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    Getting fucked, filled and used as often as possible, chasing multiple strains of HIV and all STD's, watersports
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    Poz, Not On Meds
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    I'm 5'10, 150, blond/brown, swimmers build, total
    passive bottom with a hot poz ass. Into spandex, sports gear, jockstraps and showing off my poz slut bod.
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    groups/gang bangs, 1 on 1, cum dump, looking to get fucked, filled and used.

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  1. Offering my cumdump ass up for all cocks and loads at Cumunion at Toyko Valentino. Will be there 8:30 til pumped full, wearing yellow lace booty shorts, thigh highs and boy bra. Cum fuck, breed and use my sloppy slut hole!
  2. You guys should check out Toyko Valentino on Cheshire Bridge Rd. They have a 3 level sex club (entrance in back) with darkrooms, open play areas and glory holes. It's always packed late Friday and Saturday nights.
  3. Offering my slut hole up for all cocks and loads tonight, 3/8 at Toyko Valentino for Cumunion. Fuck, breed and use my ass 💦🍑😈
  4. Weekends are usually better, Friday and Saturday nights. Also check out Flex, Toyko Valentino, Heretic and Southern Nights. There is a Cumunion sex party tonight, Wednesday at Toyko Valentino
  5. Cumunion Wednesday night 2/8 at Toyko Valentino. Cum fuck, breed and use my cumdump slut ass! Will be taking all cocks and loads. I’ll be in a pink jock, pink crop top and collar.
  6. Yeah, Red Roof Inn on N Druid Hills Rd or the Cheshire Motor Inn on Cheshire Bridge Rd which is halfway between the Heretic and Toyko Valentino.
  7. Ok, you might also check out Heretic bar. They have a darkroom that gets a lot of action on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights! Also, Southern Nights down the road from Heretic. It’s a store with video booths and darkroom. I also get fucked a lot at those places as well.
  8. It’s both a store and sex club. The store is in front of the building and sex club entrance in back. Admission varies depending on day of week or any special events like Cumunion. So anywhere from $25 on weeknights to $40-45 on Friday/Saturday nights. Also, some women are there except on Cumunion nights, men only. I’ve been getting fucked and filled a lot there the last couple years. I’m known there as a cumdump bottom slut who takes all cocks and loads 💦☣️🦂🍑.
  9. I went to Cumunion sex party last night and my ass got wrecked! I posted on here and also barebackrt offering my ass for all cocks and loads. I got there around 8:30pm after having a few cocktails at the gay bar down the street. Before going in the sex club I prelubed my cunt and bought a bottle of poppers. I wore a pink assless singlet, mesh thigh highs, arm sleeves, collar and looked totally slutty! I walked up to the third floor and put my leather jacket and tights in a locker and headed to the darkroom. The darkroom was already crowded with guys so I felt my way to the bench and bent over spreading my ass open. Immediately some guy shoved his cock all the way in my hungry slut hole as I begged him to pump his load in me. After he unloaded in me other guys started a train on my ass. Guy after guy took turns fucking and breeding my cumdump hole. I lost count after 15 cocks and my ass was a total sloppy cum filled wreck! I guess it pays to advertise and I can’t wait for the next Cumunion party in February!
  10. Cumdump bottom slut taking all cocks and loads at Cumunion Wednesday, 1/25 at Toyko Valentino. Will be wearing a pink assless singlet, arm sleeves and collar. Cum fuck and pump my hole full of cum 💦☣️🦂🍑😈!!
  11. Definetely, especially when I'm getting multiple loads pumped in my ass!!
  12. Cumdump bottom slut seeking multiple cocks and loads at Cumunion party December 28 at Toyko Valentino. Will be wearing a red assless singlet, arm sleeves and collar. Cum fuck and breed my hungry hole 💦🍑😈!!
  13. Yes! I always end up getting fucked and filled with multiple cocks and loads. Usually average 8-10 loads and my record so far is 20 loads. Will be offering my slut ass up again at the Atlanta Cumunion party on December 28 at Toyko Valentino!
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