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  1. anon

    I think you're on the right track. Hotels can be hit or miss. What has worked best for me in the past is to have someone work the door and keep an eye on things - open the door for guys usher them out afterwards, keep the noise down, refresh the lube or poppers, etc. I've done a couple tag-team hotel scenes - posted on the hook up apps, CL etc and been the bottom for a while then tagged out nad let the other guy take loads. Eased my mind knowing that no matter how deep I went in my head, there was someone there (which is also a good thing is you take something "to loosen up"). I've also done gloryhoels. Unfortunately, three aren't any public gloryholes here, so I usually can only do that when I travel. When I find them, I tend to camp out and service EVERY cock that cums through! I can never get enough of it! Understall is hot, but also hit or miss. You should try attending one of the bog events like IML or MAL. The host hotels are usually full of guys with their doors open taking anon loads. I've done it myself and always manage to get dozens of loads in my always hungry hole. Ans of course, living in Palm Springs, I have access to the clothing optional resorts. nothing like spending the day naked laying at the pool and popping into the playrooms for a load or 10!
  2. Load update 17 so far in 2017. Took 14 on Sunday - got bred in the bathroom at the bar and then at a resort afterwards. All kinds of cocks - fat ones, thin ones, cut and uncut - daddies, nerds, latin, older, younger, muscle studs... heading out to the bookstore for some more today....
  3. I have found that my ass self-lubricates, but it needs a little jump start. I add a tiny amount of baking soda to my lube (Make sure it fully dissolves or it's abrasive!) I usually do a little play to open up after cleaning out and the baking soda lube encourages my insides to slime it up. Keeps me good and wet for a few tops...
  4. Anyone Still need a MAL package (includes the shuttle, market, contest and leather cocktails)? I have one And can't go. They're charging $240 for the packages now, but I got mine early - $190. Message me.
  5. Sounds perfect to me. I'd like to think I was the 3rd bottom, but I'm not THAT muscular - got a little wiggle in my bottom... Next time I'm in Chicago, I'll definitely ht you up and see about getting my slot on your multi load commute!
  6. It's pretty much wear whatever you feel sexy in. I've seen full leather, jeans and a harness, gym shorts, singlets, jockstraps, rubber, full costumes... most opt for jeans and tshirt a, but you really can wear anything you like - except to the leather cocktails. Then, its more formal and you can't be half naked. I definitely get most action freeballing or in a jockstrap. My hole gets a lot of fingers and more in it when I do! 🐽
  7. I'm generally in my own head when I get fucked. If the top wants me to, I CAN be vocal, but usually I just grunt and breathe heavy listening for clues from the top how he likes it. I'll tighten up and see if he responds or go slack to see if he likes that. In my mind, my role is to make him cum. So I focus entirely on him and what he wants. My reward is that creamy goodness he shoots in me. If being vocal gets him off, then I do it, but it's for HIS benefit, not mine. That being said, being the hungry, greedy bottom that I am, I HAVE been known to get loud and vocal if I'm being bred in public and I want another top to cum over and slide in when this one's done. I find a lot of guys respond to the sounds of a bottom getting royally plowed and SO many guys like to feel hot cum inside a velvety smooth hole.....
  8. IML And MAL are both fantastic for cumdumps. I have been bred (a LOT) at both. That being said, there is competition for the tops, as everywhere. Posting an ad and your room number is a sure fire way to get a few dozen cocks in ya. Parties are fun, but the bottoms usually outnumber the tops (as everywhere). Folsom and Dore are the same - fun, but you sometimes have to work for it unless you're rocking a porn body, badonka butt or horse cock - then you're guaranteed a LOT of attention. CumUnions and NKP parties can be fun, but a good old fashioned free for all fuckfest usually works better for me. Maybe we bottoms need to organize a revolving gangbang and all take turns being the hole on duty. Post ads everywhere and take all cummers! Damn, now I'm horny - better go ride my biggest dildo....
  9. I've only had one good experience from CL. the other handful of times I've tried, I got nothing but window shoppers or flakes. BBRT is still the most consistent for me, but I'm in Pal Springs, so a lot of tourists cum through. I get a lot of action at the resorts too. When I'm in that mood, I just slide on a blindfold and bend over. Eventually someone fucks the hell out of me and then they're usually followed by others. if you're a top, you should visit. If you're a bottom, wait till I'm out of town - I don't need the competition! :-p
  10. Here's hoping you not only break your record, but shatter it! Hot ass, stud. If I were n town, I'd be adding to your count! mmmmm, would love to be there eating your ass after each deposit!
  11. Gonna keep track of my load count this year. Saw all the posts in the 2016 topic and was instantly turned on. Let's push each other to take more with the winner taking the Breeding.Zone 2017 title!
  12. I always look. Sometimes I'm obvious, when I'm pretty sure the guys gay. Sometimes I get lucky and get to suck on it. Sometimes the guy freaks out. And once is a blue moon, he feigns disgust but gets hard... I usually offer THOSE guys eithe hole and complete discretion!
  13. I've done that as the second or third bottom in an all night gangbang. I'd suck and fluff guys (and slurp cum out of his hole in between tips) until the bottom tapped out, then take his place.
  14. A bottom NOT taking loads, but monopolizing a fuck bench or sling or other apparatus, should be asked to leave. No one likes a sling lizard. If you don't have a partner or aren't willing to take whoever walks up, your ass should be at home. Let real bottoms use the apparatus like they're made for. I NEVER refuse if I'm in ass-up position. Of course, I usually like to slip on a blindfold...
  15. Check out the smaller studios too like - smaller studios may have fewer hoops to jump through and are always looking for studs to fuck on camera.

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