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    Central Kentucky, Bowling Green - Louisville
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    I'm into most things involving bondage, submission, forced sexuality, and equipment. Ropes, chains, collars, leather restraints, manacles, suspension, spreaders, St. Andrew's crosses, predicament bondage... use any of it on me.

    Indulge yourself in hours of personal satisfaction with your cock in my holes - the more intensely you fuck me the better. But let your interests run wide and deep. I get into electrosex and CBT in a big way, and uses that force my body to perform against my will - milking, catheterization, enemas, and so on; and acts that invade and violate my body. Dildoes and toys of all kinds, speculums, sounds.

    Enjoy me both privately and publicly. Display me as your conquest. Share me with others. Force me to have sex with others or while others watch. Generously offer me to your friends and guests as a party favor to gangbang. (Love a gangbang...)

    Hypnosis is also a specialty. I have been told I am an excellent subject and have had some *intense* experiences of erotic hypnosis under some skillful Doms. Take me for a test drive online or in person. Mindfuck me.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    I'm a trained sexual submissive dedicated to providing exceptional ass to all Tops who request it. It is my genuine conviction and belief that any man has the natural right to fuck me at will, and that providing that service is among the purposes for which I was placed upon the Earth. This is not a fantasy, but a calling which I actually live and practice as fully as my circumstances permit, and I always seek ways to do so more completely. Each month I usually offer service at CumUnion in Indianapolis and host Tops one or two evenings in hotel rooms in Louisville. If passing through central Kentucky on the I-65 corridor, I may be available on an ad hoc basis; feel free to contact me here, on BBRTS as ErosWired, or by text at (502)430-1967.

    My trainer trained me to cum multiple times, without ejaculating, on verbal command. He used pavlovian conditioning, along with heavy application of electro, sounding, and CBT of various kinds, to force my orgasms repeatedly until they became torture, to break me and teach me to submit readily to anyone. I now cum on command, no matter who says or types it. Not being able to keep from doing it is not as great as you might think.

    I've been an AIDS survivor since 2014, on ART since diagnosis and have never missed a single dose since then. I'm now 2 years Undetectable. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control has determined that an HIV+ person who is Undetectable and on antiretroviral therapy cannot transmit HIV to anyone else. Undetectable=Untransmittable.

    I am fully vaccinated as available for other STDs, and am regularly tested every three months to ensure I am STD-free. If I am not, I take myself out of service until I am. I only bottom, and will not play in a way that puts you at risk. I also wish to avoid being superinfected, but that does not preclude barebacking. In fact, I probably got my HIV on the day when I took 34 loads BB. Not the smartest call, but it's not every day you find yourself the centerpiece of a huge gangbang.
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    I'm registered as a cam performer on Xtube, but haven't done much of it. I posted a handful of amateur solo vids from when I was a lot younger. I haven't done anything pro, but would've loved to.
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    I'm looking for intelligence. I'm looking for men whose satisfaction comes from sexually dominating and controlling another man. I've been privileged to be subjected to the experimentation and unfettered creativity of men pursuing their desires - I am at my best with such a man. I long to serve a man who will not only enjoy me himself, but will whore me out at his pleasure, choose who fucks me.

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  1. If you’re quite finished gathering us all together into the same porn-theater-in-your-head, allow me to inform you that you are mistaken. 1) This thread has nothing to do with equality; it’s about signalling sexual interest and availability. 2) A bottom is not just a hole? You haven’t read many threads here, have you? 3) This discussion isn’t about porn, but about customs in online connecting for hookups - an activity that is not illustrated in porn because of its primarily text-based nature. 4) Do you often walk into crowded meeting-places and announce to everyone present that “You are all very Wrong”? How is that working out for you? To the OP: Last week a Grindr boy hit me up with “dik pic”. I replied, “Why would a total bottom have a dick pick?” He answered, “bc I wanna see it” Right. I’ll remember from now on to make and keep at the ready a full collection of nude details of my entire body just to distribute to pic-collecting fappers on the internet. Not.
  2. When I was first getting experience as a male submissive, I paid a visit to a Dom in Cincinnati who was over-fond of finger-fucking. I remember it well because he had me bent over the back of a chair with my bare ass skyward and roped in place. He them proceeded to finger-fuck my hole for hours. At one point I got to where I was ready for him to stop, and said so. He ignored me completely and kept right on finger-fucking me. That day I learned what submission actually means. I also picked up a distinct dislike of finger-fucking. Yet every single time a man encounters my ass in the position of submission, he’ll stick a finger in my cunt. Okay, fine, I can accept that you want to test the waters before committing your cock, precious as it is. But every now and again a man will thrust his finger intp my ass, crook it into a hook shape inside my body, and then proceed to swirl this evil thing 360 degrees in my rectum. I presume this is to hook out cum loads, but listen and listen carefully, all of you - STOP DOING THAT. It hurts. And while you’re at it, would it kill you to trim your nails? Jeebus...
  3. I haven’t experienced this one personally, but I’ve seen many an ad specifying “No fats”. I’m sure our gravity-challenged brothers face a disproportionate share of rejection, chubby-chasers notwithstanding,
  4. If you count being HIV positive as something out of a person’s control, then I have, multiple times. I was rejected over it at the baths tonight, in fact. The guy knew about Undetectable = Untransmittable but he still wanted no part of me. I’m used to it now; no matter whether a cure emerges or not, the Enemy Virus leaves a scar.
  5. Three months ago I was working with a 21-year-old Top. At one point he acted like he didn’t grasp something I had told him, and said, “I’m dumb as a box of rocks.” I replied, “No, you’re not. You’re clever, and you’re not fooling me in any way.” I realized he was trying to snare me into becoming a bead on his string of sugar daddies, and he had apparently learned that pretending to be dumb and feckless along with young and hung was a winning combo with older men. Except it didn’t work on me. There were too many inconsistencies. His vocabulary, for one thing, did not come from a box of rocks. And he was too well-informed about different topics to be a gravel-brain. When I told him he was clever, he gave me a look that was a mixture of puzzlement and irritation, but he fucked me anyway, for the last time, as it happened. The last message I had from him read: ”You’re frustrating.” Always do what you’re best at, that’s what I say. But was he right in thinking that a young guy is better off presenting to older men as young, dumb and full of cum?
  6. We’re hearing from several bottoms speculating on why Tops wreck holes, but this topic Is meant primarily for those doing the wrecking to explain why they do it. Any more Tops have insight to share?
  7. Euphemisms standing for what? What words could they be gentler expressions of? I actually think that they could be dysphemisms - harsher words intentionally chosen in place of more neutral ones - used to emphasize the context of male (penetrative) power and control. But then, I’m just as hard-pressed to come up with words less extreme meaning the same thing. All in all, ‘wrecked’ and ‘destroyed’ seem to have gained popular usage simply because they are the most accurate words. As to a sense of permanence, I believe that must be a matter of individual perception. When I hear a Top speak of wrecking a hole, I don’t get the sense that he intends to permanently injure and incapacitate the bottom. To do so would be the work of a disturbed mind, and a criminal act. I don’t think that’s what we’re talking about here, and certainly not what I was asking about. (If you do try to permanently sideline bottoms, I don’t need you to tell me why you do it, I already know - you’re dogbarking crazy.) There have been some very interesting insight in this thread so far. What I also want to know is how you signal to the kinds of Tops who wreck holes that your hole is a target for wrecking? What marks a hole as wreckable, or in need of destruction?
  8. Hookup Paradox: “How many loads do you have in you?” Sometimes this is even the Top’s first message! You only have a 50/50 chance of answering this correctly, yet I find it getting asked so frequently it’s almost universal. There’s no way of knowing whether the Top wants an unfucked hole, or wants to make sure it’s loose and sloppy. I’ve seen a preference for cummy holes occasionally mentioned in a profile here or there, but it’s not common. I’ve decided that for that cohort of nimrods I am going to have at the ready a special collection of images to send: images of ice picks, toothpicks, guitar picks, lock picks, garden picks, etc. I’ll also send them to those assholes whose first rude, demanding, entitled message is just “pics”.
  9. I’ve never used Uber myself, but two different times when I’ve hotel hosted, Uber drivers who have dropped a fare off either at the hotel or nearby have taken the time to stop in for a quick fuck. It’s worth noting that the German über (over) is related to German oberer (upper), related to German oben (top)(!). Those Über Men can oben me any time... 😃
  10. I understand what you’re trying to say here, but the way you put it necessarily implies that being gay is a choice. You could have equally said, “Why choose to be gay if you’re a top?” The answer, of course, is that Tops don’t choose to find themselves same-sex attracted, they just are. And their psychological makeup predisposes them more to dominance, aggression, and masculine roles - hence, Topping comes naturally to them. None of it is a matter of premeditated choice (at least at first) and there is no ‘point’ to be made by it. One might ask what’s the point of my having a big cock if I’m a total bottom? While I would agree that it’s a tragic waste of a good cock, and that I would probably have a lot more fun at the baths if I was vers, It’s not really a question of choice. I was born with this cock, and without one gene of sexual dominance in my body. Go figure. All I know is that it gives Tops an extra handle to grab onto when they’re fucking me sideways... 🙂
  11. I have at least one anal orgasm every single time I get fucked unless it’s a 10-second-and-done job. Sometimes more. Sometimes many more. My trainer saw to that, and now there is a certain Top who seeks me out at the baths because he relishes concentrating on my assring just to force O after O out of me until I’m begging him to stop. He’ll only quit when the intensity builds to a full-body-clenching whiteout shuddering climax - and I still won’t have shot a drop. He makes me keep my eyes open for most of them. He’s a terror. If a fuck is long and/or rough, I’d say about 60% of the time I’ll end up with a prostate orgasm as well, and lose a load of my own cum into the sheets. I love it when that happens and the Top is nowhere near finished, because I can tell he’s going to break me completely... As to an ordinary ejaculatory hands-free orgasm (HFO among the stimmers) that almost never happens with me. It’s not impossible, it’s happened before, and I was within just a stroke or three of it a few weeks ago, but I think it requires exactly the right cock to be concentrated on the right area for an extended time - a precise combination of factors very seldom met. But when it happens, that Top will know it. An orgasm like that for me is violent... and loud.
  12. I tire of this really quickly. It starts with a big set-up, exchange of pics (if I’m feeling tolerant), and discussion of how horny they are, and then in comes: ”But I’m not mobile. Can you lend me some cash for an Uber/give me a couple of bucks for gas?/Come and get me?” Now I just tell them that I don’t provide transport, just ass. (To the last guy who said “Can you call me an Uber?” I said, “You’re an Uber.”) And every. single. time. I host, without fail, I’ll get a Grindr hit from some 20-something who sends a pic of his big cock and the gettin’-down-to-bizniss message ‘got money?’ - or some other variation on ‘are you generous?’ I’m actually starting to enjoy those because I immediately follow up with a pic of my freshly bred ass - with another Man’s hand on it - and reply, “Darlin’, this ass doesn’t need to pay for sex. Ever.” It usually shuts them up at once. I figure, the day I discover that I would have to pay someone to service them is the day I hang it up for good. The OP, however, obviously should have little trouble getting pretty much any cock he wants, so I think he can confidently stand his ground in this situation.
  13. For some reason I seem to have a thing for the letter F... I’d love the honor of servicing @flacogedor and @find91, and although I’ve already been privileged to be bred multiple times by @FelchingPisser, I live in hope of another encounter. @bbbearlover1 would be an honor to go ass-up for, too. And I get a special kind of tingle, deep down inside, when I think about giving it up for @PERVERSATILE. Not that I’m worthy of so much as a slap on the ass by any of these Men or Men of their caliber - but a guy can dream... 🙂

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