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    top dad loves breeding and seeding. Multi cummer that loves to flood your hole with cum. sex addict loves 1 on 1 3somes and groups..6c hairy needs it all the time
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    bbottom buds addicted to breeding like me. local- contact me on bbrts for real time play

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  1. Bbrts Profiles

  2. Today. Horny as hell. On Grdr and was chatting with a hot son. He came over and I started rimming his hole..He was moaning and groaning..My dick was dripping I was so fucking horny. As I get ready to slide inside his hole, he looks back and says.."you have a condom right?" I said no, I don't use them and I clearly say in my grdr profile that I want bareback. "No deal" he says. I only fuck safe. WTF? Didn't you read my fucking profile? Idiot. Now I'm stuck with blue balls and he is getting dressed. Out the door. Fuck. I'm back on grdr trying to find a real guy. Luck has it. A hot cum dump son I had talked to earlier is back online. "did you dump your load yet?" he asks. "NO" I have several. I need to fuck bare and drop several loads inside no pull out and only bare. "I'll be over in 10 min" he sends back..FUCK YES> In about 10 min there is a knock on the door..hot son hairy and horny comes in drops his clothes as he is coming in..he's in heat like me. Needs cock in his hole. Its very hungry and needs to be seeded. He is sucking me..OMG feels so good I could shoot in his mouth. But I WANT ASS> I turn him around and rim.."daddy please slide in me and feed me your loads" I slide my cock inside. I am pounding my cock up his hole. On his back. He is on his stomach taking my cock deep. whimpering and moaning..Fuck it feels good. Hot man sex. I think I growled with the first load..It shot out of my balls and shot deep in his hole. My cock was throbbing and I shoved deep inside. I know he felt my cum load and he moaned his approval..I kept fucking him and pounding that wonderful hole now full of cum. I shot another load deep inside. Both of us moaning with pleasure." We rest and he is sucking me hard again..kissing me deep..omg this boy is hungry. I'm hard again and slide inside his hole. I fuck for all I'm worth.Like my life depends on giving my load to him and he is saying "yes, yes yes yes yes give it to me yes yes.." Here I cum again son.. I blast his hole a third time. We keep fucking and soon he is coaxing a 4th load out of my cock..omg squeezing my cock and milking it..I'm so blissful..I roll off and close my eyes..he is back on my cock.."I need your cock again daddy" sucking coaxing it up..how the fuck? I get hard and get on again and ride his hole to another orgasm. He is squeezing and milking my cock..we lay together with his back to me and my body against his. Heat from both of us keeping us warm..He is wiggling his ass against my dick again..turns his head to kiss me deep..it gets me up and I play with his hole with my cock..it is dripping. both my cock and his hole wanting more. Needing to merge again. I'm on top and I thrust my cock deep inside. It finds that spot and he lets out a great big moan..fuck that turns me on. I'm pounding and sweating as I fuck him..He is moaning "please seed me dad" I cum one more time..A great big orgasm. I have no idea where it came from but damn it felt great! I roll off him and we are exhausted. We look at the clock and its been over 2 hours of sex. He gets up wobbling legs and thanks me. gets dressed and leaves..I tell him to stay in touch because dad needs his hole. he promises to reach out. I hope he does..but whatever. It was an incredible afternoon! Dick is happy and balls are empty..6 loads. Until tomorrow probably..lol or tonight. hehe Thanks Grdr!!
  3. I switch them off too. Bareback only. I prefer when its breeding and seeding. Hate when they pull out and shoot over the hole or ass and call it seeding. Like calling a gang bang an orgy. When I want an orgy I wanna see everyone fucking and getting fucked!
  4. Love a moaning bottom. Not too much though as it can get annoying. “Shoot it” over and over especially when I’m not that close yet. Better than a complete silent bottom. I’m kinda verbal and moan and groan too. I fuck a bottom recently that made no sound at all. It was a turn off and I blocked him on the site.
  5. How Many Married Men Are Here?

    Married for 27 years. She knows. I came out to her years ago. Still best friends and married. I can't get enough m2m. Love breeding.
  6. Breeding Daddy's Boy

    This morning I was so horny and was checking out several of the hook up sites. While on Grindr I received this message from a guy in his 30's. "Hi Daddy, will you cum over and breed me?" Well normally I've found this kind of message to be utter b.s., such as yesterday I was on-line with a guy who gave me his name and send me all kinds of pictures and then when I was setting up the connection...boom he was gone, and had blocked me. Jerk. I hate guys who waste my time. This guy, however, sounded sincere. He was in heat and needed cock and cum in his hole. I asked for his address and he promptly gave it too me. It wasn't too far away and I told him I was on the way. He sent me his pics. He was a hot Latino guy with a great bubble butt. He also sent me his phone number and asked me to text him when I was close. I sent him some pics of me so he would know who would be breeding his ass. He responded saying his hole was hungry and he needed my cock ASAP. He also mentioned he was clean-shaven all over, and his smooth ass was mine to fuck and breed. I was on the way. He greeted me at the door wearing only a jock, leaving his ass totally exposed. Wow! Gotta love those hot bubble butt cheeks. We stepped into his room where, within seconds he bent over, presenting his ass for my use. He was clearly very, very horny! He handed me the lube, we both poppered-up with the fresh poppers I had brought along as I rubbed my cock all over his warm ass hole, a sensation I absolutely love. Of course doing so got me harder. As I poked my cock head into his hole he pushed back. I sank in, balls-deep. It felt amazing. With that we commenced a great push/pull rhythm that worked for both of us. Essentially we were fucking each other. He and I were in heat. I was shoving my cock deep inside and pulling almost out as he responded by pushing back at me. "Feed me your cum load, Dad," he moaned. We both hit more poppers and his ass felt so damn good as my cock grew thicker. "Yes, please cum in me, Dad. Don't pull out," he grunted. LOL There was no chance I'd pull out. Rather I shoved my cock deep inside, loading him up with my first load of the morning. It was a great fuck! My dick slips out and he turns around and puts his arms around me and we kiss. Nice deep kisses with tongue. Fuck he's getting me hard again. He goes doggie and begs me to pound him more. My cock is hard and I shove it in..I love the warm wet feeling of my load inside his hole. I fuck him over and over again..grab his hips and slam him back..soon I give him load number 2. We take a break and he is jerking his dick. He is on his back and I finger his wet hole. I lick his nipples and we kiss again. Damn I'm getting hard again. I slide my cock up his ass with his bare feet around me. I totally love that! I'm holding his legs and he is pressing his hands against my hairy chest..We are looking directly at each other and both smiling with the pleasure. I love his ass. He says he loves my cock..I'm pounding and sweating. He is sweating too and his eyes are rolling up with the pleasure..I feel my cum loads getting all frothy inside him..I shoot another load deep inside. After a few minutes as he is jerking his cock and begging me to finger his wet dripping hole . I use two fingers and they slip right inside. We kiss again and then I suck his nipples. That really does it for him and he is shooting his load all over his stomach and chest..A huge thick load of white cream. He scoops it up and eats it. We lay there a few minutes trying to recover. He said he loves my cock and the way I fuck and "can we do it again soon?" Of course son, just don't tell Mommy. We laugh and put our phone numbers in each other's phones, and I'm on my way. He texts me thanks, and I do the same. Hope to see him again soon..Great way to start my day!!! BH
  7. How do you like ass to feel inside?

    Agree. And might I add that a cum filled hole feels amazing. There are some guys that have self lubricating ass holes and when fucked it gets wetter and wetter. Feels like fucking silk that is warm and wet..amazing!
  8. Most people that are sexually active already have HPV. There is a vaccine for HPV and if you are that concerned, you can get it. Also, HEP A and HEP B have vaccines available. And recently HEP C is treatable. As for the others, most can be treated with a shot and pills. We all get it, just get treated and move on and have more fun. My motto. "just do it"
  9. Its the best sex ever. I love being on PReP

    Last week I was so damn horny I needed to get off and I wanted to get off sooner than later! Sometimes I get like that when my cock controls my brain. I just can't think of anything else but getting off. I needed to cum so bad. I tried a couple apps. Nada. I tried bbrts and squirt. Nothing. There were a couple guys I chatted with but they were looking for hosts. I was mobile and couldn't host anyway. I decided to head to the ABS and see if I could get any relief. I go in and pay my dollars and get a bunch of tokens. Guys are there but hanging out around the dark corners and walls. A few booths are busy. There are a couple guys chatting. I'm checking out some hot asses and the guys are checking me out too. I'm not sure there is any interest though. I go into a booth with a nice glory hole and drop my pants. I'm playing with my cock and watching some bad porn with condoms and hoping for a mouth or ass to take me over the top and give me relief. No takers. Couple guys look but leave..Damn..don't they know I'm in heat right now and need some? I head to another booth. This one has a large glory hole and I decide that I am going to j/o and if someone wants my load then great, if not at least I'll get some relief. It's like that sometimes..Some days I get my fuck buds hitting me up. Some days I'm hearing from guys on grdr or bbrts or squirt. Other days nothing. I'm concentrating on my cock and how good it feels stroking it to a fuck film when I hear the door to the other booth open up. Someone steps inside and looks down. Ok, I think go ahead and leave I know you're going to... but he doesn't..He puts his mouth against the hole and his tongue slides through..Oh Yes!! I need it so bad. I slide my hard on in the waiting mouth. He starts sucking me harder and harder getting my dick nice and wet. It feels so great. I think to myself "if only he'd turn around and his ass was against the hole I could plunge in!" As if he heard me (I swear I didn't say it out loud did I?!!?) My dick is in the hole and I feel his ass cheeks brushing my cock head..Oh yes please, please you wonderful bottom you!!! I feel him back up on my cock as I shove it forward as much as possible. I'm inside in a flash and don't ever want to cum out. It feels so silky smooth. I think we both moaned in pleasure at the same time. I am going inside and out of his hole just fucking and loving it. My cock is in heaven because it found a new home for the next few minutes..We are working up great friction and my cock is swelling. I shoot a wonderful load deep inside his warm soft hole. I am so happy now..I keep fucking and he makes no attempt to pull away. We keep fucking and now I feel my wet load inside him. He is moaning and groaning on the other side and I just keep fucking. My cock starts to spasm and I shoot another load (not as big) deep inside. I'm shaking from the relief. Slowly my cock gets softer..I become human again..I mumble thanks as I pull up my pants and leave. I clean off my cock in the bathroom and leave with a huge shit eating grin on my face and my cock finally relaxed..at least for awhile till he takes over again. But I do love him..he brings me so much pleasure.
  11. The ORGY I've been having fun lately but haven't had time to write about it. Last week I went to an orgy hosted monthly by a buddy. There were 25 guys there all ages and shapes and sizes. This is a great crowd with guys that cum to the orgy regularly and a few new faces that show up, fade away and then months later show up again. This was the case last week. There is a guy I have known (yes and fucked) for a few years. I have seen him at private parties here and there and he is a passionate vocal cum loving bottom. I haven't seen him in many months but I have been inviting him to this group thing for months. He is over an hour away but I knew he'd love the guys at this party and would have a great time. Not to mention I really missed fucking and seeding his hole. I really missed him. He is such a great guy. He just throws himself into the sex and becomes the life of the party. A great bottom guy that is insatiable and loves cock and cum. Well, the day of the party came and I sent him another message. "Party starts soon, hope you will be there. Text me etc." I didn't hear back and was a bit put off that I'd probably not see him again that day. I went to the party and started playing with the naked men. At one point a new guy had his cock sucked and his ass rimmed by two different men. Our eyes met and he licked his lips..we kissed and he whispered "I want you to fuck me with your daddy dick." My cock and his ass were wet with saliva as a couple bottom guys worked their magic. New guy turned around and spread his cheeks for me..OMG that hole is beautiful and his bubble butt was calling my name. I stuck my dick up against his pucker and slid home..balls deep it felt like silk..someone went around and started sucking his hot cock while I was fucking him. Other guys started fucking. One guy on the sofa was legs up with his bare feet up in the air and his hot ass over the edge. (I think that is so fucking hot) the top guy started sliding inside and fucking for all his worth. It was a fucking hot scene. I turned back to the newbie as my cock started to tingle and my balls felt the churning of my cum load getting ready to shoot out and inside his hole. I grabbed his hips, and started to pound as sweat was dripping off my brow. I grabbed his shoulders and pushed him deeper on my cock and shot and spewed a nice cum load. He pushed back and was grinding his hips against me as I shot. At about the same time he shot a nice load down the throat of a hot mouth that had non stop sucked him as we were fucking! My cock started to leave his hole (always a sad feeling for me since I love keeping inside as long as possible) and as I turned I had a mouth swallow and clean up my cock! OMG it was my buddy he actually showed up this time! He was naked and in the middle of the action and I ddn't even know he arrived! He sucked my cock so well that I started to get hard again. He turned around and rubbed his ass and hole against my cock and balls. I love that feeling. As my cock grows just rubbing against a mans hole all wet and warm makes my cock grow..Thinking about it now has my cock hard. My dick found its way to his sweet ass hole. I slide inside just as he pushed back and we connected!! A happy sigh from both of us. I pumped him and I banged him, I fucked him hard and I fucked him slow. I lasted longer since I shot a bit before but eventually I loaded his hole up. It felt so good. I missed that man. He happily turned around and sucked me clean. I managed to sit down for a break as I watched the action around me. It was amazing sex. My buddy was sucking cock and getting raw dick up his ass in no time. He was having a great time. I fucked a couple more holes and ended up breeding my bud for a second time (third load). I watched as he was getting pounded and seeded by a vers guy for the second time and took another load..then my bud turned around and put his rock hard cock up the vers ass guy that just finished fucking him. My bud pounded out a load deep inside the vers ass. Everyone watched and groaned their approval. The time was quickly approaching that we all needed to leave as the host had an appointment and had to end the party. The last few guys shot their loads in mouths or asses and we started cleaning up and getting dressed. My buddy came over and after a deep hot kiss, said "I need to get on the mailing list I had a fantastic time today and want more!!!" Believe me, he will. He was the star of the day as usual. Everyone hugged him and thanked him for his mouth and ass. He is such a slut, guess that's why I love him so much!!
  12. BBRTS and threesomes.

    Love a sloppy hole. 3 way groups and orgies are so much fun!
  13. Buying Antibiotics online

    Time to find another clinic or doctors office. I have had that also and I changed where I go. They are not there to judge but to take care of you their patient. Also, antibiotic resistance is real and we should take these drugs with care. Just my opinion.
  14. Why is it so hard to find tops that won't flake.

    Top here also. I have had the same from bottoms. They talk the big talk and then nothing. I give my phone number etc and try to tell them exactly what I'm looking for and when. Then there is usually some excuse why they can't call..seriously why to to all this trouble if you're just gonna J/O. It is frustrating to talk to someone that seems like a good connection and then find out they are 1.5 hours away etc. If I'm not your type whatever. Just tell me. I'll find someone else.- Don't tell me you wanna fuck and then say oh I was looking for /Later/Tomorrow what ever. bh
  15. Thanks for following me. 

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