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Found 122 results

  1. Porn with poz talk

    Hey guys, Does anybody knows about porn with dirty poztalk?
  2. Halloween Breeding

    Halloween weekend I went out to a couple of clubs Saturday night, played on the dance floor with a couple, and after some sucking and kissing, I ended-up with each guy's dick in my hole. The actual fucking was relatively brief as they were not quite as uninhibited as am I. ; ) Afterwards I went home, got online and soon had a heavy-set middle-aged black guy with a huge cock in my bed. He was cut, and (he said) it was just under nine inches. He was totally into my ass, and, on learning I had been fucked on the dance floor, he was really turned on. The more stories I told him of past piggy encounters, the more turned on and the more verbal he became. His attack on my ass was varied, first I was on my back, then in a doggy position, and finally on my stomach. He had a nice rhythm: short strokes, then deep, fast then slow. He definitely understood how to mix it up. Finally he started to sweat more, cursing and groaning, hitting my hole hard and deep. Within five minutes he unloaded shooting lots and lots of spurts. After he caught his breath, he resumed fucking my ass as he never lost his hard-on. Again slowly, sensuously and gently fucking me as we kissed, this went on for another five minutes. He was a very nice guy, and after he withdrew we chatted while he dressed. It turned-out he and a friend had both been chatting with me on Grindr, and they had decided between the two of them who would fuck me. Unfortunately they don't fuck together, damn it! After he left I checked my phone and saw I'd been hit on by a cute, 26 year old Asian. He was horny and wanted to come over. Pretty soon he was naked, fucking me with an average cock, moving me all over the bed, and totally turned on by my cummy hole, ordering me to suck his dick whenever he pulled out. He played with my sensitive cock, lubing it and making me jump, including some verbal name calling, which he really seemed to enjoy. Me too! Eventually he shot a load in my guts, fingered my pussy for a while, then fed me some cum. He ordered me to clean his now soft, but very slick dick. As he dressed, he told me he couldn't believe what a whore I am, taking getting fucked and bred twice within an hour. He was laughing a little as he said this, and I just laughed, too. Gave me a hard slap, smirked and then was out the door.
  3. I was on the fuck bench at the bathhouse, lately it has been my favorite place to take anonymous loads. The place was fairly busy so I had only been there a minute when a guy slid his cock into my hole. I ran my hands down his hairy legs, he was built. Luckily his cock was not huge so it was a good starter cock for the evening. He gave me a nice even fucking dumping his load deep, a smack on the ass and he was gone. I turned my head and was rewarded by a cock in my face. It was a little guy, uncut and very hard. I was able to swallow it and his balls at the same time. I love uncut cut, playing and chewing on the foreskin, running my tongue in the folds. It might have been small but he sure was leaky. I often went dug deep into his piss slit for more juice. As I sucked cock a new top helped himself to my cummy hole. This guy was bigger than the last so I had to hit the poppers to help my ass adjust. The guy in my mouth got really excited when the top mounted me. I felt him reach down and feel the guys cock, checking for a condom I guess. He leaned down and told me I had raw cock up my ass. "Just giving this cumdump what he wants," was the reply from the top. "Oh yeah, this boy already has a load in him." This made the guy in my mouth even more excited. He got really vocal encouraging the guy in my ass to fuck me hard and dump his load in my guts. "How 'bout you load him up first," said the top stepping back and guiding the other guys cock in my hole. I think he was hesitant to stick his raw cock in me but the alpha top was in control and the poor guy was about out of his mind. He came hard the second he bottomed out. He bucked and bucked trying to drive his jiz as far as he could with his little dick. The bigger top pulled him aside. "Time to finish this," and he slammed into me hard. Back to the poppers. I earned that load. He fucked me hard and fast making the bench creak and groan. I thought it might fall apart. By the time he shot his wad we had an audience. The little guy hung around watching the show and stroking his still hard meat. He ended up fucking me three more times that night. His cock rock hard every time his nailed me. I'd go a couple hours and then there he'd be grinning like crazy and asking me how many loads I had taken since I had seen him. He was fun. Once the alpha top wandered off the guys that had been watching took turns on my ass. It was crazy. There was five guys maybe six taking turns on my ass and mouth. It was awesome. I was a total whore being used as a cumdump. I eventually got all their loads. Two in my mouth and the rest in my cum hole. The last guy to breed me pulled me off the bench and stuck his tongue in my mouth. He was tall and lanky, rangy with pockmarked face and very veiny. He made me so hard. "You are coming back to my room," he ordered. "I want my boyfriends to fuck you". Boyfriends? That sounded hot.....to be continued. I gotta jerk off.
  4. Any suggestions for a Black Bear Bottom to get some loads and party in Sao Paulo for Carnival?
  5. Black Bear Bottom looking to plan a trip to Amsterdam for Pride. Any ideas of the best parties to take a few loads?
  6. Start off with my latest sexual adventure! Happened on Friday Oct 6th 2017, like most of my bathhouse adventures start in at gloryhole. Sucking is my favorite sexual activity, the feeling of a mans cock throbbing in my mouth as I suck him to completion the feeling of his warm load filling my mouth, savoring the taste of him is incredible! I spent 3hrs sucking, swallowing 14 loads. After 3hrs and a nice amount of cum swallowed I wanted to get fucked, I never set out with a goal of how many loads I want I get what I get as long as I'm enjoying it and giving the tops around me pleasure I'm satisfied! As any good cum obsessed bottom I do try to get as many as I can! As the evening moved into night and the night moved into the morning I got fucked in the sling, fuck bench, sauna, private room and the hallway with a total of 26 loads not including those I swallowed, I only count loads dumped in my ass. After getting home and crawling to bed I was still way too horny to sleep and went on Grindr and found two tops to fuck me, adding 2 more loads bringing my total loads to 28! Load count: Swing 6 / Fuck Bench 8 / Sauna 3 / Private Room 7 / Hallway 2 / Grindr 2 / Total Loads 28 I also share on my twitter @18plusmen
  7. Six Loads on October 4th

    On October 4th I received a text from a regular who said he needed to unload. In addition a friend came around to fuck me. In addition I was fucked by my boyfriend. The first load was at 6:45 PM. It was from the regular, who was bursting and hadn't shot for a few days. Then my friend arrived at 7:00 PM and I promptly took his load. I really enjoyed taking his cock as it is nine inches in length and quite thick. With two loads in my ass my friend and I cuddled and chatted. Then about 7:45 PM my boyfriend came home and joined us, blowing his huge load into my hole. He really loves fucking me using other guy's cum as lube. After my boyfriend blew, my friend found himself so turned on from having watched us fuck that he got hard again, and gave me a second load. I was so high on poppers that I went to get a drink of water at this point, and I took a minute to text a guy who lives down the road, telling him I had four loads in my ass. Now, my neighbor really likes fucking sloppy or cummy holes. Sure enough, no sooner had my friend left when the neighbor arrived, promptly giving me my fifth load. He was a sure shot, particularly as he hadn't cum for five days. After rimming and felching my hole for a bit, he pushed his cock in and before long gave me a huge load of his cum. He thanked me and left. Afterwards my boyfriend came back upstairs, quickly got undressed, and slid into my ass. Clearly he was completely turned-on by the volume of cum which had been blown into my hole that night as after only a few strokes he blew his second load into my ass, taking my tally for the night to six loads.
  8. Indianapolis, Lawrence

    Total Masc, hwp, insatiable Bottom loves being a DAYTIME/WEEKDAY CUM DUMP. Located in Lawrence, always hosting. 347-413-1256. Load me up Men!
  9. Business Trip

    I was on a great business trip recently during which I contacted two fuck buds, both of whom were interested in getting some cum loads. Bud #1 came over early and got naked right away. He pulled off my shorts, sucked my cock hard, we kissed and licked each other's nipples. Of course this went right to his cock as he was dripping and horned as hell. I fingered his hole, pushed him down, and rimmed his ass. He squirmed crazily. Just before I slid my cock deep inside his hole, we poppered up. It felt so ..fucking good. I fucked for all I was worth. He bucked back to meet my thrusts. Several times we switched positions, and eventually I ended-up on top and hammered his hole until I blasted a large load deep inside. He cock was drooling liberally all over the bed. We took a break and after a few minutes he again sucked me. We changed positions and this time I fucked him doggie style. His ass felt amazingly good as it was wet and slippery. Laying back on the mattress, I had him ride my cock as he jerked-off a load, as I blasted another load inside him. Afterwards he had to leave, and as he dressed he commented he couldn't wait until the next time we played. I heard from guy #2. He said he couldn't come over because he was stuck at work. I replied "Fine, let's get together tomorrow night." About two hours later I was about to go out for dinner when I received a text saying he was in the parking lot and needed to get fucked bad. I invited him up to my hotel room, where, once he walked through the door he dropped his clothing and was on my cock in seconds. Although I had blown two loads only a couple hours earlier, the idea of getting more hole had me hard as hell. He lay down on the bed, I mounted him, and fucked for all I was worth. Fortunately he had pre-lubed. Clearly he was ready and horny!! I pumped another load out, my third, but his first, as we both grunted and groaned in pleasure. Honestly it felt so fucking good. Afterwards I invited him to join me for dinner. We dressed, my load still inside his ass, and got dinner. Back at the hotel we stripped again and had an extended fuck session during which I blew two more loads inside his ass. My balls felt totally empty. He was happy as could be, and extended his thanks as he left, but not before we made plans to get together the next morning. Although he didn't have a great deal of time, he squeezed in a visit early the next morning, we fucked and I loaded him again. I'm looking forward to my business trip next month!!
  10. Dutch delights loads challenge

    Dutch power bottom here. Hosting a total RAW gangbang in London in private studio. No entrance fee charged Over 100 guys applied via BBRTS so far so will be busy. I'll take all loads, guarenteed. Even if they are forced in the end. This is part of my international loads challenge tour and personally I have to beat the Berlin record of 78 loads. But as far as I know the general record of loads in one GB is 170. Would love to beat that number!! London guys; show me you can deliver Many BIG loads!! October 12th from 4.30 PM till early morning. See www.dutchdelight.eu for more info and contact opportunities. Also more info in events section of this site. Let me know if you're interested and wanna join please! Feel free to share details and/or website to others interested.
  11. been taking dicks loads fists all night loaded up here stop by use my twisted hole how you like it get off inside me
  12. Rawlatinojock bbrt CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. California boy First time visiting Austin Texas. My 20th Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  13. CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. Masc Latino boy First time visiting Austin Texas. A Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  14. Yesterday was my birthday....so as any good slut and cumdump would do, I hit the local version of the bathes here in Minneapolis...stripped, walked over to a fuck bench and did not leave it all night...I lost count of how many men fucked my hole last night...but it has left me hornier than ever... Need any tops in Minneapolis that need a hole to drop a load or 3 in to hmu!! Hosting all day and night today...
  15. I'm a Hairy cub in town for work for a few days looking to take loads in my hotel room or meet up at steamworks. Sept 26 and 27. Party posted on bbrt hairybttmcub. Hit me up
  16. Send me your loads

    Anyone want to send me their loads so I can inject them into my hole? I'll film each load. Message me if you're interested
  17. Sling etiquette

    Hey guys I was just wondering as a bottom, if I am in a sling at a bathhouse, it is unwritten etiquette to take on every cock that comes my way , or is it ok for the bottom say no not you? "not that I would ever say no to a hard cock'. I personally feel it is my duty to service every cock that I am honored enough to be fucked by. Bottoms have you ever refused a cock while in the sling at the bathhouse? Tops have you seen somebody refused? if so is this a turn off for you?
  18. Atlantic City Poz bottom

    Recently diagnosed poz, NEED to be used like a cheap whore! One on one, or in groups, your place, a sleazy motel room, an adult bookstore/theater, your car, an alley, wherever! No condoms allowed! Love ALL sizes, colors, shapes! Total cumdump looking for loads! Into most scenes, just ask!
  19. BB no limits bear looking to be bred by all comers. No loads refused. Want to see how many loads I can take before Xmas. Have sling in garage. Perfect for travelers on I-84. Off the Love's exit two hours houses down from state park. Text before you come and let me know you are from breedingzone. No condoms. Knock me up. Tops only text 503-334-8674
  20. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  21. Michigan CUM dump beed to get fucked

    I need to be a mans fuckhole so bad. He needs to empty in my ass and I am also open to a gang bang. 734-252-9634. I am willing to also travel to Ohio and Indiana for cock.
  22. Born to be a pig bottom

    I've been shoving things up my cunt since I was 12. Always wanting to play with my hole like it was my main sex organ. As I grew older I found out that it would turn out to be true! When I entered high school I did what most of us do. I buried these feelings deep down inside of me, so far down I never wanted them to resurface, then in my senior year I had that moment of vulnerability, that moment of temptation. He was the catcher on my baseball team. He was hot, he was cocky, he had a smoking bod & we had a bromance going on. In hindsight I think we both knew at the time what we both wanted to do with each other, but it never needed to be said. We could both sense the sexual tension in the air & we needed to get it out of our systems. I lost my virginity to him and his 11 inch cock & I didn't even cry. Sure it wasn't easy getting that massive thing inside me, but I was determined! He plowed my ass while my little bottom boi dick bounced around and dribbled pre-cum. From then on I was hooked! After high school I would learn how to use my hot ass and twink look to seduce all the big dicked tops! I would wear jocks and thongs to show off my hole. I got my first booty bump from a porn star friend. from then on my cunt became insatiable and needed bigger cocks, bigger dildos, and bigger fists! I watched as my once pucker shaped hole transformed into the puffy lipped slit shaped cunt it is today. I've been mounted so many times my cunt dilates and puffs out on a single touch. In the sling I can take a fist all the way to the elbow. I was born to take it in the ass, I was born to be a pig bottom. Now that I've started my bug chasing phase only one thing remains. My used cunt recently sprouted its wart farm. I love fingering my cunt and feeling around in my currently bumpy cunt making those cuntflaps of mine all swollen and puffy! Now all I need is the gift and my journey towards the dark side will be complete. I will fulfill my destiny as a poz pig and hopefully be collared by some master to be a pet party pig to pass around and gang bang with all their friends! Oink oink!
  23. Tops love opened creamed holes

    The bf was spending Sunday with his folks so I was both bored and fucking horny. He threw a quick fuck and load into me before he left for the day and all that served to do was make me horny as all fuck - and he was not going to be back until Monday night. I knew I needed ore than one cock an one load in me - so I started trawling the net pretty early - like 11 am. I was prepared to travel or host all the same to me as long I got fucked and bred. There were plenty of guys online on both Grindr and BBRTS that had fucked me before - and one an Asian guy called Tony - nice thick uncut cock and good hard fucker - started charting to me. He had fucked me with other tops a couple of times before and he asked me if I was going to put myself out for a group. I said I was ready to take all and whoever. I already had a load in me for lube and I just needed more. I put up a quick connect ad and started both messaging and texting previous fucks. Told them all I had been opened up and bred by the bf and was in the mood to pig out on cock and seed. In no time I had four tops in their cars on their way to mine (Tony included). I jumped into the shower, and got naked ready for the guys when they arrived - leaving the front door open, turning on the music and putting some raw porn on. The four tops had all bred me several times before, I was used to how all of them fucked and used to all their cocks so I was as horny as. While I was waiting for them I hatched a plan that I would ask them to DP me. It is my favourite form of sex. I just go crazy and being a bottom that just loves width and that wonderful feeling of being split in two by cock I was hoping they would be up for it. What an afternoon! Got bred 10 times and my mancunt ended up puffy and swollen and dripping - just the way I love it. Rob and Tony obliged me DPing me for a good 10 minutes which was cock heaven for me. David stayed back after the others left as he wanted to spend some time felching seed out of me before he took me in the shower and and gave me a wonderful piss drenching to finish me off. After he left I just sat on the floor of the shower savouring the hole wrecking and total using I got from the guys. A fair bit of seed had leaked out of me or been felched out - but I was determined to keep whatever I could of their beautiful seed in me for as long as I could. So I got my trusty butt plug, put it in my sore hole and had a shower. I was exhausted but what a way to spend a Sunday?
  24. Slammer tonight at 10pm

    Taking loads at Slammer tonight from 10 until late. No load refused.
  25. Loading up in Paris.

    Had my first night in Paris of what I'm calling my tour to be a whore. First stop was Mec Zone, advertised as a small local bar with a dark room in the basement. Not much of a crowd but as long as they were willing to fuck my ass I didn't care who it was. Ordered a beer and then went down in the dark room where one guy who'd been checking me out followed me down the stairs. I immediately pulled down my shorts to show the leather jockstrap that I was wearing and to show that I was available. He came over he felt up my ass, stick his finger in my hole, and then ate me out but it didn't progress beyond that. That seem to be the general theme so after about an hour I decided to move on. Mensch.... immediately upon entering this bar I knew things would be much better… The bartender who was hot and naked with a great Prince Albert informed me that some Americans get nervous when they come here because of the naked policy. I told him I had no problem with that and that I came here to participate so I quickly stripped down to my jockstrap. Got my beer and then headed downstairs to the darkroom and play space area. More of a crowd and this crowd was ready to play. The theme was leather night but most people were pretty naked. While walking around I could feel the eyes on me and I knew things were going to happen. An older gentleman with an average dick size was following me so I leaned over a fuck bench and stuck up my ass in his direction. I've learned the value of that first fuck as it encourages others to follow. Which is what happened that night he entered started going at it and within five minutes shot his load in me pushing it in as far as he could. In rapid succession, five more tops followed with several more loads. I had no idea who was fucking me which I always find exhilarating. I love just being used like that. After that nice little train… I spent the remainder of the evening walking around and having repeats as the crowd did not get really any bigger. Had some time in a sling with a nice couple from Paris. Altogether a great time! The bar closed and being the horny asshole that I am… I wanted more dick up my ass. I get to the point where I feel insatiable...just want more and more. Headed to Krash bar because they stayed open until five and have a dark room. Same procedure… Got the beer and immediately headed downstairs. Mostly drunk and horny guys at this point wanting to fuck but unfortunately too drunk to get hard. Had a couple of good pounding sessions from two African guys Who got me in a booth and had their way with me. They took turns using both of my holes… I'll be sucking one off and the other one would be pounding my hole. One of the Africans had a nice 10 inch dick that I could fit in my hole but not in my mouth. He was merciless in his pounding. They both got off degrading me…slapping my head, shoving on my back to arch further, and showing no regard for my hole except what pleased them. Staggered out into the dawn with cum dripping down my leg and walked back to my hotel. this is my first load post… Let me know if it's too long, what you think, or if you'd like me to continue writing about my trip...thank you.

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