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  1. I’ve got a smoke fetish, I’m sure to many it’s weird that watching a guy light up gets me hard.
  2. Never been fucked in a truck, but did have my first deepthroat. I’m still pretty shit at taking cocks down my throat, but this guy was long and thin so it slipped right down. I was so shocked I had done it that I didn’t want him to come out as it felt so good. First time I ever took a load in my throat. He must of thought I was so skilled ha ha
  3. Ok so in the heat of the moment I don’t really care what he calls my ass, but of all the terms my least fav is Pussy. I love everything about men and masculinity and Pussy just doesn’t hit the spot (excuse the pun!).
  4. On average at least once a day and multiple times a day if I have a day off focused on playing with myself. Sometimes abstain for a day if I know I’m meeting someone the day after or pre Covid visiting sex clubs.
  5. I’m sure this has been said before in this very long thread, but there’s nothing hotter for me to see the orgasm from behind so I can see the contractions and letting my imagination see his seed pumping inside ass.
  6. Similar issue here, actually prefer a thicker cock than a longer, seem to have no problem with width! I have recently bought a double ended dildo to practice depth but I just haven’t had the patience so far! Poppers are great, but can’t say it’s helped get past that wall.
  7. I guess poppers for me could be seen as a bit of a fetish as I get turned on talking about them, seeing a bottle and especially watching a guy sniff them, I find it very erotic. I mostly bottom and love a good sniff, but I am conscious of not over doing it if I ever top cause too much will kill my boner. For me a greased up masturbation session isn’t complete without a bottle of poppers by my side and take frequent hits, but never have an issue with staying rock hard. Watching filthy gangbangs help of course!
  8. Nope, just a suck. Won’t be going there again. We still chat as I don’t want any hassle at work. Pathetic I know, but just trying protect myself.
  9. I’m very discreet at work and made it a rule not to hook up with anyone, however to put it simply I was tricked by a co worker into chatting with him online, then after a while we finally swapped pics. He was pretty sure it was me but I had no clue who he was until the reveal. I was pretty angry about it as I felt the only reason he was chatting with me was to catch me. I know this is not strictly in line with your question, but it got it off my chest! ha ha
  10. In Scotland the guidance for taking PrEP on demand is to take 2 (double dose) between 2 and 24hrs before sex, then continue taking a single dose daily for 48hrs beyond sex. Of course the guidance in your country my differ.
  11. I was cut as an adult through choice as my foreskin was quite long, yes the initial recovery was a pain, but so worth it. I love my cock now and haven’t found any loss of sensitivity. Prefer to jack off with lube now, but I enjoy the feelings much more than before. And if I ever top it’s so much better. Of course everyone will be different.
  12. Gosh that’s a tough one, it really depends on how much you’re enjoying it. I’ve had really hot sessions where I’ve felt he can go on forever, but yes I’ve also had sessions where I’ve desperately wanted the top to just cum and get it over with! But I would say that’s my problem rather than his. It’s funny thinking back using words like I want your cum and breed me to encourage him to ejaculate 😂
  13. Hey man, I was cut last year and it was the best thing I’ve ever done. Recovery was probably around 3 months, but continually gets better over time. Of course it’s difficult if you loved your foreskin, I didn’t personally. If I’m topping I find it’s much better without my foreskin and I now use lube to masturbate which I absolutely love. I would say my bating sessions are so much better. Cosmetically I think my cock looks much better and while there will inevitably be a change in sensitivity, it hasn’t really affect me.
  14. I’ve always used a Gillette wet razor and gel that I use for my face. Never had any issues, feels so nice cupping my smooth balls.
  15. I get the feeling you’re kind of excited at the thought of posting vids of you getting fucked. It can only be your decision, remember that when it’s out there it’s out there and you will have no control of where it goes next. If you’re comfortable then go for it!
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