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About this blog

I was on the forum earlier today and saw a post asking how many bottoms have taken over 1000 different loads.  This posting made me realize that I honestly have no idea of how many men I've had sex with.  So I am starting a blog to keep track of my sexual activity.  


Let's start with today 🙂

I finally got a chance to meet up with a guy I've been talking to on bbrt for years.  He didn't have much time so it was a quickie.  I basically just sat on his dick so he could breed me.  All in all I'm happy with the encounter, but taking one load after a very brief period of fucking just makes me horny. So now I've placed another ad on bbrt, and I'm cruising sniffies.  I'll add an update if I get any more tonight. 



I guess it's my lucky night.  A very nice gentleman from bbrt offered me a load, and I accepted.  he pounded me doggy for a while and shot a huge load inside me. 

Then he was kind enough to take a photo for my twitter account 🙂

Entries in this blog

Monday night ( I'm on a roll)

Tonight a guy I've hooked up with a free times came over.  I forgot that he is so..... long winded lol.  He isn't particularly into "long sessions".  It's just that he takes him a while to cum, and he really pounds HARD (love it).   Long story short my ass is gaping is dripping with a huge load.  Hopefully I see him again soon. 


Harlemboy81 in loads

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