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Unexpected mistress

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I have been making regular early morning visits before work, to a guy who lives less than 5  minutes from where I work.  He is gay, mainly top and loves it sleazy and kinky, often dressing in rubber and always with copious amounts of  poppers.  Although he isn't into me fully dressing, he does love me in knickers, stockings and heels.

Anyway, I had arranged on Fabguys to meet him as normal, he buzzed me into the block of flats and just as I was approaching his first floor flat, the door to the next flat opens and  out walks a female.   She goes to walk past me and I recognised her at the exact same time as my fuck buddy opens his door, in his dressing gown and my heart almost stops.  She said hi with a smirked and I replied meekly as she walks past, looking back as she walked down the stairs.I scurried into his flat, heart pounding.  I explained to my friend that she worked at  the same place as me and he told me that she lived next door but only knew her to say hi to.  She knew he was gay as he lives with his partner and as they were open there was often guys calling at their flat.  He laughed and said looks like your secret is out now and ordered me to strip.  He was either in an already super horny mood or the situation had turned him on more as I was only allowed to suck him for a few minutes before he had me bent over his bed and slipped his cut raw cock in me.  He pounded me telling me how everyone will now know that I am a dirty faggot.  This got me going and I couldn't help moaning as he pounded me, soon he was flooding me with his cum.  I washed and got dressed and he wished me luck at work.I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I knew that she was friends with some of the people on my team, so I was relieved when there was no reaction when I got in.  


I went to make a cup of tea, which meant walking past the area where she worked and went into the small kitchen.  As I was making my drink, the door opened and close behind me and I heard a familiar voice. "Hi again". I turned around and she was smiling knowingly at me.  Beth is about 5'8,mid twenties, fairly pretty, size 12-14 I guess but with a fantastic pair of breasts which made me feel rather jealous.  "Morning" was all I could think of.  "I think we need to talk, are you free the same kind of time tomorrow?  You know where i live".  "Errr, yes, thanks" I replied and she said "Good and don't worry, I won't tell anyone" and she grabbed some water and left.   That day and evening were hell, all I could think of was that she was going to blackmail me somehow and I didn't sleep well that night.

I turned up, and almost as soon as I pressed the buzzer to her flat, the door latch opened.  Someone has been waiting for me.  I walked up the stairs and past my usual stopping place, and her door opened.  "Morning, come in" Beth said, I entered her flat and she asked me if I wanted a drink.  She told me to take a seat on one of the stools at a breakfast bar table as she made coffees.

Then came the inevitable question "So, tell me about your visits next door".   I knew it was pointless lying so I just told her the truth.  "Well, I met  Tim through a cruising site, we have met up quite a few times now"

"So are you gay?".  "No, I am bi" I replied. "Cool" was her response, which partly due to my tiredness confused me a little as I still didn't have a handle on the situation.  "Which site?" she asked.  "Fabguys, although I am on a couple of others".  She laughed and asked to see my profile. I pulled out my phone, logged in  and found my profile.  She sat opposite me and scrolled through the page.  "So you are sub and enjoy dressing up, what in?".  At this point I realised she wasn't completely new to this scene, so I thought I would see if I would shock her.

"It depends, Tim is only into me dressing in knickers, stockings bra and heels, but when I fully dress I love dressing up like a slut, sissy maid or schoolgirl, whatever the guy prefers really"
"Do you have any photos of you dressed?  There aren't any on your profile" .  "Not on here, some guys are turned off by it" I replied.  "By the amount of verifications you have it doesn't look like you have done badly" she joked. 
"I do have some online if you want?".  "Yes please, here use my tablet so I can see properly", handing me her ipad.  I logged in and she scanned through them.  "You aren't bad looking as a female, I see you like big boobs, what are they?"
"A pair of large Silicon breast forms, guys love them, wish they were real though".  "Like mine?"  she asked.  "Yes please" I replied with a smile, which made her laugh.  It was all very surreal, answering all this girls very intimate questions over a cup of coffee.
"Your profile says you are into Bareback, watersports, toys, BDSM and humiliation too, so you are a bit of a sub slut then?" she said with a laugh.
"Just a bit" I replied.

I explained I was on Prep and was regularly tested as I loved having guys pump me full of cum, that I liked being tied up and used and abused, being peed on and drinking it.  She didn't seem shocked at all.  She asked me if I was actually gay as it seemed all I craved was cock and I told her that I enjoyed females as well, especially face sitting and femdom.
Beth then explained that a previous boyfriend had been sub and she used to enjoy mild BDSM and domination with him, but he had been straight despite the pegging.  Her current boyfriend was very straight laced and she felt she was missing out.  She then came straight out and asked if I would let her watch next time I met Tim and afterwards depending on how she felt, would I be her sub?  I couldn't get the word "Yes" out quick enough and she seemed happy about the whole situation.  I picked up my phone and wrote  a message on Fabguys to Tim asking if he was okay with this, showing Beth before I sent it as I wanted her to feel in charge of the whole thing.
It was time for work, so I finished my drink and she asked me if it was okay for her to save the password to my online photo site and I told her of course.  She gave me her personal email address and told me to reply there.

Tim came back later that day, agreeing to it, which I guessed he would as he loves things kinkier the better.
I emailed Beth, letting her know we were on and whatever morning she wanted.  I kept checking my emails all day with no reply, but next day I got a reply giving a date for the next week and instructions on what I was to wear. 

I turned up on the day, buzzed Beth's flat as arranged and went up.  She let me in and she was looking sexy as hell, a silky blouse and short skirt.  I told her that I was  so jealous of her and she laughed and slapped face lightly.   Mmm this was going to be fun.  She asked if I had worn what she instructed and that I had bought heels, which I confirmed.  "One last thing" she said, and she pulled out a large leather collar surrounded by rings, a lead and a pair of leather cuffs.
"I want you in these as soon as you are dressed properly".  "Okay" I replied.  "Okay Mistress!" she jokingly snarled.  "Okay Mistress" I smiled.
We knocked on Tim's door and he opened the door and ushered us in.  We exchanged greetings and he said to me you know where the bathroom is.  I took the  bag of goodies from Beth and went and got undressed, I had been wearing the underwear as instructed under my clothes. Pink knickers, black stockings and suspenders and bra, with my pink mary jane shoes.
I put on the collar and lead and left the bathroom with the cuffs, Beth looked at me and smirked. "Give me the cuffs sissy". I handed them to her and she put the bracelets on me, attaching them to the collar so my hand were either side of my face.  She grabbed the lead and followed Tim to the bedroom.  "On your knees". I obeyed and the next thing I see is Tim's erect cock in front of me.  I could just about hold it with a restrained hand as I sucked and licked his cut thick cock.  Tim started to slowly face fuck me and Beth said he looks like he is good at that.  Tim  said that I was a real pleaser cumdump and that was when i noticed she was taking photos on her phone.  I was in place to protest, cock stuffed in my mouth, hand on the back of my head.  Tim asked Beth to pas shim something and next thing I know I am being force fed poppers.   I get very very horny on poppers and Beth asked him what they were and he was explaining to her as the effects took hold of me and I went cock crazy.  I looked over and noticed her hand was stuffed into her knickers, skirt hitched up.  I went to town on Tim's cock, giving him a sloppy blowjob which he loves, Beth sat on a seat in the corner of the room and took off her knickers and opened her blouse, pulling out her more than ample breasts.  Damn I was jealous of those.  I am not sure who was moaning loudest, Tim with him using my mouth or Beth  paying with her visibly wet shaved pussy.
Tim must have been getting close as he pulled the lead up and snogged me, at this point I think Beth may of had an orgasm as she was making a lot of noise.  She got up took the lead and sat at  the top of the bed on a towel, pulling me towards her pussy.  She stopped me inches away from her soaking mound "No chance sissy, you can just smell me as you take cock".  OMG I was in heaven as Tim came up behind me, pulled my knickers aside and pushed straight in.  I knew he was horny as he normally starts off slowly, but he was going for it, pounding me hard and fast.  This was having the desired effect for Beth as she was rubbing herself furiously and calling me names as she masturbated. Tim grabbed the poppers and sniffed them heavily, reaching around and putting them in my hand.  There I was on my knees and elbows, sniffing poppers and pussy as I was being fucked by a freight train.  Tim bellowed and  I knew he was cumming deep in me, slowing down and then just leaving his cock in me.  He  slipped it out and ordered me to lick him clean.  I manoeuvred myself like a crab around the bed and sucked on his cock, tasting my pussy on him, cleaning him.
I felt fingers enter me from behind and Beth was fingering me and by the sounds of it her too.  She came again and got up, walked to the end of the bed and stuffed the cummy fingers into my mouth.  "Clean them up sissy" she said, they tasted amazing, Tim is a heavy cummer, one of the reasons I visit him so often.  She then bent over and told me "These too" and she had smeared cum over both her massive nipples.  I sucked and licked both clean, which Beth seemed to enjoy quite a lot.  "Good sissy, you have earned a reward, lick these" and she stuffed the two fingers she had been using on herself.  Damn she tasted good.  Tim asked her if she had enjoyed it and she replied she had and would love to do it again, which made me smile despite having my mouth full.
Beth removed the collar and cuffs and I went for a shower.   She came in which surprised me and sat on the loo.  She told me how much she had enjoyed it and was definitely up for more fun as my dom, but next  time she wanted me fully dressed and with more guys, so it looks like I am going dogging next!

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