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    top dad loves breeding and seeding. Multi cummer that loves to flood your hole with cum. sex addict loves 1 on 1 3somes and groups..6c hairy needs it all the time
    BB only no pullouts ever! Prefer breeding vs oral.
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    bbottom buds addicted to breeding like me. local- contact me on bbrts for real time play

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  1. When my cock slides into a warm man hole I know I was born to top and breed men. I need it, I crave it. When my balls are empty I’m satisfied for a bit till my balls fill up again and I need to go deep in a man hole once again. I am always on the lookout for other insatiable men that crave cock as much as I crave and need ass
  2. I'd want a bottom high sex drive slut like me. I'm a top and never get enough ass. I'd be fucking my bottom, having other tops, bottoms and vers guys join us. Groups, 3 ways and sex club fucking. There is nothing better than a wet hole to fuck and breed and it would turn me on to know my bottom has loads inside. We could go to sex clubs and bookstores and resorts together for me to find asses to fuck and breed and for him to get dick. I have also thought about 3 in a relationship. Me as the top, a bottom and a totally vers guy. All of us over sexed fuckers that never get enough.
  3. love bare sex. first time I slid into a bare ass and seeded his hole, I was hooked. Been breeding and seeding ever since.
  4. I met my match. In the sex game that is, We met on BBRTS and he said he was an insatiable bottom. I said I was an insatiable top. We chatted about our likes and dislikes. He said he loved cum and loved having cum deep in his ass. It sounded like a good match. He challenged me to "wear him out." And I took the challenge. We met a few days later. We had a couple drinks and got undressed. He put on some porn and we started to watch. The guys on the screen were kissing and stroking each other. We started doing the same thing. My cock was hard and he popped it into his mouth. He is an amazi
  5. I'm 6c but love fucking a sloppy hole. I can cum multiple times, so if a bottom isn't just a size queen and they are open to fucking, I can load that hole up. I love an open hole. Sloppy even better.
  6. After I fucked and seeded my first bareback ass I realized what I was and like others I embrace who I am. Fucking ass and shooting inside is the best sex ever. I was born to breed ass.
  7. I get guys asking me to fuck them with condoms and host. I can't host and I say so on the profile. I also say I bareback. If not into bareback not a match. Do you think they read this? NOPE. I swipe left and if they get nasty which some of them do, I block and move on!
  8. Oh, that is very interesting.. Thanks I learned something!
  9. That is the way it should be shot. Hours of man sex. I love when they show the orgy fun for a long time. All the fucking and sucking and cumming. The BEST>
  10. I find it a turn on when they show guys hitting poppers when they fuck. Not the popper "trainer" vids but regular bb porn. Do you know why most of the companies hide it?
  11. I love poppers when I fuck and J/O too. I've been doing them for a long time. I also found that a couple brands make my cock limp even if I do one hit. I stick with the same brand that doesn't do that and I try not to popper up until I'm nice and hard and deep inside. If I do a few hits while I'm fucking my cock gets even thicker and when I cum it is amazing. I love it when my bottom does them too as we are both feeling it and his hole opens more. I also J/O with them but not as often. I have to be really horny to enjoy them. One thing I found is that if I don't do them for awhile (a week o
  12. hot ass. Love BB. On PrEP and never looked back. Will only fuck raw and seed deep. Best sex ever. That hole of yours really needs some raw cock inside.
  13. I am not sure if it is because we've had warmer than normal weather and it feels like spring, or if I'm just tired of Covid but...I have had a great fuck week. On Monday I met a guy on Grdr and went to his place. He was younger and looking for daddy seed. He left his door open and I came in. He was bent over a bean bag chair naked and ready. My cock sprang to life. I dropped my clothes and started to rub my cock against his ass and hole. He pushed back on me as he was in need of cock and cum. I needed to shoot loads and was hard in a minute. I slid my cock deep inside his hole. I started to
  14. Was on a conference call and fuck bud had been over. I had already fucked in a load but had to be on the call. He was horny as hell (me too) and sucked my dick the whole time I was on the phone call. I put it on mute and didn't have to say anything. Was just moaning with the pleasure. Thank goodness for the mute button. After I hung up I fucked and loaded him again.
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