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  1. It’s just a dude on Twitter that set up our gangbangs. Mainly out of LA from what I’ve read.
  2. Rear entry for sure. I love the feeling of being held down under a hot sweaty dude. It’s so submissive and he has all the power.
  3. I do have exactly as drscorpio above. The psyllium husk I take gives a window of time on the bottle when it’s not recommended to take medications (though as I recall it was aimed more at painkillers and things because it makes it take longer for them to go into effect). And yeah, just keep a bottle handy and take them at lunch or with a snack. On weekends I pretty much take them anytime I eat (and that wouldn’t affect my meds), haven’t had issues with bloating and it makes my butt so quick and easy to clean out whenever any top wants to come by and fuck it.
  4. I trim mine. I’m too lazy to keep it shaved or waxed. Most of the feedback I get is that tops like it because it makes it really obvious that my butt’s always available for sex.
  5. I like body hair but prefer it when they at least trim their balls, taint, and asscrack. Especially if they have really long pubes. I m have sex with a lot of Nikki dl/mostly straight guys and find a lot of them have untrimmed ballsacks so I push things to anall sex as fast as I can since there it doesn’t really matter and that’s where the night needs to go to satisfy me anyway.
  6. I love BBRT, I love how how many really perverted tops I’ve met there, and it’s one of the few sites I pay for but whoever runs that site is just shady as fuck. I’ve heard so many stories about them charging people then banning them with no explanation or refund. I use throwaway credit card info with them now and mask any data I can. Use the site but don’t trust themes with any info they can use against you. They’re just way too untrustworthy.
  7. Ass to mouth is hot. Pretty much all the tops I meet expect it now. They go back and forth between my holes all the time, It’s funny how porn’s made so many more degrading sex acts so more normal.
  8. Yeah, just the easy access to constant anonymous sex is what I love about it. I’ve slowed way down due to COVID but I used to love getting naked at the end of the weekend, spread my butt cheeks in front of the mirror, and thinking about all the guys that raw fucked me over the past couple days
  9. Not with COVID. But I’m sure when it’s over you’ll see them again. I had guys piss on me at a bunch of the old ones. Mmm, so hot when I’d be on my knees and a guy would just piss in my face. I’ll be really happy when I can be a public urinal again
  10. That’s fine if it’s your body, your decision. You have an option and that’s deciding not to take it. Use condoms, have non-penetrative sex, abstain. You don’t have to have bareback sex it’s not like it’s some protected right. God and if Pence ever became president he’d be happy to do away with funding a way for faggots to continue sodomizing each other altogether. (And being sodomized is my favorite hobby!)
  11. I’ve had condoms legitimately fall off inside me a number of times. Maybe some tops used larger ones on purpose but I genuinely think most of them were just accidental. Some of the tops were more freaked out when it happened at a bathhouse because they knew I was this promiscuous slut taking multiple guys up the ass in a night. And sometimes I did bareback before PreP but somehow I’m still neg. I was only interested in getting pozzed so I could relax and go full bareback. Finally I started on Truvada because I figured either way I’m going to need to take daily pills to support my sexual compul
  12. I can’t with anyone who supports that combover. At one of his rallies right before the election it started to blow up and his hairline is up at the top his head! The front is just Rogaine peachfuzz. Combined with his drag queen makeup it’s just too fucking weird that people take him seriously. (And he does have really small hands. Like really disproportionately small. I can see why he tried to pay Stormy Daniels off, she was so bluntly hilarious describing it.)
  13. Is there any cocksucking or do you have to keep the mask on? Though I guess all-anal would be pretty cool too.
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