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  1. My experience with tri-mix is that it DOES overcome party limp dick. I don't k now specifically what he was on, but he was able to fuck me with a dose of trimix. Still didn't cum, but it was one of those wild group scenes where there were enough other guys cumming it wasn't an issue! Your milage may vary, thogh. I'd suggest trying it to see.
  2. Leather Pride in PS is fantastic! It has quickly become one of my favorite events! I can't wait for the events to come back. Looking forward to MAL - it was the last big event I went to. Seems like so long ago! Lots of people share rooms if you don't decide until later - that might be an option.
  3. Hotel Reservations open on Saturday, January 23, 2021 at 2pm EST for the 2022 MAL (January 14-17, 2022). I'm hoping to get my room reserved on sat. It was at eh last one (in 2020). It was amazing. Let's get more pigs in the host hotel (and we can all take turns being the bottom) [think before following links] https://www.leatherweekend.com event website Host hotel: Hyatt Regency on Capitol Hill (fills up quickly) Backup hotels: Liason/Yotel (across the street) and Washington Court Hotel (around the corner)
  4. I saw they had rescheduled it this year. Not sure about November (i'm too delicate for the cold) - so, I'll be sitting this one out. Can't wait to hear everyones stories though! I really do love the event - I always get LOTS of cum in me there.
  5. It feels incredible. Nothing like getting up after top after too emptied their mugs inside you. Being sweaty and tired, tender and sore, sticky with sweat saliva, cum and piss, leaking cum for every hole, stepping over the puddle of cum that had been fucked out of you, knowing you took every cock and realizing that you made them cum. ...and then realizing your hole was STILL hungry! Better get back down for round two!
  6. I’ve found that it depends on the environment. When all the bottoms are lined up, the younger better bodied ones will get picked first. When everyone is fucking (like at a CumUnion), the talented bottoms seem to get the loads. I know (and I’ll toot my own horn here) that when a top is really enjoying my hole, others notice. I’ve been fortunate enough to have a steady line of tops one after the other at these events. Of course, I’ve also gone home with only 1 or 2 loads in me, so it depends on the mood too. Once they’ve fucked me, they tend to want it again. I have several tops that make it
  7. Usually, I leave them all to absorb into my gut. Or if I keep getting fucked, they'll ooze out or be eaten out or they'll be fucked out as more is loaded into my hole! Love it running down my legs as I'm bred over and over ...or driving home in a puddle of anon cum ...or feeling it pulled out of my as more tops shoot into my as ...or hear that slurping , wet, sounds as it is churned up into a froth ...or have it sucked out of my hole by a hungry bottom.
  8. I LOVE to kiss. Some guys don't. I'll always try to kiss the top, but if he pulls back, I will too. In MY book it would ALWAYS be hotter kissing.
  9. Load count this year - bred 14, fed 7, swallowed 70, got bred by 94. Numbers are WAY down this year, with most of those coming from MAL in January - which feels like it was YEARS ago.
  10. mine is tighter than loose. I have to focus on relaxing it enough to be considered loose. I like to flex my ass muscles to see what the top prefers, then I give him that. Occassionally, a guy will get off on my hole totally relaxed and gapey. It takes some control to keep it that open, but I'll bend over backwards for that nut..... :-p
  11. Was able to do a 2 1/2 day GANG BANG with 6 fellas...7/11 started...want MORE.  Didn't realize how much this type of action is missed.

  12. Been averaging around 400 a year for a while now. Some years are better! Love trying to figure out what THIS cock wants and how to get HIM off. This COVID thing has dropped my numbers this year. Hope to rectify that as soon as I can!
  13. Most of my favorites have been mentioned already - Berlin: Mutschmann's, New Action; Amsterdam: Argos (now closed), Eagle, Web; LA: Slammer; Las Vegas: Hawks, Entourage; Chicago: Eagle (now closed), Man's Country (now closed), Deeks (LONG closed); Hamburg: SLUT, Tom's Bar; East St Louis: faces (now closed); Phoenix: Chute.... Love dark rooms! Focusing entirely on the cock in me or the hole wrapped around me. Smelling the sex in the air, the poppers and the sweat. Feeling the heat of rutting bodies. Tasting cum and piss and sweat and ass juices. Hearing the moans and groans of men in ecstas
  14. 1, 2, 5, 6, 14 usually, but I've been 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 ,13, 15,16, 17, 18!
  15. Depends on what I've got planned. For a full night of non-stop fucking, guy after guy as many loads as I can handle, for huge toys, fists, marathon sessions, etc - that'll usually be a long, deep cleaning of an hour to 2. But for a quickie - usually 1/2 hour and I'm clean enough for an average to large dick for a quick fuck. When NOT in seclusion like now, I have fiber smoothie every day with 2 types of fiber and chia and I clean out regularly, just in case...
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