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Found 229 results

  1. On Thursday I stayed overnight in downtown Louisville and decided I'd try to take as much anonymous cock as I possibly could. Before I checked into the hotel, I stopped at one of the adult bookstores with an arcade that has gloryholes between the booths. It was around 5:00, and the arcade was packed with men heading home from work. Within two minutes of entering the arcade, I spotted a hot young cub and entered the booth near where he was standing. He immediately entered the adjoining booth. Within seconds it seemed (I hadn't even deposited tokens into the video machine), there was a hefty already erect piece of meat sticking through the gloryhole, around 7-7.5" and thick. I squat down and begin to suck his cock. He pulls his cock back and motions for me to stick my cock through the hole. I really didn't want to be sucked, but whatever. One hand cups my balls, lifting up my cock and my balls toward the top of the hole. Then I feel a spit-lubed finger slide under my balls until it reaches my hole. He pushes a finger hard and deep into my hole. Then a second and third finger. He abruptly pulls out and orders me to put my ass up to the hole. He spits into his hand, and I hear him stroking his cock. I feel the slick head of his cock at the entrance of my hole. Suddenly he pushes and his entire cock goes balls deep in my hole--bareback. I wince and immediately wonder if I can handle his girth slamming my hole without more lube. He doesn't go easy. In and out rapidly, never letting up at any point. After about one minute of piston fucking, he pushes into my hole, holds his cock there, and breeds me deep. He slides out slowly, and not a drop of cum drips out of my hole. He quickly pulls up his pants and leaves. Within a minute, a middle aged black guy, short and average build, enters the booth and drops his pants. I gasp at the sight. His cock hangs there, not erect, at around six inches. He slides his dick through the hole and whispers "suck it white boy." So I kneel down and take the soft black flesh in my mouth, sucking on it with a slow pace. His cock grows, and grows, and grows, until the girth is so big I can barely take more than half of it down my throat without gagging. I pull my mouth off his cock and keep one hand on it, stroking, as I lube my hole and take a deep hit of poppers. It was time to take this impressive BBC in my ass. Right as I begin to line up the head of his cock with my hole, he pulls his cock from the gloryhole. Damn, he doesn't want to fuck, I thought. So I position my ass so that my hole is visible through the gloryhole in case he changes his mind. I hear the pop of a lube bottle and seconds later that monster black cock pushes into his hole. He's only about halfway in and I feel so full I cannot imagine how I can take more of it. With one thrust the rest of his cock enters. His cock was so thick I felt like I might faint. My asshole spasmed uncontrollably. After the initial shock, my body felt immense pleasure...something I had never experienced before while being fucked. He began to slide his cock in and out at a slow pace, picking up some speed but never impaling my ass with his huge dick. His breathing got heavier and his pace slowed once again. As he held his cock balls deep in my hole, I could feel it expand and spasm, flooding me with his sperm. Like the first load, this one was buried deep. I pulled off his cock and got on my knees to clean him up, tasting the remnants of his cum, the first guy's load, and my ass juices. At this point my ass needs to rest, so I exit the booth and make a couple of rounds through the arcade to see what goods might be available. There's a fit, very attractive white guy in his late 40s or early 50s that catches my attention. He doesn't seem interested. But as I walk past him, he begins to follow me. So I enter a booth with a rather large square gloryhole, and he enters the adjoining booth. He stands there quietly for a few minutes. I get the sense he's either nervous or waiting for me to stick my cock through the hole. He puts money into the video machine and begins to caress this hardening cock through his pants. I begin to see the outline of what appears to be a very impressive cock. He's wearing a wedding ring too, which ups the hotness factor. After what seems like an eternity (no more than five minutes, of course), he frees the cock from his underwear. Then he pulls down his pants and underwear, revealing not only a thick nine inches but beautiful, hairy muscular legs and a pair of low-hangers. I squat down and motion for him to stick his cock through the gloryhole. He doesn't take the bait. After waiting about a minute, he bends down and says he only wants to fuck my ass, not get sucked. How could I say no to that request?! So I push my ass up to the gloryhole and wait. I hear some rustling in his booth and hear that familiar tearing sound. Is he putting on a condom? If he is, I'd rather leave and get to my hotel. His cock begins to enter my hole. I think it's bare. To confirm, I reach under my balls and glide my fingers up to my hole. He is indeed barebacking me. The sound must have been a lube packet. With the two loads already in my hole plus the lube, his big white cock enters with ease. He picks up the pace and deposits a load within a couple of minutes. This time when he pulls out I feel cum dribble out my now-gaping hole. Next story: I take six BBC and one BWC at the hotel in four hours. Total load count for that night: 11
  2. The door was unlocked when I pushed it open, just as he had said it would be. I stepped inside, locked the door behind myself, and took a quick glance around: the apartment was small and cheap but clean, and the lighting was dim. "In here," a voice called from a doorway and I followed it to the man's bedroom. There was barely enough light leaking in from the curtained window to see the guy I'd come to fuck. Even in the dim light I could see he was chubby, his ass on display as he lay ass up and face down on the edge of his bed naked except for a blindfold around his eyes. We'd met on Grindr and he had quickly invited me over to fuck him anon. As I let my jeans and boxers drop he looked back even though he couldn't see, his wide pale ass shaking enticingly as his thick cock drooped underneath him. I could smell the body wash on him, his hair still wet from a fresh shower as I knelt down behind him. Giving his fat ass a spank that makes it jiggle he let out a gasp then a low groan as I spread his cheeks to expose his pink hole. Wasting no time, I dove in, tongue lashing at the pucker as I slobbered and sucked his hole making him moan like a bitch. Already he started to rock against my face as I ate him out, my tongue prodding his asshole to taste him and get him ready for my cock that was already growing hard and dripping. He clutched at the bedsheets as he shook from the pleasure, the sounds of my ravenous rimming and his moans filling the air. Reaching between his thick thighs I found his cock hard and throbbing as it leaked precum, giving it a few strokes that made him whimper and moan out. Pulling back I worked a single thick finger into his loosened, slick hole and rubbed against his prostate making his cock lurch in my hand. The chubby faggots hole clenched around my fingers as I added a second, working him open and stroking his prostate to really get him dripping in my grasp. Grinning as he moaned like a needy whore I asked, "Ready to get fucked faggot?" My dick throbbed as he groaned out against the bed before turning his head to gasp out, "Yes, fuck me," he pleaded. I wasn't going to wait. Giving his cock and prostate a few strokes for good measure, I stood up and pressed the broad tip of my uncut cock against his spit-slicked pucker, which I prodded, teasing him, just to hear him moan. I was just about to thrust into him when he seemed to remember something and reached back to place his hand on my hip, "Wait!" he pointed at his nightstand where a few condom packages and a bottle of lube sat, "Gotta use a condom," he warned. I was ready to just force my dick into him right then even if I had to hold him down and rape him but I just grunted in disappointment as I reached out and took a condom and the bottle. Ripping open the wrapper I regretfully rolled the rubber across my cock. Popping the cap on the lube I slathered up my covered dick then poured a generous amount right onto his hole. Without bothering to work it into his asshole I lined up with it and pushed hard to make up for lost time with that unfortunate distraction. The chub let out a pained yelp and collapsed on his wide belly as several rough thrusts let me rest balls-deep in his tight ass. Laying myself on top of him I pinned him against the bed as I rotated my hips, savoring how his hole clenched at my cock as I stirred his insides, growling in his ear, "Hope you have thick walls, fag. Neighbors gonna hear you." His only response was to squirm underneath me. Drawing my hips back until only the fat crown of my cock remained in him I dropped back down, hilting myself in one rough thrust that knocked the air out of him mid-moan. With my weight holding him down all he could do was spread his legs even wider as I started to bounce off his ass, my fat cock plowing his hole with wet slapping sounds when my fat nuts clapped off his hairless pair. With my fingers grabbing him by the back of he neck I pounded him hard and fast, the chubby slut moaning out while starting to clench his hole around my cock with each pull out before thrusting back in. The bed had started to bang against the wall, letting his neighbors know without a doubt that someone was getting thoroughly fucked. Yet as I relished his whimpers and needy groans the feeling of the condom wrapped around me kept me from fully enjoying it. Propping myself up on my elbow I looked down to where my condom covered cock was pummeling his hole and the sight of the dark image of a biohazard tattoo on my hip making up my mind as I readied myself to rip the rubber off and really enjoy myself.
  3. I was in Salt Lake City and was horny for another cum and dump party, so, I rented a motel room at the same Salt Lake motel that I had used the last time I had hosted one of these in SLC. It's just across the railroad tracks from downtown SLC. It's in an area of town that is largely black and Hispanic. As soon as I had checked into the hotel, about 5:00 PM, I sent out my room number to those guys who had previously responded to my BBRT, Squirt and Craigslist ads. I also placed a new advertisement on Craigslist and listed myself on BBRT in the "quick connect" section and logged myself into Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'd. Then I douched myself, showered and rechecked my messages, where I found two new replies from guys who wanted to come over immediately. Placing some duct tape over the door locks on my room door, I finished responding to all the other replies, then turned off the room lights and got ready to take some dick. The first guy entered my room at 5:30 PM. He promptly ordered me to my knees, demanding I suck his cock until it was hard. He was a young kid, probably about 23, probably an American Indian. His body as a bit pudgy and his chest was hairless. I sucked on his cock for several minutes until he was hard, then I climbed on the bed, positioning my ass up. He spat on my hole, then slid his smallish cock into my ass, fucking me for about five minutes before he planted the first load of my evening into my ass. Then he washed up and left the room. Just moments after the door closed, it opened again. A tall, thin man in his mid 50's walked in, reeking of cigarette smoke. He was wearing dusty jeans, a flannel shirt and a denim jacket. He was obviously the straight guy who had said he was on his way home from work, but who wanted a blow job. Again I dropped to my knees as he unzipped and put his small, limp cock to my mouth, which I sucked for several minutes before he began to get hard, but as soon as he got hard, he began to groan, then shot his salty load into me. He quickly zipped up and left my room. In just under four minutes he had cum and gone. I checked my phone for messages, finding a message from a guy who had just arrived at my motel, and wanted me face down on the bed. I wrote back saying I was in position, and inviting him up. Just then the door opened. I was laying on my stomach, my face buried in the pillow. The visitor didn't both undressing, before climbing onto the bed, spreading my ass cheeks, and licking my hole, his scruffy beard rough on my hole. After a couple of minutes he got to his feet, undressed, climbed back onto the bed, fingered and spat on my hole, working some spit inside. Then I felt his cock pressing at my hole. He then lowered his chest onto my back as his cock slid up inside me. He had a fairly small cock, but it was thick. He eventually had pushed me up on my knees, ramming hard and deeply into me. After no more than five minutes, I heard his voice for the first time as he exclaimed ""Ah, Papi. Take my cum. I'm cumming, Papi." He rammed into me, groaning loudly as his cock exploded in my ass. After resting for a couple of minutes he climbed off of my body and made to dress. Turning, I saw him for the first time in the dim light of that room: he was Latino, in his early 20s, and definitely worth doing. "Nice ass, Daddy," he said with a laugh as he stepped out the door. I checked for messages and checked my phone apps, replying to all I received, inviting all the men to join me in my room. Surely enough the rest of the evening was filled with a steady stream of guys, most of whom fucked me, although a few just wanted a blow job. Several of them were married Mormon guys, wearing their funny Mormon underwear. My favorite of the evening, was a black guy in his mid 40's. He told me he wanted me ass up, face down when he walked in. He didn't want to be seen. He also mentioned he was bringing a straight buddy, and both would fuck me. They texted me as they pulled up to my door with their car. So I climbed on the bed and buried my face in the pillow. I heard the door open and close. I heard some muffled talk going on between the two of them, but as they were whispering, I couldn't understand what they were saying. Soon I felt a weighty, meaty cock being slapped against my hole. The man would alternately finger my hole, then slap his cock against it, on a few occasions spitting on my hole several times, only to finally began to push up into me. He let out soft moan as his cock slid all the way up into me. Then he slowly began to pump. I could feel his cock harden and thicken as he fucked. Soon he was pulling almost all the way out, then slamming back into me, balls-deep. He fucked me for about five minutes, then pulled out of me, saying to his buddy "Your turn." Immediately his buddy's cock slid into me. He was even longer and thicker. I had to take some deep drags on my poppers to adjust to his size. The feel of his black bare cock fucking me was amazing. Giving my my ass a sharp swat, he fucked me hard, giving me another few swats, causing my ass to sting with each hard slap. "Faggot's got a nice hole," I heard him tell his friend. "Yeah. A nice pussy," the first guy replied. For the next half hour, these two black guys continued to alternate using my ass. The first guy filled my ass with his load. He pulled out and his buddy with the even bigger cock slid into me again. He only took a few more minutes before he added his load into me. Then they both quickly dressed and left my room. I had one more guy stop by a half hour later, an older Caucasian guy in his 50's with a rock hard seven inch cock. He gave me a quick load in my ass. Then I pulled the duct tape off the door and went to bed, figuring in the six hours I had been taking loads, I had taken eight loads in my ass, and three loads down my throat. Not bad for an impromptu breed and seed.
  4. I was incredibly horny after work last Friday afternoon and decided to get a hotel room and see what happened. Unfortunately I live in an area where it is common to have to drive 30 minutes to get a load, which can be torture for a cum dump like me, so every once in a while I get a hotel room in a bigger city and take as many anonymous loads as possible. This past Friday I decided to get a cheap hotel room in a smaller city that was just 45 minutes away. Because my decision was last minute, and because I was exceptionally horny, I had the idea of trying my hand at setting up a makeshift glory hole in my hotel room. All I wanted was raw cock and cum, I didn't care to see the men behind the cock, so I grabbed an old blanket, some wall hooks, a jockstrap, and poppers and went to the hotel. Hanging the blanket across the doorway into the bathroom of my hotel room, I posted an advertisement on Craigslist advising I was a visitor taking raw loads through a glory hole in a hotel room. To get the address and room number all I asked for was a dick pic. It is now Sunday night. I'm resting back at home after having taken 43 loads in two nights from 40 different guys. My usual was to suck each man's dick until it was rock hard, and then I would turn around, present my ass, and take each cock raw. Everyone of the guys who stepped through my hotel room door went balls deep, and each shot his load into my ass, after which I sucked each cock clean, never wasting a drop of cum. The biggest cock I took was a huge nine by six incher which pounded me so hard he actually fucked so much cum from other guys out of my ass, so that by the time he shot his load the cum squirting out of my ass had formed a puddle of cum on the floor. This city is in a conservative area in which more than one man isn't comfortable with his sexuality. I'm guessing this is what made my glory hole so popular: it was in a private hotel room where there was no reception desk to observe the comings and goings of the guests and visitors, making the experience totally anonymous. It helped I was a visitor to the city, and I didn't ask for a face pic. My ass contained so much cum that, as I walked, a steady stream of drops of cum fell to the floor as I walked about. In addition, cum also soaked through my pants, leaving a wet stain on my seat. The experience left me feeling like a true cum dump. I should add I really like to fast for trips like this so I never have to clean out other than the initial cleaning. This weekend resulted in the single greatest number of cum loads I've taken in one weekend to date. was the most amount of loads I have taken in a weekend to date, and at 25, I have quite a bit of experience. In all honesty I'm shocked that it happened in that particular city, which leaves me a bit annoyed it never occurred to me to try it before now. In any event I guess there is always a ton of cum to be found if you figure out the best way to get it. "If you build it, they will cum." lol
  5. Vegas this weekend.

    What’s up guys. This is my first time posting my own post here. I’m Coming to Vegas in the first time in a long time this tomorrow until Monday. I’m planning to be used as a cum dump all weekend but I want to check out the bookstores and bathhouse. Which bookstore and bathhouse is the best and what times are the best to go and get loaded. Looking to beat my record of 60+ in one weekend. If anyone is in Vegas let me know if you’re down to breed me. I have a post on BBRT, A4A and Craisglist. Posting one now on Squirt and Craigslist. Check in is at 3pm staying at a Days Inn of the stip since another guy here told me it’s a good place to host. Will be face down ass up door unlocked. Will be my first time getting gang bang in years as well. Any advance? Last time I was gang banged was in San Diego buy 20 or so military guys and in New Orleans by 6 BBC. I have bottles of lube, poppers and 5 hour energy ready to stay up late and take load all night (I don’t pnp).
  6. Darkroom

    Last night i decided to go and visit a darkroom in Brussels. I checked in and undressed, put my clothes in the locker and wearing only my jockstrap. I went to the darkroom straight away all down into the cellar in a big part where you can barely see a thing. I know there are some cabinets with slings installed, so I went in there put myself in one of the slings and putted my feet into these loops so my legs were up in the air and spread waiting for someone to come by. After a minute or so i heard someone coming closer. He was searching the other cabinets till he got in my cabinet. Suddenly I felt a hand on my bottom cheek and saying something in French but i don't understand French so he goes farther with his hand starting to finger me till I started to loosen up and putted an extra finger in. After a while he had 3 fingers of each hand in me and started to stretch me out. At the same time there was another person entering my cabinet. He as well, started to play with my pussy till the first guy decided to put he's cock in me. I partly guided him in because you couldn't see anything. I felt his huge cock without condom entering me, that felt so horny and at the same time sucking the other guy. Another guy came in the cabinet and short after 2 more guys came in. I felt a lot of hands and attention. So i was switching from sucking and stroking cocks because I wanted to serve them all and so i did. The guy who was fucking me came suddenly moaning very load when he came. Everything was deep into my pussy injected. When he came out I felt with my finger. It was all filled up. Someone took my hand away from my ass and started to fuck me, again without condom. Actually no one is using condoms there. So again my hands, my ass and mouth where filled with cocks enjoying being fucked and filled with cum. 6 more guys have entered my cabin during my stay. In total 9 guys fucked me bare and came in my pussy and 2 guys came in my mouth while i was sucking them. The sperm was dripping out of my ass. I took it with my finger and eaten it all to not spill it. The other part i put back with my finger into my ass. I kept laying in the sling for a while to enjoy fingering my slutty pussy and feel all that cum. I propably have some STD's now but i really don't care. I like getting pregnant like this not knowing or seeing from who fucked me. Anonymous is just so horny. You need to feel everything and no one will recognise you. I hope you enjoyed my story and if you wanna meet you're always welcum xxx
  7. This was when I first embraced being a bareback bottom. I would go to the Club Z in Seattle weekly. I was in my late 20's and looked like, well, to be honest I looked like sexy Jesus. People often remarked on my looks that way. I had long dark hair sometimes a trim beard, slim body, tall (6'2") with a pleasing dusting of chest hair. When I would walk up the stairs at the club in a towel I would see my reflection in the long mirror at the top of the stairs, gay Jesus coming to fuck away all your sins. On your knees and pray or suck the cock in front of you. Sometimes seeing my image like that I would feel sexy. It gave me the confidence to offer my body to the men at the club that day. I was not everybody's type but more than enough men wanted me and I liked that feeling. No, I loved it and I loved making them feel good. The smile a man gives you as he fucks you when he is really into you is such a mind trip. Many of my fucks start out completely anonymous but some end up as a face to face encounter that can be every bit as satisfying as the faceless, nameless fucks that leave you loaded and dripping with cum. I was feeling great, good hair day (long hair can be such a pain), no zits, horny as 15 year old boy with a stolen Playgirl hidden under his hoodie. I checked in and discovered I was in my favorite room, number 211. Yeah, I went there so often I had a favorite room. You will find out why in a minute. Going into my room and shutting the door is one of my favorite parts of my time at a bathhouse. I get to shut away the world. I have my tiny haven away from all the troubles and trauma of the outside world. Here I can be myself among men who are like me, won't judge me for who and what I am. The anticipation of what is beyond the door or what will come through it excites me. My cock begins to harden. Who knows, it might be a dead night and I will end up jerking off in the porn room or I might take load after load from raw cock all night. Usually it is something in between the two. I am prepared. I had already done a thorough cleaning out so deep I will be able to fuck for several hours without a whisper of taint. I get out my supplies: lube (two kinds), poppers, cock ring and a bottle of rum. Rum first to heat me up, loosen my muscles give me a bit of a buzz. Booze makes me hornier. I take my time putting on my ring and lubing up my hole. I am not a natural born bottom. I have learned to take cock like a trooper but I need plenty of lube and a top who takes a few seconds to enter my ass. First I apply a small amount of Vaseline and then plenty of Elbow Grease. Isn't that a great name. I even take a tiny huff of poppers. That really makes my cock take notice. I love poppers more than I can express. Sigh. The new poppers today are shit. R.I.P. poppers high. I want to get to the fucking but for some reason I decide to make a tour, see what is happening, who is there. Its early and not terribly busy. That is okay I only need one cock for now. Later I will want one in each hole. Making my way back to my room I remember the man who passed me on the stairs after I checked in. He me 'gives me 'that look'. You know what I am talking about. The look that says, "I am interested, wanna find out what my cock tastes like." I can be very shy at times like this. I don't ignore him and I don't encourage him either. I don't know how to handle situations like that, at least not sober with my clothes on. Back in my room I dim the lights and toss the towel up near the head so I can bury my face in it once I open the door. I use the pillow like a wedge under my hips to elevate my ass and make it obvious I am offering my hole up for fucking. Burying my face in the towel, clutching the little brown bottle of heaven I slowly grind my cock into the pillow trying to be inviting and seductive. It is a weird and self-conscious position to be in. Offering your body to anyone with a hard-on seems to me to be pathetic, heroic, humiliating, dangerous, adventurous and somewhat arrogant. Who am I to think Joe Schmoe is going to want to stick his dick into my body? Do I think I am so hot that I can just put myself out there like that and expect to get fucked? Mostly I feel embarrassed because I don't feel worthy of the cock I crave. I feel like I don't deserve to get fucked exactly for the reason I want to get fucked, because I am total cum hungry cock whore. A cum dump who will let anybody fuck him. It also makes me feel soooo horny and sleazy but in a good way. The anticipation of this situation can be excruciating and thrilling. The wait is mind blowing. Your ears become attuned to every noise. It drives me crazy when a noisy neighbor arrives, some twink with a friend who makes ten trips back and forth from his room each time passing the open door framing my lubed up ass, an obvious invitation to be used by any Tom, Dick or Harry. Why do I care what he thinks. I don't care about him, unless he stops by to drop a load. I like this room because it is close to a hallway but not in plain view of a passerby. To see into my room you have to be looking, you have to be on the prowl for cock or ass. As I wait I listen and imagine. I listen for the tell-tale creak of a floor board. This room has a loose board at the threshold so if you step close or just inside the room I will hear that faint creak. It is a squeak that sends chills down my spine and makes my nuts churn. It might only be a gawker, which is fine but frustrating but then again I might feel a hand on my ankle. Of course I never know what to expect. My favorite are the men who get right down to business, the ones who upon discovering my lubed up hole mount up and begin fucking. I hate being fingered. It makes me tense up but I will endure it for a minute if I think it turns my top on and get him hard enough to want to fuck me. I enjoy being rimmed but a devoted rimmer will ream all the lube out of me. Not such a big deal, especially in my room where it is close at hand but its still a delay in what I really want, raw cock unloading in my eager hole. This night I do not have to wait long. There is the creak and then nothing. Silence, no touching but I am sure he is still there. I can sense him watching me. I continue to grind my hips. Slowly I reach down and push my hard cock into view between my legs and to the side of my balls. I have big balls. Its no boast just passing on what men have told me over the years. Still nothing. I wait...and wait. Finally it comes. A hand slides up my calf and grazes my ass to the small of my back. He caresses me for a while. He is enjoying the feel of me, the sight of my prone and naked body offered up for his use. I shiver. The club is cool tonight and I am going mad with anticipation of what this man might do to me. The mystery ends when he straddles my ass and pushes his cock into me. Just like that I am getting fucked and I could not be happier. My anonymous top stretches out on top of me and I luxuriate in the feel of his skin and the pressure of his weight on me. I want him to fill me and fuck me and crush me to the mattress with the exertion of his thrusts. I want to be drenched in his sweat and I want him to take ownership of me by breeding my ass with his DNA. I use the poppers liberally and so does he after I hold them out to him. My eyes are still closed. All I know of the man is from sound, smell and feel. He feels awesome. He has a Goldilocks cock, not too big, not too small.....just right. High on lust and poppers I am in love with this man who is giving me the gift of his body, the joy of his manhood and I know in my heart his seed. He will breed me when he is done taking his pleasure. Eventually he flips me. At this point is seems ridiculous to keep my eyes close. I open the and see the man from the stairs grinning down at me. He is wearing a baseball cap. I find that both weird and boyishly sexy. I can tell he is immeasurably happy to be fucking me. This makes me happy to be alive and at that moment there is no other place I would rather be. His boning is energetic and enthusiastic. He discovers the full length mirror which gives us a great view of the action and is enthralled by watching his cock pound my ass. I get caught up in it too and our eyes are glued to the mirror like we are watching a feature film. It's a beautiful sight I have to admit. The guy can't get enough of the scene. He pushes and pulls me into different positions all the while keeping his eyes glued to the mirror. He cums like that, watching live porn of his own making. When his tremors subside but his cock is still in me he looms for a moment smiling down on me with a satisfaction that warms my heart. His load is already warming my guts. And then he is gone leaving the door open and me to ponder what just happened. I am feeling fucking great, goddamn fantastic, on top of the world. What do I do next? Roll over of course and wait for the next top to breed me. I don't remember specifics of the rest of the night. That first top stands out but I know I got several more loads, all anonymous. I feel very close and grateful to all those men who fucked me. I realize I might be nothing more to them than a warm wet hole to sink their dick into and unload. That's not just fine with me its what I want. If they are fucking me I know they are getting what they want. They didn't have to choose me. I have not pressured them in any way. They want to fuck me. When I know a guy is getting his nut while in my ass I am in love with him, I am desperate with need and desire for him. His particulars don't interest me. I don't want to know his name or see his face. All I want is to feel his hard cock breeding my cum hungry ass and when he does I love him for it. Like I said its a strange kind of intimacy when you get anonymous loads.
  8. Visiting chemwhore cumpdump load collecTinG this Friday Oct 27th thru Monday. Hawthorn Suites on Br00kriver.
  9. I was in Honolulu a few days ago for work. Early in the afternoon I placed an ad on Craigslist, stating that I was going to unlock my hotel room door, close the draperies, turn off the lights and take all anonymous loads that walked into my room. In addition to getting emails directly from CL, I had posted my KIK address and had hidden my cell number into the ad. As soon as my ad appeared, I started getting responses. The first guy was a young str8 kid that said he was nearby. He told me that he wanted the room dark. An eye mask or something tied over my eyes. He wanted me on my knees and wanted me to suck him off. But, he didn't want to be seen. I told him I had a sleep mask. I would do as he asked. I'd be on my knees with the sleep mask over my eyes. I gave him my room number, and within 5 minutes, I heard the door open, close and his zipper was being unzipped in front of me. I opened my mouth and he put his soft cock into my mouth. I sucked on his cock as it slowly hardened in my mouth. Soon, he backed up and sat on the edge of the bed. He guided me over to him and I continued to suck on him. Then he removed his pants and underwear giving me better access to his cock and balls. I licked his balls and licked under his balls. "Will you lick my ass? I've never been rimmed." he said. I lifted his legs and licked his hole. He moaned loudly and lifted his knees to his chest. I licked and flicked my tongue across his young, straight hole. I gave him about 5 minutes of mouth to ass pleasure, then went back to licking and sucking on his balls. Then wrapped my lips around his cock again. By now, he was so turned on, he soon was filling my mouth with his hot load of cum. In true str8 boy fashion, he quickly got up. Put his pants and shoes back on and was out the door in less than a minute. I checked my messages and had several more responses. I messaged both of them. The first response was from a young black guy in his mid 20's that was staying in the same hotel. He told me he was str8 and with his girlfriend. She was out shopping and he wanted to come to my room. He also wanted it completely dark, my ass up on the bed, my face buried in the pillow. He didn't want me to see him. I gave him my room number and told him to push the door open, I'd be on the bed as he asked. He said he'd be at my room in 2 or 3 minutes. The other guy said he was 20 minutes away. I gave him my room number and told him to just push on the door and come in when he got here. I positioned myself on my knees, on the edge of the bed, my ass facing the door. As he said, in just a few minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt his finger rub my asshole as I heard him pull his cock from his zippered pants. He spit on my hole a couple of times and spit on his cock. Then he pushed up into me in one quick thrust. I had no idea who or what he looked like. His cock felt fairly large, but not too thick. But, he was truly hard as a rock. That's one thing I really love about young top guys. Their cocks get hard as steel. He slapped my ass a few times as he pounded me. I tried to milk his cock with my ass as he fucked me. After about 5 or 6 minutes of his fucking me, he now grabbed me around the waist and slammed deeply into me. Soon he grunted a couple of times as he filled my ass with it's first load of the day. As soon as he came, he pulled from me, zipped up and was out my door. I tried to catch a glance of him as he was leaving my room, but all I could see was a guy wearing a hoodie sweatshirt exiting my room. I checked my messages and there was a message from one of my "former regulars" that fucked me a lot when I used to travel to Honolulu on a regular basis. I gave him my room number. He said he'd be there within the hour. Just as I finished replying to my "former fuck buddy" I heard my room door open. I quickly assumed my position on the edge of the bed. I soon felt someone feeling up my ass and feeling my wet hole. He slapped his cock against my hole a few times as he stroked his cock to harden it. Then he pushed his cock up into me. The load of cum the black kid put in me left me well lubed for his cock to slide deeply into me. He fucked me for a few minutes, then pulled from me and completely removed his shorts and underwear. Then slammed back up into me and resumed fucking me. He soon pushed me further up on the bed and put me in several positions. He finally had me on my side as he laid behind me and fucked me hard and deep. It wasn't until he had cum inside me and began to dress that I got a view of him. He looked like he was in his mid 40's. He had a military haircut and when he began to dress, he was putting on green boxers, like the Army guys wear. He also had dog tags on. So, obviously he was a soldier at the local Army base. Soon after the soldier had left, my former fuck buddy came into the room. He completely undressed and I began to suck him to get him hard. Once he was fully hard, I asked him to fuck me. He put his face up to my ass and licked my hole. "Damn, Dave", you've got some cum in you, already", he said. "Yup! Two loads, actually", I said. He hungrily licked my hole and tried to eat as much cum from my hole as he could get. Then he put his cock to my hole and slid up into me. He fucked me doggy style for a few minutes, then he told me to get on my back and he fucked me in that position for awhile. When he was ready to cum he pulled out of me and told me to open my mouth. He began to spray his cum all over my face, chest and into my mouth. He had quite a large load to cover me with. He came, dressed and was out my door in just a few minutes. I checked messages again and had 2 new messages. There was a message from a young guy. He said he was nearby and wanted to seed my hole. I gave him my room number and he said he'd be there in about 5 minutes. The second message was from the black guy that had fucked me an hour earlier. He said he enjoyed the fuck and if I wanted a second load from him, he could come now. I messaged him back and told him I had someone coming over now to fuck me. I told him he could come now and share my ass with the other guy. Or he could wait a bit. It was up to him. But, I told him the door was still unlocked, just come in and fuck me. True to his word, the young kid showed up. I sucked him till he was hard, then I climbed onto the edge of the bed and he began to fuck me. While he was fucking me the door opened again and I assumed it was the black guy again. The kid fucking me pulled out of me and I could hear him sucking on the black guys cock. Then I heard the black guy tell the kid to get off his cock, he wanted to fuck me. I felt the black guys familiar cock slide back up into me. Again, he was slapping my ass as he fucked. I could hear the kid sucking on the black guys nipples as he fucked me. I couldn't see any of this, but it was a turn on knowing that the two guys were both turned on. The black guy fucked me about 10 minutes, before he groaned again and filled me with his second load. He pulled from me and I felt the young kid slide his shorter, but very thick and hard cock up into me. As the kid began to fuck me, I heard the black guy leaving my room. The young kid was really turned on and he only took a few minutes of fucking me, before he was moaning and unloaded his balls deep into me. By now, I was hungry and getting tired. I removed my ad from Craigslist and headed out to get something to eat and then came back to the hotel to take a nap. After those fucks, I slept well for a few hours, dreaming of the unseen cocks that had filled my ass the previous few hours.
  10. My First Real Breeding

    I decided to go to a nearby cruising area one night that I had heard about, situated just off a main road. Night time was always the busiest time apparently and there were always loads of guys looking to fuck a cute ass. I was new to doing this. I knew it went on, but had never actually been to a cruising spot at night, especially one where I knew there was loads of action. I was nervous, scared and excited at the same time. I knew if I got out of the car and wandered into that darkness, that my young and hungry hole would be ravaged by all sorts. My cock was very hard and pre-cum was leaking into my shorts. I took a deep breath and got out of the car and headed into the bushes. There were plenty of passages and assorted fuck areas, dens throughout the park and the floor scattered with used condoms. I didn't have to walk very far before a guy was following me into the woods. My heartbeat increased and I continued to go deeper into the bushes, knowing I was being stalked. Others wandered around looking aimlessly for some action, passing by and turning around. Our eyes met and the language of no words uttered, as we all knew why we were there. I stood in the first empty den I saw large enough to encompass a group, dropped my shorts and pushed out my pert and hungry hole. I hung onto the branches of the overhanging bushes, poppers in hand and waited for the inevitable. My heart pounding, my cock hard as wood and my hole exposed.. Finally, I felt a hand touch my ass. Rough fingers touching my soft tanned cheeks, spreading them and touching my damp hole. Hmmmmmm, exciting. I reached around to feel a hard and rather large cock in his pants. I dropped immediately to my knees taking out his fat piece of meat and began sucking like a hungry dog. His shaft was covered in veins and hard, bulbous and uncut. He thrust it down my throat, gagging me and making me splutter. 'You like that boy?! Do you take it raw in your ass?' he said. I managed a mumbled 'Yes. Yes please.' Not long after, others started to appear, watching and masturbating at the horny scene. Very excited by the crowd I stood up, took the guys wet cock and pushed it up against my hole. He spat on my crack and without any hesitation started to slide it into my ass. No condom, straight in, bareback. Oh my god, what was I doing, this was insane, but so exciting. Letting dirty old men fuck me bareback in a truck stop, any cock, just dump your load in my hole and leave! I took a deep hit on the poppers and let him start pumping my cunt.. The guy fucking me ushered others to come forward and soon I was being spit roasted by two complete strangers. Others sticking their cocks in my face, men I didn't know or could barely even see were forcing me to my knees and making me sniff poppers. All my inhibitions disappeared and I began sucking all of them, anyone that wanted to have me. I knew what was going to happen, I was going to let all these men cum in my holes bareback. I was scared and yet very excited. I huffed on more poppers and feeling the rush started pushing back hard on the cock pounding my ass. The pace picked up and the guy behind spurted his load deep into my ass, squeezing me tight as he emptied his balls. 'Good slut', he said as he removed his dripping and limp cock from my hole. Hmmmmmm, very horny. Before I could move another bare cock was taking it's place. I looked around to see three or four guys standing around, cocks in hand, waiting their turn. It seemed I was going to have little choice, my hole was going to be fucked again and again and all that spunk was going to get pushed inside of me. Dangerous, who were these men? But I didn't care, I just wanted anonymous sex and to be filled with the spunk of strangers. I hit the poppers again, this was far too exciting to stop. My head was spinning, my hole was wet. I held onto the branches and let the strangers fuck my gaping hole. One by one they came forward out of the darkness and took their turn. I have no idea how many, it was a bit of a blur. I got the impression someone was spreading news that there was a cute and hungry whore taking it bareback from anyone, as more people seemed to suddenly appear. I was fucked raw and passed around numerous times. My hole now a wet and sloppy cunt for anyone to fill. After each one had shot his toxic load into me I stuck a finger into my cunt and smelled and tasted the last load. They all left as fast as they appeared, leaving me to deal with my very aroused self. Dripping with sperm and still very horny, I waited until more men cruised the area. There is nothing that excites me more, than being fucked bareback again when I am already full of cum. Other guys love it too. When they stick their stiff cock in and feel it's all warm, hot and wet. That bucket of used spunk, to pump full of yet another load. Guys really pound your hole when it's all full of sperm, making it very sloppy. Nothing beats huffing poppers and have strangers spurt into your hole at the same time. More groups formed through out the night and my ass was freely passed around with a bottle of poppers. I let anyone fuck me. Numerous strangers, young, old, fat and thin all fucked my holes, pumping my mouth and ass full of hot semen. By the end of the night I counted a total of 15 men had cum in my ass. Most dribbled out around the tenth, between my thighs and all over the balls of the guy fucking me raw while bent over a branch huffing poppers. The slapping and sloppy sound of the spunk being pumped into my guts still gets me hard. Even at this point more men were appearing and looked like they were waiting for their turn. I got scared at that moment and wondered how many loads I was going to take! I was fucked until late into the night. I squeezed the cum out of my asshole all the way home, my jeans were absolutely soaked when I arrived back at the apartment. I sniffed and licked the crotch of my crusty jeans the next day, remembering and smelling the previous night. Then I went sunbathing on a naturist beach, spreading my legs in the sand dunes, letting all the voyeurs see my stretched and battered hole and thought about the multiple loads of anonymous juice that was pumped into me the night before..
  11. LB Airport Hotel Cum Dump

    I will be hosting near the LB Airport Sunday October 15th starting in the afternoon through midnight. I will be ass up with my jock and harness on with the door unlocked waiting in a dark room. Anon fuck and go preferred. No other bottoms please. No load refused. No drugs other than poppers. Neg and otherwise STI free and very poz friendly toxic loads a plus.
  12. Corruption

    ***This is a fictional story. The construction worker is based on a real construction worker, though, and he is absolutely stunning and sexy.*** ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ CORRUPTION CHAPTER ONE I’d broken up with my boyfriend three months ago and the sexual tension had been building up for some time. I’d never been good at going without, but following the messy breakup, it seemed right to take a break. Still, I felt like I was going to explode! Luckily I had a day off and decided that the best thing for me was to spend some time at the adult book store, hopefully taking some loads. It was a great, sunny day, so I walked the few blocks there. Just around the corner from the ABS there was some massive construction going on in the street so it occurred to me the book store might be dead, but as I was already almost there so I decided to check the place out. Before I rounded the corner one of the construction guys caught my eye. He was gorgeous, to say the least: lean, muscled, and tanned from all of the time he spends outdoors. And he stared at me for a second, his eyes piercing me in such an intense way that I couldn’t tell what he was thinking - good or bad. I’ve honestly never experienced anything like it before. Those eyes. It’s not so much the color because, to be honest, he was too far away for me to determine the color of his eyes, but I could clearly appreciate the intensity of his gaze. It was unbelievable. And hypnotic. I almost couldn’t look away. I gave him a little grin right before I turned the corner, although I have no idea why. This guy had ‘straight guy’ written all over him. Not only that, but with his good looks, he was also probably a total dick. So why did I feel like I had done a little flirting there? I shrugged it off as just being so fucking horny I would have let anyone bang me at that point. Just as I thought, the book store was not busy. But there were a couple of guys in there. For the next twenty minutes I was involved in some three-way sucking, kissing and petting, but nothing went beyond that. This was not what I needed today. I needed an intense exchange. I hadn’t thought about it, but when I had arrived it was just before noon, so as the lunch hour struck, the place got a little busier. I opted to get my ass into a booth and hope for the best. Just as I was ducking into my booth I got this tingling feeling on the back of my neck, and I looked down the hall to spot that beautiful construction hunk standing there. There were other guys milling around, clearly drooling over him, but he seemed to focus on me. Now I was sure of that. I stepped into my booth, closed the door -but not all the way. I left it open just enough for him to see that it was open. I started up a movie, stripped my pants off and waited to see what would happen. Seconds later the door began to open. He peeked in, rather timid for someone who ought to be oozing confidence. That’s how I knew that he had never done anything like this before. I couldn’t help but wonder what had made him come in now. As soon as I saw him I dropped to my knees, the floor still wet with someone else’s cum, but I didn’t care. My eyes didn’t come off of him as he stepped in and locked the door behind himself. Not one word was spoken. He stood before me, opened his pants and fished out his semi-hard cock, and pointed it right at me. I wasted no time and went right for it. Figuring that I was his first guy, I wanted to make this good. Better than any bitch he’s ever wasted his time with - like his wife. Yeah, that ring didn’t escape my attention. Technically, I suppose, he could have be married to a man, but I was 99% sure such wasn’t the case. Anyway, I started at the head, licking gently, making him feel really good, and then started to take inch after inch into my mouth, letting him enjoy the progress of pleasure. It’s amazing how you can watch a man unravel a little as you begin with a tiny pleasure and let it grow to more and more. I noticed him jump a little in surprise and I wondered if I’d scraped him with my teeth, but when I looked up his eyes were fixed on the glory hole behind me. Glancing over my shoulder I saw that someone had slid his large dick through, obviously hoping to get in on some of the action. Again, not a word was spoken. He just lifted his chin, motioning me in the direction of that other cock. He wanted to see me go down on that big meat. I slurped and sucked it for a couple of minutes while my construction god stood there fisting his hard meat. After a couple of minutes he wanted my attention again and pulled me off that other dick and onto his. I was getting into sucking him to the point that I was forgetting everything else going on around me. He grabbed my shoulders after a few minutes and began shifting me so that he could lean against the opposite wall while my ass was facing the glory hole. Still, without saying a word, he shoved me back, guiding my ass down onto that big cock that was still sticking through the hole. My ass was HUNGRY so I immediately gobbled that shit up inside my ass, quickly sinking balls-deep in one long steady shove. The construction worker audibly growled in his throat, clearly impressed I could accommodate the cock as readily as I had. Watching me get fucked clearly turned him on as he got more frantic with his lunges, driving his cock to the back of my throat again and again. His hands returned to me, this time grabbing hold of my ears, quite painfully actually, and guided me up and down to meet his urgent thrusts. By some miracle, both he and the anonymous fucker unloaded in me at the exact same time. For his part, he was shockingly silent as he blew, only breathing heavily through his nose, almost like a bull. What a rush feeling my ass and mouth get flooded by hot spunk at the exact same time. His cum tasted absolutely delicious, and that’s not always the case, so I reveled in it. He didn’t, however. As soon as his balls were done draining, he stepped back and stuffed his softening cock back into his pants. The cock up my ass was still there and he shoved me onto it more, and he leaned back and took a moment to catch his breath. “That was fucking awesome,” he said, his voice as sexy as the rest of him. Deep, a bit scratchy, all man. “You suck good dick.” “Thanks, your dick is awesome to suck. Anytime you want, buddy,” I offered, hoping he’d want to meet up again for some other lunch breaks. “Doubtful. We’re done this job in a day or two,” he sighed, keeping his eyes focused on my ass. The guy in my ass finally pulled out and I stood up straight to ease my back a little. I had barely stepped away from the hole when another cock popped through. I glanced over at my construction hunk. He responded by giving another nod towards the glory hole and grumbling g “Go on. Your faggot ass obviously wants it.” I could tell from the way he spoke, the tone, that he was a little disgusted with it all. Maybe with me for being so slutty. Typical straight guy thinking that gay men are freaky pigs. Well, I am a pig, but he doesn’t know me that well. Still, his slightly abusive attitude turned me on. He was a total Alpha Male and those are the types that turn me on most. He’ll tell me to do anything he wants and I will really have no choice but to do it. I sank my ass down onto the hard cock behind me, easily taking it all the way given that the big dick before him stretched me open and lubed me good. When I glanced up a moment later, he was flipping through something on his phone. Just before he slipped it into his pocket I snatched it out of his hand. Quickly I opened his contacts and added my first name, Christopher, followed by ‘xxx’ and my cell number. I handed the phone back to him and continued to bounce on the glory hole cock. “Call me any time you need to get off.” He cocked his eyebrow at me. “Anytime?” he asked skeptically. “Yup. Whenever you need those balls drained, I’m your guy.” I was speaking so self-assuredly, which was completely out of character for me. But it felt good and I didn’t want to pass up another chance to work that dick. It’s not that his cock was more impressive than others. It’s slightly above average, nice shape and thickness. But it’s more about him and his sexy attitude that I wanted more of. Maybe I was looking at him as a challenge? Plus I was hoping he might be into more the next time. Just then the man fucking me began to howl and moan loudly as his nuts exploded and emptied into me. “Fuckin’ pigs,” construction guy chuckled, shaking his head. “I gotta go. You sure you meant it when you said anytime?” he asked again. “Absolutely.” “Fuckin’ slut,” he said, through a mixture of a sneer and a smile. Clearly he did enjoy me and the idea of enjoying me again, but he just maybe didn’t think it was right. Clearly he was a married man, probably raised by those damned Catholics, too. Either way, as he stepped through the door, I hoped and prayed that he would call me sometime soon. And he did.
  13. Last Three Loads

    I took my last three loads in Charleston, West Virginia. I started early Saturday morning around 12:30. A big, thick-cocked top bear had messaged me on Growlr, and after we had exchanged a couple of messages, agreed to come to my hotel, however, the hotel security required that I come down to the lobby to let him in. Once in the elevator he pulled out his cock, so naturally I sucked him for the balance of the elevator ride. Once in my room, we immediately entered the bedroom where he immediately dropped his shorts, revealing a monster boner. I resumed sucking him, enjoying the sensation of his cock hardening in my mouth. Once he was good and hard, I looked at him, saying I wanted to feel his cock in my ass - raw. His face lit-up and he withdrew my cock his cock from my mouth to slapped his cock head against my hole, teasing me at first, pushing slightly in then out, then deeper and deeper until I felt his bull balls slapping against mine. A good five minutes of fantastic fucking followed until he gasped "I"m gonna breed you!" I begged him for his load, and he obliged, shooting his thick, generous load deep in my hole, after which I wiggled my ass for a bit to encourage him to continue fucking. My efforts were successful, as, after another ten minutes or so of deep fucking, not only did he never go soft, he also blew his second load into my ass. He left his cock in my hole until he finally went soft, after which he shoved into my ass the butt plug I had left on my night stand. It felt magical. I sucked him clean and he left. I woke around 9:00 to head home to Cincinnati, and while en route found a real hot sleazy adult book store in St. ALbans, West Virginia. The place smelled of poppers and cum!!! There were lots of glory holes, booths and a few actual rooms. For an ABS it was a pretty cool place. As I was checking the place out, in walked a 20 something hottie. I followed him into straight theater, but he didn't stay, but immediately walked out, and entered a booth. When I caught-up with him I entered the adjoining booth, and looking through the glory hole was pleased to see he was working his cock. He knew the deal, as he slid his rod through the hole, and I sucked a huge load out of his balls, all the while admiring what was probably the best looking cock I had ever seen.
  14. Getting a few loads

    Last Friday, I woke up incredibly fucking horny. I was masturbating in my shower. Then when I got out of the shower I was fucking myself with my dildo. I couldn't believe how horny I felt. I went out for a bit. But I wore my jockstrap under my clothes to keep my horny buzz going. After I got a few errands done my craving for cock was just too strong and I stopped into One-In-Ten, the gay video/toy store on Bank Street. I paid $10 to go in the back room and went into booth #5. I stripped down to nothing but my jockstrap and waited on my knees while cruising profiles on squirt.org on my phone. Eventually an older fellow came in and found me. He unzipped and presented his uncut cock through the gloryhole, still soft, but looking pretty promising. I took the whole thing in my mouth and started sucking slowly, feeling it stiffen and fill my mouth up, the head pushing its way down my throat. I steadied myself against the wall and deep-throated him, letting him fuck my throat. He pulled back a couple of times and reached his hand through to touch my nipples. I directed his hand down my body to my lubed up asshole. He fingered me briefly and said he wanted to suck my cock. I said I wasn’t there for that and went right back to sucking him. I bobbed up and down on his cock for a good 20 minutes, breathing hard, drooling all over him, when finally I was rewarded with a sweet flood of cum on my tongue. I kept him in my mouth for every twitch and spurt and swallowed it all down. He said thanks, zipped up and left. I got dressed and went straight home. As soon as I got home, I stripped down to my jockstrap again and started fucking myself again with my dildo. Meanwhile I cruised squirt and posted a couple of really slutty ads on Craigslist. Eventually I had a couple of good prospects on squirt. I gave the first one my address and he said he’d be over in 15 minutes. I waited with the door unlocked, the lights dimmed and my ass lubed. When he opened the door I was on my knees right away and pulling his pants down. He stepped out of his pants and pulled off his shirt as I started working his stiffening cock with my mouth. I’ve been really getting into sucking cock lately, and I can deep-throat really well now, which in this case helped to get him rock-hard in record time. I got his cock soaked with spit before I stood up and bent over, presenting my ass for him. He plunged it into me balls deep with the first stroke. I leaned over the couch and begged him to fuck me hard and breed me deep. He did just that. I was grinding my hips against him. My fuckhole hungrily opening up for every deep stroke of his cock. I adjusted my angle just a little so he was hitting my prostate with every thrust and I felt my jockstrap getting wet with my own precum as he kept fucking me. Finally he pushed into me deep and held still as he unleashed his hot load into my asshole and finally pulled out, spent and dripping. He wiped himself down with a towel, got dressed, said thanks and left me with his hot cum oozing out of me. After the first guy left I logged back on to squirt and found another guy eagerly messaging me. I asked him if he'd mind using another guy's cum as lube when he fucked me. That seemed to turn him on, so I gave him my address and he said he'd be over in about 20 minutes. While I waited for him, I laid on my back, fingering my ass, dipping my fingers in, scooping out some of the cum and tasting it. I love the smell and taste of fresh cum. When he arrived, I greeted him more or less the same way I greeted my previous visitor. I was on my knees, deep-throating his cock as soon as his pants were off. His cock was bigger than the last guy by almost an inch and I was really excited about feeling it fill my ass, but first I gagged on it a little, covering it with spit. Then I bent myself over the couch and presented my hungry and sloppy fuckhole for him. He positioned the head of his cock and then effortlessly slid it into me up to his balls. He loved how wet and slick it was and he took full advantage, fucking me hard and fast, making loud squelching noises with every thrust. He pulled out for a moment to appreciate the sight of my creamy hole and I took the opportunity to switch positions. I laid down on the couch and put my legs over his shoulders. He really leaned into it now. He pounded his cock into me for a good ten minutes, making me groan and grunt with intense pleasure. I was begging him to breed me. Begging for him to fill me with his hot cum. I wanted his seed inside me. And he was more than happy to give me just what I wanted, squirting what must have been a load saved up for days. I felt every twitch of his powerful cock as it filled me up. He left me on the couch, his semen overflowing from my used and satisfied fuckhole, got dressed quickly and left.
  15. Rawlatinojock bbrt CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. California boy First time visiting Austin Texas. My 20th Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  16. CUMDUMP JOCK TAKING ALL DICKS, ALL LOADS, ALL NIGHT" This is a total ANONYMOUS-NO LOAD REFUSED-NO PULLOUT Fuck PARTY. Masc Latino boy First time visiting Austin Texas. A Birthday fuck cumdump At Holiday Inn Austin town lake {I will email all the Details} TOPS ONLY Bring poppers rawlatinojock bbrt
  17. ExtremeCumHole visit in January 2018 NYC for a week in a cheap hotel, you will fuck me bare and bbreed my hole?!
  18. Anonymous loads

    I'm into anonymous loads deep in me at gloryholes or more... Would you let a total stranger breed you raw?
  19. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  20. I was half asleep when I felt the weight on me. His hard cock slid up my ass crack until his knob caught on my lubed hole. I was awake now and pushed back with my ass until the head popped in. He had a decent size cock so I grabbed the poppers and took a big hit. He leaned in to take a sniff to. We both moaned as he sank in all the way. That's when I noticed he was fully dressed, his cock sticking out of his fly. "You got me so hard when you walked in," he said in my ear, "I never thought I would have a chance at getting my dick in you." I realized it was the guy at the counter when I checked in to the bathhouse. He was pretty old and not particularly attractive but his cock sure felt great and I told him so. The last part I mean. "I got a big load for ya but it feels like you have already been bred. You got some loads in you boy?" I admitted that I did. He wanted details while he fucked me. I had few details for load number one since he took me from behind and I neither saw or spoke to him. Just plain old doggy style raw fucking. He had a fat cock though and stretched me good. Load number two was from a young Latino guy. He liked to make out while he dicked me so I got on my back and wrapped my legs around him. He was very energetic and whispered a lot of things in Spanish that I could not translate. I enjoyed his whispers and moans. He got really loud as he was cumming in my hole. So hot. "Yeah that is really hot," agreed my lover. "That guy is here a lot and I often hear him getting his nut. We both chuckle and then he settles down to some serious fucking. One more deep hit of the poppers for both of us and then he is a goner shooting his seed deep inside my willing hole. After he is done he lays across my back to catch his breath. "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me," he says. "It was great," I answered, and meant it. Continuing, I told him that I loved raw raw cock and getting boned by strange men. "Well, by the end of my shift I should be ready to go again, so I can take another go at your ass," he replied. "Hell, yeah," I answered, adding "if my door is closed to just let yourself in with your master key." Giving me a grin of approval, he left, leaving my door wide open. Before I can decide if I want to leave it open or sleep or go up to the glory holes a figure appeared in the doorway. My latest visitor was a light skinned black man, probably about fifty years old. Pulling my legs up to my chest, I presented my cummy ass. A big toothy smile crossed his face as he tossed his towel on to the bed. His cock was half hard but after rubbing it across my crack a couple of times he was ready to go. His dick was quite big, in any event it was certainly the biggest of the evening. Asking him to pause for a moment, I took a deep his of my poppers, offering them to him afterwards. "No, thanks," he answered, suggesting "you might want to take another hit. You're gonna need 'em 'cuz I'm gonna pound you good." And he did just that. Hanging on for dear life, he rutted like he was starving. I hadn't had any black dick in a while and I found myself absolutely getting off on being fucked by bbc. He got a little mean and rough at the end, calling me names, spitting in my face and choking me. "Take my load you fucking faggot cum whore," he wheezed, hand still around my throat. I was so turned I didn't care if he was choking me, seemingly to death. I loved it. My cock was rock hard, trapped between our bellies. Fortunately he ignored my cock 'cause had he touched me I would have blown my load. After he shot his load he seemed sheepish about being so aggressive. "Oh my god," I gush, "that was fucking amazing. Holy shit man that was intense!" I thanked him whole heartedly for both the fuck and the load. I decided to go for a stint in the sling stopping first for a piss break. The place seemed empty but I am a patient man. I settled in and waited. Didn't take long though. Someone appeared. He looked at me then started looking around. I think he was shy so the next time he looked my way I gestured him over. He was a short, stocky middle aged guy that was probably really hairy but he was trimmed all over. He was going to have to fuck me on his toes. As soon as he was close enough I grabbed his rod and pulled him into my mouth. It was a pain in the ass since the head end of the sling was too high and I had to really bend and twist to get my lips on it. It was worth it though since he was leaking a lot, and I am crazy for pre-cum. Before long he pulled off and went for my ass. Oh yeah! Back to the poppers. I did not bother offering him any as had a death grip on my legs and was pounding away furiously. I knew it would not take him long at the rate he was going. Sure enough a couple minutes into our breeding session he was emptying his sack up my ass. Bliss. Then he was gone. Laying back in the sling I felt pretty good. Still I wrapped the towel around my head hoping for some anonymous action. ************************************************************************* Okay enough for tonight. I have got to wack it. I will tell you about the rest of my evening tomorrow. Happy jerking boys.
  21. Sloppy seconds

    Sitting here with 2 loads in my ass as I write this, though I kinda wish it was more. I had a stroke of inspiration yesterday - allow me to explain. I have a BBC friend who I've met up with pretty regularly for a few years. Good guy, great lay. His cock is perfectly thick (it's to him that I attribute how loose my hole is!), a nice 7 inches, and it curves to the left so that when he lays on his bed and I blow him, it slides right down my throat, effortlessly. He's a jackhammer when he fucks -- but in a good way, going real deep with every stroke so I feel all of him in my ass. We started off using condoms at first. He'd get me going with the brown bottle and use a lot of lube to make fucking effortless. I had been trying to prod him to bareback for a while when one day, I thought he had cum so I reached behind me, slid the condom off his cock, and aimed it back at my hole. I hoped he would at least slide it in for a moment so I could see what he felt like bare. Well, he hadn't yet cum, so he finished that day by pounding my hole raw and finishing inside me. We've played bare every since. It's been a while since I saw him - he's been traveling a lot. I got an email from him a few days ago though, stating that he was back in town and wanted to meet. We made arrangements for tonight. He left an hour ago, and left behind a huge load that's still trickling out of my gaping hole. This time we didn't even need lube. He was slick enough from the hot deep throat I gave him that he slid right in. Here's where the inspiration comes in. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I love multiples, so after we made arrangements to meet I hopped on CL and posted to see if I could get any additional loads once he was gone (he's not into 3somes/groups/gang bangs, his one flaw). So I posted with the title "sloppy seconds," and got a bunch of responses from married guys. Most couldn't make the time frame I specified - he was coming at 7 and I figured 7:30 would be a good time to begin taking other loads - but one guy informed me that it was ideal. He waited down the street and as soon as my friend had left, I sent the address and he came right over. He just left a half hour ago. He didn't have a huge cock, maybe 6" and not overly thick, but he knew what to do with it, and I felt him get harder as he realized how slick I was with my friend's cum. Before long he was ready to shoot, and presented me with a choice I've never had before: he could cum deep, or just inside my hole. Being the cum slut that I am, I opted for deep inside, and I clenched my hole around him as he pulled out to milk every last drop out of his balls. A third guy who told me he was on his way never showed - typical CL flake. But I can rest easy knowing that when I want more cock when my friend is finished with my hole, it's only a post away!
  22. Another anonymous night of fucking

    Once again last night I found myself headed for my favorite motel after work, and again the evening didn't disappoint! Took another seven cocks including one BBC. Alas, three of the seven decided to cover up and of the four who didn't, one fucked me bare but then shot his load down my throat. It was pretty hot though - he grabbed my head and held me in place while he fucked my throat. I was barely conscious by the time he let me get some air, then before I could say or do anything his cock was back down my throat! He must have been a good 9 inches and he was lodged down my throat when I felt his shaft start pumping its load directly into my stomach, no swallowing necessary! Very hot. All in all no complaints!
  23. I made a quick visit to my favorite Las Vegas ABS video booths. I only had about a half hour before I was meeting some friends for an early dinner and a movie. When I entered the video arcade, I found 4 red lights on the 12 booths. I tried the occupied booth's doors and found one unlocked. I entered the booth and found a latino guy in his early 50's leaning against the wall, his uncut cock sticking from his zipper and he was stroking, while watching some str8 porn on the screen. I added a dollar to the machine and dropped to my knees in front of him. I took a deep drag on my poppers and went to work on his cock. I heard him ask for my poppers. I handed them up to him and he took several drags on them. He was a quick cummer. I very quickly felt the sweet taste of his cum as it filled my mouth. I got up, wiped my face and left his booth. I noticed that the red light was on over the door of one of the booths that had the only glory hole in this arcade. So, I went into the adjoining booth that was just being vacated by an older latino guy, and peeked through the hole. A young asian kid in his early 20's, with a very large, thick and rock hard cock was standing in the booth stroking. Some str8 porn was on his screen. I put a couple of dollars in my video machine and dropped to my knees at the glory hole. I'm an older guy, so I wasn't sure this young kid would want my offer of a bj? But, he quickly put his rockhard cock to my mouth at the hole. His cock was a pure joy to worship. I sucked and licked his cock and balls. I could tell that he'd get close to cumming, then he'd pull from my mouth for a few moments, before putting it back into me. He liked to fuck my mouth like a pussy. So, I'd put my face up to the large, oval glory hole and keep it there as he'd fuck my face. He continued to keep taking small breaks from his face fucking so he wouldn't cum. He was trying to make it last by edging. But he finally got to the point where I could tell he couldn't edge any longer. He was ready to shoot. I hungrily worked on his cock. Taking it as far to the back of my throat as I could. Finally he let out a soft groan and filled my mouth with a giant load of very sweet juice. It typical str8 boi fashion, he quickly pulled his cock from my mouth. Grabbed some tissues from the dispenser, wiped his cock, put it in his pants, zipped and quickly exited the booth. I heard the front door buzzer chime as he quickly exited the store. I always chuckle at how quickly str8 guys want to get out after they cum. I glanced at my watch, I only had another 10 minutes to spare before I had to head to meet my friends. I tried all the doors with red lights on them. All locked. Just as I was thinking I'd better get going, a man in his early 40's, nice looking, wearing dress slacks and a white long sleeve shirt entered the arcade. It's 116 degrees outside. The only reason to wear a long sleeve shirt in this temperature would be if he had just gotten off work and was on his way home. Our eyes catch each other as we pass by the display of all the movies playing. He enters a booth and locks the door. DAMN! Maybe he doesn't want a bj? He's nice looking and I do have 10 more minutes I can stay. So, I hang around for a bit near the movie display. I go to try his door a couple of times. But it's locked. I do rattle his door handle just a bit, so he knows that someone's interested in coming in. He's been in the booth for just a couple of minutes when I hear the door lock on his door being moved. I try the door again, Now it's unlocked. I go inside and find him sitting on the chair, his pants around his ankles, his 7" cut cock in his hands, stroking to some str8 porn. I lock the door and assume my position on the floor, between his legs. I take my drags of poppers, then go to work on his cock. He looks hard already, but I can feel it harden even more as I suck on him. He doesn't take long. About 4 minutes of cocksucking then I hear his breath quicken, his cock throbs in my mouth and he pulls the back of my head down onto his cock. I tighten the back of my throat on his cock as I feel it pulse and fill my throat with his load. He finishes cumming, then pushes my face off his cock. He and I both take tissues from the dispenser, wipe ourselves off. I get up, leave him and leave the store. In less than 30 minutes I've sucked off 3 str8 guys. All without speaking a word to each other. All totally anonymous. Just as I like it.
  24. “DOES THAT RAW DICK FEEL GOOD BOY? IS THAT WHAT YOU NEEDED?” The bottom had tried crawling forward, his body reacting to the infectious AIDS T-Bone I had just shoved in his booty hole - dry. He didn’t get far. His doggy masked head shook from side to side as his manicured pink nails - hidden inside his puppy costumed paws - tried to hold their grip on the edge of the bed. “GET BACK HERE BOY! STAY!” I snarled as I yanked my dick out of his rare hole, grabbed his wrists, dragged him back to where I wanted, and then mounted him again. My POZ drip mixing with his bloody hole was all the lube the pup needed. The pup’s dog tags jangled and jingled. “FEEL THAT BIG DICK KNOTTING YOU BOY?” He might have said something, but then arched his back and yelped like a good pup when I yanked out and slammed back in. I yanked out again, took a second to admire his furry little hole - surrounded by a touch of pink, now red, skin. His hole was the only thing on his body not covered by his pup costume, which was just fine by me. All I needed was someplace to bury my AIDS T-BONE. “BIG AIDS DICK IN THAT ASS BOY - FUCKING YOUR PUPPY HOLE!” The boy bucked, I laughed, grabbed the back of his collar, slid the fingers of both hands underneath and twisted and pulled back. The pup bucked and yelped and my AIDS T-BONE buried a little deeper. “I GOT A SHIT LOAD OF HOT AIDS GRAVY FOR THAT PUP HOLE BOY - FULL OF VIRUS KIBBLES AND BITS!” His little paws were useless. I turned my head to the left and admired myself in the full length mirrors he had on the wall. The small lenses of his two video cameras were not easy to detect, but I made sure they got the shots. I hope he enjoyed watching this later. I hope he enjoyed seeing my wasted body, the skin that hung slightly off my muscles, the ribs that showed in my chest, my hollowed out cheeks and lesioned skin. “THAT’S IT - WHIMPER FOR ME PUP. MY AIDS T-BONE DICK IS FILLING THAT ASS UP - TURNING YOU INTO A FULL FLEDGED BITCH!” The pup gurgled his agreement as I twisted the collar tighter and started to long dick that ass with deeper, filling, stretching and wrecking strokes! I had been eyeing the pup online for a while now. I knew his habits, his secret desires, his voyeuristic pleasures. I knew he liked to secretly record and live stream anonymous dick fucking him. I knew he always insisted on safe sex only - something which he was not only vocal about, but condescending to those who held a different approach to life. “I’M YOUR AIDS SIRE PUP! UNMEDICATED DADDY DOG DICK SLICKING UP YOUR LITTLE HOLE - BUSTING IT OPEN WITH MY BIG KNOT - THAT FORESKIN SLIDING BACK, GETTING READY FOR MY POZ NUTT TO SPADE AND FIX YOU!” A loud, clear, yelp escaped the pup’s lips as I tore open a new path of destruction in his guts. I pressed down on his shoulder blades with my left hand, turned my body clockwise with my dick still buried deep in his furry ass. We formed an AIDs’ cross, ready for his crucifixion. I took my right hand and pushed his right leg outward so his hips raised up a bit, giving me head on access to his sidewalls. “YEAH BOY, PLAYING FETCH. TAKING MY AIDS T-BONE SMACK IN THEM ASS WALLS. OPENING THAT FURRY HOLE SO WHEN MY BALLS MAKE YOU PREGNANT THERE WILL BE LOTS OF BRUISED AND BLOODY SPOTS FOR THEM BABIES TO HOOK UP TO!” The pup’s hole was smearing my dick good now, creaming for my AIDS T-BONE. I yanked out, the pup’s body spasmed from the sudden evacuation, and I easily rotated my position. I used my right hand now to press down between his shoulders keeping his body on the bed and adjusted his left leg and held it so I could damage the other side of his ass walls. The pup’s whimpering told me he was hungry. “GOOD PUP READY TO SUCKLE SOME POZ MILK OUT? GET THAT ASS BACK HERE - THAT’S IT - RIGHT ON THE END OF THE BED AND DROP THEM LITTLE HIND LEGS DOWN. I’M GOING TO DRIVE MY AIDS T-BONE RIGHT UP THAT HOLE AND SQUIRT MY VIRAL MILK! GOOD PUP - TAKE THIS AIDS T-BONE! FEEL IT PUP? FEEL THAT KNOT SWELL? YEAH WHIMPER FOR ME LIKE A GOOD PUPPY - WHIMPER FOR ME AS YOUR SIRE BREEDS YOU - BEG FOR MY POZ MILK! BEG FOR IT PUP - BEG FOR IT - FILLING YOUR PUP ASS UP YOU FUCKING BITCH! FILLING YOU UP!” A couple of hours later I got up my nap. Filling a NEG hole up is always the best thing to get me set for a long nap out in hammock in the afternoon sun. I wiped the sweat from my brow, adjusted my eyes, and pulled up the pup’s homepage. Fuck yeah! Folks had liked our scene and had rated it five WOOFS! Lots of comments about ‘what a great set up’, ‘hot role play’, the ‘realistic fake fluids’. I’d give pup a couple days. He’ll come scratching at my door begging to be let in and when he does, I’ll be ready. (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)

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