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Why do some guys always assume bottoms want loads eaten out of them?

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There’s been a rash of this lately on my watch - I’m hosting, and make it plain that I’m hosting Tops, not bottoms, yet here they come, what I have come to think of as the Bottom Feeders.

”I don’t fuck, but I’d sure love to come eat those loads out of you.”

Yeah, buddy. I bet you would.

”You’ve got four loads already? I’m jelly. I wanna come suck them out of you so bad.”

Because then you won’t be such a jelly? Riiiight...

“Your pics are hot. Can I come watch you get fucked and lick out all the loads when the Tops finish?”


What is it with these guys? I mean, I have zero problem accommodating a Top who enjoys eating ass - it’s guaranteed to make me his bitch faster than just about anything. I’m not one of those bottoms who takes a load and resorts to using a plug to make sure it never sees the light of day again. I’m never going to get greedy or selfish about loads, because they’re never mine to start with: They’re a part of the Top that remains a part of him even as it integrates its essence into my body. What remnant may come back out has already implanted in my body the qualities he wished to send with it. The transfer of Him into me takes place in the moment of insemination, the instant when he has marked me, the point after which I must always know that he seeded me and that can never be undone.

So what, then, are all these Bottom Feeders so desperate for? I know some guys enjoy the taste of cum, but why assume I would be interested in having other bottoms attach themselves to my ass like lampreys? Why aren’t they out there finding their own Tops instead of trying to scavenge what Tops leave behind out of some other guy’s anus?

Now, I do realize the general difficulty of doing it to oneself, and if a guy enjoys eating ass - not one of my preferences, I must confess - then naturally he needs a partner with a cummy hole. But it just seems to me that that’s something best developed in a setting of mutual give-and-take rather than someone simply offering to come dine off your body. It feels oddly cannibalistic to me.

It’s probably just another one of those things I simply don’t get about some people, and I’m quite prepared not to be judgmental about it in the least, if they’ll just quit targeting my cunt.

I’m here all week. Try the fish.

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It's a funny topic because I can understand both sides of it.  On the one hand, I've gotten fucked at a theater and after one guy pulls out, another comes up behind and starts licking my hole. Personally, I think that's a little rude. I don't need some creeper's trench mouth licking off all the lube and spoiling the loads inside.  That load was given to me so it's mine to hold, or push out to eat or rub all over my body. The only guys I want touching my ass are the ones who are hard and ready to fuck. I've had to tell some guys if you're not going to fuck me, don't touch me.

On the other hand, there is a certain appeal to being a bottom to another bottom, and to be desperate and degraded to the point of begging to be able to eat the cum from another bottom's hole.  I can understand that perspective, but I still want to keep that load inside until the next top fucks it out of me.

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