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    Palm Springs, CA
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    Men, cock, cum, piss, blindfolds, groups, public, anon, gloryholes, bareback, pigs, horse cocks, DP...
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    Poz, On Meds
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Total cum whore - love anal play in almost all forms (not into scat). Always have a supply of tri-mix/viagra (need some?) , so I can top, but am MUCH better bottom. great FF top too. You can usually find me at the big events - MAL, IML, SoDec, Pride, Folsom, Dore, Market Days, CLAW, MIR, Smokeout, etc - I'm the one everyone's just bred...
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    amateur only
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    cocks, tongues, fingers, hands, toys, groups....

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  1. phukhole

    Question for the Tops!

    @breedingtop71 you say the sweetest things! ❤️❤️❤️
  2. phukhole

    Finally got lucky at the book store

    They covered over most of the holes out here in So Cal. There are only a few of them around still. I miss them!
  3. You are Simply HOT and your ideas / questions are Extremely HOT ! Thinking of lots of things - Stealth 1 of them !   :)

    1. phukhole


      Why, thank you!  Glad you like! 

  4. Pull that hole inside out!


  5. River of cum from a happy hole!


  6. phukhole

    How do you guys get laid?

    apps about 50% and 50% anon hookups at bookstores/baths/theaters. Once in a blue moon, I'll get a message on here form someone. but mostly it's just social on here. :-( I've got regulars that hit me up to bust a nut in me and they are always welCUM! Always looking for more regulars if you get this way from time to time....
  7. phukhole

    Jockstrap Recommendation

    I have quite a few and LOVE to wear them for easy access to my hole. Anything that says "Treasure Island Media" says "I'm a cumdump", but ANY jock with a prelubed hole will get your point across.... https://www.tim-gear.com/jocks/ https://www.jockstrapcentral.com/fetish-jockstraps.php https://maskulo.com/collections/underwear/type-jockstraps https://www.jockstraps.com/Category/Fetish-Jockstraps/12/
  8. phukhole

    MAL 2019 Piss Drinker lining up feeders

    There are some piss parties over the weekend, but the hookup apps are you best bet - bbrt seems to be the hands down favorite as far as volume of posts/party ads go. I've been known to piss down a few throats in my day...
  9. Grabby ass lips


    1. AZRawPig


      DAMN!  That's fuck'n the way to start a GANG BANG fucker.



    2. puphawaii


      **butthole spasms 😆


    3. ronnie4u


      So Fucking HOT !  HOT and Delicious - wishing I was there - Addicted so much to things - single and vers !   :)

  10. My kind of bus trip!


    1. immerhinein


      This view makes the ticket revision job really enjoyable. I'd bet some of us (me too) would love to collect the fare ...

  11. I want MY piece of creampie in the sky!


    1. ronnie4u


      Love to be next fucking - having my uncut dick absorbing others males seed - maybe fucking while being fucked too - sucking dick too - being a Slut or Whore or both !    :)

  12. phukhole

    MAL 2019

    @NYCTwunk open door is usually the easiest, though a LOT of guys post party listings on BBRT. Way back when, there used to be a Twitter account set up so you could tag and keep track of guys at MAL. It's ALWAYS cruisy late night - many guys just roam the halls looking for holes and/or cock. The hotel has an indoor pool as well. I hear that area can be fun too.... Definitely keep in touch. I've ben known to seed a young cumdump or two - over that weekend I end up topping quite a bit as there are SO many bottoms!
  13. Wish I was there with all that action this weekend.  I know a few of my fuck buddy's are there taking and giving lots of cocks and loads to quiet a few pigs there.  We're still doing our FULL MOON CELEBRATIONS HERE with 28+...sleazy, depraved fuckers...swap'n...cocks and loads.  There's nothing better than bottoms with juicy holes fuck'n each other.  Using all those loads and begging for MORE. 

  14. phukhole

    Palm Springs LEATHER Pride

    @travelcumpig feel free to cum in MY hole as often as you want!

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