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  1. Alas, no, I'm in West Virginia. Haven't been to Minnesota in a very long time. Maybe ever? I'm not sure - in any case I'd only have driven through on my way to somewhere else.

    Loved your story "Denial" - it was extremely well done. And very hot!

    1. viking8x6


      Well, that was supposed to be a message, but I guess this works too.


  2. Thanks for all the *positive* feedback. I do like receiving the external validation
  3. As of last night I’m at 133 anal loads taken for the year. I keep a journal of every donation. A bit off pace, but I blame Covid for that.
  4. Denial is a powerful thing. Denial can blind you to facts and make it easier to lie to yourself. Denial can protect you from harm. Denial can make you stronger… and weaker. And denial can hone desire. The first time I saw Kurt it was Tuesday, April 25th and he was fucking a guy at the bar. I remember the date because of “Miss Congeniality”. I also remember it because I had agreed to meet there for a first date with a guy I met on Grindr. Naturally he never showed up. Go figure. Technically Kurt wasn’t fucking the guy “at the bar” but in the bathroom. At the trough urinal to be precise. After drinking three beers while waiting for Mr. No-Show, I needed to relieve myself… and there he was. Nailing some twink while they were standing at one side of the trough. The twink was braced up against the wall and Kurt had his hands on his hips and was drilling away. The remaining open area of the trough was occupied by another guy who was ostensibly pissing, but mainly watching the show. And then there was me. Standing there. Utterly frozen. Now, I wouldn’t say I’m a prude, sexually. I’d definitely had my fair share of sexual experiences. But my sex to date had been fairly straightforward and shall we say, tame. Definitely not of the “fucking in a bar bathroom” variety. Sure, I’d jacked off to porn like this- but I’d never encountered it in real life. So I think I was kind of stunned to have stumbled into such a scene at my local gay bar. Stunned—yet titillated at the same time. Instantly I had that nervous excitement about it in my guts. Like “this is wrong, but why does it excite me”? Looking back, I’m not sure what it was about Kurt that attracted me so completely and so quickly. I mean, I didn’t usually make a habit of lusting after guys who go around fucking in public toilets. But I was instantly mesmerized by him. Perhaps it was me attaching the sight of him the heady aroma of stale piss, ripe pits, naphtha, and pheromones. Or maybe it was my body tuning into the pulsing waves of sexual confidence radiating from him. Or maybe it was because I was horny and he was just a fucking ridiculously handsome man. Kurt was one of those empirically hot men- the kind you see in Colt magazines or 80’s porn. He was tall. Like a good head taller than me. Swarthy. Muscular. Broad chest and back. Short black hair and a thick beard so dense you could just make out a slash of a mouth in there. A jaw and nose like they’d been sculpted by an LA cosmetic surgeon. A dark pelt of fur covered his substantial chest and taut stomach. Thighs like a Greco Roman wrestler. Was he Italian? Greek? Lebanese? Whatever it was, he was fiercely handsome and built like a fuck tank. That night he was in biker boots, jeans and a leather harness with metal arm bands accentuating his ample biceps. He also had leather wrist cuffs on- like a modern day sex gladiator. As he pummeled the twink, I just stood and stared at him. It was like seeing a unicorn—the kind of guy that never really seemed to exist in real life. The guy pissing eventually left and freed up the trough, but I couldn’t move even though I really had to go. Kurt seemed to sense my presence. Without missing a thrust he called back over his shoulder in a deep voice, “You wanna use him next? I’m just about through.” This sort of snapped me out of it. I kind of stammered a bit and said no, thank you and that I just needed to pee. I moved to the free area next to them, as far to the side as I could manage in order to give them space. I was just freeing my dick from my pants when Kurt looked over. And I made the mistake of looking back. Time seemed to stop as we locked eyes. He stopped thrusting and just stared at me. And I stared back. He was just so beautiful that I felt I should look away. That I wasn’t worth being scrutinized by him. But I couldn’t look away. I was completely immobilized. After what felt like an eternity he spoke. “Don’t piss yet,” he commanded as he continued to stare into my soul. I merely swallowed and nodded my acceptance. Kurt started thrusting again and picked up his tempo, never taking his eyes off mine. Have you ever had a guy look you in the eye while he’s fucking someone else? All that naked lust projected at you. It’s animal. Almost feral. And even though you aren’t being physically penetrated, all of that Alpha energy has a choke-hold on your most primal core. His unblinking stare is daring you to look away from the stolen intimacy. But you won’t look away. You can’t. You are utterly frozen- powerless- waiting until the release of his seed releases his hold over you. Let me tell you. It’s intoxicating. Like nothing I’d ever felt before. It felt like we were in our own time bubble until suddenly he grunts loudly and I know he’s emptying himself into the blissed out twink. He slowly pulls out, gaze unwavering. I finally broke eye contact to look down at the meat that was slowly exiting the twink’s ass. Damn… it was long pullout. A thick, long, glistening cock with a fat, ruddy head eventually popped free of the hole. An enormous PA glinted in the half-light as his cock swung free of its anal confines. I swear Kurt wagged it a bit knowing that I was watching it. I could feel myself blushing. “Now you can piss,” Kurt commanded in a low voice. “Inside him.” My eyes snapped back to him. “Whu- whu- what?” I managed to squeak out. Kurt’s eyes glittered darkly. “Piss. Up his ass. He’s a worthless fuckin’ urinal and I wanna watch you use him as such.” I hesitated. I’d never done anything remotely like this before, and to be honest the whole scene felt like a fever dream. It was all so surreal. Things like this just didn’t happen to me and my brain was shutting down. My skin was hot and felt like it was vibrating. I found myself highly aroused, which disturbed me. It’s like he tapped into some dark sexual side of me that I didn’t know existed but longed to be released. And much like a dream, I felt like I was just being swept along in the story. “Do it. I wanna watch you piss my cum deep into his guts.” I still hadn’t really moved from my side of the trough, my fly undone and my dick out and really needing to piss at this point. Normally I’m pretty pee shy (and also shy about guys seeing my erect dick), but Kurt exerting control was overcoming my shyness and making my cock stiffen regardless. I saw Kurt’s eyes flick down to my groin and then a tug of a grin at the corner of his mouth. “Yeah, you Clark Kent preppy-types. You look like good boys, but there’s always a Superpig hiding just below the surface. All you need is that phone booth.” In a daze I slowly took position behind the twink, and slid my steel-hard dick inside his slick, well-opened chute. I could feel the wet heat of his ass engulf me, but my cock and body was dissociated from my brain. It was like I was watching myself do all of this from beyond myself- aware of it all, but also a bystander. “Fuck him,” Kurt growled. I’m embarrassed to say that I lasted all of perhaps 30 seconds. Kurt, the scene, the fact that this was so beyond the pale for me fairly short circuited my brain. My orgasm caught me by surprise and sort of startled me back to reality. “Oh my god. I just came in him. Without a condom,” I said in a confused whisper. Kurt looked at me with hooded eyes. “Good boy. Now relax that bladder. Fill this urinal up.” Was I really going to do this? I’d just cum inside a random guy at the bar and now I was being asked to piss his ass? All this in the bathroom at the bar on a dead Tuesday night? I could feel myself relaxing into the idea, but also warring against it. The urge to piss was strong and my erection waning, but I was still clenched. Kurt leaned in to whisper. “You’re gonna piss in him… for me. Because I’m giving you permission to give in to your desires. And because you know it will please me.” His hot breath on my neck made me shiver. Or was it merely a pee shiver? Or was it a shiver of my naked desire to please this fucking Alpha sex god? Whatever it was, the last of my inhibitions with the scene fell away and my bladder started emptying into the twink. Something I feel I should mention- I have a big bladder. I’m one of those guys at the movie theater who after the movie lets out, I’m at the urinal for a solid 3 minutes of pissing. Like, the urinals on either side of me will change over at least twice while I’m standing there. I get really self-conscious about it because I always think I might look like a [banned word] or something hanging out in a bathroom. So I always aim for the water so guys can audibly hear that I’m actually going still and not wanking it. (Yeah, I’ve had lots of time to analyze this). After a minute or so, Kurt asks the twink, “He pissing in you?” “Oh god damn yes sir! So much piss sir! I’m getting so full sir!” Kurt looks at me again with a smirk- his glittering, dark eyes raking my very soul. “Good boys.” I eventually finish, and slowly pull out of the urinal kid. “Now clean off his dick,” Kurt tells him. The twink rapidly drops and takes my dick in his mouth and starts sucking me. While this is happening, Kurt is tucking his flaccid equipment back into his jeans and buttoning up. Kurt has washed up and is walking out of the bathroom before I snap out of this weird sex trance. I quickly pull my dick from the twink’s mouth and zipped up. The twink silently resumed his standing post at the trough, awaiting others while I headed for the sink. As I was washing up, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. I didn’t even recognize the guy on the other side. What the fuck just happened? I don’t fuck random guys. And I certainly didn’t engage in water sports. Who WAS this person? Had I been drugged? I kind of felt a bit sick to my stomach. But I felt something else too… satisfaction? I splashed water on my face and toweled off before leaving the bathroom. When I made it back to the bar, Kurt was nowhere to be seen. I felt like I needed some answers so I quickly flag the bartender over. “Excuse me, but have you seen a big, burly, dark haired guy who was in a harness and…”. The bartender cuts me off with a harsh, appraising look. “Kurt just left,” he interrupts. “Don’t tell me he’s dickmatized another one?” Another one meaning me. “Oh… no. I just, um, wanted to… talk…to him. Maybe?” The bartender snorted. “Good luck, kid,” he said as he shook his head. “You’re gonna need it.” * * So his name was Kurt, that much I’d learned from the bartender. But where had he come from? Why hadn’t I ever seen him out before? Granted I almost never went to the bars, but still. Someone like him I figure I would have noticed at some point. Or heard about. Or seen online. Or something. Needless to say, I became obsessed with him. Like all-consuming, can’t-focus-at-work obsessed. Every waking moment I was replaying the bathroom scene in my head. My dick was getting raw from jacking off to it. I looked for him on the apps. I looked for him when I was shopping at the grocery store. I started rotating to other gyms in my network to see if I could catch a glimpse of him because he obviously worked out. All to no avail. I also started going to the bar more frequently in the hopes of running into him again. I started to go every Tuesday at the same time as before. But since that wasn’t yielding any results, I started peppering in other nights of the week. And Friday happy hours. I even started asking Charlie (the bartender) about him. As I was becoming a regular, I’d gotten on a first name basis with him. This particular night I plaintively asked, “You seen him recently?” I didn’t even have to give a name anymore as Charlie knew exactly who I was talking about. Normally he’d just roll his eyes at me and shake his head. “Actually, he was in two nights ago,” Charlie told me. Rats! I’d missed him! “And…?” I asked like the needy bitch I was becoming. Charlie looked uncomfortable. “Um, well. He picked up some out of towner, and they left together.” I was crestfallen and Charlie noticed. “Look kiddo. You need to set your sights on a different guy. Kurt is… well, I don’t think he’s a good match for you. I mean, he’s off-the-charts sexy, and you know the fuck would be epic. He’d probably split a little guy like you in half! But he has… issues. And I don’t think he’s exactly your scene. You’d just find yourself used and discarded like a teenage boy’s tube sock. That’s it. “Look. You are cute as hell with a bangin’ little bod on you. And you seem like you got it together, with a good head on your shoulders- at least when it hasn’t been turned by Kurt. You need to put yourself out there and find a nice guy, like yourself. Or even a not so nice guy if you just want sex. You honestly can get yourself any man you want at the drop of a hat!” “I’m not *that* nice,” I replied sullenly. “And evidently I can’t get *any* man.” Charlie just sadly shook his head. It wasn’t until a couple months later that I was at the bar (also on a Tuesday, as it was becoming my regular night) when I saw Kurt again. I almost didn’t recognize him at first. His hair was a bit longer and he was completely clean-shaven. He was also wearing rimless glasses that went with his business-casual drag for the evening. But it was him. It was definitely him. He was leaning up against the bar, beer in hand, in a tight, navy blue polo that looked like it was straining to contain him. He was also chatting with another guy who had his back to me. Kurt was smiling and laughing a little at what the other guy was saying and I felt jealously uncoil in my guts. I positioned myself in Kurt’s line of sight, and tried my best not to stare. It wasn’t working. Kurt wasn’t looking- he only apparently had eyes for this other guy. I drank down my whole beer this way… waiting for Kurt to notice me. Or at least to acknowledge my presence. It didn’t happen. When the other guy finally excused himself to the restroom, I decided it was time to make my move. I walked up to where Kurt was standing and leaned on the bar next to him. “Hey Kurt,” was my opening line. Smooth. He slowly turned to me and then casually tipped his chin down to regard me. His eyes were amber. I wasn’t expecting that. Seconds passed as he stared blankly at me. “Do I know you?” he finally said in a somewhat bored voice. “Um… no. Not exactly… But, um… there was this one time that we….” My voice died on my lips as Kurt’s friend returned. Kurt flicked a dismissive look in my direction and immediately turned away from me and started talking with his friend again. They spoke as if I were invisible. “So—friend of yours?” the guy asked. “Nope. Some rando… He just came up and started talking to me. It was really awkward. So, you wanna get out of here?” “Fuck yeah, daddy, I want my gift! Let’s go!” And then without another look in my direction, Kurt and his “plus one” left for the evening. My eyes stung as I stood at the bar. It was taking a massive effort not to cry right then and there; not like it would have mattered in the mostly dead bar. But still, public bawling over a guy was not high on my to do list. Maybe it was my jealousy, but all I kept thinking was ‘why did he leave with that guy’? I mean, I didn’t think he was all that cute. He was some average, mid-30’s, banker type with a receding hairline and a paunch. Was *that* Kurt’s type? What did he see in him? It was like a gut-punch to the old self-esteem. Eventually Charlie sauntered over, a concerned look on his face. “You ok, kid?” “Charlie, he looked at me like I was something he scraped off his shoe. I haven’t been made to feel like that since high school,” I said. “I mean, what’s that other guy got that I don’t got?” “A death wish,” Charlie mumbled. “What was that?” I asked, curious about his choice of words. “Nothin’ kid. I’m sorry you’re still hung up on him and I know it hurts a bit, but it’s for the best. Hell, they’re called ‘crushes’ for a reason.” He poured me a bourbon and set it in front of me. “Maker’s Mark… for affairs of the heart.” And then he took his leave, so I could nurse the drink, and my wounds, in private. * * After that, I became a bit less of a bar fly and a bit less stalkerish. Kurt still crossed my mind, but now instead of horny, it made me angry. Although I will admit that I found his facebook profile during one of my weaker moments. It was fairly private, so I couldn’t learn much. And it didn’t look like he had posted much in a few years. All I could see were a few pics of him with a guy named Bo who looked like he could be my older brother. However, I had so far managed to resist the urge to request friendship, which I saw as a definite win. I was slowly weaning myself off of Kurt, and getting back to somewhat of a focused life. And it felt good. So a month later when I saw Kurt again, it sort of caught me off guard. Although it really shouldn’t have- as it was at a sex party. Now, let me be clear. Sex parties are not my forte. I’ve only been to like 3 of them, like, ever. And while they are kind of exciting, I think perhaps I give off the wrong sort of vibe or something? Maybe I look too goody two-shoes? Or like I won’t participate? Or I look like I’m nervous (because I am). Whatever it is, I never seem to get laid at them. Maybe a little sucky sucky, but that’s kind of it. Which can be a bit depressing when you see others having loads of fun, so to speak. Anyway, my waning crush on Kurt had left me in a bit of a randy mood- considering I had been so focused on him that I hadn’t had sex in months. So I hit up a friend of a friend of mine whom I knew to have semi-regular sex parties at their fairly large (and sluttily equipped) home. As luck would have it, they were hosting one that coming Saturday evening as a July 4th “Bang Bash” and yes, I was welcome to “cum”. I received an email with directions and timing and rules (along with their strict no drugs policy). And by the time Saturday rolled around, I was fairly well vibrating I was so damn horny. Not wanting to seem too eager, I waited until 45 minutes after the party start time in order to arrive. I didn’t think I could take arriving early and being scrutinized by other party guests. It would make me even more self-conscious than I already am. When I arrived, I was shown where to put my clothes. As I disrobed, I was informed there were about 50 or so guys already there, the basement was in full swing, and that I should head on down. So I quickly got down to my jock, sneakers, and backward Cubs cap. One final check in the mirror convinced me I looked cute enough for this and I made my way downstairs. My glasses fogged briefly as I entered the humidity from the sweaty bodies. You could smell sex and poppers in the air. The basement area was illuminated by red bulbs, some rainbow LEDs and occasional bursts of laser lighting. House music throbbed to provide an ambient noise level to mask some of the fuck noises and lower inhibitions. It was a very heady combo, I’ll admit. I wandered around as I seem to do at such events, never quite sure of where to look or what to do with my hands. I saw several guys standing and/or kneeling as blow jobs were underway all over the place. A couple of guys were fucking in a darkened corner—the slap of flesh keeping time with the music. I watched them fuck for a little while. They were oblivious to my presence. As I wandered more I saw guys making out in groups of 3, 4 and more. There were guys on a couch and bent over chairs. It was a smorgasbord of sex. And then I saw him. His profile was unmistakable as he stood in a small knot of guys surrounding a sling. My stomach clenched and I nearly turned around to go back upstairs. But something made me hold my ground. I could tell that there was a guy in the sling, and that he was being fucked. I was hesitant to go watch- even though I wanted to- because of him. Suddenly a small voice inside me said, “Fuck him! You were invited here. It isn’t his party. You have every right to watch too.” So I made my way over to the sling. And thereby to Kurt. I stepped up to the side of the sling across from Kurt, keeping my eyes glued to the guy fucking the hot, furry, muscle cub who was currently getting his ass well and truly used. I had to will myself not to look over at him, but damnit if I wasn’t going to do my best to ignore that fucker the way he’d ignored me. It wasn’t going to be easy though, because in my peripheral vision I could tell Kurt was staring at me. Hard. Muscle cub by this time had found my cock and fished it out of my jock. He was jacking me and I was quickly wickedly hard. I shifted myself up toward his head so he could suck me while he was getting fucked. I shifted my gaze to the muscle cub’s face as he worked my cock. Anything to hold my attention and to keep me from looking at Kurt. Muscle cub was cute. Blonde. Stocky. Shoulders and arms for days. Nice pecs on him. And seeing him in such a vulnerable position on his back with his legs in the stirrups made my loins stir. I didn’t know if I wanted to do him… or be him. Probably a bit of column A and a bit of column B. Again, it was like I entered a sex trance and I was disconnected from my cock and this activity—I was aware of it but it was like I was dissociated from it all. Plus, I mean, again who *was* this guy who was actually participating at an orgy? Normally I couldn’t even get hard if there was more than one other guy in the room as I was too embarrassed and self-conscious. But tonight it was different. Because he was here. Dimly acknowledged in the back of my brain burned this solitary idea. I wanted to strike back at Kurt. I wanted him to see what I was doing. I wanted him to watch me fucking this guy’s mouth. I wanted to show him I could take pleasure without his permission and without even acknowledging him. In a misguided way, I was trying to wound him like he had wounded me at the bar. Although I honestly had no idea why I believed this would even phase him or where this idea had germinated. All I knew was that fucker was going to notice me and remember me this time. The guy fucking the muscle cub came suddenly—and very demonstrably. The cub pulled off my cock to moan in delight and say “Oh fuck yeah! Breed me!” As my eyes swept to the man emptying himself inside the cub, I stumbled. In a weak moment, I glanced over at him- I swear it was involuntary! And just as if he were medusa, my breath caught in my chest and I was immediately petrified under his gaze. He’d buzzed his hair down to fuzz, and his beard was at that heavier than 5 o’clock shadow stage. He was naked except for his harness. And tonight he wore a steel cock ring which matched the PA. This was the first time I’d seen the full expanse of his body, and my god he was beautiful. Like, everything was just perfectly proportioned. Everything except his fairly enormous cock. As we stared at each other? Waves. My god, the pulsing waves of pure, unadulterated sex that bombarded me from this man were unlike anything I’d ever felt! I could feel the thrum in my skin. Again, I blame the stench of man-sex and poppers and the July heat of the room and the music and pheromones. I didn’t even feel the cub’s mouth on my dick anymore (he’d evidently gone back to sucking me at some point- I honestly hadn’t noticed). I was lost in Kurt’s stare which was a grappling hook in my heart. With a small head gesture from him, I pulled my dick from the cub’s mouth and walked down to the now vacant end of the sling. Still locked into his eyes, Kurt reached out and placed a hand on my shoulder and added a slight pressure downward. I knew what he wanted, and even though I’d never rimmed a guy before, I obeyed. I slowly sank down, and started tonguing the cub’s furry pucker. The heat of his butthole and the tang of semen hit my tongue like a one-two punch, and it shocked me. A fuse blew, and I just started to eat his ass with abandon. The cub was moaning and begging for more, and I could feel him pushing out some of the cum for me. Tasting what he’d collected from these other men in this way drove me into a frenzy. In a hazy way, could tell my brain wanted to analyze what the fuck was going on with me, but I was too busy being swept along in the sexual current of the moment. I felt Kurt’s hand under my chin, gently lifting me upward. Again, he didn’t have to tell me what he wanted. I just knew. I absentmindedly reached for a condom, opened it and rolled it on. I spit on my hand and lubed up, although I didn’t need much. The cub was already well lubricated from several others. While continuing to be held by Kurt’s stare, I slid into the cub and started fucking him. Slowly, I let the sling rock back and forth, feeling the cub’s hot, hairy little hole slide up and down my shaft. Through my stare I was trying to telepathically communicate to Kurt that this is what *I* wanted. I wanted to be in the sling, him to be sheathed inside me— my hole working his shaft. Me giving him my body and giving him pleasure, and taking pleasure in return. During the fuck, Kurt moved closer. I felt his thumb and forefinger encircle my cock at the base as I fucked the cub. I was keenly aware that this was the first time he’d touched me, and I shuddered. On the outstroke, I could feel Kurt using his hand to work the condom up my shaft. Then he lined me up and I thrust back in. Then on the outstroke again, Kurt’s hand working the condom up. By the 4th stroke or so, it was just now at my head. He deftly pulled it off. Without missing a beat, he lined me up again and I slid back inside the cub. Kurt was again directing me as he wanted and I was his slave. He then leaned in close to me again and gruffly whispered, “Now breed him. He’s a cumdump and I wanna watch you give him what he wants.” I obeyed. I grabbed the chains of the sling and looked down at the muscle cub I was using as directed. He really was a cute guy, the kind of “aw shucks” guy it looks like you’d want to date and take home to your parents. At least until you found out he was a dirty, fucking slut. Which right now made my dick that much harder. His hole felt like wet silk on my raw dick. As I was building tempo, Kurt moved up to the head of the sling and tucked his prodigious unit in the cub’s mouth. Only about 1/3 of it fit and the cub was gagging on it. Kurt made eye contact with me again and held it as he grabbed the boy’s head and fucked his mouth. I smirked because I could tell that was doing this for me. He *knew* I would like seeing the cub struggle with his meat. He spoke to the cub next, in a deep voice that seemed to cut through the noise in the room. “Beg for his load, slut. I wanna hear you beg for his cum like the filthy cunt you are.” The cub stopped sucking long enough to start up a litany of entreaties for my seed. “Please breed me! Please cum in me! I wanna feel you load me! I need it! Please! No loads refused! I’m a fucking cum whore and I live to be filled! I want your DNA to be part of me! Knock me up, man!” Hearing the hot stud begging for me to cum was the final push to get the load to boil out of my balls. I buried myself in him and let go. Volley after volley of my pent up seed and frustration throbbed into his guts. “Oh fuck! I feel him cumming! I actually FEEL it!! Fuck that’s a lot! Oh FUUUUUCK!” the cub whimpered. And through all of this, my eyes never left Kurt’s. Even though I had just cum so much that it felt like my balls turned inside out, I was still in a sex trance. I was empty, but now I needed to get filled. I pulled out of the cub and made my way over to Kurt. I figured it was going to be now. This was going to happen. Kurt was still rock hard from our scene and I aimed to be on the recipient end of it. As I approached there was a brief look of confusion which flickered across his face. When I was in front of him, I reached out and grabbed his massive tool. He flinched at the contact, and pushed my hand away. Not to be deterred, I dropped to my knees in front of him and moved to take him in my mouth. He instantly jumped back away from me and barked out, “No.” It was like a hypnotist snapped his fingers and I suddenly found myself naked on a stage in front of strangers. One of the party rules was “consent”. If someone said No or wanted to stop- you stopped. That was the rule. And if you didn’t stop, you were asked to leave or escorted out. So there I was, as it were. Just a boy. Kneeling in front of a boy. Asking him to fuck me. And being patently rejected. It was so “mixed message” after everything that had just transpired that I actually started to laugh. I had so many emotions roiling about that I didn’t know what to do or how to react. Seeing how Kurt looked at me, I was instantly filled with hot shame. Which was then rapidly replaced by seething anger. I stood up slowly and gave Kurt my best “what the everloving fuck” look. He just looked back at me with pinched brows and shook his head. So I walked over to the nearest fuck bench, bent over with dramatic flair, and proceeded to make a show of lubing up my ass. And I aimed to get filled one way or another. And if Kurt wouldn’t do it, anyone else would do. Any and all of them. And that fucker was going to watch them do it. One guy immediately walked up and stuffed his dick in my mouth. I asked for some poppers, took a hit, and went to town servicing him. I was on a mission. During this, I felt a couple different guys walk by and caress my ass. One even fingered my hole a little… but then they would walk away. Nobody seemed to want to fuck me. I kept wriggling my ass and trying to tempt guys, all to no avail. Why was nobody fucking me? Even the guy feeding me his cock didn’t cum and he wandered off. I was prepped. I was ready. I had a muscular, round ass from hours of squats and miles of biking. And I was a pretty darn good bottom from what I’d been told. But tonight I was on a fuck bench island—alone. I was starting to feel pretty despondent, when suddenly I feel a guy’s cock start to nudge around my ass. Finally! I hear the lube bottle open and feel him slick up his dick behind me. A lubed digit briefly slipped in my ass to open me up. And just as the head starts to slip inside me, it stops and pulls out. “What’s your deal, man? I was gonna breed that fine little ass!” “It’s off limits for you. Go fuck the cumdump in the sling.” It was Kurt’s voice. Why the fuck was Kurt was cock blocking? This made absolutely no sense. “Fuck you, man. You don’t own this hole. And this little fucker is begging for a load!” said my would be fucker. “Seriously man, just walk away. He doesn’t want your toxic seed.” Toxic seed? Was the guy poz and was he going to fuck me without a condom? I stood up from the bench. “Dude, are you poz and were you going to fuck me without a condom?” I asked the guy. He looked at me with disdain. “Whatever, dude. It’s a bareback sex party.” And he stalked off. Kurt was standing there with his arms folded over his chest. “Are YOU the reason nobody’s been wanting to fuck me? Have you been cock blocking me this entire time??” I asked him incredulously. “I just saved your ass. Literally and figuratively. You’re in a sex haze and not thinking clearly. Did you really want his dirty dick to load you up with poz cum?” Kurt asked flatly. “Well… maybe I DID!” I retorted like a child. Kurt stared me down until I looked away. “I didn’t think so,” he answered smugly. And this pissed me off. “You know what? I’m out. Thanks for ruining what was turning into a good night. Let’s not keep meeting like this, shall we?” I spat as I walked away from him. I stormed upstairs, got dressed, and left the party. I drove home angry. Hurt. Sad. And … relieved? Relieved that I’d dodged a poz load in my ass all because of Kurt and his apparent conscience. I was more confused than ever about who the fuck this man was. * * I didn’t see Kurt again until the end of summer. And other than occasional angry thoughts about him, I didn’t much think of him during the time after the sex party. The only time he seriously entered my thoughts was during the one hookup I had in the month of August. Looking back, it was painfully obvious I was trying to find a clone of Kurt. The guy was big and dark and muscular—but the connection just wasn’t there. The sex was perfunctory and unfulfilling and left me fantasizing about Kurt while I jacked myself off on the guy. I ate my weight in ice cream afterwards, because feelings. Anyway, I really felt I had turned a corner when Labor Day rolled around. It was time for Tom and Hal’s end of summer pool party. I was in a mood and pretty down on myself, so I almost didn’t go. If Tom wasn’t such a good friend, I’d probably have begged off, coming up with some lame excuse. As it was, I sucked it up, put on the pink speedo that showed off my assets, and headed over. When I arrived, Tom met me at the door- a big shit eating grin on his face. “About time! And man have I got a surprise for you!” and he started singing “Matchmaker” from Fiddler on the Roof. “Oh no. Don’t you remember the last time you tried to set me up? I thought we’d learned our lesson, because *that* went so fucking well,” I admonished. “Look honey. How was I supposed to know he was still married?” he shrugged. “And a sub bottom with a diaper fetish,” I reminded him. “Everyone has little kinks, darling,” he laughed. “Exactly what part of ‘change me! Baby make boom-boom’ did you think I would find endearing?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. Tom waved me off. “This one is different. You are 100% his type, and he is SO yours. I mean, this guy is so EVERYONE’S type. Trust me. This time, this yenta is onto something big. And from what I hear, I do mean BIG!” I sighed and resigned myself to the fact that I had to just go with it. It was just who Tom was. I’d humor him, meet the guy, it wouldn’t work (like all the others because it was seriously like Tom didn’t know me at all or what I liked), and I’d go on my merry way until next time. Tom left me in the kitchen and scurried off to go find Mr. Match, so I made myself a drink. I heard him coming back with someone in tow (Tom was loud) just as I was completing my margarita. I turned around and… yeah. Him. Tom smiles huge and says, “I’d like to introduce you to…” “Kurt,” I finished, my disdain apparent. Tom’s smile falters. “Oh, have you two met?” he enquires. “Oh yeah. On a few separate occasions, isn’t that right Kurt?” Kurt just stood there, looking like he wanted to be anywhere else at the moment. For once he wouldn’t meet my eyes. I took the opportunity to add an extra shot of patron to my marg. “By the way, Tom? You’re wrong about me being his type,” I said in the shittiest voice I could muster. “He actually finds me quite repulsive—that is when he can even be bothered to remember who the fuck I am. So if you’ll excuse me, imma go find your husband and drink. Heavily.” And with that I left them standing in the kitchen. Several drinks and an hour of avoidance later, I was on an air mattress in the pool, trying to relax and soak up the last of the summer sun. I felt the waves gently rock me as someone slid into the pool. A few moments later, a shadow covered me as someone stood next to my float. “Hey,” he said. Because of course it was Kurt. I tilted my head over and opened my eyes. God he was even more beautiful wet. And today he was sporting hair that was a bit longer and just starting to wave a bit, and a full mustache with heavy beard stubble. He was a wet, sexier Tom Selleck. Or Pete Kuzak. It was his best look and it physically hurt me to look at him, so I closed my eyes. “What is it, Kurt?” I sighed. “You’ve successfully managed to suck almost all the joy in my life for the past few months. What are you going to do for an encore? Anally rape my mother while pouring sugar in my gas tank?” He chuckled. “That line is from the movie Clerks. And No. No encore. More like a truce.” I looked at him again. “I was a jerk and I’m sorry,” he said with a shrug. “And I think that for today, on this last day of summer, we should just hang out and… be. Maybe get to know each other in a different space. What do you say?” I thought about it for a good minute. I mean, really thought about it. Do I continue to be butthurt? Or do I just say fuck it and let him off the hook? Even though his eyes held mine again, there wasn’t the heat. Instead they were saying “please”. Which broke me. I relented. “Fetch me another drink, Farm Boy, and we’ll see,” I said. “Fetch it yourself,” he says and then proceeded to dump me off my air mattress into the pool. I sputtered as I came up and he was laughing like a kid and smiling. Smiling AT me. I’d never seen him smile before, not like this. Not directed at me. Being on the receiving end of it was absolutely blinding. Like a million photographer flash bulbs going off. And he had dimples, because of course he did. Fuck me sideways. The next couple of hours in the pool drifted by lazily. We talked about everything and nothing. The Clerks quote had opened things up and we chatted about favorite movies and art and just hung out. Other guys at the party desperately wanted Kurt’s attention, but whenever they would swim up to chat, he would shift over to me. Feeling his bulk casually brush up against my side, or his furry leg touch mine set flame to my skin. One time he even draped his arm across my shoulders possessively and my insides melted. Seriously turned to goo. I slowly reciprocated and put my arm around his expansive back to his waist. This time he didn’t smack it away. It was the first time I was actually touching him after all these months—the heat of his tan flesh under my hand made my heart stutter. I’d had more than a few cocktails at this point, so I was feeling giddy and buzzy, but in a really warm and delightful way. I was also punch drunk from the attention Kurt was paying me. Feeling cocky, I popped back onto a pool float and lay back with my hands beneath my head. “Push me around the pool,” I jokingly command him. “As you wish,” he replied. Fuck me. He did know the Princess Bride after all. I felt his hand move from the float to my side and I felt sure that I was in for another dunking. If that happened, I’d make him pay. But no. We were in the shallows of the pool and he was gently pushing me around- his large hand on my upper rib cage. Then his hand shifted a bit, and I felt his finger on my nipple. At first it just rested there, but instantly the entire focus of my being was concentrated on that little nub of flesh. Then his finger lightly circled it and brushed it. I shivered, and my cock sprang to life in my speedo. “Looks like someone is having a good time,” said Tom cheekily, and I quickly dumped myself off the mattress and into the cool water. I was immediately self-conscious again of being sexual in public and separated myself to the far side of the pool to get my drink. I hear Kurt haul himself out of the water and excuse himself to the restroom. Meanwhile my mind is racing with a million thoughts. What was happening? Was Kurt flirting? Did he actually want me? Did I WANT him to want me? What would we do? Would we finally have sex? My boner would NOT go down as my mind raced down alley after alley of all the things I wanted to do to Kurt’s body. Eventually I was able to quell my visible desire and decided that I too could use a bathroom break. I figured it was also a good time for a drink refresher too. When I looked for Kurt to see if he wanted something from the bar, he wasn’t around. Meh, I figured I’d just surprise him with something and I headed up to the house. When I opened the bathroom door, I’m the one who got the surprise. Kurt was there, leaning against the sink with his dick halfway down Tom’s throat. I think I said something like, “Oops! Sorry” before stumbling blindly away, tears burning my eyes. It was like my heart had been ripped from my chest and crumpled like a ball of foil. I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t form coherent thoughts. I had to get out of there and away. Just… away. The next thing I remember was sitting in my car and bawling my eyes out. I’d been duped again and let my guard down. I was smarter than this. And How DARE he have this much power over me! But the truth was he did have that power and it sucked. He’d hurt me again. And the really fucked up thing was, I would probably continue to let him because I was just that pathetic. I felt the passenger side open up and someone crawl in. I figured it was Tom, come to apologize. “You know, Tom? Bathroom doors come with locks for a reason. Mainly so your EX-best friend doesn’t stumble in on you sucking off the love of his life,” I said with as much venom as I could muster. “It’s not Tom… it’s me.” Because of course it was him. And suddenly a switch flipped and I was furious. “Get. The fuck. Out of my car,” I said dangerously. “Seriously. Get out. Get OUT! Fuck you, fucking dick! Did you come to gloat? To Rub it in? Fuck you and your mixed messages. Fuck you for messing with me. Is this a fucking game to you? Is this FUN? Tormenting me? Teasing me and then gutting me to the core? Is THAT what gets you off you sadistic FUCK!” “No, this isn’t a game. And this isn’t what gets me off,” he said quietly. “Then what is it? What the FUCK is going on between us? Why would you come at me with your ‘lets just be’ B.S.? Then proceed to tease me all day? You aren’t blind or stupid—you KNOW what you do to me! You KNOW how I feel about you. You toyed with me deliberately only to go off and fuck Tom’s mouth!” “I didn’t do it deliberately, I honestly just wanted to try to befriend you today,” he mumbled. “And I didn’t go off to fuck Tom’s mouth. He busted in on me jacking off in the bathroom and he just dropped and started sucking. I… I wasn’t thinking clearly at that point…I should’ve stopped him, but….” “But?? BUT WHAT?? Any hole will do, is that it? Anyone’s but MINE?” I shot back. “I… I just really needed… I needed to get off, ok?” “You needed to get off. AT the pool party. Because it couldn’t wait until you got home?” I said incredulously. “Seriously. It couldn’t wait?” “No, it couldn’t wait!” Kurt was becoming visibly agitated and upset now. “Why the fuck not? Seriously, who just jacks off randomly at a party?” “I was doing it to protect you!” he said, his voice escalating in volume. “Protecting me? From whom? Tom?? You thought you’d protect me from Tom’s mouth by FUCKING IT?!?” I shouted back. “I WAS PROTECTING YOU FROM ME, GODDAMNIT!” All the air seemed to go out of the car, and Kurt was shaking. My anger dissipated quickly and my intuition was telling me something important was happening. I turned to Kurt and just looked at him— patiently waiting for some sort of explanation. Kurt wouldn’t look back. He just looked at his hands as he gripped the dashboard. He took a deep, shuddering breath and began. “I was protecting you from me. Being near you today? I thought I could handle it. I saw the way you looked at me at the sex party. How hurt you were and it gutted me. I told myself never again. So when you showed up today, I thought to myself, Kurt? Here’s your opportunity. Here’s your chance to make amends and maybe not be such an asshole. I really thought the best protection for you might be if I were a buddy, you know? Just a buddy who could look out for you and protect you. I thought I could handle it. But christ. Being near you today? Seeing your body? Joking around and hearing you laugh? Touching you? It made me fucking crazy- like I wanted to jump right out of my skin. I tried to tamp it down, God I tried. To just be a normal guy and not… not think with my prick. But you look so goddamn much like him and I couldn’t control myself and my dark thoughts started spinning out of control and I had to stop them. Stop myself. So I went to the bathroom to jack off. To relieve the sexual pressure so that I could maybe go back to just being a nice guy and maybe a friend. If I could just cum it might be enough to get through being near you the rest of the afternoon. But I didn’t lock the fucking door and Tom came in and he just… started sucking… and I just really needed the release or else I was going to do something I would regret so I just let him keep sucking even though I should have stopped him. I know I should have stopped him! It wasn’t his mouth I wanted. But when my demons are released it’s like trying to stop a freight train and then you walked in and everything went to fucking hell ….” Kurt still hadn’t looked at me. And he still hadn’t answered the big question. “Kurt,” I said gently. “Why do you feel you need to protect me from yourself? I’m a big boy- maybe not in stature- but I can make my own decisions. I’ve wanted you to fuck me for a long time.” “Oh you can’t say that! PLEASE don’t say that!” he cried. And tears started to flow from his eyes. “Why not? It’s the truth. I want you like I’ve never wanted any other man before. You electrify me in a way that nobody ever has,” I said as I reached out to touch his leg. He flinched and looked up at me, stricken. “Electrify? As in Charge?? HA!” He laughed mirthlessly as his body was wracked with sobs. “I’m HIV positive,” he finally whispered. “But it’s more than that. Much more. I’m sick. Not HIV sick, but sick in my very soul. I have a darkness in me. A twisted desire to infect other guys with HIV. You asked what gets me off? THAT gets me off. The thought of infecting guys makes my dick hard! Christ! I’m getting hard right now just talking about it and I’m fucking bawling while I bare by soul to you! How fucked up is that?” There was a pregnant pause as he took a deep breath. “And how sick is it that I want to infect you so you’ll be mine forever?” It was barely audible, but I heard it. “Kurt…” I started. “His name was Bo. Love of my life. I was fairly newly poz when we met, and he wasn’t. But we were determined to make it work. I loved him and He knew me, REALLY knew me. Knew my darkness. Knew my fetishes and kinks. My demons. And he loved me anyway. He loved me so much that he begged for me to knock him up. To infect him so we would always be together. I railed against the idea for a long time, and we were always so careful. SO careful! I needed him healthy and whole. But he wore me down. He said he was ready. He PROMISED me he was. That he could handle it and he wanted it and he wanted it from ME. He even told me that he would go get pozzed up from someone else, just to be done with it all. So finally I relented. I let the demons out and I did it. I fucking did it. It took on the first try too, because I’m fertile. And I gotta tell you, man was it hot. It was so goddamn hot doing it. I loved every fucking second and being the one to make him poz. Fuck, it blew my mind. When I bred him that night it was like all my love emptied into him too. Only he lied to me. He wasn’t ready for it. His family found out and they disowned him. Some of his friends turned on him and called him a fool for not being safe and stupid for being with me. They abandoned him. His conservative job found out and canned him. He lost health insurance. It was all so messed up. But I thought we were working through it all ok. We had each other and I loved him and that was enough right? But he got depressed. Really depressed. I came home one day… I came home…and… I’m the one who found him.” Kurt had tears just streaming down his face now- cathartically releasing all the pent up emotions that must have been eating away at him. “Bo is dead because of me. The love of my life died because I can’t control my sick desires. I was weak and he is dead. And I vowed never again. Not with someone that I care about. And then you walk into a bar bathroom, the spitting image…” “But Kurt, we can still do stuff. Be intimate. All this doesn’t make me want you less, if anything I want you more now. We can be safe….” I offered. “Safe? With me there IS no ‘safe’. You’ve seen me in action, when I’m amped up. I’m a fucking pig with a big cock and a bigger sex drive. Once the demons are loose, there’s no stopping them. You say “safe” but you don’t understand. You don’t KNOW. I’m telling you even now sitting here, after all this, I still want to infect you. I see you and I am overcome with desire. I want you so badly that I can’t focus. You are so beautiful and sexy and I want nothing more than to tear up that meaty little ass of yours. I want to fuck you so hard you bleed. I want to fuck you until your spine cracks and your spleen is bruised. I want you whimpering as I cum so deep inside that it will never come out. And then I want to do it again and again and again until you convert. Then we’ll be a matched pair and I’ll own you for life. You say ‘safe’. How do you think you’ll be safe with me? I’m way bigger than you. You don’t stand a chance. Don’t ask me to pull out, because I won’t. You think you’ll be safe if I use a condom? Don’t you think that at some point my dark side will win and I’ll sabotage the rubber so my seed leaks into you? Or I sneak it off and stealth you? Or drug you and then rape my poz load into your ass? God, my cock is hard right now just talking about it! With me there IS no such thing as safe, don’t you see? That’s why I’m telling you all this. That’s why I let Tom suck me. That’s why I pushed you away at the sex party. That’s why I pretended not to know you at the bar even though I wanted nothing more than to ditch that other guy and take you back to my place to destroy you. That’s why I sprinted home that first time at the bar. It’s me… protecting you… from me. Before I can’t control myself and it’s too late.” We sat quietly in my car, the only sound an occasional sniffle from him as we sat amid the enormity of everything he just unloaded. My mind was reeling from his revelations and his stark honesty. There was so much conflict going on inside me. My feelings for him. My attraction. His status. His dark fetish. His struggle. But above it all, just being in the car with him had me vibrating. My guts were a knot and… And suddenly, I was calm. In a moment of clarity, I knew what I was going to do. Kurt spoke again, dejectedly. “I know this was… a lot. And I’m sorry. I truly am sorry. Please understand that I think you are so… so beautiful. But you deserved to know. And now maybe you’ll understand I can’t see you again.” His hand moved to the door handle. Before he could make another move, I launched myself at him, grabbed his face, and kissed him. I wish I could say it was one of those beautiful, perfect moviestar kisses—it wasn’t. He’d been crying. I’d been crying. There were residual tears and snot. I came in too hot and our teeth sort of clacked together. It wasn’t pretty. But it was also fucking hot as hell. It started off with me ramming against him and him sort of yelping as I startled him. His body was tensed like a clock spring. I kept our lips pressed together unmoving- waiting to see what he was going to do. Suddenly the fight seemed to go out of him and he relaxed. Then our kiss morphed into a gentle “I see you, Jake Sully” kiss. And then it deepened, and turned more urgent until we were two horny teenagers making out in a car. And I gotta say—the stache and stubble combo? Holy fuck. Feeling his stubble rake across my jaw lit me on fire. Kissing Kurt in this moment was the most intimate, most sexual thing I think I’d ever done with another man in my life. It also felt I was kissing a brewing storm… and I never wanted to stop. As my hands wandered down to his straining groin, he suddenly stopped and pushed me away. “Fuck, this is what I was afraid of! I am barely hanging on, here. We have to stop.” “Have you heard of PReP,” I asked him breathlessly. “Sure,” he nods. “Well, I’m on it. And I triple dog dare you to try to get me pregnant, Kurt.” He closed his eyes then. “Drive,” he commanded as he fastened his seat belt. * * We drove to his condo in a blur. I drove fast, but not so fast as to get a speeding ticket (or DUI). He wanted to fuck me at his place because it was set up with everything that we would need. I honestly don’t remember getting from the parking garage to his unit. Once parked we were on each other again with reckless abandon. We managed to get out of the car, but he pushed me up against it- his hands all over my body. He ended up going down on me as I leaned against the car- my synapses shorting out as I felt his mouth take me inside. Then I tried to return the favor, but the 0 gauge PA kept clattering against my teeth which really bothered me. We stopped so he could unscrew a ball and take it out for me. I sucked his dick briefly in the elevator- I didn’t care if there were security cameras. Let them fucking watch me service this god’s dick! I just needed to feel him in my mouth. His dick is fucking enormous. Two and a half hands worth and my fingers didn’t touch around it. Big fucking head like a pit viper. He probably was going to fuck me in half with it, and I was beyond ready to surrender to it. Eventually we got to his condo and he had me go prep using his shower shot while he got the place ready for me. I did as I was told and made sure to spend a little extra time, as I knew he would be going extra deep. I stepped out of the bathroom into a dimly lit scene. “Come here,” I heard him say in his deep, sex voice. My feet were instantly compelled forward to the bedroom. He had a blood red light bulb in the bedside lamp, to set the mood. He had a sling set up, suspended in one corner from eye bolts in the ceiling. One of the walls had a large mirror there so you would be able to watch yourself during, were you so inclined. And the wall opposite the foot of the king sized bed had a 60” TV mounted on an articulating arm, so porn could be watched at any time. And he had filthy porn playing—lots of biohazard symbols everywhere. As I stepped into his den of iniquity, our eyes met and he said, “Last chance, bud. Or abandon all hope.” I walked up to him, staring deeply into his eyes. I feel that familiar sex trance coming on and this time I welcomed it fully. With that all my inhibitions fell away and I felt free. I knew Kurt wouldn’t judge me and anything was on the table. I chose my next words deliberately. “So, that guy that you were talking with that night at the bar when you pretended not to know me? Did you poz him?” I saw Kurt’s nostrils flare as his eyes glittered in the red light. “Yes. Yes I did.” “Tell me,” I say. “What’s to tell? He was a dumb fucking bug chaser. I found him on BBRT and told him I could help him out. He met me at the bar after work. I brought him here and gave him what he wanted.” “And what he wanted was your toxic seed. Did it take?” I asked. I knew my questions were goading Kurt on and getting his demons going. “Oh yeah. I told you—I’m fertile. He called me two weeks later to tell me he got the fuck flu. He was so happy.” “And was it a good fuck? Did you enjoy breeding him? Did it satisfy you?” I asked. “It was ok. He’d been chasing for awhile but everyone’s pretty well controlled these days so infections are rare. And he really wanted it so it didn’t feel like much of a challenge. It’s sort of hotter when the guy doesn’t want it, or doesn’t know he wants it.” Kurt’s cock was so hard at this. That’s when I noticed he’d changed his PA. The one in now was a curved barbell of sorts, but there were conical spikes screwed onto the ends. Kind of like what you’d see on a dog’s collar. I reached down and fingered it lightly. His cock jumped at my touch. “Is this your weapon of choice for my guts tonight?” I asked. “You triple dog dared me to get you pregnant. I aim to keep my record intact,” he growled. “So, about a month before I ran into you at the bar, Charlie told me he’d seen you with some random guy from out of town and that you’d left with him. You get him pregnant, too?” Kurt chuckled. “You keeping tabs on me?” he asked. “Just some light stalking. You know I’m obsessed with you.” Kurt reaches up and starts lightly stroking my nipples. My nipples are hard wired and with his touch, bolts of electricity coursed through me and made my dick jump. “I honestly don’t know if I got him pregnant or not- it’s definitely possible since I gave him a double dose. I may get a two-fer if his wife pops poz too.” “Fuck, really?” I asked. Even though I had started out as just playing a role to turn Kurt on, hearing him talk this way was getting me very turned on. Was I a secret chaser? Or was I just some sex pig that had finally found someone to help me realize my true self?” “Yeah. The guy was in town on a business trip. Married. To a woman. He was at the bar because he was bi-curious, the stupid fucker. Had cheated on his wife a few times with guys but only bottomed twice before. Such an easy pickup! He took me back to his hotel room so I could be his third time. Man, he was definitely not prepared for my cock. He cried while I fucked him.” “And you got him to risk it and go bareback?” I asked, definitely curious at this point. “Not at first. He insisted on a condom because he was ‘married’. But I deliberately didn’t use enough lube. I wanted to rough him up a bit and also possibly have the condom pop. That happens sometimes due to my size and my… vigor. Whoops.” He grinned and I had to laugh at the way he said it. “Unfortunately, the condom held, but he was really crying and it was tearing up his ass something fierce because fuck he was tight, so I told him it would feel better skin to skin. I had him take a hit of poppers, stripped off the condom, lubed up, and slid right back in. “I stealthed him quick before he came to his senses. And then kept going to make sure I massaged that load into him. As I was working up load 2 he did ask me not to cum in him. I said ‘Why change things now?’ and shot a second load deep. That’s when he kind of freaked out a bit and kicked me out of his hotel room.” “Was this a good fuck?” I asked, as I moved behind him and knelt to tongue his butthole. As soon as I made contact in his furry crack, I went into overdrive. He moaned. “Fuck yeah! There’s nothing better than breeding a married “straight” guy. I love it when the guy struggles to take my cock. I like it when they cry too- feels more like rape, even though they never ask me to stop. And I love sending them on their way with my little gift. Their cheating asses are getting what they deserve. Plus it’s hot thinking that they might pass it on to their wives or to some other guys along their path of sexual discovery.” “I have a question for you,” I say, pausing in my rimming. “At the sex party, why didn’t you just let that guy fuck me and breed me? Maybe I would have popped poz and all this conflict would have gone away.” Then I dove back into his perfect ass. “I thought I already answered that. I needed to be the one to do it so that you’re mine forever. I couldn’t let some other guy have that honor. Not with you. Especially when I could stop it. Do you know how many poz guys I chased away from your hole that night? At least 5. The last guy was definitely toxic, although you would have liked his dick.” I stopped rimming him and stood up. I stood on tip toes and whispered into his ear. “I think it’s time for you to impregnate me. Give me my first dirty dick.” Kurt kissed me fiercely then. It wasn’t like the first one in the car, or even the parking garage—this WAS a Hollywood kiss. Longing and long-denied desire pouring out in a flood between us. I’ve never been kissed like that by anyone before—or since. All I knew was that my mind was fried and I was complete his now and forever and all I could think was “dick dick dick… in in in…. now now now… “. He picked me up deftly, and placed me into the sling. My feet were placed in the stirrups and cinched in snugly. He looked down on me with unbridled lust, and I’m sure I looked back with equal amounts. He bared his teeth and chuckled menacingly. “You stupid fucker. Your ass is mine now. I’m gonna give you my AIDS.” “Stop talking and fucking do it already,” I goaded. He let out a fierce growl and lubed up his dick. Then he lubed up my hole, making sure to roughly finger the lube into me. Then I felt his cock head and the sharp PA resting against my pucker. I sucked in a sharp breath in anticipation. He tossed me some spray poppers and a cloth. “Here, you might want to try these. I’ll do you a solid and wait until you’re flying.” “I want you to know something,” I said as I uncapped the spray can. “I’m not going to be like that businessman. I’m not going to cry. I’m not going to beg for you not to cum in me. I’m not as innocent as I seem and I don’t need your mercy. I’m tough. And I’m a greedy fucking bottom who lusts for big cock. I need this. I need YOU. I think I’ve needed you my whole life. And my body is yours to destroy as you see fit.” I hit the spray poppers and soon my head fuzzed and everything got warm and tingly. I felt a sharp pinch as he entered me, and then discomfort as his girth slowly slid inside. I figured Kurt was just going to fucking pound me until I passed out, but no. He slow fucked me. He worked his enormous tool back and forth inside me, stopping when it started nudging my second ring and then sliding languorously back out. A couple times he pulled all the way out with a sharp plop (which I admit stung a bit) before pushing slowly back inside. I’m not gonna lie, what he was doing was feeling fucking incredible. So much cock was in me and I felt so stretched! But there was also the added sensation of the metal dragging in my guts. And then there was his gaze. I could almost taste his lust. “I thought you were going to fuck me,” I growled. “Patience, young padawan,” he said. “I’m just tilling the soil for my seed. There’s a method to my madness, you’ll see. I can’t just ram you with this particular PA in. It’s kind of uncomfortable for me and the cones tend to come loose. One time I lost the whole thing inside a dude’s shitter- now that was interesting breeding session. Also, I’ve been cautioned by the piercer that with my size, this type could get caught deep in your colon and hook us together in a rather compromising position. And that wouldn’t be very much fun now, would it?” I shook my head. “Plus we can’t risk damaging that beautiful baby-maker you got,” I agreed. “You like it?” he says cockily as he flexed it inside me causing me to gasp. “It’s the biggest dick I’ve ever taken and its going to ruin me forever for all other cock,” I told him quite sincerely. “Oh, its’ going to ruin you all right.” He grinned wickedly. He popped out again, and started removing the PA. “You should be good and scraped up now. Plenty of places for my seed to latch,” he said matter of factly. “And now the real fucking begins.” He relubed and I hit the spray poppers again, just in time to get fuzzy before his onslaught. I know everyone is now expecting a merciless rape of the sabine women scene, but it wasn’t like that. He was definitely all about taking his pleasure, but not at the expense of mine. He re-entered me fairly slowly and when his dick came to my second ring, he patiently worked me open until he could get all the way inside. Then he short stroked himself deep in there in order to make sure I was good and open for his dick before he started giving it all to me with force. And for me? Nobody had ever fucked me this deep before. And definitely nobody that I was so in tune with. I literally don’t remember some of the fuck once he got going, because I was riding wave after blissful wave. I was having anal/full body orgasms left and right from the way his cock was hitting inside me. I’m pretty sure I was making loud, guttural noises and probably scaring his neighbors. I honestly don’t know how long he had been fucking me before I regained my voice. 20 minutes? 2 hours? It was all a blur. But he was buried in me and grinding when I decided to ask for more. “Kurt? Will you put in the big PA for me? The 0 gauge that you had in the night we met? I’ve never been fucked by one and I need to feel it.” “You sure? Because it will probably bruise your sigmoid colon a bit,” he said with a touch of concern. “Yeah, I’m sure. I wanna be able to feel you inside me for days after this fuck.” He pulled out slowly and went to his dresser. This was a captive bead PA and he had bought the special tool for popping the ball in and out. With an audible snap, I knew it was in and that I’d soon be feeling it. “This is more than I could have hoped for,” he said during the lull in our fucking. “You’re taking me like a champ, and I’ve already been leaking tons of precum into your cunt. This is the hottest sex I’ve ever had and you’re helping me edge up one massive load. You’re so getting infected. I don’t care if you are on Prep—it’s not going to be able to save you after this.” “Promises, Promises,” I joked. “Now, play with my nipples as you enter me and get ready to see stars.” It took a bit to get the 0 gauge in me, but in me it went. All the way in me. And yeah, I felt it. The heavy weight of it moving inside me as he thrust into me. The pleasure pain as he drove that ring and ball repeatedly into my second ring. He did work my nipples as he fucked me now, and my hole went crazy on his dick. This set up a steady litany of accolades from him, where extolling my virtues as a professional bottom cock pig. I could tell we were nearing the finale at this point, and truthfully I wasn’t exactly sure how much more my guts could take. Poppers were failing to dull the pain he was punching into me now. “Look at me Kurt,” I commanded. And our eyes locked one last time. “I… I’m pretty sure I love you,” I stammered while staring intently at him. “It was love at first sight. From that first moment our eyes met in the bathroom, I knew. I just… knew.” Kurt was fucking me hard now. “It was inevitable. We were always going to end up here, right here. With you trying to knock me up. Because this connection of ours would not be denied.” His hands were fiercely gripping my hips and he was literally throwing my ass onto his dick. His groin slamming into me with abandon with smacks echoing off the concrete walls in his condo. “You know how much I love you, Kurt?” I grunted out between thrusts. “No. Tell me,” he ground out. “You know how I told you I was on PrEP?” I said, through gritted teeth. “I lied.” He came in me then. With a guttural moan that was somewhere between triumph and anguish, he came. Deeply. And hard. He was planted all the way up inside me when he launched volley after volley after volley of his charged semen into me. And I felt it. Not just the throbbing of his cock up inside me where no man had ever been, but I felt his cum. I felt the shots hit inside. The wet heat. All of it. And somewhere during his orgasm I had my own. My own prodigious load shot everywhere. I felt it hit my face, but it painted me from chin to navel. When he finally stopped cumming (like 2 minutes later, his cock still up in my second ring), he looked down at me with something that looked like sadness in his face. “Is it true?” He asked. “Is it true that I love you?” I said, playing dumb. “Absolutely. I’ve been head over heels for you for months. Since I first saw you.” “No, I mean… the PrEP thing. Is it… true?” I looked at him and shrugged. “Yeah, it’s true. I’m not on it. Never was.” Kurt started breathing rapidly and he started to shake a bit. “Oh god. You LIED to me! No no no! Fuck! This is going to be Bo all over again! I can’t handle that. Fuck, what have I done? Oh god, I never should have…” “Hey!” I snapped, and Kurt stopped. “You didn’t do this. I did. I chose. I decided that I wanted you to own me forever, so I let this happen. No. I MADE this happen. And if I had changed my mind, I would have stopped it. It *is* possible to stop Mr. Ferris Buehler, you know.” This elicited a small smile from him. “I’m sorry I lied to you. I won’t do it again. Ever. I promise.” I looked deeply at him so he could see my earnestness. “Ever. And although I look like him, I’m not him. You gotta trust me on this.” He nodded. I was still on my back in the sling and he was still in me at this point, and my load was starting to run everywhere. So, I scooped up what I could from by chest and belly and held it out to him. “If your fertileness is to be believed, this is my last neg load. Take it,” I said. “It’s always the Clark Kent types,” he said with a snort. And without breaking eye contact, he lowered his head to my hand and lapped up my cum. Then he held my hand while he slowly sucked each of my fingers clean. “How’s it taste, big guy?” The corners of his mouth twitched a bit before answering. “Positively delicious.” “OH MY GOD YOU DID NOT!” I guffawed. “What?” he shrugged. “If you can quote cheesy movie lines to me, then I’m gonna make puns so bad they’ll give you AIDS.” And then he smiled at me. And it was blinding. * * After our breeding session, he carefully removed my feet from the stirrups and I wrapped my legs around him tightly. Determined to keep him planted inside me forever. He lifted me out of the sling (with my help) and we maneuvered to his bed. With much shuffling and grunting, we managed to scooch all the way up, until I had a pillow under my head, and he was laying with most of his weight on top of me. We kissed slowly and deeply like this for a long time. As we were resting (he was STILL in me, although my hips were starting to cramp at this point), I started thinking about a positional change. “Hey, when do I get to fuck you?” I asked. “I don’t get fucked, I fuck.” He stated. “Although if I were to get fucked, it would be you. You seem to know what you’re doing.” “And you seemed to enjoy watching me fuck those guys,” I said. “I enjoyed MAKING you fuck those guys. There’s a difference. Although I’m sure they liked it. A hot fucker like you dicking them down? Plus you got a pretty good dick on ya for a little guy. Not as good as mine but….” I smacked him and he playfully said “ow”. He chuckled while I made my hole dance on his dick a few times. I grabbed his face and looked at him. “You know, I think I’ve always been a pig. Or more accurately a pig-in-waiting. I was just so focused on being the good boy that everyone wanted me to be. Always so tentative. Afraid to cut loose. I guess I was in some pretty deep denial. Until you. Then it was all ‘Suuuuper Piiiiig’. I guess that makes you my phone booth.” “What’s a ‘phone booth’?” he asked in mock seriousness. It was right after this that I was brought up short by a sudden and paralyzing thought. Once again, my insecurities were rearing their ugly head, and my mind started running unchecked down dark alleys. “Kurt… if you do manage to seroconvert me, is that it then? Party’s over? You move on to another hole and we just become buddies that wave to each other at the clinic or…” my voice trailed off, suddenly fearful. He looked at me like I was an idiot and shook his head. “God I love pozzing up stupid guys! Mwa-ha-ha-ha!” a said with a fakey, evil laugh. Then his face got serious. “Weren’t you listening, silly? I said I wanted to poz you so that I would own you forever. Forever doesn’t mean for the two weeks of daily breeding until you get the fuck flu.” This time it was my turn to nod that I understood. “Daily breeding, you say?” I said, slowly cocking an eyebrow. “With an ass like yours? At least,” he growled as he snuggled into my neck. “Oh! I just had another thought,” I said cheerfully. “Oh god. Is *this* how it’s going to be with you? You ‘thinking’ all the time, asking dumb questions and interrupting snuggies?” he smirked. “Oh, I think you’ll like this one. So, once I pop poz and before I go on meds, how would you like to watch me knock up some guys? I’m thinking maybe like a nice, dumb 18 year old high school jock. Get him good and pregnant before his college career?” “Am I answering your question?” he asked, as his cock rapidly started swelling in my soon to be destroyed (again) ass. And then we kissed. And five very positive years later, we’re still kissing.
  5. In this case, the D&D stand for Dungeons & Dicks. Or Dice & Dicks. Or maybe even Dicks & Disease. All of them are accurate, but I’m getting ahead of myself here. Being a single, gay nerd in the city but with very few friends, I found myself alone a lot. And lonesome a lot. Not being much of a drinker or a bar person, I was constantly looking for any sort of fun activity where I could find some friends with a common interest. And, admittedly, sometimes just the chance at a decent fuck. Unfortunately, most of the time I just ended up along on my couch, pulling my pud. As I was bored and cruising online one evening, I stumbled upon a profile that piqued my interest. It was a wickedly hot, leather daddy-type— ruggedly handsome, salt and pepper hair, muscular, bearded, furry, dark eyes, and man did he look fine in a harness. His picture made me stop scrolling and open his profile, but it was his interests that really piqued my curiosity. In addition to being a top and into leather, he wrote that he was a dungeon master for a leather D&D group. It was a fun, diverse group of men and they played on Saturday evenings, usually in leather or other gear. It has been awhile since I’d played D&D, but I always really liked it. And I hadn’t had a group game night in so long that the idea really appealed to me. “What have I got to lose?” I asked myself. So I struck up a conversation with him. Me: You have a D&D group? Cool! Are you in a campaign right now, and are you accepting new players? DM: Actually, we are just starting a new campaign, and there is room for one or two more. Are you interested? Me: I’m VERY interested! I’d love the chance to play with you guys. Can you tell me a bit about what all goes on? DM: Well, we typically get together in the early evening on Saturdays. We’ll drink (possibly smoke a little 420), roleplay, and generally have some laughs and a good time. It’s a good excuse to wear some leather and escape into a fantasy realm. Me: All that sounds great- I could really use a fun group to hang with DM: Now, I will say that sometimes our evenings evolve into sex. The campaigns tend to be randy, and as DM I make sure to make the adventures are full of… fun. Besides, we are playing in a leather “dungeon” space and boys will be boys… Me: Is the sex expected or…? DM: Naw. It usually happens at the end of the evenings. You can always just go home at that point if you want. Or just watch. Me: Good to know. Although it’s been so long since I’ve been plowed, I’d probably welcome a host of Orcs to breed me! DM: Really? Do tell…. Me: haha, I don’t know. DM: oh come on. Use your imagination. D&D is all about about fantasy and creativeness Me: You said it was a dungeon, so I guess I sort of picturing being a Paladin and being captured by a roving band of Orcs. They strip me, put me in a sling, and restrain me so they can teach my lawful good ass a lesson. It’s kind of hot to think about a bunch of big-dicked Orcs standing around, egging each other on, and taking turns using the Paladin for their dark enjoyment. By the end, I’m full of Orc seed and have to make a saving-throw vs poison or be turned into a anti-Paladin. DM: hmmm. Now that IS hot. Me: heh, yeah. I guess I have a dark fantasy life. DM: well, I think you are just what our party needs. Can you cum next weekend and do you have any gear? Me: Yeah! I’m free. I’d love to meet the group and have an adventure. And I have a leather harness. And a jock. DM: Wear them. We’re gonna have a lot of fun. Oh! Do you have any dice handy to do a pre-roll for me? Like a 1d20? Me: Um… no. No multi-sided dice here. I think I could find a regular die maybe in my game closet… DM: Go get it. I’ll wait I left to go rummage around in my games. I did manage to find an old Yahtzee game and I grabbed the dice from it and dashed back to my computer. Me: Back. I have the Yahtzee dice. DM: Good. Pick three and roll them for me. And tell me what numbers you get. I did as I was told. Since I wasn’t exactly sure what I was rolling for, I wasn’t sure if a high number or low number was better. Normally you want the highest number possible (like for hit points or saving throws). These dice weren’t necessarily kind. Me: I got a 1, a 2 and a 4. DM: Excellent. Thank you. Me: what was I rolling for? DM: Don’t you worry about that. It was just a pre-roll to help me with some character creation stuff for the campaign. Now, next Saturday show up at 6 pm so that we can generate your character and get you ready to play, ok? Oh, and be sure to cum “prepared” just in case. You might meet a guy or two and really hit it off. Who knows? They’re a good group I agreed and told him I’d see him the following Saturday. I gotta say, the next week passed exceedingly slowly. My mind kept drifting to my impending D&D party and I was getting excited. Not only was I getting the chance to meet some guys for fun gaming, but maybe I’d meet some guys for other fun too! Lord knows I could use it! And if not, just getting the fuck out of my apartment would be a blessing. I did jack off thinking of the possibilities of maybe meeting a guy and being bent over in the dungeon, but I stopped mid-week in order to put myself in a randier frame of mind. Saturday finally rolled around (pun intended) and I was almost jumping out of my skin I was so excited. I was also more than a bit nervous. After all, I was walking into a group situation where I was the new guy. What if I didn’t like it or they didn’t like me? I decided that going one time was an adventure in and of itself, and if I didn’t like it I wouldn’t have to go back. At least it was an opportunity, right? I prepared myself as requested. Man, had it been awhile since I’d been fucked and just douching made me horny! I donned by old Bike jock strap and leather bulldog harness and I drove to the address provided. I parked and walked to the front door, butterflies in my stomach. There was a note on the door with my name on it. I opened it and it said, “Welcum and well met, friend. Adventure (and desire?) await beyond this portal. If you are strong of will and pure of heart, enter. Follow the signs to the dungeon where your mettle will be tested.” The gothic script was a nice touch, as was the note. It set a good tone and I was excited for the night to begin. So I turned the doorknob and entered. The house was dimmed upstairs, but there was enough light to see by. I followed the signs through the living room to the basement stairway. There was some low, atmospheric music playing. It was akin to the soundtracks that some folk have at Halloween parties. As I headed down the stairs to the “dungeon” I took note of the sign on the sloped riser “Abandon all hope, all ye who enter here.” Again, nice touch. At the bottom of the stairs the dungeon was dark, lit with some fake candles for atmosphere, and a red bulb. There were also black curtains up to make a small ante-chamber of sorts. At the back of this area sat Daddy DM behind a desk. He had on an ornate, leather, demon half-mask with curved horns. He was also wearing a harness and leather wrist cuffs, and a leather arm band on the left. On the desk was a set of ornate D&D dice. The were obsidian with gold numbers and they glittered in the half-light. I also had the distinct impression that we weren’t alone in the dungeon. Like, I could sense that there were other people lurking behind the black curtains, even if I wasn’t sure. My skin just crawled with that feeling. “Welcome,” he said. I am your Dungeon Master. You may address me as such or as ‘Master’ for the remainder of the evening. Is that clear?” “Yes Dungeon Master,” I said in a hushed voice. “We’re very glad to have you as part of this campaign. First, I will give you a safe ‘phrase’ for the evening. This is a precaution and for you to use as you will, although I hope you will enjoy yourself so as not to avail yourself of it. Your safe phrase is ‘holy avenger’. Do you understand?” Again I replied, “Yes, Dungeon Master.” Although my mind was starting to spin a bit trying to figure out why I might need a safe phrase. Like, how far did this fantasy role playing go? I didn’t want guys to start smacking me with fake swords and stuff. “Come forward. It’s time to create your character.” He produced a character sheet from a desk drawer and a heavy, ornate fountain pen. “You are to be a Paladin. After all, it is the first character that came to your mind when we chatted, and our campaign has never had one. Our character profile tends to skew much darker than Lawful Good,” he grinned. “First, however, what will be your name henceforth?” I had been thinking of names since I had been invited, so I was ready. “Astor. I would like to be known as Astor. Astor the Pure.” The DM looked at me and smirked. “Ass.. tore. How fitting.” This was met with a few hushed snickers from behind the curtain. “And are you pure, as your name states? Meaning in this case, are you HIV negative?” “Yes, Dungeon Master,” I whispered. The DM looked at me as a slow smile spread across his face. “Well then. Well met, Astor... the pure.” The Dungeon Master then had me roll the dice and determine my hit points and various character qualities. Within 10 minutes we had my character fleshed out. The DM took the sheet and pen from me and put them back in the drawer. I was a bit confused by this until he spoke again. “The campaign will begin shortly and you’ll get your character sheet back at that time. But first, Astor the Pure, are you ready to begin your solo adventure?” “Solo adventure, Master?” I inquired hesitantly. “Astor, you have not yet met up with the rest of your adventure party. You must journey to meet them at a distant tavern. Are you ready to begin?” “Yes Dungeon Master”, I nodded. “Roll the d20,” he commanded. I rolled it and watched as the d20 betrayed me. It was a 2. The DM chuckled low and throaty. “A 2. Well, it seems misfortune is following you, Astor. While bathing yourself in the local stream, all of your clothes are stolen. Disrobe now and leave your clothes over there,” he said as he pointed to the foot of the staircase. “Um… do you mean for real or…,” I started to say. The look the DM gave me told me everything I needed to know. I took off all my clothes. His eyes glittered like the obsidian dice on the table. When I got down to a jock and harness I was told I could keep those on along with my boots. “Roll the d20 again,” he commanded. And again the die was not kind. It was a 4. “Oh dear,” he said with a sneer, “You seem to have stumbled upon a roving band of Orcs.” His eyes glinted in the half-light and my stomach clenched. Orcs? No. He wasn’t going down the route of the fantasy I had texted him during our conversation a week ago. I heard shuffling and movement from behind the curtain and I started to shiver. “Roll the d20 again. This is going to determine which die you roll for just how many Orcs you will face. The number on the d20 will be rounded up to the next nearest die type. For instance, if you roll a 3, you will then roll a 1d4. If you roll a 5 or 6, a 1d6. 7-8, a 1d8, etc. May the fates be kind.” I hesitated. The d20 had been rolling low for me, so perhaps it was a loaded die? Did I really want to go through with this? I had a safe phrase. I could opt out. I was shaking I was so nervous, but it was also that nervous shiver from excitement. I could still back out later if things went off the rails. So I picked up the die and rolled…. I got an 11. “An 11. That means you’ll be rolling the 1d12 to determine the size of the Orc band. And may the odds be ever in your favor,” he snorted. This entire time I heard movement and low murmurs from behind the curtain. There were definitely a few men back there, how many I could not tell. The got quiet as I picked up the 12 sided die to roll for how many marauders I would face. I rolled. A 12. Fuck. “Astor the Pure. On your journey to the tavern to meet up with your band of adventurers, you were set upon by 12 Orcs. Although you struggled valiantly, one Paladin was no match for 12 Orcs. 12 Orcs that had been without companionship for months while on the road.” The DM swept the dice off the desk, put them into a velvet bag and placed them in the desk drawer. He then stood up and with a gesture directed me to enter the curtained area behind the desk. I obeyed. As soon as the curtain swept closed behind me, I was actually set upon by what I assumed to be the “orcs”. It was really dark and I couldn’t see much yet. The orcs were rough as they subdued me. One orc held me in a headlock from behind, fully pressed up against me. I felt his hard cock nosing into the cleft of my ass. At least two other orcs grabbed my arms. One roughly grabbed my cock through my jock strap. My mind was reeling and I was having trouble forming coherent thoughts. Was this really happening? Was I about to be fucked by 12 guys?? Am I up for this? Do I even WANT this to happen? I was very conflicted but was also very turned on. A brief mouth on my cock sort of pushed me over the edge and I relaxed into the situation. A moan escaped my lips. The orcs then walked me forward to the glow in the dungeon, the one behind me keeping me in a headlock. As my eyes adjusted I could see they were leading me to a sling. There was a dim red light above and some fake red candles in the sling alcove, all giving the area a hellish cast. When we got to the sling area, my captors released me and turned me around. That’s when I saw their faces (and bodies) for the first time. There were 5 Orcs there, and each had on an identical grimacing leather “orc” mask. Their faces were totally obscured. They even had eye black around their eyes to add a dark touch. Each orc was also dressed in various leather gear. It did not escape my attention that each Orc was also fully erect and impressively endowed. My eyes passed over each of them in turn. One orc appeared to be a younger, twink type. Bulldog harness and nothing else. Tight, hairless body, with a good 7 inches on him. His cock was curving up toward his navel, and his balls were tight to his body. He licked his lips. The second Orc (we’ll call him uncut Orc) was a stocky, Hispanic guy. Old school harness that had a strap down to a cock ring. Thick chest and arms, with leather/metal bicep cuffs. His cock was a fat, uncut, hefty piece of meat jutting straight out from his body. Maybe 6.5”, but wide, especially in the middle. There was already a glistening strand of precum drooling from his foreskin covered head. The third one was obviously an older man- perhaps late 60’s or more? It was hard to tell, not being able to see his face, but he sort of had that skinny, grandpa physique. No harness, but he had on chaps. And Jesus fucking Christ. One of the biggest dicks I’d ever seen on a human. Had to be 10 inches at least. Straight as an arrow. And meaty thick. Not maybe as thick as the Hispanic Orc, but definitely a fucktube of epic proportions. And a set of ridiculous low hangers on him too. My hole puckered tightly just seeing him. The fourth Orc was a goddamn muscle god. One of those model-proportioned physiques that you see in porn or in fitness mags. He had on these crotchless neoprene shorts and sort of leather suspender things. He had to have at least 7.5” or more of dick sticking out below his perfect six pack, but it was hard to tell from the wicked left curve of the shaft. I’m pretty sure he’s been the one holding me from behind. The last Orc was a Black guy. Bulldog harness and a black jock that was pulled aside to reveal a beautiful piece of meat arcing out and down away from his slight Dad bod gut. My guess was 8.5 to 9” of shiny, ebony cock. Muscle Orc spoke first in a rough voice. “Get in the sling, Paladin. We need release, and you are going to provide it. DO IT!” I hopped up into the sling and scooted my body until I was comfortable. The Orcs set to securing me—they put my booted feet in the stirrups and cinched them tight around my ankles. My wrists were also secured with cuffs tied together in front of me. I wasn’t going anywhere. Hispanic Orc stepped up to the head of the sling and commanded me to suck him. “Open that mouth, Astor, and get to work pleasing me.” I turned my head so he had easier access to my mouth. I opened up and he grabbed my head and pushed his cock roughly inside. I could taste his precum as his silken foreskin became my tongue’s plaything. “Who’s going first?” I heard one of the others ask. “Let me go first, guys,” another said. “I’m not gonna last long and I’ll get him all lubed up for the rest of you.” At this point I came back to myself a bit and broke off sucking the Hispanic orc. “Um, guys? What about protection?” I asked. They all laughed. Black orc said harshly, “Orcs don’t use sheep skin sheathes… we use Paladin intestines.” The others laughed again. “Dungeon Master?” I cried out plaintively. His voice floated to me from the dark recesses of the dungeon. “You have your safe phrase. You have the ability to end the adventure any time you so choose. The others will abide. However, it was you who fantasized about being full of dirty orc seed.” Again, my mind was spinning. What do I do? Do I let these strangers fuck me without condoms? Were they going to cum in me? I mean, obviously that’s exactly what they planned to do. But I was negative and mostly played safe. I was fraught with conflicting emotions. Fear. Excitement. Nervousness. Desire. Shame. In the pause where my mind was racing, Hispanic orc set about fucking my mouth again. Cradling my head with one hand as he slowly pistoned back and forth. During this, I suddenly felt a hand fumbling with my cock to remove it from my jock, and then a warm, wet presence enveloped me. One of them was sucking my dick and suddenly desire moved to the forefront. Dark, twisted, wicked desire. My fear melted and I knew I was going to get them fuck me however they wanted to fuck me. The moan that escaped my mouth was enough acquiescence for the Orcs. While sucking and being sucked, I was suddenly invaded by a slickened finger. They were lubing me up for the onslaught to come. First one finger, then two. More lube. More fingers. I noted that the fingers were kind of rough and scratchy while lubing me up. I hoped the fucks would go smoother. “That pure hole should be good n prepped now,” I heard one of them say. “Have at him, boy. Fill him with your special orc lube.” I pulled off sucking again just long enough to say, “Dungeon Master, sir? May I please have some poppers?” “Provide him with the ‘Potion of Liberation’,” I heard the DM say. And a bottle of poppers was placed in my tethered hands. I fumbled with the cap and unscrewed the lid. I heard the “pffft” and knew it was a fresh bottle. I managed to bring my bound hands to my face, closed my eyes and inhaled deeply. As the euphoria was setting in, I felt the first cock head push against my hole. I opened my eyes and looked forward to see who was fucking me first. It was the twink Orc. Thankfully he was working in slowly as my pucker relaxed under the influence of the provided potion. He was using his hips in time with the sling to slowly move his cock back and forth into my ass. Each thrust went just a fraction deeper. And deeper. And deeper until his pelvis was resting against my ass. “His ass is like a wet furnace, y’all!” the twink orc said. And then he started fucking. At first I was having trouble relaxing so his curved 7” was uncomfortable inside me, but slowly I gave into the feeling and my hole relaxed. Plus seeing this lithe, tight bodies boy fucking me with a ghoulish mask on was tapping into some dark fantasies that were really tripping my trigger. Around us the other Orcs were watching. The Hispanic orc was jacking his uncut meat slowly by my face. Grandpa orc and Black orc were flanking the twink as he fucked me. Muscle Orc walked up to the other side of the sling and reached out to start pawing at my chest. His hands found my nipples and he started tweaking them lightly. “Oh JESUS YES!” I shouted as he had found my on switches. My nips had always been wired directly to my hole. Touching them makes me go into overdrive and also makes me go into bottom dick pig mode. “Fuck man, whatever you’re doing to him-- don’t stop!” said the Twink Orc. “His hole is power gripping my tool—I’m gonna lose it soon!” The twink Orc sped up his tempo and the sling chains were rattling as he pounded into my ass. He started grunting with each thrust, getting louder and louder. Then he rammed in hard and cried out. I could feel his young cock spasming in my guts. Seven, eight, nine, ten pulses… and more. I could honestly feel the jets of load striking my ass walls, filling me up with his seed. “Christ that was hot,” he said as he pulled out. “Next!” He and Hispanic Orc traded places. I heard him lube up, and then the pressure of that fat cock entering me. While the twink had definitely lubed me up and gotten me into fuck mode, I wasn’t quite ready for the thickness pushing past my ring. “More poppers,” I mumbled as I struggled with the bottle again. Once I got that popper high going, my hole relaxed and that uncut cock started sliding in and out with a regular rhythm. Twink Orc pulled my head to his cock “Suck me clean, Paladin,” he commanded. I obeyed. Muscle orc started in on my nips again and I was moaning with a mouthful of spent, slimy cock. I felt a mouth on my dick again, and my synapses started to short circuit. The pleasure was crazy intense. I was almost on the verge of cumming and I knew that would be a mistake at this point, so I pulled off the twink cock and said, “Please- no more playing with my dick. I’m too close.” The mouth action stopped immediately. “We wouldn’t want to kill your insatiable bottom mood, would we?” said Grandpa orc, as he had been the one sucking me off. “I’m close,” Hispanic orc said suddenly. A few pumps later and I could tell he was cumming inside me. He never stopped fucking though, just kept that same steady tempo as his Orc babies oozed out inside my ass. He eventually did a slow pull out of my ass, and I could feel semen trickle out of my hole. I was taking raw cock and letting masked strangers cum in my ass… and I was fucking turned up to eleven by it. “I think it’s about time we ruined Astor the Pure, what do you think?” said Grandpa Orc as he stepped up to the plate. Oh shit, I thought. His dick was mammoth, and it fucking scared me. I’d never come anywhere near taking a cock that big. Ever. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to. Part of me was excited by the prospect, but most of me was steeling myself to disappoint everyone by using my safe phrase. I felt Grandpa Orc’s cockhead push against my ring and I locked eyes with him. “Hold on while I hit the poppers again,” I pleaded. He paused with his head at my hole, his hands gripping the sling chains. I inhaled deeply and multiple times. As the potion took hold, I closed my eyes and said, “Please… go slow.” To his credit, he did. At first. He popped his head past my sphincter and slowly inched forward into me. It was the longest instroke I had ever experienced in my life. It just kept going and going. Eventually it hit a point inside me where it stopped. “Are you all the way in?” I asked hopefully. He laughed. “Nope. I still have about two inches left. We gotta open up that second ring tho.” So he started to slowly rock back and forth, his head pushing on that area so deep in my guts where nothing had ever gone before. It hurt, but in this pleasure-ache way that was completely foreign and new to me. I took another hit of poppers while he did this and that seemed to do the trick. Suddenly, there was a shift deep in my guts and he slid the rest of the way in. And I swear I saw heaven. I gasped and cried out as he hilted himself all the way inside me. “There it is!” chucked Black Orc while Muscle Orc said, “He’s never gonna be the same now. He’s just been introduced to the +5 Holy Dick of Destruction!” They all laughed as Grandpa Orc set about fucking me. He ground his hips into me and worked his cock around inside. He then did some short stroking with his cock buried in me, and I think I started speaking in tongues. The pleasure was incredible. Eventually Grandpa Orc pulled out most of the way and then slid back in to the hilt. Ad he did it again. And again. And again. And then he started to pick up tempo— and my hole was in fuck heaven with the seeming miles of cockflesh that was stroking in and out of me. During this fuck, Muscle Orc found my nips again and I went berserk. I was now shouting and entreating Grandpa Orc to fuck the hell out of me. To fucking use me and not to stop. I was also getting close to orgasming. The deep gut stroke of his dick and the nip work and the scene was just fucking too much. “Jesus Christ! I’m about to cum!” I shouted. “You are fucking my load out of me! I’m going to cum hand’s free! FUCK! DON’T STOP!” With a strangled cry I started launching volley after volley of jizz all over my chest. This triggered Grandpa Orc and he buried into me and launched his nut deeper than any cum had ever been inside me before. My ass clamped down on him so hard as I was cumming I think I was trying to keep him inside me forever. “He ain’t pure no more,” Grandpa Orc said. “That dirty orc seed was planted up by his spleen!” I was coming down off the most intense orgasm of my life, and his comment faintly registered in my brain. What did he mean by dirty orc seed? I hope he wasn’t HIV positive or anything. But I’m sure the DM would know and not have poz guys here- especially when condoms weren’t being used. The thought was quickly banished as that massive cock slowly started slithering out of my ass. Normally I can’t get fucked after I cum, my ass switching to “exit only” mode. But being trussed up in a sling, I didn’t have the chance to object. “I’ll go next,” Muscle Orc said. “I like a sloppy, worn out cunt.” His curved meat was at my hole and he was pushing in with little fanfare. He fucked exactly how his body would suggest he fucked. It was all about him. I wanted to do poppers, but he didn’t stop fucking me long enough so I could take a hit. When I asked him if I could he said No. I was uncomfortable and not enjoying it much because I’d just cum, but he didn’t care. He pistoned into me, slamming my ass with his meat. Smacking his pelvis into my ass hard. Pulling the sling back into him and impaling me on his cock. Thankfully, Black Orc took mercy on me and he started to lightly brush my nips. This got me going again, albeit slowly. Eventually however, with the help of the nipple work, I was back into fuckhole mode and begging for Muscle Orc to breed me. The other guys who had kind of disappeared into the dark started filtering back to the sling now. They were watching this hot muscle stud use me. “AWWW FUCK, I’M CUMMING! AWWW SHIT YEAH! FUUUUUUUUUCK YOU!” he shouted as he unloaded into my guts. I could feel him cumming, just like the twink orc. I gotta admit—feeling a cock spit it’s load inside of my ass was becoming an incredible turn on. Muscle Orc yanked out of my hole as soon as his orgasm ended, sending a spray of cum spattering all over the cement floor. He then smacked my ass and headed off into the dark area of the dungeon. Black Orc was next. Now he also had a massive cock, and I was a bit worried on how my ass would take it after the beating it had already taken. “Hit the poppers, bud. You’re gonna need ‘em,” he said in a low voice. “Shit, this is gonna be good,” said Twink Orc as he came up to stand near my head. I hit the poppers hard. They had barely taken affect when he shoved into me. And I mean, shoved. All at once. To the hilt. It hurt like a motherfucker! I screamed out in pain as his dick impaled me. He was long like Grandpa Orc, but not quite as long. So his dick wasn’t going all the way up in my second ring. His massive head was just pounding the hell out of it and pushing just barely in. The pleasure-pain was excruciating. He didn’t always drill that deep, but he fucked the snot out of my ass. The sling chains were bouncing with every thrust, and I was whimpering and keening as his dick was wrecking my guts. Occasionally he would ram all the way home and I’d cry out in pain. “Holy…. Holy…. HOLY….” I managed to say as he pounded into my guts as my insides spasmed in pain. Twink Orc was rock hard and jacking by my face while watching the show. I just had to say “Avenger” and the pain would stop. It would all stop. And I wanted it to… but I also kind of didn’t want it to. “AWW SHIT I’M ABOUT TO NUT!” he shouts and I say a silent prayer. One last time he rams in deep and I cry out in pain. I can feel his massive head throbbing deep inside me as he unloads. “Oh FUCK!” Says Twink Orc, as he grabs my head and pushes his cock into my mouth. I’m dimly aware that each orifice is being flooded with semen. The twink’s dick is jumping in my mouth and the jets of sperm are hitting the back of my throat making me gag. But he keeps a firm grip on my head until he’s done. Then they both pull out at the same time. I feel tears roll down the sides of my face. Tears of relief. It’s over, I think… until I have a sudden, gut-wrenching realization. 12 Orcs were supposed to fuck me—and this was just five…. My spirit broke a little at that point. I was left in the sling for a few minutes while they regrouped. I could hear low voices off in the dungeon, as they chatted with the Dungeon Master. Suffice it to say, each orc took another turn on me. Evidently they’d all done the Elixir of Perpetual Arousal (Viagra) earlier, as they were all ready to go again. My ass was so sore and my insides so bruised that the next five fucks passed in kind of a fever dream. I’m pretty sure I dissociated during it, and went into a fugue state. The fucks were just something that I was dimly aware was happening. Well, until Grandpa Orc fucked me again. That was incredible, although a bit more painful as Black Orc had pummeled the hell out of my second ring. I don’t think I was conscious for his second ravaging. I finally sort of came back to myself and took note that I was now lying on a low, single bed, the dim red light of the dungeon still glowing around me. How I got out of the sling, I honestly don’t recall. I just knew that I was alone, on a bed, still in the dungeon. “And how is Astor the Impure feeling?” I heard the Dungeon Master ask from somewhere behind my head. “Sore,” I mumbled. “And tired. And more than a bit grateful that it’s all over, Dungeon Master.” “Oh, your adventure isn’t over yet, Astor. You see, I haven’t had my turn yet. The Orcs each took two turns on you—well, Bobby took three technically, as he used your mouth for one of his loads. Damn, that kid can shoot, huh? Anyway, that was 11 turns. The die spoke and chose 12. So that leaves me.” As he said this, he walked around the bed to face me. He was still wearing his horned mask and harness, but now he was naked. He really did have an impressive physique. Muscular but not overdone. Furry chest and belly. Salt and pepper in his beard. And jutting out proudly from his groin was a beercan of a cock. Truly it looked like a can of beer with a cock head on it. It was maybe 7” at a stretch, but it was at least that in circumference, or more. And he was uncut, the skin partially covering his cock head. And there was a glistening drop of precum at his piss slit. A smile played across the Dungeon Master’s face. “I see you staring at my cock, Astor. Don’t worry, I’m not like the others. I’m not going to hurt you with it. No, I’m going to make you beg for me to fuck you. But I do enjoy letting the boys go first. It makes entry… less challenging. Besides, I do love fucking a cum-filled hole.” I groaned at the prospect of what was coming. I honestly didn’t think my ass could take anymore. It was intensely sore and I had a dull ache radiating waves inside me—somewhere below my belly button, but deep. I briefly remembered that I had a safe phrase that I could utter, but I had temporarily forgotten what it was. “Turn over, Astor. Get on all fours at the edge of the bed. If you please.” Slowly, I did as I was commanded. Fear was gnawing at my stomach. But as I was kneeling, the fuck didn’t come. Instead, a soft touch started caressing my back. It wasn’t flesh to flesh, it felt… furry. I could tell it was the Dungeon Master rubbing my back with something. Later I learned that it was a mink glove. All I know is that after being ravaged by the Orcs, this felt amazing. The smooth, cool petting was making the skin on my back come alive. I shivered. He started running the glove over my ass. My legs. My balls. As he was doing this, I felt a warm, wet presence at my asshole. I tensed up, but soon realized that it was his tongue. He was licking and probing my hole with his broad, flat tongue. Lapping at it while simultaneously rubbing me with the fur glove. My spent, sore body was starting to awaken, and I felt my cock hardening. My arousal was slowly rekindling under his ministrations, the fear in my gut slowing transforming to desire. Eventually I gave my mind and body over to what Master was doing and just let myself simply exist in the moment. It was liberating. He could tell by how my body was reacting that I was getting there. The mink glove slowly worked back up to my shoulder area. His tongue left my ass crack, to eventually be replaced by the broad head of his cock. He wasn’t pushing into me, it merely was resting there. Nudging around. Teasing. The glove worked around to my nipples, and when the mink made contact my body lit on fire. I started to have involuntary shivers and spasms, my back began to arch, and my ass to hump back into Master. “You really do have sensitive nipples, don’t you Astor?” I could hear the rough arousal in his voice. He kept teasing me with the glove. “Sir… Oh fuck! Oh yes! You have no idea Master… oh shit. Jesus!” “Get on your back, Astor.” I flipped over, hungrily. The Dungeon Master slowly crept up onto the bed with me. He took off the glove and put it aside. I think he saw me pouting a bit at that, and he chuckled. “Don’t worry,” he said. “I’m just going to work your nipples with other things now. It’s a bitch to get cum and lube out of mink.” Without breaking eye contact with me, his mouth slow descended to my throbbing erection. Feeling the wet heat of his mouth on my dick, coupled with the demonic mask was sending my desire skyrocketing. It was so hot watching him slowly work my cock with his bearded mouth. I was shivering once again and my breathing was shallow. From there, he methodically worked his mouth up my stomach to my chest, eventually finding my nipples. Feeling his mouth on my nipples, his tongue flicking up and down, his teeth lightly nibbling and teasing the pebbled flesh created a sexual urgency in me that I had rarely experienced. I needed him to fuck me. I needed his cock inside me. I NEEDED. “Please… oh dear god… PLEASE fuck me Dungeon Master SIR! Can’t…. take… much… more…” I croaked. “Need…. Cock… in… me.” He abruptly pulled off my nipple and his mouth found mine. And hoh. Lee. Fuck! What a fantastic kisser! You know how sometimes kissing just is awkward and does nothing for you and it’s like your mouths are fighting? But then other times you kiss a guy and everything just fucking works and you can’t get enough and their lips are soft and the beard rough and it’s like electricity? Yeah, it was the second one. In spades. I was literally seeing fireworks behind my eyes as his body pressed into mine as we made out like horny teenagers. When we finally broke the kiss, I couldn’t take any more. “Fuck me. NOW.” I commanded. I didn’t even bother with calling him Dungeon Master or anything. I was a full, free, active participant at this point and I was going to bottom him so hard. He grabbed the lube and greased his prodigious cock. I asked for a little and fingered some into my well-worn asshole. I lifted my legs to give him access, and he hooked his muscular arms in the crooks of my knees. He lined up his cock, and slowly started to push inside me as his glittering eyes held mine. Fuck, it was like being split open again, but I didn’t care. It burned like a motherfucker and I knew my asshole was probably tearing a bit. But fuck it. I needed him in me like I’d never needed anything before. Thankfully, he took his time- doing small back and forth movements to slowly work my hole open. I was doing my best breathing exercises to relax my hole and take it, seeing as how I didn’t have any poppers handy. I stared into his eyes and locked my hands behind his neck as he opened me up around his cuntwrecker. When he finally bottomed out, I pulled him into a deep kiss. I was in blissful heaven as I was full beyond measure with cock. With HIS cock. And his mouth on mine was bellows to my inner fire. I could feel him slowly start to fuck me as my hole yielded to him completely. He sighed into my mouth. I don’t know how long we fucked, I really don’t. 10 minutes? 2 hours? I completely lost all sense of time drowning in wave after wave of pleasure. Mind, body, and spiritual pleasure. He was soul fucking me and I finally grasped what that meant. Toward the end I was holding my feet and pulling my legs wide for him and begging him to breed me. He was fucking me hard, his left hand holding me down at the base of my throat, the right flicking my left nipple. The extra nipple attention pushed me right over the edge. I started spraying my load everywhere. It felt like I was emptying out a year’s worth of semen all the way from my toes. I just kept coming and coming, gobbets spewing everywhere. As I looked up at my Master, I saw his head tilt back and he roared as he unleashed volley after volley after volley of hot seed deep into me. I could feel the wet heat of him sere my insides. It truly felt like a demon was cumming the very fires of hell into me. After our collective spasming subsided, he collapsed on top of me in a sweaty, sticky heap. We kissed more in our post-orgasmic haze- slowly, deeply and languidly, eventually drifting off to sleep. I awoke sometime later, completely discombobulated. Dungeon Master stirred beside me. “Um, I should probably go home now sir.” I whispered. “That’s your choice, Astor. Did you have a good adventure at least?” “Honestly? The guys taking turns on me was fun at first, but it kind of got to be a bit much. And I can’t believe it was all bareback sex and they came in me. I normally only let guys I’m dating do that. But the sex with you? Wow. Fucking WOW. So I would do it all again, if it meant getting to right here.” “I’m glad to hear that, and I really enjoyed fucking you. I haven’t been that connected with a guy in quite some time. I look forward to doing it again,” he said and I could hear the smile in his voice. “I also don’t mind sharing you with the others. You are a full member of our campaign, now. We’ll actually have D&D nights—sex totally optional. It won’t be like it was tonight; unless you want it to be.” “I’m honestly not sure I could take another session like that one,” I said. “But I think I wouldn’t mind having grandpa Orc fuck me again. That dick hit places I didn’t even know existed in me.” He laughed. “That’s Roger. And yeah, it’s pretty amazing. He actually left his card and number for you. I think your ass charmed him. As did your no-handed orgasm.” As I was getting dressed to leave, a niggling thought had finally worked it’s way through my brain to my mouth. “Um, Dungeon Master? Nobody used a condom tonight… so, everyone is, um negative… right? I mean, they wouldn’t have cum in me if they were positive… right?” He walked me up the stairs and to the front door. “Oh Astor,” he said shaking his head. “Remember when I asked you to roll dice during our initial chat? That was to determine what type of guys would be fucking you tonight.” “And I rolled a 7,” I stated flatly. This was a low number. Icy fear gripped the pit of my stomach. “Yes. You did. And your dice chose your path. Remember, we did give you a safe phrase so that you could have stopped the adventure at any point, but you didn’t. And if you search your soul, I think you’ll discover why you didn’t. I was stunned and starting to panic a bit. I found myself out on the porch as he was slowly closing the door. “Until we meet again, Astor. Oh, and when you get home, you may want to make a saving throw versus poison.”
  6. Personally I love that people are highlighting the hypocrisy with their own comments. Chasing an incurable virus is somehow “hot” but when you turn the narrative to the current viral outbreak, suddenly that’s too far. this is Precisely why I wrote this fictional story.
  7. Bug chasing has lost most of its allure lately, am I right? I mean, the meds are good, everyone’s vital loads are well controlled, and so many guys are on prep that getting raw fucked by a poz top doesn’t have that thrill. That risk factor anymore. Which got me thinking the other night. With the current state of affairs and all the cries for social distancing, this led my mind down a dark path. I started wondering if I could maybe chase getting the corona virus? This got my butthole seriously twitching. So I wrote a Doublelist ad entitled Covid Chasing. Here’s what it said: “Handsome, fit bottom here looking for some risky behavior. Social distancing has me horny as hell! I’m looking for a hung BB top who might have been traveling recently and is now experiencing a cough or more. Before we’re quarantined, come and get some relief.” To make things easier, I buried my cell digits in the ad to elicit a faster response. Honestly, I wasn’t sure this would even work, but just posting the bad gave me that knitted feeling in my guts— like I was being naughty and careless. Such a turn on! I got a response the same evening, faster than I had anticipated. He texted me: Him: hey, saw your DL ad Me: Yeah? What’s up? Him: I think I’ve got what you’re looking for Me: really?? Tell me Him: I’m a flight attendant and I was working the Rome flights Was sent home cuz I’m not feeling well and I now have a cough Me: you feeling up for some ass? How Big’s your cock? Any pics? him: I’m 8.5 and thick I get a LOT of ass, but none recently so I have a weeks worth built up He did send a picture along and true to his word he had a thick, uncut beauty of a dick. So I gave him my address and buzzer code. He said he’d be over in about 30 minutes. And now my stomach was full of butterflies. It reminded me how I felt when I agreed to take my first poz guy bareback. All the danger, all the uncertainty and second guessing. All the dark excitement. I got my ass ready for him, and right on cue he was buzzing to be let in. This was my last chance to stop my actions and lower my risk. Was I really going to let a guy exhibiting Covid-19 symptoms breed me? My heart was racing and my mind reeling. I buzzed him up. When I opened the door, I was face to face with a very handsome guy- although he did look a bit peaked. He was tall And lanky, about 6’2”, with jet black hair and dark stubble. He also was slightly olive completed. “I can see why you got the Rome run— you look Italian.” I told him. ”Well, that’s because I am— or at least my family was from there,” he confirmed as he coughed lightly into his hand. I led him into the bedroom where I had some porn playing. “You sure you wanna fuck?” He asked. “Oh yeah, I’m climbing the walls I’m so horny! I need that big cock to breed me!” ”But you could get really sick,” he said, a look of genuine concern on his face. I slowly knelt down in front of him. As I undid his pants I said, “At the rate this thing is going, we’re all gonna get it. I’d just prefer to get it out of the way and have some fun during, you know?” ”I think that’s how I got it,” he said. I went to a bathhouse in Rome and Fucked a bunch of guys before they locked the country down.” “Tell me about the bathhouse,” I said as I slipped his uncut dick into my mouth. He started telling me about these different guys he fucked there. Tourists. A couple locals. One drunk “straight” married American dad. He was rock hard and oozing Precum in morning time as he regaled me with his exploits. I tasted every salty drop. ”I need this cock in me,” I moaned. So he got me on all fours then he dropped and started eating my ass. Only stopping periodically to cough. As he ate my ass he would spit on my hole and then tongue it into me. I moaned every time I felt the spit hit. ”You really are a fucking pig, aren’t you?” He laughed as he shoved a finger roughly into me. “You’re chasing the VID!” ”FUCK ME!” I Growled. He did our some lube on his dick, but topped it off with fresh spit. Then he positioned his head At my hole. I could feel the fever heat of his cock scalding my pucker. ”Once I go it, I’m not stopping til I cum,” he warned. ”Do it,” I said. And then he was sliding into me. The man had a fucking incredible cock— thank you Italians! Ramrod straight, meaty, and veined. With enough foreskin to make it slide beautifully in my eager fuckhole. I felt his fever radiating into my guts like his cock was made of uranium. And again, true to his heritage, he knew how to fuck with that tool. He fucked in long, easy strokes with just a bit of hip snap at the end so I got the full effect of his length. His girth stretched my hole so that I had that wonderful, full feeling for each and every thrust. I was so goddamn ready for Dick that my ass just gobbled that dick right up. He even got up into my second ring with very little effort. It’s like my ass was built expressly to take his cock. He fucked me on all fours for awhile, probably 15 minutes while I hugged poppers and begged for him to own my ass. As his thrusting intensified, so did his occasional coughing spasms. Eventually he pulled out and maneuvered me onto my back. ”I’m gonna breed you soon, but I want to be looking into your eyes while I do it,” he panted. I nodded in agreement and lifted my legs for him. He slid into me and set to really fucking me. Pounding me mercilessly with every inch. My second ring was getting bruised from the fierceness if his thrusts. He was wheezing and coughing openly as he looked down at me. “Aw fuck, here I cum man! You’re ass is gonna get infected DEEP!” He shouted. He locked eyes with me as he rammed one final time to unload his seven days of pent up poison. I felt every throb. Every pulse of hot semen launching deep into me. I stroked my cock three times and coated his chest with my own load. I then reached up and pulled him down into a deep kiss- his cock still occasionally twitching inside me. As he got dressed to leave he looked down at me and said, “I hope this was worth it.” I looked up at him and smiled. “I’ll let you know in about two weeks.”
  8. Looking back, I wish I had never heard about Craigslist. Or thAt Craigslist had policed their personal ads better. Or done away with them much, much earlier than they did. But They didn’t, and now I have to live with the consequences, however long that may be. There was a time when I didn’t really know about Craigslist personals. I used manhunt and adam4adam like a regular, horny gay guy. I also used scruff and Grindr, but those only ever seemed to work if I was out of town. But manhunt and A4A were iffy at best at producing a decent lay, and getting worse. That’s when I heard people talking about Craigslist. It started off as people laughing and talking about “sleazy Craigslist hookups”— like it was a joke. Only the dirtiest of people would post ads and connect that way. People talked about posts they had seen (or heard about) where guys were looking for really off the beaten path kink stuff. Like scat, or diaper play, or rape scenes. It was like the “dirty bookstore” of gay hookups, guys may do it, but didn’t want to be caught using it. Anyway, the seed had been planted (pun intended) and I found myself thinking about it more and more often. Especially as my one regular now had a boyfriend and was not available. And as I said before, manhunt and A4A seemed to be full of flakes. So one weekend night I found myself opening up the personal section and scrolling through to see what kind of trouble was out there. What I discovered was that most of the ads were pretty benign. Just guys looking for a quick hookup. Usually something anonymous with no strings. Which all sounded just fine to me. Now I did find a couple ads looking for stuff I considered beyond the pale, which I quickly skipped over. And then I discovered one ad that caught my eye. I really should have skipped it too, but I was intrigued. This is how the ad read: “PREGNANCY BY THE SPERMINATOR: Is your biological clock ticking? Are you looking to get knocked up? If so, my dick will get the job done. 100% pregnancy track record, usually on the first try. My baby batter is planted so deep, my DNA is guaranteed to take. Serious inquiries only. And no, I ain’t sending a pic of my cuntwrecker- just know it is Guinness Record big and will be the biggest you’ll ever take. Hit me up with a pic and digits in the first email.” There was only one pic with the ad. It was a gritty picture of an egg with sperm surrounding it, like you would see in a textbook or in a biology film. Only superimposed over the egg was the biohazard symbol. Now I wasn’t dumb, I’d been around enough to know the biohazard thing meant HIV positive. And the ad was in the gay men section of the ads so there wasn’t much mistaking what the ad was for. The guy was advertising converting guys into being HIV positive. On purpose. The ad disgusted me. Who would deliberately infect someone? But even worse, his ad was asking for guys who were actively seeking HIV infection? Who does that? Surely there weren’t guys out there that did this, were there? I skipped the ad that night and ended up emailing a top guy who was looking for a dark room pump n dump. He responded, saying he wanted to just walk in and find me on all fours ready to take cock. No talking. 30 minutes later, I was taking a 7” or raw dick, with only the flicker of porn to illuminate the room. I never saw the guys face. Only his nutload the next morning. After my first success, I went back to the Craigslist well again the next day. As I was perusing the ads, I found myself looking for the Sperminator ad. I couldn’t find it- it had probably been reported and removed. I’m not sure why I was fixated on this ad- the concept was revolting. But it also made my dick twinge a little, and I wasn’t sure why. Perhaps I was just intrigued by the description of the guy’s cock. Who knows? Even if the Sperminator ad wasn’t there, there were plenty of others. And that next day I found a couple other ads that sounded good and hit them up. That night I managed to get two more loads, one from a married DL guy and one from a hung, uncut hispanic just getting off work. Craigslist was really working for me! Over the next few months, I would find myself going to Craigslist when I was horny, and I’d usually find some cock. I was noticing a lot of similar and/or repeat ads with the same cock pics. A couple even from guys who had fucked me- and I’d often get repeat cumloads that way. It was in this way I stumbled on the Sperminator ad again. Same heading. Same text. Same pic. And again I was upset by it— and oddly turned on. But sure as hell I wasn’t gonna hit up the ad as I wasn’t one of those, twisted, fucked up “bug chasers”. Fuck that. Although as I scrolled through the ads looking for my next fuck, I started taking stock of whAt I was doing. I was having anonymous, Craigslist hookups and letting these random men fuck me unprotected and cum inside me. And to be honest, what did I know about these guys, really? I was negative but I never really asked about the status of the guys fucking me. Some of them could be positive and just not telling me. But guys wouldn’t do that, would they? Thoughts like this would inevitably quench my sex drive for awhile, until my ass would get the itch again and I’d jump back on good ol Craigslist and hunt down a load or three. About this time I started dabbling with posting my own ads. I had a killer ass pic that seemed to attract the tops. This ad helped me pull in a LOT of cock. But, as all good things do, Craigslist started becoming more hit and miss for me- more often than not a miss. And I started going longer and longer between fucks, and it was driving me crazy. And as we all know, horny and desperate leads to bad decision making. After one particularly crazy month of no sex due to family drama, work, and other extracurricular activities, I finally had a free weekend and I was climbing the walls. I needed sex in the worst way and goddamn it, I was gonna find some. So I jumped on Craigslist and started scrolling... and that’s when I saw it. The Sperminator as was back up. And I opened it found myself reading and rereading it. Why was I even entertaining the thought of this? And why was my dick straining against my sweats at the thought of a cuntwrecker of world record size? I closed the ad and kept scrolling. I found about 8 other ads that intrigued me enough that I sent them messages. After an hour And a half I had zero responses. And it was getting late. Fuck. I needed Dick in me or I wouldn’t be able to sleep. I was literally going out of my mind. Which is my only explanation for why I scrolled back to the Sperminator ad... and answered it. I sent him two pics— a face pic and my ass pic that seemed to get me laid. And I sent my phone number as requested. After I hit send my stomach was in knots. What did I just do? I rationalized it to myself by telling myself that he probably wouldn’t even message me. And even if he did I was under no obligation to respond. I could even block his number if I wanted. All of which would be moot because I was sure he wouldn’t... My phone chimed at me. I had a text. I opened the text window. Random local number text. All it said was “sup”. Fuck, what do I do now? I could ignore. But my stomach had that anxious feeling and my cock was throbbing in anticipation. What to do what to do?? I took a breath and texted back. Me: my ass. For cock Him: I see that. Nice ass. seen ur ads before. Thought about hittin it 4 awhile Me: glad you like. I’m kinda nervous tho. You sound huge Him: it is huge. U gon walk funny 4 days Me: lol that’s what scares me Him: u hit me up, u must want a baby Me: that also scared me Him: u wastin my time? U saw my ad. I knock bitches like u up for fun. U never forget this Dick. Him: U want or no? I waited and debated. And in the end, I texted back. Me: yes. Him: addy? I typed in my address, parking and entry instructions. And I hit send. Him: coo. See you in 20. Have that ass deep cleaned My god. What the fuck did I just do? What was I thinking? And hell, I better fucking check my prep work to make sure I am fully cleaned out. The next 20 minutes went by in a blur. My ass was fully prepped. I prelubed the hell out of my hole and I cracked open some fresh poppers. Just as I was dimming lights and getting the porn on, my phone buzzed. He was at my building entrance— and I was freaking out. I buzzed him in anyway. There were 30 tense seconds, and then there was a knock at my door. And there I was, at the rubicon. Was I going to do this— like for real do this? I opened the door and invited him in. The Sperminator was tall. Really tall. Like pro basketball tall. Probably 6’8”? And he was black. And he was handsome. Scruffy beard. Short dreads with blonde tips. A visible neck tattoo peaking out the top of his shirt. Biggest feet I’ve ever seen on a human— the Nike’s were enormous. I locked the door and led him to the living room. He took off his jacket and sat down. I asked if he needed anything to drink. He asked if I had beer— I did. I got two and joined him in the couch. “You’re really nervous,” he said. “Well yeah. I’m honestly not sure why I answered the ad, and I’m second guessing everything.” “Something about it must have got your juices flowing. You must secretly want that ass knocked up,” he smirked. “I don’t think I do— at least I never thought about it that way. I mean, I get off on taking raw cock and cum, but never thought about it much beyond that,” I confided. “Then why am I here dude? You know what I do and you answered my ad.” He stood up to leave. “Cuz I’m a whore for big cock and I think I’ll go crazy if I don’t get fucked and bred tonight!” I stated. “Well, I got big cock,” he said, and he swished his hips back and forth. He was wearing grey sweats and what swung back and forth below the fabric looked positively monstrous. “He sniffin our that pussy and he getting excited,” he said. And his rising cock started pressing into the leg fabric. I set my beer down and got on my knees in front of him. “Can I see it?” I asked. He nodded and I reached up and slowly pulled down his sweatpants. I had to pull his sweats almost down to his knees before his cock sprang free. Yes, you read that right. His cock nearly stretched to his knee! When it popped free, I just sat back on my heels and marveled. It was simply fucking huge. “Told ya,” he said. “You like? That pussy quiverin?” “Hoh. Lee. Fuck.” I finally breathed. “It is easily the biggest cock I’ve ever seen. Porn or real life”. For my own edification, I cupped his balls and laid his cock along my arm. It went past my goddamn elbow. And it was torpedo shaped. The middle of it was fat— fat like my forearm fat. I mean, the whole thing was fat, but the middle was ridiculous. And I don’t think he was even fully hard yet. “Now that he up, he ain’t satisfied til he breed a pussy,” he told me. “So I hope you’re ready.” I sucked the the tip and as much of him into my mouth. Bottomed out in my mouth, i wasn’t even 1/3 of the way down his dick. Just feeling his head flex in my mouth and feeling that massive, heavy member was making my own dick leak. I tried sucking him a bit longer before I gave up and pulled off him. “Since I can’t even begin to suck this thing, let’s hope my ass is ready for this cuntwrecker. My ass was definitely not ready. We went to my bedroom and got naked. He laid down on my bed. “Here, imma do you a favor and let you sit on it. Normally I just take the pussy, but tonight I’m feeling generous.” So I lubed him liberally, straddled him, positioned his head at my hole, and hit the poppers hard. I still could have stopped. Said no. Made him leave. But that massive cock was beckoning me. I needed to try it, if anything just to say I did it. I wanted the story. And I wanted to know what that much cock felt like inside my body. So without another thought (and with a good popper rush going) I started to sink down onto his dick. I did not make it far. I got hung up at that thick middle portion. My ass was feeling full and I wasn’t even halfway onto him. I slow bounced up and down to try to get that thick portion in, but no dice. I pulled off and relubed us both, took more poppers, and tried again. And again I got stuck halfway at the thick part. He must have been at least 7” in diameter there. Or more. My fingers never came close to touching around it. “I don’t know if I can get you in,” I panted. “Sure you can, that pussy good and deep,” he said. I felt his hands move to my hips and then he sharply thrust up into me while pulling down on my hips. I howled in pain. I’m sure my neighbors thought I was being murdered, and I guess technically speaking, I was. He just tore my sphincter in one thrust and I nearly blacked out. My vision fuzzed our to blackness and I saw stars. And the pain made me feel nauseous. “There you go, baby,” he said. “Told you I’d fit— and make you walk funny for days.” And the irony was he wasn’t even fully in yet. His thick part was, but there was probably still 3 or 4 more inches of him to go. Thankfully he stayed still while my ass did it’s best to adjust to his massive size. I gulped great quantities of air in order to relax. And I hit the poppers again. Slowly I up and downed onto his cock and I could feel his head at my second ring. And then popped through and was beyond my second ring— and still going. And that’s when my eyes rolled back in my head. I’d never felt anything like it before. The biggest cock I’d previous had was probably a true 8.5”. It was enough to smash into my second ring and hurt. And eventually with some maneuvering his head went in. But it was uncomfortable. This cock was closer to 13”. And was sublime. The pleasure created by his cock rearranging my intestines and slipping well into my second ring was mind blowing. It was making me forget the pain at my hole. I hit the poppers and started to ride him in earnest as I could NOT get enough of that feeling. I rode him and worked myself into a lather. I was sweating bullets from the effort of taking something so massive into my body. And my dick was rock hard and leaking Precum onto his belly. I was in heaven. Or so I thought. “Ok, that’s enough of a free ride. Time for me to deep dick this pussy right,” he informed me. He lifted up on my hips and I slowly extricated his cock from my ass. It felt like it took a minute to fully pull out of me. The tug outward on my ass as the thick part pulled out was intense as hell. And thankfully I had indeed prepped adequately. He commented on this and was impressed. He got me on all fours at the edge of the bed (thankfully my bed was tall) and he stood up behind me. I asked him to put a bit more lube on (he did) and I took a good snootful of poppers. He positioned himself at my hole and said, “Get ready- cuz we ain’t stoppin til I put a baby in you.” And then he shoved in. The pleasure pain of it was exquisite. The thick part still hurt like fuck going in, but not like before. And he buried himself in me in one stroke and ache as he went into my second ring took my breath away. I screwed the poppers to my nose and prepared for his onslaught. It was borderline brutal. Once he was in, he set up to pistoning my guts with shorter deep thrusts. Making my second ring jack his head and shaft. And then every so often he’d do a long, slow, pullout— pause— then shove back in hard until his pelvis slapped my ass. I moaned and grunted with every hard thrust. The short strokes made me keen in delight. At some point my body gave in to his cock and he sensed it. It was like my ass stopped fighting and finally relaxed. When that happened, it was like I was transported to a different dimension. The pleasure. The deep deep pleasure was transcendent. It was like my whole body was on the edge of a sneeze and vibrating. When we reached this point, he started pulling his cock all the way out of me and then slamming it back in to the hilt. Again and again and again. I think I was either moaning or saying “oh fuck” with every thrust. I honestly don’t recall exactly. My vision was red from the poppers and I was almost having an out of body experience. “You ready to get pregnant, bitch?” He asked? “Fuck yes!! Knock me up deep!” I cried. He buried himself deep and did a series of quick, short thrusts. And then he grabbed my hips hard (enough to leave finger shaped bruises) and did one final wickedly hard thrust that he kept buried as deep as he could. I felt his massive member throb deep inside me. Deeper inside me than any man had ever been. It throbbed again. And again. And again. Six seven eight times. Or more. We stayed welded together until he stopped spurting and his dick started softening. Part of me was glad the fuck was over. My ass needed a break from the pain aspect. But the full feeling in my ass was so nice I didn’t want him to pull out. But eventually he did, but not before telling me to tighten my hole and squeegee every drop of seed out of his cock. I collapsed onto the bed and into a huge wet spot. Apparently he’d fucked the cum out of me, but I was so out of it, I didn’t realize when I had cum. As he cleaned himself up in my bathroom he complimented me on my ass and my ability to take his cock. “Most guys cry,” he said matter of factly. As I walked him to the door he said, “Now you read my ad, right? 100% pregnancy guarantee. If you don’t get it this time, I’ll come back til you do. I got a rep to protect. You just let me know.” He had to come back two more times before my pregnancy test came back positive.
  9. Yeah, I’m a bug chaser. It didn’t take me long into my bareback bottomhood to realize that the thrill of sex increased exponentially if there was a danger element involved. So I started doing it with married men. In public places. With the partners of friends of mine. And eventually with Poz men. I must admit that the whole Poz thing really turned me on. At first I was kind of freaked out about how I got off on the idea of playing roulette with my health, but once you experience that thrill of living on the edge and letting a Poz guy stay in you when he cums... well. It’s all over from there. But this was the mid 90’s and dating/hookup apps didn’t really exist yet. And Poz guys weren’t really to be found on AOL and gay.com. At least not where I lived in middle America. What we did have in my community, though, was a small AIDS hospice. Okay, okay. I know how this sounds. Pretty sick, right? A young guy trolling an AIDS hospice for Poz cock? Preying on gay men in the last stages of life?? But that’s exactly what I did. And very successfully too, I might add. I was in my mid-20’s back then. I was decently attractive with a sort of “golly gee” innocent charm about me (that totally hid my pervy side). And I had a good ass. Total bubble butt. I mean, from the age of twelve I knew I was built to be a bottom. Anyway, I applied to be a volunteer at the hospice. I said I would love to come read to the guys or talk or just keep them company. I could come by in the evenings and on weekends when I wasn’t working. AIDS still had a strong stigma back then, so having a young gay such as myself willing to volunteer was a bit of a novelty. I was snapped up quickly. Now, don’t go thinking that I immediately started going down on and raping all the men in hospice— because I didn’t. I actually did read to them and chat and keep them company, as I had volunteered to do. But I was also developing relationships and sussing out which men might be up for some unprotected sex with an eager, 20-something bottom slut. Eventually I found Ken. Ken was in the later stages of his illness. He was still handsome, in a way, but pretty gaunt. Blonde. Sharp Blue eyes. Mustachioed. He was one that I read to on a consistent basis. But we also talked and developed a decent friendship. Once we were fairly comfortable with each other, I asked him about his past. Like, did he have a partner ever? Did he used to have lots of sex? Did he know how he became infected? Did he used to go to bath houses or anything? He smiled slyly at me and opened up about being quite promiscuous in his day. “How promiscuous?” I prompted. Which is when he started regaling me with tales of sex parties, orgies, back rooms of dance clubs, bookstores, and yes— bath houses. He’d done them all. “And I really liked it,” he said wistfully. “I just really liked sex.” In subsequent visits I prodded him for more and more details, always saying things like “Life is so different now— this doesn’t happen. Back then it was so much more... exciting.” To which he’d agree. He didn’t know how he’d become infected, but it was several years ago now- probably in the later 80’s. He laughed and confided, “Yeah, I was stupid back then. I figured since I was a top, I was immune. That only bottoms got infected. Whoops.” Hearing this I asked if he only ever topped. He shrugged. “I tried bottoming a couple times— didn’t really enjoy it. Besides, once guys saw my dick I sort of automatically became the top.” “That big, huh? You poor thing! You must have been very popular!” I laughed. “How else do you think I wound up in this bed?” He chuckled. From there, I started steering our conversations into more sexual waters. Like did he miss sex? When was the last time he had some ass, etc. He looked at me wistfully and said he hadn’t had any since a year before hospice and that he did miss it. “With all the ass I’ve had, you think I’d be satiated, but I’m not. You always want more,” He said quietly. “Yeah, I know.” I told him. “I’m such a slut for big cock, I can never get enough of it.” Then I winked at him. He actually blushed. That was as far as I pushed it for awhile, letting the seed I’d planted in his mind to germinate a little. Plus, I needed to be sure about what I was going to do and then prepare my next steps. After a couple more “innocent” visits to Ken, I was ready to take it to the next level. This time, for my reading material, I brought some gay erotica. I started reading it aloud, as I would have our other book. After it became apparent what I was reading, he stopped me. “This is a bit of a departure from our usual,” He said hesitantly. “Yeah, I know. But I wanted to mix it up. And given some of our conversations I thought you might like this change of pace.” And I kept reading. As I read, I looked over occasionally and could see him fidgeting a bit and shifting around. I also saw him casually put his hands in his lap to mask his growing erection. I smiled at this and kept on reading. It was a particularly vivid account of a young bottom going to the baths and getting bred by stud after stud- cum leaking out of his chute. After the account of the fourth load from a particularly randy well-hung black stud I put down the magazine and said, “Hmm. You don’t have to be shy. Let that boner be free, it’s ok. We’re both gay, and I got one too.” The chair I was reading in faced him so I shifted my legs so he could see my crotch. I saw him eye my bulge hungrily although he did blush again. But he also moved his hands for me. Holy fucking tent. “Damn Ken, you DO Have a big one, don’t you?” I said breathlessly. I could see the sheet moving slightly as his pulse made his dick jump. “Can I... can I see it? Just a peek. Please??” He looked toward the door and hesitated, and I looked him squarely in the eye and said please again. Slowly he lifted the edge of the sheet and freed his impressive cock. “Ohhh. My.” I exhaled. His Dick was beautiful. It had to be 9 inches at least. It was one of those cocks where the head wasn’t huge and flared— just behind the rim of the head his shaft grew in girth until it reached its widest point about 1/3 of the way down the shaft. Then it tapered slightly to the base. It also arced proudly out from his groin, like the weight of the end of it pulled it slightly downward. And below it all were a nice pair of low hangers, just resting on the mattress. “Damn, you are blessed aren’t you?” I whispered in awe. “Sometimes I think it was a curse,” he said. “Like, if I had an average dick maybe I wouldn’t be sick right now.” “Maybe,” I said matter of factly. “But do you really think having a smaller cock would have changed your sex drive though? I mean, I know big dick guys who have no libido at all, and small dick guys who jack off 10 times a day. All I know is that you seem to have been sexually insatiable and probably would have found a way to have tons of sex, with or without that monster.” This talk was making him lose his hard on, so I quickly said, “Hey. How about you tell ME an erotic story. Like from your bathhouse days. Don’t be a lazy bitch and entertain ME for a change.” I smiled. “Surely you must have a hot tale of a favorite fuck to share.” He smiled back slowly and said, “Oh yeah. I have a few good ones. How about I tell you about the young marine?” “Sounds good to me! Let’s hear it,” i urged. “So this was at the bath house, oh many years ago now. I was there one night and in the sling room was this young, muscle-stud. He had a ‘friend’ who was guarding the entry and whoring him out. Several guys were peering in and and watching the action so I asked the ‘friend’ what what was going on. Turns out this little muscle stud was a Marine, had just turned 21 and wanted his own 21 gun salute. The friend was helping to line up good Dick and to make sure things didn’t get out of control. So far the kid was up to 11 loads and #12 sounded like he was getting close. So I asked if I could take a turn and flashed my dick at the friend. The friend smiled and said “you’re up next”.” “Oh damn, man,” I said. “This is my total fantasy! Sorry for doing this but....” I then unfastened my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock. Ken watched me do it and made no protestations. After watching me slow stroke a few times he went back to his story. “So I hear #12 finish up— loudly. And as soon as he left the room, I walked in. The kid was fucking hot. Exactly what you’d think of when you think US Marine. Tan. Well muscled. Lanky. Buzz cut dark hair. Even the dog tags laying between his pecs. His legs were slightly furry as was his ass. The kid looked up at me and his eyes were totally blown- probably on something. Or it could have been that sex haze. Anyway, I walked up to his face so he could get a look at my cock and his eyes got real big! And then his mouth opened... So I fucked his mouth to get myself good and hard. He was choking and gagging on my cock, but also just moaning like a bitch in heat. It didn’t take me long before I was raging hard. Like I am now.” I looked back at his cock and he was back at full mast and throbbing. I scored my chair right up next to his bed so he was within reach. I think Ken knew what I was thinking, but he didn’t stop me. “Go on...” I urged. “So, I pull out of his mouth and moved to position. I look down and can see a trickle of cum leaking out his ass, as well as a good puddle on the floor. I can’t believe I’m saying this but— I bent down and scooped up some floor spunk and slathered it on my Dick. Then I pushed into him. This boy was so used and so full of cum, I really didn’t need the extra lube, but the idea was hot to me. I pushed in pretty easily to a point, then met with resistance as I got to his second ring. So I took my time and slow-stroked him with just enough Dick so I was teasing his second ring. It felt so... WHOA!” It was at this point in his story when I reached over and grabbed his cock. It startled him. “Whaaa what are you doing?” He asked in a shaky voice. “I’m helping you out, man. You need this. And I want to do this. I wanna make you cum as you finish this story.” His breath was shaky and shallow, but I kept my hand on that impressive cock and jacked it slowly. His eyes half closed and he swallowed thickly. And I knew I had him. “So, you were fucking him slowly, right up to that second ring....” I promoted. His eyes close... “Yeah. Um. So I start to tease deeper. I slow push into him and get my head up in his second ring and you would think the marine is storming Iwo Jima from the noises he starts making. I pull out and slow push in again. And again. And again. Eventually this marine is grunting and Ooo Rah’ing and taking it like a goddamn champ. So I really start giving it to him. Hard. The sling chains are singing and my groin is totally covered in cum spatter as all the other loads are being fucked out of him and deeper into him. He’s going cum crazy and bucking into me to take all I can give. I look back at the door and like 5 guys are watching us fuck. I know I can’t hold out much longer and thankfully I don’t have to. Suddenly the kid cries out and I see cum shooting from his Dick all over his chest and belly. I can feel his ass spasming around my cock and that’s about all she wrote. I ram it it hard, as deep as I can, and I flood his fucking slut marine guts. He’s whimpering and moaning and I and I am so turned on that I keep cumming and cumming and... AGGGH.” Ken’s cum shoots in a perfect arc from his Dick and spatters the sheets. The next spurts drip down my hand and onto his balls. When his orgasm subsided, I got up, put my hard cock away, and got him a wash cloth. I then cleaned up the mess. “Looks like someone had been saving up quite a load,” I said with a grin. Ken couldn’t meet my eyes. I think he felt embarrassed or something. I covered him with a sheet and patted his leg. “Dude, that was incredibly hot and I regret nothing. In fact, I hope we can do this again.” Ken didn’t say anything, but.. was that a tiny nod? After that, I would pepper in my visits with some erotic reading, and it would end with Ken telling me of one of his escapades while I jacked him. It was definitely hot- but time to take it to the next level. About a month after our first JO encounter, I started a more frank discussion with him involving his status. “So, did you still have as much sex after you became positive or did it kind of stop after that.” He grew quiet and didn’t answer for a time. “It stopped… for awhile.” he sighed. “But sex is hard to give up. Did you switch to condoms then?” I inquired. “Mostly…?” he whispered. “Bareback sex is even harder to give up, isn’t it? It’s ok, trust me I get it. You can tell me. I’m not here to judge you- we’re friends.” This seemed to open Ken up a bit. “When I was diagnosed, I sort of… shut down. I withdrew and basically stopped all sex cold turkey. I wasn’t partnered at the time, so I didn’t have to worry about that pressure. Heck, I didn’t even jack off. I just sort of became a sexual zombie. Eventually I was finding myself checking out guys again. Getting horny. Getting those ‘inconvenient boners’ during the day. I started jacking again. And then I got the urge to fuck again. I tried some hookups where I used condoms, but … they didn’t work out so well. I just couldn’t stay hard being all gloved up, and I would end up disappointing the bottom. So I kind of gave up the idea of sex again. Until…” he trailed off. “You fucked a guy bareback and gave him your poz load.” I said. Ken looked up at me with a startled look on his face. “Yeah. I mean no. I mean, I didn’t really mean to, but… it just sort of happened.” “It’s okay Ken. We’re sexual beings and you must have been insanely horny. So, this was your first time fucking bare as an HIV positive man— and I gather that you liked it. Tell me about it?” It looked like he was struggling with something internally. His face contorted a bit and he wouldn’t look at me. So I grabbed his hand and held it for awhile and we sat in silence for a few minutes. “I’m worried what you’ll think of me, but…. “ “I was so damn horny. It had been almost a year since my diagnosis and no real sex. I was going out of my mind. One afternoon I found myself on autopilot and sort of ‘came to’ when I was standing outside my favorite old adult bookstore. I went in and paid my 5 bucks and headed to the back. It wasn’t very crowded and honestly I didn’t even know what I was doing there. I didn’t know what I wanted but I knew I needed to get off. Maybe jack off watching others? Maybe a BJ? I didn’t know. I wandered around for a few and noticed that the glory hole booths were busy. There were these two particular booths that had a decent sized glory hole. I noticed a few lurkers hanging in this area, so I figured some guy was giving BJ’s. So I leaned up against the wall to watch. It wasn’t long before one door opened and this hispanic construction worker came out and was fastening up his pants. He headed for the exit and one of the other lurkers took his place in the empty booth. It wasn’t long before we could hear some groans and movement noises coming from these booths. And the booths, being flimsy plywood, were kind of shaking a bit. So it became apparent that more than just a BJ going on. I look over and the other guy has his fly open and is jacking a pretty decent piece of uncut meat…. “ By now Ken was hard, the retelling had him excited. So I reached over pulled back the sheet and took him in hand, as usual. He flinched a little, but let it happen. He still wouldn’t look at me though, his head was facing the other way out the window as he remembered. “So the guy in booth 1 cums loudly and the booth rocking stops. About a minute later, he comes out with a big smile on his face and heads for the exit. Now there are just two of us ‘lurkers’, and we look at each other. The other guy is older, kind of hard to tell his age really. Maybe 60? Looks a bit… sick… you know? Probably similar to how I look now And I knew. I KNEW he was poz. And yet there he was, jacking his cock at the book store…. He raised his eyebrows at me as if asking if I was heading in or not? I shook my head, and he walked into the empty booth. He didn’t close the door. So I found myself slowly walking up and watching. The old guy fed his dick through the hole and started moaning as I heard the wet sounds of a hungry mouth going to town on his cock. ‘Fuck yeah, suck it faggot,’ he whispers harshly. In my head I know this guy is poz and he’s just letting this guy suck him. In my head I’m really conflicted, but I can’t look away. And I’m… really turned on. Soon the wet sucking noises stop and I hear that unmistakable click noise of lube bottle being opened. I know what’s going to happen and again I’m watching it all go down and not saying anything. The old guy moans and I know the guy on the other side of the wall just sheathed that uncut cock in his ass. The booth starts moving slowly and I can hear the wet sound of ass fucking. My cock is so hard at this point it’s like it wants to tear a hole in my pants to get out.” In my hand, Ken’s cock is mirroring his cock in the story. He’s wickedly hard as he’s retelling this and I just keep jacking him. I stop just long enough to spit on my hand and go back. Ken makes a small noise in his throat, then goes back to his story. “The old guy starts really fucking into this dude’s ass through the glory hole. I’m basically in the booth with him at this point, my face close to the glory hole so I can see his cock going in and out of this ass. I can tell he’s getting close by his wheezing, when suddenly he stiffens up and grunts a few times and I know. I know his load, his… sickness… is shooting into the ass on the other side of the wall. I feel like I should say something. I feel like I should have stopped it before it got this far. But I didn’t. I just watched it all happen while my cock betrayed me in my pants. And I kept watching as the old guy slowly pulled out of the ass with a wet plop. Yup. Definitely no condom on that. He zips up and pats my shoulder. ‘It’s worth it,’ he says. And he exits the booth, leaving me alone in there. I see a finger extend into the glory hole from the other side. The international symbol for ‘stick your dick through, i’m waiting’. At this point I’m basically beyond the point of no return, so I close the booth door and open my pants. I hear the appreciative “DAMN” from the other side of the wall an I know he’s eyeballing my cock through the hole. He sticks his finger through again and motions to me. And before I know it, i’m feeding my dick through the hole. It was all I could do not to cum when I felt his mouth around my dick. It had been so damn long! I let him suck me for awhile, then I felt him pull off. Felt him apply the lube to my dick. I knew this was my chance to pull back… to stop. But I … I didn’t. And then I felt him slowly push his ass back onto my dick. The warm, wet heat enveloped me and I almost cried it felt so good! But I also was so conflicted— I was in this ass raw. And even though I’m pretty sure the previous guy just left a toxic load in there, that wasn’t me. Or was it? All I know is that fucking ass without a condom felt so damn good. I’m so turned on that I know I won’t last much longer. This guy is slamming his ass back onto my dick and fucking himself with it and I’m just standing there pressed against the booth wall letting him. I felt the orgasm building in my balls. I knew I was close. I knew I could pull out and spray all over the booth floor. I knew all this… and I let him keep fucking onto me. I needed the release. I needed to fuck. And then… it happened. I was cumming in him. I was in a post orgasmic haze— barely remember pulling out and zipping up. After a minute or two I stumbled out of the booth just as the other guy was coming out of his. We looked at each other. The guy was in his mid 40’s. Handsome. Dressed in suit pants, white shirt, and a tie. And had a wedding ring on. He saw me see it, and he just shrugged and smiled. ‘Thanks for that!’ he says. After that monster, I’m done.’ And he turned and was out the exit.” Ken paused here in his story and I still jacked his cock. I don’t know what prompted me to push, but I did. “That must have been a shock. Seeing that you just put your dirty load into a guy with a wife and kids, huh? Especially for your first time raw fucking as a poz man. I bet you felt sick about it… and turned on, too.” Ken finally looked at me. “Yeah. At first I was angry. I was all “You stupid fucker! You know you shouldn’t fuck without a condom! You have a wife!” “But it was hot because he WAS married and he WAS careless. Which made it all the hotter. Plus he’d taken god knows how many other loads that day. At least 3. Breeding married men is aways the holy grail… right?” I said all while jacking Ken’s cock more quickly. Ken’s eyes were boring into me. “Fuck yes. Stupid married men, thinking with their dicks … and asses. It’s almost like they’re asking for it. Asking to be caught.” “Asking to be infected,” I whispered. “Getting what they deserve,” he says. “Which is what made it easier the next time, and the next time, and the next time…giving all those stupid fuckers your toxic seed. How many did you fuck and fill, Ken?” That’s when I took his cock into my mouth and started sucking him while I still jacked. “Oh jesus,” Ken moaned quietly and I felt his hand come to the back of my head. I finally had his monster cock in my mouth and I lovingly sucked it and worked the head with my tongue. “Shit, I’m gonna…” Ken managed and he struggled to pull away. But I just gripped his cock and kept my mouth planted right where it was. Spurt after spurt of bitter, salty cum filled my mouth, but I swallowed it greedily. I kept him in my mouth until his cock started to soften- the last dribbles of semen pearling onto my tongue. Ken’s hand was still resting on the back of my head. When I finally released him from my mouth, he said “You shouldn’t have done that. I shouldn’t have done that. I’m really sick, man.” He looked away from me sheepishly. “Ken, you know that the risk of transmission orally is very small. Also, I’ve been wanting to do that for months.” I tell him. He looked at me, with a bit of sadness in his eyes. “I’m going to let you in on a secret,” I tell him as we look at each other. “I’m not a nice boy who volunteers at an AIDS hospice and secretly pines for a boyfriend and two dogs and a house in the burbs. No. I’m a naughty boy. Sometimes I have anonymous sex. I don’t always fuck with a condom. I let guys cum inside me. Sometimes even if I don’t know their status. And sometimes…” I see something flicker across his gaze. “Even when I DO know their status.” “I love taking those loads best of all.” And I winked at him. A couple weeks later, I was back at Ken’s bedside for our reading time. But tonight was going to be different. Tonight was the night. I was going to get his cock and load inside me— unless he had a sudden attack of conscience and wouldn’t let me. I had come prepared. I had cleaned out thoroughly, prelubed my hole, and had lube and poppers in my backpack. I was also wearing a pair of gym shorts that I had cut strategically in the back for access. I pulled out the erotic fiction from his nightstand and read a good story to get Ken in the mood. It worked like always and soon he was tenting up that bedsheet. I put down the magazine. “So, tonight I thought maybe we’d do something different,” say. I see him look at me quizzically. “I thought perhaps I’d tell you one of my stories instead? Something… naughty.” Ken licked his lips and nodded approval. “So, there’s this guy I was hot for. Older than me, but handsome. Blonde— like you. Blue eyes, too. We chatted for a long time before I finally got up the courage to make a move on him.” I reached over and grabbed his throbbing cock. “We did some minor stuff— just hand jobs and blow jobs mostly. Turns out the guy is fucking hung like a racehorse! Fucking jackpot! I seriously can’t get enough of his big dick,” I said while jacking him. Ken’s eyes look black as his pupils are complete dilated as he watches me. “I mean, I love sucking that big fucker,” I said as I bent down to suck on Ken’s cock for awhile. “But I need more, you know? I’m a slutty bottom that craves big cock. And if this awesome guy won’t give me his, then I’ll just go to a bookstore and take some random strangers through a glory hole— you know?” Ken’s breath is coming faster now as I continue to suck him a bit. “So one night, I make my move and try to get this guy to FINALLY put it in me already! Only that’s when he springs it on me. He’s HIV positive. He doesn’t like fucking with condoms and he doesn’t want to risk infecting me, so he doesn’t want to fuck me.” I look at Ken as I pause in my story. “So I started sucking his cock and I tell him that I don’t care. That I want him to fuck me bare. That I want to— no, NEED to feel him cum inside me. I tell him I’ve let other men fuck me bare and some of them have probably been poz too. Heck, I might even be infected now and I may not know it. I’m so slutty and careless it’s almost like I DESERVE to get it, you know? Just another stupid bottom thinking with his hole. And whether he fucks me or not, nothing is gonna change this.” I feel Ken’s cock twitch and jump in my hand as I say all this. I then casually reach into my back pack and get out the lube and poppers. Ken’s breath hitches in his chest. I open the lube and start slathering his massive member. Ken’s eyes don’t leave mine. “So, this guy finally relents. I lube him up, open my shorts, lube my hole a bit, then get on top of him,” i say as I climbing onto his bed and mimicking all the actions coming out of my mouth, “and take a massive hit of poppers because I know I’m gonna need them.” I hit the poppers hard. “And then I slowly— finally— lowered myself onto him,” I whispered. It was like being torn open. Even with the poppers, Ken’s cock was huge. Easily the biggest I’d ever taken in my life to that point. It was the thick part just past the head that was the trick. I had to pull off, relube him, hit more poppers and slowly inch my way through that thick part as my hole burned in protest. Then there was a ‘pop’ as that thick spot suddenly breached my hole, and it got easier. I slid all the way down. Ken hissed as I hilted myself onto his dick. His hands found my hips. “The guy’s cock was massive, but I’d wanted it for so long inside me that I took it like a champ. And then I started riding him slowly. I wanted him to feel every inch of my insides and know that I wanted him there.” I rode Ken slowly up and down, getting myself used to his dick. Occasionally I stopped for poppers. “This guy had told me stories about his past… how much ass he’d fucked. I just hope mine would live up to the others. And, truth be told, I loved the fact that his dick had been in so many guys and it was finally my turn.” “I know this guy said he was conflicted about fucking me, but his raging hardon said otherwise. He loved it. And I know that in his secret heart of hearts, that he loved breeding guys with his poz seed. He loved fucking bare and dumping his toxic DNA into as many asses as would take it. Breeding all these guys who would never ask for a condom. Never ask about status. Just take whatever load in their cumhungry cunts. I know he didn’t like to admit it to himself and he probably felt ashamed for doing it. And even more ashamed for being so goddamn turned on by the idea that he’s infected dozens, if not hundreds of guys by now.” “Yeaaaaaah,” Ken moaned quietly as I continued to ride him. “I told this guy that it was ok. I understood. We all had that biological urge to procreate, and this was our way. Making sure a little bit of us lived on in others. And I told him I was a willing vessel. In fact, I wanted him to cum in me. I wanted it to be HIS cum that infected me. I didn’t want to be like he was and not know where the virus came from. I wanted the moment to be memorable. I wanted to KNOW. And I wanted him to know that he was the one.” I was riding the full length of Ken at this point. I had opened up to where his cock was plunging into my second ring on each thrust and I was leaking precum into my gym shorts with every bounce on his cock. Ken was helping guide me as he grabbed my hips. “Do it Ken. Cum in me! Fill me! I want you to be the one! Please??? Be the one who knocks me up!” Ken’s eyes flicked open and he grabbed my hips hard as he thrust up into me. His cock was buried well up into my second ring when I felt the pulses. The throbs. The wet heat. Ken’s AIDS cum was shooting so deep into me that I knew it would take. And I filled my gym shorts with my own seed as I spontaneously came from the knowledge that I was taking a living part of Ken and continuing the line. Ken shuddered and we stayed welded together until his cock had softened enough to easily come out of my ass. As I pulled off of him I bent down and kissed him lightly on the lips. “Thank you,” I whispered. I got off the bed, grabbed a wash cloth and started to clean him off. There was a little blood on the rag after I washed off his dick. He saw it and his eyes got big and I could see him wondering if he had hurt me. “Dude, you have a massive cock- the biggest that’s ever been in me. I was expecting this. Maybe next time I’ll be a bit more loosened up.” And I smiled at him as I went to the wash room to clean myself up. Ken and I fucked a few more times, but it wasn’t long before his health took a turn and before I knew it, he was gone. At least I got to be by his side when he left this world; for that I’m grateful. And yes, I did get sick after our fuck sessions. Sure enough, I had caught the ‘fuck flu’. Testing confirmed it. Given the timing, I knew it was Ken’s doing. And I was grateful for that ,too. I kept volunteering at the hospice after that. I mean, it wasn’t like Ken was the only guy I spent time with during my visits, but Ken was the only one I had cultivated a fuck relationship with. Until Mark. One evening I was visiting Mark and as I was preparing to read to him he stopped me. “Um, I was wondering if you could maybe read this tonight instead,” he asked. He pulled out the magazine of erotic fiction that I had given Ken for our sessions, and he handed it to me. I smiled. “Uh, Ken said that you would read to him out of this and it was very, um… stimulating. I was hoping that maybe we could do the same?” Yes Mark. I was positive that we could do the same.
  10. Growing up, I'd always suspected that my dad was gay. Or at least, shall we say, sexually indiscriminating? I mean, he was still married to mom and I had to come from somewhere. Besides, I do remember hearing them occasionally banging one out as their bedroom was right across the hall from mine. But still I had my suspicions, which were reinforced by behaviors. From the time I could remember I'd always just been around my dad when he was naked. Nudity was just an everyday thing at my house, so it never struck me as odd. Nudity was a thing for mom and me, too. Heck, There are many a photograph of me running around our house as a kid in my all-together! However, as I got older I started to notice Dad was nude around me more often than Mom. It was more 'our thing' - just two dudes hangin.... We bathed and showered together quite often, and hung out watching TV afterward as we air-dried. And, when I wasn't actually bathing, I would keep Dad company while he took a bath. He would let me play with boats in the deep end while we talked. Occasionally we'd play a game Dad called 'Light House' in which I would drive the boat between his legs to the 'lighthouse' that was standing erect there. The boat would crash on the 'rocks' below and I would laugh and laugh.... Anyway, I also first learned about masturbation from my father when I spied on him when he pleasured himself in the garage. I saw him fire his load into a shop rag, and after he went back inside I retrieved the rag and investigated it. What was this sticky fluid? Naturally he came back and caught me. I was SO embarrassed! But Dad took it very much in stride and was completely matter of fact about it all. And that's when I learned all about the birds and the bees. And also about what guys can do for special fun on their own, as he had just done. He also made it clear I should never tell Mom about because she was a girl and wouldn't understand. Dad's special magazines were also readily available for me; he really didn't even bother to hide them. They were just at the bottom of a magazine basket in our den. They started out as Playboy, but as I got older they became Penthouse, Club, Chic, Oui, and then some harder core mags with dicks and fucking in them too! Those were my favorites-- the ones that showed closeups of men with erections. Anyway, As I got older I gained hair and modesty, so the joint showers and nudity stopped and doors started being closed. Well, really just my doors-- although that didn't stop my Dad from interrupting me on more than one occasion. The first time, I was in my room, officially studying, but of course not only was I playing with myself, I was actually on the cusp of blowing my load when Dad barged into my room. I don't think I ever moved so fast in my life! Giving a quick laugh Dad exclaimed "Whoops!" And as he closed my door he added "Just don't get any on my Penthouse." There were a couple more times after that when Dad caught my jerking off. Each time Dad joked and commented something like "Damn, boy! Don't wear it out!" Or "Do you ever put that thing away?" Which is why I started jacking in the shower or behind a locked bathroom door. Slowly over this time, my suspicions about Dad being gay and his extracurricular activities increased. He was gone longer hours, working out more, or at least saying he was working out. Sometimes he'd come home and you could tell he'd had a beer or two. Mom and he fought more over piddly shit. I pretty much figured he was having an affair, or hooking up somewhere. And I could clearly see my parents on the clear trajectory toward divorce. He was also buddying up to me more during this time, telling me that I was really growing into a man, and complementing my by remarking how handsome I was becoming. Our conversations felt conspiratorial, and Dad increasingly joked around with me, and his jokes took on an ever increasing sexual overtone. Everything seemed to be a double-entendre. Well, the summer before my senior year of high school, Mom started a new job and started working nights. I think she took this job just so she and Dad would spend less time breathing the same air. It also forced Dad to be home more to take care of me (in theory). Dad still routinely got home late, often smelling of, well, I'm not sure what, but his body had a distinctive aroma. Even so, Dad was definitely more often at home more, which conveniently left us together with free time. In the evenings. Before bed. As I said before, Mom and Dad's room was right across the hall from mine. And in their room they had an old TV with a VCR. You know - for watching movies in bed. And with Mom working nights and Dad being Dad, well... he fired up the VCR - a lot. I mostly ignored it the first few times-- but I could hear the porn playing and the soft, creaking motion of his bed and I knew what was going on. But it was my father! I shouldn't be listening, hardly daring to breathe. I shouldn't be turned on by this, should I? Why did I have a boner?? So many thoughts... so many conflicted emotions. Finally one night I couldn't take it any more and I wanted-- no, NEEDED-- to see. So I snuck out of bed and crept quietly into the hall. Dad always left his door ajar, so I figured I could peep in and see him and the porn while he was too distracted to notice. I figured I was being quiet as a cat. I was wrong. "You might as well just come on in," he said in a loud voice. Fuck! Busted AGAIN by Dad!! Well, I sheepishly went into his bedroom and he gestured for me to sit next to him on the bed. He wasn't even trying to hide his erection. "Come on, you might as well 'take a load off' too. I can see you want to," again with the double entendre as he nodded to the boner in my pajamas. I stood next to the bed, guts churning, nervous as hell and shaking like a leaf while I stared at the erection held in his first. He smiled and patted the bed-- and I took my place beside him. Little did I realize that this small action would set me on a dark path and seal my fate. That first night we watched porn together and jacked off. Well, he jacked off and I mostly watched him jack off. When he came all over his belly and fist, I came too. In my pajamas. Without touching myself. From there we slowly progressed. It wasn't an every night event, but when I was in bed and I'd hear the porn soundtrack, I'd get up and join him. It started out as innocently jacking together. From there it became me jacking him off while we watched. I still vividly remember the first time I touched his erection - it was like a bolt of lightning struck me and I could barely breathe. And again, when he came, the feeling of his seed running over my knuckles made my own dick cum in my underwear. (No more Jammie's for this guy!) From there it soon progressed to blowjobs. Never him on me-- I was the son and it was my duty to get him off. To be a good boy. Oddly enough, it was a bigger deal to first jack my Dad than to blow him. The blowjob came naturally. Feeling the smooth, warm skin of his head with my tongue just felt right somehow. And when he shot in my mouth? There was no hesitation: I swallowed instantly. And happily. At this point in our relationship I had definitely shifted to just being his convenient sex toy. Sort of his human fleshlight. He didn't really make eye contact or acknowledge me at all. He was focused on the straight porn on the VCR. I didn't jack off or really touch myself at all in his presence. I would finish him off, he'd turn off the VCR and lights, and I'd go back to my room. Once there is either jack off or go to sleep. More often than not, I didn't even jack myself. And then one night it finally happened. This was in January of my senior year. It was after Christmas and I was back in school, Mom was back to work. I heard the porn fire up, but it was different porn. This time the grunting was more masculine - no more whiny bitch moaning. I went in and I saw Dad watching porn. I was right. He was playing a new porn tape. This one showed two guys on the screen, two, hot, furry, mustachioed men... and they were fucking! It was so hot and the breath caught in my throat. Dad and I started as we usually did-- him jacking for a minute, then me doing it for him. Then my mouth on his dick, as usual. But this time instead of cumming down my throat, he tapped my head after awhile and I stopped. "Get on all fours," he whispered. We NEVER talked during our sessions so this startled me. It was almost like a slap. But he just stopped everything, gestured toward the TV with a chin flip, and told me to "assume the position". My guts instantly turned to water as I knew what was about to happen and I wasn't sure about it at all. Wasn't sure I wanted to get fucked, but after all he was my Dad, and instinctively I wanted to please him so I got on all fours. I was facing the porn and I felt the bed shift as he got behind me. He reached and got some KY off the nightstand. My heart was thundering in my chest. Soon I felt the cool, wet hardness of his cockhead pushing at my sphincter. This was it-- I was losing my virginity. To my father. He pushed into my ass. I distinctly remember the pain. I tried to push back a bit on his thigh, to slow him or get him to stop but he was clearly bent on fucking. Which he did. I winced and grunted as he thrust inelegantly into me. It hurt and it felt like my asshole was ripping because of his thickness. I tried to relax-- I tried to understand how the one guy in the porn seemed to be really enjoying the cock in HIS ass. Did it hurt him as much? I tried to breathe through it. I teared up a bit. Then suddenly my father was buried inside me and shuddering. I could fee his cock throbbing in my ass, much as it had done in my mouth. There would be five or so pulses and a few aftershocks, again... like usual. I counted them off in my head. His hands were on my hips as he slowly pulled out of me. Then he magically produced some paper towels to wipe himself with and he was done. Stunned I made my way to the bathroom to wipe myself clean. There was a KY residue, some brown, and some red. Blood. So I HAD torn a bit. I stood in the bathroom a long time and looked at myself in the mirror. I was confused and hotly ashamed, mainly because I found myself aroused at the thought of what just happened to me. I jacked myself and came all over the bathroom sink while thinking about my Dad's cock violating my ass. Two nights later the same thing happened. And again a couple nights after that. Soon, I realized this was our new norm. So I stopped at Walgreens after work one day and got my own tube of KY that I kept in my secret hiding spot in my room. I started fingering my ass and lubing myself before heading in for our father-son bonding ritual. As time went on, some weeks there was less sex and I found myself a bit disappointed (and if I'm being honest, jealous). Because Dad was "late" getting home, his clothes smelling of cigarettes and "that smell" that I'd later come to realize was the stench of an adult bookstore. I'd always find myself wondering why I wasn't good enough-- had I done something wrong? Was he displeased, or worse... bored with me? But then he'd fire up the VCR again, and everything would be right as rain. Of course it's not like I was completely innocent during this time either. Dad had sort of opened the door to my sexuality. I had a couple friends at school that I was blowing fairly regularly. And there may have been one or two 'park encounters' between me and older men. Anyway, this continued through the summer until it was time for me to leave for my freshman year of college. In my mind this was also the cutoff point for my activity with Dad. I was going to college to start the next chapter in my life. I wanted to be normal. I wanted a change. And I knew I was approaching adulthood, wouldn't really be living at home anymore. I'd love to be able to say that we had one final night together before I left, where we spent the entire night fucking and he actually fucked me on my back while looking at me, and telling me that I was a good son and he was proud. Ah, the romantic in me! But no-- our sessions ended not with a bang, but a whisper. Really I don't even much remember our last fuck. As summer waned he sort of did it less and less. Plus Dad got really sick earlier in the summer, and that really seemed to zap his energy levels. I was okay with all this. It made my college transition that much easier. When I came home at Christmas break, Dad met me at the door and had me sit down. He had some things to tell me, he said. My stomach lurched as I could predict what was coming. Well... ALMOST predict. In a somber voice he explained Mom had moved out and that they were getting a divorce. He said there was something else, too. He had been to his doctor and... He took a deep, shuddering breath and said the last thing I expected: "Son... I'm HIV positive."
  11. What I'm about to tell you is 100% true. I know this is a "fiction" forum, and I have written several stories on here. But something is driving me to share my real story. The story how I became positive. I need to confess my behavior, for posterity, so that at least some people will know what happened. To believe me or not is entirely up to you, but I know I'll feel better getting this down in print. I started off as any good, self-respecting, midwestern gay boy who came of age in the late 80's did. I was scared shitless by the AIDS epidemic and always used condoms. Always. With a couple girls, and then even with the few boyfriends that I had when I finally came out in the mid-90's. It was just what was done-- unless one was in a long term committed relationship and both parties had been tested. Fast forward to the later 90's and I had a long-term "committed" relationship with a guy who eventually got me to drop the condoms. And I LOVED it. He was younger than me, with a big, curved, 8" cock and I really got off on feeling him cum inside me. But then that relationship ended. I moved away to the Carolinas and he stayed. It was a good thing, because it turns out that neither of us was particularly faithful in that relationship. During my time In the Carolinas is when I started my descent into barebacking. Early on I had a few boyfriends... always fucked with condoms with them. And then suddenly I was single... perpetually single. And perpetually horny. It started innocently enough. I would have hookups and we would "mostly" use condoms. If the guy was married, I would let it slide because he "was safe". And fuck how hot is it to let a married guy fuck you bare, right? At first I always asked them to pull out when they came. Most of the time they did. But then I just finally stopped asking, and they stopped pulling out. And I found out that I really loved feeling the throb, the wet heat, of their semen pouring into me. I began to crave it. So I started letting "partnered" guys fuck me bare. I figured they were a pretty safe bet too. And then it was married, partnered, or guys who said they were negative. Granted there was still condom use here and there, but it was much more sporadic. This was in the era of those home HIV testing kits. I was far too scared to go to a clinic or my doctor, so I would buy the test kits every 6 months and dutifully stab my finger and mail in my sample. Waiting for the results was nerve-wracking, but it was always the same. Negative. As the years progressed during my southern tenure, the lure of barebacking got stronger and stronger. Condoms were a rarity now, and I was starting to let anonymous guys cum in me raw. And I found I really got off on it! I can still remember the first time a complete stranger came in me at a bookstore in the city near me. I was in a dark alcove watching a guy taking turns blowing the three guys surrounding him. I was jerking off and a guy snuck up behind me and started playing with my ass. And before I knew it he was lubed and pushing into me. I just let it happen as the other guys stopped getting blown and started to watch me take dick. They all egged the top on, to "breed me". And he did. I was simultaneously so turned on and so mortified that as soon as he was done, I dashed out of there. And then jacked off a huge load later at home! That session sort of flipped a switch in me-- if I was willing to let a complete stranger cum in me, then fuck it. My inhibitions about taking raw cock were completely gone, and I would take multiple anonymous loads at that same bookstore in my remaining year in the South. I started going to sex parties and letting guys breed me. I started taking cock at the Y. And I even went to a leather party where I was roofied and ended up in a sling with guys taking turns and tallying up their loads on my stomach with a sharpie. I left that party with 18 hash marks-- but only remembered like 4 of the guys. I tested myself again... and still was neg. Even after all that, I was negative. Then I moved back to the Midwest. I dated a poz guy for awhile and we fucked bare all the time. But he refused to cum in me, even when I begged him to. He had too much guilt and didn't even want to fuck me raw in the first place. He said he didn't want to be the one to infect me. We eventually broke up. And I resumed my slutty ways-- taking lots of raw cock and loads. Going to sex parties. Etc. A friend involved in the AIDS community discovered I was being reckless and so he dragged me to the clinic to get tested. I figured I MUST have HIV by now, right? So much unprotected sex. Nope. Still negative. And then I met Steve. I met him online under one of his screen names "BarebackerMn" or "BarebackerMan" or "StevenToTheNuts". I think this was back in the days of gay.com still. Anyway, if you are reading this on this forum, you may know him (or of him). I found out later he was quite the "gifter"-- lots of conversions to his credit. Lots of videos. But I get ahead of myself. Steve and I chatted online quite a bit. I mean, his cock pics alone were a big draw for me. He had several pictures of a big, beautiful 8 inch dick. Naturally my ass was begging for it. But Steve was positive. To backtrack a little, yes I was being a slut. I hooked up with lots of guys and attended sex parties and went to bookstores and such. But really not very often. Oh, every so often I would get cum crazed and do the bookstore thing, and then leave with several loads in me, and a huge amount of guilt. And sex parties were few and far between. And my online hookups were with guys who said they were neg, or were partnered... still. I didn't actively seek out guys who said "don't know" or "poz" because even though I craved feeling a man cum inside me, I really didn't want it to be poz cum. Not in the back of my mind I didn't, because I knew it would seriously impact my life. So I tried to be a bit selective-- not letting guys who "looked" poz fuck me bare. Only letting proclaimed "neg" guys breed me during one on one hookups, etc. Yeah, I was that naive, but it had worked so far, right? Anyway, back to Steve. Like I said, we chatted a lot, and I was VERY tempted by his cock. But his profile (and his chats) let me know that he was DEFINITELY positive, and that he ONLY fucked bare, and he NEVER pulled out. He also warned me that he was charged and that if he fucked me, I'd probably get "knocked up". Because he'd done it before. All this talk scared me. And titillated me. But mostly scared me. I kept looking at his dick and thinking, "I really wanna feel that inside me. I wonder if he'd pull out if I asked?" I probably should have just avoided him... but every time I saw him on, we chatted. Little did I know I was being inexorably drawn into his web. And then one night, it happened. It was late fall and cold outside. I was in one of those cock hungry moods and had been online for hours trying to find dick. All to no avail. And then Steven logged on. And we started chatting. It was late and fuck I was horny and damn I needed some dick and fuck I'd probably already taken poz loads unknowingly and ok I'll drive over what's the address? Before I knew it, I was standing on his porch and knocking on his door, thinking "what the fuck am I doing?" He answered wearing sweats and a t-shirt. I left my boots by the door and followed him downstairs to the basement, my stomach in knots and my heart threatening to beat out of my chest. (My stomach is actually clenched while typing this). When we got down to the basement, it was.... almost too much. My apologies to Steve (if he ever reads this) but he and his husband were not excellent housekeepers. And the basement was, well, the best way to describe it is "seedy". There was fake panelling on the walls, a ratty, plaid 70's couch in front of the TV, and a carpet with stains from god-knows-what. There were also vodka bottles and full ashtrays and ... you get the picture. I almost turned around and left. But I didn't. We sat on the couch, and there was bareback porn playing on the TV. I'll give him credit, he sensed my nervousness and he didn't pressure me into anything. He just sat there and put a hand on my thigh. I reached over and touched his cock through his sweat pants. It felt huge, and he was definitely hard. He played with my hard cock through my jeans too and we watched porn for a few minutes in silence. "Hey bud, we don't have to do anything you don't want to. But maybe you could suck me a bit, if you want?" he said. And then he played his ace. He stood and slowly shucked his sweats, and that big cock flipped and bounced just inches from my face in all it's glory. He sat back down and started stroking it, and before I knew it I was on all fours in front of him with his big meat in my mouth. He was very appreciative- because he knew that as soon as he was inside my mouth... my ass was his. I sucked him a bit longer, and then he told me to get undressed. I did. I was so horny at this point, nothing was going to stop me from getting that cock in me. My dick was drooling precum all over that godawful carpet and I didn't care. "Get on all fours in front of the TV," he told me. And I did. "Take a hit of those poppers," he instructed. And I did. And then I felt his raw dick slide into my ass. Alarm bells were going off in my head, but my cock was rock hard and I NEEDED to be fucked SO DAMN BAD!! And damn if his cock didn't feel INCREDIBLE! Just like his screen name, he went in my hole "to the nuts". And then he started slow fucking me. He paused with his dick half in, and I saw a flash. He had pulled out his phone and was taking pics of his raw dick in my ass. I asked him not to show my leg tattoo if possible. "Don't worry," he said. As he fucked me, he started talking. Dirty talking. Filthy stuff. Stuff that noboby had ever said to me before. Stuff like "You know you have a poz dick in you, don't you? And you like it! You're ass is gripping and loving my big cock! You're gonna take my poz load and I'm gonna charge you up. Make you convert, like I've done to dozens of guys. You're just a fucking pig bug chaser, aren't you? A dirty fucking whore that's gonna let me put my toxic load up your cunt." A litany of filthy poz talk poured out of his mouth while he fucked me. I can safely say, at that time I was NOT a fan of this kind of talk. In fact, it made me nauseous and I wanted to stop. But the poppers were doing their job and in my haze I let him continue. "Guess what boy? No going back now-- you're getting my dirty load," he shouted as I felt his cock start throbbing inside of my ass. He pounded me hard as he came, trying to push his load as deep in me as possible. And I took it all. As soon as his load was shot, he pulled out and went for a cigarette. I started getting dressed in silence, not having cum, and not comprehending what I had just done. He showed me to the front door, and I drove home in a daze. I think I stayed up another hour just thinking about what I had done. I had just let a VERY poz guy cum inside me. I felt a bit sick to my stomach and cursed myself for allowing it to happen. Until the next time. The next time Steve and I fucked was about a month later. This time his partner was there and they both fucked me. I sucked Steve while his partner fucked my hole first. And let me just say this, Steve's partner had an even BIGGER cock and it fucking HURT! But I took him, and his load. There was no filthy talk when Steve's partner was fucking me-- I don't think he liked that scene. But as soon as he was done, he left to go to their sauna, thus leaving Steve and me alone. That's when Steve ramped up his poz talk and dumped his nut in me too. Then we sat in the sauna together. I took Steve several more times after that. Once again on all fours as he took more pics. The fourth load was video recorded. That recording ended up on a bug chasing website (much to my dismay). I had asked him not to post it. It had LOTS of poz talk and it was clear that I was neg and he was gonna poz up my ass. We made a few videos at my place too-- one shows him mugging evilly for the camera as he uses a finger to "prime" my hole before he sides in and breed it. I didn't understand what he was doing until much much later. Later that winter I got sick. Like really sick. But it was also the year that the H1N1 or whatever flu was hitting hard, so I didn't think much of it. But damn if that flu didn't take it out of me. I found that I was fatigued more and often tired. It took me a long time to recover, but even then I never felt "good". Steven and I sort of lost touch, and I really didn't see him online much anymore. I was finding plenty of other dick to keep my ass satisfied, and I was hitting up a local sex party more and more frequently, taking as many loads as I could get. Then about a year later, I got a call from the clinic that summer informed me that I had been exposed to Syphilis and that I needed to come in to be tested. So I went, and naturally they performed all the testing. And that's when they came in and told me that I had tested positive for HIV. Subsequent testing would show my viral load was pretty high, so I'd been poz for awhile unknowingly. I know to most people, the initial diagnosis probably comes as a shock (although really, how much of a shock can it be if you are having unprotected sex?) Upon hearing the news, I didn't get angry or cry or go numb or anything really... I just rationally processed it as a fact. I think I mystified the counsellors with my calmness about it. I mean, heck. I'd been having unprotected gay sex for years, was almost exclusively a bottom, and I'd let a known poz guy breed my ass. Repeatedly. It really was just a matter of time. And that's it. That's my story. I'm on meds and healthy, I'm doing well, and taking more cumloads than ever. PReP has made it so that EVERYONE barebacks-- it's so fucking hot! And EASY! And now? Now I sorta get off on poz talk. I've had more than one hot session where I pretended to be neg so a poz guy could get his rocks off on "knocking me up". I think I posted one of those stories here. And if you read my other "stories" no doubt you'll recognize parts of this one in there. Write what you know, right? Do I regret allowing myself to be careless and become positive? Sometimes. But it is what it is, and there's no going back now.
  12. Every bug chaser remembers the first time they made that fateful decision to knowingly take a poz load, and I'm no exception. It was quite a few years ago now, back when gay.com was still a good way to meet guys for hookups. I had been chatting with this one guy for quite some time, on and off. I still remember his profile name: Big N8R. His name was (you guessed it) Nate. And Nate had an 8 incher with a PA, so you can pretty much figure out why I kept talking to him. The only wrench? Big N8R was HIV positive. We flirted back and forth whenever we saw each other on, but I could never pull the trigger. I mean, he was definitely cute (rough looking, scruffy goatee, full sleeve tats) and had a big ol' cock, but he was poz and I didn't know if I was ready for that. Plus Nate made it very clear that he was all about fucking bareback and he didn't like to pull out. Well, one night I was online and had basically been cruising to get my ass fucked all day-- no takers. This left me exceedingly horny and exceedingly frustrated. A dangerous combo, as all you bug chasers know. Add to that I'd had a couple beers so... It was about 1 am and I was itching to get fucked. Some morbid fuckers might say I was "dying" for it. Anyway, Nate's online, so you can figure out what happened next: Me: Dude, I'm so horny! I really need dick tonight! Nate: I'd love to help you out, but you know my deal Me: Yeah, I know. And I think I'm ready for it Nate: Um, really? Do you know what you are asking for? Me: I've fantasized about your cock in me for a long time-- I think it's time we fucked. Nate: Ok. Just so we're clear-- I'm Poz. And I fuck bare. And I don't like to pull out. Me: Yeah. Um, if I asked you to pull out-- would you? Nate: well.... for you? Yeah. But I don't make a habit out of it. and I don't think you'll want me to Me: I really want to try this Nate: You sure? point of no return you know.... Me: Yes. And I texted him my address. He was at my door in 15 minutes, and naked beside my bed in one. First off, let me just say I picked a doozy for my first poz experience. Nate was 6'2", decently in shape (like you could almost see a six pack), tattoos everywhere including full sleeves, and that COCK! His pics didn't do it justice. It was every bit 8 inches, slightly arced downward, and one of those that is big to begin with but the middle is even fatter. And at the tip gleamed a huge PA. Turns out he had a 2 gauge in. Holy fuck. Secondly, let me just say I was nervous as fuck. You bug chasers can relate to this. I was standing on the edge of a precipice and just like Nate said-- point of no return. I knew I was about to "knowingly" take an HIV positive load in my ass. From a cock with a PA. The chances of infection would be high. The danger of the situation was intoxicating, but the implications were daunting. My stomach was in chaotic knots while I looked at his stiffening cock. My body was in a war with itself. My ass wanted that cock. My stomach was conflicted. My mind was screaming not to do this as it was too risky. And my cock was thickening at the sight of him. You can guess which side won in the end. Nate said, "You ready?" And I told him I was really nervous about the whole thing. He told me to just relax and that he really would pull out or stop any time if I asked him to. And with that, I dropped to my knees and started trying to suck his cock. I don't like trying to suck cocks with PAs as the metal clinks against my teeth and it's really jarring. So we only did this for awhile as I was very clumsy at it. Plus he didn't need any motivation for the main event as he was already drooling precum. Nate hoisted me up by my armpits and pushed me back onto the bed. "You don't need to suck me anymore cuz I'm just here for this sweet ass." He pushed my legs high and dove his tongue into my crack. And damn he knew what he was doing! Within 5 minutes he had be begging for that cock. I was on my back at the edge of my bed (it was a taller bed-- perfect height for a top standing and fucking me while I reclined) and he grabbed the gun oil. He lubed that big cock of his while staring into my eyes. "Last chance," he said. At this point I just grabbed behind my knees and opened my ass for him as a reply. The entry was excruciating. I had only been fucked by a guy with a PA once before, and it was a much smaller gauge. Feeling all that cool metal at my hole made my pucker seize up, and Nate basically had to force his cock inside me. "Fuck you're tight! Just relax, baby. You're gonna need to relax to take the fucking I'm about to throw. Oh, and by the way? It takes me forever to cum." I will say that Nate wasn't really out to hurt me-- at least at the beginning. He worked his cock in slowly (once that head and PA got past my ring) and bottomed out inside and left it there for a minute or two so I could get used to his size. He rocked gently side to side, helping me open up. And little by little, I did. He started slowly withdrawing and then pushing back inside. I could feel the PA shifting and moving inside me with every slow thrust. In my mind, I knew it was dragging across my intestines, possibly doing damage and putting microtears in the lining where the infection could enter my bloodstream. This made my stomach knot even more, but again, the sexy danger of it all gave me a raging boner which acted as a handle for Nate. "Looks like someone's enjoying this cock," he said with a smirk. "Oh my god! My ass is so FULL! I've never had this much cock in me-- And that PA! I can feel it moving inside me-- it's incredible. Don't stop fucking me, Please?" I begged. That's when Nate knew he had his victim. The more Nate fucked, the more into it I got. The idea of his cock being positive was fading into the background as the intensity of the fuck filled all of my present thoughts. I became a bottom machine on a mission-- to take his cock and load. Before long I was grabbing the edge of the bed and bucking my ass into his cock to force him as deeply into me as he could go. His PA was breaching my second ring at this point and the pleasure/pain was indescribable. You know, that painful punch deep in your guts but once the cock goes inside it's like the gates of heaven open up and choirs of angels are singing. True to his word, it took Nate a long time to cum. He probably fucked me for an hour solid-- and I was almost swallowing my tongue with the pleasure. By the end, he had my ankles in his hands and was completely withdrawing his cock and ramming it all the way back in to the hilt. Again and again and again. The PA just ripping past my sphincter like it was tissue paper. My poor neighbors! I know I was getting loud, but I didn't care. I was speaking in tongues and begging for him to cum. And begging for him to never stop fucking me. And begging for more and harder and deeper and whatever else I could beg for. I remember Nate finally looking down at me and into my eyes, and he got this almost quizzical look on his face... and then he rammed all the way inside me, as deep as he could go and he held it there. He froze in place, body tensed, not breathing. And then I felt the throb. His cock head was throbbing out that poz load deep into my guts-- well up into my abused second ring. Nate just kept looking into my eyes as his cock shot jet after jet of dick poison into me. I found I wasn't breathing or moving either. I was just as frozen as he was-- letting him plant this toxic seed inside my guts. When his orgasm subsided, we finally came back to ourselves. He was still buried in me, and he grabbed my precum leaking cock and he started to jack me off-- slowly. He timed the strokes on my dick with slow, short strokes of his cock in my ass. I was already near the edge, so it only took an agonizing minute before I felt my load boil out of my nuts and shoot all over my belly. He scooped up my neg load and ate it greedily. And then he ever-so-slowly pulled his softening cock out of my clenched hole. The PA was the last to pop out, and it was like my hole didn't want to let it go. We still hadn't spoken a word at this point, and we both crawled up onto my bed and lay side by side. Finally he broke the silence. "You ok?" He asked. "Yeah, I think so. Um, you didn't warn me when you were going to cum so I could have had you pull out...." "Would you have asked me to?" he inquired. "No. But if I had, would you have pulled out?" I asked back. "Honestly? No. It would have been like stopping an avalanche." We lay in silence a while longer. Then he got up and began to get dressed. "So that was your first poz load, huh? How are you feeling?" "Ok. A bit conflicted now that its over. But also turned on. And ashamed. And I feel stupid. And exhilarated. Lots of things." "Yeah," he said as he was at the door and ready to go, "Everyone remembers their first charged load."
  13. http://barebackbastards.com/media/2423/Two_Daddies_Fucking/
  14. There's no doubt about it, this sick poz fucker was a master at getting bottoms to give up the goods. And unfortunately I fell prey to his slick style. The guy was on Manhunt and the only pic showing was of his dick. And man was it a good picture! He claims "8x6" in his stats section (don't they all!) but the picture of his dangling meat looks to measure up to every inch of his profile. And this fucker had been dangling this meat in front of me for about a year. We would chat on and off, whenever we would see each other online. He said all the right things, about eating my pussy to get me good and open before he slow-fucked his massive meat into me. He talked about taking his time with me, making me feel good, working my ass deep, etc. Yes, he was poz, but he said he was healthy and since I was neg he wouldn't do anything I didn't want to do. You know, all the frilly language that gets a bottom going. He would even open his one, locked "face pic" for me and I would get to see a handsome, older daddy face to go with that cock. But we would somehow never quite manage to hook up. Something would "suddenly come up" and Marsha Brady would disappear. His face pic would relock, and I wouldn't see him online for awhile. Until the next time. Yeah, that fucker teased me for a good, long while-- baiting that hook well. Until one fateful Saturday, when he finally managed to "close the deal". It was around 1 am and I had been horny all day with no takers. I was cruising online, trying to find something...ANYTHING... to take care of my itch. When I suddenly get an IM from him: Him: Hey, what's up tonight? Me: I am CRAZY horny. I need cock so bad I can taste it Him: I'm horny too. We should fuck Me: ABSOLUTELY! I would do anything for your cock to be in me tonight Him: I just got in from the bar. You wanna cum here? Me: Are you serious? are we gonna do this finally?? Just tell me where, and I'll cum over Him: Yeah. let's do it. ok, bring poppers. you'll need them :-) Me: God, I can't wait for this! I've been wanting your cock for so long! Him: And I've wanted your ass. When you get to my place, I'll let you in but I want you to turn around, drop your and put your hands on the door so I can immediately start eating your ass Me: deal! He sent me his address and I was out the door in a flash. He wasn't that far away, and I arrived at his apartment about 15 minutes later. I knocked and his door opened up enough to let me in. It was fairly dark inside, and I whispered hello as I turned around and dropped my sweats. His hot mouth was at my crack in an instant and his tongue was burrowing into my hole expertly. I was so turned on I had to concentrate not to pop my nut right then and there. After about 10 minutes of him tonguing my spleen, he says "Let's go to the bedroom". And he starts walking down the hall. I followed him back, and when we got to the dim light coming from the porn playing in his room what I saw was... disarming. He did not look like his pictures. Or better yet, his face pic was him... but from years ago. And the years had not been kind. He vaguely looked like Chet from Weird Science. He was bald now and had quite a gut and kind of emaciated limbs. Frankly, he looked sick, and this made my stomach churn. He had said he was healthy, but he didn't look it. About the only thing that DID look healthy on him was his massive prong. It stood out proudly from his bony hips, and there was a shiny drop of precum at the tip. It was every bit 8x6... possibly more... with an angry, shiny, purple mushroom head and a slight downward arc. "Get on all fours at the edge of the bed," he commanded. I hesitated. He could sense my nervousness and disappointment at his appearance. I'm sure he'd encountered this exact same reaction before and he was well prepared. He simply smiled a sickly grin and grabbed his cock and wagged it at me. "You like this, don't you boy? You've been fantasizing about this stretching that pucker for awhile now, haven't you? And I can see you're turned on by the thought," he said with a glance down at my still hard cock. "Get on the bed and I'll eat your butt some more. We won't do anything you don't want to do." And he flexed his cock again and the swell of that fucker hypnotized me. I found myself complying and getting on the bed. He knelt and began tonguing my hole in earnest and I gotta say-- it was fucking hot. He was really getting in there, and he was also doing the "spit on my hole" thing which drives me wild. When I was bucking back onto his tongue, he figured I was ready. He stood up and pumped a fistful of lube into his hand from the large bottle on the nightstand. "Now might be a good time to hit those poppers," he said while he teased and rubbed his cockhead all over my pucker. "Um... I'm not sure...." I hedged. But he knew. He knew I was in heat at this point and that my will was weak. "Hit the poppers, boy. You'll enjoy this more." And I did as he said. Just as the rush was taking hold, he took hold of my hips and pressed his head slowly into me. My ass opened up readily and accepted his tainted shaft. He inched in with agonizing slowness and I had to buck back into him to sink the remaining 3 inches into me. The pain has his head pierced my second ring was exquisite. And although I am ashamed to admit this, I was in heaven. I knew that he was sick, and that he probably had full blown AIDS, but I didn't care. I was so goddamn horny I would have taken any cock at that moment, and here he was presenting me with a perfect fuckstick. A tool of beauty that was hitting me perfectly and deeply. I tried to hump back onto him in order to fuck myself on his meat, but he would have none of it. "Oh no, boy. We're gonna take this slow and make it last. I wanna edge myself with your hole, like I've been edging myself all day.' And with that he took over the fuck and I just hit the poppers and was along for the ride. He slowfucked me for the better part of 30 minutes. Just slowly sliding into me until his head popped into my colon and his pubes were nestled against my asscheeks, and then a slow pullout to where just his fat head was still inside my pucker. And then a pause. And then another slow push in, and pull back. It honestly drove me crazy. Especially each time his head drove across and past my prostate. His massive member milked me from the inside and I was drooling precum all over his bedspread. He then gradually started speeding up and thrusting a bit harder into my ass. His cock was long enough to pop into my inner sanctum, but just barely. So in effect it was really more just ramming it. I could feel the punch of his dick with each thrust and it hurt, but the prostate work was pure pleasure. His thrusting then started getting violent as his hands gripped my hips firmly. I was hitting the poppers almost constantly to keep myself as open as possible for all that meat. "Damn boy! You're gonna make me cum!" he shouted. "Not in me!" I bleated. "Too late," he grunted while he shoved in as deep as he could. I felt his cock start to throb deep inside me and I knew he was shooting his poz load into me. His toxic load. His viral load. I felt turned on and ashamed and disgusted and excited all at the same time. I was also still hard and my ass wasn't done with his beautiful cock. When his orgasm subsided, he went back to slow fucking me. Long, slow pullout-- long push back in. He wasn't quite as hard as he had been, but he was still at nearly full mast. Only now, his dick was sliding more smootly inside me and his thrusts were making wet sounds. "You liked that, didn't you boy? I knew you were a chaser- I just had to get you to the point where your desires took over from your brain." All I could do was nod. "Mmmm, my cock may not be done with you yet either. He likes young, neg hole. You may get another load, if you want one. So.. you want one, boy?" I gave him the only answer I could. I finally got home and into my own bed around 3:30 that morning, my head buzzing with what I had just done (twice). And my ass leaking the evidence.
  15. Let me start off by saying that I was never really a "bug chaser". I never deliberately set out to get infected and to start a life of meds and bloodwork and fear. Instead I viewed myself as more of a f a "playing with fire" type. I liked the idea of playing poz roulette with the tops that fucked me. It turned me on. One top in particular (Steven) was absolutely determined to poz me up. You probably know who he is-- he has video clips all over the internet of him pozzing guys up-- with filthy poz talk during the act. He always bragged about how many guys he's converted and stuff, too. Well, he lives in my city and I began hooking up with him about a year ago. He knew I was neg and he told me that he lives to charge boys up. While the risk factor turned me on, I was more turned on by his big 8 inch cock. So I would go over to his place about once a month and let him breed me-- usually on video. (Yeah, I discovered that I'm in some of his online vids). Anyway, after the 10th time of him breeding me, I was still neg. And it was starting to piss him off. I kept joking with him that perhaps he wasn't as fertile as he thought he was. He didn't like that. So one Saturday morning he hit me up and said he wanted a longer session where he would breed me a couple times, and would I be okay with that? Fuck yes I would! His cock was really nice, but normally he was all about the breeding so I would only get like maybe 10 minutes of fucking before being filled. I was looking forward to more. So he came over about an hour later and he had a bag with him. "I thought we could try something new this time-- maybe a little bondage. Add to the kink factor a bit," he said. "Sure, we can try it," I agreed. After all, I'd been with him multiple times already and had known him almost a year. I trusted him. But unfortunately I underestimated how badly he wanted to poz me up. I had a big, 4-poster modern canopy bed at the time, sorta like a box. Steven got out his bondage gear, got me on my back on the bed and tied my wrists up, one to each headboard post. Then he put ankle cuffs on me and tied those up to the headboard bedposts too so that my hole was fully exposed. He tucked one of my pillows under my ass to help prop it up. It was a bit uncomfortable, but I figured I could manage for the hour or so that he's probably want to play. I was rock hard and ready for my breeding, but as soon as he got me tied up, he left my bedroom for a bit. I thought it was for dramatic effect, but then I heard him talking in the other room... maybe on the phone? I couldn't quite make out what he was saying, but it started to make me uneasy. Maybe he was going to rob me? Or hurt me?? But then just as I was going to shout out to him that I wasn't comfortable, he walked back in to my bedroom. Carrying my SonicCare toothbrush. "Why do you have my toothbrush?" I asked him. "Because I'm going to make sure that after today, you are bugged up. And this is going to help me do it." "Um... how......" I started to say. "I'm going to violate your ass with your fancy toothbrush here and get your guts good and roughed up and ready to take some poz seed." I started to struggle against my bonds, but he had tied me well. "I don't think I want this. Please untie me!" I asked him. "What you want is irrelevant," he stated. And then he roughly shoved my own toothbrush into my ass. It hurt. And he wasn't being gentle with it. But I will say I did get a perverse thrill when he turned the toothbrush on and the vibrations started coursing through my rectum. He went deep and all around in my ass with the thing, and by the end I started to cry a bit. He turned off the toothbrush and yanked it out of my ass. "Oh yeah, there's some pink on there. You look like you're ready for load one...." The toothbrush thing had left him very hard-- probably because he really gets off on the idea of spreading his deathseed. He spit on my ass and then spit on his cock and prepared to shove in me. "Can I at least have some poppers?" I asked him. "You better save those for later... trust me. Besides, I want to make sure you are good and tensed up for my first fuck." And with that he shoved in. Motherfucker did it BURN!! "Sweet!" was all he said as he started to pump into me. He fucked rough and deep right off the bat. And true to form he kept up his litany of dirty talk. "You've been taking lots of dirty, charged loads haven't you? You fucking pig! You're a chaser! You WANT the bug-- admit it! You want MY strain! You want ME to be your pozfather. You're poor neg hole is gonna convert after this, my friend. You're gonna be another AIDS faggot statistic after this. Another stupid cunt who didn't use protection and let a poz top breed him. You fuckin' idiot!" I kept begging him to pull out, to stop. To untie me. I told him that this was going to far and that I didn't want THIS. I didn't want to be this risky. I didn't want to be poz. Please! And yet a teeny part of me was turned on at the same time. A dirty, dark, secret place inside me was getting off on being used this way and being so careless. Slowly I started to get an erection while he was pumping me. Steven noticed and it pushed him over the edge. "Guess what, boy? Your neg days are OVER you stupid fucker! Aaaahhhhhhhhggggh!" And with that he bred me. He stayed inside me and pumped hard and deep until his load was spent, and then he pulled out. It was about that time that his phone rang. Steven grabbed his shorts and left the bedroom with his phone. I heard my front door open and close, and he was gone for a few minutes. My head was still reeling from what had just happened. I was sore and freaked out and scared and upset... and strangely turned on by it all. Just as I was beginning to process what had just transpired, I heard my front door open and I heard voices. It was Steven... and someone else! Oh fuck no, I didn't sign up for THIS! They walked into my bedroom-- Steven, followed two other guys. One was a slightly heavy, very black guy. The other was a very clean cut looking twink. "See? I have him all tied up-- this is his fantasy. He wants to be raped and used, and pozzed." Then he turned to me and said, "These other guys? They're two of my poz children. I knocked both of them up, and they agreed to help donate my strain to you." The other two guys started getting undressed. The twink boy was maybe in his mid 20's, cute, and very cut. And had like a decent 7 inch cock on him. He got on the bed first. "I need to breed him first, as I gotta be somewhere shortly. That ok?" he asks. Steven says sure, so twink gets on the bed, spits on his cock and shoves it right in me. Normally I am completely turned off by twinks, but I find myself getting hard again while this one fucks me. He really is pretty and he's looking me right in the eyes as he fucks me. He is also fucking just like a 20-something, i.e. like a jackhammer. He's just pounding away at my hole while he looks at me. "It's not so bad, you know? Being Poz? It's kind of liberating," he whispers to me. "Steven tagged me on our first try and I wasn't even trying for it. Then I ended up giving it to my boyfriend.... well... my ex boyfriend. But he says your ass is being stubborn." He keeps sawing away at my ass, and I can feel Steven's load churning inside me. So can the twink. "Oh man, I feel your load in there Steve! So fucking hot! It's gonna make me nut!" And then I feel the hot burning wetness as the twink starts to unload in my ass. And man does he unload! His cock just keeps throbbing and throbbing as he shoots volley after volley of his toxic spunk in my guts. He stays buried in me for a minute or so more, and then right before he pulls out, he kisses my cheek and says, "Let go, and let poz." I would have laughed had I not been basically raped. The twink dresses and leaves and that's when I look over to see Steven on his knees sucking what has to be the biggest fucking cock I've ever seen in real life. And it's attached to the black guy. And holy fuckballz, it's gonna be absolutely tearing my ass soon! They stop playing, and they both climb onto the bed. "I hope those other loads have you good and lubed up, boy," the black guy tells me. "Cuz my cock is 10x7 and yeah. It's gonna HURT." The black guy is VERY black, and semi-nelly with a bit of a lisp. He also has a belly and is balding a bit and is not very attractive at ALL. Other than the cock, of course. I can see where he'd be easy pickings for Steven At this point I beg Steven for both poppers and to have the black monstrosity lubed-- at least a little. The black guy squirts some lube on his cock and rubs it around. "Sure baby, I want this fuck to feel good on my dick." Steven is on the bed up near my face, and he feeds me some poppers. This serves to clear away the rest of my reservations, and I am suddenly VERY ready for that huge black cock. "Fuck him," Steven commands. And suddenly (even with the poppers) I'm seeing stars. The pain is so sharp as he just buries his massive tool in me that I think I'm going to pass out. I barely can gasp out that I need more poppers, and thankfully Steven holds them under my nose. And then I suddenly don't mind being impaled so much anymore. The next thing I know I'm being filled to the point of bursting by black cock, and I'm gobbling Steven's now-hardening cock like a sex crazed maniac. Secretly I'm getting off on the knowledge that I'm taking the biggest cock I've ever taken, and I'm taking it well. And DAMN if it isn't starting to feel good! Well, other than the fact that my pucker is on fire, that is. But 10 inches in, I'm in blissful heaven! "Damn, Steven, you weren't kidding! This boy a good piece of ass! I ain't gonna be able to hold out much longer!" the black guys says while drilling me with his full length. I spit out Steven's cock long enough to shout, "FUCKING POZ ME, YOU FILTHY MOTHERFUCKER!" He's buried up inside my second ring when cries out that he's cumming. I feel his black cuntwrecker swell and throb as his poison spits deep inside me. All I can say is "YES! YES! YES!" with every pulse. My cock is rock hard and I want to cum so badly, but nobody is touching me. As the black dude's cock pulls out of me, I feel so empty I could almost cry. The length of the pullout teases me mercilessly and is epic. "I need more cock!" I say. The black guy and Steven laugh and talk about how much of a cum pig I am. Steven assures me that I'm gonna get one more load today. The black guy dresses and leaves and Steven unties me. I rub my ankles and wrists and as I do, I look down at my pillow. There is a pink/red wet stain on the pillowcase where it's been under my ass. Steven sees what I'm looking at. "Oh yeah, your cunt is good and torn up. Lots of prime real estate in there for the bugs to take up residence." "Fucking finish me off," I beg him. "Give me another load of your charged swimmers. I don't care anymore." With that, Steven rolls me onto my back and kisses me deeply. It's the first time we've ever kissed. Before that, he's only ever used me as a cumdump. I wrap my legs around him, and his cock slips inside me easily. Because he's already cum once, he's not in a rush to cum again. Besides, he wants to massage the other poz loads into my ass with his cock. The cumslick wetness of my hole makes the fuck amazing. He takes his time, slow pumping me-- actually making love to my used hole. And I'm rock hard the entire time. As he's fucking me, I can feel my orgasm building. The impact of the whole Saturday fuck session has finally registered, and I feel myself racing to the edge. "Steven, you're gonna fuck the cum right out of me... no handed!" I exclaim. He just keeps going, fucking me, increasing his speed a little. "Oh my fucking God-- keep going! I'm gonna cum!" I warned him. And then I was shooting. Shooting huge volumes of cum from my nipples to my groin. And I just kept cumming! It felt like I was going to shoot myself inside out. My ass spasms were enough for Steven, and I feel him park still inside me--- and then feel his cock spasm deep inside. It makes me cum a few more spurts. We stay welded together for a few minutes, making out, then he slides out of my destroyed ass so he can bend down to lap up my cumload. "Neg loads taste the best," he tells me. "Especially final neg loads." We got cleaned up together and I walked him to the door. As he's leaving he says, "Now THAT oughta do it. Keep me posted." Sure enough, about 3 weeks later I got really sick. And a couple months after that I got my results. I was knocked up and Steven was a "father". Again.
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