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    top dad loves breeding and seeding. Multi cummer that loves to flood your hole with cum. sex addict loves 1 on 1 3somes and groups..6c hairy needs it all the time
    BB only no pullouts ever! Prefer breeding vs oral.
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    bbottom buds addicted to breeding like me. local- contact me on bbrts for real time play

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  1. I would fuck and breed you no question!
  2. I love bottom sons that love to take dad seed.
  3. been on PrEP for a few years now. I take it before I go to bed Its easy. I enjoy lots of bb sex and don't have to think about it or worry. I'm not interested in getting HIV. I love the freedom. And no side effects. Just my thought.
  4. So today, I decided I was heading to the GH because I was horny and needed some mouth and ass. I paid for my tokens and headed to the back. I went to a booth and was stroking when someone came into the booth next to me. He was just sitting there not doing anything. He wasn't even stroking. So I left. I waited near the back to head into the back booth with a big glory hole. It sounded like fucking going on and it turned me on. I waited my turn and the guy came out tucking in his shirt and left. I went in and sure enough the guy In the next booth was naked. I dropped my pants and my coins
  5. Love sliding my cock through a GH and having a warm mouth and tongue on it. Better is when he turns around and backs up on my cock and it slides inside until I explode deep in his ass. then I feel the mouth cleaning my cock off. THAT is the best!
  6. Glorious is off New York Ave but a shadow of what it was. There were lots of code violations and the owner had no choice. Sad looking place now.
  7. Crew Club gone. I hear building is for sale. Glorious is gutted. Just a big empty space. No rooms, back rooms, glory holes. Only have 2 theatre areas left. Pretty sad looking place. I was there during a weekday but was told it got busier during weekends. Price up too.
  8. There is a Hot Desert Nights movie called Boys Club. The scene where Steve Tuck is fucking Jeremy Irrons and say's "I'm getting close" and Jeremy said shoot it in my ass. Steve Tuck fucks few strokes and blasts that asshole with a load of cum. He is moaning and groaning and there is a close up of Steve's cock in that hole and you can see his (Steve's) ass/prostate throbbing and when he pulls out, the cum drips out. And he fingers it and then licks it. OMG it makes my cock shoot every time I watch it. That is hot porn!
  9. I once fucked a guy who made no sounds at all. I was moaning and groaning. I was thrusting. Was making all the right moves. I shot a nice big load and really screamed etc. He made no sounds. I asked if he like it? He said yea it was great, I was enjoying it. I blocked him from the sex site I met him on. I love a bottom that moans and groans etc. It tells me he is enjoying it as much as me.
  10. I went to Club Philly one time late last year. It was on a Wednesday because it was 1/2 price day. I was with a buddy who wanted to get fucked in the worst way. Now I know why they call Philadelphia the city of "brotherly love". I fucked and bred my way through that place. I fucked at least 4 holes and shot my load 3x. I was sucked and I sucked some cock too. My buddy was fucked and bred too. At one point we were both in the same room with a big round table. He was on it getting plowed and I was inside a warm hole up against the table. His top shot a load inside him and that made me cum
  11. I'm older, he is younger and said "fuck me daddy" I'd fuck and breed him too! Sounds hot. You did the right thing! hehe
  12. I too love the fact that I find others into the same thing I am into. I am a sex addict and nice to find others (and play with some) too!
  13. Was horny and connected with a guy from grdr. We started fucking but neither one was feeling the fuck. Decided to stop and leave. Mutual decision that the vibe wasn't there. Went to the local ABS since I was horny and hadn't gotten off. Got tokens and went to the back room in a booth with a nice GH. Was watching a movie as my cock grew. Saw a finger in the hole and I stuck my cock in. A nice warm mouth took my cock and started sucking. Felt great with his tongue swirling around. My cock was rock hard. I asked him if he liked to get fucked. He turns around and presents his ass against t
  14. Totally love when a bottom knows how to use his ass muscles to squeeze my cock and head as I’m sliding in and out. Recently I fucked a guy that does that and it gives me mind blowing pleasure and orgasms. Of course I try and return the favor but slamming into his hole and hitting his prostate trying to make him have anal orgasm. When I am in sync with my fuck partner and we both cum it’s fantastic. On the other hand I sometimes am the selfish top and love getting my nut first.
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