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  1. Personally I love that people are highlighting the hypocrisy with their own comments. Chasing an incurable virus is somehow “hot” but when you turn the narrative to the current viral outbreak, suddenly that’s too far. this is Precisely why I wrote this fictional story.
  2. Bug chasing has lost most of its allure lately, am I right? I mean, the meds are good, everyone’s vital loads are well controlled, and so many guys are on prep that getting raw fucked by a poz top doesn’t have that thrill. That risk factor anymore. Which got me thinking the other night. With the current state of affairs and all the cries for social distancing, this led my mind down a dark path. I started wondering if I could maybe chase getting the corona virus? This got my butthole seriously twitching. So I wrote a Doublelist ad entitled Covid Chasing. Here’s what it sa
  3. Looking back, I wish I had never heard about Craigslist. Or thAt Craigslist had policed their personal ads better. Or done away with them much, much earlier than they did. But They didn’t, and now I have to live with the consequences, however long that may be. There was a time when I didn’t really know about Craigslist personals. I used manhunt and adam4adam like a regular, horny gay guy. I also used scruff and Grindr, but those only ever seemed to work if I was out of town. But manhunt and A4A were iffy at best at producing a decent lay, and getting worse. That’s wh
  4. Yeah, I’m a bug chaser. It didn’t take me long into my bareback bottomhood to realize that the thrill of sex increased exponentially if there was a danger element involved. So I started doing it with married men. In public places. With the partners of friends of mine. And eventually with Poz men. I must admit that the whole Poz thing really turned me on. At first I was kind of freaked out about how I got off on the idea of playing roulette with my health, but once you experience that thrill of living on the edge and letting a Poz guy stay in you when he cum
  5. Growing up, I'd always suspected that my dad was gay. Or at least, shall we say, sexually indiscriminating? I mean, he was still married to mom and I had to come from somewhere. Besides, I do remember hearing them occasionally banging one out as their bedroom was right across the hall from mine. But still I had my suspicions, which were reinforced by behaviors. From the time I could remember I'd always just been around my dad when he was naked. Nudity was just an everyday thing at my house, so it never struck me as odd. Nudity was a thing for mom and me, too. Heck, There are
  6. What I'm about to tell you is 100% true. I know this is a "fiction" forum, and I have written several stories on here. But something is driving me to share my real story. The story how I became positive. I need to confess my behavior, for posterity, so that at least some people will know what happened. To believe me or not is entirely up to you, but I know I'll feel better getting this down in print. I started off as any good, self-respecting, midwestern gay boy who came of age in the late 80's did. I was scared shitless by the AIDS epidemic and always used condoms. Always. With
  7. Every bug chaser remembers the first time they made that fateful decision to knowingly take a poz load, and I'm no exception. It was quite a few years ago now, back when gay.com was still a good way to meet guys for hookups. I had been chatting with this one guy for quite some time, on and off. I still remember his profile name: Big N8R. His name was (you guessed it) Nate. And Nate had an 8 incher with a PA, so you can pretty much figure out why I kept talking to him. The only wrench? Big N8R was HIV positive. We flirted back and forth whenever we saw each other on, but I coul
  8. http://barebackbastards.com/media/2423/Two_Daddies_Fucking/
  9. There's no doubt about it, this sick poz fucker was a master at getting bottoms to give up the goods. And unfortunately I fell prey to his slick style. The guy was on Manhunt and the only pic showing was of his dick. And man was it a good picture! He claims "8x6" in his stats section (don't they all!) but the picture of his dangling meat looks to measure up to every inch of his profile. And this fucker had been dangling this meat in front of me for about a year. We would chat on and off, whenever we would see each other online. He said all the right things, about eating my pussy to get
  10. Let me start off by saying that I was never really a "bug chaser". I never deliberately set out to get infected and to start a life of meds and bloodwork and fear. Instead I viewed myself as more of a f a "playing with fire" type. I liked the idea of playing poz roulette with the tops that fucked me. It turned me on. One top in particular (Steven) was absolutely determined to poz me up. You probably know who he is-- he has video clips all over the internet of him pozzing guys up-- with filthy poz talk during the act. He always bragged about how many guys he's converted and stuff, too.
  11. Great story and a pig I'd like to play with. Oink.

  12. I know it's bad form to cruise online when you are waiting for test results, but I guess that's the kind of whore I am. Besides, I was bored and nervous and needed to kill some time, so naturally I found myself on Scruff. Interestingly, there was this hot Latino guy who showed-up as nearby. Quite nearby, in fact. Less than 250 feet away. So I started a chat with him. Me: Wow! woof, you're cute Him: Thanks! you too. Me: Can I see your locked pics? Him: *unlocks* I look at his pics. His cock was uncut, about eight inches, and had a wicked down-curve. Me: Holy. Fuck. N
  13. coming tom Mn next weekend and going to warehouse party

  14. I had a "play date" a couple weekends ago on Sunday-- as it so happens it was world AIDS day. And it was a very naughty play session indeed. The fuckbuddy that hit me up has a particular kink. He really gets off on dirty talk. Not just run of the mill dirty talk either-- he gets off on poz talk. You know, talk about knocking up a bottom with his toxic jizz. That sort of thing. And let's just say that I don't mind this talk-- mainly because he has a beercan fat 7 inch dick on him. I can "get into" a lot of things if it's attached to a cock like that! He hit me up on a non-hookup orien
  15. I recently met this guy who really gets off on father/son play. He’s a top and a handful of years older than me, so he’s “Dad”. I’m the son. Given my real life fam experiences, it really isn’t a stretch for me to play the role. In fact, I get off on it almost as much as he does. He’s a filthy, pervy fuck too, just like I am. We talk very dirty, make out, and suck each other while watching videos on his computer. He has a special file of clips designed to get him off. Twins fucking. Supposed incest stuff. And a lot of father/son type clips. The larger the difference in age between the daddy
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