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  1. Pump & Dump Advice Needed

    Every body is different, BUT... there are a few good basic guidelines. If you plan on a full night of taking it up the ass, then you should plan for a deep clean. A quick few bulbs until you're clean is fine for a quickie in the bathroom at work or in the backseat of a car, but for a more drawn out session, you need to allow for movement over the course of the night. Deep cleaning is about 5 times what I would do for a normal fuck. Time is your friend here. Take your time and don't rush it or you may have to stop for a retouch in the middle of getting hot and heavy (or not - some guys like that). I will usually eat lighter the day before (with lots of fiber) and take a does of immodium about an hour before clean out to help slow down my system. A shower hose is essential, in my opinion, for the long sessions. You can get deeper and have more control over the pressure and volume. I always incorporate dildo play during these clean outs. I will clean and clean and then when I think I MIGHT be ready, I open myself up with various dildos. Thick ones, long thin ones, curved and vibrating ones. whatever floats your boat. The thing is to use the muscles in your hole and let any surprises happen while you're still cleaning out. After my second (or sometimes third) round of cleaning, I'm usually squeaky clean and my hole is usually REALLY hungry. I've used water-based lube, and silicone/oil based and the oil is definitely slicker, but it's harder to clean up. It all boils down to what you like, but make sure you have lots. Some guys use more, some less, but as a bottom taking (hopefully) a lot of cock, you have to be ready to add some yourself to make sure your hole stays hungry and not irritated. They don't care about your hole lasting all night. They only care about it lasting till they nut, which is perfectly fine. I also am a big fan of aftercare. After being a cumdump, I like to add a bit of salve to my hole before I sleep to help it cool down and start to repair itself. I use a product called Bottom Boy Butt Gel, it's a holistic gel made by a man I met while I was big into fisting. It works great in keeping my hole happy in between pummelings. I can send you a link if you're ever interested.
  2. Jock advice

    I usually freeball or wear a jock. Jockstraps can be VERY comfortable for a long night of dancing and cruising. I DO find that once someone sees my jockstrap band or the whole thing if that's all I'm wearing, they are more likely to grab my ass/play with my hole. It's good advertising that I'll take loads. I always slip a small amount of lube in my hole to entice the first guy. Then his cum in me entices 2 and 3 and 4 and 5...
  3. Bottom Regrets

    If I knew then what I know now..... I would have taken every cock possible by now. That has to be my biggest regret - not embracing my cumdump identity earlier.
  4. @descartes70817 I've done that. When I'm lucky enough to find a gloryhole I'll suck and get them hard and start fucking their dick with my mouth. When they start to respond by trying to fuck my mouth, I usually spin around and let them fuck my ass. 95% of the time they nut in me. Occasionally, they will pull back, then I'll just go back to sucking them off. God I love gloryholes - they've close a LOT of them out here in Cali.
  5. Help! I'm A Bottom Trapped In A Tops Body*

    Get that all the time. I'm not particularly butch looking, but apparently my demeanor is one of "top". Only thing to do then is to get on all fours or plop down ass up and advertise my hole. Sometimes that works and I get bred. Sometimes, they still want me to fuck them (I have an average, but pretty, uncut cock). Sometimes I do, sometimes I tell them come back later after I've taken a few loads and You can have mine, other times I have to explain "I'm a bottom." Online, I too, list myself as total bottom or cumdump or some such, even though I can and often do top. I'm MUCH better on bottom and prefer it there.
  6. Lots of good advice here. The first time will be the hardest. Once you have it under your belt, the worry and fear of the unknown will be less. There will always be some unknown though and for me, that's part of the appeal. Baths can help a lot as far as personal safety goes. If you have any regular fuckbuds, you might have them play wingman and work the door (and return the favor for them sometime). It's always a good idea to have someone watching your stuff, giving you hits of poppers, refilling the lube, fucking you in between anon donors, etc. Once you get the hang of it, you can handle those things yourself, but it IS freeing to not have to think about any of that and rely on a wingman.
  7. Question for the Tops!

    From the bottom side of things, I try to read my top and find out what makes him moan, I'll tighten my hole and make it grippy. I'll loosen my hole and make it silky. I'll milk his cock. I'll push out and give him almost no resistance. I'll back up on him to his rhythm. I'll stay perfectly still and let him control the strokes. I'll take his cues and give him more of what he likes and less of what he doesn't. That's my job - to make sure he gets off, preferably inside me.
  8. Hotel Security - Cramping my style

    Lots of good advice on here so far. Older motel-style places are your best bet. Also look for convenient (and adequate) parking. Nothing worse than pulling up to a packed parking lot and then having to do the ROI on parking on the street. External doors, corner rooms, outside of the property, near the stairs - those are things I look for when setting up an open door pump and dump type scene.
  9. Experiences at Slammer LA/Fort Lauderdale

    I've been to both clubs before (but admittedly, not to Ft Lauderdale in over a year). I've had great times at both. Lots of cocks from a variety of men. I tend to hang out in the dark room and gloryhole areas - LOVE anon loads and I've never been disappointed. I've had better and slower nights, but that's the case anywhere. At both clubs, I've had nights where I took dozens of loads and ended up with cum running down my legs as I moved from one area to another. LOVE those nights!
  10. Slave training Camp

    That sounds hot! I''m sure SOMEONE on here has the scoop! Can't wait to find out! <oink>
  11. I do. my own and others. If a top shoots into a condom, I'll pull it off of him and then empty the condom in my ass. Sometimes I'll freeze a load or two and slip it in my hole to melt before a sex party. LOVE it!
  12. Quite a few, actually. Yes, I get a lot of loads in bookstore and baths and sex clubs, but often I get those same tops fucking me when I go back there. I've got about a dozen tops that breed me whenever they see me because of an initial anon hookup. There are a few that have bred me for years and I still don't know their names. I know how they like it and what gets them off, but we've never chatted more than a "that was great" or "love your cock" or "your ass is velvet". As much s I love totally anon loads, a repeat is even better cause I already know he will cum inside me and isn't looking for more than the fuck.
  13. @atlfukbudyou're welcum to use my hole to increase your numbers! <oink>
  14. NEVER thank the bottom

    I have my moods when I'm just a receptacle and want nothing more than to feel the load being shot into me and a groan of pleasure from the top(s) alerting me that my role has been done well. I usually try to convey that mood to the top by being verbal and explaining with "this is your hole, Daddy" and "fucking use that hole" and "use my hole to get off" which is usually enough to let the top know I expect him to USE me and treat me accordingly. BUT.... if a top, like @FelchingPisserwere to take a moment and tell me what was great, then I'll take that info and double down on it every time I get fucked from now on, That's how I get better. I have a few regulars that use me when convenient and I aim to make my hole irresistible to them. I like to think my efforts are rewarded with more cum and more frequent repeats. If a top were to just say "thank you" I would then correct him and say "No, thank YOU, SIR! I'm glad you liked it. Please cum again!" It may not be part of the I'm-just-a-cumdump scene, but I'm not going to let it diminish the fact that my hole is leaking his load!
  15. Glory Holes in Denver

    Fantastic! I LOVE gloryholes! now I just have to plan a trip to Denver!

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