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  1. Depends on what you want. Personally, for frisky trips, I like CCBC best, followed by All Worlds and then Canyon Club. For relaxing trips where sex isn't my sole goal, then InnDulge, Santiago, Bearfoot Inn... Also depends on who you want with you - young, pretty types, average joes, bears, daddies, granddaddies....
  2. Depends on WHERE you hear it as much as WHAT you hear. Yes, crime is down, Yes, homelessness is better. It will ALWAYS be an issue as CA in general has nice weather and if you're gonna be outside, it's not a bad place to be homeless. Yes, lots of people are still out of work and MANY are still underemployed. The mom and pop businesses were hit hard as they didn't have the reserves that big corporations had (or the access to free money from the government that the corporations gobbled up as soon as it was available). Overall, CA is in pretty good shape as most of our citizens are vaccinated and there is less strain on the health care system. This has been achieved by locking down things. As things open back up it will become more fun to visit again, but not everyone is going to bounce back. Some places will stay closed. Other, new places will open. There is an ebb and flow to nightlife (and gay nightlife in particular). There has been a steady decline in the number of bars because patrons are hooking up outside of the bar space. With COVID, there has been a big push to leave the high-cost areas and work from elsewhere. This will mean a shift. Places that weren't AS popular may become MORE popular. Places that were our mecca, may become less so. That being said, I always enjoy my trips back to SF. It will always feel like home to me. Are some trips better than others, yes. Do I spend way too much there? Also yes. Do I enjoy every cum-filled, sleazy moment? Hell yes.
  3. I'd chatted with a guy online and he wanted to meet to see if we clicked. So we met in a bar. It was a quiet, kinda rainy night and there weren't many people out. We chatted at the bar and were kinda flirty with each other. After a few drinks we had to go to the bathroom and our bladders were in sync. After pissing I peeked and saw a HUGE cock swinging on the man. I bent over and started to suck it and it got even bigger. He was enjoying it, but was freaked out that we were in public. He was kinda old-fashioned like that. He suggested I follow him home a few blocks away, which I did. When we got to his place, he became ALL business, stripping me and putting me in the sling he had set up by the pool. He grabbed some lube and poppers and proceeded to fuck the hell out of me. He started slow to get me used to his size (he was a thick 10 inches at least). By the end, he was jackhammering my hole and the sling was rocking and clanging and I was gasping for breath. Sometime during the fuck, it started raining - warm summer rain that felt electric when the drops hit you. He just kept going. He picked up his pace and I could tell he was getting close. He asked if I was gonna cum and I said "Don't worry about me, Daddy. I rarely cum being fucked, but I'm loving every thrust." He proceeded to shoot a huge load in me. I felt it dripping out of me as he pulled out. He walked around and plopped his big wet dick in my mouth and I hungrily sucked it clean. With a shudder, he pulled out of my mouth and told me to wait there. He left and grabbed something from his room. He came back with a tray of dildos and buttplugs and a wicked smile. He said, I want you to feel as good as I did, He then worked my tender, cummy hole every which way til Sunday until I shot my load. He MADE me cum and it was incredible. I laid there panting and sweating covered in cum and he tenderly bent over and licked it off me. Then gave me a wet cummy kiss. We ended up in his bed where he fucked me 2 more times and I woke up with his dick pressing against me again, so he took me again. We showered and i swallowed his morning piss. We had breakfast and then he sent me on my way with promises of more. I'd see him off and on for a couple of years until he picked up a permanent boy and stopped needing my hole. I envy that boy. He was a fantastically caring, piggy, horse-hung, Cajun Daddy. He ruined me for other Daddies (and trained my hole to be always hungry)!
  4. There is no better feeling in the world than an ass full of cum. I love the knowledge that I gave him enough pleasure that he came deep inside me. The second, third and fourth fucks are even better with all of the cum as lube.
  5. we'll have to make that happen! How many can you take before tapping out? <oink>
  6. Cum here boy, I'll seed you (and eat your cum-filled little pink hole)!
  7. Missed the original post, but you made a good choice. Both motel 6s are easy to get in and out and have external stairs/doors. I've taken loads at both. You DO have to specify which one, tho, but it sounds like they got it sorted out and you got your loads! How about a recap of the entire visit? I love hearing about successful CUMcations!
  8. 373, but it's not a competition. The things I haven't done, don't really interest me. :-p
  9. It happens. I get tested every 3 months - more often if I've been to an event or big party. I always get treated immediately and then go back to being a whore after I'm fully recovered.
  10. Most players at the party in PS (and at the parties in GA and previously in NoCal) are there to play. Some may be looking for the holes that can take everything, but most can't. So, be open and honest about what you CAN do and the tops will play accordingly. If they DON'T, you shouldn't be playing with those tops! I hope to get there one day (having a hole that can take anything), but for now, I'm just a penis and toy hole. Always looking for more training.... <oink>
  11. Be up front with those you migth play with, You'll find there are many guys interested in teaching a newbie. THere may be some that aren't. but even if they're not, they're still good resources for friends, and events and tips and tricks. You may want to start small, but eventually, I think you're going to want to go to the parties. Keep practicing and you'll get there!
  12. LOVE it! Also love to eat the ass of a well-used cumdump. Nothing like mixed DNA all swirled around together! #goodsoup
  13. I like SPUNK. They have a water and a silicon based version. Looks like cum and feels great. I also like Fist Powder, spit, cum, jlube, elbow grease...
  14. I'm SO hoping that MAL will happen next year. There have been some other event cancellations lately, but hope that 4 months away is long enough to get things hammered down. Keep checking for hotel cancellations if you're still planning on going. My hole will be there for you (and my cock too. I always pack plenty of trimix - for me and others....).
  15. can't wait to see the footage! If you need someone to film it for you....
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