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    Back in my days in South Beach I was getting fucked & breed at least 3 x day, even at work (bartender at a gay bight club) I take guy(s) on break to the stock room for a quick pump & dump I hate to admit was a bit on the fem side. Since the I served in the Army as an Infantry, airborne & air assault. After my discharge I became a Firefighter/Paramedic and just resigned from Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue to move back to my birth place Chicago. Still having as much sex with men as I did back in South Beach: difference u=is b=now when my ass is being pounded the guy(s) know they are fucking a tight hole of a very masculine man!
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    In my late twenties I did 3 porn in South Beach, model for badpuppy.com, and jerked off and fucked around with models on a live streaming website. Marco Vallchi, Jet Set Productions, I want to retur
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    SEX, dominate tops that take charge to service to load up, tie up and whore out to their friends, strangers, Aggressiveness, roughness, verbal. I am here to take care of the top needs my own need to cum does not have to be a concern for my tops, I'll jerk off back at home when I am pushing out all the seed I earn out of my ass and into my mouth. My only concern is the satisfaction oh the guy(s)

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  1. 10 mins ago making so far the total for the day 10. Getting dressed : ( heading to bathhouse to add more, hopefully get a group going get used and service a bunch of stiff cocks and milk them dry! Have to push some out to taste!
  2. and since that age of 13 i've always 90% of the time took every load until the last year were I now 100% of the time when I bottom take every load, refuse to be fucked with a condom.
  3. I was 13 when I got my first load by mother's second cousin who was mid thirties on his couch on my back legs up. Gave my first load to my best friend in my bedroom and then he gave me his, I was 16.
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