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    Men, cock, cum, piss, blindfolds, groups, public, anon, gloryholes, bareback, pigs, horse cocks, DP...
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    Total cum whore - love anal play in almost all forms (not into scat). Always have a supply of tri-mix/viagra (need some?) , so I can top, but am MUCH better bottom. great FF top too. You can usually find me at the big events - MAL, IML, SoDec, Pride, Folsom, Dore, Market Days, CLAW, MIR, Smokeout, etc - I'm the one everyone's just bred...
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    cocks, tongues, fingers, hands, toys, groups....

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  1. Hot pics!!! Is your Tumblr still up?

  2. IML 2018 Who's going

    I'll be there in the host hotel taking loads (and giving them), so hit me up! Feel free to cum in me - often!
  3. MAL 2019

    Room already booked for next year - high floor facing the internal corridor....

    I take it as a compliment. If someone referred me to someone else, that means they appreciated my hole and want others to feel it too. Personally, I'm surprised hookup sites haven't added this feature. There is the potential for misuse - some disgruntled queen getting all pissy cause you don't want to fuck again... but overall, I think it would be a good thing. I love to share tops - especially if they cum with references!
  5. MAL 2019

    https://aws.passkey.com/event/49556470/owner/12345/home Reservation link for MAL 2019 Jan 17-20, 2019
  6. nice ass, I'd love to eat that and fuck/breed it myself


    1. phukhole


      Anytime, stud!  I'd LOVE to take your loads (and give you mine)

  7. Anon Loads

    I do not know the names of most, but some, that have fucked me for years, I eventually learn their names. I also counted any that I only know by sight - regulars at the baths, bars or bookstores). That being said, I don't know at least half of the men who cum in my ass. I've been surprised only once or twice by someone who said he'd fucked me before. Usually I remember, but I like blindfolds, back rooms and gloryholes, so sometimes I have no way of seeing them in order to remember!
  8. Spent many a night in those hallowed walls. Had I been in Chcicago over the holiday, I'd have taken a few loads for old times sake! It will forever be etched in my sexual memory!
  9. do you like being watched as you are breed?

    1. bikeboi666
    2. mal2018newbie


      i want to watch ur hole get breed at MAL

    3. phukhole


      I was watched a lot.... thankfully a lot of those watchers, stepped up and fucked me too! <oink>

  10. 2017 Load Tally

    Year to date: 414 unique donors (as far as I can determine), 664 total loads. I'm not breaking 700 this year. :-( Well, there's always next year! Keep those holes filled, boys!
  11. Bank Deposit

    Love that!
  12. What is it like to be DPd

    It's the most incredible sense of "full" you've ever had. Feeling a cock in your ass is heaven, but two is absolutely amazing. especially when they start fucking. You feel them pistoning inside you, then overflowing with cum! When they pull out, your hole will feel empty and wet ...and you'll want to do it again!
  13. Bear Party - first time cumdumping

    Sounds like a perfect night, Poppermeup79! Nothing better than servicing cock after cock, reveling in your piggy-ness and feeling all those loads in your happy hole! Once the floodgates open, you're hooked on the freedom and yearn for the stretched and full feeling that cums from a night of loads!
  14. Fisting websites

    I have to agree with everyone else - Asspig.com is your best bet for fisting-specific partners. there's also the handball digest - http://groups.queernet.org/index.fcgi/info/handball it USED to be a busy mailing list, but now it's sporadic.
  15. Thanking the top?

    I would never dream of NOT thanking a top for his seed (unless I'm gagged). It's the polite thing to do!

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