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    Men, cock, cum, piss, blindfolds, groups, public, anon, gloryholes, bareback, pigs, horse cocks, DP...
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    Total cum whore - love anal play in almost all forms (not into scat). Always have a supply of tri-mix/viagra (need some?) , so I can top, but am MUCH better bottom. great FF top too. You can usually find me at the big events - MAL, IML, SoDec, Pride, Folsom, Dore, Market Days, CLAW, MIR, Smokeout, etc - I'm the one everyone's just bred...
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    amateur only
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    cocks, tongues, fingers, hands, toys, groups....

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  1. Thanks, @Read1! I just checked out the site. Will be happy to CUM to one of the parties!
  2. Berlin, Munich, Chicago, New York City, Ft Lauderdale, Las Vegas, Palm Springs, San Francisco, New Orleans, Washington DC, Atlanta, Toronto, Montreal, Orlando (believe it or not)... Those are some of my favorite places where I've taken load after load after load.
  3. phukhole

    Pre lubes asses in dark rooms

    I always makes sure to slip in a bit of lube. just enough to entice that first top.
  4. phukhole

    Very short fucks?

    Yes, I woul dhave to say, it depends. I like a top to nut quickly - it means that he is SUPER turned on my me or my hole, but if it's too quick, my hole will still be hungry. If I'm in a group, that's usually okay as I'll get another load or two in me. ...and if the first tops recovers, he can go again! <oink>
  5. phukhole

    Southern Decadence 2018

    I'll be open for loads. If you see it, slide in it! oink!
  6. phukhole

    Southern Decadence 2018

    who wants this at Decadence?
  7. phukhole

    Southern Decadence 2018

    I've been going to Decadence for years. I USED to always hang out exclusively in the Quarter and bounce between the bars, including the back of Rawhide, but over the years (and with the establishment and expansion) of the the Block Party at Phoenix, I'm usually there most nights. Rawhide has taken to charging a cover - not just a $10 cover, but as much as $40, just to get in, so I don't go there any longer. Phoenix has a lot of parties over the weekend - dancers, block party, beer bust, even one nude, open bar event upstairs (pre-bought tickets required). Mag's across the street has the Mr Louisiana Leather event as well as a Jockstrap Olympics benefitting the gay rugby team in town. Most people will be in the Quarter and the bars ARE a lot of fun, but if it's dark, I'll be at Phoenix or upstairs at the Eagle. I'll be the hole that feels like velvet and has a few loads in it already when you slide in....
  8. phukhole

    Aussie in Palm Springs

    There will be LOTS of guys in town that week - it's Leather Pride. It's always a LOT of fun! Hit me up, I'll be happy to swap cum with you!
  9. phukhole

    Southern Decadence 2018

    I'll be there Wednesday - Tuesday! Plan on getting all the loads!
  10. I've had many cocks over the years - from small to HUGE. The huge ones are jaw-dropping when you see them and i confess, they make my hole twitch, BUT.... I've been fucked very well and gone back for more by more modestly hung men. Fuck. and fuck a lot. Get your technique down and really listen to your bottom (figure out what makes them moan and do that - a lot. Plus, work my nips, grab my throat, pull my hair if you're so inclined. When you fuck me, pay attention to all of me... I'll happily let you practice on me...
  11. phukhole

    Bottoms touching their dicks

    I have a few who try to jack me off while they fuck me on my back. I usually grab my cock from them and then hold onto it, not to get myself off, but to keep them from grabbing it again. I prefer to be fucked doggy-style so that the temptation for them to grab it is minimized. Sometimes, they'll say something like "I want you to cum too." So, I usually answer "Feeling you shoot inside me gets me off." When they're basking in the orgasm, they tend to forget about my dick... :-) LOVE being used.
  12. phukhole

    Market Days

    It is mainly a street festival, but it's in the summer, in Boys Town. So guys will be parading around in very little - freeballing, shirtless, asses perky and cocks bouncing. Always a lot of sexual energy. Bars will all be packed. Steamworks will be packed. Cruisy areas, bookstores, the lakefront will all be packed. I LOVE it more than Pride, but will be missing it this year. 😞
  13. phukhole

    Cum dump map

    @bellyguy44I LOVE München!
  14. phukhole

    Jockpussy FTM

    Damn, I was JUST in Vegas. I would've LOVED to have played with you!
  15. Practice, practice, practice! ❤️

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