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  1. Preach! I didn't think it was something that needed to be learned. but apparently, it does. UNFORTUNATELY, there are fewer and fewer around. San Diego just lost some fun ones (the last ones I knew of there). PS hasn't had any in ages. Nearest ones I know of now are in LA and Vegas.
  2. Yes, please do! I'm sure we could find some tops to breed you while I filmed.... šŸ½
  3. 21 loads on Saturday! Was leaving and a couple who'd fucked me earlier were leaving at the same time. Ended up following them home for 2 more loads each! got home as the sun came up and left a puddle on my driver's seat!
  4. IML

    Welcum to the group! I'm sure you'll get well-acquainted with everyone at IML. We're generally a friendly bunch. Hot ass. I'd love to lick it after someone breeds you.... There are parties/dances/events every night. Many people have private parties (meaning NOT sanctioned by the contest), play parties, orgies and social events in the hotel and around town. I usually am on all the hookup apps - breedingzone, bbrt, adam4adam, recon, nastykinkpigs, etc and guys post on ALL of them. There are usually cards and flyers in the market and lobby area with party info and check the calendar of events when you check in. Your best bet is to have a rough idea of the things you HAVE to do (which is different for everyone). Allow yourself to be spontaneous and change your plans as the mood fits. If you try to do everything, you WILL fail and don't get so hung up on what you might be missing that you don't enjoy what you're doing. First times can be overwhelming, but remember you can always come back next year to do anything you miss this year. and remember to drink water. Whatever else you drink, make sure you rehydrate too. Look forward to meeting you.
  5. Host hotel (the Congress) is always a good bet, BUT.... the Travelodge across the street is cheaper and almost as easy access-wise. You're bound to find guys with rooms in the host hotel that you can fuck in as well. Keep your eyes open - most guys post ads on bbrt and the other apps for open door parties, sex parties, orgies and gangbangs - mostly at the host hotel, but often in nearby ones as well. The bars are suuallyt busy that weekend as well - several with back rooms - Touche, JackHammer, Manhandler Saloon, Cell Block, etc and the bathhouse - Steamworks is always a good bet for finding hard cocks that want to seed a hole. There are also a few bookstores that are worth your time - one fairly close to the hotel - TeeJay's on Hubbard. The gloryholes are usually busy.... I'll be there again this year (I rarely miss one) and can give you pointers on just about anything in the city. <oink>
  6. Thanks to CumUnion (Palm Springs), my 2017 load total broke 3 digits - 117! 21 of them at CumUnion this past Saturday! My hole was sloppy and dripping. Thanks to all the hard cocks that blew inside me!
  7. I've been neglecting updates for a while - started off 2017 with a bang. I'm up to 71 for the year., so far. I've got a couple of play weekends coming up and then there's always IML, where I hope to double my total.... Cum on guys, get my numbers up. I want YOUR load too! (I'll give you mine if you want to boost your numbers, too. I love to give back to the cumdump community!)
  8. Love that it says your into horse cock in your profile!!!

    1. phukhole


      I like em big, what can I say? Ā I also like them thick, and thin, and cut and uncut and average and mechanical and remote controlled...Ā 

    2. jimrs69


      Even hotter! Ā For my own hole, I'm more into normal sized, but as far as fantasy goes, the sky's the limit. Ā Love reading stories about guys getting bred by huge cocks, especially if they're TOO big!!! STRETCH that hole out!

  9. woof ! need to let you know when i'm being a pig is ps

    we can have some fun

    join forces and have a hot gang bangĀ 

  10. I second Slammer in LA - and agree that many of the best spots closed - like Man's Country/Bijou/Eagle/Deeks/Manhole (Chicago), Faces (East St Louis), My Place/Mack (San Francisco). I would also add, that while not true dark rooms (they are baths, playspaces, bars or resorts) these can be heaven for cocksuckers and anon load takers like me: New Orleans: upstairs at the Phoenix or way in back at Rawhide Chicago: The Hole (downstairs at Jackhammer), the back bar at Touche or in the barn at Manhandler Saloon Ft Lauderdale: Slammer 321, Clubhouse II, or InnLeather Phoenix: Chute or Flex Palm Springs: CCBC, All Worlds, Helios, Canyon Club, InnDulge, Barracks San Francisco: Club 442, SF Catalyst, Blow Buddies
  11. with a hot ass like yours, I'm sure your hole will be flooded all weekend!
  12. SF CumUnions are held at 442 Natoma (South of Market), so you'd probably want one in that area. There are a few that could work. If I were there specifically for Cumunion, I'd probably stay at Best Western Plus Americania. It's not fancy, but easy in, easy out - you can have a few guys over before or after the event. I've also had good luck with bbrt/craiglsit ads there. If you're looking for a nicer hotel try the Intercontinental San Francisco. It's higher end than the Best Western, but not that much more expensive. If you're worried about walking through the lobby with cum running down your legs and your ass gaping, it's San Francisco. We've seen it before. There are a number of smaller hotels in SoMa, but I can't vouch for any of them.
  13. really depends. if I'm at a bar or club, I'm freeballing or in a jockstrap with a pair of jeans just loose enough to slip down and show ass crack, but not too loose to look sloppy. If it's daytime, I'm in mesh shorts with the lining cut out and again either freeballing or in a jockstrap (and if I'm REALLY cruising, I've usually got a bit of lube in me when I go out to entice the guys that grab my ass). I love the warm weather in Palm Springs and you can usually find me wearing ads
  14. Anyone around? Wanna film some studs fucking loads into each other.
  15. gonna be doing some filming... anyone in Palm Springs over St Patrick's Day weekend with a hard cock, hungry hole and a desire to be filmed, hit me up!

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