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  1. Looking for a versTop in LA or the surrounding areas (Palm Springs San Diego) who’s good at breaking in cumdumps. That can Tie them in Their sling and arrange a Good Time. Very open minded go with the flow. Love gear from spandex to latex rubber suits. Ok with being filmed. Need to be corrupted. 29, 5’10, 165, 7c, versbttm. Smooth. Neg on prep. Smart. don’t mind older as long as there’s not a creep factor. An established group would be fun or to be the backup bottom for a gangbang.
  2. it's sort of like when guys randomly start to call you sir. One day you encounter your older self it's like wham… I'm OLDDDDD. :: faints ::
  3. What's in Santa Rosa? I've been there a few times. Get up there every now and then. Live in LA. If you wanna come to LA… I have a sling.
  4. This story is from somewhere else… from a while ago...
  5. Dude. Burner numbers. Google Voice. Keep a separate GV number and don't register it with anything so you're not linked to it. Easy to block people too. When you do they get a "this number as been disconnected" message. Though I also have gotten so distrusting of people in Los Angeles that I usually do a quick background check on hookups and if their number is a burner, I usually don't. Oh and use Signal. Best encrypted messaging calling texting whatever app.
  6. nope. also down for a conversion party. LA, Palm Springs, SF
  7. Looking for a dom guy to whore me out today and tomorrow. Start easy and then drag me to spas, slammer, what ever. Collar and harness. film it. whatever you want. need it.
  8. I need a pimp daddy. Where in LA can I get one?
  9. "Had a great time at theBlack Party with my brother." - Boy4You last year. heh
  10. I wanna go on spring break.
  11. Yeah. Once I get going ever breath out had a little moan to it. Like a dog in heat. I even apologized the other night. I was annoying myself after awhile.
  12. Anywhere in Los Angeles they do these? I need one. haha
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