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    North Wales, UK
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    Open minded, discovering I'm more pervy than piggy. Pretty experienced and comfortable with experimenting rather than saying no straight away.
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    Poz, On Meds
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    10 years poz, rugby build, exhibitionist, open book, chem friendly and in control.

    After receiving some messages I feel its important to clarify my position on a few things:

    Fantasies are completely fictional.
    Consent is essential.
    Physical and mental health are important.
    I have no tolerance for abuse.
    Kink-shaming is not cool.

    I'll never willingly or knowingly put another at risk of harm, and I have no interest in stopping my medication.
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    Raw only, similarly or more experienced, versatile, hairy or at least beard/stubble, similar age or older, comfortable with sleaze.

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  1. Hi there CummyBear, thanks for following me at BZ 😈

    1. CummyBearUK


      My pleasure, pig 🐽 

  2. Nope, definitely not alone. For a bit of cum n go fun then heading to the gloryholes or getting in a sling at a sauna does the job just fine. Don't need to talk, don't even need to see their face. Just after cock and cum. And through it all there's a thrill about this total stranger in my mouth/hole and getting him to unload, before finding another one.
  3. I've always had a throbbing, hard spot for this story. It never fails to bring me to full mast for a wank, or simply the hope that one massage, one day, will follow a similar path.
  4. Oink, very hot story @swine, thanks for writing it!
  5. Thanks for the follow fellow slut

    1. CummyBearUK


      Welcome pig 

  6. Ahh, a good point. Doesn't seem quite as exciting after reading that.
  7. I've not been on, or had any interest in, cruise ship holidays...until today!
  8. Thanks for the follow, sexy!


    1. CummyBearUK


      My pleasure stud :@)

  9. 22 loads over 3 hours at Pig Week 2018
  10. What a fantastic horny story, thank you for sharing it with us. Very hot!
  11. Nice! I'll never look at an ice cream guy the same way again, hoping he's like this one 🐷
  12. @CummyBearXXX Vers stocky beary [banned word] in North Wales/NW UK
  13. Really hot story bud, and I loved that little twist at the end. Please continue to write more, and I look forward to reading them!
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