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    10/2018: this is the new profile for "jaybird" - italian/greek, furry
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    ** Truth in Advertising ** the low hangers in the small profile pic are not mine - but i bet they sound hot as fuck slapping ass! ;->

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  1. such great service .. takes care of your lawn .. and plants his seed! 😆
  2. ahh nice balls!!

    1. puphawaii


      thanks!   they're not mine .. but they would sound great slapping my ass!   ;->


  3. Thank you, thank you for the pictures and more I love sacking on the sack and ass and on the glans. Do not do that!! But I get super stiff

    1. puphawaii


      you should check my twitter feed if you want to see more pix;  [think before following links] https://twitter.com/puphawaii1



  4. Thank you, these are great blocks, but I will not treat them with Brennessen as I handle mine, grin. You're sure to be glad you don't have a poz yet. Me too, but it's very cool. I already had syphilis and Hep B and gonorrhea.

    Deutsch: (ich kann ken englisch, automatische Übersetzung)

    Danke Dir, das sind tolle Klöten, ich werde sie aber nicht mit Brennessen behandeln wie ich meine gehandle, grins. Du bist sicher froh, daß Du noch kein poz hast. Ich auch, es ist aber sehr geil. Ich hatte schon lues und Hep B und Gonorrhoe.

  5. hot fuckin series .. got me boned and leakin .. and needing a dick pounding my ass .. ;->
  6. Ethan Wolfe? you don't see the poz tat above his dick? Until recently he had a personal account on twitter (he's taken it down). In some vids it's hard to see the tat - but in his personal pics that poz tat is fully visible. And yeah - he's a very hot man!
  7. **my fuckhole is going crazy reading that 😆
  8. sit on my face!   😛


  9. I don't have a preference when it comes to getting fucked. When I'm sucking - I'll suck either. But an uncut dick gives me more to play with - especially one with a long hood .. love playing with those. Basically I love dick. 🙂
  10. Nice nuts, can picture them drainin bud 😉

  11. Dude,  


    I will be in Waikiki with 3 other fuck buddies and we'll be hosting a BAREBACK group fuck on Saturday, February 29th at 7:00PM. It's for HWP men.  No PNP.  If you're interested and want to join, just let me know.  




    1. puphawaii


      sorry .. this is the first t I've been on in months .. hope you had a good time ..

  12. i don't drink out of a can 😆


    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. puphawaii


      exactly @RotzBBengel , exactly!

    3. TTFN


      " Can " take either up the ass but prefer the longer one

    4. finndude


      Awesome cock!

  13. here's your birthday present .. 😆





    1. TTFN


      who is getting the present?

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