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    Central Kentucky, Bowling Green - Louisville
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    I'm into most things involving bondage, submission, forced sexuality, and equipment. Ropes, chains, collars, leather restraints, manacles, suspension, spreaders, St. Andrew's crosses, predicament bondage... use any of it on me.

    Indulge yourself in hours of personal satisfaction with your cock in my holes - the more intensely you fuck me the better. But let your interests run wide and deep. I get into electrosex and CBT in a big way, and uses that force my body to perform against my will - milking, catheterization, enemas, and so on; and acts that invade and violate my body. Dildoes and toys of all kinds, speculums, sounds.

    Enjoy me both privately and publicly. Display me as your conquest. Share me with others. Force me to have sex with others or while others watch. Generously offer me to your friends and guests as a party favor to gangbang. (Love a gangbang...)

    Hypnosis is also a specialty. I have been told I am an excellent subject and have had some *intense* experiences of erotic hypnosis under some skillful Doms. Take me for a test drive online or in person. Mindfuck me.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a trained sexual submissive dedicated to providing exceptional ass to all Tops who request it. It is my genuine conviction and belief that any man has the natural right to fuck me at will, and that providing that service is among the purposes for which I was placed upon the Earth. This is not a fantasy, but a calling which I actually live and practice as fully as my circumstances permit, and I always seek ways to do so more completely. Each month I usually offer service at CumUnion in Indianapolis and host Tops one or two evenings in hotel rooms in Louisville. If passing through central Kentucky on the I-65 corridor, I may be available on an ad hoc basis; feel free to contact me here, on BBRTS as ErosWired, or by text at (502)430-1967.

    My trainer trained me to cum multiple times, without ejaculating, on verbal command. He used pavlovian conditioning, along with heavy application of electro, sounding, and CBT of various kinds, to force my orgasms repeatedly until they became torture, to break me and teach me to submit readily to anyone. I now cum on command, no matter who says or types it. Not being able to keep from doing it is not as great as you might think.

    I've been an AIDS survivor since 2014, on ART since diagnosis and have never missed a single dose since then. I'm now 2 years Undetectable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has determined that an HIV+ person who is Undetectable and on antiretroviral therapy cannot transmit HIV to anyone else. Undetectable=Untransmittable.

    I am fully vaccinated as available for other STDs, and am regularly tested every three months to ensure I am STD-free. If I am not, I take myself out of service until I am. I only bottom, and will not play in a way that puts you at risk. I also wish to avoid being superinfected, but that does not preclude barebacking. In fact, I probably got my HIV on the day when I took 34 loads BB. Not the smartest call, but it's not every day you find yourself the centerpiece of a huge gangbang.
  • Porn Experience
    I'm registered as a cam performer on Xtube, but haven't done much of it. I posted a handful of amateur solo vids from when I was a lot younger. I haven't done anything pro, but would've loved to.
  • Looking For
    I'm looking for intelligence. I'm looking for men whose satisfaction comes from sexually dominating and controlling another man. I've been privileged to be subjected to the experimentation and unfettered creativity of men pursuing their desires - I am at my best with such a man. I long to serve a man who will not only enjoy me himself, but will whore me out at his pleasure, choose who fucks me.

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  1. Everything I post - other than the occasional story in the labelled fiction area - is absolutely true, and happened to me. Hell, I couldn’t make half my shit up anyway. My sexual experience has turned out to be so far off the chain that I live in constant fear that guys assume I’m bullshitting as it is, when I’m telling the verbatim truth. That’s part of the reason why I sort of part company with those who say there’s nothing wrong with guys writing their fantasies and claiming they actually happened - it makes it harder to know who the real sexual adventurers are, and whose experience to pay attention to.
  2. This isn’t quite what the thread is asking for, but I generally don’t find men repulsive (at least until they open their mouths and reveal their bigotry or stupidity) - to me, a man is a human being with human needs, and the outer appearance is just detail. That’s why I will let any Man fuck me. But. There was one man who began stalking me when I was with the Louisville bondage club, and I really, really wanted him to go away. I won’t get into the long story except to say that I shortly found him repulsive. One night he cornered me and pushed me backward across a table and began feeling me up (I was naked, in service mode). No one else was nearby. My skin scrawled everywhere he touched it, and when my eyes met his, I saw a sick, lecherous hunger that cared nothing for anything but itself. Then he started jacking my cock, and I’ll never forget his hands - strong, deft hands from sorting the mail - he went by “postal*paul”. Those hands knew exactly how to make a reluctant cock obey, and to my horror, I felt an orgasm building inside me that I absolutely did not want to give him. He got it anyway. A really strong one that shot all the way over my shoulder and left my whole body shuddering and ashamed. He grinned a slow, shiny grin as he lubed my sensitive cock over with my own cum. At last I rolled sideways and took off for the safety of the group, and afterward took measures to have him expelled from the club for stalking. But in case anyone has an idea that I actually secretly wanted this repulsive man to do what he did, or secretly enjoyed it, you’re wrong. The shame of that orgasm remains with me even today. Ironically, though, had he penetrated me, and had the orgasm been his, inside me, I doubt I would feel the same sense of shame - the scriptures tell us that what defiles a man isn’t what is put into him, but what comes out of him...
  3. You must be, like, freaky endothermic. In midsummer Dallas is hotter than hell, and there’s nothing between Big D and the Arctic Circle but a couple of strands of barbed wire, so in February it gets colder than a witch’s tit in a brass bra. I spent four years alternately baking and freezing at SMU.
  4. Really? Is this true? I can’t imagine ever tapping out of a fuck, no matter how long it went on, and I’ve endured some pretty excruciatingly painful fucks that lasted...
  5. This is counterintuitive, by the way; sperm thrive optimally at around 4 degrees below body temperature, so one would expect cum to be cooler than the rectum, which is about a degree higher than the mouth. Inquiring minds now want to know, which obviously means I need to go get multi-fucked to gather data.
  6. Now this is an interesting observation, and one that I can confirm, though only from what I’ve happened to notice with my own hole from time to time. In the interest of good science, I think next time I’ll pull out the thermometer from my first-aid kit and take readings between loads.
  7. I think that for many of us it’s just a way of designating a sexual function to our anuses that is very specifically not related to defecating, and is more descriptive and evocative than simply “hole”. It’s certainly not necessarily a fem thing; CD/TG play is a hard limit for me, but I still call my hole a cunt. I don’t usually call it a pussy - much less a “bussy” or any of those other hybrid abominations guys have come up with because they don’t want to be caught using female terms - but it doesn’t bother me if a Top calls it that. There’s a quite different - and in some ways separate - culture on these boards if men who embrace feminization, cross-dress, and use feminine terms for both their holes and their cocks (“my little clitty”). I have a very poor understanding of that underlying psychology, so I can’t really explain it, and from a point of personal arousal, it turns me off like hitting a switch. But someone from that sphere may be able to give insight on whether, or to what degree, the use of such words is intentionally feminizing.
  8. Given that every village these days seems to be so bottom-filled, that’s got to be a huge frustration for you. How do you cope with the reality? (I’m a Capricorn - we have horns, too 😉)
  9. While it sounds like both of you came out winners from the encounter... who “won”, and how could you tell?
  10. Here’s another wrinkle on the topic - explain: What’s up with these guys who have no intention of hooking up with you, but keep on messaging you for hours to ask if you’ve got any more loads? I mean, if it’s voyeurism it’s imaginary voyeurism because they haven’t seen anything. And if it’s vicarious living, it’s third-rate vicarious. For me, it’s just annoying.
  11. “How many loads have you got?” Is a ubiquitous question with prospective hookups, and it’s a bit of a minefield because you don’t know whether the Top is asking because he prefers a clean hole, or because he wants sloppy seconds. I’ve been turned down before for both reasons.
  12. I think you missed the point of the question. This is brutal penetration using a dildo. No actual cocks or cum involved.
  13. Lately I’ve had a few incidents - the most recent here at CumUnion a few minutes ago - in which men will find me ass-up in the hotel or bathhouse and use my thick, 8” dildo to fuck me incredibly brutally. Count to 20 as fast as you possibly can, and you’ll get an idea how fast the thrusts are going. And they’re expert at getting every last millimeter of it possible inside my ass, moving my legs for the deepest penetration. I take it, of course, as though it were an actual cock, and count it as an actual fuck. But I have to say I don’t understand it. Can any of you explain this brutality? Because there’s no way a fuck with an actual cock could be as brutal.
  14. I seem to recall a guy referring to it as his “gunge”. Not an appealing epithet. I also agree that using the word “gravy” for cum in any context is full of nope, and I’ve just never understood associations with butter...
  15. That’s a quite different dynamic than what most of us are talking about here, or have practiced. As a trained sexual service submissive, I might even -respectfully - question whether one is actually in a submissive role if one controls the list of potential Tops. The Top choosing from such a list isn’t expressing his desire or his discretion - he’s simply implementing the bottom’s, and that’s not the same thing at all. That’s not intended as any sort of critique of your choice, by the way. Good for you for knowing your limits and sticking to them.

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