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Drake the gymrat

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"Nice" drake chucked as he walked past the locker room mirror.  At just 5'8 he was toned and muscular.  his pecs and arms betrayed his youthful face and piercing green eyes.  "You gonna lift anything today stallion or just look"  Jason teased from behind him.   "oh i will but its gotta be quick"  drake smiled and paused to shake the young mans hand.  Drake had met Jason earlier that year during a press competition and quickly hit it off as a good friend.  "the fights on in two hours buddy and im not about to miss it."  Jasons eyes lit up as he remembered.  "shit, youre right bro i totally forgot.  Fill me in on the details?   I dont get the sports package."  Seeing an opportunity Drake struck his proposition.  "hey why dont you swing by my place.  Front row seats, beer and brats?"  Jason eagerly agreed.  "Oh and bring a suit dude, I just got the hot tub running." 

Drake barely had time to change into a pair of trunks when the doorbell rang.  "come in!" he barked from the hall.  "I brought a six pack just in case dude." Jason set the beer on the kitchen counter and looked around the room.  "of...what?"   Drake asked quizzically.  "I mean, i didnt know if you just drank wine or vodka or whatever.  Youre my only gay friend"  Drake chuckled as the two walked outside.  "Im gay dude, not french.  but thanks."  Jason sheepishly smiled as Drake pulled the cover off the hot tub.  "viola.  pretty sweet huh?  you can still see the TV and everything.  hop in."  Drake watched as the young man stripped off his cargo shorts to reveal a pair of form fitting swimming briefs.  He never got tired of seeing Jasons meat in the locker room, its soft six inches hung tantalizingly, framed by his toned abs.  "nice" he whispered under his breath, sliding into the tub. 

The boys relaxed in the warm water, all the while Drake pushing more and more booze on the boy.  "I dont know about betting"  Drake announced, "but six minutes was more than I thought id see."  "mmyeah"  Jason smiled, his speech noticeably slurred. "im gonna hop out, getting pruny and all that.  Wanna head inside and grab a few snacks?"  Jason nodded and crawled out of the tub to dry off.  Wandering into the kitchen Drake opened a bag of chips and pulled a small black bag from the kitchen counter.  "do you mind if i have a smoke?"  he asked. sitting next to the boy on the couch he pulled out the little glass pipe and lighter.  "what? is that?"  Jason remarked quizzically.  "its kinda like weed.  Really takes the edge off."  Drake remarked nonchalantly as he took a long drag off the pipe and sent a massive cloud billowing into the air.  "whoa cool"  Jason smiled.  Drake grinned and turned to face the sandy blonde boy.  "wanna try a puff?"  Jason looked confused for a minute as he processed the idea.  "i dont really do drugs"  he slurred.  "come on dude just one puff"  Drake plied the boy and was rewarded with a compliant sigh.  "ok how do i..."  Drake interrupted him as he placed the pipe to the boys lips.  "watch...then we light it like this..."  Drake held the pipe in the boys mouth as the tina began to sizzle.  "ok.  nice deep breath buddy. all the way."  Drake watched the young straight boy obediently suck the intoxicating smoke into his body. "yeah thats good...now hold it in...long as you can..."   Drake pulled the pipe from the boys mouth and watched as after a few moments he eventually exhaled.  "there you go dude you did great.  feels nice doesnt it?"  Jason nodded, his glassy eyes only slightly registering the comment above the mix of sensations flowing through him.  "lets do another...go on...."  Drake handed the pipe to the boy and without a second thought, he obediently puffed again .  "thats right, nice deep breath...makes you feel good all over."  Drake watched the boys cock harden as he moved closer.  This was going to be too easy.

After half an hour of coaxing the boy to keep spinning himself higher and higher, drake was satisfied as he watched Jasons leaking cockhead slowly push through the waistband of his shorts as his arms drooped to his sides.  "nice dude"  he remarked, running a finger around the top of his sticky prick.  "smoking always makes you a little horny so if you wanna jerk it..."  Drake slid Jasons shorts down to expose his uncut cock.  Without hesitation the boy reached into his lap and began stroking.  "yeah dude thats it, just stroke it.  feels so good doesnt it?"  Jason grinned at his leaking prick as he continued to pump obediently.  "oh wait i know..."   Drake reached into the little bag and produced a bottle of poppers."here..."  straddling Jasons legs he held the pungent bottle up "inhale nice and deep....."  Jason continued jerking his fat cock and inhaled as instructed.  "there ya go nice deep breaths...keep stroking...."  Drake moved closer to the intoxicated boys full lips, repeating the mantra again and again as he pressed his lips against the boy and kissed deeply.  "mmmmh"  Jason mumbled as drake held the boys head, continuing to probe his tongue deep into the boys mouth.  "theres a good boy..."  Drake pulled back to observe the young man still jacking his cock, panting against Drakes pecs.  "keep stroking,,," Drake whispered as he tussled the boys hair and let a wad of spit dribble from his mouth onto Jasons thick cockhead.  Stepping off the boy he hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his trunks.  "can you keep a secret Jason?"  "huh"  jason replied, as Drake slid his trunks off to reveal a hairless pink pussy and a small black biohazard tattoo.  "Jason stared dumbfounded as Drake returned to straddle the boy again.  "here, let me..."  Drake took Jasons girth in his firm hand and continued pumping the boys leaking prick. Jason squirmed as Drake held him firmly in place.  "relax, dont fight..."  Drake lifted his hips and slowly plunged the boys prick inside.  "fuck yes...."  Drake hissed into the boys ear. "thats the way, no rubbers, just your bare cock in me..nice and warm isnt it?"  Jason squirmed under the stocky gymrat again, "nono"  Drake chided as he forced the poppers to the boys face, covering his mouth.  "thats it, dont fight, breathe for me. let your cock do the thinking"  As the boys kicking and protesting abated and his eyes began to droop, Drake set the bottle aside.

Drake rode the protesting boy for nearly an hour, holding him firmly and encouraging his occasional groans.  "cum...."  Jason groaned and began to struggle again.  "inside..."  Drake cooed, riding the boy faster as he pushed his shoulders into the couch.  drake grinned as he watched Jasons body betrayed him and begin pumping the boys tight toxic pussy full.  "there we go, nice and deep.  see?  feels good filling me up..."

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The next morning was a blur. Jason remembered smoking but couldnt piece together much else.  Who won the fight?  Rolling off the couch he looked around momentarily and glanced about the room.  "Drake?"  he grunted.  "morning bro."  Drake emerged nonchalantly from the hallway with a towel around his waist and a glass of water.  Nothing seemed more tantalizing to Jason at that moment as Drake handed him the glass and a fistful of two tiny pills.  "something for the headache buddy.  you hit it pretty hard last night dude, total rager"  Jason inhaled the pills and stood to his feet again.  "thanks man i dont usually get that wild."  Drake smiled.  "well it was a fun time anyway dude. Im gonna get a shower"

Jason caught himself dozing off to the sound of the early morning birds and tintinnabulation of the shower as he rose to his feet and made his way to the bathroom.  "hey man i gotta take a leak"  Jason huffed as he tapped at the door.  "no problem man doors open"  Drake chimed.  "hey man thanks for letting me crash last night, youre the best." Jason gushed as he pulled his throbbing cock out.  Drakes bathroom lights seemed to dance along the ceiling as he relaxed, placing his hand against the wall.  "its cool man, Ive been looking for a friend like you for a long time"  Drake remarked casually, throwing back the shower curtain and his toned form as the water trailed his hard abs and tight chest.  As Jason stared at the boys form the nights debauchery came back to him.  "hows that headache buddy?  a little molly does wonders."  Drake cocked his head and admired the stream of hot piss from Jasons uncut cock as he reached to take hold of it, stepping behind him to place his hand on Jasons.  "Im not gay"  he blurted as drake watched the last few drops fall from his cock.  "thats not important jason"  Drake began slowly stroking the boys prick to full hardness "What i mean is, you and me are gonna be really great friends."  Jason stared down as he watched Drake expertly coax a pearl of glistening precum from his bloated cockhead and proceed to smear it around the head of his cock, eliciting a low groan.  "there ya go Jason see?  sometimes it takes a little medicine to help change your mind."  Drake pulled the boy by his shoulders and leaned him against the wall.  reaching for the boys hand he pressed it into his hot wet cunt and looked into Jasons eyes.  "feel it?  thats you dripping out of me.  Thats what im taking about dude.  Thats exactly where I want you."  Jason hesitated as Drake fisted his cock.  "I dunno"  he panted as Drake lifted his knee against the wall and slid the stoned teen up his thirsty cunt.    Jason looked down to see Drakes strong hips slapping into his own, his glistening tool vanishing over and over into the mans body.  "looks nice doesnt it" Drake panted, gripping Jasons hips and mashing them to his own.  "fuck yes boy."  he growled into jasons ear, riding his own powerful orgasm.  "i get this cock whenever I want, wherever i want from now on."  Drake grunted as the musky sounds of their fucking once again filled the room.  "i cant..."  Jason panted, his eyes clenched shut.  "dont fight it Jason, let it cum."   Drake slapped the obstinate boy and as he opened his eyes, took a fistful of his hair and forced his gaze to Drakes dripping wet cunt as it sucked demandingly at the full length of Jasons tool.  "cum for me now boy, let it all out."  Drake commanded as Jasons body quickly obeyed and he let a quiet grunt escape his lips.  pressing his forehead to Jasons and staring into his eyes, Drakes dominance was undeniable as he grinned, watching the boy obediently give up his seed.  "ah there we go.  see Jason?  was that so fucking hard?"  Drake slid off the boys dripping prick and squeezed the last snow white drop of cream from him as he winced.  "all that fat bareback dick juice goes in here from now on boy."  Drake sighed as he jammed his cum soaked digit into his hole.

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