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Swallowing bottom

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    • By PozAnonCumslut
      Total cumdump here looking to get piggy in Tampa the weekend of April 23 to April 25. I will be posting the hotel and room when I am there. Looking to be a cummy mess by Sunday. Anon is hot! Ill be bent over and ready to go. Come in, unload and leave (or go for round 2 or 3 or 7). My record is 7 loads in 1 hour, lets beat that! Very open minded and dnd friendly! Come at me with what ya got! NO LOAD REFUSED. Ill be hooded so I dont see you. Feel free to record.

    • By yngslutpupp
      Total bottom here in Orlando looking to host a sadistic top for a long rough fuck session. I love being used and abused hard while taking a nice cock and I'm open to most things usually the kinkier/rougher the better. 
      Please hit me up if you're interested would love to get together today but future sessions are also cool.

    • By Treehugger
      I was wondering if anybody on Breedingzone had been on the POZ cruise out of California. I just heard about it from a friend and am thinking about booking a cabin. Never been on a cruise before and thought this one sounded fun. Its on a Princess cruiseline ship. If you have been I would like to hear your opinion. And yes I want to know if you got laid.
    • By ChainedBoy
      I could see he was getting close, “Oh fuck, pig! I’m gonna cum!”, he bellowed. “Do it, fucker! Knock me up! Breed me!”, I begged. “Gonna POZ you up man. Gonna. Fuckin’. POZ!!!!”, he barely got that out before I felt his rock hard meat painting my guts with his sick seed. Time was suspended as I stared up at him between my legs. He ground his venom into me real good before finally going soft and sliding out. I immediately replaced his cock with a butt plug I kept handy. Nothing like getting a charged load on your lunch hour. Ain’t working from home great? 
      Now, I have a fondness for rough trade. And this dude was just my speed: Skinny, bearded, heavily tattooed, and POZ - a gorgeous specimen.  To think I had hit him up less than an hour before on one of the hookup apps. And here I was with his toxic baby batter safely stewing in my faggot cunt. ”You think it’ll take?”, I asked. “Should - I’m toxic as fuck.”, he replied while casually lighting a cigarette. Soon enough he got dressed and collected his gear. “Let me know if you wanna go again sometime, dude”, I said as he walked towards the door. He paused, got a wicked smile on his face and said, “Come see me tonight. Stop by just before 9 pm. Be ready”. With this, he handed me a business card. “Later pig”, he spat as the door shut behind him. 
      I inspected the card; ‘Ruby Scorpion Tattoos’. The address put it on the south side of town. I have some ink on me, not a lot, but I hadn’t scratched that particular itch in some time. I had only started actively Chasing since making a New Years resolution to get POZZED by the end of this year. And finding a real unmedicated POZ fucker was proving a greater challenge than I had expected. So the prospect of getting another dirty load from this guy - especially in a tattoo parlor - got me hella excited. 
      By 8:30; I’m cleaned up, cleaned out, and headed to the south side. As I’m driving through this unfamiliar part of town, I see a red neon scorpion in one of the windows. Definitely the right place! I hit the front door just before 9 pm. A bell announces my arrival. “We’re closed!”, said a big guy with a push broom, not bothering to look up. “Oh - umm...I was told to..”, I stammered.  “We’re closed, ASSHOLE!”, he growled this time turning to face me. 
      It was then that I realized I never got the name of the fucker that had bred me. I pulled the business card - no name on it. At this point, the broom guy started toward me with a purpose. This guy was big. I mean BIG: six foot four, broad shoulders, barrel chest, shaved head, goatee, wearing a white wife-beater that popped against his brown skin. And he was clearly pissed. I’m already turning to leave as he reaches for me. “Tiny! Hold it, he’s with me.”, I hear from the back of the shop as the fucker from before enters the front. ‘Tiny’ released me roughly as the fucker locked the front door and took me by the arm. “I’m sorry. I...I..didn’t know your name”, I offered a bit shakily.
      “Chill”, he replied as we crossed the room. “Yeah, sorry - your buddy ‘Tiny’ kinda freaked me out. I’m chill, I’m chill...”, I began.  “No, I’m Chill... My. Name. Is. ‘CHILL’”, he corrected. It took me a second. “Oh...OK. Hi.” (Jeez this guy must think I’m a dork). He chuckled to himself as he walked through the shop. “So you already met Tiny”. I acknowledged him with a nod. He had resumed sweeping. “Come with me”,  he ordered. I complied, lost in the moment. 
      “Tiny, this is that new guy I told you about earlier.”, Chill said causing Tiny to stop sweeping. “Oh yeah?”, Tiny replied, “I’ll tell Sarge”.  With that, Tiny disappeared into the back room. 
      I followed Chill down a flight of stairs to a dungeon space. The room was painted black with red lighting. A sling hung in the middle. I didn’t need anymore encouragement. I was naked in an instant. Chill pushed me to my knees and hauled out his semi while I hit my poppers. I was sucking him nice and hard as I heard two sets of boots tromp down the stairs.
      Soon enough, Tiny had hauled me up - effortlessly, I might add - and set me into the sling. He secured my wrists and ankles firmly with velcro restraints. He paused to take in my body. I’m no huge prize, but I’m decent looking for a man who just turned 40.  This was the first time I looked at Tiny in the face. He was handsome, with smooth features that made him ageless. He smiled knowingly, leaned down and whispered in my ear, “Chill told us about you. About what you want. What you need,” he started caressing my cheek. I began to speak, “Shhhh,” Tiny whispered putting his index finger to his lips, “You’re here for a reason. You’re in the right place.” 
      “This the pig you bred earlier”, a new voice bellowed. “You must be Sarge,” I said. He looked over at me with a cold glare. “No one’s talking to you.”, he uttered condescending while taking a puff of his cigar. Tiny, behind him, held his index finger to his lips again.  OK, my bad - I thought to myself. Sarge was an older dude. Silver flattop haircut, clean shaven, muscle shirt, jeans, sleeves on both arms, and a face that told the story of a life lived hard. I watched as Chill undressed as he murmured something in Sarge’s ear. Tiny took his his cue and also started undressing. All the while, Sarge never taking his eyes off me.
      Sarge walked over to me. His two coworkers flanking him, stroking themselves absently. He took a long draw on his cigar. The tip of it glowed red. Smoke exited his nostrils menacingly. “Chill tells me you’ve been looking for...a certain something. Is that right?”, he asked. I nodded and swallowed hard. “Well, lucky for you, we may just be able to help you with that. Is that what you want?”. I nodded again as my cock twitched. He took another puff of his cigar and stepped back into the darkness.
      Chill stepped forward, greased his cock and pressed it against my hole.  Tiny got me poppered up as Chill entered me. He was just as bone hard as he had been earlier that day.  You ever take a cock that’s so hella-hard it feels like steel? That’s Chill. His dick may not have been the biggest, but it was veiny as fuck and I swear it was hard as stone. He got his fuck on. I could see his turgid tool sawing into me in the mirror suspended above. I felt and watched as my now soft, worthless, dick jiggled and bounced on my belly. I reveled in that expression of my submission.  
      I could see Sarge’s silhouette in the background - his cigar glowing and fading from time to time. The smoke lending a haze to the dim red lighting. Having unloaded in me earlier, Chill took a good long time to get his nut. But nut he did. And gloriously so. He made sure to fully unload into me before stepping away. 
      Less then a minute later Tiny stepped forward. Having taken off his shirt I could now see, even in this light, his full body tattoo. It was one magnificent piece, from his neckline down. He turned around slowly, arms outstretched, to let me take it In. I marveled at the artistry, at the patience it took, at the pain tolerance of the man. It must have taken years. That familiar red glow peaked and faded over his shoulder. Tiny seemed to enjoy the admiration - of me feasting my eyes on him. He smiled broadly and cued me to look up at the mirror. Doing so, I saw his equally magnificent black cock as he approached my cunt. Tiny, it was NOT. This was a cock any man would envy. Would fear. Thick as my wrist and almost as long. With a magnificent crimson head the size of a plum. I took a hard swallow as his foreskin kissed my pussy lips. I tensed at the thought of him entering me. From the shadows, Chill appeared and poppered me up. With that, Tiny began his long journey into me.
      His pliant cockhead entered me easily enough. Followed, slowly, by his ebony shaft. Slowly. Achingly slowly. I could hear my heart beating in my ears as his smooth raw cock travelled deeper and deeper towards my core. I felt him press against my inner ring. Somehow, Chill was right there poppering me up again. I could feel Tiny relent from my inner cunt. He whispered: “Give your self to me. I want to give you my Gift. Show me how much you want it, now.” In that moment, I felt my world open to him. Tiny slid effortlessly the rest of the way into me. A stream of precum flowed out of my soft useless dick onto my belly.  He dipped a finger into it and brought it to his lips. “Sweet, like nectar”. He hissed. I was gone. Gone. 
      I think I passed in and out of consciousness. I remember feeling myself move, rocking back and forth - as if in slow motion. My vision narrowed. I seemed to float up above myself. I could see myself being cleaved in half by this beautiful living rail splitter. Moments later, I realized I was looking at my reflection in the mirror. I wondered why I had not realized that before. Waves of pleasure crashed over me. I marveled as Tiny’s black log appeared and disappeared. Over and over. A part of me wondered how he was doing that. Suddenly I tumbled back into myself when I heard a long scream. It was Tiny. His body convulsed as he delivered a river of charged cum into me. Flooding me. 
      Tiny stood very still. I could see his chest heave for breath . He was covered in sweat, as was I. After a long moment I felt his magnificent third arm slip out of me. He staggered back, into the shadows. I didn’t need my hands to tell me my cunt was gaping open and dripping onto the floor below. I wallowed in that feeling of total surrender.
      Then I heard Sarge step forward. His cigar lighting the way. He took the cigar from his mouth and brought it down to my mawing cunt. I felt him circle my gaping pussy lips with it. The feeling was...indescribably perfect. He brought his cigar back to his mouth. With this, Chill and Tiny stepped forward next to him. Sarge savored the taste of cum on his cigar. Tiny leaned down to receive Sarge’s smoke filled kiss. He took another puff and shard that with Chill. I was witness to a sharing I never knew possible before.
      Sarge unzipped and hauled out his own very impressive meat. He slipped into my meathole all too easily. “Mmmm...just how I like it: Sloppy as all fuck.” Sarge pulled out and took hold of his long pendulous balls. Together with his cock, he brought them to my mawing cunt, and all at once ALL OF HIM was inside me. Sarge was fucking me with his cock and balls fully inside me. My mind reeled at the sight of it. He pounded me with fury. I watched slack-jawed as he pins toned my cunt until he delivered his demon seed into me as well. It was all too much - and watched as my now hard cock shot a no hands load on me chest. Rapture. It was rapture. 
      Sarge took a step back and regained his composure. “Your journey is almost done”, Sarge said softly. With that signal, Tiny and Chill appeared on either side of me. A small spotlight shown on my left pec. Chill wiped me down as Tiny picked up his tattoo machine.  It buzzed to life in his hand as he brought it to my skin. “I had my doubts when Chill brought you here,” Sarge shared. “He had to convince me. But you won over Tiny fairly quickly. And seeing you take them on as you did proved they were right. You were ready.”
      Tiny worked on me for a several minutes. I couldn’t make out what he had tattooed on my chest in the mirror above. As Tiny stepped away, Chill leaned in from his side and started with his machine. The buzzing continued. Sarge went on, “You’re part of a select few now. We’ve only given our collective Gift to three others before you. Each of us, you see, carries a different strain. All three of us are unmedicated POZ. And now, all three strains have found their new home in you”.
      The buzzing stopped. Tiny and Chill freed my hands. Sarge passed me a hand mirror. For the first time, I saw my transformation tattoo: A small Ruby Scorpion. It was beautiful. I felt a peace wash over me. As if I had reached the end of a long journey. Finally, I had come home. 
    • By CrImSeN
      Finding guys to fuck on Grindr wasn´t difficult for Miles. He was only 20, slim, with a few muscles here and there and generally attractive. On the outside he was a nice young man, always smiling and being friendly to others. But on the inside he had a secret desire that nobody knew about...
      It was a hook up like any other for Chris. Small talk on Grindr, exchanging pictures and then meeting up to fuck. And he got lucky this time with a cute twinkish kid who almost looked too innocent to fuck. Though being rather muscular and big in stature he did have some trouble finding partners because of his poz status. Medication was not an option for him personally and condoms were a big nuisance for. Still he used them because most guys insist on using them and he didn´t want to spread what he had.
      They were in a heavy make out session, Miles on top of Chris, both only in boxers, shirts and pants long abandond. The 20 year old had planed for this day a long time and so far everything was going according to plan. While french kissing he moved his hand down over his abs bit-by-bit, ever slowly rubbing his ass over the big bulge beneath him, causing Chris to moan into the kiss and grabing his tight ass harder. Teasing guys always came easy for the twink. After a few minutes he brought both of his hands up and grabed the tops wrists and within seconds restraint him to the bed in with his handcuffs, which were conveniently placed under the pillow. "Hey, what ar-" Chris tried to protest, but was almost immediately silenced by another kiss. Miles had a plan every intention on going through with it.
      This was not something Chris agreed to, but he had to admit that he liked the aggressive bottom. He soon calmed down and Miles pulled back. "Hope you don´t mind, I thought maybe it would add a certain thrill to it" the kid said. Before he could answer the twink began to crawl lower, kissing and licking on his way to the already leaking bulge in the tops boxers. For Chris it felt like hours until the twink finally got to his dick. The piece of cloth hiding his poz stick got pulled down and it sprang free, almost hitting Miles in the face. With no time to lose he began to decent down the tops dick, sucking and slurping as best as he could while Chris was just a moaning mess. He wasn´t used to be restraint, being unable to do anything, completely exposed. Like a river the pre cum flowed into the willing and eager mouth of the bottom.
      With the top handcuffed and at his mercy, Miles sucked that big dick infron of him like there was no tomorrow but he had to be carefully not to bring the top too close to the edge, or worse, over it. He knew that Chris wouldn´t last long if he would keep this up, so after a short period of time he looked up, straight into the eyes of the man bound to his bed, and pulled hos own boxers down. The look in Miles eyes was one of hunger as he crawled up and began kissing Chris again. "We need a condom cutie..." Chris panted, pulling back from the hungry bottom. "Why´s that, raw feels way better, doesn´t it?" the kid said with an evil grin. He knew about his status, afterall this was the whole reason why he even did all this. "I´m poz dude, we really shouldn´t be doing it raw!" Chris said, however his eyes betrayed his true desire. "What was your viral load again...?" the bottom asked while shifting a bit lower and grabbing the poz dick again. The handcuffed man had trouble thinking clearly. Being restraint, dominated and the opportunity to fuck a cute twink raw made him almost dizzy. "600000, that´s really toxic. It´s extremly dangerouse!" he tried to explain. "Extremly dangerouse you say? So I shouldn´t be doing this...?" Miles said while collecting a large amount of toxic pre cum and slowly inserting it deep into his tight hole, looking into Chris eyes the entire time.
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