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    top dad loves breeding and seeding. Multi cummer that loves to flood your hole with cum. sex addict loves 1 on 1 3somes and groups..6c hairy needs it all the time
    BB only no pullouts ever! Prefer breeding vs oral.
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    bbottom buds addicted to breeding like me. local- contact me on bbrts for real time play

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  1. I though he was very hot. Sad to hear he committed suicide.
  2. I realized I was a top gay guy when I slid my dick inside my first ass years ago. That warm wet feeling of a man hole around my cock was the best sex ever. I have never stopped. I love to fuck and breed ass and I can't get enough. I love squirting my loads deep inside a man and every time I slide inside I remember why I love it so much. I love how it feels and am addicted to breeding. I have gotten fucked before but didn't really like it. I kept thinking I was missing something. But I know now I am made to top and breed. Raw fucking for me forever. Looking at all the hot holes here on BZ makes my dick stiff and drip with pre cum. I know what I am. A top slut that loves bottom sluts and needs to breed as often as I can.
  3. I would never pull out. In fact, I go deeper inside!
  4. Hey guys: Has anyone else encountered this issue? I am a barebacker. I say I fuck bb on my profiles for bbrts, squirt, grdr, and other sites. If you want to hook up with me I want you to know I intend to breed and seed your hole. Otherwise, don't bother me. Other than BBRTS (of course) I sometimes get nasty messages from guys that are angry at me because I want bb. Today I got a response from something I had put online that I was an "idiot" "moron" etc. Why do these assholes find it necessary to make nasty comments regarding my preference for bare sex? I wanted to tell this asshole to fuck off, but the message was sent anonymously. To afraid to send it with his email. I happen to be on PrEP and old enough to know what I want. I wish I could block these idiots to be honest. BH
  5. I don't think you can pass on a UTI. Its usually fecal matter when we fuck ass that's not real clean. UTI can be very painful and if not treated can lead to kidney infections and damage to the kidneys. Just FYI.
  6. I have had them also. Usually annon. fucks. I try and pee after and it helps.
  7. Wish I was local. I'd love to seed your hole over and over.
  8. I would be glad to give you loads again bttmdadmd. Maybe when the ABS opens again and/or when our buds host group fun. We need to stay in touch. Looking forward to getting back inside you.
  9. Gave 2 loads to a occasional fuck bud cum slut. He said it was 6 months since he had any loads. I went to his place and fucked. Within an hour he had 2 of my loads and was very happy. So was I, and we plan to breed again soon.
  10. We've been chatting on one of the apps for a few weeks. We talked online and promised we would connect. I wasn't sure if he was serious but when he sent me his pics my dick stiffened. I sent him my pics. I'm a dad guy. Bit older 6c hairy etc. I'm always horned up and love breeding and seeding. I especially love son type guys from college age on up. He said he was 40 but had a huge dad fetish and wanted to role play. I agreed. The set up was: he was dating my daughter and I was in the area and wanted to finally meet him. He asked me to call him and role play from the start. I arrived at his door and he answered. HOT. My cock was already getting hard. He said he was happy to meet "my girlfriends dad." I asked how long they had been dating. He said 2 years but hadn't made a move on her yet. I explained that she really liked him but was concerned about the lack of intimacy. He said "sir I'm a Virgin and not sure what to do." We continued the role play. "well a dad's job is to teach his son all about sex" I said. "let me show you how to kiss" He acted hesitant and I encouraged him. "its ok, this is why I am here. I just want to help you." we moved in together and softly kissed. I parted his lips with my tongue and he opened his mouth for more. Our lips and tongues were pressed together and we started kissing deeper and more forceful. We both were getting into the role play and getting more and more turned on. My cock was hard as hell and I wanted him. I rubbed his cock through is pants. He was hard too. Our kiss broke and he suggested we go to the bedroom for "more instruction." We moved to his room and on the bed. We continued to kiss and started hugging. Both of us moaning with the pleasure of the kissing and hugging. I rubbed his back and he put his arms around me. We were side by side and our cocks were rock hard. I suggested we "get naked so we can feel our bodies together." "just for teaching purposes." We both got naked and continued to kiss and now our bodies pressed together. Both of us moaning and feeling each other's rock hard dicks and bodies pressed together. We were really getting heated up. His tongue darting around mine. "Why don't you lean down and lick my cock, Son?" He responded with a groan. He moved over my cock and put it in his mouth. "deeper boy" "I'm showing you how to pleasure another." He went balls deep on me. I was in heaven. Both of us responding to the role play and getting very turned on. I put my hand on his head and pushed him down a bit. "suck it son" I said. I was stroking his back and neck. I was so turned on. So was he! I gently moved him off my cock and suggested something else. "there are other pleasure areas I can teach you about." I said. "Where?" he asked quietly? I stroked his chest and reached to his ass and his hole. "I've never done that before Sir." he said. "it would mean you would know what it feels like when you fuck my daughter." "Oh, that makes sense" he nodded in agreement. I had him lay on his stomach and I started to rim his hole. He bucked back and moaned loudly. "Sir that feels so good!" "I know, I'm teaching you all these new things." I spit on his hole and got my cock wet too. I played with his hole and rubbed my cock between his cheeks. The role play forgotten for a moment, I slid my cock inside his well used hole. It was wet and warm and felt so amazing. I can not get enough of it. I started sliding inside and out. Pushing my cock deeper and deeper. It was such an amazing hole. I loved it. He was gripping the bed, moaning and squirming with pleasure. I kept fucking and fucking him. Harder pounding. "Fuck me Sir please deeper" he moaned. Yes son, I'm gonna give you my cum. I'm gonna breed you so you feel what it is like. Do you want my cum inside you? "FUCK YES SIR" "Please load my hole. Fuck into me. Breed me. I need it, want it and love it!" I fucked my cock deep inside that amazing hole and unleashed my load. It felt like gallons as we both moaned and groaned in pleasure. I slowed my fucking down and my orgasm passed. My cock was still hard and neither one of use moved. I started to slide in and out again. Picking up my pace and fucking him again. I didn't want to stop and didn't want to pull out. He pushed back on my cock and we started fucking again. After a few minutes of fucking I shot another load deep inside his hole. We were sweaty and he was dripping. We moved apart and kissed deeply. "Thank you for my first lesson Dad." he said. "My pleasure Son." We began to dress and continued the role play. "I hope you ask my daughter to marry you. I'm willing to teach you all the fun things I know about sex." "I might even take my Son-in-Law camping so we can continue the lessons. "Yes Sir! I would like that Dad. Is it ok to call you Dad now?" " Of course, Son. Its our secret and I'm happy to teach you as much and as often as you want." We kissed again as I left. I sent him a text to thank him for a great lesson and compliment him on being a quick learner! He sent a text back that he can't wait for the next lesson. He loved the 2 loads I left in him and that it was the best role play sex he has had to date. We agreed we would try and meet for lesson #2 next week!! I hope so as this guy is Hot! BH
  11. I love topping bareback. I will never use condoms again. I love the feeling and being able to squirt deep inside. I am addicted and proud of it.
  12. 6inch cock here. kinda thick. multicummer and I love to fuck ass. top here that wants to cum till my balls are empty. @MuscledHorse nice cock but DAMN I LOVE THAT ASS!! Wanna be deep inside dropping loads inside!
  13. why take bare dick if you wont take the load? I make it clear that if we fuck bare I'm going to cum inside. Deep inside. Thats the whole pleasure of it. Just one tops opinion.
  14. I want to cum and cum several times if I can inside. That is the whole reason I'm fucking. I want to get my nut. And I want to nut inside you. I love a sloppy hole so if there is cum inside already then even better. But YES I do want to cum when I have sex. If I don't cum it is like justsexnowatl said. it probably is a bad hook up.

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