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    10/2018: this is the new profile for "jaybird" - italian/greek, furry
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    ** Truth in Advertising ** the low hangers in the small profile pic are not mine - but i bet they sound hot as fuck slapping ass! ;->

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    twitter = @puphawaii1; puphawaii.bdsmlr.com; puphawaiiagain.tumblr.com

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  1. the picture is sexually explicit - twitter doesn't like any type of explicit headers .. G-rated header pictures are usually best .. assuming the content is all legal ..
  2. fuck you have a hot profile


  3. are you uploading multiple files - pictures and/or gifs at the same time? if so try 1 at a time .. go out .. then go back in and add 1 more .. takes longer but maybe it's overwhelming the system if you upload more than 1 file at a time? just a thought ..
  4. You are so Fucking HOT - profile - pictures - information and your Profile Background action picture so Freaking HOT - remembering those days in training / transforming - HOT Days !

    1. puphawaii


      thanks!  just doing my part to give guys bones .. ;->


    2. ronnie4u


      Thank You !  You are doing a GREAT service for me !  Jacking Off each day - taking me cum loads - fingering my pussy cunt hole with my cum - laying loads on my toys - sucking them - watching some barebackbastards videos - satisfying my whore needs !

  5. Seeing and thinking of your Huge / Hanging balls - ever thought of vacuum them - longer - bigger - filling them up with Saline - wearing a jock strap in a Gay Bar / Club - Damn it they would be HOT looking - seen some on X Tube video !

  6. ** fuckhole spasms 🔥💦🔥💦🔥💦🔥💦
  7. You're my first follower (Just joined)!  Score!   Thanks, fellow cock obsessed buddy.

    1. puphawaii


      i'm cock obsessed?    GUILTY!   ;->

  8. Sexy page mate!

    1. puphawaii


      thanks!  i love spreadin smut!  😆


  9. so fucking hot


  10. FUCK YEAH! well said - i'm much the same! when i get excited blood floods my ass and makes it more sensative - not my dick!
  11. Thanks for the follow! :)

  12. my first Moderna shot was a week ago today .. 2nd is in 3 weeks .. can't wait .. 🙂
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