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  1. Romantix in Escondido (San Diego). It's the only (public) gloryhole in San Diego that I know of....
  2. I'm a big fan of Hawks. I always leave there with my ass dripping cum!
  3. There is NOTHING like a good gloryhole! I could spend hours servicing men through them!
  4. Totally horned up, I headed to the bookstore at lunch and found the parking lot fairly full, which I took as a good sign. Entering the bookstore, I entered a glory hole booth, chose a bareback video, and knelt a the hole and waited. The guy in the adjoining booth wasted no time in promptly sliding his medium uncut cock through the hole. I sucked him, and got him hard by alternating my focus on the head and shaft of his cock. I felt him When I sensed focusing on his head and his shaft until I feel him tense up, he shot his load down my throat, zipped-up and left. The next guy was a bit more shy, but eventually slides his cut cock through into my booth. I took my time with him, but eventually got him rock hard. I then teased his head, applying more and more pressure, which makes him squirm in pleasure. Eventually I stood-up, dropped my pants, and backed-up onto his cock, encouraging him to explore my hole. Taking my not-too-subtle hint, he pushed forward as I pushed back, his cock sliding into my ass. Then he violently pounded me, thrusting and shaking the cubicle walls, grunting and groaning particularly loudly when he shot his load in my cum hole, pumping a couple few more more times before he pulled out. I remained in that position, hoping he would re-enter me, but he didn't. I was still in that position when I heard him leave the booth, my hole still plastered against the glory hole when the next guy entered the booth, slipped his index finger in my cummy ass, unzipped and fed his cock into my cum-slicked cunt. He pumped and pumped, and I alternated relaxing and tightening my hole, giving him maximum pressure. Sure enough, as I expected and hoped, he also soon came in my hole. Fuck yeah! I love the sensation of having a loose, sloppy hole! He withdrew, and I could feel some cum running out of my ass, and presumably oozing down the wall on his side of the glory hole. I waited there, hoping for some more play, and was happy when I felt first a finger, and then a tongue, exploring my hole. This guy was an avid felcher, slurping all that cum out of my ass, grunting, moaning, licking and slurping away. His tongue felt wonderful. After several minutes his tongue was replaced by his finger, then two fingers, then three, fingering my hole as my muscles opened for him. Of course my hole was still wet from his spit and the cum which had worked through my ass lips, and I wondered if he was going to eat me some more, but no, I didn't get his tongue, but rather what must have been an exceptionally FAT cock. I really mean it was HUGE, so I took a hit of poppers thinking I had hit the proverbial jackpot. Pushing harder and harder, he eventually slid in, his big, thick anonymous cock was buried in my cum-slicked chute. I was in heaven. He didn't wait, but immediately began pumping me, and I relaxed my muscles, making myself ready for the nice, steady ride which it seemed like was likely, although I milked him a bit which made him swell even bigger. His pace picked-up, he pumped harder and harder, until he was going full steam when he shot inside me. I felt FULL. He continued pumping so I did my best to milk his cock, and apparently he enjoyed my efforts as I heard him groan in pleasure, but eventually his thrusts diminished in depth and intensity until just his mushroom head was still in my ass. Pulling off, I spun around to find a porn-sized cock which glistened with cum. Compelled to taste it, I took it into my my mouth and he fed me his entire length before he finally withdrew. Licking my lips, I thanked him (through the hole), as I reach back to my hole to feel the cum oozing out my gaping ass lips, into the puddle on the floor. I had definitely taken a big load. I sucked two more cocks, one older daddy and one smaller Latin, but didn't get any more cock in my ass. Oh, well. I had had three in each hole. That was a good lunch!
  5.  ... and I just know that I'd enjoy pleasuring you .... such a beautiful set of pics in your album!!

    1. phukhole


      Well, thank you, Sir!  I am but a hole for your pleasure....

    2. Fistulike666


      Pleasure is a 2-way thing!

    3. phukhole


      Oh, I agree, but I derive a LOT of pleasure from getting a guy off - feeling him flood my holes with cum, hearing him grunt and groan and moan, tasting his cum-covered cock, smelling his sweat and seeing him completely satiated...

  6. There are pros and cons to staying at the Host hotel. Pro - you're at ground zero. If you're horny at 2:13pm or 3:21am or 7pm or 10:30am.... you can find a cock or ass or mouth or toy or fist or group... Con - you're drastically overpaying for a room without a lot of amenities MANY people stay at the Travelodge across the street and at various hotels across the city. They commute into the hotel and play, then leave to sleep. it adds 30 minutes to an hour to your average hookup, but you can stay cheaper and in a nicer place and when you want to unwind, you can. In the host hotel, it tends to be loud all the time - the doors are thin and so are the walls. Many people ALSO share a room with someone at the host hotel, so there are a LOT of people in the hotel. I've heard of guys offering the use of their room as fuckpads (sometimes for a price). SOME people even share a room with others exclusively as a fuck pad, never sleeping there. You can pretty much always find someone to whore out a hot hole. The party listings that weekend are usually in the hundreds each day and MANY people have open door/revolving door parties. Bottoms DO tend to outnumber the tops, so be prepared to top from time to time or to have to wait for your hole to be filled. (Just mentioning it because some people think that because it's IML, you can be bred 24/7. You CAN, but you have to work for it.) Hope this helps. Looking forward to another great year at IML!
  7. Flight booked. Host hotel booked. I know, it's a dump for THAT price, but I just couldn't bring myself to NOT be at ground zero. Hopefully NKP will be back this year, but I KNOW I'll be taking advantage of the stairwells, bathrooms, corners, nooks and crannies and giving my hole freely to any cock that wants in! LOVE feeling all that cock and cum in me!
  8. took a long lunch. hooked up with a regular FB, he fed me his cock, spun me around and pounded my hole REALLY hard before flooding me with a HUGE load.  Was so turned on I hit the bookstore with it still leaking out my hole. I started sucking the first guy.  He reached around and felt it and he immediately fucked another load into me with a loud groan. As soon as he left the booth the next guy came in, whipped out his hard cock without saying a word and fucked a third load into my gaping hole.  My car seat was covered when i got back to work. I slipped a buttplug in my ass and changed.  Sitting here now with a smile on my face feeling the wetness in my hole....

    1. bellyguy44


      you are a lucky guy. i  know , how it feels and love it.

  9. I love to eat another man's cummy hole. It always gets me rock hard and I have to breed it. As a bottom, I love to have MY hole eaten, but it only makes me want more and I'm begging for cock and loads. fuck me, eat me, fuck me, eat me until there's no more cum in anyone's cock... That's my favorite!
  10. tallslenderguy - when will you be in PS? The resorts ARE a lot of fun - CCBC, Canyon Club, All Worlds, Chaps Inn, InnDulge, Helios.... the list goes on and on. Also a lot of fun is Barracks (bar) on Sundays for Beer Bust and on Wednesdays for Underwear night. Have played there late night on Sunday and on underwear night. Nithing like fucking on the patio or the bathrooms with a bunch of horned up guys in their jocks!
  11. 400 - there are still some things for me to try.....
  12. just back from the bookstore. hit it over lunch - sucked 5 cocks and took 3 loads up my ass. Don't know what was up today, but they all wanted to shoot inside me.  Who am I to say no?!?!? <oink>

  13. Total count to date 34. Last 4 were at a bookstore in San Diego. Young cub with a fat cock fed it to me before turning me around and shooting in my hole. After he left 3 other guys slid in and added theirs. Happy, cum-filled pig!
  14. anon

    I think you're on the right track. Hotels can be hit or miss. What has worked best for me in the past is to have someone work the door and keep an eye on things - open the door for guys usher them out afterwards, keep the noise down, refresh the lube or poppers, etc. I've done a couple tag-team hotel scenes - posted on the hook up apps, CL etc and been the bottom for a while then tagged out nad let the other guy take loads. Eased my mind knowing that no matter how deep I went in my head, there was someone there (which is also a good thing is you take something "to loosen up"). I've also done gloryhoels. Unfortunately, three aren't any public gloryholes here, so I usually can only do that when I travel. When I find them, I tend to camp out and service EVERY cock that cums through! I can never get enough of it! Understall is hot, but also hit or miss. You should try attending one of the bog events like IML or MAL. The host hotels are usually full of guys with their doors open taking anon loads. I've done it myself and always manage to get dozens of loads in my always hungry hole. Ans of course, living in Palm Springs, I have access to the clothing optional resorts. nothing like spending the day naked laying at the pool and popping into the playrooms for a load or 10!
  15. Load update 17 so far in 2017. Took 14 on Sunday - got bred in the bathroom at the bar and then at a resort afterwards. All kinds of cocks - fat ones, thin ones, cut and uncut - daddies, nerds, latin, older, younger, muscle studs... heading out to the bookstore for some more today....

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