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Welcome to my new and very first blog anywhere.  I hope that this can be a place where others share their feelings and beliefs and be respected.  No topic is banned other than those that are not acceptable to this web site.  It is hoped that what is written here is read with an open mind and responded to with courtesy.  We live in a republic where each person's beliefs are of worth even if we totally disagree with those beliefs.  That is a basic tenant of a republic.

With all that in mind, does anyone have a topic that they would like discussed or even a rant to air?


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How do you feel about age of consent?

1.Laws designating an arbitrary age that is legal.  

2. What age do you think a person is old or wise enough to give informed consent?

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The age of consent truly is an arbitrary number and that number varies from state to state as well as on the federal level.  The federal level mandates that alcohol consumption may only be done by someone having reached a twenty-first birthday.  I've seen and read too many tales about drunk drivers beginning at age 21 and up.  So, I see no relevance between age 21, drinking alcohol, and being a responsible person.  The key in my opinion is moderation.  I am an alcoholic and always will be.  My moderation is zero consumption.  That is not to be applauded; it is a statement of fact that works for me.  I neither condemn nor condone anyone who drinks.  

The one issue that bothers me about this arbitrary age of 21 and alcohol is that those males and females who join the military are still forbidden legally from consuming alcohol.  I find that inane.  Any male or female who has the potential to put his/her life on the line in military combat is entitled to a legal exemption.  Military ID's are simple in form and should be accepted as an exemption to this number rule when in civilian surroundings.  The fact that military bases are federal properties gives a shield to underage personnel.  State laws do not apply on federal property.

States determine the age of consent for marriage.  There are a few states still where legally a 12-year old may marry.  Do I believe that a 12-year old is prepared to face the world of marriage?  No.  These states are mostly in the south where habitually many marriages were performed with a shotgun being held by the father of the bride.  I am not condemning these practices; I am merely pointing them out.  In such cases, I'm not sure there was "consent" but rather coercion.  But, that's the "code of the hills".  Make no mistake:  I was reared in this mindset.  I heard it and saw it take place.

As for an exact age of a person to give informed consent, I do not believe in a stroke of a pen outlining one age over another.  I've met men and women of all ages that were dumber than a box of rocks and will always be so.  I have also met some very sharp and insightful young folks.  To the point, last year, I voided a lease on a property I own and ordered the tenant out in 30 days.  She willfully and grievously breached her written lease.  When I gained entry, there was a disaster that amounted to several thousands of dollars in damage.  This woman was in her fifties.  It took her only 6 months to do the damage.

I now have two eighteen-year-old men in that same rental unit.  On occasion because of a drainage problem, I have entered the rental property.  The condo is immaculately kept.  I will make every effort to keep these two.  I believe them to be wise and should be accorded every "right" of someone who is twenty-one.  They have to me proven their mettle.

So, as far as a "number" that proves one is wise enough to give informed consent, I do not believe in a blanket number system.  I just can't figure out an alternate method to make such determination.  I'm willing to listen/read any offerings though.

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