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    Hartford area, Connecticut
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    Love it all, mild to wild. Oral, anal, watersports (giving and receiving), multiple tops spit roasting me, swallowing cum, multiple loads in my holes.
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    Neg, Recently Tested
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    Versatile Bottom
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    Was filmed on a stranger's phone sucking his cock and taking a facial from him, and was recorded twice by strangers who fucked me while blindfolded (one asked permission, the other told me afterward)
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    Large cocks to deep throat before they slide up my ass. Blindfolded anonymous gang bangs are super-hot.

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  1. bentover4u1972

    Stocky Black Top for Chubby bottom

    I'm bringing my chub ass to the Senton Hotel on Nov. 5. Cum breed me
  2. bentover4u1972

    Hotel cum dump 11/5

    Coming to the city for some anonymous daytime pump & dump fun on Monday, Nov. 5. Walk in and find me blindfolded and ass up. The more the merrier! Contact for details.
  3. Just as the title reads. I'll be blindfolded and ass up in a motel room with the door unlocked, clean and lubed and waiting for anonymous loads. No names, faces or talking required. Post here or send me a private message if you're interested. Tops only!
  4. bentover4u1972

    Blindfolded and ass up

    I've been dealing with health issues off and on this year and have had to cancel some of my motel gang bangs, which has really sucked. Finally got to hold one a couple of weeks ago. Six loads in about 3 hours! It started with a guy who's been to several of my events. He likes to be first so he knows that any other guy who fucks me is using his cum as lube, and I like him to be first because he's decently hung but not enormous, and he pounds me just right to get my hole itching for more and bigger cocks. During the afternoon I had 5 other guys show up, the last of whom was huge. I could barely fit his cock down my throat it was so thick, and when he first slid into my ass I thought I was going to split in half. Took some getting used to it, even though he was #6, but in the end I was proud of how I took the pounding he gave me. After he left I stood up for the first time and all 6 loads ran down the backs of my legs. I scooped some out so I could taste it, then cleaned up and went home. Will be doing that again soon!
  5. Tuesday July 10 2-7 pm. Travel Inn, 100 Weston St. in Hartford CT. Room will be provided to those who contact me. Completely anonymous, I'll be blindfolded on the bed with my ass in the air and the door ajar. Both holes wide open and all loads welcome.
  6. Done this lots of times in my hometown, first time in NYC. Looking to set a new personal load record!!! Saturday, Aug. 4th from 12 noon until 6 pm. Bottom chub with top notch hygiene. I'll get a room, leave the door unlocked and wait blindfolded and ass up on the bed. Looking for tops (only) to take advantage of my deep throat and hot fat ass. Big cocks more than welcome! Completely anonymous, no faces and no talking needed. All loads go inside. I'll set up a local party for Manhattan on BBRT once I can. In the meantime feel free to contact me here.
  7. 3-8 pm only. Contact me for motel information. No questions asked or answered, no load refused. You must be a top.
  8. Bringing my talented holes to NYC for the first time in early August for afternoon/evening breeding. Completely anonymous, no questions asked. Looking for tops only of any status. Contact me for details.
  9. I had a little free time last night so I reached out to some of my regular tops to see what was going on. The 'No CL thing' is BS but fortunately I had the email addresses from a few guys with whom I connected before the 'anonymous CL addresses expiration', so now whenever I'm in the mood I hit up those guys as well as posting on BBRT. I had no luck on BBRT last night but three guys responded to my email. One is very discreet - he's married and lives not too far from me - so we arranged for him to come over first, around 6:45. Another couldn't make it until 7:30 so when the third guy emailed, I was thrilled when he said he could be at my place by 7:15. I got myself ready, unlocked my front door and got down on hands and knees with a blindfold on. Right at 6:45 the door opened. The first guy wasted no time and was in my mouth before I knew it. His seven-incher got rock hard and then he positioned himself in a crouch behind me, and, lubed only with my saliva, he slid into my hole. Hands digging into my back, he thrust hard and fast until I could feel his cock jerking as he blew his load deep inside me. When he was done, I expected him to zip up and leave, but instead he positioned his still-hard cock at my lips and made me suck him clean. The combination of my ass juices and his cum was sweet on my tongue. Exhausted, I lay on the towel I had placed on the floor. I could feel his cum dribbling out of my ass and down my balls. I had about 15 minutes to kill before the next guy showed so I surfed some porn for a bit. When the door opened again I lowered the blindfold and resumed my position on all fours. This guy, I knew, had a long black cock and loved to experience my deep throat skills before turning his attention to my ass. No disappointment here - as his cock grew and hardened he grabbed both sides of my head and forced it down past my gag reflex until I could feel the head in my throat. He pumped until I gagged up that thick, slippery saliva that makes entering a tight ass so easy. Over and over he made me take his cock to the root so that my nose was pressed into his pubic mound and my tongue tickled his balls. Pushing me down until I lay flat, he straddled me and I felt the tip of his cock lightly touching my asshole. I couldn't tell if he could see the first guy's cum oozing out, but if he did it only spurred him on. In one quick motion he slid all nine and a half inches inside me until he bottomed out. It felt amazing! I love this guy's big black cock, but after enjoying my throat he never lasts very long in my ass. And he's quiet too! I can only ever tell that he's cumming when he stops moving and I squeeze my sphincter around his shaft and feel it pulsing as he shoots. He slid out, cleaned up and left. I remained prone on the floor. Less than 30 seconds later the door opened again and in walked the third guy. He undressed and slapped my ass before positioning his beautiful six and a half incher in front of my lips. With one hand on the back of my head he guided my mouth onto his already-hard cock. I felt both tired and energized from the first two fuckings, and sucked his cock with abandon. I thought he might bust in my mouth but he stood up and straddled me as the second guy did. Without a word his cock was in my ass. I could feel his chest pressing into my back as he thrust in and out, unaware that my hole was lubed with the cum of two other men. After a few minutes I felt his cock pulsing, too, and as he stood up I asked if he would let me clean him off with my mouth. The taste of three loads on his cock, along with the taste of my ass, almost sent me over the edge! He cleaned up and dressed quickly, and was out the door. Only when I heard the door close behind him did I slip off the blindfold. I looked at the clock: 7:40. Less than an hour since the first guy walked through the door. I stood up and felt the cum run out of my ass and down my thighs. It was a very good evening.
  10. bentover4u1972

    Sloppy seconds

    Sitting here with 2 loads in my ass as I write this, though I kinda wish it was more. I had a stroke of inspiration yesterday - allow me to explain. I have a BBC friend who I've met up with pretty regularly for a few years. Good guy, great lay. His cock is perfectly thick (it's to him that I attribute how loose my hole is!), a nice 7 inches, and it curves to the left so that when he lays on his bed and I blow him, it slides right down my throat, effortlessly. He's a jackhammer when he fucks -- but in a good way, going real deep with every stroke so I feel all of him in my ass. We started off using condoms at first. He'd get me going with the brown bottle and use a lot of lube to make fucking effortless. I had been trying to prod him to bareback for a while when one day, I thought he had cum so I reached behind me, slid the condom off his cock, and aimed it back at my hole. I hoped he would at least slide it in for a moment so I could see what he felt like bare. Well, he hadn't yet cum, so he finished that day by pounding my hole raw and finishing inside me. We've played bare every since. It's been a while since I saw him - he's been traveling a lot. I got an email from him a few days ago though, stating that he was back in town and wanted to meet. We made arrangements for tonight. He left an hour ago, and left behind a huge load that's still trickling out of my gaping hole. This time we didn't even need lube. He was slick enough from the hot deep throat I gave him that he slid right in. Here's where the inspiration comes in. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I love multiples, so after we made arrangements to meet I hopped on CL and posted to see if I could get any additional loads once he was gone (he's not into 3somes/groups/gang bangs, his one flaw). So I posted with the title "sloppy seconds," and got a bunch of responses from married guys. Most couldn't make the time frame I specified - he was coming at 7 and I figured 7:30 would be a good time to begin taking other loads - but one guy informed me that it was ideal. He waited down the street and as soon as my friend had left, I sent the address and he came right over. He just left a half hour ago. He didn't have a huge cock, maybe 6" and not overly thick, but he knew what to do with it, and I felt him get harder as he realized how slick I was with my friend's cum. Before long he was ready to shoot, and presented me with a choice I've never had before: he could cum deep, or just inside my hole. Being the cum slut that I am, I opted for deep inside, and I clenched my hole around him as he pulled out to milk every last drop out of his balls. A third guy who told me he was on his way never showed - typical CL flake. But I can rest easy knowing that when I want more cock when my friend is finished with my hole, it's only a post away!
  11. bentover4u1972

    Another anonymous night of fucking

    Once again last night I found myself headed for my favorite motel after work, and again the evening didn't disappoint! Took another seven cocks including one BBC. Alas, three of the seven decided to cover up and of the four who didn't, one fucked me bare but then shot his load down my throat. It was pretty hot though - he grabbed my head and held me in place while he fucked my throat. I was barely conscious by the time he let me get some air, then before I could say or do anything his cock was back down my throat! He must have been a good 9 inches and he was lodged down my throat when I felt his shaft start pumping its load directly into my stomach, no swallowing necessary! Very hot. All in all no complaints!
  12. bentover4u1972

    4 tops and 5 loads in 2.5 hours

    Plans fell through last night so I decided to get a room at my favorite motel and post on CL for anonymous tops to stop by and use my holes. Thursdays normally aren't great but last night was a wonderful exception to the rule! Many of you already know that when I do this scene, I leave the door ajar and turn the lights off, waiting naked on all 4's on the bed. The motel room doors open to the parking lot, so tops can park immediately outside and then push open the door, which I leave ajar. Sometimes I have to wait for the first guy to walk in, but last night he was right on time, walking in at the moment I said I'd be ready. I was laying on the bed on my stomach and as he walked around in front of me, I saw that he was a well-built black guy. I took a few huffs off my brown bottle, and before I knew it his big black cock was growing in my mouth. Before long he was holding my head as he slid his long, thick cock down my throat, while I coughed and gagged and drooled and loved every second! He was a thick one to be my first, so I urged caution as he walked around to the other side of the bed to fuck my already-lubed hole. I was disappointed when I heard the telltale crinkle of a condom wrapper, but my disappointment quickly turned to anticipation when he asked, "You clean?" without putting it on. I replied in the affirmative, said I hoped he was too, and that was all it took. He pushed me forward on the bed, climbed on top of me and eased his cock - still slick with my saliva - into my hole. A few more huffs from the brown bottle and my ass rose to meet each of his thrusts as he pounded away. He wrapped an arm around my throat, half-Nelson style, and rode me hard until I heard his breathing begin to quicken. A few grunts, a few spasms of his hips to drive his load deep, and I had received my first cum of the evening. As he slid out, I spun around off the bed and onto my knees, taking his still-hard cock in my mouth to clean up the mess I had helped him make. The taste of my ass juices, his cum, and a hint of lube all hit my tongue at once, and I gobbled his cock down greedily to the root, making sure to lick every inch. He pulled on his clothes, grabbed his things, and with a thank you headed out the door. I lay back down on the bed but only for about 10 minutes when I heard a car door outside. I assumed the ass up position, and sure enough the door pushed open. In walked another black guy, and just like the first he dropped his pants and made a beeline for my mouth. As with the first guy, I licked and throated and savored this cock. It was a bit longer than the first, maybe 8.5", cut and a bit more slender with a slight curve to the left. It slid easily down my throat, his balls smelling and tasting a little muskier than the first guy. Flying in popper heaven, the deep throat saliva drooled down my chin and onto the bedsheets as I gave him one of the best oral treatments I've ever given. Once again, though, as he walked behind me I heard a condom wrapper, and this time the elastic "snap" as he unrolled it down his shaft. My hole was still slick with the combination of lube and cum from my first top, but still this second guy had to use extra lube to work his cock into my hole. That's why I hate condoms! I stood bent over the bed, and as he slid into my ass, this guy's longer cock hit my prostate just right. He slid in and out, the friction from the condom annoying me somewhat despite how good his thrusts felt. Then he spoke. "I'm going to take this condom off now," he said as he continued his motion, driving his cock deep in my ass. But he didn't stop, and he didn't say anything more. I was excited at the prospect of another raw cock, and finally got impatient enough that I moved in such a way that his cock slipped out of my ass. I deftly reached behind, grabbed his cock, and in one motion pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor. I grabbed his now bare cock again and guided it back into my eager fuckhole. He was only too happy to oblige. This guy was a fucking machine, pounding me raw for at least 10 minutes before he asked, "Where do you want me to cum?" In a moment of concern at the anonymity, for some reason I told him to pull out and cum on my hole, rather than in it. He complied, and as I came to my senses I pushed my ass back so his still-spurting cock slid back up my hole. After he came, I spun around and, as with the first guy, took his length into my mouth to give it a thorough cleaning. I noticed that he wasn't pulling away or rushing out the door, so I stood, turned around, and guided his cock into my hole once more. He gave a couple of thrusts before pushing me face-down on to the bed, where he mounted me and rammed another load deep into my guts. It felt amazing! My first two visitors were the highlight of my night, leaving me with three loads in and on my ass. After another 15 minutes or so, a tall white guy walked in, rammed his cock down my throat, and held my head in place until he pumped a load down my throat. He left just as quickly without saying a word. The last guy of the evening was a young black kid in his early 30s. Turned out that he wasn't a fan of deep throat (I know, right?!?!) and would only fuck with a condom (which neither of us had), so I sucked his cock and we made out a bit. He fingered my hole as I slobbered on his cock, and I was rewarded with a real big load, which he told me afterward had built up over 8 days. All in all a fruitful night! I'm hoping for as much luck (or more!) again next Thursday as I head to Boston for my first all-night ass-up fuck fest. Can't wait!
  13. Passing through the Boston area on Thursday, June 29. Planning to book into the Hampton Inn on Newbury St/US 1 in Peabody for the night. Want to spend the night taking as many cocks and loads as I can, gang bang/group or one on one (or a little of both!). Hit me up with interest and an email address if you can. I'll send out the room number once I check in that evening.
  14. Every once in a while I get extra-horny and post for anonymous tops on Craigslist with the subject, "No condom, no pulling out." It rarely gets any interest, maybe one guy who might be serious or might not - I find guys are more inclined to fuck bareback if it hasn't been discussed or mentioned as an expectation up front. Somehow amid the clouds and sun of a Saturday afternoon, I got not one but three responses. The first guy who answered informed me that he had a top friend and they were looking for a bottom to use together. Needless to say, I sent my info, he told me when they could arrive, and went in the bathroom to prep myself while they were en route. As I was getting ready, I continued to check email and got the other two responses. I wrote back to each guy with my address, telling them that I had two others coming over, so they should just show up and I'd leave the front door open so they could just walk in. One wrote back "OK" but the other was silent, something I usually take to mean that he's going to flake and not show (I hate when they do that after you give them your address!). After about 20 minutes, the first pair arrived, and they didn't disappoint! I let them in, made sure the front door was unlocked, and led them into the living room where I stripped and got down on all fours on the floor and took some huge hits from my brown bottle. They wasted no time in peeling off their clothes and almost immediately I had a thick 8-inch shaft plunging down my throat. I couldn't breathe, I was gagging and drooling all over the place, but I was in heaven! I didn't know where the other guy was until I felt his hands roaming over my ass, fingering my already-lubed hole, and giving me the occasional smack as his friend fucked my throat. The cock in my throat got noticeably harder before its owner withdrew it and moved behind me. I had only a moment to take another hit of poppers before it was replaced by an even bigger shaft, this one at least 9 inches but not quite as thick. This second guy slid into my mouth and down my willing throat in one smooth motion, continuing where his friend had left off. While he did that, I felt the head of the first guy's cock pushing at my hole, and I pushed back a little in order to accommodate him. His cock was slick with my deep throat juices, and he groaned as he slid in balls-deep and began thrusting. As I was stuffed with cock from both ends, I heard the front door open. In walked not one but both of the other guys I had heard from! Talk about timing, they had pulled into my place at the same time. They quickly stripped, being careful not to mix clothes, shoes and phones with the other guys. On seeing these two newcomers, the guy in my throat stood up, and I knelt upright being careful not to dislodge his friend's thick cock, which continued to pound my hole mercilessly. He did this, I saw, to free up both of my hands so that in no time, I was stroking the two new guys, one with each hand, while the first guys continued their assaults on my throat and ass. I have had trains of more guys over the course of a few hours, but never in my life have I had four cocks using me at the exact same time! The guy in my ass finally grabbed my hips and gave a mighty thrust and held it, planting his seed deep inside me. I was disappointed when he slid out, but his friend pulled out of my throat and took his place behind me. His cock in turn was replaced in my throat by one of the newcomers, both of whom I was happy to see had nice seven-inchers. The one entering my throat was thick and uncut, and drooling precum before it even hit my poppered-up lips. And that's how it went for almost an hour this afternoon as I served each cock in turn with my mouth and then my ass. True to my post, each guy fucked my throat and then my ass with no condom, and all added their loads to my stretched out (and now dripping!) hole. I'm siting here with their brew running out of me, typing this and thinking that maybe I'll post again tonight, and maybe add a BBRT ad to the mix to see what additional trouble I can get into!
  15. I'm gonna be on a road trip near the end of the month and I'm considering getting a room in Boston, leaving the door unlocked and going ass up and anonymous for the night. It would be either Wednesday, June 28 or Thursday, June 29 as the topic says. Love to bring my fresh ass to a new city and see what the locals think! I'd also appreciate any hotel recommendations guys in the Boston area might have. Is downtown better, or out in the burbs? Looking for something that isn't too expensive and affords some anonymity (i.e. not having to sign in guests), but I want something safe and easily accessible. Thanks in advance! Hit me up if you'd like to be a top inside this eager hungry hole later this month.

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