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Getting bred in the age of COVID

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Yesterday marked 10 weeks in isolation for me.  I haven't even been inside a store.  I'm even getting my groceries delivered.  So of course it's also been a 10-week dry spell.

One of my regular top buds is in the same boat.  We're both mildly at risk for the virus, so we've both been super careful.  We've been messaging back and forth for weeks about how horny we are, and then it hit me - we can be exclusive until this is all over, and I can go back to hosting gang bangs again!

Today was the first time we've been able to match up our schedules.  Neither of us can host, and motels are still a bit too risky, so we went to an apartment building I used to live in.  It's between him and me and it's easy walking distance.  I went over and met him in the lobby, and we took the elevator to the top floor, both of us wearing masks for protection - the only protection I wanted or needed, aside from lots of hand sanitizer! 

We walked to the end of the hallway and entered a stairwell.  It's 7 flights down, so the only time anyone ever goes in there is when the fire alarm goes off.  As soon as the door closed, I dropped my shorts and he took out his big hard cock.  A little lube on his shaft and a little lube on my hole, and he was inside me pumping away.  I didn't realize just how much I missed being a cum dump bottom until that moment!

In less than two minutes (we were both CRAZY horny!), his pace quickened and he whispered, "I'm cumming."  I squeezed my sphincter extra tight to hold all that delicious cum inside me.

We quickly tidied ourselves up and walked back to the elevator, each of us going our separate ways.  I'm sitting here writing this now with his load still in my hole.  Can't wait till I can go back to taking multiple loads at a time, but for now, this arrangement will definitely work!

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I just took my fourth ozz load I know it might not be the best thing but like so was my first pozz load I was scared first then  felt so right nowthe feeling is to good and nasty and my first std gono cock infection of gone it was a hard but a Hott moment in my life 9562448544 in deep South Texas all toxic men welcome

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Fuck yeah. I’m so envious of you. I’m still keeping my celibacy but I can’t wait to fuck again. I don’t afraid of myself. I don’t care if I get this shit. But I’m anxious for the other people. 
I’m totally unsure. 

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