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    Central Kentucky, Bowling Green - Louisville
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    I'm into most things involving bondage, submission, forced sexuality, and equipment. Ropes, chains, collars, leather restraints, manacles, suspension, spreaders, St. Andrew's crosses, predicament bondage... use any of it on me.

    Indulge yourself in hours of personal satisfaction with your cock in my holes - the more intensely you fuck me the better. But let your interests run wide and deep. I get into electrosex and CBT in a big way, and uses that force my body to perform against my will - milking, catheterization, enemas, and so on; and acts that invade and violate my body. Dildoes and toys of all kinds, speculums, sounds.

    Enjoy me both privately and publicly. Display me as your conquest. Share me with others. Force me to have sex with others or while others watch. Generously offer me to your friends and guests as a party favor to gangbang. (Love a gangbang...)

    Hypnosis is also a specialty. I have been told I am an excellent subject and have had some *intense* experiences of erotic hypnosis under some skillful Doms. Take me for a test drive online or in person. Mindfuck me.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a trained sexual submissive dedicated to providing exceptional ass to all Tops who request it. It is my genuine conviction and belief that any man has the natural right to fuck me at will, and that providing that service is among the purposes for which I was placed upon the Earth. This is not a fantasy, but a calling which I actually live and practice as fully as my circumstances permit, and I always seek ways to do so more completely. Each month I usually offer service at CumUnion in Indianapolis and host Tops one or two evenings in hotel rooms in Louisville. If passing through central Kentucky on the I-65 corridor, I may be available on an ad hoc basis; feel free to contact me here, on BBRTS as ErosWired, or by text at (502)430-1967.

    My trainer trained me to cum multiple times, without ejaculating, on verbal command. He used pavlovian conditioning, along with heavy application of electro, sounding, and CBT of various kinds, to force my orgasms repeatedly until they became torture, to break me and teach me to submit readily to anyone. I now cum on command, no matter who says or types it. Not being able to keep from doing it is not as great as you might think.

    I've been an AIDS survivor since 2014, on ART since diagnosis and have never missed a single dose since then. I'm now 2 years Undetectable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has determined that an HIV+ person who is Undetectable and on antiretroviral therapy cannot transmit HIV to anyone else. Undetectable=Untransmittable.

    I am fully vaccinated as available for other STDs, and am regularly tested every three months to ensure I am STD-free. If I am not, I take myself out of service until I am. I only bottom, and will not play in a way that puts you at risk. I also wish to avoid being superinfected, but that does not preclude barebacking. In fact, I probably got my HIV on the day when I took 34 loads BB. Not the smartest call, but it's not every day you find yourself the centerpiece of a huge gangbang.
  • Porn Experience
    I'm registered as a cam performer on Xtube, but haven't done much of it. I posted a handful of amateur solo vids from when I was a lot younger. I haven't done anything pro, but would've loved to.
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    I'm looking for intelligence. I'm looking for men whose satisfaction comes from sexually dominating and controlling another man. I've been privileged to be subjected to the experimentation and unfettered creativity of men pursuing their desires - I am at my best with such a man. I long to serve a man who will not only enjoy me himself, but will whore me out at his pleasure, choose who fucks me.

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  1. Here’s the difficulty I run into with that - I can never see a Top’s load as garbage. Every load is precious, like gold. Loads aren’t something that one should be just throwing into the garbage can as though they had no value. I can easily understand myself being an unworthy vessel to take the load if that’s how the Top sees me, but not that the load itself is somehow worthless. The analogy breaks down for me at that point.
  2. What to look for in a Dominant has a lot to with what your personal goals are for training. It’s unlikely that you’re going to find one single individual who is going to be able to fully explore every facet of your personal sexual/submissive growth. I have had the benefit of servicing a number of remarkable Dominants who each took me down his rabbit-hole-of-choice for a short time even though I wasn’t owned or collared. Each of them taught me something no other Man has. One taught me the true meaning of submission simply by finger-fucking me beyond the point that I could take it any more.
  3. What if you have, say, two cumdumps: One is an uninspired fuck who just lies there while you use him; the other has sexual skills and actively uses them to provide you with a high-quality fuck. Do you see no difference between the two?Are they both equally trash simply because they both take your load? If so, doesn’t this limit your own potential pleasure? If not, is the cumdump who actually provided a value-added service then worthy of some recognition (however slight) compared to the one who did not? Or do you simply fuck only those cumdumps you consider the trashiest as a matter of personal
  4. @BreedingTop71 - The topic of the thread, as expressed by the OP, is “have you been raped” - a question both explicitly and implicitly directed at the victims of sexual aggression to canvass their qualified viewpoint. To barge in and hijack such a thread, where men are sharing some pretty personal and sensitive shit, with an unapologetic pro-rape manifesto is crudely misplaced, and wildly inappropriate in this context. That’s not to say your discussion lacks interest - in a thread of its own, I imagine it would stimulate a fair amount of commentary. Read the room, man.
  5. @ACURBOT95 - Your concern is not meritless. Choking sex is a type of paraphilia, an atypical sexual desire usually involving extreme or dangerous activies. In BDSM circles, any practice in which a submissive’s air supply is limited is referred to as breath control, and it is always inherently dangerous. You need oxygen in order to live. Even if a loss of oxygen doesn’t kill you, prolonged deprivation can cause brain damage, and no orgasm is ever worth that risk. No responsible Top or Dom should ever asphyxiate a bottom or sub to the point of unconsciousness. (No, you callous sons of bitch
  6. “Without anyone the wiser”, he posts on his Twitter feed for his entire family to suddenly become privy to one day? Still, it’s practically invisible isn’t it, it’s only been watched 48,000 times...
  7. This is potentially confusing. The initial effect of, for instance, methamphetamine, may wear off after a few hours, but damage to dopamine receptors may be lasting, and the foundation for life-changing addiction may have been laid. Plus, dosing another person with a psychoactive medication - or indeed any pharmaceutical - without his knowledge and without knowledge of other health factors or other medications that might contraindicate it is not defensible. The reality is that stealth doping another human being is dangerous no matter how you color it. In fictional stories, the tale can be
  8. Even though I don’t really care what a Top chooses to call my hole, I more and more find myself referring to it, and thinking of it, as a cunt. Mine is not a delicate, feminine thing implied by ‘pussy’, but ‘hole’ is too sterile a term for its function in a sexual context. On a man like me, this orifice has a very specific designated use, which is to accept penetration and insemination by cocks - I was born to serve this function for men, so this is part of my anatomy in a way that it isn’t for a total Top. Therefore, this part, to my thinking, naturally needs a term that aptly describes what
  9. I’m curious about whether you had any sense beforehand that it would be awkward afterward, and if so, what prompted you to do it rather than simply confront him. My son is college-age, and bi, but it would never cross my mind to interact with him in a similar way if there were ever such a circumstance - I know my son and I know our relationship and I can tell you without any doubt exactly how oddly/wrongly such a thing would play out for us. You say you were “50/50” - was it because part of you felt an uncomfortableness about the idea in general, or was it more that the idea didn’t bother you
  10. My current regular Top has taken to holding me upright in front of a mirror - to make sure I’m watching what’s being done to me - pinning my arms to my sides with one arm, and then savagely raping my hole with a dildo. It’s as though he wants to ram home (literally) the point that Your ass belongs to me and I can make you take any kind of cock up your cunt I want any time, in any way - and if you don’t believe me, just watch. And then he proves it.
  11. You’re the only one who can accurately speculate about what might have happened. We can guess, based on experience, what the men you might have encountered would likely have done when presented with your fresh, naïve young ass. But put yourself inside the head of your young self - how would that young guy have responded to an intense penetrative sexual experience? Would he have been chill about it, or might it have spooked him, especially if it was rough or aggressive? Would the same emotions that prevented him from walking through the door have raised warnings later if he had actually crossed
  12. I’m always fascinated by men who derive pleasure and excitement from forcing other men to experience sexual degradation. I’ve been on the receiving end of such acts so many times, yet I still don’t really understand what’s going on in their heads and am always looking for insight in hope that it will help me improve my response. In a way, though, I wonder if that wouldn’t be counterproductive - if I end up responding in the way I think a Top wants me to respond, that might risk depriving him of the pleasure of observing my genuine confusion and distress when he degrades me.
  13. Every now and again you see an amateur clip of two men fucking in which the camera shifts position, and a moving shadow falls across them - the shadow of the man holding the camera. Suddenly you’re very aware that not only are the two not alone, but their rut is being witnessed, and recorded, by a third person present. You don’t always think about there being another person there, because sometimes a static camera is doing the shooting, and even if the viewing angle moves, you don’t always immediately think of the cameraman. As soon as I see that shadow, though, the spell is broken and I get a
  14. A notably difficult section to navigate are the Blogs. Selecting ‘Blogs’ from the upper-right dropdown menu opens the blog section with the most recent entries in date order, but there is no mechanism for sorting or finding a particular blog. Using the search function is unreliable; telling it to search in Blogs for ‘ErosWired’ revealed only one of my blog entries, even when I tried presenting the search term in quotes, brackets, etc. Once you do manage to find and open an entry in the blog you want to read, it’s not intuitive how you can find the listing of all the posts in that blog.
  15. What is your objective? That is, what are you hoping to get them to do by humiliating them more? Or is it just that your experience is enhanced by your power to degrade them?
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