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Breeding a CumDump

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Last week I was online at bbrts and was horny as hell. I was looking for some close hole to breed and seed.  One of my neighbors that I have fucked and seeded before was online and he hit me up. He said he was in a rather slutty mood and wanted to get bred and seeded.  Ok! count me in! He said he had a few others coming over to breed him and was that ok?  HELL YES. I love the feel of a wet cummy ass when I slide inside.  That wet gooey feeling is the best ever.  I love sloppy hole.  I said sure I would be over shortly.   When I arrived the door was unlocked and I heard him say come on in.  When I entered the room there was another guy naked on top of him banging away at his hole while both were hitting poppers. Of course my cock got hard immediately.  He said he already had a load deep inside and was looking for more.  The guy fucking him said he wanted to take a break and did I want to fuck.. Of course.  I undressed quickly and took a few hits of poppers. I rubbed around his wet hole as my cock got harder and harder.  OMG I so love that warm wet feeling.  I was able to slide my cock nice and deep and started fucking. He was in my favorite position. He was on his stomach while I was on top. Both of us hitting poppers and I was kissing his ears, neck and back as I was fucking deep.  I let my first load go!  Fuck it felt so good and it mingled with the other load that was already there. I later found out the guy came and left real quick as he was late for work. After my load was planted deep I continued to fuck until the other guy said he was so turned on he had to go back inside.  I got off and the other guy climbed on top.  His cock slid inside and they both moaned as he felt my cum load deep inside.  That is such a turn on. Trading off with another top as we plant loads deep inside. Nothing better than cum for lube.  I watched as the other guy drove his cock inside deep and both were moaning and groaning with pleasure as the top shot a huge cum load deep inside..That got me turned on again and when he was done I went back in for another  turn.. That silky feel of a man's wet hole never fails to drive me over the edge. I so love it. Fucking for me is so much better than oral.  I shot another load deep inside. My neighbor grunted in appreciation.  I got up to get dressed as there was another knock on the door and the next guy came in. When I left he was mounting my neighbor and I'm sure there was another load planted deep!




Breeding A CUMDUMP

This happened last week when I was in NJ for business.  I had been horny all day and my cock kept getting hard.  I was busy with a work meeting but I was having trouble ignoring the growing lump in my pants. After I was back at my hotel I started to search for some hot ass to breed on BBRTS.  I came across a cumdump ad from a guy that was taking loads a few miles from where I was staying. He was in a local Adult theater and was taking loads.  I sent him an email and asked if he'd like some additional loads.  He sent me a message that he was taking some loads from 3 cocks and as soon as he was done he was happy to come over and take mine. Sure enough, about an hour later he arrives.  Hot guy late 30's 5'10" hairy chest and ass, and a wet hole.  We started kissing and he got down sucking me hard.  I couldn't wait any longer and pushed him on the bed on his back with his legs in the air.  I sank my cock deep in that hot wet hole.  OMG it felt so good with the other loads inside. I fucked his hole hard for a short time before my first load shot out of my balls and into his ass!  "don't you dare pull out" he said.  DUH I had no intention as I pushed further inside to let him feel my cock explode. He stayed with me for several hours and over that time I fucked him and seeded his ass several more times.  I'm lucky, my dick isn't huge but its kinda thick and I can cum mutiple times.  He was a greedy cumdump and took everything I had. Honestly I was spent and very happy.  He left my hotel room about 4am with a very happy wet dripping hole!  I want more! I love it and am addicted to breeding hot ass!!



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