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    Total cum whore - love anal play in almost all forms (not into scat). Always have a supply of tri-mix, so I can top, too. (Need some?) great FF top too. You can usually find me at the big events - MAL, IML, SoDec, Pride, Folsom, Dore, Market Days, CLAW, MIR, Smokeout, etc - I'm the one everyone's just bred...
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  1. Seriously, let me know. I'd love to film you and as many cocks as you can take! I can be just the cameraman or not depending on the mood/vibe. <oink>
  2. It's happened to me and I've been the one to breed the anon hole - multiple times both ways. One guy still doesn't know i've bred him, but everyone else it's happened with, I've worked it into conversation later - not during, as I don't want to ruin the whole anon scene. I've had a couple of guys mention to me that they've bred me. I'm always curious and ask them when (mostly so I can try to figure out if I remembered it). Some guys have become regular fuckbuddies. Others were happy with the one off.
  3. Absolutely. If I'm hooking up with them, they pretty much already know - either from oe of the apps or in a bookstore or blindfolded in a hotel room or at a play party.... There have been some guys who politely (or sometimes rudely) decline when they find out just hot slutty I am, but I move on to the next one and don't give it another thought. Life's too short to slut shame.
  4. I have to say, it IS a double-edged sword. Completely anon ( like if I'm blindfolded), I can't read the situation and tell if he wants me to be honest or if he wants a specific answer. I've actually had guys walk away when I tell them I have loads in me, but those are usually the exception. I mean, what do they think approaching a bottom blindfolded and waiting?!?! As a top, (yes, I top), I get turned on by the number of loads a bottom has taken and I have to stick my tongue in t taste that mixed dna soup before i add my own.
  5. As expected, my numbers jumped considerably after MAL - Ate-37, Took-82, Bred-14, Fed-6 Repeats-3 (that I know of).
  6. Berlin and Amsterdam have several. There are still rooms like that at a couple of sex clubs - Slammer in Ft Lauderdale and LA and the Chute in Phoenix. The ones I used to hit often are all long gone now - SF, Chicago, East St Louis.
  7. My numbers will jump this weekend - heading to MAL! looking to be close to 3 digits by Monday.
  8. Hell, I've been bred at those gloryhholes too! I was in DC for work last year and made a road trip to get my hole bred every night! Nothing better!
  9. I can't wait! Just got back from a trip to the midwest. It was cold as fuck, but I still managed to get a few cocks in me! Looking forward to checking into the hotel, and finding tops to keep me warm in DC!
  10. Chances are you bruised something. The human body is good at healing itself, but the sensitive lining of your insides is just that - sensitive. I always take fiber and pay attention to any pain, when going or in general. A good hot soak can help as well. Personally, I like to clean out and use a dildo on myself to see if there are any tender spots after a night of heavy play. Lots of guys have mentioned salves as after care (which I'm a big proponent of). Experience is your friend. Learn what you can take and how your body recovers when you overdo it. Self care is important. Trust me, I've missed out on more than a few big gangbangs or fuckfests because I was healing. It's not fun, but sometimes you have to take care of your hole first.
  11. easily. i've kept track of my loads every few years. I'd hit that mark every couple of years. <oink>
  12. I'd go to a setup like that. You should totally do it!
  13. agreed. If I'm at a big event/play party and I'm taking loads blindfolded, I find it SO hot later to be walking by men and not knowing if they've been inside me! I try to read the recognition on their faces - every smile, every glance suddenly becomes an appraisal, a thank you, or a "I'm gonna hit that again". Love not knowing. I've even met a few men months later who confess that they nutted in me before. I always ask if they want to again! <oink>

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