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  1. That’s fine if it’s your body, your decision. You have an option and that’s deciding not to take it. Use condoms, have non-penetrative sex, abstain. You don’t have to have bareback sex it’s not like it’s some protected right. God and if Pence ever became president he’d be happy to do away with funding a way for faggots to continue sodomizing each other altogether. (And being sodomized is my favorite hobby!)
  2. I’ve had condoms legitimately fall off inside me a number of times. Maybe some tops used larger ones on purpose but I genuinely think most of them were just accidental. Some of the tops were more freaked out when it happened at a bathhouse because they knew I was this promiscuous slut taking multiple guys up the ass in a night. And sometimes I did bareback before PreP but somehow I’m still neg. I was only interested in getting pozzed so I could relax and go full bareback. Finally I started on Truvada because I figured either way I’m going to need to take daily pills to support my sexual compul
  3. I can’t with anyone who supports that combover. At one of his rallies right before the election it started to blow up and his hairline is up at the top his head! The front is just Rogaine peachfuzz. Combined with his drag queen makeup it’s just too fucking weird that people take him seriously. (And he does have really small hands. Like really disproportionately small. I can see why he tried to pay Stormy Daniels off, she was so bluntly hilarious describing it.)
  4. Is there any cocksucking or do you have to keep the mask on? Though I guess all-anal would be pretty cool too.
  5. They weren’t all there when I got there but I was at a buddy’s and he was inviting other people over and eventually it was him and four other guys hanging out and fucking me. I was on this mat in the middle of the room naked with them taking turns with my mouth and butt. And when they weren’t having sex with me they just kind of ignored me while they talked to each other which was kind of hot. It felt like they viewed each other as peers while I was just a slut to use for sleazy sex. Pretty fun and all of them wound up asking to see me again.
  6. Fuck yeah, I might need to go there. Were there any social distancing limits or anything?
  7. I got cut as an adult too. Foreskin was so tight it was almost impossible to push back all the way, and when it did go back, the head of my dick was overly sensitive, like touching it was like touching my eyeball. I’d had sex with enough guys that I knew I didn’t want it too tight, I just wanted a trim more than a cut. So now when I’m soft there’s still skin covering the ridge of the head and I don’t need to use lube to jerk off. I don’t like lube on my dick anyway so it works. My dick is still really sensitive, but now if guys try and play with it, the feeling is just uncomfortable instead of
  8. I haven’t. But I like when I know guys are just using me for easy sex so I’m more turned on when they’re going back to a woman they care about after dumping a load in me.
  9. You can tell sperm’s meant to really coat a woman’s up uterus when a man cums in your mouth. It’s really slimy and leaves a thick glaze on your mouth and throat. And that taste of semen lingers in your mouth for a long time.
  10. I love having my butt filled with cum way too much to use condoms. If guys want to use one I lie and say I have a latex allergy lol. And usually they fuck me anyway.
  11. I remember as a kid hearing about how gay men were so promiscuous that how they’d have sex with total strangers. I just finished this guy off and it feels so good that I don’t know anything about him but I let him fill my butt with his semen. I love knowing that now I’m one of those dirty faggots with no standards or morals.
  12. I have a buddy who was going to be a top in one. The shoot was supposed to be close by but got changed to a different city in another state. TIM wasn’t covering travel or hotel and they amount they pay is so low he would have lost money if he’d done it lol.
  13. Up my butt is 100% my favorite but I had this guy a little while back who was pretty much in my rear end the entire time we were together but was insistent on giving me a facial. It was kinda nice getting one again. I forgot how demeaning it is to be on my knees while a guy looks down on me and coats my face with his slimy sperm load
  14. Of course. I think of my body as a gross used cum rag. Every extra load soaking in my rectum makes me feel dirtier and more disgusting. And I want them to know I’m grateful that they picked my body to be the trash can they filled with their excess semen.
  15. That’s awesome. I was getting fucked at my house by a guy a couple months back who was like “Oh hey, you got a new plant“ and I was looking at him with no clue but I played along and found out he’d been over and fucked me twice before. It was such a turn on that this was the third time I’d gotten naked and spread my legs for him without recognizing him from the blur of strangers I let pump raw loads in my ass. And I’ve done one and two. Two is all the time. I don’t follow up with any of them unless they make a move first. It’s just disrespectful. I just assume I was a convenient, disposab
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