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Getting Circumcised as an Adult

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Hey guys.

I'm hoping to get some info and insight from any of you guys who have  been cut as an adult.


I have a condition called Balanitis Xerotica Obliterans (BXO), which causes the skin to split on the foreskin and can also cause inflammation and tightening (Phimosis).


While steroid creams work I initially the only permanent solution is to get circumcised.

I love my foreskin, it really turns me on and I love uncut guys but this is somewhat inevitable for me now and I wanted to know of any guys who have had experience getting circumcised later in life (for any reason).


How did it go?

What's the recovery like?

Did you notice any loss in sensation after being cut?

Are you happy with the result cosmetically?



Any info would be appreciated.

As so many people get cut early in life there isn't that much good information on adult circumcision.

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Hey man, I was cut last year and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Recovery was probably around 3 months, but continually gets better over time. Of course it’s difficult if you loved your foreskin, I didn’t personally. If I’m topping I find it’s much better without my foreskin and I now use lube to masturbate which I absolutely love. I would say my bating sessions are so much better. Cosmetically I think my cock looks much better and while there will inevitably be a change in sensitivity, it hasn’t really affect me.

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I got cut as an adult too. Foreskin was so tight it was almost impossible to push back all the way, and when it did go back, the head of my dick was overly sensitive, like touching it was like touching my eyeball. I’d had sex with enough guys that I knew I didn’t want it too tight, I just wanted a trim more than a cut. So now when I’m soft there’s still skin covering the ridge of the head and I don’t need to use lube to jerk off. I don’t like lube on my dick anyway so it works. My dick is still really sensitive, but now if guys try and play with it, the feeling is just uncomfortable instead of painful. That probably sounds weird but for me it was a big improvement. I still don’t like guys touching it but that’s ok, I’m just wired different and prefer to have a men playing with my butthole anyway.

Recovery took about a length took like month total. I got boxers made out of t-shirt material that were great for the recovery. Totally happy with the results and very glad I did it.

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