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  1. Uncle Larry heard a knock on his bedroom door at 3am. The only person it could be was his little sissy boi Meghan. Outside the door his little sissy boi waited patiently in her Princess Sparkles frilly dress she always slept in, flowery panties and cute pink bunny slippers. Holding her ass under her dress with one hand and clutching her teddy bear with the other. With sad and scared puppy dog eyes, she stood there as his door swung open. Uncle Larry stood at his door, naked and unkept from just waking up, and rubbing the sleep from his eyes. His little sissy boi knew Uncle Larry only sleeps in the nude so she never went in his room after dark, but this was an emergency. “What is it honey?” he asked gruffly. “Ca…can you help me, Uncle Larry?" she said in a quiet and confused gurly voice. "Something happened…. I think someone came in my room when I was asleep and stuck something in my butthole…it hurts so bad.” She was almost about to cry. The entire time she continued rubbing her ass, with a sad look on her face; hoping the pain would go away. "Did poor baby gurl had a nightmare?” Meghan nodded her head yes. Uncle Larry pointed and said, “Climb in bed with your favorite uncle; I want you to show me where it hurts sweetie.” “I promise to kiss it all better.” Uncle Larry’s crusty cock started growing for the second time that night; as he helped his little sissy boi pull her panties off as she laid across his bed. She then rolled on her stomach. His cock was now hard as a rock at the sight of her bare pale ass cheeks in the cute little dress. Meghan then turned slightly so her sore red butthole was in full view for her uncle. She quickly stared are his full manhood but now her didn’t care, she just happy he was going to kiss the spot and make it feel better. Her uncle put a pillow under her waist to raise Meghan’s ass, and gently spread her cheeks landing a loving kiss square on she puckered asshole. Locking eyes with her over the sissy’s ample ass he asked, “Is this the spot?” “Yes, that where someone hurt me…” “Shhh sweetie, I promised to kiss it and make it better.” He licked the crack of the sissy’s ass and tongue kissed her smooth red bud over and over, but when he jammed his tongue in as far as it would go, she yelped and almost jumped off the bed. “Ouch Uncle Larry, that part still hurts. “I’m sorry muffin” he said while rubbing her ass cheeks. Her uncle gently kissed Meghan’s ass ring and slowly made his way down kissing her taint and finally kissing Meghan’s sissy balls. Hearing the almost silent moans and watching her little clitty grow turned him on even more, making her uncle get more aggressive as he sucked on her sissy sack. Telling Meghan to get on her knees her uncle went back to rimming his little faggot and hand started the milking of her shaved cock. “Does that feel better?” She didn’t say a word, only moaned. “When was the last time you squirted baby?” “You told me not to touch myself if I wanted to stay with you Uncle Larry” Meghan asked. “Would you like to squirt now baby?” “Yes please” Meghan answer in a feminine voice. Uncle Larry spit into his hand and pumped hard and fast. “Oh my God, oh my God…that feels so good” Meghan moaned. “Time to squirt darlin” with that her asshole contracted around her uncle’s tongue. Within seconds, her uncle felt pulsating wave after wave of cum being shot out of her little clitty. The more she came, the faster he stroked her. He even continued to jerk her off after she went limp. Meghan tried to rest over the pillow, but her uncle kept her propped up until he was satisfied every drop of sissy juice was emptied out her smooth sack. Then he gently lowered her back over the cum-covered pillow. After a few more kisses to her no longer sore rectum, he let her lay there, bare-assed, over the pillow. He got up, walked over the side of the bed, kissed Meghan on the back and told her it was time for him to get ready for work. Meghan smiled and thanked her uncle for kissing her sore spot.
  2. I was back in El Paso on business for a few days, I and remembered having a really fun time at a very seedy off the road adult booth and sex shop. The place was always full of mostly Latino dick of every age, size and type. The first time I was there, I was in heaven sucking every type cock being fed to me; cut, uncut, large, small, beefy, you name the cock and I sucked it! This time I decided to totally fem out and give the guys a look at a little cock-teasing whore. Cute wig, earrings, painted nails, purple top, short-short skirt and white laced stockings with matching heels. I arrived late in the evening and to my surprise the parking lot was moderately full. After parking, I took in the looks I received entering the doorway. I joyed the stares and sounds I heard as my heels slowly clacked on the tiled floor while making my way through the toy aisle to the video booths. As I worked my way back, there were more that I few guys that “accidentally” brushed against my plump ass with more than their hands. There about 12 rooms in total. Most were small rooms one-person booths, but a couple rooms were a bit large with ratty cum stained chairs. All the rooms had a pungent, musty odor that rushed out whenever a door was opened. The room I slinked into smelled like unwashed crotch and had several splotches of still sticky cum on the floor. It was quite dark, but before I closed the door, I looked back to see a few guys making their way the back booths. One I got in and close to door, before I even popped in coins to start the videos, the first cock flopped in my gloryhole. I took little time getting comfortable, then started blowing that first cock to completion. It was only a few moments before that spent and slimy dick was replace by a hard dark tool, after a hearing him moan “Oh Shit!” he unload in my mouth in less than a minute. The next cock was uncut and already leaking precum. I sat so I was on over the back of the disgusting chair. I pulled down my panties, so I could suck off the guy that stuffed his cock and balls through the gloryhole while the guy in the opposite booth was able to put his arm through the passage and fondle my ass and butthole. I lost time as I sucked well over a dozen cocks. A couple pulled out before they came, another two wore condoms (I hate that taste), but the rest came down my throat, zipped up and left. The turn on, was sucking a strange, faceless cock and hearing him behind the wall, each guy had a different sound as they blew their nut. Some were aggressive, vocal and vile, others had an almost silent release before they zipped up. 40 minutes later as I thought I was sucking and stroking the last strange cock of the night, my heart jumped as the door to my booth was yanked open! And there stood a tall, muscular guy who appeared to be half Black, half Latino walked right in my booth rubbing his bulge in front of his pants. He had to be at least 6' 3" or taller and was a no-nonsense brute of a bull. Looking at his forearms, there was no way one of his big hairy arms could fit through the opening of the gloryhole, no damn way! Anyhow, we made eye contact as he looked at me, cum drooling down my chin, on the char with my panties halfway down my thick thighs. With one move, he picked me up by the waist and stood me upright. In my heels I was still tiny in front of him. This guy was in no mood for gloryhole only service. Unzipping his pants, he finally pulled out his beefy member then sat down on the filthy chair. “Suck it bitch.” Looking over my shoulder, with only the light of the flickering video screens, I immediately saw the booth door was blocked by shadowy figures and thought this had gone further than I ever expected. I no longer owned the situation, and my control had been taken away. The odd feelings of panic and fear made me unconsciously pull my panties back up like a woman trying to regain her dignity. The faint light showed his grim face. Over the moans of the videos that were playing, his deep voice repeated “SUCK IT NOW BITCH!” Getting down on my knees, between his legs, I began taking him in my mouth. I sucked and tongued his salty swollen head; then slid my tongue up and down his piss. "Good faggot" he said, as he pressed my head further down onto his cock. The thickness made it difficult to take him too far down my throat, but I did the best I could before gagging and coming up for air. While I was sucking on him, he kicked off his shoes and removed his pants. Then he lifted his legs, exposing his huge, low hanging nappy balls "Suck my balls, queer." I did as I was told. His balls were also salty and smelled of sweat. The smell was intoxicating. I licked both his balls, then took each of them into my mouth. "Lick my ass" he grunted, as he lifted his knees to his chest. I licked under his balls and down to his dark, puckered asshole. "Nice job, fag, clean my asshole” Then I felt him stiffen up as he let loose the loudest and most disgusting blast of gas in my face. I squirmed to get away, but he held my head tight. “Keep licking that asshole queer" as he let another one rip. As I was eating his hole, it seemed like the number of shadowy figures doubled. Men watching, some stroking as I serviced this brute. Hands pulled up my skirt, rubbed my ass and creeped under my panties, it was like several fingers were trying to invade my gurl pussy, all at once. I even felt shots of jizz leak on my butt cheeks. Taking his cue from the shadows, he bent over, sliding his hand around my skirt, under my panties finding my asshole. He rubbed my button, obviously wanting to fuck me. At this time, I was petrified of the bad thing he had in mind for my pussy. He kept fingering and massaging my hole. While sitting down he reached in the pocket of his Levi’s. Without saying a word, he stood up, turned me around and planted me over the back of the fowl smelling chair. "No", I said as I struggled to get away, but two figures came out the shadows to firmly hold me in place. My chunky feminine body squirmed but it was absolutely no use. My heart was beating like a jackhammer; I was totally helpless. In the dark, having my big butt forced over the chair with a knee in my back and my shoulders pinned down. "No” "It’s not supposed to be like this!” I begged. When my skirt went up, I pleaded again, but the only other sounds were the videos playing and cocks flapping. My spine chilled when my cotton panties were ripped off me with a one quick yank "Please don't", I begged again. "Shut up, faggot. You know you want this cock, so shut…it fuck…. up". I felt cold lube being drizzled down the crack of my exposed ass. When I tried to turn around a hand grabbed me by the back of the neck restraining me further. Next, I felt him squirt the cool lube up my hole and I instantly puckered. I could hear him squeeze more onto his meaty weapon, then the assault began. With a piercing shock, I felt his unprotected cock head forcing its way in my sissy cunt. "NO…. STOP!", I begged. He paid no attention as he continued popping open my pussy. It was overwhelming, intense and degrading; and I was I was powerless to get away from him or the others. Once he had gotten most of his cock inside me, he began to pump. Over and over I begged him to pull out but then I felt him grab me around the waist and really began to pump. Slamming his cock deep into me, then pulling nearly out of me, before slamming back into me again. The shadowy figures in the dark hallways got more and more excited the more I screamed and begged to be let go. "Ple…please put a condom on", I pleaded. "Shut the fuck up, Fag," he growled as he continued to pound my no longer tiny hole. Knowing I had loss any shreds of control, I moaned "Please, please don’t cum in me" I whimpered under my tears. He paid no attention to me as he continued his assault on my hole. My asshole was burning and lost the strength to keep fighting back. I told myself to take it, it all would be over soon. He rocked me so hard as he pumped me, I knew my ass would take days to recover and I promised myself NEVER to go in another adult store again! Without any warning he slammed even deeper into me and held it there. “NO, NO, NO he’s cumming in me!!!” ran through my head. I could feel his cock throbbing as he let out a loud groan. "AHHHGGG...!!! FUCKKK...!!!" he grunted as he filled my ass with his load, I thought he would never stop cumming. He pulled his cock from me and it made a farting sound and I felt him drizzle a trail of his cum and my guts out my sissy cunt. My limp body just laid over the chair as his disgusting jizz continued to pour out of my gaping asshole. As he pulled on his pants and slipped on his shoes, my head continues to grasp what had happened and I still didn’t move off the chair. I was too sore, scared and exhausted to move. When the two other brutes released their grip, I wiped my tears. Before he left, I felt a hard smack on my sticky fat ass, then I heard him finally exited the booth. Just as I was attempting to get off the chair, a heavy-set Mexican guy walked in the booth. He said something in Spanish then two more guys walked in and held me down again, but this time they locked the door. After laughing a few more words in Spanish, I only understood “black bitch” and “pussy” by this time I was too tired to put up a fight. Without any hesitation or lube, the Mexican slammed into me in one swift move. He talked in Spanish the entire time he fucked me, then with a few grunts, I felt another deposit emptied in my asshole. "Gracias," he joked as he pulled out, quickly pulled up his pants and exited my booth. This continued over and over until every man either jacked off or came in me, then they let me go. I drove back into town and did the walk of shame back to my hotel room using my key to sneak in through the back entrance. I didn't even have the energy to shower, I removed my heels, skirt, top and stained lace stockings and laid across the bed. To my surprise, my little dick was rock hard and I even jacked off thinking about my ordeal.
  3. I know I should have called or left you a message that I had to leave daddy, but I just had to go away for a few weeks. But in returning I knew there would be hell to pay for being so stupid. I arrive at your door dressed in my “Babydoll” outfit; pink frilly dress, knee stockings, white heeled shoes and bows in my hair. I want to make you a peace offering of my body. First, there is pure surprise of seeing me out of nowhere dressed like a slut, then the look quickly changes from surprised to pissed. All I get out is “Hi Daddy…” before I am yanked inside. “Where the fuck have you been slut?!” A weak “I’m sorry” crosses my lips as I hang my head down. I was hoping the offer of my body, in your favorite outfit would lessen your anger but clearly it not. You drag me by my nipple across the living room into the kitchen. “Bitch take those panties OFF!” I stand facing the kitchen table and slide my bright pink panties off my huge bubble butt. I know what is coming next and lean over the table as I hear you unbuckle and remove your thick leather belt. I waited for the first swat to land, it felt like forever, then I heard the swish of your belt cut through the air. My ass stung as the belt met my fat brown ass, it was blow after blow, non-stop. Your belt spanked my ass and even my hands as I tried to cover my butt. “Each time you move, I’m going to light that ass up faggot” and you are true to your word. My cheeks were on fire, as you begin calling me a worthless sissy, a fucking whore and other more disgusting names as you tenderize my chubby sore ass. I just cried across the table, my ass juggles with each blow, then you set down the belt and start using your bare hand. My voice stammered and shook as I kept promising to never leave without your permission, then thankfully the spanking stops. Grabbing me by the hair, you lead me to the bedroom while my panties are still between my legs. I notice that your cock is rock hard, and I know its going to blowout my sissy pussy. You sling me on the bed and I land on my back, yanking my panties completely off you bark, “Get them fucking legs in the air, this is going to be the first and last time you fucking leave, THAT PUSSY’S MINE BITCH!!!” You are so pissed I don’t even get real lube, you spit in the palm of your hand and rub it on your veiny upturned monster. Violently you push my knees back until they are almost touching the mattress, I am folded into an uncomfortable pretzel, and you know it, but my little clitty is so hard its leaking. Over the months, it has been a struggle, but you trained my pussy to take you fat cock, but today is different, your new level of aggression makes it feel like a bigger cock is opening me up for the first time. Your spit covered meat tool rams past my clinched puckered cunt ring straight into my bowels without remorse. At first I’m stunned, then the howling begins. My little girly voice just keeps saying “Daddy” over and over again as you are hate fucking me with total aggression. Drilling deep and in this different position you are hitting all sides of my pussy; and your hairy balls slap and scrape against my still tender spanked ass. “Fuck me daddy, make my pussy cry daddy” then, “slow down daddy…” then “Fuck it!” your strokes have my body in total confusion. I reach down and start jerking my little sissy clitty as your cock bullies my rectum. Your forcefulness has my knees penned so far back as I keep jacking, I want both of us to cum so bad, I want to feel your cum in me again, to feel like I’m yours again. “Stroke your little dick bitch and I better see a full nut out of you!” I love watching the sweat of your body and your stomach muscles tighten and you are about to cum. “Open that pussy up for daddy’s babies bitch” as you are talking and pumping your babies begin to fill my pussy. I try to push my ass out more to match your rhythm but now I am shaking from you fucking me and my orgasm. The position you have me forced in has me shooting my load in my own face, but I don’t care. I am taking all of your jizz in my faggot cunt while shooting my own sissy juice as it lands on my face, throat and dress. My asshole tightens around you cock as its trying to get every last drop of your precious semen, but you keep my legs pushed back until you are finished. Your pulling out my cunt is like a pressure valve been released and a long string on milky cock spit pushes out my wide gaping hole. It stings and hurts as my pussy tries to close but the damage is done. The look on my face is priceless as almost in a panic I whimper “I can’t close my ass daddy.” “It will heal so stop whining” you shoot back with no sympathy whatsoever. Now, as I nurse my hole closed, I know NEVER go anywhere without telling you.
  4. I know because I have been a naughty, and I know what is about to happen. The cold look on your face when I asked you to be gentle let me know I should have kept my pouting mouth shut. Pointing at the bed you demand “Get your ass in the air now and spread those cheeks faggot!” As I slowly walk over to the bed, you smack my ass so hard it almost lifts me off the ground. You see my wild-eyed expression and you know you have me just where you want me. Surprised, off guard and scared. Looking back at you like a sad little girl that is in deep trouble, I stammer out “I’m sorry daddy…I promise to never misbehave again!” holding my ass with both hands. But you are having none of it. You snort back “What did I tell you bitch?!” Realizing you are really serious and that my streaking tears are only making your angry fat dick harder, I bent over. It’s almost like you know what I am thinking as you flex your muscles making that angry monster dance. Sadly, I put my face in the pillow, and boosted my ass in the air and spread my meaty cheeks, giving you a full view of a brown twitching rosebud. Teasingly, you run your well-oiled cock up and down my chubby ass crack, then blurted out mockingly “Maybe after this, you will learn to listen!” Before I can react, that angry monster, the entire length, all at once pop my little asscunt open with no sympathy, no remorse and no mercy. BANG, BANG, BANG, BANG…. like an engine piston. Each time you drive in, I yelp like a little bitch. Then you push hard, driving us both crashing on the bed while still remaining in my butthole. Your cock pounds me, opening my cunt wider than I ever thought possible. I grip the mattress tightly as you ride me for dear life, a person’s backside is not made to be stretched out this much. The more I whine and blabber about how I promise to behave, the more your angry monster wrecks my pussy. Oh God it feels like you are going tear me apart! Using your knees, you brutishly force me to spread my leg wider for better entry. Your viciousness increases as your grunts get louder. My ass pussy is a crime scene, and in my girly voice I am begging you to cum. I want you to empty your balls because I my ass can’t take this hate fucking, I know I won’t be able to sit normally for days, but you just keep banging away. Then in one move you grab my arms, pull them back as hard as you can, while pushing in me with all you might as streams of semen invade my burning hole. Each pulse of your cock sends fresh jets of nut in my cunt, cum searching for ovaries that are not there, but it doesn’t matter. Your cock continues to expand my hole as the last of your warm gooey nut enters my sissy cunt. Laying on top of me until your balls are completely empty, you hear me meekly sniffle and whisper, “Thank you daddy.” For the first time today, you crack a smile, I know you are thinking I am thanking you for great sex, but my blown out sissy pussy knows the real reason.
  5. I just discovered this site today and joined immediately. I am a very submissive, chubby crossdressing bottom. I have a huge brown round thick ass, girly thighs and I stay very feminine for rough alphas and love to be dominated.
  6. I always enjoy my sales trips. The trips fit into my crossdressing lifestyle and the thrill of being in a different town and different people. After a long day on the road, I had just checked into a motel just about 30-miles outside of Nashville, TN. For my overnight trips, I always bring my special suitcase that has my “girly stuff” (panties, dresses, makeup, lingerie, etc.). Sometimes I would just dress up pretty and cam or play with myself. On a very few occasions I would run into a very horny stranger, tease him, but not put out and be satisfied knowing that poor guy was back in is room jacking off. Almost immediately after throwing my bags on the bed, I peeled off my shirt and dress slacks and headed to the shower to freshen up. On the road, I keep my hair in one long ponytail, and wore a tight t-shirt to hide my budding breast. The hormone treatments were working so well, my body felt like it was becoming more feminine by the day. My legs and backside were becoming shapelier, my breast were spouting, my voice was growing softer, so many exciting things were happening to me! Taking a shower and knowing I was about to put on one of the outfits in my bag made me feel so feminine and free; coupled with the fantasy of being dominated by a total stranger and be treated like a piece of meat made my little clitty stay hard the entire time I showered and shaved myself smooth. Once out the shower, I applied my makeup, lipstick, lotion and favorite perfume; then did my toes and nails. As a thunder storm rolled in, and the rain started hitting the window, I continued to make myself pretty, even if it was just for myself. After rubbing in the last bit of lotion on my curvaceous caramel legs, I put on my flowered dark blue tight mini dress that went down to my thighs, gold mules and large hooped, Chica earrings. Next, I brushed my long black and brown hair down and over my shoulder. Looking in the mirror, I was pleased with what I saw. And I loved how my perky nipples poked against the fabric of my silky dress. I smiled, rubbed my breast and thought “I HAVE TITS!” This particular night was very hot and steamy as a storm hit this little town making me wish I had continue the drive to Nashville, but I was already checked in. It began to rain harder and it was followed by a lot of thunder and lightning, then around 10pm everything went dark. Oh p*o! The air conditioner, TV, lights…everything out. I thought to myself oh well, it least my iPad was fully charged, and I brought my favorite toy. and a couple of toys. I open the windows hoping to find a cool breeze without success. Opening the sliding door, I thought it would be nice to enjoy a bottle of wine from the little frig in the room and watch it rain. It seemed like the whole town was in darkness, so it was nice to watch the thunder storm from the balcony as it rumbled and crackled. After about 5 or so minutes, the door next to my room slid open, and a gruff looking man stepped out. He was a big guy, probably about 45-50 years old, a least 6’3” or 6’4” feet tall, strongly built and around 250 LBS or a bit more. He looked Latino, with a moustache and beard with a big tattoo on one shoulder and several other tattoos covering his body and neck. He was also covered in bushy body hair. He was wearing baggy shorts, flip-flops and nothing else. After grunting a hello, he asked “Do you mind if I smoke?". I hate the smell of smoke, but not knowing this guy from a serial murderer, I wasn't about to tell him no, so I nodded yes. He lit up his cigar, walked further out in the rain, I thought this was probably the first shower he had in a week as he leaned on the rail and looked out at the sky then looked back at me. His eyes looked me up and down, like a hungry animal eyeing his prey, which gave me the chills. His eyes went from my perky little breast, my butt and down to my legs, then his third gaze stopped at my crotch. Oh God, I forgot my panties! For a moment, I was totally embarrassed, and I fumbled for something to say, but thought it was best to say nothing. After taking another puff from his cigar, He said his name was Mario, and made a comment about my legs. He clearly saw something he liked and made a move. “Hi Mario, I’m Lisa” Not missing a beat, he said, "Blackouts annoying right…yeah, not much you can do in a motel room in a blackout" he said and then crudely added "when you're on your own...." My heart was racing. This guy was straight forward and was not holding back, and still staring at my ass. In the past I enjoyed flirting and loved when guys made comments about my meaty ass, but despite all the fantasies about getting fucked by strangers, I wasn’t sure this was the type of guy I wanted, and I started thinking about ways to slowly back out. I tried to take the conversation to a more generic place, asking him what he was doing in town and as we chatted for a couple of minutes. The storm moved in closer as rain started to pour down. A few gusts of wind kicked up, then it hit me, my car windows are down! I grabbed my room key and told Mario I would be back. In a dash, I ran outside to close my car windows, knowing the whole time Mario was watching my thick ass shake. Dashing back to the motel door, I swiped my key card and nothing. I think the blackout would not allow the security lock to read my key card. Shit! What am I going to do? The manager’s office was closed for the night, and I was stuck outside. From the balcony I heard a familiar voice “You can wait it out in my room, don’t worry, I don’t bite…..Lisa.” What choice did I have, I thanked Mario as I stepped into his room still covered in darkness from the blackout. He closed the door behind me, but it was the hearing the addition latch lock that gave me reason for concern. In the darkness, I could make out that there was just one bed in the room, so I sat in the chair next to it. But Mario said “No need to act shy now sweet-heart” and told me to hop on the bed while he reached in the mini-frig and pulled out two tall-boy Ice House beers. I felt around, finding a clear spot on the bed, and curled up on the edge facing away from the middle of the bed, leaving as much room as possible for Mario on the king-sized bed. I didn't get under the sheets because it was too warm and humid and if the power came back, I could quickly exit. I could hear Mario slowly lumbering around, making his way to the bathroom, then leaving the door open as he relieved himself of several tall-boy beers. When the toilet flushed, I knew he would be coming, so I just hoped that all that alcohol, the only thing he would be interested in was sleep. As Mario's weight hit the bed my heart was pounding out of control, my knees locked closer together and I tugged down on my short dress to cover my bottom half. I never even removed my shoes. If It were anyone else but this man, this scenario would be fulfilling my darkest fantasy; but not this man in this hot room, me locked out of my room until morning, during a blackout in a howling thunderstorm. "Please just go to sleep" I whispered to myself about 10 times. I felt Mario behind me inching closer, then a big hairy arm wrap around me and pulling me in closer to him. pulled me into him. Uh-oh! I could instantly tell he was naked as my back was pressed right into his hairy chest and I could feel his meat inflating against my butt. It was getting harder by the moment, it felt like one of those extra thick sausages that kept growing, and from me just getting to know him in this brief time; he was not a “No” type of guy. He saw me as a hot little brown girl; with an extra part, in his bed and he did not care if I was still fully dressed. He had needs, and my body was on his menu. I was starting to shit myself. He then stretched his mouth into my ear, breathing heavily with his smelly cigar and beer breath said, "Let’s have some fun my little puta." My whole body felt weak. "Listen", I whimpered, "I'm not sure I am up for what you are after, can we just get some sleep?” He continued to breathe deeply to my ear, "What do you mean?" he asked in a slightly stern voice. “Well, I don't have a lot of experience, and I am not sure I will be willing to do the things you want me to" I meekly replied trying to sound like this was new to me. “So, you're saying you don't want me to fuck you?” That was point blank. In a risky move, I said “Sorry, but no thank you" It got quiet, but Mario didn’t move his arm and his cock remained nestled behind me. There was a pause as a huge flash of lightening and giant clap of thunder reverberated around the room. I could sense Mario was pissed, “Hmm, your faggot ass, walk around dressed like a puta, you then come into my room, in the dark of the night, get into my bed and now you decide you don't want to fuck?!" "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to lead you on. but I didn't expect this to happen, and…well, well I have never been in this situation before” I was back pedaling as hard as I could. Mario’s voice became coarse as his arm constricted over my chest. "Have you ever sucked a cock?" Mario asked. "A couple of times, but that was the furthest I ever went.” It was a lie. "Hmmm sounds like you're a little tease chica." said Mario, still pressed up against my ear as he moved his arm that was wrapped around me, over my dress he started rubbing my nipple. Then his hand slipped under my dress and he firmly grasped my tit and his fingers coarsely tweaked my nipple. “I’ll tell you what, you suck my cock, make me cum, and I will let you sleep, no fucking" In a soft girly voice I quietly ask “Promise?” but my question did not get a return response. Given not knowing the full nature of this man and having nowhere to go this was probably the best I could hope for and knowing the expectation of anal was off the table, I felt more comfortable sucking his cock. "Thank you Mario" whispered. "If want to play games and be a fucking tease, you call me Daddy from this point forward, understand?” "Yes" I replied. My nipple was squeezed harder, "Sorry, Yes Daddy" I yelped. "Now get to work!” And with that, Mario rolled over on his back, and I rolled over in the dark over his leg and crouched down between his legs. Having been in the room for some time, my eyes had adjusted enough to make out some silhouettes and there was just enough light for me to take his cock in my hand. it was thick and heavy - more so than my own. I tentatively leaned down and began to lick the shaft of his cock. Due to the circumstance, I was more than happy to suck his cock but at the same time, was still hoping he was a reasonably quicker shooter so that this did not go on too long. After several long licks of his shaft, I gently placed my lips over his mushroom head and slid my mouth down his now saliva lubricated cock and sucked my way back up. Daddy let out a muffled groan of satisfaction with this, so I continued with the same technique. Up and down his cock I moved sucking on the way back up the shaft. I could feel his cock get firmer in my mouth. He put his hands on the back of my head as I went down his shaft. "Take it all" he groaned. I tried but couldn't. "I'm sorry Daddy, but you are too big" I said while stroking his girthy meat. "Lie down on the bed and hang your head of the end" he ordered. I did so as he rolled off the side of the bed and walked around to the end. "You are going to learn to suck my dick the right way puta." With that, he slapped my face with his thick meat. He rubbed his cock all over my face before sliding it in my mouth and down my throat". He slid in and out a few times, before saying relax and take it all, I relaxed (as I had seen on countless Internet videos) and he slid his cock all the way inside my mouth and throat till his low hanging balls were pressing on my nose and upper lip. He held it there for several moments before I started to gag. He repeated this several times, but I quickly adjusted to the length and width of his cock. He took his cock out and dipped his balls in my mouth. "Suck them" he ordered before he moved himself further along and sat his hairy ass on my face. Pulling has ass cheeks apart, then buried his sweaty asshole over my mouth. He gained pleasure from this for a few minutes before rubbing his cock all over my face again. You are enjoying this aren't you slut?" he said with a nasty smile. I just continue to eat the hairy butthole stationed over my face. "What?" he asked with slight bolt of anger that I had not responded appropriately. I broke away long enough to say, "Yes Daddy, I am enjoying it very..." and before I could finish speaking, he had stuffed his cock back in my mouth. The sounds of slurping, sucking and gagging turn him on more, and ramped up his aggression level. Fucking my face, he leaned forward and put his hand on my cock - "Fuck, all that teasing and look at you” giving a brutish laugh as he shook my little 4-inch erect clitty. Shit, this Latino bastard was brutally manhandling my junk and I was getting turned on! There was no denying it. I was rock hard and leaking. It was by no means gentle, he was making fun of my little member as he jacked it with his thumb and two fingers. Jacking and slapping, this rough treatment of my sissy parts had me in total confusion. Just as I was starting to be aroused, Mario’s true plan came to light. "Seems you haven't made me cum yet puta, so now I’m forced to fuck your fat ass ok?" He was not asking for my approval, it was a statement. I tried to object but I couldn't speak, my mouth was stuffed full of cock. Standing up and tossing me on the bed "Ain’t no fucking bitch going to tease me like I’m some punk.” “Take that dress off puta” he demanded. I hesitated, then saw he was not to be disrespected and I removed my dress and skooched to the top of the bed. “Now get on all-fours like a dog and hang your ass over the edge of the bed.” “But Daddy you promised…” I said meekly totally watching my tone. My comment was met was a swift and hard smack on the ass which I knew left a hand print. “Puta, I’m about to blowout that asshole” If I thought my heart was pounding before, I was wrong. It was beating so hard it was almost hard to breathe. “Daddy please let me suck you again, I promise to do it better” I said trying to find a compromise or escape from what I knew he had planned for my poor little ass cunt. “I thought I wanted to be fucked tonight but I was wrong!” I pleaded. On my hands and knees at the edge of the bed, I heard the floor creak as he walked around the side of the bed. He stopped to the side of me and gripped his fat 10-inch tool. “Listen slut, the way I see it, you are a naked bitch in my room pretending to be girl. You can run if you want but there are going to be questions. He was right, and I was screwed. Scrambled for words and blurt out "But, but, but…I’m not ready!” “Not my problem” he snorted back. “No more games puta!” He reached in to a small bag next to the messy bed and took out a condom (thank God) and put it on himself, then stepped behind me. “Please use some lotion or something Daddy, please” grabbing the small bottle of complementary lotion on the stand, he coated my puckered cunt and rubbed some on my smoothly shaven balls. Next a thick meaty hand locked down on my waist and other on my shoulder. “Bet you will never tease another real man again you little bitch!” I was helpless and took a deep breath. “Arrrghh" was the next sound I uttered. “Ohhh yeah this shit is tight" Mario exclaimed. He didn't have to tell me! He withdrew a little bit before sliding in a little further, withdrew a little bit and slid in a little further then just said "Relax" before sliding all the way in. “OH fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck was all I could get out as his brutal Latino beast made my ass its home. Mario’s cock plundered my sissy cunt, but it wasn’t as bad as I envisioned. All I had to do was to take this mild beating until he comes I thought. Then the power slams began without mercy. He was fucking me like I owed him money, like he wanted to know what being fucked by an angry man felt like. “DADDDDY!” I screamed. Withdrawing for a moment gave my cunt a few seconds of relief. “Fuckkkk bitch, I want you to feel all this dick!” “You are going to know what what a real man feels like tonight!” "Ok puta that was just to break you in and get you ready, now it is time to be fucked for real.” “Oh No” I whispered under my breath. "Beg me to me fuck you" he ordered as he placed his cock at the entry to my ass. "Please fuck meeee,.. ahhhhhhwww!" is all I got out before he popped my cunt open again. "Beg!" he demanded. “Ple, pleas…please, fuckkk..” I sounded like I was speaking gibberish, but it was hard putting words together when my ass was being drilled mercilessly by a mad man packing a 10-inch weapon. Mario was pounding me with a steady rhythm he would plunge his cock all the way up my tight ass cunt, then three quarters of the way out, he would plunge that weapon back in again. Back and forth he pounded. he groaned and grunted has he hammered away, I could his sticky sweat on my back and ample ass cheeks as he plowed me. The violation went on and on. Just my luck my I run into a savage Latino that thinks I’m a tease that deserves to be put in my place. Every so offend he would reach down, cup my clit and balls and squeezed it roughly as he laid on my back. A giant blob of precum came out of my cock, he scooped it on his dirty stained finger and stuck it in my mouth for me to lick clean. He continued to pound my ass, enjoying his new tight fucktoy. Squeezing and stroking my little sissy cock until I let out a moan, spewing cum over my stomach and sheets. He slowed his rhythm, scooped up what cum he could find in the dark and again fed it to me. After a moment or two, the sweaty beast returned to his power pounding. I was spent, me had completely femininized me. I gritted my teeth as he kept ramming his meat pipe up my bruised sissy cunt. I really needed him to cum because he showed no signs of slowing and the more he pounded, the sorer I was going to be in the morning. I momentary slipped off the bed due to my legs being fatigued, holding this same position for what seemed like hours. Mario, just grabbed some pillows near the headboard, stacked them at the end of the bed, scooped me up from the floor and planted me on top. I had zero resistance. I felt a large glob of spit it dead center of my burning butthole before the assault continued. Again, his deep thrusts were met with my slight moans, then he started grunting as loads of his cum began unloading in my sore asshole. I felt disgusted as his baby juice sprayed inside pussy. But I was happy it was finally over. He slipped his cock out of me, then in a proud statement said, “Take is how a REAL man fuck a little sissy!” Walking over to the side of the bed, Mario slapped me with his wet, spent cock and casually barked, “Now be a good slut and clean it for me". He wasn't really giving me a choice as he pressed it against my lips, till I took him in my mouth. I gently licked his cock and balls clean, getting the aroma of musk, sweet, ass and cum up my nostrils. "See little puta, you can't tell me you didn't enjoy that.” “I wasn’t moaning in pleasure Daddy!” “Some of that really hurt.” I said like a pouty, stubborn brat. Laughing, then got up and made his way in the dark bathroom where I believed he went to further wash himself off. I rolled onto my side of the bed, but this time got under the covers. Mario exited just in time to see the power return. With that he flicked off the lights and turned the air conditioner on full blast before he got under the covers. Once again, a strong arm pulled me back and in a spooning position as his deflated cock rested next to my wet bottom. He was drenched in sweat and my back was now covered in his sweat and musk.

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