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    top dad loves breeding and seeding. Multi cummer that loves to flood your hole with cum. sex addict loves 1 on 1 3somes and groups..6c hairy needs it all the time
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    bbottom buds addicted to breeding like me. local- contact me on bbrts for real time play

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  1. bihairy

    Sucking while getting fucked

    Even better If I go second in his hole hopefully he has fresh cum inside. Nothing better than feeling cum inside a warm hole to make my cock spit.
  2. bihairy

    Using other tops cum as lube

    Nothing better than sliding my dick inside a cum filled hole. I love how it feels and soon add mine to the mix.
  4. bihairy


    "I've been horny the last few days and I've taken lots of cock and cum," he said on the IM I received today. "I need to breed that hole of yours. Horny fucking dad here. Need to dump some loads," I replied. His description told me he was a Hot Latin guy about 5'8 185 br/br 7c cock and a bubble butt that needs cock. The profile information also indicated he was only a few miles away, so I invited him to my hotel room, telling him I wanted to fuck his brains out. He was on his way in a flash. He arrived quickly, dropped his pants and frantically pulled-off all of his other clothing, and then unbidden, jumped onto the bed and immediately commenced sucking my cock. Note this all occurred and we hadn't even said hello to each other. Anyhow, as he sucked my cock I reached over his back, and found I could finger his hole, which was good 'cause I really, really wanted to slid inside his ass. In my view blow jobs are nice but the real fun is pounding a hole. "Do you have other loads in there now? I love sloppy hole," I asked. He shook his head. He had gotten a load earlier but it had been awhile and his hole was hungry again for more cock and seed. I added a trace of lube to my now spit-covered cock, sliding my dick against his hungry hole. He was a moaner. He moaned and grunted in pleasure, which turned me on even more! Plunging in, I backed out and pushed back inside. His hole was wide open. It was so soft and warm and wet inside. I swear he was one of those rare guys who self lubricates as his ass was wet far beyond what I would have expected from the combination of our preparations and my pre-cum. I fucked him doggie style, grabbing his hips and pumping in and out. Now, my cock isn't huge, I'd honestly say it is of average size, but whatever size it is, I definitely love to pound an ass, and this was no exception. "FUCK! You're hitting the ring! Aww Fucker, you've got good aim!" he said over and over. He was in heaven. And I also loved his hole, so that after only a few minutes, I thrust into his hole full depth, shooting my first load of the day deep inside his hole, which, by this time, was gaping wide open. I paused fucking so he could feel the pulsation of my cock, and then resumed fucking so I was the one screaming with pleasure. His hole just grabbed onto my cock keeping it hard, coaxing it until I shot a second load deep inside. I rolled off and took a break. We chatted a bit and before long he was sucking me hard again. I threw him on his stomach and mounted him. He couldn't move and my cock was lodged inside his hole again. All too soon I shot my third load. We both lay there for a bit sweaty and tired from the sex. We thanked each other. I thanked him for his hole and he thanked me for cock and cum. He left and I jumped in the shower, wearing the biggest grin on my face. I needed that!
  5. bihairy

    Newly on PREP

    I think this is a positive conversation. It opens the topic of PrEP. I did read the article and it seems there was a resistant strain that is "very rare" according to the information. But I have been on PrEP for 2 years and am glad I'm on it. Dr. S I think I will take those odds. I love BB but I don't want HIV. For me this works. I guess the numbers work for Canada also as they are offering the drug for free I believe.
  6. bihairy

    Newly on PREP

    To date there have been NO transmission of HIV to someone on PrEP. There was a study done recently and no transmission. PReP is actually 2 HIV meds together to stop the virus from getting getting inside. If anyone has heard different, please advise.
  7. bihairy

    Fucking a Daddy's Boy

    We had been texting back and forth for awhile. "I really want this to finally happen," the other guy wrote, adding "I'm really nervous though. Will you be gentle with me?" "Of course I will," I answered, writing "I want to load you with my cum. I wanna give you daddy DNA." I have been chatting with this 20 something year old for almost a year. We live in the same state but he is in the southern part and I'm more north. It had been really hard to envision a hook up, but then he texted me saying he would be in my area for a couple days because of a work meeting and he had a hotel room in my town. I was finally going to pound and breed this 'boy'. When he arrived in town he sent a text message announcing as much. We arranged a time to meet so we could fuck. He said he was nervous but really turned on. He wanted Dad DNA inside his ass. I'm an average guy with an average cock, but I love to fuck and breed man hole. It is my passion. I'm lucky I can cum several times and love loading a hole until my balls were empty. I show up to his hotel at the scheduled time. He tells me his room number and I'm there in a minute. He opens the door and is partially naked. No shirt, barefoot and a small pair of shorts. He is tall about 6' dark hair and eyes. Sexy with a bit of hair on his chest. He invites me in with a great smile. We chat a bit. He is shaking a bit from being nervous. I tell him there is nothing to fear. It is all good. I start to undress. He is on the bed watching me. Licking his lips. I'm hard already and drop my pants. He leans over and sucks me. Licking and sucking my cock. It feels so good. I stroke his hair and whisper my approval. "Good boy" "you're doing a great job. why don't you pull down those shorts." He does. I join him on the bed. He is sucking me licking me. Making me drip. I pull him off my cock and we kiss. Deep. Moaning and groaning. It feels so good. He is getting hornier by the minute. He is licking my nipples. He has perfect nipples. I bend down and suck them gently flicking my tongue back and forth. His cock responds. He is no longer nervous. He is in heat. "Please fuck my hole dad" he whispers. I play with his ass. It is wet and waiting for my cock. My cock is swelling and ready. I am wet from his spit. My cock probes his hole and enters. There is a huge sigh from him. "OMG yes yes yes please fuck me daddy." I am pounding him and he is moaning. I try holding back but can't. Too soon, I shoot a big load inside. He says he can feel the warmth and loves it. I keep fucking that hot hole. Slowly at first and as my dick gets harder and harder I go faster and harder inside him. In a flash I'm sending more juice into his hole. Bathed in sweat, I roll off him and take a break.. We are spooning and I'm grinding my cock against his ass. My cock finds its way to his wet hole. I'm inside again as he is moaning and so am I..it feels so good. I am pounding him. We change positions and I'm on top his legs and feet on my shoulders. We switch to doggie and I'm holding on to his hips and slamming into him. I unleash another load. It feels so good shooting out of my balls and into his ass nice and deep. We fuck again shortly after and after 3 hours of sex I have given him 4 loads total. We are wiped out. He is smiling and thanking me. I thank him, get dressed and leave.. I get a text message a couple hours later. "I loved it dad. I even took a nap after. I hope to be back in town next month and want to see you again." Yes of course you can I text with a smile. What a good "son".
  8. bihairy

    Versatility: a turn-on or a turn-off?

    I think its cool. Love when guys fuck and then get plowed. Its cool to have a vers guy in the middle. I'm a Top and have tried Bottom. Really hated it. Kept thinking I'm missing something since so many guys love bottom. But I accept that I'm a Top Slut and love sliding my dick inside ass. I was born this way..hehe
  9. bihairy

    Are you capable of monogamy?

    No. I have an open relationship now and couldn't do it. Love the sex too much.
  10. Wish I had a couple cum dump hosting buddies to empty my balls into regularly. Seems so many guys wanna connect but can't host either.

    1. Hairybttmcub43


      Wish you were in kcmo. You could have my hole daily 

  11. bihairy

    SNJ Top

  12. bihairy

    SNJ Top

    DC Metro Travel to SNJ for business.
  13. I am not a physician but you said you topped an undetectable guy and swallowed his load. If he is undetectable then I don't know any transmission of HIV that way. Especially if you topped. Swallowing loads is really not how it is transmitted. I am on PrEP and fuck with undetectable guys all the time. I top and have never been concerned. Enjoy you sex life. BB sex is the best. Yes sometimes we get STI but that is expected and is cured by a shot and a few pills. As others have said in this thread, even if you would be positive the medicines today are amazing. You are NOT a terrible person. Sounds like you're living in a very repressed area. That is why I love my brothers on BZ we all love sex and enjoy telling each other about our experiences. I for one am having the best sex in my life and to be blunt, FUCK anyone that doesn't like it. It's not their business. Best of luck to you sun. Go have some good bb sex and then tell us about it!! BH
  14. bihairy

    Bath House Breeding

    I'd be willing to try. Was trying the coupon code but doesn't work.

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