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  1. Two years ago I was in DC at the Eagle and two muscular black guys in their mid-30s in harnesses and I were cruising each other. I was 38 at the time, smooth athletic build and wearing jeans and a t-shirt. I finally went over to talk to them and one of them said "Come on. You're going back to our place, you fucking pig." Sounded good to me so I followed them back to their place. We get there and they tell me to strip down to the black jock I was wearing, and to get into the sling. They also stripped, although they left on their harnesses. Next thing I know my right arm was tied above m
  2. Last year I was talking to this hot black muscle top for a good two weeks online. He was mid-30's, 200, big pecs, 45c, 32w, 8uc - a big tattd up muscle top/vers pig. We went back and forth for a few weeks til we were able to hook up. He asked if I partied n I said yes. We finally make a date and he comes over. He was hotter and nastier than his pics and I was in heaven. We start to get naked and J.P. asks if I slam? I said I have twice before but I really don't like needles. He said - "Trust me". So he proceeds to pull out two orange tipped rigs and prepare them. All I wanted was his
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