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    sex and fuck buddies.
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    top dad loves breeding and seeding. Multi cummer that loves to flood your hole with cum. sex addict loves 1 on 1 3somes and groups..6c hairy needs it all the time
    BB only no pullouts ever! Prefer breeding vs oral.
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    bbottom buds addicted to breeding like me. local- contact me on bbrts for real time play

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  1. I love being on top of your back with my cock sliding inside and out. Pounding that hole as y cum shoots deep inside. I love doggie and he on top.. his ass and legs up in the air against the edge of the bed so I can slide inside. I love fucking and breeding.
  2. "What I can't see 2" the one where he getting load after load and the glory hole scene that always gets me to shoot my load.
  3. As a top, If you tell me you want me to pull out and cum on your back, ass, mouth etc. I wont fuck you. I wanna cum deep inside your hole and I don't do pull outs.
  4. Definitely interested...white smooth submissive cock and cum hungry bottom slut here.   Def into groups tag teamed double fucked gang banged vum dumps...sloppy 2nds... toys porn...submit and service hot nsa raw take vharge tops.  Wish you were in Atlanta....in local hotel for you barebackers walk into my room unzip and jump in....use my hungry holes.. today thru Sunday  non stop. Seven zero six three zero zero twenty fifty.....text me

  5. Check your insurance and see who is in your plan for infectious diseases. The ID doctor is the one to Rx if your PC is not comfortable with it. It sounds like your doc is not comfortable with the idea of PrEP. If you want to get on it, then speak to an ID doc and insist this is what you want! It's your health you should be in control!
  6. kinky bottom into everything  wants it all

  7. At the last sex party I attended I fucked and seeded 4 holes. Recently a buddy had a few guys over and I fucked and seeded 3
  8. just be happy he didn't ask you to sanitize your cock and balls before you bred his hole! OUCH!! LOL
  9. I have been on PrEP for several years. I always and only fuck bare and seed deep inside. I too have found that I have to explain what PrEP is to guys that hit me up for fun. Most don't read my profile where I clearly state I am on PrEP and fuck bare. NOT fucking with those guys is just fine. I have several undet. buds and others that I fuck and always looking for more fuck buds who want raw m2m sex. If you don't like that I'm on PrEP then don't take my seed. LOL But I find more and more guys want to fuck bare also
  10. I do feel pressure when a bottom keeps saying "cum in me, cum, cum" I like to enjoy myself and feel everything a bottom has to offer. When my balls feel the time is right I will dump a load deep inside. Or maybe a few. I don't like a bottom that puts lots of pressure. It makes me think the bottom is only there for his pleasure not mine.
  11. hopefully buds will start hosting sex parties again and I will go to all of them. GH sex too.
  12. Guess I was 12 or 13 and was in the bathtub. When I rubbed my cock it felt really good. So, I did it more and more. All of a sudden I shot this white stuff out. It felt amazing and I loved it. It scared me too because I didn't know what that stuff was. But it felt amazing and I wanted to do it again!!
  13. So I was chatting with a vers bud of mine. Actually he is a vers bottom bud. He has a great cock 7" thin body with hairy chest and an ass that is amazing. He has been working hard to take as much cock as possible and his hole is great. At the time I was chatting with another bud that had invited me to his place to play with him and a "buddy". I told bud #2 about bud #1 that wanted to play and is a vers bottom. Well bud #1 and bud #2 agreed to hook up and we met at bud #2 place. We got there and got naked. Bud #2 had a "buddy" over also. He was young 26 year old bear guy with a nice cock. Turns out he is a top like me. We all start sucking and licking cocks and asses. We are all getting hard and horny. I go behind my bud #1 (the guy I brought over) and play with his hole. Fingering and playing with it getting him hot and horny. New guy (young bear) comes over and we kiss a bit. I let him take over and before you know it, his cock is buried deep in my buddies ass. I move over to bud #2 (hosting guy) and rub my hard cock up around his hole. I finger it and feel it wet and warm. It took a load from the young bear shortly before we arrived! I slide my hard on deep inside this wet hole. I love a wet sloppy hole so much. I am fucking and pounding and my bud #2 (host) is pushing back against me and we are both lost in the fuck. I turn to my left and see bear and my bud #1 fucking too. So hot to fuck ass and watch someone in front of you fucking too. The porn is on and they are moaning and fucking and breeding too. I just shove my cock deep inside and I can feel my nut coming. I shoot a load deep inside that hot warm hole but keep fucking and my cock stays hard. I am pounding and fucking and my bud is pushing back in a frenzy. He is squeezing my cock to get all the juice. I start to cum again and ride the second orgasm. Slowly my cock softens. I am resting and watching the other 2 fucking. Host guy leans down to clean off my cock and it starts to stir again. Host turns his attention to the cock and ass fucking and begins to lick both as they are fucking. Bear doesn't want to cum just yet so he moves away to sit on the bed and take a break and watch some porn. Host starts to rim my buds ass and lick and suck his cock and balls from behind. That totally gets me hard as hell. My bud asks if host would FF him. Bud says he is not that experienced but really in the mood and host says "of course I will. I love doing it and am very experienced." Host gets Crisco and begins to finger my buddy and play with his ass. He is sliding 1, then 2, then 3, 4 fingers inside. My bud is moaning with pleasure. This goes on for a bit until host has most of his hand inside. He slowly pulls out of there and announces "we need to practice this more." Bud agrees quickly. Meanwhile I am rock hard again and slide into that wet hole just FF. It was open and warm and slick. I fucked him hard and fast and shot a load up his hole. This turns on bear and he takes my place as my cock is getting soft and he fucks my bud and loads him up too! We all take a break and relax and chat a bit. Then host starts sucking buds 7 inch cock and playing with his hole. I am watching getting hard again. We do this round robin sucking/fucking for awhile until I climb back on my buds back and slide my dick inside his hole. We are laying on the bed and fucking like crazy. I'm pounding up and down. Bear boy plays with my balls and gently plays with my ass. It sets me off and I blast a load inside my bud #1! All told I fucked both holes and ended up giving 5 loads. 2 to the host and 3 to my bud! The best part is when my buddy is sucking bear boy and he gets rock hard. Buddy sits on the bear cock and bounces up and down. I am playing with buds nipples and he says "I think I want you to pinch my nipples" which of course I do. Buds cock gets rock hard. He is bouncing up and down on bear. Bear grabs his his hips and shoves my buddy (who is smaller than bear boy) down on the hard cock. Then host starts sucking bear boys nipple on his left side and I suck bear boy nipples on his right side. The sound of skin on skin smacking as they fuck and pound is amazing. Bear is bucking like a bull and my bud is up and down harder and harder. Bud is holding his cock so he doesn't cum and suddenly bear does a grunt and growl and screams as he is shooting a huge load deeply inside my buds ass. That force, the feeling of bears cum shooting deep inside triggers my buds orgasm and he shoots all over the place. He said he had not cum in a few days and I believe it. Cum was everywhere. My bud was moaning and sighing and we all were smiling and laughing at how much cum there was and what fun we had. Best 3.5 hours I have spent in awhile. We plan to do it again and add a 5th or even 6th guy to make it an official orgy. LOL
  14. Love group/3ways. It's been a long while. The buds that host have held back. I need it bad.
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