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    10/2018: this is the new profile for "jaybird" - italian/greek, furry
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    ** Truth in Advertising ** the low hangers in the small profile pic are not mine - but i bet they sound hot as fuck slapping ass! ;->

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  1. ** fuckhole spasms 🔥💦🔥💦🔥💦🔥💦
  2. You're my first follower (Just joined)!  Score!   Thanks, fellow cock obsessed buddy.

    1. puphawaii


      i'm cock obsessed?    GUILTY!   ;->

  3. Sexy page mate!

    1. puphawaii


      thanks!  i love spreadin smut!  😆


  4. so fucking hot


  5. FUCK YEAH! well said - i'm much the same! when i get excited blood floods my ass and makes it more sensative - not my dick!
  6. Thanks for the follow! :)

  7. my first Moderna shot was a week ago today .. 2nd is in 3 weeks .. can't wait .. 🙂
  8. I wasn't responding to you specifically - I was just adding my 2c to the thread .. 😉
  9. 💖💋💋💋💋💋

  10. TIM isn't done .. it's realistic .. it's the guy on the street. They never specialized in Muscle Marys. Everyone has their likes and dislikes or else there would only be 1 flavor of ice cream .. one type of person .. etc. TIM has guys I see on the street. And if someone likes or doesn't like them that's fine. But to say they're dead because they don't offer the ideal guy for YOU is nuts. my 2c
  11. I had 3 pictures of Nick Pulos (google him) posted - I took them down.  He's going after people who are posting his pictures and reporting them.  To me if I see something from a plain google search it's "out there" for everyone.  If you don't want people to see something - don't post it.  

    Anyhow - thanks to everyone who liked and/or commented on the pix.  

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    2. puphawaii


      your cum would look great dribbling outta my ass too .. ;->


    3. BareLover666


      I know.

      I've got very good looking cum.  😎

    4. puphawaii


      ** fuckhole spasms **

  12. yeah twitter can be difficult to navigate .. I've found the big no-no is having an X-rated banner picture - that gets guys knocked off quickly. And yes, if you follow too many people too quickly .. and/or .. you follow too many people compared to the number that follow you - you get suspended or temp-suspended. You also can't post too fast or post too many in a certain amount of time. But there's no where to find out what all those exact rules and requirements are! but FUCK there's a boatload of porn on there .. 😆
  13. @DenverBtmDude following you on twitter now - I'm @puphawaii1 ..
  14. I haven't seen anything unusual on twitter. There are accounts that get suspended because their banner picture is X-rated. Keep you're banner picture G rated and you're good. And you have to keep your content legal.
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