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    Total cum whore - love anal play in almost all forms (not into scat). Always have a supply of tri-mix, so I can top, too. (Need some?) great FF top too. You can usually find me at the big events - MAL, IML, SoDec, Pride, Folsom, Dore, Market Days, CLAW, MIR, Smokeout, etc - I'm the one everyone's just bred...
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  1. It depends on the sex party. As a rule of thumb, I don't hop in a sling without a top - as sex furniture is usually in demand at the bigger parties. If I do find myself in a sling or fuckbench, I only give it 10 minutes tops if I have no takers, then I get out. No one likes a sling-lizard. Free it up for someone else to get some. I prefer getting bred doggy style - so fuck benches are my go-to, but I'm quite happy to bend over against a wall or bar stool and take whoever wants it....
  2. I often get the "how many loads in ya?" question. Sometimes, I don't have any and those are the times a guy ONLY wants a loaded hole. (Seems to happen that when I get one top who likes sloppy holes I always get two!) Sometimes, I get the guy who wants a "fresh" hole, but seldom is that a deal breaker. I ALSO love to eat a cummy ass! Usually at a play party, I'll dive in after the top pulls out (as long as another top isn't waiting). Sometimes, My ass will get a load in it while I'm eating! LOVE that.
  3. I used to use them, but too many side effects and I couldn't use them with poppers. Now I have a tri-mix prescription and that works even better for me (and I can get all poppered up)! It sucks that my insurace doesn't cover it, but it's worth it for the big events like IML, MAL, Folsom, Dore, Southern Decadence and Pig Week.
  4. I'm also uncut - in Palm Springs, CA
  5. I'm imagining you in a bukkake scene! You would coat me completely! ❤️❤️❤️
  6. no worries. I love to help people have better sex - either with my ass/mouth/cock/hands or with my advice!
  7. Glad to say I've heard that more than a few times. Sometimes they apologize for cumming quickly, but I always tell them that It means my hole was EXACTLY what they needed! I consider it a HUGE compliment.
  8. ....and we all know that when he says "Oh, fuuuuuck!" as he enters you, he's not gonna last long!
  9. I like both. I like the challenge of not knowing what the guy likes and making him cum and I like the repeats that go right to fucking me exactly how they want without asking "how does that feel?". Just use my hole. Don't worry about me! <oink>
  10. I'll be at the one this Saturday, April 13th. Should be a hot time! Looking forward to another marathon ending with my hole gaping and a river of cum puddling beneath me! <oink>
  11. That would be a tough one. CumUnion is always busy - especially in the warmer weather (end of April should be mid-60's at night). The parking lot parties at Barracks are phenomenal. They had one over Leather Pride too and I easily took 20 loads there that night. DILF is quite a popular party, but I don't know if you'll get the same volume of guys that were there for Leather Pride. If it were me, I'd do both. DILF earlier (since it ends when the bar closes), then over to CumUnion for the last hours (officially it ends at 4). Since it's a day pass to CCBC, you can stay and play later (and many people do when it's warm), though it gets progressively more and more sketchy as it approaches dawn.
  12. You are still my ALL time favorite.  Keep on fuck'n and being the BEST fuck'n CUM DUMP around.  I always, say:  The BEST fuck'n with with a CUM DUMP who's comfortable with being OPEN for the challenge.

  13. @KeithBeck Open doors, stairwells, dead end hallways, etc- yes, usually later at night. No fucking in the lobby or other public areas, generally. Though I HAVE been fucked in the elevator, in the bathrooms, in the market, on the mezzanine overlooking the market... Don't be too obvious or too loud and if you're hanging in a crowd, make them provide you a little cover. You're more likely to get 2 or 3 or 4 loads in ya that way! Also, make sure you check out the room parties - the SF party and the jockstrap party are two of my favorites. if you're venturing away from the hotel, check out the bars - some have back rooms, Steamworks is always packed that weekend and the bookstores can be fun too. Chicago has a number of outdoor cruisy areas too, but they're all quite a ways from the hotel. Apps like BBRT are very helpful - there are usually 30-50 ads posted daily.
  14. New Orleans, DC and Chicago always provide me with more black dick than I can take. 🙂

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