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  1. I've ben to several over the years - some no longer exist (Man's Country and Eagle in Chicago, Argos in Amsterdam), but some of my favorites are: Las Vegas - Entourage and Hawk's (both bathhouses) Los Angeles - Slammer (sex club) Ft Lauderdale - Slammer (sex club), Club Ft Lauderdale (bathhouse) Phoenix - Chute (sex club) Amsterdam - Web, Dirty Dick's, Eagle (all bars) Berlin - Mutschmann's, Tom's Bar, New Action (all bars) Love them all! Damn it, now I need to go to them all again!
  2. @Guygonebad it's similar to a mosquito bite. a quick sharp stick, then you get to do some sticking of your own! The only time I have an issue is if I don't watch my injection site (in a hurry or just not paying attention to the angle) and I hit my urethra. It's uncomfortable, so I draw the needle back out a bit so it is in the spongy channel (where it is supposed to be). Truthfully, I was scared the first time, but the doctor did it and it was nothing. I was a bit apprehensive doing it on my own, but it really was nothing to it. you sometimes have to play with the dosage. too much and it's almost uncomfortable and lasts too long. Too little and it's like not having any. I really do prefer it. Some of the tops that have sampled it have really worked my hole good afterwards too! <oink>
  3. I used to use Viagra (worked better for me than Cialis or Levitra). Now, I use Tri-Mix. It's an injectable, but it is local and has no interactions with poppers. I LOVE it! It takes some getting used tot he idea of an injection in your dick, but it works in about 5 minutes and makes me like a 16 year old again - rock hard and stays hard even after cumming. I use it mostly for sex parties and such, when I'm not JUST a bottom. A lot of porn guys, escorts and gogo dancers use it because you don't have to be aroused - you're just hard, rock hard. Definitely agree with what peopl have said before - you're milage may vary. I'd check out each and see what works for you. Tri-mix is prescription only, though. So you'd have to go through your dr. :-(
  4. I like everyone who isn't full of themselves. Don't get me wrong, I like a cocky man, but once they stray too far over that line, I write them off. I don't have time for those games. Would I still let them fuck me? Probably, but if they start talking that I'm god's gift shit, then they'll get to watch my ass walk away and take some else's load. I'm not likely to engage them on any personal level. Conversley, the people I've conversed with - trading advice, sharing sexploits, etc would definitely be on that list.
  5. ^^^ agreed. Even a bottom like me has bred his hole! He's very down to earth and truly loves to get those loads. He's got a nice cock too if you can convince him to top!
  6. Yeah a few years ago at IML, Ryan Cummings took almost 200 loads over the weekend. I gave him several and witnessed a lot of them at Steamworks and in his open door parties. I heard he's gonna be in Chicago this year too if anyone wants to seed him next week!
  7. I've been blown away by some older tops. You never know when they're gonna be a stud. Palm Springs is a good spot for daddy and grand daddy types!
  8. I stand corrected. Hot ass on you, tho!
  9. Damn, wish my trip overlapped with yours more. You sound like a hot cumdump! Love to eat loads out of a well-fucked hole (almost as much as I like to get mine flooded)!
  10. Thanks for the follow, hot phukhole!

    1. phukhole


      Thanks!  Yours too!  I'll be in your neck of the woods next week for work, but I'll be looking for fun too.  Love to eat a cummy hole as much as get mine bred....

  11. Good tips above. Like was mentioned earlier, there are MANY to choose from and they are very different in feeling/clientele. CCBC, All Worlds, Canyon Club and Chaps Inn are probably the most sexual and closest to the bathhouse feel. There are at least a dozen resorts in the Warm Sands Area and surrounding area. They are all clothing-optional to a point but with less public sex happening at any given time. Prices at the resorts will always be higher and it you want to save some money, stay at a hotel and get a day pass to the resorts. The bars can be fun. There are casinos in the area, fine dining, the Tram up the mountain side is amazing. It's a completely different landscape up there. Check your dates. There are LOTS of event sin the desert - sex parties, circuit parties, leather pride, etc. They can be fun, but so can off weekends if the weather is nice! If you're in town on a Wednesday, I LOVE the Barracks' underwear night. It can be a lot of fun!
  12. Looking for playmates and tips on where to find cock and cum. No hangups on size, ethnicity or body type. just looking for tops and vers to play with. total bottoms (with toys) are good too. <oink>
  13. https://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=ph56341c223f37d Would love to be every one of those bottoms!
  14. Fuck! That's hot. Will be in that area (DMV), but on the V side, but closer to DC for work in early May. Hoping to get some of those anon loads too! WHat's your secret? Where'd you post the ad or was it all on the hookup apps?
  15. Thank you for the update and for keeping us pigs online and connected. We, truly, appreciate what you do!

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