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    Being fucked, bred, deepthroating, rimming, cruising, poppers, cum, role play, taboo, porn, saunas and cruising
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    I am a tall kinky slut, open for anything and anyone. I also enjoy crossdressing, sissy, maid, whore or slut schoolgirl. I bareback only, am not a chaser but find dom poz guys a turn on. Love fun at saunas, you will find my pussy in the glory hole cubicle or darkroom
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    Tops, especially non-smokers, fat cocked, filthy sleazy pervs

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  1. Last weekend I put an event on my fabguys account that I would be looking for cock from opening time (11am). I paid my money, put my clothes in the locker and went and got showered,. As first person in the sauna, I made my way down to the play area, into the glory hole cubicles. I lived up and pushed my butt plug in so I would be ready. I sat sniffing poppers and edging until eventually two guys turned up. The first guy pushed his cock through one of the holes, small and one where the foreskin didn't retract but I was so horny I didn't care. I sucked him and he moaned a lot, it
  2. Going to SteamerQuay sauna in Torquay, UK from 11am tomorrow, looking for multiple loads, any hole, will be on poppers. Looking forward to pushing my pussy up against the glory hole to be bred my anon cocks

    1. Fistulike666


      Have a great day xx😋

  3. Absorb but love it when it slides out of my pussy down my legs
  4. At a local sauna, my pussy was pressed up against a glory hole, guy probed my hole with his cock, pushed in, pumped me maybe 4 times and came. I don't care, my pussy is there to please guys
  5. I used to love understall fun at the local toilets
  6. A giant cock in my pussy has an even better visual impact lol
  7. I love rubbing my lubed ass and hole up against a guy until he gives in and fucks me raw
  8. Whenever I am asked i actually knock an inch off (6" to 5") as I am a bottom and don't guys thinking I might fuck them. I wish it was smaller as guys would completely leave it alone. My pussy is my main sex organ and I am proud that I cum easily wheneverI do use my pathetic cock
  9. Raw everytime now, love the way it makes me feel
  10. Years ago i was in a booth at a local sauna and a guy was sucking me through a glory hole while I was on poppers. Because of the loud music i didn't hear him move arond and expertly swap his mouth for his pussy. I eventually worked out wghat he did, but didn't care as i was so horny. Pounded him and dumped deep in him. Didn't catch anything
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