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  1. My observation would be ". . . and a good time was had by all." More to the point, though, is one sentence which you wrote: "I wanted to keep what cum was still inside, inside me for as long as I could." May I suggest to you that any time that you truly wish to keep cum inside you for as long as you can that you lay flat on your stomach or lay on your stomach with a pillow positioned beneath your hips for a minimum of 30 minutes. You have a fluid (cum) that will liquefy with your internal body heat. This liquefied fluid will drain further into your body by virtue of gravity. As it drains further inside you, some of it will be absorbed. After 30 minutes, all of the remaining liquid will be the furthest point of your anal opening allowing you to rise and go about your business. As the liquid begins to drain back out of you, again, most if not all will be absorbed. What I can assure you is that you won't have the situation of needing to sit on a commode to expel any cum. I have followed this process for many years and have not lost a drop of cum shot in my ass. Now having said all this I do not mean to imply that any man who is an object at a gang fuck (more than 5 men fucking one bottom) will achieve the same result. But, for the most part if 4 or fewer men have a willing bottom to take their cum loads the bottom can enjoy himself with the fun time and know that every drop can be saved. Last, I am not criticizing you by any means. From what I have read, I think you indeed would like to keep all the cum that you get and am merely offering a solution to you.
  2. Well, it's one year later now. What I remember is that not that many men requested a copy of my Excel spreadsheet. I presume that most of you already had your own way of counting your cum loads. But, for those of you who did ask for a copy, please send me a note to let me know how it went for you in 2016. I'm not asking for details; just curious to know if you liked the system or not. Bill
  3. If such writers as Scorpion are forced to stop sharing their messages, this site will begin to fail. Readers will turn elsewhere to obtain material and great authors will vanish. This may be the intent of whomever it is that has decided to discourage Scorpion. Scorpion, when I have written a story, I have laboured very hard in order to select just the right words to create an enviornment and setting. Your having to watch your product subjected to unsolicited and unwanted editing is not only disconcerting but an outright slap in the face of your creativity. Whoever is doing such editing has an ego beyond measure. Such an individual lacks the imagination or reality, the creativity, and the ability to string together his own words to be accepted by the public here as an outstanding writer. Please, do not stop writing. Please do not give in to the pettiness of this self-proclaimed editor. Write for yourself and continue to publish here to defy this editor. To the owner of the site and to all the persons involved in running the site, please, look for the source of this unwarranted and unwanted editing. There must be a way to find the person or persons involved. If this is not possible, is there a way that Scorpion's works can be uploaded by moderators but still credited to Scorpion? Is there a way to "lock" his uploads to prevent any future editing of his works? Scorpion should not be lost as a writer here not only as an excellent writer and contributor. Please take this "editing" as an affront to your site. Not only is the issue of editing a story a problem here but there is the evidence that this person or persons is hacking and tampering with YOUR product. Is that what you want and are willing to accept? Do you want this site to fade away as so many other sites similar in nature have done? Please, Scorpion, do not give in to this intrusion on your work. Let your words--even if altered--give those of us readers at least an inkling of your superb talent for story writing. Please, do not stop.
  4. PART 12 I looked hopefully at my Daddy as he looked at me. He reached down pulling my buttocks apart where I soon felt the tip of his dick pressing against my wrinkled now looser hole entrance. I knew there was a massive sensation touching me even much larger than my brother LaRon's. Daddy was smiling as his hands gently released my buttocks and placed them on my hips. He pressed harder at my entrance as his mighty great hands held me firmly in place. "With this entrance, you surrender your body, soul, and entire being to your Daddy," his voice lowly rumbled aloud for the first time tonight as he jerked his prodigious black dick forward sending it through my sphincter splaying it wide almost to the point of tearing it. His meaty mushroom head now rested a good two inches within me as I grabbed hold of the two chains where my wrists had been bound lifting myself upright. My chest burned almost as much as my ass. Searing pain racked me. My face became contorted with agony but I never lost eye contact with him. Sweat broke out of every pore on my body as I willed myself not to pass out. My teeth clamped so hard together I could have cracked a tooth but fortunately didn't. I lay back heaving in volumes of air and shook my head up and down. "With each inch, you draw closer to belonging to a new order," his voice intoned with the low rumble I had heard moments before. Once more Daddy further impaled his quite obvious gargantuan black dick that had greatly enlarged by now into my ass sending more pain throughout my body. Once more I grabbed hold of the chains tightly yet refusing to yield. My transformation had to be complete as it was what I needed. I shook my head up and down once more even though all the pain had not subsided. Still again Daddy rammed hard his blood engorged dick further into my ass another three inches or so causing me to gasp loudly gripping the chains by my hands. My anal canal and rectum were in great distress at this largest invasion ever of my body. Even larger than LaRon's. I could no longer hold back and began through tightly clamped shut teeth began to whimper, "OH! OH! OH! OH!" Though verbalizing my pain and angst I looked straight into Daddy's eyes and shook my head up and down. Daddy responded in his now familiar resonant low rumbling chant, "With each inch, you are approaching the end of your journey and destiny. You are filled with love and joy for me, your Daddy." Doubts flew into my mind wrecking my consciousness and creating an inner conflict of could I succeed. I cried out, "AHHHHHHHHHH!" I collapsed back down onto the sling as my head rolled about. I was awake and aware of where I was and what was happening to me but had moved somewhere above my physical presence. Seconds ticked by as I began to see myself in the sling from on high. I reached out to myself gently grasping my head and turning it to face my Daddy. I willed my eyes to look deep into his as I breathed new life into my own body. Daddy gripped my hips and squeezed them hard as his mighty hands spread out to gain maximum control of my body. I saw the look of my Daddy's approval in his eyes as for the fourth time he drove his staff of life deep into my body fully skewering me. "Rejoice and be happy my little white boy as you near the end of your search and journey," I heard rumbling from my Daddy whose eyes shone brightly and broad smile blessed me. I rejoined my sweat soaked self on the sling. With difficulty I croaked out, "I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do." I shook my head slowly up and down reverently as I acquiesced to him without reservation. My deliverance from rebirth was at hand, and I needed it to be complete. My body began to sing with joy as the feeling of my Daddy's mighty phallus occupied my ass connecting me physically to him. He began a slow spiritual withdrawal of nine of his eleven inches. His return of fully inserting himself inside me was equally as slow. My head rolled slightly about as my eyelids sagged heavily overcome with the peace and tranquillity being generated by our connection. Again, he withdrew from me and re-entered me. Many times he did this and though my ass was slick from the Crisco there was still difficulty in each directions journeys. My body began to open itself to my Daddy's presence and rejoiced. It sang loudly as the last vestiges of my old life passed away making room for His coming. I placed my hand on my abdomen feeling how on the inward journey Daddy's dick pushed upward so that I could feel him. I looked at Daddy who was still smiling broadly at me as his eyes sparkled and were wide open. I knew he was moving me to my final vow of commitment and his most blessed acceptance into his family. PART 13 Daddy began to increase his tempo of fucking me. His mighty shaft drove deep into me as a piston on a nuclear sub powers the drive shaft. His mighty black shaft drove me into the final light of understanding who I was and who my Daddy was. I lifted my eyelids and cleared all thoughts in my brain and focused solely on what my black Daddy was doing to and with me. I reached out to him with my hands, and he quickly took them into his almighty powerful hands. He continued to increase his speed of fucking me which I could tell was tearing my insides. The smell of sacrificial bloodletting permeated the air. Harder and faster Daddy now pumped his Sequoia-sized dick into my ass jolting my body that lay in the sling making the chains rattle as if they were Sanctus bells. Onward he moved us together to our destiny with the other. Minutes passed as he pummelled my hole. Our hands held onto the other as our eyes were locked onto the other. He was pulling me out of my empty life of rejection and bringing me to a new life where I would be loved, and I would know myself and my place. In an instant, I found my hands empty as Daddy lunged over me grabbing my shoulders pulling me to him. He gave one more tremendous shove of his mighty dick into my ass and held it there. "Receive your manna, my new white boy," his mighty basso voice announced aloud as I felt the first of many globs of his white glue-like semen burst forth from his dick flooding my insides. More and more and more and what seemed to be an endless flow of his god cum filled my ass. On the third blast of his cum entering me, my own dick spewed forth and erupted much as a volcano does spreading my white lava juice everywhere. My own first communion with my chosen Daddy. Minutes passed as the two of us continued to unload our cum. My ass began to quiver and milk Daddy's dick sending another wave of joy through the two of us. Some twenty minutes passed before we finished and had fully recuperated. Daddy released my shoulders and backed away from me slowly. I regretfully felt his now softened dick retreating from my ass. As the head approached the opening, Daddy took his dick into his hand and slowly removed it from me. I felt the escape of some of his cum and was confirmed in my suspicion as I heard a wet splat sound on the floor. Daddy held out his hands which I took and sat upright on the end of the sling. He placed my hands on the chains which I held as I lifted myself up off the sling and settled onto the floor. My legs were rubbery. Without being told, I knelt onto the floor spying the escaped manna. I put my face to it and licked it into my mouth. I rose to a kneeling position and turned to Daddy who stepped to me. I lifted his blood covered dick into my mouth and spent a number of minutes cleaning him in adoration and idolization. I was heady with excitement but most of all contentment and at peace. I submitted my work to Daddy for his approval. He picked up his drooping long black dick lifting it to my mouth. I opened wide. He pushed several inches into my mouth and stopped. I closed my mouth around his dick and waited. Minutes passed as I knelt on the floor and then without warning a gush of warm water flooded my mouth. I drank as quickly as I could but I was too inept and some escaped spraying out the corners of my mouth. I would do better. Too soon the flow stopped. Daddy pulled me upright to him and kissed me lightly on the forehead. He left me standing and returned to his bag which he picked up and put on the bed. He turned to the shelf picking up the big black dildo. I turned and bent over spreading my legs as well as bending them slightly. Daddy placed the tip of the dildo at my opening as one hand was laid at the top of my buttocks. I reached out to the edge of the bed and put my hands there. In one swift shove, Daddy seated the dildo in my ass as my body was racked with a quick sharp pain at the suddenness of entry. No reaction to that pain was outwardly detected. Daddy twisted it a couple of times. He removed his hand. I stood upright and faced Him. "You are my new white boy," he said in his almighty basso hypnotic voice. "Go. Get your belongings. Return here so that you can follow me." I obeyed.
  5. PART 11 "Well, little white boy. How are you doing?" asked Dad in his hypnotic light whisper with his resonant basso voice as he moved off the bed and came to stand at the end of the sling. "Are you still wanting to be my little white boy now that you know? Oh, yes; LaRon told me he had told you. He reported your seeing his lesions and knew exactly when you saw them for what they are." He smiled big with great pride I could see. Dad's aroma hit my nostrils; I breathed in deeply the smell of him and his leather. "You know there is no turning back. You know you belong to me and my family of boys forever." When his smooth inviting and intoxicating voice finished, I shook my head up and down vigorously. He no longer had to command my obedience because I ached to hear him tell me that I indeed was his poz white boy but not for just tonight but forever. I knew he need only nod his head or cast a look in some direction or point his finger, and I would without hesitation obey. I needed to please him from a primal inner yearning so deep seated within me that had grown so massively in such short time. Dad stood watching me for a few minutes. He then moved around the sling stopping at my right side. He took his beautiful black right hand and began rubbing my ankle. He moved to my calf, knee, thigh, hip, belly finishing at my right nipple. He gently flicked the tip sending a great shower of pain through my body causing me to twist in agony. I was disappointed in myself. When I recovered, my eyes pleaded with him not to lose faith in me but to let me learn more. I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I chanted religiously. His fingers carefully and tenderly began slowly unscrewing the clamp on my right nipple. The blood began to rush back into the nipple sending more sparks of pain. I bit down hard on the black rubber dick in my mouth; my eyes glistened with tears as I squeezed them almost closed; and my body screamed for relief. He repeated the same to my left nipple. I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. He reached down unsnapping the parachute from around my balls letting them flop downward. He dropped the parachute over my head letting it hit the floor. As his hands reached for my head, I raised it allowing him access to unleash the mouth gag which he removed. I breathed deeply taking in a great quantity of air. He tossed the gag, tubing, and funnel over onto the bed. He released both wrists and moved back to stand between my upward reaching legs and released my ankles from their restraints. He took each foot and carefully inserted each into a leather hoop for comfort. "Each of my boys have been where you are now. You may rise and leave; I will even help you. Or you may stay and finish becoming my new white boy for tonight," he intoned in a hushed voice of paternalism. "You are free to choose and must decide now." Without hesitating, I in the clearest of voice that I could muster said, "I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. Not for just tonight though but forever." I looked into his eyes not knowing what to expect. Dad stood there. "Your brothers that came to me years ago made you a part of our family that is growing. But, it is I, your Daddy, who will accept you and your sacrifice. If you want to be my little white boy forever as you claim, you will learn much more than what you have tonight. In time, you will teach others who will join my family. You will obey your brothers and submit to them whenever and wherever they command you. You will do so unhesitatingly and with great joy," Dad calmly said in his spellbinding whisper as he smiled down on me. "I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do," I repeated my pledge and oath. "Daddy, I need to belong to you."
  6. PART 4 "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Darin heard the wail of climax just as he felt his fucker shove the thick uncut dick into his ass and hold it there as the beginning of the first wave of cum raced through the dick and into his ass. A fusillade of cum shots was released and blasted into Darin's ass. Each shot injected into his ass a thick glob of protein where it splattered outward smearing and coating his lining with the gooey off white liquid. The thick goop spread out and coated the head of the dick and seeped backward. Some was forced further into Darin as there was room for it. More and more of this glorious pay dirt flooded into Darin. Darin was heaving with excitement of having been fucked and taken another load of cum in his ass. His fucker was heaving at how exhausted he was for having had such a hot ass to bang. His dick was all tingly feeling now and his balls were at last relaxing themselves as the last of the fluid was ejected. Time passed with each man recovering in his own way. "Ahhh, you're a good puta," Darin's bus stop companion said and began chuckling as he slapped Darin's ass playfully. Slowly, he began to pull his deflating dick from Darin's hole. When it popped out, Darin as quick as he could swung himself around lowered his head to take the slick coated dick into his mouth once more where he bathed it and sucked off all the evidence of having been in his ass. Darin tasted all the fuck juices and cum residue and shook inwardly at the taste. He loved the taste. He let the dick slide from his mouth. The two stood and dressed. Darin picked up his backpack. The two said nothing more but carefully looked out from their lair. They each stepped out dusting off their clothes and once more looked around. Darin hesitated then took off his backpack pulling out a notepad and pen. He wrote his name and number on a sheet tearing the page off and handing it to his fucker who looked at it. "If you ever want to fuck this puta again, give me a call," Darin said. "You're hot, and you have a hot dick and know what to do with it." "Man, would like to but my momma would slit my throat if she knew I banged man butt," he said handing back the note. "Maybe we meet again one day." He turned and walked back out of the alley returning to the bus stop. Darin followed behind at a respectable distance. The bus pulled up to the curb, and the doors opened. Six riders climbed the steps finding separate areas of the bus where they would sit quietly minding their own business as they went about their business. The blocks passed by with more riders joining the bus as a few departed. The almost three miles to Darin's apartment passed quickly as he remembered his night and his night cap as he had begun to think of the alley. He smiled contentedly. He looked through the windshield of the bus, reached up and pulled the cord as he stood from his seat. He walked back to the rear exit. The bus came to a halt, and the door clicked as the light over it came on. Darin stepped down and off the bus. He turned looking in the direction from which he had just come to check on the traffic. He needed to get into a tub of hot water and soak. The bus moved off and out of his way. No traffic coming. Darin stepped out into the street to cross and looked to his right for traffic. There was no vehicular traffic coming from that direction either. But, there was foot traffic that caught up to him in the middle of Foster Avenue and saying not a word matched his footfalls all the way to his front door and inside his apartment where he would return many more times. And, momma never found out.
  7. PART 10 I lay there thinking back. My two brothers had never mentioned using a condom. I had not heard one opened and had not seen a used one. I couldn't mention using a condom. I was such a condom freak before tonight. After all, it was mid-1980's. I shook my head in disbelief and to clear the cobwebs. I thought back to the first man who had fucked me. He had used a condom. Or had he? And, the two men in the steam room. Yes, they had. No. They had not used a condom. Not in a steam room. That's what Dad had meant when he had said, "Word travels fast through colonies like this." Those men evidently knew Dad and others who didn't use condoms, and they spread the word for others. I shivered at reality and realization about myself. In a matter of minutes, I knew everything about me had changed yet nothing that I held dear now had changed: I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. Once more I heard the key in the lock snapping me out of my brain chatter. I turned to look seeing a short black man enter followed by Dad. I was elated to see him and smiled behind my mouthpiece. The short black man looked to be young. He had short hair on his head, clean shaved, weighed maybe 120 to 130 pounds and stood barely above 5 foot 2 inches. My eyes turned back to Dad. "This is Kai. He's here to help you along your path to being my white boy for tonight," Dad said soothingly. Dad smiled at me and moved backward sitting on the bed scooting himself into a corner to watch. He unsnapped his pouch releasing his behemoth black dick. His balls had flopped down onto the mattress of the bed. Kai stepped to Dad's bag and found what he was looking for. He set a container of Crisco on the shelf and then moved it to the floor. Kai removed his towel from around his waist, folded it, dropped it on the floor, and knelt. I felt a huge glob of Crisco being smeared on my ass and pushed inside. More was pushed inside me. Then, Kai got down to his business and pushed all four of his fingers and thumb into my ass. My sphincter yelled to stop but Kai continued on. He manipulated his hand in many different directions applying pressure all the time. He finally returned to a head-on position where he was pushing hard to go straight in with his hand. This was something knew to me and upset me. The only calming factor was looking at Dad watching Kai trying to push his hand in my ass. I focused on Dad and saw him manipulating himself slowly enjoying what he was watching. Dad had said he wanted me to see through my blue eyes him enjoying himself. I redoubled on that thought looking straight into Dad's wide brown eyes. My sphincter snapped open. I gasped as my body jerked at the surprise violent opening of my ass to the small hand of Kai. My body quivered. Kai pushed his hand deep inside me past his wrist. He rested then began turning his hand one way and then the other. He began short strokes of pulling out and pushing further inside me. At one point as he pushed inside me, I saw his head turn to Dad and nod. He returned to my ass and pushed harder going deep into my rectum area. I was thrashing about by this time but determined. I turned my head to Dad who was smiling as he moved forward. "To the elbow. That should move a lot of it inside." "You want more?" Kai asked. Dad thought a bit, nodded his head in assent, and returned to stroking his stiffening dick. Though I could not see all of it, I knew that it had grown in both length and girth. Kai slowly pulled his arm and hand back out of my ass and then plunged deep once more. He repeated the process but doubled his hand into a fist now which he slowly moved in and out of my ass as a slow moving piston. My eyes were fluttering with excitement at this feeling of such an extraordinary sensation. It was so intimate with Kai. He, too, must soon be a brother of mine. Dad stood up, walked to my side, and Kai pushed his fist deep inside me again holding it as Dad had put his hand on my stomach and abdomen. Dad nodded his head. Kai removed his hand from my ass, picked up my towel wiping his hand and wrist with it. He rose from the floor kissing Dad who had bent over to him. Kai left leaving me alone with Dad.
  8. PART 3 "TWELVE!" the bus stop companion yelled as his eyes widened to owl-like size. "TWELVE! Maaaannnnn, you got to be kidding me." "No. I don't kid about my numbers," Darin said matter-of-factly. Once more the two stood in silence as the newcomer's brain processed what a dozen meant. He stood close to Darin looking down at the sidewalk and back up at him. The newcomer put his hands in his pockets and continued to contemplate what he had heard. He stared at the sidewalk for a couple of minutes before turning his head up slightly at Darin. "So, you're like Jell-o, eh?" he said smiling. Darin nodded yes. He looked back down at the sidewalk for a short bit then walked off in the direction from which he had come. When he reached the alley, he stepped off the sidewalk and to the middle of the alleyway and stopped as he turned facing into the alley. He looked back at Darin and jerked his head. He stood there momentarily and walked into the alley leaving Darin's sight. Darin stood there for a few moments before following but follow him he did into the alley. The pair walked further back into the dark. Darin saw the guy disappear which slowed his footsteps until he neared where the guy had gone out of sight. "Eh, back here," Darin heard a low voice coming from behind a dumpster. He hesitated. The guy stepped forward a bit so that Darin could see him and then backed away into the dark once more. Darin followed finding himself in a darkened area next to a building, a construction dumpster, and piles of materials and debris. His eyes focused and found his bus stop companion a few feet further in this darkness. He removed his backpack in case it was needed for defensive action to an attack which did not come. He took another six steps or so forward and saw finally that there was a dick hanging out of the sagging jeans of the man from the bus stop. Darin dropped his backpack on the ground and walked forward kneeling down. He reached down taking the uncut long thick dick into his hand and bent his head forward swallowing the entire length. It filled his mouth absolutely to capacity. He began working on the uncut dick licking it and pulling back off to the head and stuffing it back inside his wet warm mouth. The dick began to fill with blood and harden to its fullest size. Darin's mouth registered it as at least 8 inches long and tasted wonderful. More and more Darin worked the dick in his mouth not only to get it hard but to move its owner to eventual orgasm. Several minutes passed as Darin worked on the large uncut dick. He heard an occasional gentle intake of air or gasp or even an "ahhhh" pass out of the dick owner's mouth. He continued to work harder to add to his collection of cum loads swallowed for the evening or actually morning as it was now. To his surprise, the dick was unceremoniously yanked from his mouth. "Drop your jeans," the man demanded moving behind Darin. Darin quickly undid them pushing them down as he felt the man kneel behind him. Darin spread his legs as best he could and got on all fours. He felt the wet head of the dick he had been sucking guided to his hole and pressure applied. There was a bit of hesitation because of the lack of sufficient lube but soon his muscle popped open allowing the hood to be peeled back off his bus man's dick as the head sank deeply inside Darin. Two hard thrusting jerks and Darin felt his ass burning a bit as the entire length had now penetrated as far as it could inside him. Darin moaned and felt euphoric once more at having his ass stuffed with such a wonderful dick. Then, his bus stop companion began the sex dance that Darin had experienced so many times that night but not quite as good as how this chance meeting of a sex partner was doing to his ass right now. His shoulders were gripped hard as this man rammed his dick in and out of Darin's ass full length and with great deep thrusts. Over and over Darin felt the head of the dick inside him hit his prostate as it made its way fully inside where it bottomed out roughly before returning to its retreat to begin another attack. Darin began moaning and pushing backwards after a couple of minutes because of the fabulous sensation of such a stupendous fuck he was receiving. Darin didn't want this fuck to end. But, all good things do come to an end and this time way too soon for Darin's liking. He heard a low growl coming from behind him as his fucker began pounding his ass even harder and faster. The growling picked up in volume as the speed and intensity increased as driven by the growling. The sound of skin slapping against skin increased as Darin's fucker began to hit the strides of his sex dance.
  9. PART 9 My breathing was heavy. Daddy chuckled and patted my belly. He stepped once more to his bag and returned to the end of the sling. "This will help soothe you," he said. "It will also help prepare you for your next step. I am leaving you here momentarily but will return. You're making excellent progress white boy that wants to belong to me. Excellent progress indeed." I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. As the last of his words were uttered, I felt a pressure at my hole which pushed me wide open as Daddy determinedly inserted a dildo filling me with a gasp. My insides felt tingly and alive. And, then, he was out the door. I began a vigil of aloneness. I had no alternative but to wait considering my position. I would not have left anyway. Time passed but I had no way of telling how long it was until I heard the key in the lock. "Well, what have we here?" I heard an unknown voice say as I turned toward it. "Looks like Dad was right. He's done gone and got himself another white boy to turn." He laughed. From what I could see, a black man in his twenties about my height and weight was now standing at the end of the sling. "Dad sent me in to set you up for the coming attraction tonight. He do know how to reel us in don't he? It's that whispered voice of his. It's a magnet. Your the moth that is flying into the flame, white boy, and you're going to get burned if you aren't already." He smiled big at me. "He didn't tell you about me or what all he's going to do. Looks like you already consented seeing those nipples and your balls all trussed up and your wrists and ankles all bound up. Dad do have a way, and he always gets his way. So, now, white boy, meet one of your older black brothers who's going to help make you a part of this family." I felt his hand at my ass and then felt the emergency exit flash rush of the dildo being violently yanked from my ass. He laid the black wet dildo on the shelf turning his attention back to me. He placed his hands on my buttocks pulling them open. I felt a touch just above my hole. It pulled away and was now below it. The third touch was to the left side where pressure was applied. "Hang on, white boy. It's show time with your brother." I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. The pressure mounted as this "brother" of mine pushed harder and harder until at long last his dick head slid toward my hole plunging through my sphincter spreading me wide open as he plunged balls deep inside me. I jerked upright at the searing and burning pain. He no sooner was deep inside me than he pulled almost all the way out and began to fuck me hard and deep. Nothing else was said by him but he smiled continuously as he pounded my hole hard. In no time at all, I was loving the feeling of his dick sliding in and out of my hole. He rode my ass like a champ that I knew he had to be if was a son of Daddy. "FUCK! DAMN! BITCH!" I heard him scream as he slammed deep into me holding himself there as his dick erupted repeatedly spewing out a huge load of cum. He pulled himself out of my ass and smiled as he continued to cool down. He picked up Daddy's chalice, and I heard the telltale sound of him pissing. He hauled up the clear tube until the funnel reached his hand. He hoisted the glass to his lips and drank pouring the remaining piss into the funnel. I drank with a great thirst. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. There was a knock at the door. My brother opened it. "He's all yours now, bro." He left as a new man entered. He was black, stood about 6 feet tall, had a shaved head but full beard and moustache. He was, well, emaciated looking. I noticed he moved slowly. When he reached the end of the sling, I saw there were several dark splotches varying in size on his torso. He looked around the room and finally back at me. He said nothing but began to fondle himself. I looked at him and deep into his eyes. Then, my eyes once more began moving over the body of this new man. When I focused on the third splotch on his torso, I stopped and looked hard at it. My heart skipped a beat, and my brain went blank. I stared hard at the distinct splotches turning my eyes back to his. My brain issued a final report: Yes, those had to be KS lesions. I had tensed my body on my suspicion but now I found peace with my conclusion. I lay back willing the tenseness to depart and moaned with desire. I understood. I shook my head slowly up and down. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. He stepped closer guiding his dick to my hole finding it the first try. He placed his hands on my hip girdle and began a slow gradual intimate invasion of my ass. His mushroom head dick was huge. He spread my sphincter with a quick snap open then slid his dick inside me slowly no doubt savouring every inch as I was savouring his entry. I had no room to breathe in my ass. My head was flopping left and right as he inched slowly inside me. Once completed, he rested himself. I know that time can not be judged when secured in a sling. He must have fucked me slowly with great intimacy for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. The feeling was awesome at how he filled me to capacity. I knew that no other man had ever put a bigger dick than his in my ass. He then suddenly stopped and pulled his dick out of my ass. He picked up the chalice, and we shared his piss. As he left, he stopped and bent down to my ear. "Dad has a good white boy in you. He chose well, little white brother," and kissed me on what would have been my lips. "You showed no fear after you found out, and you did find out. I saw it in your eyes. And, you should know that you took two high octane deliveries from me. We all got ours from Dad." He patted me on the head and left. I lay there mulling over what I had heard. I want to be your poz white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do.
  10. PART 2 "It ain't coming from that direction," Darin heard. He turned his head back to look at the speaker. "You been looking at me since I got here. Not dumb." Darin smiled, "Well, the garage is that way. There could be one coming from that direction." "Not this time of morning yet," he said. "So, you no dummy. You gotta be looking at something else. Must be me." He pushed off the utility pole and looked all around the corner. "You must like what you see." He said and smirked. The cocky little guy was right as Darin did like what he saw. But, he wouldn't let him know that. "Must be the morning air is all," he said looking at the new rider for a moment then turning his head away. Darin had no idea where this might be headed and thought it prudent to be cautious. "What you doin' out this time of morning," he asked. "You don't look like your headed to work." "I'm headed home after a night of . . . having fun out on the town," Darin said catching himself. The new man shuffled around the area a bit more walking to the curb between the two crosswalks where he stood looking around and up and down each street. He turned and came back approaching Darin. Darin saw him peripherally stop about two feet away. He grinned slightly then. Darin turned to look at him. He jerked his head saying, "You been partying the night away. Down 'bout three blocks I bet." He grinned showing a big toothy smile. "No prob, dude. No prob. Been there myself." "Oh?" Darin said not committing himself to anything. "Yeah. Heard 'bout the place and checked it out. Totally hot. Don't go often but get in a mood to bang a butt on a man or two an' good a place as any to pick from," he said almost excitedly. "Got me a hot momma but she don't do head. Get my pene worked over by good mouth an' bang a butt. WOW! Sometimes twice." He laughed, and Darin could see his eyes shining with glee. Darin's defences wavered. "Well, I've seen that once or twelve times maybe," he smiled now a little. "Have you ever banged a butt and the guy never saw your face?" "Oh, no. Guys always look up at me when they got my pene in their mouth," he laughed. "They get big surprise from me." He laughed again. "They tell me my pene is bigger than I am." With that, he guffawed heartily as Darin tried to make sense of what was so funny. Then, he looked closer at the front of the sagging jeans on his sidewalk sharer. "That sounds like a talent to be proud of that you have," Darin said. "Ever think of going to the place more often? I usually go on Friday and Saturday and spend the night and maybe once more during the week for a few hours." "Naw. Just when the mood to get a blow. Started for just a blow but banged a butt first time there. OOOOOOOOOO! Nice one!" he smiled and rolled his eyes. "You go three nights a week to bang a butt? Damn, man! You need to get you a harem, man." He laughed. "Well, I didn't say I banged a butt," Darin said without laughing. The laughter stopped, and his bus stop companion looked at him quizzically followed by a very long pause as he studied Darin. "Man, you get your butt banged?" he asked in a hesitating and disbelieving voice. "Every chance I can," Darin said looking directly at him. Silence passed between the two as the reality of what Darin had said sunk into his brain. He kept looking at Darin and down the street presumably for the bus and across the street. The stranger began walking around in a wandering not defined pattern as he muttered to himself but his eyes kept returning to look at Darin. Finally, he walked closer to Darin and stopped. "You kidding, right? You like your butt banged," he asked in earnest. "I do indeed," Darin said looking right at him and smiled slightly. "I like it a lot." He pondered this information but kept his eyes on Darrin. "So, like, you spent the night there getting banged?" "Yes," Darin said. More silence with looks. "Man, you don't look like you'd want your butt banged," he said with a surprised look. "How many times?" "Twelve men shoved their dicks in my ass, rode me hard, and delivered all they had way up deep inside my ass. Not a bad night if I do say so myself. And, I swallowed another seven loads. But, just like Jell-o, there's always room for one more," Darin said giving a look down at his bus stop companion's crotch.
  11. PART 8 Daddy lifted up high the funnel followed by the chalice. He began to slowly pour the piss into the funnel. I watched as the liquid raced through the clear tubing toward me. I felt a gush of warm liquid fill my mouth. My reflexes were overwhelmed momentarily but my brain reacted as did I and the warm liquid was swallowed quickly. I saw Daddy pour more and more warm liquid from his chalice baptising my throat as I swallowed every drop until there was none left. My body yearned for more but never would I demand it. I would satisfy myself with what he gave me . . . and rejoice. The funnel was lowered and the chalice set on a shelf. "Good boy," Daddy said with a very pleased smile on his face. "Don't be concerned. You obeyed without protest or hesitation. Be honest: Was that the first time?" I shook my head yes. Daddy looked into my eyes deeply and found satisfaction with my truth. He patted me on my head. "If you are as willing and obedient for your next training, you will drink again." He turned to his bag once more selecting items finally laying them on the shelf. Even if I had had the ability to speak I would not have said a word. This man was a god to me. My only consternation was that I could not answer why he was. I satisfied myself with knowing it was a truth which I could not and would not reject. I was his as far as I was concerned. I belonged to a Daddy whom I had met less than an hour ago. But, it was right. I refocused and found Daddy snapping a leather device around my balls which also draped down covering them. There were some chains attached. His work went quickly. He ceremoniously picked up a weight which was attached to a long chain. He moved the weight and chain up over my body draping it over my left shoulder. When he released the weight, the chain went taut snapping into place as my balls were yanked upward where they had been lying. I strained my head forward and saw both balls wrapped in a leather item that had three chains coming from it with the other ends in an O-ring where the long chain went up and over my shoulder. There was a suddenness that caused a quick muffled cry from me. I hushed at my Daddy's soothing voice of expert paternity. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. Daddy picked up another item and stood beside me. He unscrewed the item, pinched my left nipple and pulled it as far from my body as he could. Carefully, he began to tighten the screw causing two black rubber coated bars to close together. Once caught in the snare, Daddy released his hold on my nipple adjusting the bars more easily. When he reached a point that I began to thrash about, he backed out the screw but left it decidedly making its presence known. He repeated the same process on my right nipple. I was by this time almost in tears of joy. He looked down at his handiwork and smiled at me. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. "Daddy's white boys must be scrubbed clean. Did you scrub yourself clean before coming here tonight?" he asked. I shook my head up and down. "Good. Did you scrub yourself clean inside before coming here tonight?" he asked. I lay there; I didn't know what he meant. I cleaned myself but I didn't scrub myself. I thought hard trying to decipher what he meant. It made no sense. I could tell my forehead was furrowed in confusion. Time was passing and Daddy needed an answer. It had to be the truth, so, I moved my head from side to side. "Your Daddy didn't think you had. You cleaned yourself inside, yes, but you did not scrub yourself inside. That's okay that you haven't. Your Daddy is prepared. This time your Daddy will do it for you," he said soothingly. With every whispered mesmerizing word, I became more relaxed. He wasn't angry with me as I was anticipating. I would have to learn what he meant and prepare myself for any future times. He reached down to his bag, retrieved something and went to stand at my butt. I felt his fingers pushing my buttocks apart followed by a prickly feel at my hole. "This will hurt a bit but you want me to do it, don't you? You want me to scrub away the old so that you can be given a new life, don't you?" he asked quietly. I shook my head up and down vigorously. A sharp scratching feeling invaded me. It was being turned as the sharp feeling went further and further inside me. I tried to bolt upright. Daddy chuckled withdrawing and continued turning whatever it was inside me. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do.
  12. PART 1 It was a little after 6:30 in the morning as Darin walked out of his favorite bath house. The cool air of fall made him shiver a bit. Or was his shiver because he had just spent the last nine and a half hours at Man's Country sucking dicks, getting fucked, and having cum loads shot in his ass? He smiled contentedly. He didn't care. He turned north and walked still smiling and remembering the seven loads of cum he had swallowed and the dozen that had been planted in his ass. Darin was headed home now after a not so shabby night. He felt the hours settling in on him. He shifted his backpack and kept walking through the quiet night with the silence broken only by an occasional car, truck or bus passing by on the street. He met no one on his walk to his bus stop. He wasn't afraid but did keep a wary eye out as things did happen in Chicago. His biker boots lightly sounded on the pavement with each step. His Levi's felt good on his legs after having swapped his chaps for them. He had stuffed his black jock into his backpack along with his bottle of lube, poppers, Maximum Impact, neckerchief, and two dildos. He loved wearing the chaps at MC. And, from always the good times he had when he wore them, the men who also visited MC enjoyed him wearing the outfit, too. He looked up in time to see the walk signal turn white for him to cross Foster. He hurried a little just to be sure but he had plenty of time reaching the other side of the street with time to spare. It was now a waiting game for one of CTA's finest to take him home. He backed himself up to the wall of the store and leaned against it somewhat resting himself. Not a bad night at all indeed he thought proudly. Such a night validated that he still had what it took to attract the moths to his flame. Darin was 42 years old, stood six feet tall, weighed 155 pounds of muscles he maintained from walking, running, swimming, and biking. He wasn't a fanatic about himself but did try to keep a nice appearance. His hairy arms, legs, and chest matched the full beard and moustache that he had of a dark rich walnut wood colour. His shaved head was such a contradiction. His blue eyes sparkled with mischievousness. His cut 7 inches of dick ran down his right pant leg as his two nice size balls nestled in the left pant leg. He had made sure that Willy and his gang had had their own fun tonight delivering a hefty load into that butt just before he left. On a night like tonight, Darin was a patient man. He had had an excellent fun time. But, it was time to go home and get some sleep. Where was that bus? He pushed off the wall stepping to the curb and looking down the street. Nothing. He returned and settled back once more. As Darin waited at the stop looking down the street occasionally, he noticed a dark figure heading his way. Darin didn't stare at the figure but noticed how it was getting closer each time that he looked in the direction from which the bus would be coming. The dark figure walked into the lighted corner area in a few minutes. Darin glanced closely as the Hispanic man came to a stop on the sidewalk. He had on a Yankees black ball cap turned round, sneakers, jeans slung low, dark t-shirt, and several gold chains hung about his neck. He moved about in the bus stop area not settling anywhere in particular. He was probably 5 and a half feet tall, weighed maybe 140 pounds at most, muscular, tattooed, and olive colored skin. After moving about for several minutes, he finally backed up to a utility pole and settled in to wait as Darin was doing. Still, Darin looked for the bus but made a point also to look in his direction seeming to look down the street.
  13. PART 7 We embraced for several minutes until he released me. As I unwrapped my arms from around him, he put his mighty hands under my arm pits lifting me easily up off the floor. He turned around and sat me on a leather bed attached to the ceiling by chains. As he laid me backwards, I grabbed and held two of the chains until I was seated. He told me to move downward so that my ass was just hanging off the edge of the sling. He raised one of my feet to a strap and secured each ankle. He did the same to my wrists. He smiled at me with an approving nod at how I accepted everything. Butterflies were all flying in my stomach because of excitement and the unknown. I watched as he opened a bag in a corner. I hadn't noticed the bag before. He pulled out something that had a tube wrapped around it which he loosened. He reached back into the bag and pulled out a large plastic glass which he sat on a shelf. He stood up and held up for me to see what looked like a mask with a small black rubber dick. He put the black rubber dick to my mouth which I opened readily and wrapped my lips around it when it was seated. He pulled the straps behind my head where I felt him secure them in position. I could see a clear tube coming out of the exterior part. He bent back down to the bag and stood upright positioning a funnel to the end of the tube. "I can tell my white boy is thirsty, and I'm going to give him some of my own special water which he must swallow. Until he learns how thirsty he is for his Daddy's water, this is how it will be given. Before the night is over, my little white boy will drink from his Daddy's tap," he purred at me. He then turned and picked up the glass, walked to the bed, and stepped up onto it turning to face me. He unsnapped three points on his black leather jock removing it and dropping it onto the bed. My head reeled at what I saw in the middle of his crotch area. Hanging down was a prodigious uncut black dick that even from the distance that I lay from him I could see veins that looked enormous. I must admit the sight scared me. His dick was soft but had to be at least nine inches and thick. I could also see that hanging behind this massive amount of meat were two oversized balls in a sac that hung at least three quarters of the way down the length of his dick. Then, I looked at his face and all of his body, and it all made sense and was proportional. This black Man was here for a purpose . . . and so was I. Grit and determination solidified into my soul as I began to myself a mantra chant: I want to be your white boy for tonight, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be your white boy for tonight, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I want to be your white boy, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do. I looked up once more into his eyes as I kept repeating my mantra. I looked not to challenge him but attempting to see into my soul. I willed him to see me as each chorus of my mantra rang out inside my head. I lay relaxed and at ease as I saw him standing over me as a god. From out of nowhere, an aura began to glow about him growing stronger. I redoubled saying my mantra. Daddy . . . Daddy reached down grasped and lifted up the end of his dick. He peeled back the black hood as he put the glass beneath the head of his dick. A flow of his secondary nectar escaped through his piss slit and began filling the glass. I watched as the level rose higher until the flow stopped as it neared about an inch from the top. Daddy moved his dick from inside the glass and let it drop downward where it hung pendulously with the hood working its way back over the head. I thought to myself, I will become well trained and obedient and returned to my mantra. He stood there looking at me sedately poised for my initiation. He stepped down off the bed and walked to my side. He ceremoniously raised the cup as if it were a chalice and drank from it. Once Daddy had drunk leaving about two thirds of his piss in the glass. He stood there looking down at me helplessly secured in the sling. No, now, willingly secured in the sling. I could not understand why he was just standing there. Then, I knew. He had willed the answer to me. I began flashing my eyes from the chalice to his eyes to a downward glance hoping to indicate my mouth and backward to the chalice repeating the trio of looks several times. I had to try to get him to understand and kept up my desperate attempt at communication. With frustration and much agitation on my part, I finally began to plead despite having a rubber black dick stuck in my mouth which prevented normal speech. I called out, "Dahthy, pwleath." I was rewarded with a broader smile.
  14. PART 6 Without warning and causing me to jolt upright, I felt his mouth encompass my hard dick pushing his nose into my hairy crotch. A sharp gasp escaped my lips as he began to suck me full length. His tongue was all over my dick massaging and licking wildly as his head bobbed up and down. Then, his finger began to massage gently my prostate causing another sharp gasp to escape. I whimpered in earnest at the feeling I was having but he was not to be stopped. On and on he scraped his finger along my prostate and alternated that with tapping it sharply. I could tell that my dick was oozing precum in great quantity. More and more he directed me like a maestro of an orchestra with his mouth and finger until at long last I no longer could resist. I flooded his mouth with a huge load of cum the likes of which I had never known I could produce. More and more of my cum flooded into his mouth as his finger stroked my prostate harder. Wilder moans and thrashing movements were all I could muster as a billion billion stars came into view. Many minutes passed as my body shook and trembled as my cum load began to taper off finally ending leaving me so absolutely drained of energy. I felt so wet from the sweat that had poured out of my body. Sagging down at long last, I felt his mouth moving upwards and off my dick. He gently pulled his finger from my hole and moved closer to my face again. I tilted my head and opened my mouth as his lips met mine as he once more thrust his thick commanding tongue deep into my mouth. I felt a large wetness filling me causing my eyes to widen quickly. I tried pulling away but he was too strong, and he began a low rumbling of approval of what he was doing with me. I acquiesced and in short time became hungry for more of the taste he was giving me. The realization that he had just transferred the cum I had shot from his mouth into mine now spurred me on so I wrapped my arms about his mighty girthy neck. My first snowball was with this man. "It's about you, too," he purred. "It should be about you, too, don't you agree? I've always thought you white boys should be taken care of as well. A man can catch more flies with honey than he can with vinegar don't you think?" I was too dumbstruck to answer so I shook my head in agreement. "That's good, white boy. You're learning already. I can see that. Your fear of me is unfounded. You're an unlearned white boy right now. Let's see if you can earn your way to being my white boy. Would you like that? Would you like to be my white boy for the night and have fun? Would you like to look out of those beautiful blue eyes and see me having fun with you?" he asked in a deep low rumbling faint whisper in my ear then licked my ear sending shivers throughout my entire body. "You have to tell me though that's what you want, white boy. You have to say 'I want to be your white boy for tonight, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do.' Once you tell me, we'll begin." Abruptly, he disentangled himself from me and stood up reaching his full height that seemed so far above me. I felt lost and abandoned at his sudden change. Rejected. I panicked at being left behind. "Or, you can leave now," he said deadpan. He stared down at me all of the wonderful feelings I had had smashed. My mind raced through what had transpired outside the room and now inside. His words beckoned me as I sought to recall the looks he had given me just minutes ago. From somewhere inside deep came a voice to me telling me I'd be a fool to leave. Here is where I belonged. Here is where I would experience and learn something that would never be available to me again. I trembled but became resolute and stood up facing him. "I want to be your white boy for tonight . . . uh . . . uh . . . Daddy. I'll do whatever you tell me to do," I heard myself vowing as my voice became more assured of myself in my commitment to my words. I stood up straight not in defiance but in dedication to him. As I looked into his eyes, I repeated my words slowly to remove all doubt in his mind as to my allegiance to my oath, "I want to be your white boy for tonight, Daddy, and will do whatever you tell me to do." Our eyes held steady as he contemplated me. His smile broadened, and he stepped to me wrapping his wonderful big arms around me once more. "What you have done tonight before we met is unimportant. What matters begins now. Word travels fast through colonies like this. You are here now, though, and you will learn what it means to be a white boy for a big black man like me. You know you need that. You have an aura that proclaims that. And, you will shine as an example of white boys should be." His voice had returned once more to the soothing hypnotic purr it had once been. I melted in his embrace. "I don't know exactly what you mean but will accept your teaching me," I said with absolute conviction on my part. And, surprising myself, I meant it.
  15. To each of you who have indicated that you liked a posting of mine, I just found out that if I write a note to someone and delete that copy on my end the copy sent also disappears. If I am in error on this, I would appreciate being corrected. When someone takes the time to write to me or to indicate that they like something that I have posted, I always respond. It is courteous to do so for my part. So, if you have not received a response from me for either a message or a "like" that you made, do understand that I did respond but inadvertently deleted my message of gratitude to you. It may take me a few days as I do not always log onto this site daily, but I will respond. So, I have this now off my mind and return in my next post the following part of this tale. Bill PART 5 I cooled down on my walk back to my room. I must have had a look of divine decadence on my face as it seemed a number of men were smiling at me as others looked away quickly. All I knew was I was having fun. I rounded a corner and several men were standing around in my hallway. I worked my way through them, opened my door, went inside, and closed it. I indeed was happy. I calmed myself and decided to go for another quick walk. Out the door I went. On my way back to my room, I noticed it was close to 1:30. I still had about four and a half hours more fun time left. I was glancing around and realized that there were no other men in sight which I thought very odd. Then, I rounded a corner not looking where I was headed and ran into what felt like a reinforced concrete wall. I found I had walked into a tall black man. He had to be six and a half feet tall and built with muscles all over. When I had run into him, his arms wrapped around me keeping me from bouncing off him and hitting the floor. He was well over two hundred pounds and indeed as I inspected him so closely most definitely black in colour. There was a beautiful sheen to him. The last of my realizations was that he was wearing a lot of leather clothes: cap, harness, chaps, arm bands, jock, and boots. "Not so fast, white boy," he almost whispered in my ear with a deep basso voice that instantly mesmerized me. "You don't need to run away from me. Or were you running to me?" He grinned revealing beautiful white teeth that so contrasted with his dark skin. His voice and his eyes were transfixed on mine holding me in rapt attention to him. I didn't move. "You've been a busy boy tonight I hear," he continued with his soothing and intoxicating whisper of a voice. "Three whities that don't know how to treat a boy like you. What you need, white boy, is a real man that can knock you off your feet. Show you what to do so you can appreciate a real man . . . a real man like me. Would you like that white boy? Would you want me to show you?" he hypnotically said to me as I lost all sense of time and place. His words kept echoing in my brain and swirling around inside me as I breathed in deeply his smell. I moved my head closer to him and inhaled his aroma. It was earth shattering to me. It was like no other aroma that I had ever experienced. My eyelids sagged a little as I shook my head yes. He held onto me taking a couple of steps backward turning as he did. He lifted me up off the floor and walked us into a room using a foot to close the door behind us. He set me down on the floor but kept his arms around me. We had not lost eye contact since I had run into him. He slowly bent his face down to mine and gently pressed his lips to mine. I let him kiss me and as we were kissing I felt a huge uplifting awakening within me and slowly began to kiss back. We continued until he finally parted his lips and probed my lips for an opening. I accepted his invitation and parted my own lips allowing his massive and commanding tongue to insert itself into my mouth where I lavished it with attention. This was a man I had to know. A part of my brain was screaming to get away but the other part rejected the idea to flee. This was a first for me: kissing a black man. I had never given it any thought but now confronted with the reality of kissing a black man overwhelmed my senses. Kissing this black man felt so right as if I had been born for such. As my emotions kicked in and my heart began to palpitate from excitement, a deep seated hunger longing to be fed overcame me. My defences were rendered neutral as all the heartache from my three failed relationships fled from me. The massive arms that were wrapped around me released me as the tongue which I had been worshiping was withdrawn from my mouth. The fabulous smile appeared on his face again as he took hold of my left knee raising it and moving it before setting my bare foot down on the edge of the bed. He wrapped his left arm around my shoulder spreading his fingers wide on my back as his right hand dipped down and went through my parted thighs where his middle finger found my puckered hole. He balanced me as he stuffed his middle finger in my ass causing my eyes to roll upwards as I let out a moan of complete submission. Several minutes passed as this giant black man fingered my hole sending me into a euphoric state. I heard his rich hypnotically inviting basso voice gently command me to sit and relax. He released me from his left arm moving with me as I cautiously set my foot on the floor and sat down with his big middle finger still inserted in my ass. My eyes fluttered as my breathing came heavier. My head began to spin as I moaned gently my contentedness. His mighty finger began working itself inside my ass making me to lie backwards across the bed lifting my feet to rest on the edge. Frequent sharp signals of slight pain were felt as he still managed to massage my insides.

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