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Breeding My Cousin

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Posted 24 May 2011 - 04:13 PM



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My younger cousin Drew and I had been messing around sexually for years, from like ages 10 - 18... But we only ever fucked once.

Drew was the son of the uncle who took my anal virginity. I wrote about him before. Anyway, Drew and I started off innocently enough-- pissing together, sword fights with our prepubescent cocks, etc. At 14 or so we started blowing each other. Although he was a year and a day younger than I, he was always the aggressor, the initiator. But then again, he was the little jock boy and I was the nerd. I remember, as if it were yesterday, the first time we came in each others mouths. His cock was so hard, and when he came, he squirted like 15 jets of spunk into my mouth, which I swallowed greedily, as he likewise swallowed mine. Anyway, we sucked each other off all through our teen years, every time we could get together. But that was all we did, until that one summer day.

I was 17, it was mid-July and hotter than fuck outside. Temperatures in the 100s and insane humidity. I was working outdoors that summer before heading to college, and we knocked off early because of the heat. I got a call from Drew shortly after noon wanting to know if I wanted to go to the lake. We hadn't seen each other in months and I thought it would be good for at least a blowjob later, so I of course said yeah. He said he'd pick me up in 30 minutes or so. I remember he was driving his Dad's Oldsmobile Cutlass that day. I hopped in, we cranked the AC and we took off for the local lake. The beach was packed, but we still had fun playing in the water, throwing a frisbee, etc. Of course we wrestled around and dunked each other, all while grinding our hard cocks into each other and groping around (underwater, of course).

We stayed until about 7 when we decided we should head for home. We started driving out of the parking lot when he looked over at me and said, "We should go somewhere where we can fuck around. I'm horny as hell." I told him I was also, and that maybe we should hit one of the campgrounds around the lake. Immediately we began hunting out the campgrounds, and we found the entrance to one a couple miles away from the beach. So we turned in. Being mid-week, the place was virtually deserted. We drove to the farthest corner away from the entrance, and we parked in the shade. We rolled down the windows and turned off the car so we could hear any approaching cars or people. Then we got busy.

We wasted no time shucking our wet swimsuits and diving on to each other's hard cock. He sucked me first and for a "straight" high school jock, he sure hoovered the hell out of me. His mouth felt incredible. When he came up for air, I went to town on him. As always, his cock was rock-hard and curved up toward his belly. Eventually he pulled me off his dick and looked at me lustily, saying "I want you to fuck me." "I've never fucked anyone before," I told him. I didn't say I hadn't been fucked before, because his Dad had done those honors the previous year and I wasn't wild about the thought of any more of his family's cock in my ass. "C'mon, you'll like it! Trust me." Then he gets up on all fours on the front seat and presented his ass to me. I've gotta say, I was more than a bit turned on. He had a muscular ass and meaty thighs from playing football and baseball. A bit of blonde hair covered it.

I was rock hard so I positioned my dick head and tried to push in. "Ow ow ow! Dude! You can't go in dry, you need something to lube it!" I looked around and quickly grabbed a bottle of Hawaiian Tropic tanning oil that was in the glove compartment. I hastily coated my cock with it. The car instantly smelled of coconut. I put my cockhead against his pucker and start to shove in. This time his hole yielded, and instantly my cock was surrounded by an intense heat. It was so different than a mouth. Tighter. Warmer. Drew moaned and pushed back onto me until my cock was buried deep. Then I started to pull out slowly, only to push back in. I held Drew's hips as I began to slowly fuck his jock ass, relishing the sensation.

Drew had his hands on the window frame and his chest and head were poking out the car. I was holding his hips and thrusting into his raw asshole. The sensation was beginning to be more than I can stand and I knew I was about to blow. "Drew, I'm gonna cum real soon," I warned him. He looks back at me. "Fuck me, man-- really fuck me!" So I started to pound him as hard as I could. He now had one hand on his cock and he was jacking himself furiously as I slammed my cock in and out of his butthole.

My orgasm started with an odd sensation: sort of like my balls and stomach were slowly crunching down into a big knot. Then with a loud "Ahhhhhh!" the knot released and I could feel my dick spasming inside his ass. As excellent as the physical sensation was, the knowledge that I was cumming in my hot cousin's ass, just as his Dad had come in mine, gave me a sense of adulthood. A few seconds later, while I was still coating his innards with my load, he came. The sensation made me gasp out loud. His asshole spasmed around my dick with every squirt of his semen. The feeling was out of this world.

Once he finished with his orgasm and his hole relaxed a bit, I pulled my cock out of his ass and we both sat back down in the car. "Aw shit! I came all over the door!" he moaned. I looked over saw ropes of his semen covered the blue velour on the door. Semen was also splattered over the armrest. We wiped-up the mess as best we could with our beach towels. Concerned his Dad might bring-up the stains, we concocted a story: we would claim a Sprite exploded when we opened it. As if that horny bastard wouldn't know a cumstain when he saw one.

Drew drove me home in silence, probably feeling a bit embarrassed after getting his butt bred by his nerdy cousin. Sadly enough, that turned out to be the last time we ever played. Nor did we ever discuss the incident. Who knows, however. Neither of us is dead, so perhaps one of these days....

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Posted 05 July 2011 - 08:08 PM



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fucking hot story bro. boned me and I you got me edging big time. HAIL


Posted 05 July 2011 - 09:05 PM


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fucking hot story bro. boned me and I you got me edging big time. HAIL

wow yes man, real hot! thanks for posting...

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