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    Central Kentucky, Bowling Green - Louisville
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    I'm into most things involving bondage, submission, forced sexuality, and equipment. Ropes, chains, collars, leather restraints, manacles, suspension, spreaders, St. Andrew's crosses, predicament bondage... use any of it on me.

    Indulge yourself in hours of personal satisfaction with your cock in my holes - the more intensely you fuck me the better. But let your interests run wide and deep. I get into electrosex and CBT in a big way, and uses that force my body to perform against my will - milking, catheterization, enemas, and so on; and acts that invade and violate my body. Dildoes and toys of all kinds, speculums, sounds.

    Enjoy me both privately and publicly. Display me as your conquest. Share me with others. Force me to have sex with others or while others watch. Generously offer me to your friends and guests as a party favor to gangbang. (Love a gangbang...)

    Hypnosis is also a specialty. I have been told I am an excellent subject and have had some *intense* experiences of erotic hypnosis under some skillful Doms. Take me for a test drive online or in person. Mindfuck me.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a trained sexual submissive dedicated to providing exceptional ass to all Tops who request it. It is my genuine conviction and belief that any man has the natural right to fuck me at will, and that providing that service is among the purposes for which I was placed upon the Earth. This is not a fantasy, but a calling which I actually live and practice as fully as my circumstances permit, and I always seek ways to do so more completely. Each month I usually offer service at CumUnion in Indianapolis and host Tops one or two evenings in hotel rooms in Louisville. If passing through central Kentucky on the I-65 corridor, I may be available on an ad hoc basis; feel free to contact me here, on BBRTS as ErosWired, or by text at (502)430-1967.

    My trainer trained me to cum multiple times, without ejaculating, on verbal command. He used pavlovian conditioning, along with heavy application of electro, sounding, and CBT of various kinds, to force my orgasms repeatedly until they became torture, to break me and teach me to submit readily to anyone. I now cum on command, no matter who says or types it. Not being able to keep from doing it is not as great as you might think.

    I've been an AIDS survivor since 2014, on ART since diagnosis and have never missed a single dose since then. I'm now 2 years Undetectable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has determined that an HIV+ person who is Undetectable and on antiretroviral therapy cannot transmit HIV to anyone else. Undetectable=Untransmittable.

    I am fully vaccinated as available for other STDs, and am regularly tested every three months to ensure I am STD-free. If I am not, I take myself out of service until I am. I only bottom, and will not play in a way that puts you at risk. I also wish to avoid being superinfected, but that does not preclude barebacking. In fact, I probably got my HIV on the day when I took 34 loads BB. Not the smartest call, but it's not every day you find yourself the centerpiece of a huge gangbang.
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    I'm registered as a cam performer on Xtube, but haven't done much of it. I posted a handful of amateur solo vids from when I was a lot younger. I haven't done anything pro, but would've loved to.
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    I'm looking for intelligence. I'm looking for men whose satisfaction comes from sexually dominating and controlling another man. I've been privileged to be subjected to the experimentation and unfettered creativity of men pursuing their desires - I am at my best with such a man. I long to serve a man who will not only enjoy me himself, but will whore me out at his pleasure, choose who fucks me.

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  1. Let me preface this by saying that I don’t take it upon myself - ever - to try to bring a Top to an orgasm he doesn’t want. I know I don’t speak for all bottoms, but it’s never about me and what I can “get”. I can’t even really relate to bottoms who approach Tops in a consumptive, predatory way. That said, I find the best way to make sure you bring your Top to climax is to listen to him. I mean “listen” in a broad, general way, not just listening carefully to what he says and the sounds he makes, but also paying close attention to the subtleties of his motions, the change of intensity an
  2. I received today from A4A yet another of those messages from a guy, asking me to unlock my private photos. No message, just “[user] has asked to unlock private photo/video”. Partial face pic of a young man, profile icon features U.S. flags, age listed as 23. Profile filled out, but says he’s new and “looking for communication”. Yeah. Distance: 5,134 miles away. That’s 8,262.37km if you’re metrically inclined, as he almost certainly is. I thought, assuming the app is even anything like accurate at global distances, I wondered, where, then, could he possibly be? Easy enough
  3. A company, that is in the business of serving communication data between a wide range of disparate users, faces certain costs related to outside forces that wish to regulate the communications that take place between the users whom are its reason for existing. It is a business, not a charity. Compliance with law is not optional, and although the degree to which activity on a site may infringe on law may be questionable, actual penalty at law is not the greatest risk - the cost of defending against lawsuit is more likely to take down a site than direct governmental action. Therefore, what sites
  4. I would take a different view. Pain is a very powerful instructor, and mis-applied can have unintended effects. If an aggressive Top takes an uncertain initiate with submissive inclinations, especially one uncertain about his orientation, and inflicts agony, blunt force and bloodletting, the shock may be enough to set the young man's sexual life in an undesirable direction. At best, he may carefully avoid certain types of men and thus fail to realize his potential; at worst, the experience may present an irreconcilable conflict between his instinct to submit and serve and his instinct for sel
  5. The disappearance of Saturday morning cartoons has nothing to do with the “gubmint” - they’re just not confined to Saturday mornings anymore. Why shoehorn them all into four hours one day a week when you could get them 24/7/365 on Disney, Netflix, PBSKids, Nick Jr., HBO Max, Apple TV+, etc. Ever hear of the Cartoon Network? And as to the good old-fashioned cartoon violence, I grew up on a diet of coyotes getting crushed by self-inflicted dynamite traps and the likes of Elmer Fudd running around carelessly firing off shotguns - and then I became a dad and realized that there was a better way to
  6. I have used the downvote only once since I’ve been here - if I think someone’s content needs a rebuttal or a rebuke, I prefer to use my vocabulary. If someone were being a blatant, unrepentant bigot or racist, or indulging in willful ignorance, I might consider adding the red arrow for emphasis. If someone is posting factually false and dangerous information like, say, insisting that Maximum Impact is the same thing as poppers and totally safe, hell yeah I’d flag that sucker red and tear it apart word-by-word in the next post. But if something is really egregiously offensive, I have no qualms
  7. I fear it is in the nature of a site like this for members to simply drop away without notice or any explanation - the reasons may vary, but ultimately none if us is here represented as his self without some sort of cloak for purely practical, real-world reasons, and that arrangement that allows us the safety to communicate freely here also promotes clean, quick disappearance. @BootmanLA makes good points about the level (probably high) of at least exaggerated and often purely fictional member content - creating that kind of content does not require the same kind if personal investment as
  8. Also, as an accessibility issue, for users with certain types of colorblindness, red colors appear as greys and such tags may be indistinct or invisible.
  9. Internet Explorer has long been notorious among web designers for not supporting aspects of developing code that were clearly the trend for the future. If you’re a diehard IE user, you should at least consider upgrading to Edge, Microsoft’s newer browser, and seeing if it performs better for you.
  10. On Chrome on my iPhone the Notifications bell is available at the bottom of the screen without needing to open the right-hand more-options slider. Does your Android system give you an option for a bottom nav bar? Mine looks like this:
  11. The difference is that the avatar is a representation intended for general view by anyone and not directed specifically at the individual being approached in an assertive way, as are nude pics that suddenly pop up on a one-on-one instant message. The pics that are sent actively target the recipient and carry with them the implication of obligation: I’ve shown you my intimate parts, so to be fair you should show me yours. This presumption is what makes them rude - the avatar doesn’t do the same thing in that it imparts no sense of expectation that a viewer should respond with an avatar in kind.
  12. @BootmanLA and @NLbear - Interesting that your experience with these is so different from mine, that the ones passed to me tend to be genuine while the ones passed to you don’t. I’m not saying by any means that I don’t get false cock pics, but I do find that most of the ones I get are precursors to an actual cunting, and most of the equipment appears to arrive as advertised. Not always, but mostly. I wonder what accounts for the difference? Perhaps the nature of what’s on offer in the profile? My profiles are pretty candid about what I’m there for, so maybe some simply don’t bother tryin
  13. What a fascinating question. My mind doesn’t normally fixate on a given individual using me, but it had never occurred to me to entertain the notion of some villain doing so. I think this would probably be an easy fit for me because my trajectory from homoerotic virgin to trained sexual submissive has been pretty much entirely at the hands of men with dark desires. I once sent my former Master (a sadist) a suggestion for a new avatar, because I thought it resembled him. It was a picture of Bluto. Yer killin’ me here. Hot, I’ll leave you to decide, but this guy doesn’t cut
  14. I do not subscribe to the idea that every signal sent by someone else is deserving of a response simply because he sent it. There are three types of contacts, in particular, that I often ignore because they signal that the sender did not take the time to look at my profile long enough to have a genuine interest: 1) “Sup” (and its variants). This amounts, in my view, to nothing more than a ping in the dark. It gives me no clue as to what the person wants, what his interest is, and throws the burden onto me to actively engage. If I were to ping back with something equally neutral such as “n
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