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  1. I like pussy. In my mind that word implies breeding (which is obviously a huge turn on).
  2. Harlemboy81


    Tonight I had a very nice guy come over. He was smart, kind, and a total gentleman. He also pounded me and shot a truly HUGE load in me before shooting another load that I gladly swallowed. I hope to see him again soon.
  3. BBRT and Sniffies work well for me.
  4. Tonight I guy I've hooked up with before came over. I met him On Sniffies maybe a year ago. He came over, and wanted something a little more passionate that I'm used to these days. He was very into kissing and touching, and varying the tempo of his fucking. Over the past year or so I've just gotten used to being pounded and bred. lol. and I think I like just being pounded and bred better.
  5. "Dude, you're so loose. It's like you have no walls and just just get fucked by anything"
  6. Completely smooth for a couple of days. relatively hairless for about a week. depends on how fast your hair grows back. I haven't tried it on my balls. I usually just shave balls and pubes.
  7. Thank you 🙂 I use Magic razzorless cream shave. It's surprisingly gentle. Doesn't burn if I get it too close to my hole.
  8. Oh this is fun! 5,6, and 11 have been great to me, but honestly I'd take any of them.
  9. I generally abstain until I'm cleared by my doctor. The one exception is when I tell a guy I have something and he doesn't care.
  10. Tonight a guy I've hooked up with a free times came over. I forgot that he is so..... long winded lol. He isn't particularly into "long sessions". It's just that he takes him a while to cum, and he really pounds HARD (love it). Long story short my ass is gaping is dripping with a huge load. Hopefully I see him again soon.
  11. Sunday a fb come by. I have to say that sex with him is never really exciting, but he is reliable and gets the job done. He always give me the 1st load in my ass, and makes me swallow the second. a good time was had by all. Now tonight I have a possible hook-up. Another guy I see semi regularly. Texting with him right now. Hopefully I'll get another load tonight. On a side note, getting fucked this regularly is making my hole loose (which I love because it just means that it's easier to take more loads.)
  12. So last night was a little disappointing. I've been talking to a guy I met on dick code all week. He's been saying how he was going to pound me HARD. He told me he would leave me flooded and gaped. He comes over last night ( an hour later than the time we agreed), and has a difficult time getting hard. Now this wouldn't;t be so terrible ( I know it happens) except that when I suck his dick I can tell that he has recently fucked someone else. He eventually is able to get erect enough to give me a load, but not hard enough for a pleasurable fuck. This brings me to load 3 this week. A fb is supposed to come by and see me tonight so hopefully I'll be at 4 soon 🙂
  13. 10-15 minutes is ideal for one on one. I'd say 5 minutes or so in a gangbang situation.
  14. As long as you taker it as prescribed it is very effective. Ive let hundreds of guys cum in me since I've been on prep and I'm still neg. I also have some VERY slutty friends who have the same experience.
  15. I've had really good luck on Grindr, but it does have some drawbacks - Asking how many loads and/or wanting to wait until I have loads in me already. I'll usually update my profile If I'm already loaded up. - Asking for a face pic if we have agreed to an anon scene. -Trying to suck my dick. I advertise as a TOTAL sub bttm. -Guys asking if it's ok to use a condom. I'm very clear in my profile about this.
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