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Visiting 2/9-2/13

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Will be my first time in PS.  fri/sat night (2/9-2/10) at CCBC and sun/mon night (2/11-2/12) at dolce vida.

Heard it's both cumunion weekend and bear convergence. Looking forward to taking lots of daddy and hairybear loads in my hole.

(no pics on here but I'm season76 on bbrt)

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There's also a big DILF party this weekend and an "unofficial IBC afterhours party at CCBC.  You;ll be at ground zero Friday and Sat nights. 

The city will be busy, but I'm sure you're gonna get your fill of Daddy/Bear meat!  Give us an update after! 

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Holy Cow. Palm Springs was awesome. I will definitely be back for sure.

Ironically Friday night I bred a guy from where I live who was there with his bf and played around/sucked/got sucked but that was about all.

Saturday night I was bent over in the play area and took about 5 cocks in a row....as soon as one pulled out, another went in. During that time I was making out with another sexy latino bttm who was also getting a few loads. 

Spent the next two days shitting out cum as two of the guys went very deep...moreso than I'm used to actually so I'm still a bit sore now but totally worth it. Next time I'm going w/out the husband so I can really pig the fuck out

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