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  1. Stories

    With the approval of drscorpio, I am offering to any reader/writer some of my own stories which I have begun and developed but just can not get around to finishing them. Some are relatively newly begun while others have quite a bit of length to them already. In any event, authorship of these stories will pass to YOU as you will be publishing them under your screen name. I want no credit nor acknowledgement for them at all. My purpose in offering these stories is so that they can be published. I do not want to share these stories just for private reading. So, if you have an interest in a story that has begun and that you will finish and publish, send me a private message. I look forward to seeing your good work.
  2. Stories

    With the approval of drscorpio, I am offering to any reader/writer some of my own stories which I have begun and developed but just can not get around to finishing them. Some are relatively newly begun while others have quite a bit of length to them already. In any event, authorship of these stories will pass to YOU as you will be publishing them under your screen name. I want no credit nor acknowledgement for them at all. My purpose in offering these stories is so that they can be published. I do not want to share these stories just for private reading. So, if you have an interest in a story that has begun and that you will finish and publish, send me a private message. I look forward to seeing your good work.
  3. 2018 Load Tally

    Once again, I am offering free of charge to anyone who would like a monthly and yearly summary Excel spread sheet to keep track of all your fucks for the year. Contact me privately if you would like a copy. The spread sheet is easy to use. It is based on your responding to column headings. If your response is "yes", then, you put a "1" in that column on the line. If your response is "no", then, leave it blank. Every column is automatically calculated after each entry and all monthly totals are carried to a yearly summary.
  4. The Reckoning

    Dude (jakegershep), you need to take a chill pill quickly. What part of "FANTASY" and "FICTION" do you not understand? Did you fail to read the description of this site or is your problem that you lack the ability to comprehend what you read? Since it is obvious that you can not deal with the subject of this web site, you might want to consider giving up your membership and join Disney's web site. Chainedboy, you keep writing your fantasies and fiction tales. I for one enjoyed your fiction story and look forward to either additional chapters or a new story from you.
  5. Cell Block

    There was a time when the back room at Cell Block was a place to be, to be seen, to see, and most importantly to be had . . . if you enjoyed public sadomasochistic sex. Since I do enjoy any kind of sex in public, semi-public, private, anonymously, and any other form, I enjoyed visiting the back room at Cell Block. (For those being unfamiliar, Cell Block is a leather bar in Chicago.) That said, let your imagination go with the flow. I visited Cell Block many times through the years. I met many men from there. Some I went home with and was used gloriously for their perversions. Others became just bar friends with whom I enjoyed chatting and visiting when I hit the Windy City. Still others had other relationship statuses with me. There is one visit to Chicago and trip to Cell Block which stands out in my mind. It was a very memorable trip as well as productive. I met up with my bar friends around ten and spent time learning what all they had been up to since my last visit. They were such interesting men. The back room opened and though not a great rush to occupy it occurred there was a diminished number of patrons in the front bar. I always waited for the initial occupancy to settle in before going. Once my waiting period had passed which was a half hour to forty-five minutes usually, I would excuse myself from my group and make my way to the back room where I hoped to at least make a hook-up with at least one man. I liked to enter on the right side as that was where the door leading to the rest room was located. Calculation is that with even that small area not occupied by men against the wall or near the door, that space which normally would be filled would have its occupants scattered about the room’s other walls. Thus, by entering and staying on that side of the room initially, I would see more men. Yes, calculating and playing the odds always put me a very small step ahead of others. And, if needed, I was always closer to the rest room in case I needed to piss. I generally would take up a position about two to three feet from the rest room door. I could see then who went in and when they came out. I also had a very good view of the entire room especially the raised walkway with fencing that was at the end of the room. Many interesting scenes of entertainment happened there. Some of which I participated in. This night I was fortunate to find a spot in my preferred area and settled in with my club soda to begin my watch. I saw the usual floggings, spankings, parade of property, pissing, sucking, and making out by men of all descriptions. The traffic in and out of the rest room was nothing to note. I turned my attention once more to the shows that were being performed on the raised walkway. This walkway was against the back wall. It had a chain link fence on the front side of it making it a narrow passageway from one side of the room to the other. This was also a “stage” where many scenes played out in public. Men stood on the floor and sucked cocks that were stuck through the chain link. Some even got a few piss drinks served there. On the walkway, there were all different scenes that took place meaning nipple torture, sucking, cbt, kissing, ass slapping, and even on rare occasion a burning done with a cigarette, a cigar, or a lighter. Oh, the delightful eroticism of sadomasochism that we engage in to satisfy that wonderful lust that we crave. As I stood watching the scenes as they developed and were completed, I became so affixed to watching that I lost myself and objective for the night. What I remember is that I heard in my ear, “Looks like the floor shows are pretty dull and the usual fare.” I turned to see who had made such a statement. I turned to my left facing a white man an inch or two taller than me, about my weight, piercing blue eyes, short brown hair, full beard and moustache, muscled but not bulky (obviously not gym but real muscles from work), wearing a leather vest, black t-shirt, jeans, and biker boots. He had my attention. “It beats a video though,” I replied. He laughed but nodded agreement. We turned our attention back to the walkway. I drank the last of my club soda and set down the empty glass. I again stood watching the different shows on the walkway but aware that there was now someone who had noticed me. It was only a matter of time to see if there would be any more communication between us. I shifted on my feet and settled on my right foot. As I completed this shifting, I felt a slight pressure on the seam of my jeans. I stood perfectly still. The pointed pressure began moving up and down my seam. I let about four passes go before deciding to act. I slowly pushed on my toes making my body move slightly backwards. With my continued pushing backwards, I was rewarded with two more passes of what I presumed was a finger. Following this pointed pressure, came a rubbing of my right ass cheek. I stayed where I was and let things develop. Rubbing my ass in its entirety soon was the deal. I let this happen for several minutes before finally turning slightly to the right. Now, instead of my back to the wall, my stance was at an angle to it. I also made this turn so that I stepped a half step away from the wall. Let whoever is behind me have full view and access to my ass. I heard and felt movement behind me feeling a body move closer to me. A pair of hands began rubbing over my arms, upper hips, ass cheeks, upper thighs in the front and sides, ending on my stomach and reaching upward to my nipples. Finding my nipples, hands grasped them fully squeezing hard but eventually specializing by using two fingers on each hand to grasp the tips and squeeze hard as he twisted them. I sighed deeply surrendering to the rush. It did hurt so good. This man took over as I willingly succumbed to his wishes. Nothing had been verbalized between us other than those few words which were commentary on what we were viewing. I had no idea what his full or real intention was but was prepared to be a part of it. He continued to feel his way around my body as I settled back onto the front side of his body. We melded into one while still being the user and the used. He continued to explore me for a few minutes before leaning into my ear and asking, “You up for some public use in a corner?” I shook my head in assent. He stepped from behind me and moved to the corner of the room just a few feet away with me following. There, he backed me into the corner wrapping his arms around my waist putting his mouth close to my ear. I heard him say, “You do not speak. You nod yes or no for response. Faggots I use have no business talking to me. Do you understand and agree?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for some heavy nipple torture and ass spanking?" I nodded yes. “Are you willing for cock and ball torture?” I shook my head no. He paused for a very long time. “Are you cleaned out for finger fucking?” I nodded yes. “Can you take as many as three fingers without complaint?” I nodded yes. “Can you take three fingers roughly?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for me to fuck you here?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing for me to choose other men to fuck you?” I nodded yes. “Are you willing to strip naked except for your boots?” I nodded yes. “Tell the wall why no cbt.” I turned slightly to the wall and said, “I have a mass on my right ball from a major injury in childhood.” I felt both my nipples being squeezed now and twisted sharply. I stood there yearning for more as my body awakened to this intense pleasurable pain as my cock grew. As my nipples were released, more pain as the blood rushed back into the mashed areas. In my ear I heard, “When I tell you to do so, you will strip totally except for your boots. You will roll up the contents of your clothes putting your wallet in the middle of your clothes. You will then stack them on end in the corner here where you can watch them. You will kneel before me when you are finished for your final acceptance by me. Do you understand and accept?” I nodded yes. “Strip.” He stepped slightly away from me, and I proceeded to remove my biker boots then my vest and black t-shirt which I folded in half quickly laying them on top of my boots. I then unhooked my belt, unsnapped my jeans, unzipped them, and slid my jeans down stepping out of them. As I rose up to fold them, this Sir stepped forward saying, “Leave that jock on.” I nodded continuing to fold my jeans in half making sure that my wallet was in the middle and placed my t-shirt on my jeans rolling them both into a bundle which I placed in the corner with my vest on top as instructed. I put my biker boots on and knelt. I could tell that men around me had begun to position themselves watching my actions. I dutifully kept my head down watching the boots of this Sir as I held my hands behind me as I knelt. He stepped forward reaching around my throat securing a rope at the back of my neck. He announced publicly, “This is a faggot I’ve claimed for public use tonight. He has not earned my collar but is mine by virtue of my rope. I present him now for your witness of my using him as a pain pig. This is only to see if he meets minimum standards. He is a breeding bitch though and will be available for all to use when I am finished with him. Faggots that I use are not allowed to speak. If you have a question, direct it to me.” Nothing was said from anyone. “Faggot, get up and face the corner. Put one hand on each wall and spread your legs. Make sure you are at a slight angle and ready for my use.” I followed my orders and was soon enough prepared for public use. I felt a presence behind me followed by a sharp stinging almost instantaneously with a crisp slapping sound as my ass began feeling blows from a gloved right hand and then a gloved left hand that continued to alternate as my ass surely reddened with each blow. As quickly as it had begun, this beautiful torture stopped only to be replaced by my nipples being grasped and tortured once more but more savagely than had been done before. I contained my sounds in my throat as I accepted all these assaults. My cock had begun to grow more and stretched the pouch on my jockstrap. I was leaking pre-cum almost as if I were pissing. The joy of such can only be understood by a Sadist or another masochist. Once more pain rushed into my nipples as they were released from the mighty crush of this Sir’s pincer fingers. He stepped backwards and again assaulted my ass with his gloved hands heating my ass cheeks to a very hot red without my ever having the need to see them. Experience had told me what I looked like at this point. This new Sir stepped forward leaning in close to my ear and said, “Are you prepared for me to use my belt on your back, ass, and legs?” I thought as quickly as possible at his precise words knowing that the boundaries had changed and shook my head yes. He stepped backwards several steps. I heard him unsnap his buckle and withdraw his belt. I made a slight shuffle in my position and prepared myself by hunching my back slightly and moving slightly lower with my hands and backwards with my feet. My back, ass, and legs were going to be fully available for him. As I prepared myself once more, I also heard several feet moving to my right and left as men moved away from the area. I felt the first sting on my back and jerked my head upwards immediately moving it back down. Two, three, four, five, six more blows to my back. He moved on to my ass with criss cross action marking me with such temporary belt marks. I sensed him stepping to the side as the assault on my ass eased to be followed quickly by my legs being hit. He moved quickly like a cat from one side of me to the other making one leg and then the other the primary target for his belt. And, when satisfied there, he moved up to my back once more where he gave me about a half dozen more slaps of his belt moving on to my ass for another half dozen slaps, and ending back on my legs for a finale. He rushed into me as I stood there bathed in sweat and knowing that I had red marks all over my back side. He wrapped his arms around my chest pulling me into him causing a secondary round of pain to shoot through me. He hissed into my ear, “You’re a fucking pig for pain, and you’ve got me turned on real good.” I knew what he meant as my ass though on fire from his beating could feel his hard cock being pressed into my skin. “Pig, you bend way over when I let go of you. You might survive this.” He released me, and I bent over. Almost instantly I felt a very dry sharp pain in my hole as he plunged his middle finger full length into my ass with no benefit of spit or lube. Sweat is no real lube. He fingered me hard for a few minutes before inserting his index finger along with his middle finger. Still no lube was used. He continued to now assault my inside as he gently rubbed my back and ass cheeks admiring his work no doubt. Finally satisfied with his double digit assault, he now shoved his ring finger in me and began a slower but steadier assault with his twists and turns and full length jabs as I made every effort to accept him. This Man was talented outside and inside at inflicting wonderfully erotic pain. Once satisfied that his three-digit assault had done their job, I felt all three fingers withdrawn quickly collapsing my hole and giving me a needed break. I began once more breathing easily and taking in full lungs of air not only to give me a respite but to bring me back to some level of thinking. This did not last long though. This Sir had other ideas and was keen on knowing when one of his faggots had recouped enough for further use. With no fanfare, once more I felt my hole being splayed open with a middle finger. This time the assault was different. This time there was a decidedly different purpose. This was not to determine if my gut was clean and could take a hard finger fucking. Scraping was being done. I felt long deliberate strokes of his fingertip that moved downward attempting to abrade my insides. This somewhat surprised me and didn’t. He continued a careful but methodical movement all around my inside and completely the length that his middle finger could make. He had no doubt made some inroads at some point on my insides. Satisfied that his last invasion was to his satisfaction this Sir removed his middle finger stood once more behind me pushing upright bringing his three fingers to my mouth where I willingly accepted them using my tongue to wash them clean. As I bathed his fingers, I heard once more the familiar voice saying, “You fucking faggot. Your ass is going to get bred tonight and you ARE going to accept it, aren’t you?” I shook my head yes. “You need being bred in public, don’t you?” I shook my head yes. “You make any sound of protest at all, bitch, and I will beat you senseless. You understand and agree?” I shook my head yes. “Your ass was bleeding when I pulled my fingers out. You know what that means, don’t you, bitch?” I shook my head yes as I had already tasted the slightness of blood on this Sir’s fingers. Fingers were pulled from my mouth as I felt this Sir unsnap his jeans and heard the zipper slide quickly downward stopping only once it had reached the bottom. I felt a scalding hot rod of meat jump out and strike my cheeks. Mentally I prepared myself for what I knew would be a much more erotic painful entry in my ass. I willed myself to switch off all my senses of pain that would result in an openly public display of physical hurt while at the same time channeling those thoughts of delightful acceptance of what was to come and to embrace this pain as a needed supply of energy to me. I stood facing the corner as my blood red cheeks were pulled apart allowing the head of this Sir’s cock to align itself with the opening of my ass. I felt his left hand firmly grasp atop my torso as his right hand moved to my waist. My ass cheeks closed in around his cock sealing my fate. No pretense of making niceties by offering up any spit or other lube. My own body moisture was all that I was going to be granted to allow this formidable cock to gain entry into my ass. The pain was exotic as I knew it would be when with no warning my sphincter and ass lips were spread open wide and forced to accept this now fully hardened cock from this Sir whom I had seen only briefly. The channel of my gut fully inflated as this hardened upward turned tube on a man made its way inside me at the speed of light stretching so that with each passing of the smallest fraction of his cock created the friction that a glacier does as it descends a valley scraping and abrading as it passes. Such exotic pain delivered was what I needed now. More he pushed himself into my ass as he drove his hardened upward bent spike into me no doubt stretching those small cuts he had made with his fingernail. I made every effort to push outward not to expel but to allow further entry and to ease my angst of not satisfying him. He heard no sound from me other than a sharp inhale of air which I held until he had fully inserted his curved manliness—his scepter of authority over me. Once done, I did make an effort to relax to allow the full enjoyment of this man and how he had invaded me. I whimpered very, very quietly and enjoyed the exaltation that was mine. The shooting pain continued throughout my body and coursed round and round from one nerve ending to another bouncing as if it were a pin ball in a game. Not indicating he had heard me this Sir now grabbed my waist and began fucking me without any hesitation or time to adjust to his occupancy. He pounded my semi-dry hole without mercy but with a determined measure that would surely cease only when he chose to do so and with any luck for me to feel his releasing his cum load deep inside me. The more he fucked my hole the more he sent those shooting pains throughout my body. The more he fucked my hole the more he created those inevitable fuck juices including his own pre-cum liquid that so prominently come to pass even without lube. I felt my ass cheeks being pried open by unknown hands allowing him to make entry further into me as I stood braced against the walls with my own two hands and my feet firmly planted on the floor. “You fucking breeding pig stock. You’re going to feel the first of many breeding loads in your ass soon enough. You’re going to take every fucking breeding I tell you to take and like it. You fucking belong to me, and you are marked as mine. You fucking whore.” I heard all this as he fucked harder and harder into and out of my ass. I shook my head yes for him and all others to see. His cock continued to be buried and to resurface as this Sir fucked me steadily as he held my hips now. He had created a tempo which I judged and now began milking his cock on the outward stroke. At the furthest point of his inward stroke, I would quickly use my ass muscles to clamp down on his cock just as it began its outward stroke. He allowed this without commentary until at last he increased his tempo. He said, “You breeder pig. You dig being fucked and bred, don’t you? I know you do you fucking pig. I feel those ass muscles of yours. You need to be bred here by every fucking man. You can’t get enough, can you? You cock-loving cum crazed faggot! You need to have your ass bred HARD, don’t you? DON’T YOU, YOU FUCKIN’ BREED STOCK PIG?” I shook my head vigorously yes. The hands that once pried open my cheeks pulled away leaving my Sir alone at my hole. He reached up with both hands grabbing the top of my torso as he slammed into my ass harder and harder and faster and faster. I was losing my balance as he began to spiral up the last level of passion for him. “YOU GOD DAMNED MOTHER FUCKING BREED PIG WHORE YOU’RE GOING TO TAKE MY BALL JUICES IN YOUR ASS, YOU FUCK PIG! YOU FUCKING BREED PIG WHORE!” And, with that I felt him shove his upturned cock fully into my ass as his balls began pumping and pumping and pumping their contents out of themselves and through the cords and into his cock through his cock tunnel and finally splattering inside me coating my gut with his hot, creamy, white, gooey, paste-like cum load. I clamped down hard and released instantaneously but continued to milk his cock as it filled me at my deepest recesses. He continued to expel his cum load in my ass as he held tightly to my shoulders, and I balanced myself allowing him to return to a normal state after such a public scene. Several minutes passed before he slowly began withdrawing his now semi-rigid cock from my ass. I gently squeezed on his cock so that my ass would taste all of his cum not wanting to miss a drop. Once completely withdrawn, he pushed up to me and said, “You fucking are mine breeder pig. In more ways than one, you are mine. You are marked, and I will always be with you. Know that. Your night has just begun. You will kneel and clean my cock, then, return quickly to this position for more breeding. You got that?” I shook my head yes. He stepped back away from me, and I did as I was told to the letter. When I had returned to my post, my Sir announced in a loud voice heard throughout the back room, “ANY MAN WHO WANTS TO BREED THIS PIG IS WELCOME TO DO SO. NO MAN WILL BE TURNED AWAY. ANY MASTER WHO WISHES TO REWARD HIS BOY, FAGGOT, OR SLAVE FOR SERVICES RENDERED TO HIM MAY USE THIS BREEDING PIG SO THAT HIS BOY, FAGGOT, OR SLAVE CAN RELEASE HIMSELF. THIS IS A BREEDING PIG. HE NEEDS TO BE BRED AND TO TAKE AS MANY CUM LOADS AS POSSIBLE. HE ISN’T HERE JUST TO BE FUCKED; HE NEEDS CUM LOADS IN HIS ASS. SO, PRIME YOUR OWN SELF, STEP UP BEHIND HIM, SHOVE YOUR COCK DEEP IN HIS ASS, AND LET LOOSE INSIDE. HE HAS BEEN PRIMED ALREADY WITH A LOAD FROM ME. YOU CAN’T BE THE FIRST, BUT YOU CERTAINLY CAN BE THE NEXT.” I heard this announcement and waited with legs spread apart leaning slightly into the corner while my arms supported me away from the walls. I heard mumbling behind and to my sides as I sensed my Sir standing next to me. I would not look; I had no need to do so. I was here to provide him with satisfaction of knowing that he totally owned me for use and that what he said was law. All was right with the world. I heard my Sir respond to questions from other men. Yes, any man, any cum load. No, just shoot your load; it’s not a fucking contest. Yes, I would take any man and cum load because my Sir had said so. I would not refuse. No, I was not to be beaten; that was reserved for this Sir. No, not even torture my nipple. Yes, shoot your load in his ass. I thought that a game of twenty questions had begun. Then, I heard him say, “Go ahead. He needs it. He needs it now.” I felt a presence between my legs. “Bend over and give him a target, breeding pig.” I bent over resulting in my ass spreading open and exposing my ass hole. I felt a hand on my right hip as an object moved closer to my ass hole. I felt a pressure that mounted and as it did I began pushing outward. POP! The head of another cock slid inside me followed by a nice size cock that slowly sank into me fully. Both of my hips were now held as this new man fucked me hard. There was no foreplay. Within less than two minutes, I heard behind me a man’s voice rising up, “Fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Oh, fuck. Yeah. Oh, fucking yeah. DAMN!” and felt my ass being filled once more with a new load of cum. Seconds was all it took for this one to finish. He withdrew quickly. “No, he’s here for breeding. You’ll have no problem finding some other faggot to clean your dick off. Move. Let this next man in.” This is how it went one man after another. There were times when no one was ready to shoot their load. But, I was there ready anyway. One man after another though would stand behind me, shove his cock into my ass, pump his cock in and out a few times, and then I would receive another load of cum to my gratification and more importantly to my Sir’s satisfaction. This continued on until the lights flickered and closing was announced. I knew it had to be closing in on two in the morning. I had no clue how many cum loads I had taken. I knew it had to be a lot as by now they were definitely leaking out of my ass and running down my legs. I did not care. I gloried in it. I trembled with gratitude for this new Sir and his reading me so correctly. I waited to be told to dress but the direction never came. I stayed where I was and the sounds of the room lessened and lessened. However, there was somewhat of a rush at the last minute by some men to get behind me to shoot their loads of cum deep in me before departing. They, too, eventually faded away. “Don’t move, pig.” I stayed where I was and listened to the sounds from the outer bar and from the bar back who was moving through the now brightly lit room collecting items, cleaning, and straightening the room. I heard footsteps soon enough and from the sound several men were approaching. I heard this Sir say, “Thank you for allowing me to have some real fun tonight back here. This is a breeder pig I met. If you want to use him, he will suck your cock until you shoot a load, you can fuck a load in his ass, or you can use him as a urinal. He won’t object at all, will you, pig?” I shook my head no. “If you choose not to use him, I still thank you but offer him up if you wish.” With that, I heard a zipper and prepared myself. I felt my cheeks being pulled open and the head of a hardening cock pressing inward to find my hole. Located, there was more pressure and more hardening until at last the head slipped inside me. As more of this cock was pressed inside, the harder it became. Soon it was making small decided strokes until it had become rigid enough to make full fucking motions. It slid easily enough in and out because of all the cum lube. Nothing was said to me, and I of course said nothing. I was fucked many minutes until the tempo increased and increased and increased again. Another delivery in my ass of another load of cum from another unknown man. How many was this? I had no idea. He pulled out and was gone but replaced by another unknown man. They had all been unknown. This man did the same as all the others had: He fucked me likewise for several minutes increasing his speed until he, too, made his delivery in my ass. More unknown cum but knowing that I had been delivered up as a breeding pig I could only hope I had once more been bred for a purpose and intent. A third man made his delivery of cum before a fourth man turned me around and shoved me downward to the floor. I sank to my knees eyes cast downward on the floor. This man shoved his cock in my mouth and began fucking it. I kept my eyes averted. It was not my need to know or care. It was my loving duty to accept how each man wanted to deliver. I sucked this cock and worshipped it as he began face fucking me harder and harder until at last he shoved his cock to the back of my throat and began to unload his cum. I swallowed and gagged some but never released him. I tasted his sweet goo and savored it. This was my first cum taste all night long. As he finished, naturally his cock deflated and grew smaller. He did not pull his cock out of my mouth, so I began bathing it with my tongue. In the midst of this bathing, I felt the telltale warmth of water rushing into my mouth. Quickly I began swallowing as fast as I could to keep up with the now torrent that was flowing from the piss slit. Several seconds I was warmly bathed in this new liquid until the last drops were deposited. My stomach felt full and almost bloated. Now, he withdrew his cock. I lowered my head making sure that my eyes never ventured a look upwards. It would have been incorrect and disobedient to have done so. “You’ve been a good breeder pig tonight. Real good. You did me proud.” I heard from this Sir’s lips. This sent joy and elation rushing through my psyche. I had provided him with visual that he had enjoyed. “Put on your shirt, jeans, and vest but do not close your jeans.” I did as told. “Bend way over.” I did so. I felt a pressure at my hole and then a swift insertion of an object that ran into me full length. I felt an adjustment being made at my ass hole’s opening. This Sir was now satisfied and told me to stand up and finish dressing fully. I did so and stood up realizing that a dildo of some sort had been inserted. “After all that I have done for YOU, you had best not disappoint me by telling me you can’t finish the night. You are going home with me. Right?” I shook my head yes. This Sir stepped in close to me. Into my ear he quietly and deliberately as if making a report spoke saying, “You are carrying a total of 23 breeding loads of cum in your ass, one in your stomach, and a stomach full of breeder piss. You need to properly rest. Then, I'll breed you again only in my play room. If you continue to be a good breed pig, you'll get several more breeding loads from other breeder pigs. And, just as much fun, we'll see how much pain you can take.” He stepped backwards, put his hand beneath my chin raising it up so that I faced him. He looked piercingly into my eyes, nodded once with no smile, turned from me, and walked away. I followed behind him to wherever he was taking me to complete my service to him. My entire body was shaking in anticipation and excitement. This night was far from over, and I was going to pay dearly. I could barely contain myself as once more my cock rose in my jeans and my eyes shone brightly with servitude.
  6. Is There A Doctor in the House

    Ain'tcha ever heard of "wet snow" before? <G> Bill
  7. PART 1 Of all the fucking days to have an appointment with my ID doctor, I had unluckily scheduled myself on a day that snow was coming down like crazy. I knew it would be even worse going home which pissed me even more. By the time I got to his office, the snow was really piled up and the parking lot was almost empty. I had 5 minutes to make my 4:00 appointment on time. I hurried as fast as I could. By the time I reached his office on the third floor, I had removed my scarf, toboggan, gloves, and winter coat. I was about to check-in when the receptionist appeared and said that all appointments had been cancelled. About that time, a voice in the hall began talking and telling the receptionist to leave now and forget about closing up that he would do it. The voice I recognized as my doctor who now rounded the corner and came into the receptionist’s area. “Don’t tell me you didn’t get the word?” he said when he saw me. Then, to his receptionist, “Go; now. I’ll take care of everything.” With that, the receptionist grabbed her belongings and took off for the door. My doctor began shutting down the office equipment as he told me to come on back and go in room one. In a few minutes, he came in the room and settled on his stool. We chatted about what had been happening since I had seen him last which was nothing of any medical note. He reviewed his notes on the computer making small talk and asking what I thought were silly questions. Then, much to my surprise and somewhat consternation he said he wanted to do a short physical exam because he had not done one in the last year. He handed me a paper gown and told me to strip to my underwear and left the room. He returned as I finished. He had me to sit on the table and began a slow exam of every crevice, surface, and orifice that I had. It was unlike his previous annual exams. After about five minutes, he began asking questions about my current sex life. I told him I was active. He stopped and looked me in the eyes and asked if I practiced safer sex. I looked at him and said that I did not and smiled. He shook his head and went on with his exam and questions. “Do you know your sexual partners?” he asked. “Usually, I do not,” I said blandly. “Yet, you allow them to discharge their semen in your rectal cavity,” he said. “Yes,” I said. “How can you do that knowing that is what caused you to be my patient?” he asked without a reproach in his voice. He really wanted to know. “Because having a dick repeatedly shoved in and out of my ass and hearing and feeling a man shooting his cum load in me is the greatest physical sensation that there is for a bottom gay man as I am,” I replied without blinking an eye. “Despite the propaganda, condoms do not afford the same feeling. And, from what I’ve heard tops say, it’s the same for them.” He continued on with his exam and other questions about my sex life such as how many partners, where I met them, where did we have sex, and so on. I realized at some point that his exam was different now. His hands were touching me on various parts of my body. They were innocuous but definitely not clinical either. And, then he announced that he was almost finished, but, he wanted to do a digital exam. As I had stepped down from the table and began to face it, I made a swift glance at my doctor and thought I detected a tent but couldn’t be absolutely sure. I assumed the position which allowed my gown to open in the back exposing my ass. In my mind I was chuckling as I don’t wear underwear and he had to have already noticed that I had on a favourite jock strap of mine. But, he said nothing. I felt the KY Jelly being applied and finally an index finger slowly being inserted in my ass. I suppose out of reflex I spread my feet a couple of inches further apart and bent my knees. I felt the digit rubbing all around inside me. It took a while but finally he began to touch my prostate. Slowly he rubbed it in different directions. He continued rubbing it slowly. I could stand it no longer and let out a gentle moan as my sphincter gave a snap closed impulse. He removed his finger but told me to stay where I was. I was a little uncomfortable now from embarrassment as I knew that my dick had been leaking pre-cum into the pouch. More KY was applied to my ass. I then felt two fingers being inserted. I knew this was not kosher but said nothing. The two fingers slowly entered my ass and pushed on until my prostate was found. A hand gently now rested on the small of my back as my prostate was stroked repeatedly. Again, I moaned as my dick stiffened as it leaked more pre-cum into my pouch. My sphincter reflexively grabbed the two fingers and tightened around them. A light sweat had broken out all over my body. Dr. Scholtz had been treating me now for four years. Never had this scenario ever entered my mind. He was my ID physician and physicians don’t get involved with their patients. They especially don’t get involved with their HIV infected patients. It’s just not done. But, here we were with me bent over the exam table, and he had two fingers up my ass massaging my prostate. I flashed back to when I had first met him. I was struck at how handsome he was but actually more than just handsome—he was fucking hot looking. I chastened myself for my lascivious thoughts. But, his 6 foot 2 inches, 190 pounds, dark features, and dark hair everywhere I could see on his body struck me as really someone with whom I could turn my back on so he could have better access to my ass. He was so damn sexy and sensual but in all these years I had held myself in check keeping everything on a professional. Now, he had two fingers in my ass. I moaned louder as his fingers stroked my prostate in unison. My body shivered as my head began a slow left and right roll. I shifted my stance as the fingers began to withdraw to the opening. As soon as they were there, back inside me they went. I gasped. I felt his fingers go as far inside as they could and once more began to be withdrawn. Ten, twelve, fifteen times Dr. Scholtz inserted and withdrew his fingers from my ass. With each insertion, he always stroked my prostate; I always moaned. Then, he began inserting and withdrawing his fingers faster until soon he was without a doubt finger fucking me. This definitely was not a digital exam. I tried holding myself still but just could not do so. My body was so used to this feeling. It wasn’t a dick but I was being fucked nevertheless. Soon, he was slamming his fingers deep inside me hard and fast. My prostate felt every insertion. “AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” I screamed and continued screaming as my balls blasted out their contents soaking my pouch so completely that some of my cum dripped down onto the floor. Dr. Scholtz pushed down on my back with his hand as he stroked my prostate with the two fingers on his other hand until I stopped screaming and began slowing my ejaculation. As the last of my cum load seeped out of my piss slit, I felt the fingers being withdrawn from my ass. When they had been completely withdrawn and the hand on the small of my back removed, I stood up and turned around facing my doctor. His face was ashen. I looked at his crotch and saw such a tent. I looked back into his eyes and knelt immediately in front of him. He moved backwards stopping only when he backed up to the counter top. I moved with him as my hands reached out to his pants unzipping them, unbuckling his belt, unsnapping his pants, and pushed his pants and boxers downward. He had made no effort to stop me. His uncut dick swung upwards as his boxers cleared his dick. Without hesitating, I opened my mouth and swallowed his uncut swollen dick. His piss slit hit the back of my throat. I wrapped my arms around his waist and held him tightly. I began sucking his dick calling on all the skill and tricks of the trade that I had. I slathered his dick with spit as I did a whirlwind job of getting his obviously hard dick even harder. It was his turn now to moan and jerk and shiver and that is exactly what he did as my mouth and tongue gave him what I am sure was his very first blow job by a gay man—an HIV positive gay man. In no time at all, my doctor was screaming as he held my head between his hands as his uncut 9 inches sprayed my throat with the first salvo of his cum load. Several minutes passed as the two of us enjoyed what was happening. He had a very sweet tasty cum. I relished every drop and swallowed every bit. With the last of his cum slowly oozing out of his piss slit, I began washing his dick with my tongue cleaning him as best as I could. I slid backwards off his dick which was still slightly hard. I made sure to clean under the foreskin. I stood up slowly, and we looked at each other both sweat soaked. What could be said at a time like this? Need anything be said? Time passed into awkward silence. PART 2 Dr. Scholtz spoke slowly and quietly as he avoided eye contact as much as possible. “That should not have happened. I take full responsibility. I have many patients but ever since you came to my practice I have not been able to put you in a patient-only position. I’m not gay, and I’m not bisexual. I don’t know what came over me. I am very sorry for what I did to you.” It was obvious that he now was embarrassed and racked with guilt. “Well, doc, now you know how I get myself into trysts without even trying. I’ve always seen you as my physician but also I’ve seen you very clearly as one helluva hot looking man,” I responded with blunt frankness. “I don’t regret anything that happened. So, don’t you be.” “You need to get dressed. We both need to get out of here,” he said and walked to the window. “Oh, no. It looks like we aren’t going to go anywhere. You get dressed. I’ve got to make a call. When you’re dressed, if you need to make a call, come out to the receptionist’s desk.” Dr. S left the room, and I got dressed. I had no one to call, but I was going to have a very slow trip back home as I now viewed how much snow had fallen as I looked out the window. There was at least a foot and a half on the ground and still more coming down. I went out to the receptionist’s desk hearing Dr. S say good-bye and hang up the phone. He turned to me and told me that the city was in shut down and that the major roads were becoming impassable. He told me he was going to walk to the Marriott about a mile away and get a room. He suggested that I do the same and wait for the storm to end and the roads to be cleared. I considered the suggestion and realized it was my best option. We left immediately. As the two of us walked inside the lobby at the Marriott, our numb limbs and faces had about reached their maximum punishment. The warmth felt so good. We dusted off the snow and loosened our coats. We walked up to the front desk and asked for two rooms but were informed that with the storm everyone from the interstate and expressway had preceded us. The only room left was a small room with a double bed. Nothing else was available. We looked at each other. I could not make the call, and it took Dr. S a few seconds to turn back to the manager and tell him that was fine; we’d take it. We registered, got the key card, and headed up to the fifth floor. The room was small. In fact, it really looked as if there had been a small left over space on the floor where someone came up with the idea of making just one more room. For me, it was heaven sent. At least I would not be curled up inside my car stuck on the expressway with no food, water, or blankets. I didn’t know and didn’t ask what Dr. S thought of the room. I suspected but he kept his thoughts to himself. I felt a tension from my physician which I considered realistic. I never approached him and tried to make everything to be as casual as possible. We ended up going to the dining room and having supper followed by a stop at the main bar. We each nursed a drink and talked casually as much as we could though numerous times there were awkward silences. Dr. S looked at his watch and said he was tired and wanted to go back to the room which we did. He called his wife and told her that he was at the Marriott and gave her the room number. I mentally noted that he never mentioned that he was sharing the room. We settled in and watched some programs on the TV. At 10:30, Dr. S said he was tired and was going to bed. I told him I was ready as well. I slipped off my shoes and socks, then, stood up taking off my shirt and pants. For modesty of some sort, I kept on my jock strap. I neatly put everything on or by the chair, walked to the right side of the bed, tossed back the covers, and slipped into bed. Dr. S began to undress slowly finally climbing into bed. He had left on his boxers and wife beater. We turned out the lights and settled in to sleep. I sharply woke up but not knowing why. I lay very still on my back and kept my breathing slow and shallow. At long last, I felt an ever so light touch on my hip. At first, a single finger traced down from the strap of my jock until it reached the bottom of my buttock. On the upward trace, I felt three finger tips making the trip. On reaching my strap once more, I felt the three finger tips follow the strap until it reached the pouch where an entire hand covered the pouch and began slowly and gently massaging the contents. Minutes passed as the hand continued the light massage. It took about a minute for my dick to begin to awaken to the soft massage. When my dick began to grow, I felt a jerky movement of my bed partner moving himself closer to me while trying not to awaken me. Still, I kept the same stance. His presence was noted as the mattress settled downward as his body moved closer to me. His hand soon began a more aggressive massage of my pouch. I thought it was time to move this “handiwork” along; I began a light moaning and sighing as I moved my arms and legs. I resettled myself on my left side. My bed partner held still until he thought that once more I was asleep. He then slowly moved closer settling himself so that his body was touching mine in about three places. Once more I felt his hand on my crotch. I let him again massage my dick for a couple of minutes before moving backwards and up against Paul who froze. We lay there several minutes as my dick grew hard and began to leak pre-cum. “I won’t stop you,” I finally quietly said. We lay there quietly for less than a minute before Paul began working on my crotch once more. He was unmerciful with his hand. I could tell he was getting his hand soaked with my pre-cum as he began to moan a little. His shadow now loomed above me as he tossed the covers off both of us. He moved in between my legs and continued to maul my hard dick and balls. Through the little light, I could see his face full of determination yet angst. Then, he grabbed my balls and dick and held them tightly with a look of panicked delight on his face. I let him suffer in his new wanton thoughts until I had a small streak of mercy. “Go ahead and do what you need to do. Go ahead and do what you have to do. You know you can’t stop yourself; you can’t stop now because you’ve come too far. You have to know. You have to experience it. It’s been eating at you for a long time. You’ve got the chance now. You know I won’t stop you,” I said quietly but firmly. He hesitated; I growled, “DO IT NOW!” Paul looked at me face-to-face. He released my crotch as I raised my legs upward where they were caught by his hands. He placed them on his shoulders as I raised my hips off the bed. Paul’s underwear was shoved down to his knees releasing his mighty 9-inch uncut dick that curved upwards ever so lightly. He pushed my knees to my chest where I held them. He fumbled with his dick trying to line the head up with my ass hole. He finally found the opening and began pushing. I was determined that I was going to get fucked and never to forget it. I clamped my sphincter tightly refusing to give way. I could hear frustration as Paul pitifully grunted, whined, squealed, and growled as he discovered he was making no progress at shoving his hard dick in me. Despite the darkness, I saw the savagery in his eyes when he finally looked into my eyes. He pulled his face and body upward, hesitated only a mere second or two, then, raised his hand high. He issued an open mouth primordial growl with his nostrils flaring as his hand raced downward slamming against my face jerking my head to the right. His hand made an equally as fast trip back from where it started. Paul grabbed me by my hips and slammed balls-deep into my ass ripping and tearing me in several places. I bit my lips at all the gloriously beautiful pain. Paul began to fuck me with such a wonderful violence the likes of which I had not felt in many years. On and on his dick was buried full length inside me and withdrawn so that only a mere fraction of his fat dickhead was still inside me. With each plunge inside me, I felt his two large orbs slap onto my butt. Paul was now driven by pure lust as he had finally discovered what it felt like to fuck another man in the ass. It was a feeling he now new and would know again. His inner anger controlled until now burst forth with a gusto of energy. I felt teeth sinking into my neck. A growl of deep savagery was sounded at the same time. I winced at the bite as my dick trembled with sheer delight of the physical pain. My dick strained itself and doubled the flow of pre-cum. Paul continued to deep dick my ass as he shifted into overdrive thrusting harder and faster into my ass. He opened his mouth releasing my neck and reared his head upward looking down at me never missing a stroke. He grabbed my hips and began pounding harder and faster still driving himself into a frenzy as sweat began to splatter everywhere around us and on me. “FUCK ME, YOU BASTARD! GIVE ME THAT CUM LOAD OF YOURS!” I growled and spit on his face. “AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” he screamed throwing his head backwards as he plunged deep inside me. I felt his dick swell and shrink a number of times as great globs of his sperm gushed through his urethra and coated my gut. More and more of his cum entered me as I clung to him. Paul finally pulled his deflated dick out of my ass and rolled over onto his side of the bed. I reached down and pulled the cover back up over us saying nothing. Paul, too, said nothing. What more needed to be said? I had already said it, and Paul had complied. No one needed to be remindful. It was what it was. I looked at my watch. It was quarter after one. We both went back to sleep. PART 3 Slowly, my eyes opened. I checked my watch: 3:07. As I nestled myself back into comfort, I heard a deep low voice whisper, “Fuck me.” I turned to look at Paul. His eyes were wide open when I finally could see them. “Fuck me, now. Please. Before I change my mind.” I raised my head a little and looked to be sure. Yes, his eyes were open; he was awake. I turned on the bedside light and looked at Paul again who was now resting on his left elbow. I looked at Paul closely. I finally said, “My rules; my way; no complaints; no stopping. If you try to stop, you will regret it.” I let him mull over what I had said. “Agreed,” he said as he tossed back the covers. He quickly got up pulling off his wife beater and boxers. He hurried to the bath room shutting the door. I began rubbing my dick through my pouch. I finally pulled my jockstrap off and tossed it beside the bed. Minutes passed. The commode was flushed as running water was heard. More minutes passed. At last, the water was turned off and Paul re-entered the bedroom. His dick was rigid in anticipation. When he began to climb on the bed, I held my hand up stopping him. “You need to suck my dick and get it hard; that won’t take long to do. As you suck me, get your ass as wet with spit as you can. You’re going to need as much as possible. It’s going to burn like Hell, and the pain is going to be like no other you’ve ever had. But, the pain will pass within a couple of minutes and eventually become very soothing and pleasurable. You’ll want more,” I cooed to him. “When you think you’ve got enough spit in your ass, straddle me and lower your ass down onto my dick. YOU will fuck yourself; I’m going to lay here. You have total control of how much of my dick you take, when you stop taking it, and when you start taking it. I’m not fucking you; you are fucking yourself using my dick.” Paul knelt between my legs and began sucking my dick as he did his best to lubricate his ass with his spit. He was so inept but made an effort. I relished the thought of the pain he would feel which hardened my dick. Then, removing his mouth from my dick, Paul looked at me, nodded, and scrambled to position himself astride me. It took him several tries to get the right spot. I maintained an enigmatic look. He finally began to settle his virgin straight ass onto my hard pre-cum smeared dick. Slower than a snail in a race with a lame tortoise, Paul forced his sphincter downward spearing the opening with my hard cut 7 ½ inches of meat. After several failed attempts, he raised his body upright, grabbed my dick with his right hand, closed his eyes, took a deep breath, and shoved himself downward in a big jerk. Immediately, his eyelids flew open. I heard the beginning of a pained cry that was shut down in four seconds and muted in his throat. A terrified panicked look overtook the pain-racked face that I saw. Twice more Paul made his downward jerks impaling himself further onto my dick. Each body jerk elicited more pain and panic. The fourth jerk found Paul fully impaled on my now very primed dick. I saw and felt his body trembling. I wondered if it was from fear of my status or if it was he finally understood what a bare cock in a man’s ass felt like. Paul sat astride me with a contorted face. His body was swaying as his hands and arms didn’t know what to do to alleviate his pain. I flexed my dick sending more bolts of enjoyment into him. Several minutes passed as he adjusted to the sensations. I continued to flex my dick. By the end of his adjustment time, Paul was swaying still but this time from the pleasure he was feeling. He finally opened his eyes and looked down at me . . . and smiled. He began rocking and rolling around on my dick as he felt it up inside himself. He became almost giddy at the feeling. Then, he placed his hands onto my nipples and began riding me very slowly. He was in control for now. More and more Paul began lifting himself up higher and lowering himself. In short order, he began a much more directed slam back down onto my dick. His pace quickened and quickened again. He grabbed my chest and held tightly as his almost menacing eyes now focused in on mine. His eyes demanded that I give him the final reward that he sought. His growls were animalistic and threatening. His urgency continued to grow as did his lust. I timed myself so that just as Paul bottomed out, I wrestled him around on the bed until he was on his back with his knees over my shoulders and being slammed in his ass by my now fully swollen dick. I began madly pounding his ass driving my dick in every possible direction. Paul was shocked and stunned at how quickly I had changed our position. He did not fully understand what was happening for several moments. By that time, I was in total control repeatedly driving my bloated oozing dick into his hole. More and more I slammed into Paul’s now open and willing if not demanding ass as he moaned and groaned his approval. His eyes were aflame with lust. His mouth partially open seeped the excess spit that he was creating out of lust. His body was coated with massive amounts of sweat as was mine. His hands held onto my waist as best they could pulling me closer into him. His nostrils flared wildly as his breathing was labored from all the exertion. I was now fucking Paul faster and harder than I had ever fucked any man before. I knew I was close and couldn’t figure out what was happening. I had never fucked as hard or as fast as this. I was a quick shooter when I fucked. I just couldn’t get myself over the top. Then, without warning, I smelled it. My nose picked up the unmistaken scent of blood, and I went wild. I slammed my dick into Paul hard grabbing a handful of his hairy chest pulling it upward to my lowering mouth where I bit down on it as I began to scream. Paul yelped. My dick began pumping my balls’ juices into his ass. More and more of my cum poured into Paul who was now whining and whimpering as he realized he was now being filled with my tainted sperm. I know not how long it took for me to finish unloading my cum load. But, I did finally and slowly slid out of Paul’s ass. We settled our sweaty bodies onto the bed. Two days later, the roads were finally all cleared. I went home and cleaned my condo. Paul went home to his wife. It is three years later, and I am no longer a patient at Paul’s practice. He now makes house calls for me. Next year, Paul is monitoring my numbers when I go off my meds. We plan on making his first numbers. And, even more numbers after I’m done with him.
  8. Positively on My Own

    PART 15 I heard Cy greet Jo Jo. They stepped outside the room and closed the door. I tried listening to their conversation but to no avail. Besides, I was trying to re-hash everything that had happened to me in the last few hours. In the midst of my review, I suddenly freaked at what I had done: allowed Cy to fuck me without a condom and unload his cum in my ass on numerous occasions; an unknown black man who had kept me high on something and had also fucked me without a condom shooting his cum in my ass; let some white guy torture me especially with a dildo that he paddled hard and then fucked me and filled me with his cum; and, now, some Latino guy named Jo Jo who had shoved his hand and forearm in my ass and eventually fucked a load of his cum in me. What the hell was wrong with me?!?!?!?!?!?! I began to hyperventilate and began to make some screeching noises as my panic level grew. Cy hurriedly pushed open the door closing it quickly behind him. He reached for me quickly holding me as best he could as he hushed and consoled me. He kept calling me babe and Jason and asking what was wrong. I couldn’t talk but only continued with my panic state for a few more minutes. Cy’s presence and voice began to calm me lasting a few minutes more. The last vestiges and images of what I had done left my mind as I focused on Cy. I whispered to him that I had become upset over what I had done since meeting him. I poured out my fears. Cy knew exactly what I needed and began soothingly to talk to me in his hypnotic voice assuring me that he was positive that I knew what I was doing and that he was positive that I was okay. He told me how proud he was of me for agreeing to the training and how well I had done. He explained he had to have the other men to train me as they had the expertise that he didn’t and he was positive that I would enjoy everything that they had done to me. He began to push me on making a decision as to whether or not that I had indeed enjoyed everything after I had learned to enjoy myself. He had me to think about everything now that he was there holding me. Then, he asked me to think once more and decide if I was positive that I had enjoyed the training or if I was positive that I had not enjoyed it. My arms longed to wrap around Cy’s neck for comfort but instead contented myself with looking deep into his eyes as he smiled down at me. In an epiphany, I realized that Cy was sincere about not having the skill to do what the three men had done to me. I realized also that this was something that Cy wanted to see me doing. I was to become some sort of actor on a stage somewhere so that Cy could get excited being a voyeur. I knew that at some time in the future Cy would arrange all of this to happen again, but he would be there to watch me. I remembered my vow to him and repeated it with absolute conviction: I would do anything that Cy wanted me to do no matter what it was. “Jason, babe, you make me so proud and you do me such an honour for trusting me on all this,” Cy whispered addictively in my ear. “I am positive . . . absolutely positive . . . that you are becoming as positive as I am. By the end of my shift, there is no doubt that you will be as positive as I am. We’ve known each other so short of a time but I feel so close to you as if you were a part of me in some way. I want so much to be a part of you . . . in a positive way. I want to be such a big positive influence on you.” Cy’s narcotic words whirled around in my head. I had a flashback when I first saw Cy last night. He looked up at me and smiled that bewitching big grin of his that mesmerised me and left me flustered. His strength drew me to him as if he had a great purpose. I knew I had a great purpose last night: explore this bath house and my sexuality which had been suppressed for so long. I looked up at Cy and as I nodded consent said, “I want to be as positive as you, Cy. Make sure I become as positive as you. I need you to be a part of me forever.” Cy kissed me lightly as he released his hold on me. He walked to the end of the sling where he stood looking down at me as he lined his thick cock up with my sore and loose hole. He had no lube but slid inside me slowly creating a great deal of friction. I was uncomfortable but I made no outward sign of my pain. It seemed like hours before Cy was fully balls deep in me. He gently grasped my nipples and began squeezing as he now withdrew his fully erect phallus. I jerked at his fingers on my still sore nipples. He began to piston his cock in and out until his speed and depth grew to such intensity that he released my nipples and began pounding until he yelled and slammed deep flooding me again. PART 16 Cy stood between my legs and trembled as the last of his cum deposit flowed into my willing ass. I looked at Cy and smiled weakly. He leaned over me to kiss me as his deflated cock slowly slipped out of my ass. I whispered to him, “Whatever you want . . . anything you tell me to do . . . all you have to do is tell me . . . I won’t say no to you . . . I need you . . . I want you to be a part of me always.” Cy winked at me and smiled that infectious white toothy grin I knew him for. I was smitten with him. The last of his cock slid out of my ass; I felt some liquid flow out as well but I didn’t care. Cy walked to my side and bent down kissing me several times. I knew I belonged to Cy. I knew he cared for me a great deal. I had figured out that Cy wanted me to “catch up” with him on different sexual appetites that he had and he wanted me to enjoy them as much as he did. From his fucking me, I knew I had passed the test he had laid out for me without telling me it was a test. I was renewed with energy now. “Jason, babe, are you sure you will do whatever I tell you to do? No questions asked? Never contradict me? Never say ‘no’ to me?” Cy cooed at me. “You don’t realize that already I am a part of you forever. Yeah, I’m . . . definitely . . . positive . . . that I am a part of you forever.” He kissed me gently. “Cy, I promise; I really do promise,” I whispered up to him with longing eyes. Cy began to unbuckle my restraints. He helped me out of the sling where I had been for almost five hours. He worked with me to regain my circulation. At last we sat on the bed with Cy’s arm around me. We sat in silence for a long time. I partially stood then knelt on the floor facing Cy. I looked up into his face with no innocence. I looked for a very long time as my brain raced through everything that I had done and most importantly everything that Cy had said to me. My thoughts began to focus on how Cy had phrased everything. “You . . . fucked me . . . without . . . a condom . . . and . . . shot your cum . . . in my ass . . . many, many, many times,” I began. “You . . . had . . . me . . . come here . . . tonight . . . to have . . . other men . . . do . . . the same . . . and to . . . do . . . other . . . things.” I paused then went on more directly. “Everything that you did . . . or arranged to do to me was to make me . . . HIV positive, wasn’t it? You deliberately infected me and had other men to deliberately infect me.” My face did not betray where I was coming from. There was no anger or outrage or betrayal in my voice. Cy looked into my face for an answer but found none. He smiled cupping his big hands around my face leaning down to me. “Yes, I fucked you without a condom and shot my cum in your ass many times. I arranged for tonight to be sure that what I started got completed and that you converted. When I saw you, I knew you were neg. I knew also I had to fuck you and that meant you wouldn’t be neg after I did. So, I had you set up tonight to make sure.” We looked at each other saying nothing. Nothing more needed to be said. Cy released his hands from my face. I slowly stood up and cautiously walked around the room. I fingered the sling. I walked back to the bed where Cy still sat. I stood before him but not too close as I was still thinking about what Cy had finally admitted and that I had just realized moments before. I leaned over grasping each of Cy’s knees in my hands. I spread his legs and knelt between them. I lifted his tumescent cock to my mouth where I swallowed it in its entirety. I nursed and suckled on it until it began to grow and expand. Not long I had to withdraw part of his cock from my mouth as it no longer would fit. I made a mental note to learn to take it all. When his cock had swollen to its largest size, I slid it carefully out of my mouth. My head lifted upwards and looked deep into Cy’s eyes and said, “You are my guru; you are my most superior teacher. I will follow you and learn everything that you tell me to learn. I will do whatever you tell me to do. I will not refuse you anything no matter the end result. You are a part of me and always will be. I will need more of you in me if I am to live. I want . . . need to be HIV positive like you.” Cy hung on every word that I said. He looked at me closely. He stood up lifting me off the floor. He wrapped his big arms around me and hugged me tightly. We kissed deeply and long. When he pulled his lips from mine, he smiled once more at me causing a narcotic rush inside of me. “From now until 5:00, you will kneel on that bed facing away from the door which will be left open. Any man who enters the room may fuck you and cum in your ass. Never look over your shoulder; you don’t care who he is or what he looks like. You only care what I look like. We are going on such a positive trip the likes of which no one will ever have. I am going to get as many poz men as I can to breed your ass full of their venom. But, I will always put the first poz load in you and the last poz load every day.” Cy said. And, from that day until now which is four years later and I’m graduating tomorrow is how Cy turned me into a poz cum hungry bottom taking any cum in my ass. I am so fortunate to have met Cy and to have an outlook on life that is so . . . positive.
  9. Positively on My Own

    PART 13 The black man had just finished packing his bag when there was a knock at the door. He opened it greeting someone. The door closed, and I got to see my new trainer sent from Cy. He stood about my height and maybe weighed 165 pounds. He had blue eyes and brown hair. He was clean shaven and no hair on his chest. He set his bag down opening it and removing items laying them on the bed where I couldn’t see them. He came over to my head leaning down whispering in my ear that he had been sent by Cy. He told me that Cy was positive that I would not object to his work. He said that Cy gave him his word that I would not make any sound or object to anything that he did to me. He asked if Cy was correct? I studied the face of the man in front of me. Cy knew I was here. I trusted Cy. Cy wouldn’t let just any man do anything to harm me. He knew this man and trusted him. I looked up into his face and told him Cy was correct. I did not object to his work whatever it was and would not make any sound. He patted me on my chest. His first trip to his bag and back to me resulted in clamps being put on my nipples. I yelped a little at the shock of the first and broke out in a sweat as I shook my head left to right. The second clamp was eased onto my second nipple. I was still panting heavily but that abated in time. The second trip back ended with him grabbing my balls and pulling them down away from my body. He slipped something around them, and I heard snaps being clicked. I watched as he attached two weights to whatever it was. He carefully lifted the weights over each side of the sling allowing each to play out the full length of the cord holding them. My balls jerked upward and strained causing a tingling sensation. I looked at him, nodded, and smiled. He reminded me that he was here at Cy’s request and that I had agreed to no noise. Cy’s reputation hung in the balance of my reaction to my training. I nodded my head again wondering still why it was that Cy wanted me to do all this. I would have been quite content to have just him to fuck me. It would have been so much better as I wouldn’t have to worry about other men and what I might get unwanted from them. But, it was Cy who wanted me to do this. Once more I looked at the man in charge, smiled, and shook my head in consent as I steeled myself for whatever might be coming. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! My body stiffened with each strike of the paddle on my ass. I was as tense as I possibly could get and my ass was on fire. I felt a great struggle as the man attempted to stuff a dildo in my ass. It took some time to relax and when I did I whimpered loudly as a long dildo was rammed deep inside me without the benefit of any lube. Tears were running down my cheeks by this time. I thought of Cy and remembered my promise to him to always do whatever he wanted me to do. This was what Cy wanted me to do: I was resolved to finish this training. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! With each smack of the paddle, the dildo was driven hard into my ass. I twisted and turned in the sling as best I could but to no avail since I was strapped in. WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! Tears rolled down my cheeks now abundantly. I began to doubt I could do this as I began a high-pitched whine of pain acknowledgement. A hand rubbed over my cheeks. I jerked at the touch. I felt a hand fumbling around with the dildo which was yanked out of my ass unceremoniously. I tensed again stiffly as a deep guttural howl eventually died in my throat. I collapsed on the sling in great pain. As I lay recuperating and gasping for air, once more the dildo was plunged full length into my ass. There was the same pain as before but my body only half jerked in resistance. Again, the dildo was yanked out of my ass causing me to barely stir. For the next several minutes, my teacher repeated the process of shoving in my ass the dildo and yanking it back out once more. I was aware of the violence and as more of it was foisted on my body I focused my brain on Cy. My brain began a mantra: anything for Cy. I repeated it over and over and over and over. Then, it all stopped. I heard what had to be the dildo hitting the bed. I felt the device around my balls with the weights removed as well as the clamps on my nipples. Sharp pain emanated from my balls and especially from my nipples. I sighed deeply with each removal as my body trembled at the release and relief. I lay in the sling in quiet reflection for several minutes as I heard the man packing his bag. Then, in a swift entry, I felt his hard cock bury itself deep inside me stretching my ass wider than it had ever been. I looked up to see his grinning face with his wide eyes looking at me as he grabbed my hips and began fucking me wildly. I looked at him and began growling for him to fuck me. He began a maddening pace of in and out of my aching sore ass. The chains rattled wildly as I now screamed for him to fuck me which he did. But, all too soon he began to growl loudly and slammed inside me deeply unleashing his torrent of ball juices. No doubt millions and millions of sperm now flowed freely from deep within his body to deep into the shadowy recesses of my own body. PART 14 After my ass beater left me and leaving the door open, I found my heart pounding in my chest from the force of the paddling and his fucking me. I closed my eyes and reflected on what all had happened to me since my parents had left me alone in Chicago. My thoughts always went back to Cy and what he had talked me into doing. No, that’s not fair. Cy didn’t talk me into anything. I willingly agreed to do everything; I had told Cy as much. I just didn’t know it was going to include all of what had been occurring tonight. I was conflicted big time, but I also knew I wanted to do everything Cy asked of me. I mean I was okay with Cy fucking me without a condom; well, sort of okay with it. I knew I could trust him. He had that hypnotic look that I just had to agree to do whatever he wanted. I was sure that he really cared about me. But, these two men who had just spent time training me for . . . well, I wasn’t sure what. But, Cy had said they were okay, so, they were okay. Period. About that time in my rehash of events, the door pushed open and in walked a guy I had to look at real close. I finally realised he was a Latino. He stood about 5 foot 4 inches, brown eyes, black hair, clean shaven with a slight stubble on further notice, and no hair on his torso. He introduced himself as Jo Jo and had been sent by Cy to do some training. I told him I was Jason. Jo Jo told me to relax that he would not hurt me. He closed the door. It dawned on me that Jo Jo had introduced himself whereas the first two men had not. I wondered if I should be concerned. I had not noticed that Jo Jo had brought a stool with him until I heard it being settled on the floor. Jo Jo sat on it. I heard something being opened. A thick blob of something was pushed onto my ass hole. It was cool. I felt Jo Jo pushing the blob into my ass which still smarted from the paddling I had received. He tried several different ways to get the stuff in my ass. I realized that it must be some sort of lube as it felt greasy. Jo Jo began working his fingers in my ass which hurt still. He was very good at getting this lube in my ass. I did finally lay back and began to relax as what he was doing felt sort of good. Jo Jo began fingering my ass hole. He told me that it looked and felt like I had been fucked a lot. I told him that in reality I had begun being fucked just yesterday. He stopped fingering my hole and told me he was surprised. I finally began to tell him about the trainer who had worked on me just before him. I told him everything including the dildo shoved in my ass and being paddled with it in me. Jo Jo never commented but began fingering me once more but kept adding more fingers as he plied away on my ass. In no time, I felt a strong force trying to enter my ass. I tensed and began to groan. Jo Jo told me just to relax; he wasn’t going to hurt me; Cy had told him not to hurt me. I suppose to make me compliant he told me to think of the training as if Cy were doing it himself. He—Jo Jo—was just a proxy since Cy was working. I thought about that and resolved to focus on Cy. Jo Jo continued to calmly talk with me encouraging me to work with him so that Cy would be very pleased with his progress. He was very upbeat as he worked on my ass non-stop. It rattled my brain a bit when I finally realized that it was Jo Jo’s fingers that he was trying to push into my ass. In a final determination, I screamed at my brain to accept what Jo Jo was doing to my ass and to let his hand slide inside me. Like magic on the third attempt after my chastising my brain, I felt a shockwave of pain course through my body as my ass hole opened up and I felt Jo Jo’s small hand slide inside me. My throat caught a guttural howl as my sphincter clamped down on the wrist now holding still while in my ass. Jo Jo sharply told me to breathe through my mouth and pant like a dog. I complied. Time passed as usual as the pain which I had never felt before ravaged my body causing me to shake violently as I lay restrained in the sling. I believed I was going to die. Multiple minutes passed until exhaustion set in on my body and brain. The sound of the rattling chains grew less as the pain in my ass soothed itself. Jo Jo sat quietly and patiently until my acceptance of his hand in my ass. Jo Jo knew when he could begin the real training and did so. Though there was pain it was not as bad as I had made it out to be. It was more of the surprise if not astonishment that such a feat could be done than real pain. Sweat poured off my body as Jo Jo encouraged me telling me how Cy would be so positively pleased at my accomplishment. Jo Jo slowly pushed his hand further into my body until he reached his mid forearm telling me where he was. I then felt him withdrawing his arm until his wrist was once more at my opening. We rested for a bit and then Jo Jo began once more to enter my body pushing his hand further and further. A dozen times he slowly pushed his arm into me, and a dozen times he slowly pulled his arm out of me. I felt him gently turning and twisting arm until the thickness of his palm popped out of my sphincter followed by his fingers. I was tired and drenched in sweat by happy that I would so positively please Cy. I looked up to see Jo Jo wiping his hand and arm with a towel. He then used the towel to wipe my ass. He patted my inner thigh as he inserted something which pricked me as it entered. No doubt this device was what Cy had used on me. After withdrawing it from my ass, Jo Jo stood on the stool and inserted his cock where he fucked me several minutes and finally with no sound at all slammed his cock deep inside me and began shooting his load of cum. I looked deeply into Jo Jo’s shining dark brown eyes nodded and smiled at him. As he was pulling his softening cock from my ass, there was a knock on the door.
  10. Positively on My Own

    PART 11 We lay for a bit more before Cy very, very slowly began pulling his cock out of my ass. When free, Cy lay beside me as I stayed on my stomach but turned my head to face him. We looked at each other. I was the luckiest 19 year old that ever lived. In less than a day of moving into my new studio, I had met a hot hunk of a man who was so totally honest with me, and I was convinced that he genuinely really liked and cared for me. I suddenly remembered myself and in a flash rushed down to Cy’s cock and bathed it clean before returning to lie on my stomach. “I have to go, babe. I need to stop by my place to take care of a couple of things before going to work tonight. I’m on tonight from 9:00 until 5:00. You will be coming back, I hope,” Cy said. “If you’re working, what’s the point of my being there? I don’t want to be possessive but you’ve spoiled me,” I chuckled lightly giving Cy a longing look I had not intended. “Oh, well, when you’re the manager, perks come with the job,” he grinned his toothy white smile at me as his eyes twinkled. “Besides, you need to experiment with other men. Not just any man though. Just special men like me who are positive about life. Special men who can teach you things about taking control of your life and turning it into a positive one where you can charge out into the world and change men in it.” Our eyes met, and I felt as if I were being hypnotized. “Of course, babe, you are so very special to me; you know I would never abandon you,” Cy whispered dreamily. “But, you should be willing to learn from other men I know who have their own special . . . talent . . . to teach you. Would you want to do that, babe? Would you want to do that for me, Jason? You know I wouldn’t suggest it unless it really meant a lot to me.” Cy said the last so very slow as he lowered his head averting his eyes from me. Again, I felt drugged and horrid for almost outright defying the man who had spent so much time teaching me and taking me under his wing for protection and safety. I was so crestfallen with myself at my selfishness. “Cy, you know I will be there if you want me there. I always want to do what you want me to do. No, I will do whatever you tell me. You mean so much to me and have been so good to me I will never be able to repay you,” I said eagerly needing his approval. That narcotic loaded smile beamed at me as Cy raised his head. He reached over and kissed me so tenderly and long using his hands to pull our two bodies together in an embrace of passion. My brain now screamed at me to slow down, but my emotions brushed them aside like trash. I would do whatever Cy told me to do. I reminded myself not to question him. He was safe. Cy slowly pulled away, looked deeply into my eyes, and then began to get off the bed. I followed. He stretched and headed to the bath room stopping. He turned back grinning like a Cheshire cat. I looked at him and saw a god. I was missing him already and yet he still stood here in my apartment in all his naked glory. Da Vinci should have been around to make a life-size statue of him. My head swooned. Cy continued to stand there until at long last my stupid brain awoke me to what was expected of me. I almost ran to him. I looked up at him and said nothing. I knelt obediently lifting his life-giving disbursement tube to my mouth where I stuffed it in gently closing my lips all around to seal my mouth. My hand helped to keep me steady. I turned my eyes upward and waited. Cy looked down smiling. I could see all the way to Olympus; Zeus had been replaced. There was a new main god in charge. A warm trickle of water found its way into my mouth and continued until I got my rhythm going of how to fill my mouth and swallow. I never took my eyes from Cy’s. My learning was quick and Cy began to let his flow increase. My game was upped to meet his pace. I felt overwhelmed a couple of times but kept at my duty until finally there was no more. I worshipped and cleaned Cy’s cock gently removing it easing it down until it was peacefully resting in front of his two regal orbs of manly authority. Cy pulled me up and kissed me sweetly. He then pushed me toward the bath room spanking my ass telling me to go and piss. I dutifully complied. When I returned, he was dressed and waiting by the door. “Jason, babe, are you sure you want other men to teach you things that I don’t have the ability to do,” Cy asked. “Cy, I will do whatever you tell me. I will not question you or your motives. You know how I feel about you. You’ve changed me in a major way already. I mean what I say; I won’t question or doubt you in anything you tell me to do.” He looked at me briefly and issued his orders, “Then, bathe and clean yourself extra deep. Be back at 9:30 sharp. I’ll have everything set for you. Bring your ID and apartment key. You won’t need anything else. I’ll have everything for you. Wear what you did last night and nothing more. Do you understand?” “Yes,” I said. He looked at me and smiled, kissed me squeezing my ass at the same time, and left. PART 12 I arrived precisely at 9:15. Cy looked up as he finished with a customer and waved me around the line causing some grumbling. He took my ID and key putting them in his pocket. He had a room key, 2 towels, a padlock with a key, and told me to follow him. We quickly got to room 11 and entered. Cy hugged me closely and kissed me deeply. “How’s my babe,” he asked beaming at me. “I’m doing just great, now,” I responded. “ I, uh, missed you today.” “Good. I’ve got things set for you for tonight. Remember your promise not to question what I set in motion for you. Strip and give me your clothes; keep your jock. I’ll put everything in your locker. You can do whatever you want until 10; you must be back here in this room at 10 with the door open because your first trainer tonight will be here then,” he said. I hesitated but then quickly stripped. Cy gave me a small bottle of lube and the room key, kissed me again, and was gone. I stood there wondering what was happening; then, I opened the door and walked out. I walked the floors and found two different men whom I sucked and swallowed their loads before returning to my room. I arrived about three minutes before my first trainer. He walked to the door filling it with his body. He was 6 feet, probably 180 pounds, hairy arms and legs, short hair on his head that fed down onto his face, chiselled body of muscles, and the most notable seen fact was he was a black man. He told me he was sent by Cy to train me in his specialty. He pointed to the sling; I presumed I was to get in it and did so with some difficulty since I had never been in such a contraption. While I struggled with my assignment, he closed the door and made sure the sliding window panel was closed. He set a small bag on the bed behind him, checked my position adjusting it, then, he strapped my wrists and ankles securely. I was excited, afraid, and every emotion in between. I did not question him but merely obeyed as that is what Cy wanted me to do. He turned back to the bag removing a modified respirator mask. He held it up for me to see and walked to my head placing it on me. He adjusted the straps so that it fit tight around my face. I had a clear view of everything because of the huge face piece lens. The guy took out a bottle and cotton; unscrewed the end on the tube to the mask; dipped cotton in the bottle; stuffed cotton in the tube; capped it. He laid the tube on my chest turning a valve. I smelled something and kept breathing; soon I was dizzy. I watched him turn a knob and felt fresh air. He alternated doing this as I got used to the smell. I kept getting higher and real woozy. Then, without warning, I felt a sharp jolt of pain as my ass collided with something. I looked down and found he had just rammed his cock deep in my ass. He smiled at me with such an evil grin. He knew something that I didn’t know. I tried to think of what it could be but the aroma kept my thoughts from forming. Then, the earthquake struck and everything began to shake. I looked around as my head reeled from the aroma that kept being fed to me. I would about pass out and then just before I did I could breathe fresh air once more. All the while the tremors of the earthquake rattled everything in the room. In reality, my trainer was fucking me with his 9 inch black cock and making sure he buried it deep inside me. He kept fucking even when he saw the telltale signs of blood on his cock from where he had used the brush Cy had given him to use. I began to lay my head back totally unconcerned and smiled at how I was feeling both my head and my ass. I wasn’t filled like I was with Cy but this man was shredding any possible last vestiges of my virginity. I realized this was what Cy wanted for me to learn and experience. How I longed for him but pushed him out of my mind and focused on this black man who was tearing me up. I began to encourage him through my fog. I yelled for him to fuck me harder and deeper. I tried to push my ass back onto his cock with very little success. My air and odor concentration continued to alternate keeping me messed up. I loved it. Still, I screamed for him to fuck me more. Peace. Tranquillity. Stillness. Serenity. I was jolted back to reality by the sudden and rapid cessation of my earthquake. I struggled but finally focused on the man who was fucking me. He stood between my legs in sheer rapture as his cock delivered his nut butter deep inside me. I watched him as no doubt millions and millions of his wriggling sperm gushed out of his piss slit and into my body. My brain seized on the thought and flooded me with endorphins. I felt my cock rising up; I looked down at it. From the deepest of my depths, there came a gush of my own seed that flew up and out of my cock spraying like Ol’ Faithful in Yellowstone. I screamed as my geyser continued to coat the room causing the cock in my ass to begin a second flooding because of my flexing sphincter. When it all was finally over, the two of us looked as if we had just exited the steam room and were totally exhausted.
  11. Positively on My Own

    PART 9 We left the room. I followed Cy back to the entry counter. I looked at the clock and discovered I had less than half an hour left of my eight hours. I was shocked at how long Cy and I had been fucking. Cy asked the clerk who had been covering for him if there was anything he needed to deal with and was told no. Cy came back to my room with me where we stood inside my room holding each other until he told me to pack my things; I should go home. I knew I would and got dressed. Outside the bath house, we hailed a cab and soon were in my studio apartment. I immediately got the money I was short at the bath house and offered it to Cy. He laughed and told me he had more than been paid back. It took a quick second to realize what he was referring to, and I deeply blushed and laughed. He helped me open my Murphy bed. I closed the blinds and draperies tightly as Cy stripped. I followed suit, and we both climbed in bed where Cy held me tightly and kissed me repeatedly. Then, he rolled me up on all fours, got behind me, and without any lube began to probe my ass with his tumescent uncut cock. “Oh, Cy, we’re going to need some lube,” I said and winced. “Naw. This is part of the treatment, babe. Lube should be created naturally. Besides, there should be at least a little of that last cum load of mine still in you. But, yeah, this time around Jason there will be some pain. Your ass has dried up from the lube I used. I guess you didn’t figure out I used a numbing agent to make things go easy for you the first time. Babe, I promise if it becomes too painful, I will stop. I mean totally stop . . . if you want me to. I mean that,” he cooed at me soothing my nerves. “You mean so much to me, and I feel so close to you. You are very special to me, babe. I have such positive thoughts about you . . . us . . . now.” I heard his words as they fed me a dose of self confidence and pride at having done all that I had done. I felt such a bond with Cy. He made me feel safe and secure. Still, I weighed his words especially the new information regarding a numbing agent. No wonder I had not felt any pain. I had been prepped. Then, I remembered he had spread lube around deep inside me which must have contained the numbing agent. He is so considerate and caring. How had he remained single with him being so hot? I could not believe that I was so lucky. I finally turned my head around to him and conceded, “Okay. You know what you’re doing. I trust you. If I doubt you ever again, tape my mouth closed.” “Babe, you are in the hands of a man who knows exactly what he is doing to you. You can be positive about that; I know I’m positive,” he said. “But, just to keep you in the know, this time will hurt a lot more because I’m not using lube. You have to work with me and trust me that you can work through the pain. And, once it’s over, it’s over. I’ll fuck you good and fill your ass once more with some more of that good protein rich special enhanced gravy of mine. Your ass does love eating my gravy. You love the idea of your ass eating my gravy, don’t you, babe?” “You bet I do. I’m positive I want you to fuck me and flood me with your special enhanced protein gravy. I feel like I belong to you now,” I confessed. “Oh, babe, just for that, I’ll give you a little starter lick so you’ll have at least a little spit to ease me inside you,” Cy admitted. He crept backwards and lowered his face to my ass and began eating my hole driving me wild as he wetted the area. He soon returned behind me and began to push inward. My world became surreal once more. The pressure mounted as did the pain level, then, Cy’s titan hooded joystick popped through my sphincter. I did cry out rising upright pushing my back against his chest. Cy wrapped his arms around me holding me tight as I clamped my mouth together whining and screaming in my throat. He held me tight to keep me impaled as I struggled. Time passed and the pain eased to nothing; I resumed my 4-stance. I commanded my brain to obey and ignore the pain that was coming and my ass to open up and let Cy inside. Much as he had done the first time, Cy jerked himself an inch or two at a time creating another wave of pain which I fought off until at last once more I was filled with the heavenly full feeling of Cy’s majestic 10 ½ inch cock inserted in my ass. This time though he did not wait for me to accommodate him but went right to full length body-jarring piston strokes in and out scraping my insides raw as he re-opened some of his cuts and abrasions which coated his turgid one-eyed trouser snake. He rammed inward harder it seemed to me than he had before, but I didn’t care. This was Cy; I accepted his fucking no matter how I felt. I belonged to him, and my ass did, too. Cy fucked me a long time. I know it was a long time because I knew what time it was when we got to my place. It was now almost an hour and a half after that. He had been fucking me for over forty-five minutes now, and I was in synch with him as I counter fucked down his shaft as he thrust forward. I matched his violent forward thrust into my ass with an equal violent backward thrust onto his cock. I needed his cum load in me where it belonged. He wanted his cum in me as well. We worked to reach that end. “MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” Cy screamed in his throat as he again flooded my ass with his globs of ball nectar. I felt each salvo again as it flew through his cock slathering every part of my gut. He pumped and pumped and pumped it felt like gallons into me until at last the pumping ebbed to a dribble. He eased us down onto the mattress where he rested a long time before slowly pulling himself out of my ass. I felt so alone and empty. PART 10 “You stay there; don’t move,” I heard him command. He slipped off the bed and went over to his clothes retrieving something from a bag. I watched carefully as he rubbed something on the item. He returned to the bed and held out to me what looked like a big wedge of something. “This is a butt plug for you. I can’t keep using my cock as one, and you know how I feel about your losing my cum. Pull your ass cheeks open,” he said. Without hesitating, I complied. I felt the tip touch my hole. I could tell there was lube on the butt plug as I felt Cy smearing it around the area. I dismissed as irrelevant the fact that he had lube but didn’t use it with me. Cy had already explained why. I would not question him. He knew what was best for me. Still . . . “Take a deep breath; let it out; another in; out; in; out; in; let about half out and hold it,” Cy said flatly. I obeyed. He shoved inward and twisted the butt plug until the entire mass was seated. I jerked violently but held my cheeks open and choked off all sounds. “There. Now, we have you all set for that latest load to stay in you. You do want to keep my loads, don’t you, babe? It means so much to me,” Cy almost whimpered. “Cy, I’ll take all the cum loads you give me and will never get rid of them if that is what you want,” I said sincerely as I turned around now to look at him. Even though I had tried to make the room as dark as I could there still was light coming in allowing me to see this wonderful kind man. My eyes dropped once more to his cock which now was covered in even more blood. My eyes quickly snapped upward questioningly to him. “Babe, I want to fill that beautiful wonderful ass of yours all the time . . . and will every chance I get. Don’t worry about the blood. You’re okay. You know you can trust me. I’d tell you if anything was wrong wouldn’t I?” Cy asked in such a sincere and soothing voice touching me gently as he spoke. We looked at each other, and then he leaned in and kissed me deeply. We pulled apart, and Cy lay down on his back. “Since it bothers you so much, babe, why not do something about it? Why don’t you go down and clean off my cock?” I looked at Cy then his bloody cock and back to Cy. My mind was blank. Was he serious? I hesitated only for the briefest of time before moving between his legs and devouring as much of his cock as I could. My tongue and mouth laboured on cleaning the dry and drying blood off his cock. My Cy was going to be clean again soon; I would see to that; it was my job. Soon, no trace was left of any blood. He smiled at me and motioned me to join him which I did. We got beneath a cover, and I snuggled into him as he wrapped his protective left arm around me. We slept for hours. I felt a movement and opened my eyes finding Cy slipping his arm out from beneath me. He got out of bed and strode to the bathroom where I could hear a strong stream of piss landing in the toilet. I got out of bed and followed him standing near him until he finished. He turned to leave, but I blocked his way by kneeling in front of him. I looked up, picked up his lazing colossus, and stuffed it in my mouth tonguing it and especially the piss slit. I made sure there was no remnant of any piss. I released his tube steak and stood. He kissed me and went back to bed. I urinated, flushed, and returned to bed also. It was 2:14. Cy told me he needed to get something to eat. We got dressed and went out to a place he knew that wasn’t too far. We got back about 4:00. Cy had me to go with the butt plug still in my ass—just to be sure I didn’t leak. When we got back we climbed on the bed and began making out with great long deep kisses. Soon, Cy had me in my 4-stance and slowly pulled out the plug tossing it on the foot of the bed. He pushed his limp cock in my ass inching it inward slowly. The more he got in me the harder he got until once more he was at full attention. Cy rode my ass harder than ever. I revelled in the feeling of his giant phallus taking command of my ass. We continued fucking at what had become a standard almost violent scene to which I gave full consent. He fucked me for over a half an hour before he cried out and filled me with another of his wonderful cum loads which seemed to go on forever. We eased down onto the mattress as usual with him remaining inside me. We lay there recuperating when in the midst of our rest time a warm feeling spread throughout going deeper and deeper in me. I lay there and said nothing until it dawned on me that Cy was using me as a urinal. Now, I loved his piss, too.
  12. Positively on My Own

    PART 7 I was in a narcotic state of mind feeding on the so full sensation that I was having with Cy’s giant cock speared inside me. “Yes, I need you to fuck me. I need you to fuck me . . . now.” “Babe, you want me to fuck you now? Right now?” I heard Cy quickly ask. “Yes. Fuck me now,” I repeated with my head spinning full of cobwebs and conflicts. I was in a turmoil but couldn’t let Cy change his mind just for a condom. Cy began to ease his swollen delivery tube further inside me. He was in no rush so that he would not shake me out of my now blissful trance. At intervals along the way to total impalement, I felt sharp pain causing me to moan loudly halting his movement. He allowed enough time for me to adjust to the discomfort before moving once more. In the interim of time which was not long, Cy found his 10 ½ inch uncut cock fully encased by my ass. My pheromones were wild! I felt Cy’s hooded massive bratwurst begin to slide from me. No more than 3 inches had been removed when I began feeling nakedly empty and began to whimper opening my eyes and raising my head. Still more of the colossus slid out of me. I whimpered plaintively trying to push back onto the receding cock. Cy would have none of it using his hands on my hips to keep me in check. My ass felt his oversized stopper of a mushroom head snuggle up to the inside of my entry hole halting Cy’s retreat. I was almost in a frenzy by now at the vacant sensation. My whines were seemingly ignored as Cy withheld himself from me driving up the demand in my brain. He knew how to create a deep need to be occupied feeling in young men such as me. When my benefactor was ready, he began once more filling the void that he had created. Slowly at a snail’s pace I felt Cy’s monster sausage re-entering my ass. Gone were the thoughts of a condom as he slid his raw now pinkish coloured boner inside me. As he did, the pricks and slices that he had created with his brush oozed with my blood coating his manhood. Minutes passed before once more I felt that filled sensation from all of him being inside me. I became sedated. As we were conjoined via his tube, Cy flexed his cock to even greater girth causing me to verbally groan loudly with contentment. Cy had to know the effect he had on men. He was an expert, and I gave thanks for having met him. All too soon, though, Cy began his withdrawal once more as I protested by using my sphincter as a trap. I clamped down hard but could not overcome his power. He continued his egress stopping as he had before. He waited until my begging finally got the better of him, and he returned inside my ass pushing his jumbo middle leg deep. I do not remember how many times Cy teased me in this fashion but I knew that time was passing. Each time when he was barely in my ass I would whine, whimper, plangent, and bemoan my emptiness only to be delayed on his return inside me until he was ready to satisfy my sexual hunger and yearning. This was all about his making me addicted to his powerful thrusting super piston. Indeed, by the time this night was over, I would be a wreck in more ways than one. And, then, my hunger began to be fed in earnest. Cy became more generous with his powerful sex piston. He began feeding a steady and consistent diet to my ass by not stopping on his inward or outward strokes. He himself began moaning and told me how grateful he was to be allowed to do this for me. He praised how my ass felt and lamented not having met me sooner as he slowly increased his tempo of fucking. His words were heard but my brain was concentrating on the physical sensation I was feeling as the blockbuster uncut cock began to ravage my bleeding insides. Still, there was the nagging issue of no condom which grew less with each in and out stroke of his god phallus. More and more Cy revved up his powerful sex engine until soon he was punching inside me jarring my body with ever increasing pelvic slams as he kissed me again and again. Minutes passed as my joy quickened at feeling his gut wrenching prick pulverizing me. His hands now tightly held me for a greater purpose. On and on I felt his cock perform a blitzkrieg attack on me until I was finally knocked back to reality on the battering slams I felt as Cy with a single purpose fucked my ass. Still, he carried on his assault until I thought I could stand it no longer. I rose upward off the bed and grabbed a handful of the sheets beneath me digging in my knees and hands. Were it my head being so struck a concussion no doubt would have occurred. With all the grit and determination I could muster I squeezed my sphincter as hard as I could clamping down on Cy’s cock as I pitched myself backwards as he barrelled forward. Once, twice, three times I met his forward thrust with my rearward thrust. Four, five, six, seven more times we collided in magnificent coupling. “AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Cy screamed then bit my neck as he battered his way deep inside me stopping as the ball nectar flowed so freely and abundantly from his piss slit flooding my insides like a tsunami. PART 8 Cy continued to unleash more of his cum into my ass as he held his magnificent breeding tool deep inside me. Each salvo created another heavy wave of his ball honey that flew through his blood engorged love shaft filling more of my intestine. The thick coating of DNA reached several of the cuts and openings that Cy had made with his brush. Infrequently but consistently, Cy would pull backwards on his toxic waste delivery system so that some of his poison swimmers would be spilled into unfettered areas then once more push forward smearing his juice waste into the open cuts assuring their absorption by his blood covered dispenser. He knew how to be as effective as he could. Some info he had surmised based on what he had learned from the medical community. He much later taught me his techniques and perfected skills. My education would be complete in many ways but this education came without a degree. All I cared about at this very moment was how he made me feel as he poured millions and millions of his man milk into my ass. I was sweating, gasping for air, trembling, and feeling as if I had won a billion dollar lottery. I was elated beyond description. Cy carefully slid us down onto the mattress where he lay on top of me covering me; I felt to be in such a protective position. He nuzzled my neck as he soothingly murmured into my ear, “Oh, Jason, you are so special. You were great; I can’t believe that you have never been fucked before because of how well you took me. I am positive . . . that this is the best fuck I have ever had. You are so special to me letting me pop your man cherry. I want so much to fuck you again and again and fill you full of my love juices. You do want me to fuck you again, don’t you Jason? Do you want me to positively fill you many times with my cum, baby?” He accentuated each of his lines with licking my neck or ear. I had never felt so complete, excited, sexually aroused, whole or wanted and was undoubtedly filled to an overflowing measure with addictive lust for this man. In the recesses of my mind, I knew what we had done was wrong; oh, so very wrong. I didn’t care. This was Cy. He had made everything so clear. He had explained everything to me. It was sensible. He was so sure of himself. Everything that he told me had been true. I gathered my thoughts. “Cy, I never imagined I could feel like this. You have been so good to me. If it were any other man but you, I would never have let him fuck me without a condom. You have been so truthful to me explaining everything. I am so grateful you are the man, who popped my cherry and took my virginity from me, no, I gave it to you willingly. You feel so good inside me. I want you to fuck me as much as you will and will never ask you to use a condom. I know I can trust you. You have had such a positive influence on me,” I whispered back to him. “Oh, baby doll, you have no idea, Jason, how much you mean to me. I want to breed you all day long and fill you full of my nut juices. And, I want you to promise me always that when I do you will always lay on your stomach afterwards so that all of my cum will drain as far inside you as possible. That way there is less chance that any of it will slip out of you. I want us to be so very connected and joined together. Right now I feel as if I’m in a holy place and want to worship you for what you have given me tonight,” he cooed into my ear. “I have such positive thoughts about you and me right now. Oh, such wonderful . . . thoughts . . . and all so very positive.” Cy’s words wooed me into such a sense of loyalty and dependence. I knew he would be in my life forever. I took such comfort and felt so safe. We lay there for a long time just basking in the afterglow of such a glorious sexual mating. No doubt the actual deed that Cy had intended had been done. Still, I was content and ready for more. Soon, I felt an awakening inside me as Cy’s anal impaler began to stir stretching itself once more to its former great size. We both began to follow the lead given us by his monster. Our path was much the same only this time we lay on the bed. This time Cy took a long time finishing our coupling ritual and filling me again with a huge load of his cum but he did. There was more pain this time as the numbing agent had worn away I figured out later. I was determined though not to make any utterance of discomfort. In fact, by the time Cy was spraying his second load of toxic waste inside me, I was revelling in how the pain felt. It acted as if an aphrodisiac to me. What my brain told me was I needed Cy to fuck me and fill me with his wonderful jism. When we finally separated and sat back against the wall on the bed, I was stunned and shocked to see that Cy’s cock was smeared with red streaks. I looked panic stricken at him. He wrapped his safe arms around me and assured me that everything was okay—I was okay. That any time a cherry gets popped, there is a little blood. He told me soothingly to trust him. I did.
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      As always, you are welcome.

  14. Positively on My Own

    PART 5 Cy stopped his tongue assault on me which again sent me crashing down the sexual height to which he had driven me. I raised my head up and looked down my torso at his limpid blue eyes staring back at me. I could tell he was grinning at me on several levels as I lay there wet with perspiration and the remains of my gasping for air. “Now, to give you what you really want and haven’t had. We’re going to pop that cherry of yours,” he said quietly. Quickly, I righted myself and scooted backwards away from Cy. “I can’t,” I said definitively. “Cy, there’s no way you can fuck me—no way! You’re too big!” I protested yet so desperately wanted him to fuck me. I was terrified of the thought! Cy grinned and crawled up on the bed on his hands and knees moving closer until we were face-to-face. I had seen his limbless tree trunk swollen and leaking a long line of pre-cum that draped down to the sheet as he came toward me. It was more than twice the size that it was when he had stepped out of his jeans. His cock had to be 10 inches long if not more, and it was as thick as . . . I didn’t know what. The hood had slid back showing a slick purplish mushroom head that was fatter than the shaft. I wanted that cock in my ass; my brain and my ass said no way! I had felt the gooey tip touch my legs as Cy had moved up to me. “What if I told you to trust me, and that I won’t hurt you in the way you think I might,” Cy purred into my face. No doubt my eyes filled with fear if not terror looked into his hypnotic eyes that sparkled with confidence. “You know you want to. You know you came here for it. You know you want me to be the one to pop that cherry of yours,” he cooed and licked my nose. I kept staring into his somnolent eyes that kept luring me back to him with unspoken faux promises of no pain but maddening delight. He kept making almost imperceptible movements with his transfixed eyes as he repeated in a narcotic whisper almost as a mantra, “Come on; you know you want to.” We held our looks for minutes which I could not gauge until at last in a dream I slowly shook my head in assent. Gently and with great touching assurance, Cy moved me around on the bed. I found myself on my elbows and knees with my knees apart. Cy left the bed going to the foot. I heard a bag rustling and then he climbed back up on the bed behind me. (Where had that bag come from?) “I’m going to lube you inside and out real good with a lot of lube. That makes everything slick and easy to slide,” Cy told me as he stroked a buttock. “But, to do that I’m going to have to insert a small tube in your ass; it will feel strange at first but nothing to hurt you. I’ll use the tube to fill you with enough lube to make this so easy for you. You’ll feel something cool; that’s the lube. If you want me to go on, just shake your head.” I hesitantly shook my head. True to his word, the apprehension that I felt dissipated the further Cy moved the tube. He went slowly stopping after awhile. I soon felt a coolness inside me that spread as he removed the tube until at the opening he took the tip in his hand and spread a large amount around my ass hole. “How’s that? How’s my baby doing?” Cy whispered. He evidently moved his wares out of the way as I lazily enjoyed the feeling or something. “Is my baby doing okay now?” “Yes,” I said quietly with no mistrust or anxiety. I was at peace with thoughts of confidence in Cy and his ability. “Just be sure, please, to wear a condom.” “Oh, baby, you know I will with everything going on these days a condom is a must for everyone . . . all the time,” I heard his voice of reason and consent as it murmured his response. I knew this man was good, and he was going to be good to me. He already had been good to me in many ways. I could trust him with my life. “Just a little bit more time to let all that lube get good and spread around. In fact, I’m going to insert something else to help spread it around so that my baby won’t feel any pain. Is that okay with you, baby?” Cy asked. “If it is, just nod for me baby, and we’re almost ready for you to have that cherry popped. I am so lucky.” I slowly nodded once more. I later found out that Cy had laced his lube with a numbing agent. He knew I would not feel anything or at most only a small amount of pain that he was actually inflicting on me. Nothing need be said about the damage he was about to do for his evil deed. He took a long flexible brush with short tough bristles and began to insert it in my ass. I felt an occasional prick and would jerk but made no protest as he pushed it further inside me. Once fully inserted, I felt him slowly withdrawing it and returning it inside me. Several passes were made as he “spread the lube” around inside me. He then withdrew the tool, and I have no doubt he saw the pink mixture on the white bristles. I’ve since seen Cy do this on so many young unsuspecting novices. PART 6 “Okay, baby. You’re ready to go. I got you brushed up real good and in the pink now. You are so good to me. I am so lucky to get to pop that cherry of yours and turn you on to a new life,” I heard Cy crow in a hushed soothing voice. Little did I know what new life he meant. “Jason, baby, I know to use a condom, but, baby, it makes it so much easier for me and a lot less painful for you to make that first bust through without one. I promise not to fuck you without one.” He laughed a little. “Well, not unless you want me to.” He laughed again. “So, are you good for me to ease you open without a condom? Baby, I don’t want you to be hurt not now not ever. I want you to feel good,” I heard Cy say in a soothing concerned voice behind me. The thought of a cock in my ass without a condom scared me—no, terrified me. It was 1986 after all. I had heard reports on television and read newspapers. This was Cy not a man who was sick. He was hung, handsome, and healthy—I could tell that from just looking at him. Anyone could see he was okay to pop my cherry and not hurt me by not using a condom. He would then pull out and don one to fuck me. “Okay,” I quietly said with some reluctance. I felt something at my hole that slid easily and slowly inside me. That didn’t hurt at all. “I’ve just put one of my fingers in your hole, babe. I’m going to put some more in and do a little stretching exercise to help things to go smoothly. My babe isn’t going to hurt; I want him to feel so good when he joins the club,” I heard a husky purr response. Just as Cy had told me, I felt him slowly working more fingers inside me stretching my ass hole wider open. I did feel a tingling of pain but nothing as what I had expected. I relaxed more confident in Cy’s ability and safeness. Cy removed his fingers, and I felt him move close up behind me. I tried to remain relaxed but confess to some tenseness about the unknown that was to come. A pressure was felt where Cy’s fingers had once been. Cy put his hands on my hips and gently held them as more pressure was felt at my hole. The pressure began mounting and continued to increase as I envisioned a needle on a gauge slowly inching toward the red zone. Discomfort began to set in on me, but I fought back not wanting to disappoint Cy and ruin my chance for losing my virginity. Then, everything happened at once as if in a single moment of time: My sphincter popped opened and spread wide allowing the massive mushroom head to slide inside me as Cy’s hood slid backward off the head of his cock. It felt like a foot or more of his gargantuan cock had entered me whereas in reality no more than a couple of inches had. Cy’s hands gripped my hips like a vise making sure I went no where. I rose up instantly on my hands ready to bolt. I gasped in shock holding my breath for a long time. I perceived I was hurt badly when in fact it was the surprise of the sudden entry that jarred me and not any actual pain. Cy had done well in administering the numbing agent. “Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. You’re okay, babe. I got you now. You’re with me,” he whispered and continued to softly utter his words of assurance allowing me to indeed reject my fear and return to my starting position. Cy made no further move to enter me. My angst abated and soon I began to feel connected to Cy in a very special way as his bare cock became an obsessive thought for me. In due time, I heard Cy caressingly say, “Babe, you ready for me to fuck you properly now?” At the same time I detected a gentle pressure as he carefully eased another inch or so inside me. “Yes, but, please, put on a condom like we agreed,” I quietly said as my eyes closed while I felt how wonderful he was making me feel. The pressure and movement halted, and my head spun with delicious satisfaction of his occupation of me. Shortly, Cy repeated his question in the same caressing and caring tone, “Babe, you ready for me to fuck you now?” He repeated his gentle pressure sliding another inch or so inside me. My head was rolling around as if drugged, and I quietly repeated my request, “Yes, but, please, use a condom.” Again, he stopped allowing me to register his progress. My ass felt so amazing. Cy again in his caring quiet whisper asked, “Babe, you ready for me to fuck you? You need to feel the power within you that you have over me. You need to know how special you are to me. You need that last small step taken to awaken to the beauty that you hold. You need me to awaken the positive feelings in your body.”
  15. Positively on My Own

    PART 3 I walked to the front desk noting the time: almost 11:45. I still had another five hours. I smiled and felt wicked. Then, I remembered Cy but didn’t see him at the front desk. He probably had left work early. The next time I saw him I’d thank him and pay for the double room. I didn’t want to owe anyone and certainly didn’t want to be known as cheap. I wondered if maybe he had to pay for the room difference out of his own pocket. I frowned. The idea bothered me. My feet took me back to my room where I decided to try being a host. I dimmed the light to various levels before deciding on a setting, opened my door wide, and climbed on the bed settling back against the wall raising my left leg up foot flat on the bed and hooking my right ankle around my left ankle. My left hand rested on my mounded cock which I began to slowly rub. Much traffic passed by looking in with some men stepping back to the doorway for another quick glance before moving on. Others momentarily returned and lingered or stood across the narrow hall to my door before moving on as well. None chose to enter or wait around long enough for an invitation. I had just about given up on playing host when a familiar face looked into my room as it went past my door. Cy stopped abruptly, grabbed the door frame, and pulled himself back to fill my door smiling that same smile he had at the counter. I sat up returning his smiling. “How’s it going? You having a good time,” Cy asked. “Super. Better than I thought I would,” I replied. “Good. That’s what we like to hear. That’s why guys come here—to have a good time,” Cy said as he grinned broadly and his eyes sparkled. “Any problems? Questions?” “No problems or questions,” I said, then, glanced quickly over his shoulder trying to make sure I wasn’t overheard. “I have sucked off three guys and swallowed my first cum ever,” I whispered grinning and beaming at my accomplishment. Cy’s eyes bugged up as he bent over slapping my knee and laughing quietly then saying, “This is your first time having sex with men? That’s the way to go, sport. That’s why we’re here. Good for you. You fuck anybody yet or anyone fuck you?” “No. I’m having too good a time sucking so far,” I said, “but I have thought about it. I guess if I met the right guy I would.” “Well, no time like the present for an offer to be made then,” Cy said as he broadly smiled once more taking a step further into my room. I smiled back at Cy. Then it slowly dawned on me finally roaring down on me like a ton of bricks. Cy was propositioning to fuck me . . . or me fuck him. Was this his way of getting repaid what I owed for the room? My look must have changed as I continued to process. Then, I looked at Cy as I had looked at myself earlier in the evening. What I saw was amazing. How had I overlooked his details. Cy was over 6 feet because he had looked down at me at the check in desk, weighed maybe a little more than my 175, same muscles or more, crystal blue eyes, blond hair, and the whitest teeth I had ever seen that created such an enchanting smile. “Uh, well, uh, you see, I, that is . . . .” I rambled on like an addlebrained simp. “Hey. Just an offer. When you came in tonight, I thought you were hot looking and knew you would be a hit here. Just thought I’d stop by and give it a shot. No harm meant. No offense,” Cy said sounding disappointed. “I really took a liking to you is all. And, then, you go and tell me tonight is the first time you’ve ever had sex with another man . . . WOW . . . I thought I might get lucky with such a hunk like yourself and pop that cherry of yours.” That big bewitching smile with those big blue effervescent eyes melted me. He was hot looking. I trembled slightly in excitement and anticipation. “Well, uh, you’re working. If you weren’t working, I’d really like that a lot,” I heard myself saying with a shaking voice. “I don’t want you to get in trouble or anything.” I stopped speaking and then slowly added, “I really would like for you to, you know, uh, well . . . make me . . . not a virgin any more.” My voice trailed off. Cy looked at me from where he stood. His smile grew and slowly those perfect pure white teeth shone at me. “I manage the place; not an issue what I do. Come on. Leave your things here. I’ll get us a bigger bed and room.” PART 4 Cy took me to room 71 on the second floor. It indeed was a bigger room and bed. I had taken a towel with me and wore my jock leaving everything behind. Cy shut the door and dimmed the light leaving enough though so that we easily could see the other. He quickly slipped out of his shoes, socks, and body hugging t-shirt revealing a muscled chest with huge nipples and areolas. He looked up at me and smiled; I felt like melting into a puddle on the floor. He unsnapped the button on his jeans and unzipped them shaking them loose and down to the floor where he quickly bent over stepping out of one and then the other leg. He tossed his jeans onto the rest of his clothes as he stood up and began to approach me. I felt as if someone had taken a 1 by 10 and hit me square on my face. I became nervous and unsure from what I saw. Cy began to wrap his arms around my waist leaving me to lift my arms up around his neck. His body touched mine as he ground his huge uncut cock into my jock-covered crotch. We hugged for several minutes causing my cock to begin to stretch the material of my jock. Cy said nothing. He moved his head where I felt his tongue lightly lick on my neck followed by licking my ear externally. His tongue felt hard and thick but was quite gentle as he masterfully moved it over me sending chills down my spine and causing the hair on my head to stand up. Several minutes he continued to work on me. My nervousness began to wane. He drove me crazy when he drove his dominating tongue deeply into my ear. I shivered with excitement and anticipation. Several minutes later, Cy pulled away slowly lowering his head down my upper torso licking his way until he reached my left nipple. There, he began to lick and suckle gently if not in an almost hesitating way. My head spun. Time passed dreamlike as my head swirled from the sensation. The licking continued but I soon felt Cy’s teeth slightly abrading my nipple. I gasped while his tongue and teeth moved me psychologically along the path Cy had chosen for his deed. I was a 19 year old virgin being seduced by a probably 30 something year old man who was driving me crazy. I was heady with the sensation of his work but would not stop him from doing anything to me. Cy’s left hand moved from my waist up to my right nipple where he began to gently squeeze and pinch me. Cy would attack first one nipple and then the other returning to the first for more work. Just when I thought I could not stand his attention any longer, he began working on both nipples at the same time. His intensity of stimulation increased yet I held my objections in check. The tips were now almost raw from the work Cy had been doing to them. My cock was straining for release and had soaked my pouch with pre-cum. My hands wanted to push Cy away and a nanosecond later I wanted to pull him in closer so that he wouldn’t stop doing what he was doing. Suddenly, Cy slapped his palms over my nipples shocking me back to reality as his hands dug into my skin. With a firm grasp on me and saying not a word, he guided me to the bed where he backed me against it causing me to fall back onto the bed while my feet stayed on the floor. As I fell backwards, Cy released my nipples, knelt between my legs spreading them, pulled off my jock with some difficulty, lunged forward grasping my nipples between two fingers on each hand, and swallowed my cock to the base. The suddenness took me by surprise causing me to call out which I quickly strangled off in my throat. Cy milked my cock like an expert using his talented tongue to fire up my nerve endings as he had done to my neck and ears. Up and down my cock his mouth went using his hard tongue to massage and tease my cock. Coupled with his hands working on my nipples I found myself in complete disarray and under Cy’s magical spell. With great speed, his left hand left my right nipple and grabbed my balls massaging them downward away from my body. His hand adeptly moved my balls away from their firing position as he stopped his nipple play and sucking. He began to lightly bite up the entire length of my cock causing me to begin losing my erection. I was devastated and, oh, so, frustrated! I had been so close! Cy knew it. Cy let my softened cock slip out of his mouth as he released my balls and nipple. His hands were put below my thighs which he hoisted high up and back onto my chest where he told me to grab them and hold on. I obeyed. Cy slapped his mouth directly on my ass hole and began to lick and lick me. He lasted about a minute before he drove his pointed hard tongue into my hole. I was repulsed and turned on at the same time. I now wanted more of his tongue in me and began grunting my approval as he worked so very hard. My moans were loud and sustained. His big hands held onto my spread buttocks. He pulled his tongue from my hole and began using his teeth. I let out a loud guttural moan. It seemed his efforts doubled. Soon, I began to whimper and gasp as sweat now rolled off my body. Cy placed his mouth over my hole and began to suck and suck and suck. My head thrashed about as my fists beat the mattress beneath me causing Cy to take his hands and shove my legs back up onto my chest. This 19 year old was flying high and on the precipice of erupting once more.

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