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    Young white tall bottom dude in Southern California, awesome tight ass I like to share around get my hole pounded, raped, and slammed full of hot man seed. HIV neg here and looking for top dudes to breed and seed my hole with this charged loads.
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    Hot hard verbal raw fucking and seeding, get my ass used by tons of guys and at the end of the day my hole is sore and dripping spunk from the every guy in the neighborhood.

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  1. All the best on your birthday!

  2. Hey guys, tall white young bottom dude in Anaheim, looking around for some hot fun. Interested in finding a top dude to use me ass hard and rough, total intense, verbal fucking bareback until my hole is open and dripping your seed. If your looking, hit me up and let's have some fun.
  3. Bottom dude in Anaheim next to Disneyland looking for tops that like to fuck and breed. Neg dude looking for hot rough poz breeders!

  4. Came home from work early one night and decided I wanted to get plowed good, had not been fucked in some time so thought it was time for a nice cock. I hit up Craig's List and posted an ad, "looking for top dude to plow me silly." After a few replies this dude hits me up, hot as fuck, 32, blond, blue, nice defined body and great 8in cock, he's looking an anonymous pound fuck and go. So I'm like cool sounds hot, I shoot him over my address, since he was only a couple miles away he would be here in just a few minutes, so I hop off the computer then turn off all the lights in my apartment, get on my bed, on all 4s and wait. Just a few minutes later I hear my front door open and close, some shuffling around and someone entering my room, a warm hand brushes my ass and hole, he spits on my hole and inserts a finger, tells me how tight I am. I tell him there is some condoms on the dresser, he says nah, its cool, I've got one. Just as quickly as he says those words I feel him spit on my hole again then him force his cock into my hole, shoving it in with one push until he's balls deep, his gentle voice and manor changes and be begins to get aggressive. You like that faggot? he shouts at me, surprised and still reeling from the intense fucking, I gasp out yea. He pulls out his rock hard cock and shoves it back in, getting louder and more aggressive with each stroke he asks, how about now? After a few minutes, he picks up pace, now pinning me down to the bed, his breathing getting heavier, feeling his sweat poor onto me, he puts his head by my hear and tells me I've got a secrete for you... moaning I ask what it is, and he proclaims he's not wearing a condom. Turned on, I tell him to use my ass good and how much I love his raw cock, he tells me good, where do I want him to cum, i start to say something and he interrupts, you want me to breed you faggot? I could only say, yes please.. breed me!! He tells me he's getting close, then says, hey I have another secret, now waiting for a response from me, he says he's poz and here it comes. Then I feel him moan loud and him grind his cock deep into my ass and my hole burning, him shooting pulse after pulse deep into me, not knowing what's happening, I push back and pushes deeper into me, tell me yea faggot, take it all, take my poz seed. Before I know it, he's zipping out and walking out the door, calling me a stupid faggot and I deserve what's coming to me.
  5. Bottom in Newport Beach - Orange County, Calfiornia in search of dudes that are looking to pound a bottom and breed deep. I want a hard rough intense fuck, if you got the time let's just fuck all day and make me your bitch. I can host so hit me up, email me here on at disneymagic022002@gmail.com. If your not in the area, please don't email me. THANKS.
  6. Young White Total Bareback bottom looking for loads in vegas, hosting at my hotel anytime between 12/12 to 12/15, looking to get my ass bred good and often, want as many loads as I can get, hit me up on here at disneymagic022002@gmail.com
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