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  1. back from lunch. hooked up with a top who's been chasing my hole for a while (timing has always been bad). He hit me up this morning and though I was working, we arranged to meet for lunch. He sent his address and a time. I showed up and he answered the door naked and hard swinging a bigger than average thick cock. I dropped to my knees in the doorway and swallowed him to his balls. He let out a moan and pulled me inside.  I quickly stripped and resumed sucking on his meat as he plopped down on the couch. I took my time working his knob and shaft and sucking on his balls. He was loving it all based on his moans and breathing.  He pulled me up and started fingering my hole. I opened up for him and he gave me an appreciative "fuck yeah!". He shoved me down onto the counch so my ass was upin the air and he started eating my ass like it was his last meal.  I LOVE this!  He sucked and tongue-fucked my hole getting me wet. I begged him to fuck me and he DID. He pounded my ass HARD - deep strokes all the way to the balls and then all the way out so my ass popped as his big dick pulled out. I could feel my asslips being pulled out each time. I was in heaven!  He fucked hard and rough and then eased off and teased my hole.  As he got close, he sped up and really pummeled me, talking dirty and telling me I was his cumdump and to milk his load out of him.  I immediatley complied.  He thanked me by loading my ass with a HUGE load. It was running out my gaping ass after he pulled out and fed me his still dribbling meat. I swallowed every drop and licked his cock clean as he played with his cum running out my ass.  After I get redressed he confessed that he gave me his best fuck because he wanted me to be a regular. I told him to fuck me like that and I'll be available ANY TIME!  Love finding a new regular.  Smiling as i sit typing this and my hole is tender and still leaking.....

  2. Agreed - the energy at an orgy is SO much more electric than a standard cumdump gangbang. Don't get me wrong, I can take every load in the room, but am all out everyone fucking and sucking and kissing really turns it up a notch! I always end up fucking as much as I'm fucked.
  3. Bumped into a fuckbud while out running errands. He was free balling in basketball shorts and started clubbing up. I smiled and licked my lips and he fucked a load into my hole in the bathroom. Loved it! He put his hand over my mouth and whispered that his BF was in the store so he needed to fuck me hard and fast... ...and he did! Love men that just wanna cum inside me!

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    2. Chargedup


      correction load count not mia !

      ugh hate we can't edit posts 

    3. GoodExercise


      I want to breed you when you are in Chicago in May

    4. phukhole


      Yes to all of it!  Cum in me! 🍆💦🍑🐽

  4. Up to 140 now. I'm averaging more than one a day! Heading to LA for the Eagle Anniversary party. Will probably hit Slammer after and boost those numbers! Wanna hit 500 this year!
  5. Thanks for the follow, Toad. Hopefully, I can keep you entertained a bit!  Welcum!

    1. toad2



  6. Hit the bookstore yesterday - sleazy, old school theater type with seats and a half-wall behind it where guys play. Walked in, stripped my shorts off and got on my knees. First guy stepped up and set the tone for the day - thick, uncut cock 1/2 hard and already a mouthful. Sucked him and swallowed, repeated 3 more times before the 4th guy stood me up and bred me. I bent over and took number 5 in my mouth. Number 6 replaced the guy fucking me and shot a HUGE load in me. I finished off number 5 and number 7 fucked my face then blew on it giving me a facial I licked up what I could... love that place (in San Diego). 

    1. pozasslover


      What place is this ? And are ypi going to the sliverlake party

    2. phukhole


      It's called Gemini on University Ave. What SilverLake party?!?! Was gonna be in LA or the Eagle Anniversary party tonight and plan on getting my ass bred....

  7. Any black guys gonna be in town for this event at CCBC? A buddy from Berlin is looking for as many black cocks as possible to fuck him while I film him. Anyone want to seed his AMAZING hole on film? He is a total, can't-get-enough pig, with a velvety bottomless hole that can take whatever pounding you give it. I aspire to be as good a bottom as him someday!
  8. CCBC is the most consistent. Even on off weekends, there are resort guests and day pass guests there looking for cock and hole. I never leave without a few loads in me. :-) you can also try Canyon Club, All Worlds and Chaps Inn, but they CAN be more hit or miss.
  9. Got bred twice today at a bookstore over lunch.  Swallowed 4 loads and sucked on another 3. Not bad, but I need more. Got to get my holes ready for IML! 

    1. SIReast


      see you at CLAW, if you'll be there.


    2. Fistulike666


      It sounds like you should be well lubricated and ready to roll. Have a great weekend m8 and keep the guys cumming

      At Hardon.jpg


      Guiding light.jpg

  10. Mine is pretty tight, but it does loosen up with use. By the end of the nigh tit's nice and velvety, gaping enough to make it easy, but not too much that you can't feel it. Been told I have incredible muscle control and LOVe to milk a load out of a cock...
  11. Hey man, we should meet up at IML. I am staying at the travelodge May 25-30. 


    1. phukhole


      It's a deal. I'm at the Congress.

  12. Good luck with the challenge. I would LOVE to help (and to film it), but will be leaving for Chicago that next week and can't afford 2 trips back to back. You SHOULD be able to do it. Vegas is a fun town full of cum!
  13. I get to LA once in a while... <oink>
  14. Yes, I know of MANY people staying at the Travelodge. Also, both hotels are just a couple of blocks from the train if you wanted to take it up to boystown. Chicago is a fantastic city (if it weren't for the brutal winters, I'd probably live there). If you're a walker, head east to the water. Chicago has a great shoreline that stretches for miles. See you there!
  15. Was at the CumUnion in Palm Springs. Got there early, but all of the slings were already taken. Walked around and played a bit in the playrooms - sucked some dick, laid on a massage table and got fingered, eaten and fucked, walked around a bit more got the occasional grope - stopped and backed up. A couple took the opportunity and slid right in and fucked me standing up in the walkway. A couple pulled me off to the side and bent me over a chair or trash can. Eventually my hole was leaking a half-dozen loads as I walked around naked. Found an empty sling and hopped in and slid on a blindfold. Had a couple of looky-loos (could hear them approach, then scurry away. It happens - more often early in the evening.). Had a couple walk up and both fucked me. Don't know who they were, but they traded off inside me and egged each other on as they fucked. Love couples who cum in me! Eventually, they both came in me groaning and living the release and the second one REALLY loved his partner's juices in me! They left and it quieted down, so I got out (don't hog the facilities, after all). Moved to an outside sling that was busy earlier with a hot porn star. Since it was empty, I hoed up and proceeded to take a few more loads, the occasional few quick pumps, then a guy walked up and started talking about my hole like he'd found the holy grail. LOVED it! He pumped and teased my ass - hard and gentle, every angle, opening me up and talking dirty the whole time. He told me to open it up and I did, he ate my ass and sucked some cum out of me and continued fucking. I was in heaven. He must've gone for about 20 minutes when a tall guy who'd been circling came closer. Hot man offered the new guy my hole as he pulled out. The new guy was hung like a horse and rock hard. He plunged into me in one thrust all the way to the balls making me gasp and grab the poppers. He held himself there while I adjusted. Then he proceeded to pound my hole hard and deep forcing me to wince and exhale. He relished it and kept hitting that wall inside me until he slid past and I moaned like a freak. He pumped and pumped as the other guy egged him on. I could feel him tense as he shot into me flooding me and making my ass leak. I could feel him shoot a couple more times then he pulled out and fingered my cummy, gaping hole. He left and the hot guy dove down and ate my sloppy hole before he slid back in and shot his own load in me. I ALWAYS have a good time at CumUnion!

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