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    Getting fucked, filled and used as often as possible, chasing multiple strains of HIV and all STD's, watersports
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm 5'10, 150, blond/brown, swimmers build, total
    passive bottom with a hot poz ass. Into spandex, sports gear, jockstraps and showing off my poz slut bod.
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    groups/gang bangs, 1 on 1, cum dump, looking to get fucked, filled and used.

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  1. Heretic darkroom on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Toyko Valentino also on Cheshire Bridge Rd. I get fucked a lot at both places.
  2. I’d go with either Red Roof Inn on N. Druid Hills Rd or Cheshire Motor Inn on Cheshire Bridge Rd.
  3. Thanks Toxload! I love being a toxic cumdump for all!
  4. This past Friday night at the sex club multiple guys fucked and filled my slut ass. Was there from 2am until 6am taking anonymous cocks and loads in the darkrooms. My ass is pretty popular there since I’m a regular and guys know I take all cummers and that I’m just a piece of ass to be used. I lost count of how many guys fucked me but there was so much cum in my ass it was sloshing and running out of my wrecked hole. I snorted a whole bottle of poppers as guy after guy used my cumdump slut hole. For the last few months I’ve been going to the sex club 2-3 times a week and have been averaging 20 loads a week. Not to mention the darkroom at the bar I go to. My goal is to keep getting fucked and taking as many cocks and loads as possible! 😈☣️🥵
  5. Fucking hot my bro. We have similar interest. 

  6. It was pretty hot, I took 4 loads in the Heretic darkroom and another 8 at the sex club!!
  7. I’m offering my cumdump slut ass up Friday night 7/16 at Heretic darkroom and then Toyko Valentino for all cocks and loads! Will post a Quick Connect ad on BBRTS this evening with more details.
  8. Keep getting fucked and taking as many cocks and loads as you can get! You should be pozzed fairly quickly.
  9. Im a neg bottom looking to get pozzed 

  10. let me know next time you go, would love to check out Parliament resort again.
  11. This past Saturday night I broke my previous load record of 17! I started off at the gay bar that also has a darkroom. I was only wearing a Andrew Christian singlet with a jock strap back exposing my ass. I pre lubed my hole and bent over a stool in the darkroom. It wasn’t long before I felt a cock entering my willing slut ass. It didn’t take long for him to shoot his load. As he pulled out another guy immediately plunged his cock up my cunt. I ended up collecting 3 anonymous loads there and then headed off to the sex club. The sex club has 2 darkrooms and I usually go back and forth between the rooms. Still wearing my singlet with my ass hanging out and 3 loads already pumped in me, I took a couple deep hits of poppers and went to the third floor darkroom. I climbed up on the fuck horse and spread my ass cheeks ready for the next cock. My ass is pretty popular there because I take all cocks and loads. It didn’t take long for guys to start taking turns fucking and breeding my slut hole. After taking 8 cocks and loads I needed to take a break to stretch and pee. I then headed down to the first floor darkroom already carrying 11 loads of cum in my ass! I felt my way along the wall until I found a place to bend over. By now my hole was lubed up with plenty of cum and ready for more. Guys quickly found my cum filled cunt and started fucking and pumping more cum in me. I got 6 more cocks and loads up my ass in that darkroom. My total load count now was 17, tying my all time record! I took another break and decided to go back up to the third floor darkroom. I needed one more load in my ass to break my record. I climbed back up on the fuck horse with cum leaking out of my wrecked cunt. Two more guys took turns on my ass pumping more cum in me. By now I was pumped full carrying 19 loads. I got off the fuck horse as cum was running down my legs. I bent over another bench and two more guys fucked my sloppy hole as more cum sloshed out of my cumdump cunt. That was 21 loads total and I set my new record! I went to my locker to put on my tights and decided to take my cum filled, wrecked ass home and let all the cum absorb into my slut bod. I’ll have to rest up for Cumunion this Wednesday. Who knows, maybe another record will be set!!
  12. DILF party returns to Heretic this Friday night! Wear your jock, gear, harness and whatever else makes you feel slutty!
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