Dr Woods lightly touched me under my leg saying "Bring your knees up towards your chest." Then he brought a rectal swab and a specimen container over to the table, commenting "The lube is cold, sorry." With that, his gloved finger slid inside me. And... I was totally boned at the feeling of his finger probing my hole. He had done it several times over the years, but each time I find it completely hot. As his finger felt-up my prostate he shot a few more comments to me: "It feels like this hot hole is seeing a lot of action. There was almost no resistance to my finger." "I've had a fist or two up there, and I always enjoy having a hot top breed me to keep me in practice." "You do have hot ass... and interesting choice of word. 'Breed'. Do you know whether or not you've taken any poz loads?" "Yeah, I imagine I have. But most guys are undetectable these days. I don't even ask anymore." "Yeah ... a cum dump. You haven't had a guy tell you he just gave you a poz load?" "Not often enough!" "Yeah, a lot of my patients get off on that. You get off on taking toxic loads?" His continued rubbing of my prostate and working my hole was making me crazy. This wasn't the conversation I imagined I'd be having with my doctor. "Doc, you better take it easy there, you got me close!" "I don't think I heard an answer to my question." "Oh god ... yes ... yeah, I get off on toxic loads ... fuck I'm going to cum!" With that, he inserted a couple more fingers up my hole, and with the other he put the specimen cup over my uncut cock. "Cum in the cup, stud." I had one of the biggest orgasms I've had in a while. I did my best to get my load inside the cup, but I made a mess everywhere. "Nicely done, stud. Just relax for a minute and I'll do your rectal swab." I felt him swabbing my hole and then heard it go into its receptacle. He placed the uncovered specimen jar on the counter. "Take a minute to pull yourself together. Here's a couple paper towels, clean yourself off. Don't worry about the mess. Leave your shirt off. Teddy is going to come in and draw some blood. I'll be back before you leave, I need to consult with another doctor about something." I dressed and moved over to the chair. The exam table had cum everywhere ... and some dripping down the wall. I guessed Teddy would be tasked with dealing with the mess. I've known Teddy for years. He's a hairy 5'8" Italian fireplug that I've fucked with over the years at the baths. He's one of those guys who has a a 5:00 o’clock shadow at 10:00 AM. Back in the day, he would be described as a Castro Clone, sporting brown hair and bushy mustache. Way before seeing him at Doctor Wood's office, when we met up at the sex club, he worshipped my muscular arms and pecs before we'd get down to breeding. Now he gets to perv out over my veiny arms during a blood draw. I'm got low body fat, so giving blood is no big deal. I've got veins for days. The standard routine is I lay my arm out for him to find a vein, and he lightly traces his fingers up and down my arm, while telling me hot sexy it is. When Teddy arrived, he stepped into the room, closed the door, and walked over to me giving me a quick kiss, saying, "Hey sexy!" Being about 6" taller than him, I'm at a perfect height for him to latch onto a nip and let him suck it to being fully hard. If I hadn't just cum, I would have been aching to fuck him right there. Teddy broke the daydream and asked, "We're doing the usual HIV labs, right?" I replied "No, Teddy, I'm neg and on Truvada." He said, "Oh, sorry. Most guys that come here are poz. My mistake." I said, "Don't sweat it, it's not a big deal." Teddy replied, "Good, by the way, I converted six months ago and would love a chance to breed you. I'm nice and toxic," he said with salacious smile. I pulled him close to my chest and whispered, "I'd love your poz load." He whispered back, "Believe me, I'd like to give it to you." Once again my cock was as hard as a rock. After Teddy drew up some vials of blood, he gathered the swab and blood vials and said "The doctor will be with you in a minute," leaving the door open as he left the room. I saw there shirtless, and noticed several patients who passed through the hallway gave me a good glance. While I wanted to tweak my nips to give them something to look at, I held off. Dr. Woods then arrived and closed the door, "I think I felt something on your prostate ... kinda like a couple bumps. I'd like to be safe and make sure it's nothing important. I've made an appointment for you with Dr. Grant. I want you to see him for an ultrasound, no other urologist. Also, I need you off Truvada for the time being." "You gotta be kidding me! Is that really necessary?" "You're whining. Just do it." At the checkout desk, I got my referral card for Dr. Grant. The appointment was two weeks away! Holy fuck, how the hell was I supposed to stay off Truvada for that long? It was the longest two weeks of my fucking life. Sure, I got to breed some hot hole, and got my hole fisted by a couple guys, but it wasn't like getting fucked and taking a load. I hit up some of my undetectable poz buds who I know are good about their meds so that I could get their loads. The day of my appointment with Dr. Grant, I had the day off, so I got a quick workout at the gym done before I drove to the appointment. He's in the same building as Dr. Woods, just one floor up. After brief delay in the waiting room, I was called into the back area. A hot, young Hispanic nurse had me take off my clothes, put on a robe, then lock my stuff in the locker. He looked like he just barely got out of high school. I wanted to pull him into the dressing room and fuck him senseless. He was at least six-foot-tall and had exceptionally beautiful caramel skin. He was absolutely gorgeous. The hottie was waiting when I came out of the dressing room and took me to an exam room. "The doctor will see you shortly," he said with a smile and disappeared. The door to the exam room opened and in walked Dr. Grant ... who, it turned out, was Dr. Wood's boyfriend. Standing in front of me was the stud with a brick shithouse body who, for years, I've seen naked. And he looked good enough to eat. He was wearing a lab coat over a form-fitting polo shirt and his pecs were straining against the fabric. It was an amazing vision. I was glad I was sitting on the exam table because the robe hid my growing hard-on. If he wasn't quick, there would be a big precum wet spot growing. I extended my hand and said, "Justin, I didn't know you were a doctor as well! "Yeah, it's easier having a partner that understands the demands of the job. It's great to see you, hot stuff! Brad called me when you were in his office and he told me you have an issue that both of us can help you with." "Yeah, he said there were some bumps on my prostate and I should have them looked at." "And the Truvada?" he asked, "Have you complied with his direction?" "Yes, I have." "Great," he said as he removed his lab coat, which meant I got to appreciate his beautiful body. Some tufts of hair poked above the neck of his shirt, which suggested both his arms and his beautiful pecs were covered with fur. "Okay, I need to check your prostate health to make sure everything is okay. Go ahead and lay back on the table, turn your side and we'll get a look." With my cock rock hard, Justin went about with the ultrasound. He showed me the ultrasound probe that would be going up my asshole, explaining the procedure won't take long. In short order, he rubbed some lube on my hole, then inserted two, then three fingers inside my anus, rubbing them in and out, just like Brad had done two weeks earlier. I remember feeling a slight sting, possibly from a fingernail, but the subtle pressure he was applying to my prostate had turned into pleasure, so my attention was re-directed. I do remember being slightly surprised he wasn't wearing any gloves, but figured that was his business. "Feels awesome doc ... I've needed some action back there." "Good, I'm going to insert the ultrasound probe. It's a little bit bigger, but I'm sure you'll take it like a champ." Justin pulled out his fingers and inserted the ultrasound device. He moved in slow movements in and around my hole. His eyes were focused on the monitor, one hand was managing the probe, but the other hand was draped over my abs inching towards my fully engorged cock. After a couple minutes, Justin untied the gown and pushed it off me, fully exposing my body to him. With the probe still inside me, all I could do was enjoy the experience of him working my hole. He continued to to explore both my ass and also smeared the precum around the head of my cock and foreskin. He was driving me crazy. He withdrew the probe and said, "I have something else that would make your hole feel nice. Just lie still." I heard him strip off his shirt and remove his pants. He felt around my lubed up hole, which he spread onto his cock. "I think you'll like this probe better." Still on my side, he easily slid his big cock inside my hole from behind and started slowly fucking me. After a few minutes, he pulled out and said, "Stand up, I want to feel your whole body." I turned to face this amazing stud, with buzzed pubes and huge cock... and a big biohazard tattoo right above his cock. His cock was a little messy with lube a little blood, but everything else was perfect. In a sex club, I would have sucked that cock clean. He asked, "What turns you on more, my fat cock or my biohazard tattoo?" "They both do." He smiled, "One before the other, so back up onto the table and let me back inside that sweet hole." I put my hand on his chest and asked, "You undetectable? Because you know I'm off Truvada." “Yeah, that's just the thing. We had you stop Truvada for a reason. Brad and I both know that you get off on taking all kinds of loads, and we'd like the opportunity to share our DNA to poz you. We converted about a year ago and don't take meds. We're working on converting several more hot guys, and we hope you'll join our conversion club.” "You know this is kinda fucked up, right? I’m probably not protected!" "Rik, look at your cock. You haven't stopped precumming since you got a look at my biohazard tattoo. Get a feel of my low-hangers and tell me you don't want me to fill your hole with a hot load." I reached out and grabbed his huge nuts, and he just moaned. I gave them a squeeze and a tug, and his poz precum oozed on my hand. Actually, he was precumming like crazy as well. I thought my cock gushed precum, but his was drooling. He probably already spread his poison all inside me. "You join our conversion club and you will go on the adventure of a lifetime. Brad and I really want you in with us in breeding the hottest guys." I needed a minute to think about this, but his biohazard tattoo was calling to me. I squatted down to run my fingers over it and to absorb what it meant to him … and what it might mean for me. I was compelled to lick it and suck his tattoo, as if that alone would make a difference. Having a tattoo like that would be sexy as hell. Justin brought me to my feet and backed me up to the table, then bent down to suck on my nips. How could he know that's the fastest way to make me lose control? In no time he was nursing on my tits while I was flat on my back on the table. I was in ecstasy having this infected stud wanting to breed my hole. I lifted my legs to let Justin into my neg hole so he could poz me. Getting his load was just too hot to deny. I could figure out the rest with Dr. Woods later if I change my mind. He said, "Put my cock in your hole and show me what you want." I reached out and grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it up and down my gaping ass slit. His eyes rolled back and he had a satisfied grin on his face. "Yeah, stud. You will love our virus. We'll change your life in ways you can't imagine." I let go of his cock and wrapped my legs around his sexy ass to pull him into me. "Oh yeah ... We've wanted to breed you for a very long time. We've seen you at the gym and always thought you would be an excellent hole to breed and seed. Ever since we converted, you have been on the top of our list to infect." This was so fucking erotic, having this amazing man wanting to fuck his poisonous load inside me. I was happy to take Truvada and stay neg, but having the opportunity to get bred like this is amazing. Justin started his fucking easy, but it wasn't long before he really pounded my hole, doing his best to attack from several angles. "Oh man, your cock feels great … just as good as I hoped it would.” He threw he head back and said, "Fuck dude, here comes my nasty load right inside your hole!" My hole was gaping and abused, and he looked like he just ran a marathon. After keeping his infected cock in my ass for as long as possible, he slowly pulled out. He grabbed a pillow to put under my ass. "Just let that toxic load marinate inside you. Let the infection take hold." “…nfection take hold .…” It took a minute to set in. After having spent years trying to avoid HIV, I had willingly agreed to seroconvert. He cleaned up his cock, pulled on his jock, and picked-up the intercom saying "Mateo, please let Dr Woods know he's needed here. And then please join us in the exam room."
  2. What is your current HIV Status?
  3. Raw bottoms in North New Jersey

    Anybody in Newark, NJ or near there wants to meet up
  4. My Master

    So here I am sitting on the couch legs in the air my true master pushing inside me as I yelp begging him to stop not to poz me. The sweat dripping off his brow the room filled with the sweaty scent of two pigs finally doing what they were bred for. It’s kind of a long story so let’s start at the beginning. Years before…. I had come out of yet another long boring relationship, another relationship in which I ended up self-sabotaging to get out off and become single again only to get drunk fuck around make a few mistakes and within another short time find myself in another relationship. Before my latest mistake which is how I ended up with my true master and cheating on my bf of 5 years, I was meeting my master. My master and I had been talking for years and I mean we had been talking since I was in high school and although our paths never crossed we would see each other online and talk and reconnect and it just felt so right but either he or I was in a relationship when the other wasn’t. So fast forward a few years and finally he is single and so am I. We talk online for about a week and make a meeting for Friday night. He walks inside and we just smile at each other and it was on, we started out kissing and moved our way into the bedroom he laid me on my back and ripped my pants off as he yanked his down. It was so fucking hot with the warm weather we were both sweating like pigs and dripping the bed sheets getting soaked. He forced my legs apart and without a question about rubbers he spat on his cock and rammed inside me. Now im no starter to getting fucked but my previous bf’s have been small endowed and I could easily take them, now my master he is thick and long and fuck me I yelped he got balls deep and I just thrashed about on the bed staring into his dark eyes as he continued to fuck me. Making his grunting noises as I stayed under him helpless and not in control. Grunting as he thrusts deep into me I whine as he tells me to fucking take his cock. Staring directly at me as he grinds his hips and forces his cock deeper inside me. He started fucking me harder his hands on my hips, my legs over his shoulders his face above mine dripping sweat onto me. I squeeze my arse down on his cock. It was a good hard deep thrust fuck for a few mins then suddenly, I yelped and his eyes widened I freaked out as he hit my second opening. “FUCK OWWW PULL OUT” I scream the sudden intrusion of pain I have NEVER felt before my head was spinning my body started convulsing I tried to pull away but my master held me tight and continued fucking me harder. Not speaking to me he just grins and fucks harder and holds me tighter and thrusts deeper hitting that spot over and over, my body trembling as I arch my back I start shaking sweating faster I start whimpering and whining my master fuckign harder trying to keep his dick inside me as I try to pull away moaning like a cheap whore. Suddenly my master throws his head back and growls as he unloads into me and I can feel my insides twisting and convulsing into knots as I swear I feel his cock unload his neg juice inside my neg cunt. I jump up and my back arches as I shake my guts churning as I look up at my sexy master and see him grinning as I tell him what’s happening. He gets this confused look and asks if I have never had an internal orgasm and I instantly curl up into a ball and shake uncontrollably as he lays behinds me and fingers my sloppy arse as I yelp out and throw my legs out as I nearly kick him in his nuts. I couldn’t believe it I HAVE NEVER felt this before it was amazing my whole body was on fire and it only intensified every time my master touched me. In the end I had to push him away to calm down. It was amazing it felt like my first time and the look of satisfaction on his face was an immense turn on. Finally, after coming down from my first real orgasm ever we just laid there and looked at each other. At the time I smoked and so did he so we went outside on the balcony in all our glory and just stood out there and smoked. And that was our first meet physically and emotionally we connected and bonded straight away. My only regret is that I just wish we spoke and communicated what exactly we were both really wanting. It could have saved us a lot of heartbreak. More to come If anyone finds this interesting I will post the next story. This is all true and whilst it starts off with both of us NEG it does digress unto our true calling of being poz pigs. The photo attached is off our first meeting and breeding....
  5. CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. Masc Latino boy First time visiting Austin Texas. A Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  6. Any rough, dom poz tops want to poz my neg virgin hole?
  7. Poz guys - Any Regrets?

    There's plenty of talk on these boards (and others) about guys who get pozzed and love it, plenty of bravado etc. I just wondered if there are any on here who, upon getting a poz diagnosis, were genuinely devastated by the news? Have any of you got any genuine regrets about your actions in the past, and the consequences they have had on your life? Only curious as i was reading a blog written by a guy i've fucked a few times at the NG2BBGROUP bareback parties I go to... he's early 20's, fit, cute, an avid barebacker, and tested poz about a year ago... in his blog it's clear that whilst he would never have changed bareback for condom sex, his diagnosis was truely devastating for him. He talks about how he feels about telling his friends and family etc.. it's seriously moving stuff... It made me wonder, that despite all the bravado from guys who get bugged up, what are those peoples, genuine, real heart felt feelings and emotions on things. Thoughts? Please share.
  8. Bristol Bareback couple

    Couple in Bristol (24 & 27) looking for ideally another dirty couple to meet with and swap loads. One top and one bttm vers but up for meeting tops or Bttms. Regular would be good, willing to travel, any status ok! kinks - ws leather bondage sauna chems
  9. Hi, young, athletic partnered bottom here. Will be in Paris from 29 till 03 August in Paris without my bf. Tired if playing the perfect husband. Want to take as many loads during my stay in Paris as possible. I'll let anyone fuck and seed my neg cheating hole, no age or race preference. Hit me up if interested or pleaase recommend me venues where I could get fucked bareback by anonym tops.
  10. neg btm in clapham

    Neg btm in clapham looking for tops, open minded, love sauna, outdoor, can travel or accom. very open minded
  11. Brighton/sussex

    Any guys in brighton/sussex area looking to swap some cum? Have some pics i can send if anyone is interested am 33 hairy body 7 inches uncut neg guy here.
  12. Neg boyfriend

    Hey, everyone. My boyfriend and I have been dating for about 4 months, and he is aware that I'm positive and undetectable. He's negative himself and has discussed starting Prep to reduce his risk of getting HIV since neither of us use condoms. Lately, though, I have been really turned on by the idea of going off meds and converting him. Is this bad? Of course I would give it to him if he really wanted it and asked me for it, and it would be so special if he really did want it from me. Any thoughts? Thanks. LP
  13. Brad is totally my type: tall, lean, and having a basketball player's build, has reddish-brown hair and the most sexy light brown eyes. He's 6' 6", 190 pounds and 26 years old. He is simply one of the sexiest guys I've ever known, he has a gorgeous eight inch cock and a great set of balls. I was very happy with him, and had been with him for six months when he found out that he was poz. I was negative, and during those six months when we had sex, Brad had never cum in me ... although I asked for him to. I thought it was quirky at first that he wouldn't shoot inside me, but just let it go, although I knew ex had done IV drugs and they had plenty of bareback sex.) When he told me he was poz, he said he would understand if I broke it off with him, feeling I deserved a less-challenging relationship. I wouldn't hear of it. Three months later we moved in together into a West Hollywood apartment and had sex all the time - always bareback. Brad's doctor suggested he attend a gay men's poz support group where he could talk about being poz with guys who could understand. That's where he met Justin, who was also in a poz-neg relationship. Justin and I are surprisingly similar in build, 6 foot tall, 185 pounds, 28 years old and light brown hair. They both had the same HIV doctor and had met once before in the doctor's office, although just in passing. Since the beach is a long drive, Brad and I regularly went to a bathhouse, North Hollywood Spa that has an outdoor sun deck. We'd lay out to get some sun and then go inside to have some fun, always together. It worked for us in our new relationship, so why not? Being around other hot naked guys just got us even more horny for each other. Shortly after Brad joined the poz support group, we ran into Justin on Santa Monica Blvd, and he told me he thought it was cool that I was OK with Brad being poz ... and that his neg partner wouldn't touch him at all because of it. I said "You're a hottie! I can't imagine any man not wanting to be naked with you!" OK, so sometimes my 'edit mode' doesn't work well, and I guess the cat was out of the bag. Justin was hot and now he and Brad knew I thought as much. Justin wanted to know how Brad fucked my neg ass without him pozzing me, so Brad explained he would pull out of my ass right when he was starting to cum and then shoot on my abs. That way we were able to avoid condoms and also avoid having me seroconvert. Then Brad apparently had a brain storm 'cause he said "Rob and I are going to lay out naked at the tubs on Saturday," adding "would you like to join us?" Justin was up for it as his boyfriend was out of town for work, so we arranged for Justin to meet at our place and then we'd head out together. Justin had never been to a bathhouse before, so we got him checked in and inside. I got a big room for us to throw our stuff into, with the thought we'd strip down and then head to the sun deck. That's when Brad and I first saw Justin's cock. Holy Fuck, it was huge and he was sporting a Prince Albert. His nipples were also pierced, which I also found hot. I definitely wanted his cock in a big way. While I knew the poz support group’s rules said Brad and Justin were not supposed to play around with each other, I had the distinct feeling that rule would be broken before we went home that day. Brad and I chose to lay naked, and Justin wore a Speedo as he wanted a tan line. Brad and Justin lay next to each other, and my lounge chair was in front of their's, which, as long as I was on my stomach, made it really convenient for me to stare at Justin's basket. The Speedo barely contained his pierced poz cock. I wanted it. So did Brad. I had a spritz bottle, so after a little bit, I misted water on me to cool off. I then to be a dickhead, adjusted the stream to a jet and squirted Brad directly in the balls. That got his attention! His cock started getting hard, so I continued doing it. Justin laughed at what I was doing, so I squirted his Speedo as well, then worked the stream up to his nips. My cock was hard. Brad's cock was hard, and Justin's cock was filling out his Speedo even more. "Let's take a break inside and cool off," I suggested, wanting to be naked with these two studs. The three of us showered off downstairs and then headed to the room, "Just for a couple minutes." But no sooner had the door behind us, than we lost our towels, and we were three guys in heat, making out and feeling each other up, our cocks drooling precum like crazy. We were horny and needed to get off. In no time, the three of us were on the bed and ravaging each other. I was on my back with Brad sucking my cock, while Justin sucked Brad's cock. It wasn't too long before it was time to switch-up. "I gotta get a taste of my first pierced cock," Brad said. I said "Don't get him off, because I want some too." Justin wasn't used to three-ways, and this was his first since he converted to being poz, and he certainly wasn't used to a neg guy being so hot for his poz cock. Brad switched places and laid on his back and Justin crawled up to straddle Brad and fed him his cock. This was a great opportunity for me to get Brad's cock up my hole and to feel up Justin while he got his cock sucked by Brad. Justin blocked Brad's view, so Brad was surprised when I lubed up his bare cock and lowered myself onto him. I moaned at how hot Brad's cock felt up my ass ... and what a hot view I had of Justin's butt and hot body. He turned around to see what I was up to behind him, and was surprised I was taking Brad's cock right there. It was erotic as hell to watch Brad suck on another poz cock, and I certainly enjoyed having his cock up my ass. Unfortunately, Brad's gag reflex had a problem with the ring in Justin's cock, so he had to back off it and just suck on the tip. Seeing what was going on, I said, "Let's switch positions ... I'll be able to take his big dick with no problem." Brad and Justin just looked at me and laughed as Brad remarked "My boyfriend the slut! Give the man what he wants." Justin took Brad's place on his back, I bent over to suck Justin's cock and Brad fucked me doggy style. Everyone was happy until Brad pulled out saying, "I'm getting too close. I don't want to cum yet." Justin said, "Yeah, I want to have a turn with Rob too." I moved off his cock and stood next to Justin who then reached over to my loose lubed butt and gave it a grab. I turned a little to give him easier access to my hole and he slid a finger up inside me. Brad and Justin got a little quiet and for a couple moments Brad and Justin looked at each other's eyes, and gave each other a slight nod. Brad said, "Yeah, Justin ... it's Rob's turn." Brad slid back on the bed to give us some space and watched while Justin worked my already-lubed hole with one finger, and then two fingers, and as he did so, Justin turned to Brad saying "Rob's ass feels amazing. No wonder you told me you love fucking him." Brad said, "Go ahead and give him a couple more fingers, he loosens right up." At that point I was bent over the bed just enjoying the amazing treatment Justin was giving my asshole. I was totally relaxed having him do what he wanted and Brad was playing with his cock watching Justin. Justin slid his four fingers out of my ass and slid his pierced poz cock inside me. Wow, he felt great. I love my boyfriend's eight inch cock but Justin's seven inch, fat cock was a whole different kind of great. "Yeah, fuck me," I urged Justin. Brad meanwhile was jacking his cock, taking in the scene, his cock rock hard. Clearly he was totally into watching me be get plowed by his poz friend. Justin bent over and whispered in my ear, "You get off on my hot poz cock, don't you?" Brad didn't notice Justin's question, but it had me rock hard. I didn't say anything at first, so Justin asked more loudly "You want that, huh?" Brad looked up at both of us and smiled when I answered "Yeah, fuck me ... give it to me! But first let me change positions!" We all started laughing and they both made room for me to get on my back with my legs in the air. Justin said, "Let me take a couple minutes ... Brad, you get back inside him." Justin pulled out of me and noticed a little redness on his cock. He realized his Prince Albert piercing was rubbing my asshole raw from the friction. We looked at each other and he was about to say something about it. I gazed into his eyes and slowly shook my head and whispered, "Don't say anything." Once his cock was inside me, Brad said, "Oh yeah, Rob has such a hot hole. God I love fucking his ass." "Yeah, I want this ... fuck me, Brad," I urged. As Brad fucked me, Justin kissed me, quietly saying "Rob, I'm going to help you get what you want." Brad looked at Justin saying "We're probably okay fucking him, since we're both undetectable." A strange look crossed Justin's face, which led Brad to ask "What's that look for?" In a slightly dull tone Justin answered "My doctor didn't like my blood panels, so he took me off my HIV meds two weeks ago. I thought I told you." Justin continued, "But don't worry about me. Fuck Rob's hot hole and shoot inside him!" There wasn't much room behind Brad and the wall, and Justin had a plan. He got off the bed and stood next to Brad, lightly tweaking his nipples. That drove Brad crazy and filled him with lust. Justin then moved behind Brad as he was fucking me and tweaked his nipples. Brad muttered "Oh, fuck, I'm getting close!" I grabbed Brad’s hips to pull his cock into my ass, and Justin lodged himself against the wall so that Brad couldn’t back away as Brad yelled, "Shit! I'm cumming ... fuck, I'm shooting." I was also shooting, but unlike Brad's load, my cum load blew all over my chest. It was likely the biggest load I've ever had. Fuck that was hot. After all this time with Brad, I finally got him to cum inside me - and I wanted it really bad. Poz cum just made it hotter. Brad's cum had nowhere to go, but inside my ravaged hole. And he was freaking out softly saying, almost to himself, "Oh my god, I came in you! Fuck! I don't want to poz you." "Hang on, honey, it'll be okay. A lot of guys don't get pozzed the first time they're bred! Come here...." Brad's cock was still in my hole and I pulled him towards me and kissed him many times, murmuring "Don't worry." He moved off me and laid down on the bed and Justin was there with a slight smirk. We both knew what he did for me, and I was grateful. "Can I get a hand here?" Justin asked. In the excitement, Brad and I hadn't helped Justin get off, and his cock needed to blow a load. "Yeah, I think I can help you out," I replied, turning to Brad and asking "Okay with you? I think it's Justin's turn." Brad looked at both of us and slowly nodded yes. I pulled Justin down to make out with him, and I could feel his poz cock grazing my thighs and balls. I reached down and aimed his cock inside my hole, easing his pierced poz cock inside me, my boyfriend's poz load the only lube. I announced with genuine excitement "Fuck, this is amazingly hot." Justin grinned as he slid in and out of my wrecked hole and asked "You really like this. Fuck, man, I never thought I'd ever get inside your hole." "Hell, yeah, man, this is amazing." In a slightly louder tone Justin asked "You want me to cum in you?" Mischievously I replied "Ask Brad if you can." Justin replied in a voice loud enough for the guys in the adjoining rooms could hear "It's not Brad's hole I'm breeding. Do you want my poz cum?" There was only one possible reply for me: "Fuck yeah, dude. Shoot your hot poz load into my ass!” Just then every muscle in Justin's body tensed up as a prelude to his hot load. He pounded my hole even harder, as if to force his virus into my body. Justin yelled, "You're such a cum slut, take my poz load." I could feel his cock unloading in my guts. The spasms triggered another orgasm for me. I was in heaven, as was Justin who collapsed on top of me, with his cock still lodged inside my hole. We hugged and kissed. Brad looked a little shell-shocked at what just took place. We all stretched out on the bed and wrapped our arms around each other just to hold on. I wasn't sure what was going through Brad's head, so when everyone caught their breath, I said, "That was amazing. I've wanted that for a long time. Thank you." Brad looked at me with a puzzled look. He said, "I had no idea ... you never talked to me about it or asked me for it." I asked, "Would you have bred me if I asked you to?" Just then, I felt Brad's cock start to get hard against my thigh. Brad said, "Justin and I hoped you would be okay with us just fucking you, but now, you'll have a lot more of our cum from now on." The three of us smiled, relieved about how the afternoon turned out. Brad got off the bed, his big poz hard on, pointing in my direction. I got up on all fours, and pointed my ass in his direction and my mouth on Justin's cock. Justin's cock was slightly funky, but I didn't care. It was my turn, and I got what I wanted.
  14. Might be the wrong place for this, but here it goes ... I'm moving to SF in July. I'm looking for either a boyfriend with a heavy emphasis on raw breeding, or a breed partner who's kind and enjoys some cuddling now and then. Love spending time together, naked. All of our loads go into each other. :-) Have more experience as a top, but really want to try getting seeded as a bottom. Prefer monogamy for safety, but love exhibitionism at bathhouses, and might be interested in Xtube... My requirements: - You're willing to get tested together - Living in or close to SF - Can handle monogamy/exclusivity - Hygienic, smells good - Friendly, sane - No massive cocks, please - (bonus) Interested in video games Remember, I'm not in SF yet. In the meantime, we can email a bit, and maybe webcam. ME: 184cm/78kg/34yo/mixed/bi/vers top/cut/PreP
  15. NYC Pride Weekend Cumdump

    Looking for tips with loads to donate. I'll be hosting in the Village. Any local or visitor tips who want to pass on their DNA, hit me up
  16. Bottom Seeking Tops Waterloo Region

    Looking for tops to serve as their bitch in heat. The best519 way to get ahold212 of me is to3654 msg me on my mobile but not call just msg
  17. South West UK

    Hi anyone South West UK want to meet for bareback sex in sleazy places. The sleazier the better. Love sex filthy and depraved.
  18. I have been in this position before, literally, in a man's bed, on my back with my legs up on his shoulders and his cock ready to enter my tight ass. The first time I was a young boy being seduced by an older man who introduced me to my gay side and the joy of bareback sex. This time it’s about changing my life again and fulfilling a need so strong it can’t be suppressed. I’m 62, married with two grown kids, and have been bisexual since that first seduction so many years ago. I have always been a bottom and I have always taken cock raw. Cruising areas, adult book stores and the occasional date have been very successful in getting me what I need and what I need is a nice hard cock sliding up inside me and fucking my ass until it explodes inside me and fills me with cum. I don’t need to come, it’s all about giving the ultimate pleasure to the top who is fucking me. Being there for him and taking him inside me, encouraging him enjoy my ass and leaving part of himself inside me. I reach up and pull him to me, our bodies touch and we kiss deeply. His kisses are strong yet soft. His tongue enters my mouth and dances with mine in an erotic dance that makes us both moan with passion. My hard cock is pressed between us and I feel the tip of his pressed up against my pink hole. His hips are moving ever so slightly as we kiss and hot precum is being deposited on my entrance. He pulls back and looks at me and asks "Are you ready?" My mind is racing but I don’t answer him and he’s seeing that look of both passion and fear in my eyes. With that he says "I want to do this with you so much. It’s so erotic for me give you my cock like this and know that you love it as much as I do. To be inside you bare, and to make love on a level that is above and beyond the normal. To put my seed in you and know that I am breeding you and that part of me will stay and grow inside you." He says all the right things and I answer by pushing my ass against the tip of his cock. Smiling, he kisses me again and his hips move up and I felt that big mushroom tip start to press on my entrance in earnest. Covered in precum and lube there is little resistance at first. My hole is ready but I know he is thicker than anything I have taken in a long time and that this is going to hurt. He feels me open to my max and then tighten around him. Stopping for a moment he holds me in his arms tightly then brings his hips up hard. With that we both feel my hole rip open. He pushes in deeply as I cry out in pain and try to pull away from the massive cock sliding up inside me. "Oh god, you are so tight baby," he whispers in my ear, adding "You know that had to be done. It will make it easier for me to be with you. Relax. I’m in you now." My ass is on fire, but my insides are full of hard, hot cock and it is huge. We are joined and I wrap my arms and legs around him to pull him as close to me as I can. I know what we are doing, and that I have just crossed that line from which there is no return. I murmur "Yes baby, I know. Give me a moment. God you feel so good in me. Let me just feel you in me. So full. So deep. I need a moment to take this all in. My life is about to change forever." "I know baby. Relax, enjoy and know how exciting this is for me too. I’m leaking in you and we’re just starting. No going back now. We discussed this and I told you that once I’m inside of you it’s all over for you." I turn my head and kiss him. I want it. I have to have it. I want it to be him. My ass moves gently on his massive shaft letting him know I’m ready to continue. As he fucks me slowly looking me in my eyes he starts to talk to me, saying "God, you feel good. So tight, hot. I love having my death stick inside you. I will live in you until you die. I want my seed to grow in you, for you to incubate my babies so they take over your body." My head is spinning and I know this is wrong, but my body loves what this man is doing to it. I feel his hard cock sliding in and out of me. The long, slow strokes of a top who knows how to fuck and enjoys it. Taking me to that place that bottoms love so very much. Giving a man pleasure so intense that he can’t resist it, that he must have it and, after a certain point, there’s no stopping him from getting it. All leading to the most amazing orgasm, one so intense that it almost feels like being at death's door. I can’t believe I just thought that. How prophetic that I should put it that way. I am very possibly standing right there. My life, or death is being decided right now by this cock fucking my ass. I think for second that I can get away from this, but he’s pushing deep and I’m feeling his thick shaft so deep in my belly and I want it. "Give it to me baby. Knock me up. Give me your virus and make me yours. Keep fucking me until I’m raw inside and your baby batter will infect me." Passionate kisses now. The level of intensity is rising and I can no longer think about my wife, family, long term medical or anything other than making him cum, and taking his load deep up in my guts. He responds to my needs and fucks me harder. No more kisses as he has folded me in half. His needs are taking over. Looking me in my eyes and I see the look that men have when the cum starts to boil in their balls. I feel his need to orgasm and he asks "Are you ready for my poison load?" "Fuck, yes. Give it to me, baby." "It will kill you." "Do it. Fuck it in me." He grunts and pushes deep into my ass. I can feel his cock pulsating. I squeeze my ass tightly, milking every drop out of his cock, thinking to myself 'Oh god, yes. So much cum. I’m so wet inside'. He looks wild on top of me, but I know what he’s feeling right now. I love that about man-on-man sex: that we both know exactly what each other are feeling. Lots of heavy breathing follows, accompanied by some long strokes of his cock and quick thrusts back up inside me. I can feel him emptying out inside my hot, wet chute and pushing his cum into my bowels. The tip of his cock getting so sensitive as the last drops of his seed dribble out and his thrusts are jerky. He looks down at me and with a wry smile says "Oh baby you are so pregnant with my virus. This is so hot knowing that I’ve just knocked up your neg ass. Do you feel it in side you?" "Yes," I reply as he pushes his cock deep back in. "Mmmmmmm. Feels so good inside you. So much poz cum in you. I haven’t cum that much in a long time. You ok? Yes, it feels wonderful." Kisses, soft and sweet follow as he lies next to me, or bodies hot and sweaty as he murmurs "God that felt good. Knowing that I was pozzing you just got me harder and harder and you just kept asking for it. That was so fucking erotic." His hand is on my belly rubbing it gently as he asks "You know it might take this time, right? I ripped you pretty good going in and roughed up your insides, so with my high viral load it might only take once and you’re poz right now, or you might still be neg." I return his kisses and then answer "I know baby, but I want you to keep fucking me until I convert. Promise me that if I get the fuck flu really badly and I get so sick that I want to die right then, that you’ll fuck me and dump one more toxic load in me just to remind me how I got so sick. Mmmm, yes baby." We keep kissing and I massage his cock, determined to get another load.
  19. London Gatwick

    Looking for a meet on 23rd March when I'm staying for a night. Can accom few limits
  20. Vault 139 in London on 08/02/17

    To any of my London followers, I'll be in Vault 139 on Weds 8 Feb in the afternoon, probably 3pm onwards till about 7pm taking all and any loads. Whisper in my ear then shove your hard raw dick up my ass!
  21. I am currently located in Jacksonville, FL.. I am looking for a poz top that I can live with. I am looking to get heavily into BDsM with a pos top who wouldn't mind converting me. I want to become a freak pig bottom. I am willing to relocate with help. I am on disability so I have a stable income. I am legally blind thats why I am on disability. Here i am .. what dom top wants me.. Please be in lower 48 states. I am into the following; but not inclusively so ~ rubber, leather, raunchy, gangbangs (never had one yet, but would you like to organize one for me), cages, W/S, cuffs, discipline, collars, swallowing cum, whips, chains, sounds, floggings, chastity, ropes, gags, blindfolds, 1 on 1, enemas, seroconversion, feet, & bareback.*** PLEASE NOTE: IF YOU WANT ME TO BE HARDCORE I WILL NEED TO BE BUILT UP TO THAT EXTREME!!! ***I am looking for someone who knows how to stretch a hole and keep it stretched.I am seeking to be with a "no game player" type of a DADDY or maybe even a vanilla LTR. My current stats are: 38 (December 12 is my bday) 5'8" in height. 229 in weight. Brown Hair Hazel eyes. 7" semi-cut (x) 5" circumference semi-cut. 9" (wide) in shoe size. 18" neck.My hobbies include: computers; acting; gardening; board games; reading; poetry; live theater; volunteering; movies.My limits: children, women, or anything illegal. I could get into permanent marks if that is what you wish. Text me at: (904) 416-9306. I don't do phone calls as I have no privacy. Email me at: volunteerlaster@gmail.com and please put in subject line: "POZ TOP" to weed out the spammers and scammers.
  22. I have made ads in the past year on Craigslist that get flagged for removal. I'm looking for raw fucking with breeding and cum. Anyone have their ads removed because of the wording? Are there certain key words to avoid getting an ad flagged? Let's say I am neg and chasing loads especially poz ones. Or uninhibited nasty kinky perv fucking. How do I go about wording a Craigslist Ad to let guys know what I want without being flagged?
  23. I had just gotten engaged to my girlfriend of three years and we were on our way to spend the weekend with her father at his place by the lake. It was winter, but the cabin was fully equipped for the season, having a full kitchen, hot tub and fireplace. She had taken me there when we first started dating and I loved the place. My fiancée was a doctor at a local hospital in the city so I followed her in my own car, just in case she was paged and had to leave. We arrived around 6:00 PM and her Dad was already there. We made the usual introduction and he told me I could start calling him Dad since I was almost family. The fiancée and I set our things in the bedroom and did some heavy petting which left my cock hard and dripping. I was always horny and she didn’t help. I was worried my bulge would be noticeable when we went down stairs, and sure enough, I thought I saw her father eyeing my crotch and found myself slightly flattered. I knew he had divorced her mother because he came out and I always liked attention. Well, everything was going great: Dad had brought a nice salmon and we had a great salad, but sadly half-way through the dinner my fiancée got a page and had to head to the hospital. One of her transplant clients received the go ahead and she had to go back. Telling me not to waste the weekend, she suggested I take the time to get to know my future father in law. Dad smiled, gave his daughter a quick kiss, and she ran out the door. We sat back down and finished dinner and then he passed me a scotch neat and a cigar. It was great. The country, the cigar, the scotch. I could only think of one thing that would make it better, but the prospects of a blow job had run out the door a couple of hours ago. “I know, let’s take these out to the hot tub,” Dad suggested as he set his cigar in the ash tray and his drink on the coffee table, stripping right there in the living room. I never really look at guys in the locker room but he was very impressive: a thick pelt of grey fur covered some impressive pecs and a flat stomach, below which hung an very impressive seven inch uncut cock. Feeling slightly self conscious, I blushed a bit and looked away. “Hehehe no reason to be shy, Son. It's just the two of us now and there are no neighbors for miles around. Come on. Let's enjoy the great outdoors like God intended and soak in the tub. Grab the bottle and two more cigars and meet me out there once you're ready." As he turned away I noticed a small scorpion tattoo on his back thigh. I was a bit surprised as my sense was few of his generation had tattoos, but I still I liked it on him. In any event, following his orders, I sheepishly striped down. My body was much less furry than his, and my cock measured in at six inches, so it occurred to me I could be his son. Grabbing the Glenfiddich and two more cigar I timidly walked across the room and stepped outdoors. My cock shrank even smaller in the cold air, even as I pranced and jogged to the tub. Hoping in, I yelped a bit at the temperature change. My footing went a bit and I half sat on Dad as I landed my seat. “Easy Son, don’t spill the liquor or ruin those cigars, hehehe.” We continued chat and drinking for a bit. The scotch relaxed me, and the cigars were excellent. My thoughts must have wandered a bit to where my fiancée and I had left off, 'cause I found myself getting hard under the bubbles made by the water. In an effort to relax, I stretched my legs out a bit and hit the legs of my soon-to-be father in law. “Sorry.” “Not a problem. I'll even give ya a bit of a massage.” Before I could say anything his hand started working my foot and a sigh escaped my lips. His big hands worked the soles of my feet, and I felt everything relax body, as pleasant, but the most odd sensations traveling up my legs. Dad's attentions were, most oddly, not doing anything to help my erection. Dad put one foot down, and positioning himself between my legs, took-up my other leg, so my legs were now spread and my body half floating in the water as he did magic on my feet. He clearly knew what he was doing, and for the first time I understood why women love foot massages. It was amazing. His hands started massaging up my legs, first working up my calves and then up further, massaging the tops of my thighs, digging deep into the muscles. His thumbs grazed my balls and my eyes shot open. I tried to sit up but all I did was lock my legs around his back, which caused the two of us to slide up against each other. I stared into his eyes and felt my cock throb against his furry body. The water bobbed me slowly up and down, and I could feel his hard cock just touching between my ass. His hands moved around behind my back and I was mesmerized, staring into his eyes as he pulled me forward and kissed me. Instinctively I kissed back, pulling him against me, chest to chest, moaning with pleasure. I had never felt a man before and it was amazing. His rough hands grabbed my ass and started teasing my hole. The calloused fingers pushing into me and scraping me, working my virgin hole open. I knew what he wanted, and just as I got accustomed to his fingers, he pulled me hard down on his cock. My scream echoed out into the night for a split second before his mouth was covering mine, eating my pain as he ignited my passion. His thrusts started slowly and I whimpered with each tug and pull as he forced his monster into my ass. Soon it hurt less and less, and within less than a minute or so the pain turned into pleasure. Instinctively I found myself working with him, meeting each of his thrusts and sliding back as he withdrew. My cock was rock hard as the water was splashed around. The he pulled off me for a moment and looked again into my eyes. His cock stopped moving in my ass and he just held me there. I could feel his heart beat through his cock . “You want to breed you Son? You want my dirty Daddy seed in you?” “Yes, please whatever you want just keep fucking me.” “Did my daughter ever tell you the reason why her mother really left?” “Well, I figure it was because of what we are doing right now,” I chuckled "Well, yes,” he replied, smiling, "but also because I'm poz, and with my raw cock in your ass, if I shoot in you you’re most likely going to be knocked up. Made into my poz son and carry the same virus. Is that what you want?" I had no words. Here I was a virgin to gay sex let alone poz gay sex. The only thought in my head was I did not want him to stop. As an answer to his question I began rocking back and forth on his cock. “Oh thank you Son that feel so good. It has been so long. Plus I already shot in you once so it was kind of a moot point. Here some the second load son. Be my boy forever” This time I felt it: a deep throbbing as his cock grew bigger and bigger, pulsing in my hole. His cum felt like a tongue deep in my ass licking the walls and making them wet. Just after he shot, his hand grabbed my dick and pumped me furiously. My last neg load shot over my head. As I came down from my orgasm, my hole sore and throbbing, his cock still buried in my ass. Catching my breath, I looked into his eyes and said one word: "More."
  24. It was 3 a.m., and I had gotten off the last bus to the eastern part of the suburb. I could barely see the streets, as there were only a few streetlights and the moon hid itself from view between the thick, large clouds. As I was walking, I could hear my steps echo between the tightly placed houses. My hearth paces as I made my way through the dark streets of a cold town, with its residents oblivious of my presence. As my boots dragged me forwards, they were wetted by the asphalt. Turning around the second corner, as I was instructed to do, the tightly places houses were replaced with camper vans of different sizes. I quickly found the one I was sent a picture of, and checked its registration, or rather the lack of it. “A white camper van, with darkened windows, and no registration plate.” With a rushing hearth and breathlessness, I steadily approached the door of the couchbuilt body, only to realise that the door was unlocked and open a few degrees. There was a stool next to the door, dirty and cold. I removed my quilted jacket, placing it neatly on the stool. Then, I removed my t-shirt, and my belt. Before going forward with removing my jeans, I surveyed the area, making sure that no one was having a late-night walk or a walk-to-the-restroom. Of course, I had forgotten that removing tightly placed jeans required me to take off my shoes. As I was taking of my boots, I quickly realised that either my socks or my feet were going to get wet, so I made sure to pack my socks inside of my boots before letting my feet feel the frosty soil. There I was, nearly naked of all the non-natural thing of my life. I checked that none of my clothes, except my boots, were of any danger of falling on the ground. I had placed my boots under the stool, giving me a fake comfort that whoever might steal the clothes, will not be able to see the boots. Looking backwards for a second time, I could see the vast emptiness which consumed the sad, old place. Gripping the bandages of my briefs, I let it slide through my torso, and fall on the cold ground. Having no interest in picking it up, I quietly, and very slowly allowed my feet to escape from it, leaving me stark naked in a cold, dark and strange place. Naked in front of a strange door. Naked the same way I was born. Natural, and naked. Please leave a comment or message me if you wish me to continue.
  25. Met a 30-something, muscular, hung, black top on vacation from the Marine base in SD. I was at the Temptation pool partybat the Luxor, where the bodies were hot and the drinks were cold. Spotted him dancing to the EDM pounding its beats and stirring libidos. Waded over to him, look him in the eyes, turned around, and pushed my luscious ass into his crotch. We danced for a bit, his hands eventually sliding across my stomach and into my speedos. I tugged my speedos down, exposing my ass and he opened up his shorts, pulling out his magnificent python. I trapped his shaft between my ass cheecks as we danced some more. Eventually his cock head was knocking at my hole. He wanted to fuck and I wanted him to fuck me. Minutes later we were in my room. Making out, his naked body on mines, I pulled out some Magnums and lube. I gave him an achingly slow blowjob and hit took all my will power to not gag on his powerful cock as he slid it down my throat and held it there for what felt like an eternity. After he became fully hard, he proceeded to massage his dick while lubimg my hole with two, then three fingers in me. He pulled himself up and spead my legs wide. He slowly pushed his massive cock in my hole. It hurt a bit, but I was pretty loose from the previous fucks the past couple of days. I put my hand on his hip and asked him to put a condom on first before we fuck. He slid it in even further and told me he wanted to feel my raw hole for a bit. He then pushed it in balls deep, slid it out half way, and slid it back in. I gasped in enjoyment and the thought of protected sex totally escaped my mind. He proceeded to fuck me, dominate me, use me. He called me a slut, a whore, his bitch, bending and tossing me in different positions. I ended up on top, riding him like a possessed, cock hungry, slut. His dick was buried deep in me, past my second ring in my sex hole, grinding away. He warned me that he was about to nut but I keep going. He uttered profanities and grunted. I felt his hot essence spreading deep in me. I was so hypnotized by his sex that I didn't care that he could me possibly be loading me up with poz cum. We fucked for several more hours. It was so good that he made me cum like a split-tailed bitch by working his immense dick on my p-spot. In all, he unloaded his plum sized balls in me at least five times. After his final orgasm, he stood up, dressed, and left without a word. Come to think of it, the name he gave me was probably false. I laid in bed, sore, my anus swollen and gaping, his cum leaking out of me like a cheap whore. A few months after returning from my vacation, I got my quarterly STI test, I'm (still) negative, but if I ever ran into Corporal "Dwayne", USMC again, told me he was poz, and wants to tear my hole up, my pants would drop in an instant.

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