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Wednesday night breeding


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I had a great Wednesday night breeding at the sex club and gay bar darkroom!  I posted an ad on BBRT and Breeding Zone offering my hungry slut hole for all cocks, loads and bugs.

After douching my hole and feeling slutty, I headed to the gay bar for some drinks.  I love dressing like a slut and wore pink shorts, crop top, SLUT collar and boots. After a few drinks I went to the sex club to offer my ass up.

I advertised I’d be there 8:30-11pm taking all cocks and loads.  I changed into a jock and boy bra, lubed up my hole and headed to the darkroom.  I climbed up on the fuck horse and had three guys fuck me and pumped their loads up my ass.  Then two guys fucked me in the open area and shot more cum in my ass.  It was hot having others watching me getting fucked!  I went back to the darkroom and got two more loads in my sloppy hole.

I headed back to the gay bar hoping to get fucked some more in the darkroom there.  Didn’t take long before guys started taking turns on my ass and breeding my hole with more cum.  One guy fucked me so hard and pumped three loads in me and totally wrecked my ass!  Ended up getting six more loads there.

It was a totally hot night and I’m sure I took some more new strains and bugs In my already toxic cumdump slut hole!  Will be doing it again this weekend, I just can’t seem to get enough cocks and cum in my hungry slut ass!

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