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    Trans Feminine (MTF)
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    Being manhandled, rimming, anal, oral, humiliation and OTK spankings are fine with me!
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    I'm round 240 Lbs, quite and very feminine. My clitty is about 4-5 inches and I always keep my lower half clean shaven and perfumed. I am not taking hormones and nor do I wish to, this is my part-time lifestyle that I am enjoying. I have been told I look fantastic from the back, and that is the reason I keep my ass nice and thick
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    Dom alpha daddy

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  1. Very aggressive & verbal mature white top for my black bottom. I was first fucked by a older white man many years ago as payment for a ride out of town when I was broke.
  2. For me I love the verbal assault. From being ordered to come over or get ready for a booty call it’s extremely hot.
  3. The closest was I was sleeping at a friend’s house after partying until around 4am, and I thought my friend decided finally to lay down. It was some random dude who just rolled me on my belly. He greased up and blew out my asshole as my ex-friend videoed the assault.
  4. God, I remember this happened when a top wanted so intense ageplay and spanking. First it was over the know and he didn’t hold back, then he wanted to hear me squeal. My balls were so sore.
  5. For me it’s when I’m with a total stranger. The anticipation of getting on all-fours and raising my ass in the air and not knowing how he want to attack my boi pussy.
  6. Because we are ready for ANYTHING, well most anything. Married guys also have the opportunity to be at their freakiest away from home.
  7. In my lifetime I have only had 1 extremely huge monster cock. It caught me by surprise because I’m not a power bottom, and just leaving wasn’t an option. I was eager to please him, but he was so much larger than anything I have ever taken, and I told him that. He thought I was giving him gurly fem talk and told me to stop action like I never been fucked. After stacking the pillows on the edge of the bed he to me to get my fat ass up there. Once I was in the position he wanted I felt gel being rubbed on my butthole, then he put a healthy coating on his dick. Spreading me cheeks again he said h
  8. Yes, absolutely. Once a bottom is behind the door with the top its expected the ass will be his to do with it as he pleases.
  9. I have had black, white and latin cocks and ALL have been different sizes. I totally do not care about the color of my top, I just want him to be a dominate aggressive top.
  10. Quickest ever was about a few years back, when I visited a bar round 2 in the afternoon. The bar showed gay and transgender on the monitors instead of sports which was pretty hot. An older gentleman (with wedding ring) talked me up and kept buying me drinks, he said he was in town to meet a client and had a hotel room. I knew he was trolling but don’t care. We walked ½ a block to his hotel and in the elevator his hand was on my ass the entire time. Almost as soon as we were in the room he dropped is pants and I sat on the bed and sucked cock and licked his balls. A few minutes later I was out
  11. In reading through the post I love how the answers differ so much from loving their asshole being call a pussy or a cunt and those that hate it. Since I'm on the fem side I like a top calling it a cunt or pussy. I asked a friend of mine that is all man and he said "my asshole is an asshole!" LOL!
  12. For me this really depends on the mood at the moment or the top. My regular man always breeds me deep, but I also like the feeling of when a guy pulls out and sprays my hole and for some reason I really like to take a load sprayed on my balls, like he is marking his territory.
  13. I'm a gurly bottom and what gets me in the mood the best is starting out in my skirt and heels then what happens happens
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