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I know I should have called or left you a message that I had to leave daddy, but I just had to go away for a few weeks. But in returning I knew there would be hell to pay for being so stupid. I arrive at your door dressed in my “Babydoll” outfit; pink frilly dress, knee stockings, white heeled shoes and bows in my hair. I want to make you a peace offering of my body. First, there is pure surprise of seeing me out of nowhere dressed like a slut, then the look quickly changes from surprised to pissed.


All I get out is “Hi Daddy…” before I am yanked inside. “Where the fuck have you been slut?!”  A weak “I’m sorry” crosses my lips as I hang my head down. I was hoping the offer of my body, in your favorite outfit would lessen your anger but clearly it not. You drag me by my nipple across the living room into the kitchen. “Bitch take those panties OFF!” I stand facing the kitchen table and slide my bright pink panties off my huge bubble butt. I know what is coming next and lean over the table as I hear you unbuckle and remove your thick leather belt. I waited for the first swat to land, it felt like forever, then I heard the swish of your belt cut through the air. My ass stung as the belt met my fat brown ass, it was blow after blow, non-stop. Your belt spanked my ass and even my hands as I tried to cover my butt. “Each time you move, I’m going to light that ass up faggot” and you are true to your word. My cheeks were on fire, as you begin calling me a worthless sissy, a fucking whore and other more disgusting names as you tenderize my chubby sore ass.


I just cried across the table, my ass juggles with each blow, then you set down the belt and start using your bare hand. My voice stammered and shook as I kept promising to never leave without your permission, then thankfully the spanking stops.  Grabbing me by the hair, you lead me to the bedroom while my panties are still between my legs. I notice that your cock is rock hard, and I know its going to blowout my sissy pussy. You sling me on the bed and I land on my back, yanking my panties completely off you bark, “Get them fucking legs in the air, this is going to be the first and last time you fucking leave, THAT PUSSY’S MINE BITCH!!!” You are so pissed I don’t even get real lube, you spit in the palm of your hand and rub it on your veiny upturned monster. Violently you push my knees back until they are almost touching the mattress, I am folded into an uncomfortable pretzel, and you know it, but my little clitty is so hard its leaking.

Over the months, it has been a struggle, but you trained my pussy to take you fat cock, but today is different, your new level of aggression makes it feel like a bigger cock is opening me up for the first time. Your spit covered meat tool rams past my clinched puckered cunt ring straight into my bowels without remorse.  At first I’m stunned, then the howling begins. My little girly voice just keeps saying “Daddy” over and over again as you are hate fucking me with total aggression. Drilling deep and in this different position you are hitting all sides of my pussy; and your hairy balls slap and scrape against my still tender spanked ass.


“Fuck me daddy, make my pussy cry daddy” then, “slow down daddy…” then “Fuck it!” your strokes have my body in total confusion. I reach down and start jerking my little sissy clitty as your cock bullies my rectum. Your forcefulness has my knees penned so far back as I keep jacking, I want both of us to cum so bad, I want to feel your cum in me again, to feel like I’m yours again. “Stroke your little dick bitch and I better see a full nut out of you!” I love watching the sweat of your body and your stomach muscles tighten and you are about to cum.  “Open that pussy up for daddy’s babies bitch” as you are talking and pumping your babies begin to fill my pussy. I try to push my ass out more to match your rhythm but now I am shaking from you fucking me and my orgasm. The position you have me forced in has me shooting my load in my own face, but I don’t care. I am taking all of your jizz in my faggot cunt while shooting my own sissy juice as it lands on my face, throat and dress.


My asshole tightens around you cock as its trying to get every last drop of your precious semen, but you keep my legs pushed back until you are finished. Your pulling out my cunt is like a pressure valve been released and a long string on milky cock spit pushes out my wide gaping hole. It stings and hurts as my pussy tries to close but the damage is done. The look on my face is priceless as almost in a panic I whimper “I can’t close my ass daddy.” “It will heal so stop whining” you shoot back with no sympathy whatsoever.

Now, as I nurse my hole closed, I know NEVER go anywhere without telling you.


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