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    10/2018: this is the new profile for "jaybird" - italian/greek, furry
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    ** Truth in Advertising ** the low hangers in the small profile pic are not mine - but i bet they sound hot as fuck slapping ass! ;->

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  1. i like the idea that guys are on here strokin their dicks and shooting loads and loads of cum .. 😆 while we're on a little picture hiatus you can find all my pictures at these locations - there's virtually no cross-posting between the 3 sites: twitter: @puphawaii1 puphawaii.bdsmlr.com puphawaii.tumblr.com
  2. okay sometimes it IS the dick .. ;>
  3. it's not the dick, it's the motion .. 😉
  4. yup ... gonna be picture-smut/porn-less until it's fixed
  5. Thanks for the friend request


    1. puphawaii


      of course man .. Sydney and Fuck in one word?  how could i NOT follow you .. 😉


    2. SydneyFuck


      lol... awesome reply

  6. is there a picture issue today? trying to upload and getting this message for jpgs and gifs .. hahahaha okay i just tried to paste a copy of the error message and i got the same error message which is this: /web/sites/studio3x-2/s3xstatic.com/public_html/bz/uploads/monthly_2019_03 could not be created. Please contact us for assistance.
  7. You are Extremely HOT , Beautiful and Delicious - love Huge / Hanging Balls - Raw Sex - POZ guys with Poz Tattoos gives me erections - love to be gang bang , getting high , bondage - a weekend affair - Breed and Seed me Multi Loads !     :)

    1. puphawaii


      glad you like my posts brother .. ;->


  8. i've been pissed on, hosed down .. but never been pissed up my ass .. sounds hot!
  9. i moan .. if the top is verbal i get verbal .. when he cums in my mouth or ass i wanna hear it .. i've sucked some guys and they're SO quiet i stop and look up to make sure he's still breathing .. make noise!
  10. me too! hope you're all better now! 😉
  11. sick as a parrot? i've never heard that expression before .. i don't think my birds have either .. 😉
  12. bet your dick and cum tastes fuckin good man .. ;->
  13. Saw your post about wanting to be a porn camerman .. odd, doesn't allow responses there .. i would check-out some of the producer websites .. specifically TIM (Treasure Island Media).  On their site they have "Become a Model" - "Become a Reviewer" - "Become a Marked Man" - and of course Contact Us.   I would check'm out!


    Good luck!   

  14. love sucking str8 men .. had a regular for about a year .. his wife would never suck'm .. never got around to fucking before he moved away ..

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