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Found 145 results

  1. So... Anyone have any thoughts (other than naugthy) about PREVITUS MEDIA? If you're unfamiliar with them, check this shit out at PREVITUSMEDIA.COM. I love it, but this ClownDoll is a big freak.
  2. I'm a guy who lives in Indy and is looking to make some Chicago friends. Ideally, I'd like to take the train up and meet you. I'm open to 1on1, group, and I'm cool with bi groups as well. I'm 37yo, white, bi, 6'1", blond hair on head and red facial and pubes, green/hazel eyes, 34" waist, 185lbs., 6.5-7" cut cock with slight curve, and I have a nice tight hairy ass that loves getting fucked bb.
  3. Hey fellas, I've been homeless for a few months now, and I decided to come down to NYC to get a change of scene, crash with some friends, and check out a few concerts. While I'm in town, I thought it might be cool to meet some sleazy guys and let them use me like the cheap, horny, little lowlife I am; I have never let anyone cum inside me, nor have I ever been fucked anally, but despite being straight, I'm wicked turned on by cum- I love letting a guy dump thick, hot prickpaste all over my face and in my hair, and the thought of letting men spurt load after load of scum inside my tender, unprotected holes gets me wicked horny. I'm not sure if this is allowed to post on here, but I would really be into whoring myself out- I desperately need the money, plus it's a huge turn on for me. I would also really like to try someThing, which I've been penalized for posting about outside of the "Backroom" section, but if you take a look at my profile and some of my posts, I feel it should be clear what I'm talking about. I fucking love the thought of how dirty and degenerate I'll feel, getting exploited, degraded, and turned into a nasty whore. Please message me if you're in NYC and wanna use a straight, homeless transboy, and be the first to leave my holes gaping and sloppy with loads of your seed. I'll send pics and can answer any questions you might have about me. Thanks!
  4. Bttm for top

    Looking to get fuck by a hung top who willing to open me up chubby guy here bbc + looking for 8in + dick to use me hmu cant host so you have to would like to be share hiv+ friendly just be upfornt about it
  5. Taboo Perv

    Twisted taboo no limit perving chat on kik (cumwhoreslut5432) or wickr (cumslut5432)
  6. First Time I Got Gangfucked - Part 1

    May 2015. Three months into me using chems and being a bottom slut. I arranged to hook up with a guy I’d had a couple of hnh sessions with who was also a dealer. When I got to his place, we blew some clouds then he said he had to deliver to a client nearby. We headed over there and it was a group. I thought we were just dropping off but my mate got chatting to the client in the hallway and the pipe kept getting passed around. We ended up going through to the main room where the group was in action. 5 guys, all younger than me with a couple of real hot ones: an Arab with a big dark cut dick and a very young looking white guy, also hung. Lots of chems passed around in short time including G and K as well as plenty of pipe. At some point I find myself on all fours in bed, kissing my mate who is directing the others to take it in turns on my hole. And what sends me over the edge first time is hearing them talk about how hot my piggy ass looks and feels. I’d shaved it first time ever that week.
  7. Looking for guy/s in London who can accom on Sunday 1st October for night of pnp sleaze.
  8. Toxic breeders

    I'm an undetectable raw bottom with almost no limits.I'm looking for tops that are wanting to use a bottom like he should be... ridden hard and put away wet. I'm into being fucked, being fisted and maybe double fisted. Big toys, watersport, and gangbangs where I'm the bottom for 6+ raw tops. You host or meet at the baths
  9. 21 5'6 129lbs bbottom twins near Providence, RI desperately in need of someone to abduct, keep and use me as their personal chemwhore. I'm super open minded and willing to do or try anything.
  10. Blow my Mind

    I'm a British 25 year old guy. I've done okay being bottom and top but never truly been satisfied. I now live in China, where the average guy is below average in nearly every sense of the word. I've been reading posts on here for months and just made a profile, I need what you have. I have a holiday in October and want to travel to anywhere in the world, probably USA or UK and become what I am. I don't have much experience, but I'm so ready for it, anything goes. I've never done bb either, so that will be new. Wanting to know where is the best place to go, and hopefully find someone who can guide me, help me and use me. Take me to a club and let everyone piss on me and fuck me. Pimp me out to homeless men and drug addicts. Have a hot Pnp session for a few days. I particularly like hairy guy and I love foot play. But to become what I am, no cock refused. Force me to take it! I'm 100% serious about everything I said. Make me yours than make me everyone else's.
  11. I use to be a junkie. Meth was my drug of choice. I loved the feeling of being invincible and the allure of attraction I felt when I was high. It almost took my life until that night in Ontario Oregon. That night at the old abandoned house on Oregon Trail Street on the outskirts of town. No one had lived there for decades and it was decrepit, derelict. It wasn't at all safe to venture but try telling two crackheads not to do something they have their warped minds set to doing and not only will they not listen but may even be argumentative and hostile. What had happened to me and my boyfriend at the time we deserved for being foolish. I stopped the meth because of it but my life didn't necessarily get better, just more aware that there are things, dangerous things, out there that you don't want to know and it's best to probably die of an overdose than to experience such...darkness. My boyfriend, Chris, and I lived along the Oregon Trail Street on the edge of town and we were not far from this house that was overdue to be torn down. Both of us intravenously used meth and we had made a date to party in this house. It was dark and although the house was on a somewhat busy stretch of road, nobody dared go there to explore. It had to be over a hundred years old and it looked haunted. Perfect for two junkies to shoot up and fuck. Or at least that's what we figured. It was dusk during fire season when wildfires would haze the horizon during sun down, and the sky casted colors of pink and purple before the sun slumped slowly into twilight when Chris and I made it to the house. When we entered it was dark but we had our phones and we only used the dim lighting of the phone rather than the flashlights because we didn't want to attract any of the curious. I brought my supplies; some blankets, lube, needles, and the dope of course. Chris brought nothing as he usually did to our little excursion. In retrospect, I don't even know why I dated him except for the fact that he was manly and hairy and handsome and had a large dick. He turned me on, high or not. When you're spun on meth sex most likely becomes an activity and I loved anal when I was flying. Chris was good at it, but other than that, he was a junkie without a job. Not really someone you would end up being with forever but for now he would do. We dared not go upstairs because we didn't know how sturdy the floor would be. We found an empty room with a huge closet and not as much glass or broken wood that would splinter us while we fucked like pigs. I decided the closet would be a good place for us to slam and fuck, but Chris wanted the door open just in case we needed to escape pronto from cops or whoever. So I set up camp while Chris gets the shots ready. Since it's dark I use the flashlight in my phone so I don't hit past my mark when injecting. We both get naked and by the time we do, the meth had dissolved completely in the rig so we were ready to shoot up. He made two extra points to slam later (slamming is what addicts call injecting drugs) and we started making out before both of us injected. He needed a tourniquet since his veins weren't on the surface of his arms like mine. I was an expert at slamming myself and by the time I was feeling the rush of the drugs through my body, he was still trying to find his mark. I was ready to get pounded by my big dick boyfriend and my asshole was vibrating for some action. “Hurry up fucker,” I said as I was rubbing my pussy and asshole which were both just sludged with the lube I had slopped on after the hit. It was at that moment we heard it. Footsteps. But these sounded more like someone in nice shoes would make, kind of a slight clacking sound. Chris stopped and became still as the footsteps seemed to walk around the front of the house and then stop at certain times as if the person was investigating something. Chris threw his needle into my bag then his phone that was propped against the floorboard after turning off the flashlight. I covered myself with the blankets and moved further back into the closet hoping the darkness would shield my presence from whomever was walking around out there. He gently closed the closet door leaving it a crack open as he watched into the darkness. The footsteps seemed to stop and an eerie silence came about leaving me wondering about who could be out there and if they knew we were here. I wanted to whisper but something in my gut withheld any noise from me, as if I knew whoever was in the house with us would find us if I peeped. Being high on meth made the simple task of being quiet rather difficult and my vagina was sopping wet and wanting my boyfriend who was gazing through the darkness. After about ten minutes of silence I couldn't take it anymore. My pussy needed to be fucked slow and good. That's what meth can do to ya. Make you a bitch in heat needing some pups to breed. I went quietly over to Chris, who was sitting flat against the wall in the dark and felt for his prick. I felt that he was raging hard but he was hesitant. I didn't care I was high and needed to fuck so I hopped my soaking wet pussy onto his massive cock which pulsated immediately afterward and we slowly grinded our genitals quietly as we kissed. He suddenly whispered very lightly into my ear, “what about my shot?” I ignored him and my wet snatch drenched his cock and balls making a slightly wet sound like a drenched mop hitting the floor. I wanted it up my ass but we would have to leave that to later. He wanted to moan and so did I as we got hotter and I could feel both of us about to orgasm as I got to grinding harder and clenching my pussy around his dick which was pulsating even harder. It was so hot in the closet and muggy that we were both sweating profusely. I could smell my pussy and his balls permeate closet as well as my asshole and his ball sweat which made it even hotter! He started sucking on my titties and kissing me when we both came. The orgasm was so intense for both of us. My fucking pussy just showered all over his cock which was convulsing sperm into my quivering sopping orifice. I'm a squirter too so when I came it sounded like a jet of piss rocketed to his stomach in loud watery splats. Then as soon as it was done, both of us didn't move. His cock had to go limp in me before it easily slipped out with more wet splats onto the wood floor. I finally lifted off of him feeling some wet trails going down my legs. Finally he spoke in a normal volume which startled me. “Can I do my shot now?” “Shhhh!” I quickly turned and covered his mouth, “there still could be someone in here!” “Hey fuck them, I'm getting my slam on!” He exclaimed as he got his phone out of my bag in the dark and flipped on the bright flash light. It was then I saw it. Behind him. Coming out of the wall with long black tentacles that seized Chris and gagged him. It was the upper torso of what seemed like a man, he had no eyes or mouth. No hair. Skin as white as bathroom tissue. He was wearing a suit with a black tie and a white oxford as white as his skin. But the suit was as black as the opaque abyss that was now night on the Oregonian horizon. The tentacles wrapped around him so quick I could hear his bones snap like twigs. His mouth was gagged by one of the tentacles and he choked shortly before I knew he was dead. The thing, this thin man, pulled Chris into the wall with him as if the wall were some kind of liquid and then both of them were gone as quickly as it started to happen. I ran out of the closet screaming and left everything behind, my clothes, my dope, the blankets, and raced outside before I step on a large shard of broken glass which went straight through my foot almost slicing it in half. I fell to the ground and the pain shot up my leg. I was hysterically crying and yelling for help when I turned around to see the figure of the man. He stood up right and he looked like a faceless man in a black suit with tentacles coming out of his back. He had to be about twelve feet tall and his arms… ...his arms were lithe and long with two huge white hands that dangled long pointed fingers. They were long enough to drag his knuckles. This thing, this thin man wasn't human, but something from a scary fairy tale I use to read in school. I couldn't believe my eyes. I begged it not to kill me as his tentacles seemed to pick him up and move closer to me. I tried to drag myself quickly only to feel its hand clasp onto my foot and drag me into the dark house on Oregon Trail Street. My screams were covered by his other cold white hand, it's fingers easily wrapping around my mouth to the back of my neck. The last thing I remember is it's face or lack of thereof forming a huge mouth that had thousands of thorn like teeth as white as it's skin, and a long purple tongue that pointed and coiled like an octopus trying to escape a fishermans net. It made no noise but it seemed to be screaming at me in silence. The only thing I could hear was a fuzzy electrical noise like an old tv with static and snow. I woke up in the hospital. It was night and the room was very dark and I was alone. I woke up screaming for a few moments before I realized where I was. Finally a few nurses came in and sedated me. I passed out and woke again the next morning with an older man in a blue blazer and a red tie sitting next to me typing on his phone. He was a detective, I could tell by his demeanor being as I've dealt with law enforcement before on semilike matters not as serious as the one I just experienced. Then a policeman came in with coffee and handed it to him before they realized I had come to. They told me I had been out for a week and that I almost died. I was found in the middle of the road about a block away from my house and that I had lost so much blood. I was naked and my foot had to be cut off because it was dead and infection had taken its course. They said there was a large amount of crystal meth in my blood but what concerned them was the marks on my body. When I looked at where they said the marks were, it looked like I was tied up with something, not rope, but something tough as if I was hustled by a giant squid. They asked if I was raped or kidnapped and I said nothing. What could I say? In fact I said nothing for about a week to anyone. Not even my friends heard a lick from me. It wasn't until the little girl who came into my room that strange night that I began to speak. The little girl with black hair, glasses and carnations came into my room when I was alone. This was long after visiting hours so it was strange she was there. “I brought you carnations for your loss,” she said in a sweet yet dark tone, “they represent loss and death.” I said nothing but she continued. “Your friend is with us now. He will come for you but later, not too much later but…” The door creaked open and to much of my horror I saw it. The thin man in a suit. No face. He was across the hall just standing there as the door opened by itself. The girl stopped and smiled. “See you soon.” She walked outside of the room towards this thing and gently held his hand as he turned and lead her down the hall. I remember no more after that. It has been a year since the incident. Chris was never found but his blood was found in the shots we had brought, our stuff, and something else; a long black tie. No meth was on site. Who knows maybe the thing slammed them, or some other homeless junkies that may have come to find them although usually they would have taken everything else I would imagine. Who leaves two iPhones and some decent clean clothes with a bag full of stuff? The only thing found were the shots and they had no meth in them, not even residue. Just the blood of my Chris. I was suspected of killing him but no evidence of me doing so was ever brought to light. They checked for DNA and they found three candidates, mine, chris, and unknown. I told them the story which they dismissed and said I was a delusional junkie who had taking too much that night. I haven't done meth since. But I don't think it was the meth. This thing was real. Like whether I was high or not wouldn't have mattered. Surely, it would have still happened like it did. I sleep with a knife under my pillow and as soon as everything clears with my records I'm buying a gun. Then I'm moving far away from here. The words of that little girl still haunt me. I expect to see Chris soon although I know the thing killed him. In fact as I look out my window I can hear him from a distance telling me that he is coming for me and demands a blood sacrifice. My things are packed and I'm ready to get out of here, but for some reason I have an urge to go back to that house. As if I'm missing something. I can't since I'm not allowed out of the sight of a police officer or my caregiver. Yet something beckons me there...and I need to go. I made it there on crutches somehow and somehow everything begins to be clearer...I knew I came here for some reason, I should have guess it would be for the (the end?)
  12. Jay from Scruff

    The weekend of the 4th of August: I was horny and had just acquired some party favs with the end result of hooking up with a hung poz pig that gets off on breeding his toxic poz seed into a wanting hole, as well as, getting fucked. Jay, hits me up on Scruff and wants to come over and breed his poz seed into me and more than once. I agreed and when he arrived we went right to it. He had a nice cock, great for fucking and deep seed breeding. The more we partied the more intense our sexual interactions became. It was at one point after we had exchanged dna that I had asked if he ever slammed. He said yeah and did he want me to have him admin to me? I said, sure. As I began preparing the point, he asked me how strong I made it. I replied, .60. He asked me to make it a double and that he wanted the first half and then slam me with the rest along with his raw poz blood. I was stunned for a few seconds. But I became instantly boned up, rock hard and began to pre-cum. When he slammed himself, I licked his arm of the little blood that remained and he asked if I was ready? Yeah, I replied. I watched as he injected into my vein the mixture of the t and his toxic poz blood. It was a good slam, I was out of breath for a second as he walked me over to the sofa and bent me over and began to rim and eat out my hole with such veracity. Man, it felt so fucking awesome. Without any notice, he raised up and rammed his cock into me, balls deep, and began pounding until he asked me if I wanted another dirty load? I replied as to be practically begging for it, Yes, please. He must have blown 5 or 6 loads into me, and I only 2 in him. When he left I had cum oozing from my hole. I kept his toxic seed in me until the next morning. I'll be anxious to get tested soon and see the results of that pig nasty, perverted night.
  13. Visiting week of Aug 21

    Hey guys, coming out for work the week of August 21 and I want to get wild with some locals while I'm there. 34yo gl guy, work out 3x a week and have a great bubble ass with a tight pink hole. Who wants to get me fucked up and whore out my slut pussy?
  14. Newbie and G

    Newbie here - have played with poppers & 420, but never anything more. I'm most curious to try g as I've been told it's the better choice for a first timer. Currently in OKC at Habana Inn for the weekend and would be interested in trying either today or tomorrow so that I'm able to fly home Tuesday. Any help would be appreciated!
  15. Born to be a pig bottom

    I've been shoving things up my cunt since I was 12. Always wanting to play with my hole like it was my main sex organ. As I grew older I found out that it would turn out to be true! When I entered high school I did what most of us do. I buried these feelings deep down inside of me, so far down I never wanted them to resurface, then in my senior year I had that moment of vulnerability, that moment of temptation. He was the catcher on my baseball team. He was hot, he was cocky, he had a smoking bod & we had a bromance going on. In hindsight I think we both knew at the time what we both wanted to do with each other, but it never needed to be said. We could both sense the sexual tension in the air & we needed to get it out of our systems. I lost my virginity to him and his 11 inch cock & I didn't even cry. Sure it wasn't easy getting that massive thing inside me, but I was determined! He plowed my ass while my little bottom boi dick bounced around and dribbled pre-cum. From then on I was hooked! After high school I would learn how to use my hot ass and twink look to seduce all the big dicked tops! I would wear jocks and thongs to show off my hole. I got my first booty bump from a porn star friend. from then on my cunt became insatiable and needed bigger cocks, bigger dildos, and bigger fists! I watched as my once pucker shaped hole transformed into the puffy lipped slit shaped cunt it is today. I've been mounted so many times my cunt dilates and puffs out on a single touch. In the sling I can take a fist all the way to the elbow. I was born to take it in the ass, I was born to be a pig bottom. Now that I've started my bug chasing phase only one thing remains. My used cunt recently sprouted its wart farm. I love fingering my cunt and feeling around in my currently bumpy cunt making those cuntflaps of mine all swollen and puffy! Now all I need is the gift and my journey towards the dark side will be complete. I will fulfill my destiny as a poz pig and hopefully be collared by some master to be a pet party pig to pass around and gang bang with all their friends! Oink oink!
  16. Cant wait for tomorrow!

    This morning i woke up feeling so excited because tomorrow im going out to my favorite pnp spot near the beach with a private pool. planning to bring some nice tight sexy skimpy bikinis and lycra gear. not to mention a huge amount of lube and oil... camera and webcam would have to be ready to shoot some hot sexy session videos and pics!
  17. First Time in PSp

    I will be visiting Palm Springs for the first time 9/24-9/29. I'll be staying at Canyon Club Would love to have someone poinT the way for me and have some good mutual fun. bb neg btm cub here. NKP - curious90 BBRT - curious90
  18. Cape Town bottom

    Horny bottom in Cape Town Looking for PnP fun
  19. I'm a complete sissy with a small cock that stays mostly soft. If I party it most definitely stays soft! My clitty looks so cute in panties and it fits perfect. I am so glad I don't get hard because it only makes me feel more like a girl and when I'm with a real man they always point it out and insist I stay soft. (as if I want to). I have had some want to watch me try to masturbate for them and I'm able to cum soft using two fingers or rubbing my clit through my panties like a girl. It makes them so hot and makes me feel so slutty. most of the time my little clit just oozes precum and soaks my panties which is yummy. I love being a sissy and I love pleasing men. Do any other sissies feel like this? I would love find a daddy who would use me as he sees fit April
  20. new on the site. 46 year old leather boy looking for Leather Men to breed me.
  21. Bottom, submissive, slam slut visiting the Tampa, St. Pete, Clearwater area 5/27-5/30/17. I'm 34, Azn, weigh ~110, 5'8", smooth body, bottom who lives to serve men with his hole and take loads. Into jocks, leather, anon, dom/sub, group, gang bang, making vids, outdoor, bathhouses, sex clubs, forced, and more. Staying at the Super 8 at St. Pete/Clearwater airport (but let me know if there's a better sleazier place to stay). Will be hitting bathhouses, video booths, and also love outdoors or being face down, ass up in jock in dark hotel room with only porn on the TV for light. Most often on bbrt and have my profile name in my info here (or if they let this go through it's subbtm4domtops on bbrt) or email at same screen name as BZ so asianbbbtm at g m a i l dot com.
  22. I want to hookup with a poz Bisexual couple & eat cum out if pussy & do dp with a guy in her ass and me in her pussy. Also want to get pegged.
  23. 100+ load goal

    no load refused FRIDAY to SUNDAY RSVP to one of my barebackrt party ads (titanguytx) to reserve your breeding time!
  24. I'm looking for one or maybe two older gentlemen. Top, vers/top, even bi. Some older men that enjoy both straight and gay porn. Prefer older men that are friends with Tina. I wanna role play older man/younger guy scenarios (daddy/son, uncle/nephew). I'm into pig play so I'm looking for total pervs with toys and a huge sex drive. I love giving long head session, Tina makes me hungry for precum. I wanna have toys in my ass while I suck your cock, l wanna make out while we rub our dicks together and lick your chest. I like them hairier and taller than me (I'm 5'4"). I wanna play with Tina before you and I start role playing, I want you to start rubbing my legs while I rub your chest, put me against the wall, rubbing my ass while you dirty talk to my ear> You start pulling my pants down slowly, rubbing my ass and trying to finger me, making me moan and making me beg for more
  25. truvada in exchange for...

    neg bottom here, i miss getting fucked raw, but can't afford PrEP right now. any tops or couples in or near toronto interested in fucking my holes in exchange for some truvada?

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