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  1. Two years ago I was in DC at the Eagle and two muscular black guys in their mid-30s in harnesses and I were cruising each other. I was 38 at the time, smooth athletic build and wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I finally went over to talk to them and one of them said "Come on. You're going back to our place, you fucking pig." Sounded good to me so I followed them back to their place. We get there and they tell me to strip down to the black jock I was wearing, and to get into the sling. They also stripped, although they left on their harnesses. Next thing I know my right arm was tied above my head and one of the guys asked me if I partied. I said I smoked some T before, but not much. They just looked at each other. They asked if I was poz, to which I answered "No, I'm neg." Another look. Next thing I knew I saw three syringes with orange caps. Being tied-up in a sling, I started to panic a little, but the bigger of the two guys, Terry, said "Relax, we got ya." I responded "Please, don't." Terry replied "You're still our slut for the night." Next thing I knew he wiped my forearm with an alcohol swap, and inserted a needle into my arm. I saw a tinge of blood enter the syringe and then he depressed the plunger, injecting the liquid into my arm. I completely lost my breath and gasped, but Terry encouraged me to take a deep breath. I coughed three or four times, and then felt warm and tingly. My ass felt as if it was on fire. I just looked at Terry and Tom, the other top, and blurted out "Please, fuck me. Please, give me your cock." The two guys laughed at me and said "Good boy, now we have you the way we like you - a hungry Tina junkie, begging for cock." Tom approached to fuck me with his 9.5 inch big black cock. When I realized he was not wearing a condom, I said "No, not raw, please, SIR" but he responded "Shut up, slut and take it" and with that he rammed his entire raw cock into my ass, and all I could do was beg for it. He chuckled "What do you want, white boy?" I answered "Please fuck me SIR." Tom yelled "You want this nigger cock boy?" I muttered "Yes, SIR." I didn't wanna say it. but he made me, and finally I screamed "Fuck me SIR - give me that huge nigger cock up my pussy." Good slut" he replied, and proceeded to fuck me then grunted "Take my poz load boy - here it comes." I was so high I begged him to breed me. When Tom withdrew, Terry was next at bat, and Tom disappeared downstairs. Same thing - another case of "Take my big black cock boy" and as he fed me his 10.5. inches. It was so fucking thick I kept the poppers handy and was begging for it up my pig cunt. He also bred me and as he blew his load I found myself saying "Feed me your cum SIR, breed me" to which he responded "Here it comes, boy - another poz load for your pussy." When he pulled-out and I could feel cum dripping down my legs. My hole felt so empty and I squirmed in the sling, at which point Terry pick-up a huge red butt plus and proceeded to shove it up my pig cunt. It felt soooo good to be stuffed. Then he disappeared downstairs for a good 15 minutes. Next thing I knew, Terry, Tom and two more huge black muscle guys walked into the room. Terry (or was it Tom?) said to the guys "Here's the junkie slut we are pozzing. You want some?" The guys immediately stripped and proceeded to slam themselves. While they were prepping themselves, Tom asked me "You need another slam boy? This time its gonna be a big one - we want you really fucked up." Tom proceeded to stick himself and draw some of his blood into the syringe. As I watched, he depressed the plunger only a bit. The next thing I knew he pulled it out of his arm and stuck me with it - injecting his poz blood into my arm. No sooner had the contents of the syringe entered my blood stream, well, I was flying! I coughed even harder this time and all four of the guys laughed at me. Tom said "Good slut - I just gave you a .5 slam." My pussy was on fire like never before. They untied me from the sling and put me on the bed where they proceeded to take turns on me for over three hours. They even double fucked me. My pussy couldn't get enough bareback cock. The two guests also bred me, so I had four loads in my pig cunt when one of the guys brought out some huge fucking dildos. I honestly didn't think I could take them but certainly wanted to try. I took a deep hit of poppers and the guys proceeded to wreck my hole with extra large black dildos, eventually shoving two in me at once. Sometime later the two guests left, and Tom and Terry fucked me some more, eventually depositing loads five and six in my ass. Late morning I left, and as we parted, Terry and Tom said "Good slut - we want you again. Welcome to the world of poz pig play - you fucking Tina slut." Part 2 next time.
  2. Last year I was talking to this hot black muscle top for a good two weeks online. He was mid-30's, 200, big pecs, 45c, 32w, 8uc - a big tattd up muscle top/vers pig. We went back and forth for a few weeks til we were able to hook up. He asked if I partied n I said yes. We finally make a date and he comes over. He was hotter and nastier than his pics and I was in heaven. We start to get naked and J.P. asks if I slam? I said I have twice before but I really don't like needles. He said - "Trust me". So he proceeds to pull out two orange tipped rigs and prepare them. All I wanted was his cock up my ass having smoked some before he got there. He lays back, pulls out an alcohol swap and sticks himself and said he needed me to do two things and if I would do them he'd really take care of me. I'm like sure....he wants to me "check the rig" and tells me what to do. I slowly pull back the plunger and I see a little red liquid fill the rig. He was like great - your doing good - now slowly push the plunger all the way in. I did as I was told and he immediately goes into heaven. He pushes my head to his pecs which I suck on and then tells me to lick his massive amounts of pre-cum oozing from his 8 inches. After about 5 minutes he said"Now its your turn". I wasn't sure but I wanted to be a really nasty pig with him so was like sure lets do it. He lays me back and says he promises I will feel nothing at first but a slight prick. The smell of the alcohol swab really kinda turns me on in a way. I feel the prick and see the blood filling up. JP says "now you may cough a bit - don't worry just go with it and trust me everything will be ok." I slowly see the red tinted liquid fill my vein and he undoes the belt around my arm, swaps me with an alcohol again and looks at with those nasty sexy pig eyes of his. I cough for a few seconds and immediately feel like I'm in fucking heaven. I have never felt so good or so damn horny. I lay back and spread my legs wide open for him. I'm so fucking horny I'm whispering "fuck me JP - fuck me please baby. Make me your fucking pig." He puts his raw cock in me and starts pounding away but I wanted it nasty and rough. I started moaning "fuck my white pussy please - fuck my pussy!!!" He starts pounding away at me and we go at it off and on for a few hours. During a break I get up and pull out 4 or 5 nice size dildos including one huge one I have never taken before. JP's eyes light up and I'm glad he approves. He asks if I'm ready for another slam and I immediately say yes! He says the first one he gave me was a .2 but this one will be a .3. I'm like ok whatever and he explains it will be a little stronger - sounded good to me. We do the same procedure - I do him and service him for 5 min or so then he does me. He said remember don't be afraid of the cough. It hits and I cough even more than the first time but I was in even more heaven. I start moaning "fuck my pussy with a big dildo SIR - please use my pussy!!". He proceeds to take a big blak dildo and just ram me hard non stop for a good 15 minutes. Combine the slam with the poppers and I was feeling amazing! I'm like "the big one SIR - please the BIG ONE!!!" He goes for the 14x10 dildo I had never even come close to taking and the head just falls right in. Same thing he fucks the hell out of me for a good hour with different dildos. Needless to say he stayed four more days and by the time he left he fed me my first .4. He turned me out to slamming big time and I will be forever grateful. More stories with JP to follow - not to mention the one time he gave me a .5.

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