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Found 212 results

  1. Anonymous loads

    I'm into anonymous loads deep in me at gloryholes or more... Would you let a total stranger breed you raw?
  2. Hey guys. I've been reading these forums for a while but this is my first time posting. I've barebacked with ex boyfriends before and barebacked occasionally during a drunk one night stand or two, but as a lot of you seem to have felt, I've always known that I love barebacking and that the idea of taking loads from strangers or groups is the absolute hottest thing in the world to me. I can't get off to porn with condoms and even thinking about getting in a sling at a bathhouse and taking endless raw dick makes me hard as fuck. But, like a lot of people, I am still scared to just start taking loads left and right like I want to. I feel like this is a pretty normal hesitation and deep down I think eventually I'll turn into a complete cumdump, but it's hard to know when to take the first step. So I was just wondering for those of you who went through a similar process, what was it that finally set you over the edge and made your fantasies start to be realities?
  3. FELLOW CUMDUMP PIGS and FEEDERS: Looking to start a thread for men that want to exchange their collected loads (their own or from men they've gotten them from) with other guys that want to receive them or swap. I would love to swap or just receive loads from anyone that wants to give them to me. I will inject these loads up my pig cunt and video it and post it on xtube. I'm very serious about this and expect those that send me a message to be serious about this. Thanks and OINKS! Tom
  4. Hosting at at Manhattan Times Square Hotel at 790 7th ave and 51st in Times Square. Here til Sat 4/11. I have to work during the day but in my room after 6pm every evening taking loads all nite lights out hardcore T.I.M. porn playing me nude lubed and door ajar cum by and use this hole to unload all the precum and cum you wanna unload. will take it all and can fuck for hours here. quickie anonymous blow n go dump n go long play groups tag teams what ever just hot NSA Fun. love a cock in my hole and in my mouth told i have one hot fucking hole and a bttm that knows how to take it as deep as the top wants to go and love to suck and deepthroat even go from ass to mouth tells you how super and deep clean my hole is. goes in as clean as it cums out except for your cum on ur cock which i will clean off. if you wanna stop by 615 289 0800 text or call or email at cumdumpbna at yahoo dot com
  5. I stayed at a friend's place for a few days, but most of the time he was at work or away, so I ended-up spending my time chilling out or on Grindr. There were some fit dudes in the area, but from speaking with them I figured bareback was a 'no go'. I noticed a cute young white twink who was a little further away. His profile had bareback written all over it and he was desperate to get loaded up, anytime, anywhere and by anyone. Just from looking at the profile and his pics I knew he was going to be a sleazy bug chaser. So I contacted him, and early in our conversation I brought up the subject and soon after that he was begging to be converted with my strain, saying he was negative, (which I found hard to believe as he had talked about what a cum whore he was) and that he had been taking loads non stop over the last few years. Similarly he didn't quite believe that I was poz. As we continued exchanging messages, several times he verified (as best he could) that I was genuinely positive. I told him the truth, how I had been poz for the last five years and had never taken any meds, although I would need to start treatment fairly soon. Well, it was clear his hole was desperately hungry and twitching for my dick and poz seed, so I told him I would GUARANTEE his conversion if he was willing and understood the risks. Immediately he agreed as he was obsessed with prospects of obtaining my strain. (I made the guarantee knowing I've built up quite a toxic strain over the years, especially as I've traveled for work all over the globe, and I've fucked quite a few holes in different countries, although, truth be told, I've had more loads fucked into my ass overall. I'm a no-questions-asked type of guy when it comes to bottoming, although on BBRTS, I always tend to search for poz tops. Naturally neg tops don't do much for me, but perversely neg bottoms are.) We exchanges several more messages, and eventually he gave me his address. I instructed him to (i) leave the door on the latch, (ii) be on all fours, (iii) wearing his sluttiest jock strap and (iv) place a toothbrush on the bed. I was quite sure he knew exactly what I had planned for his juicy neg hole. It took about 20 minutes to get to his place. Pushing the front door open with ease, I stepped inside and closed it behind me. I reached up under my baseball cap and pulled down the black balaclava hidden beneath it. I walked the length of the ground floor apartment and found the door to the bedroom. On the bed was a smooth hole in the air in a well used cum/lube stained jockstrap and a brand new toothbrush placed just under the waistband. The cum dump had a lean build, appeared to be early to mid twenties, smooth all over with light brown/blond hair and a beefy ass. I unzipped my jeans, releasing my semi hard dick, walked towards the head of the bed, grabbed the cum dumps head and pulled it back, "Open your mouth, pig. The more spit on my dick means the easier it goes in your hole." Not only do I not believe in using rubbers. I also don't believe in using lube either, figuring the bottom doesn't deserve it! He opened his mouth wide, I rammed my dick straight in and as deep as I could. He gagged and recoiled but that just made my dick even harder. Next I ran my hand down his back and the tip of my finger circled his hole. It was nice and dry, I was glad the fucker hadn't pre-lubed before I got there. He continued to work his mouth around my shaft for several minutes, occasionally begging for my poz seed when he came up for air, pleading for it to be deposited deep inside his guts and not down his throat. I moved down and round to his ass, rubbing my sloppy dick over the hole, applying just enough pressure to tease the opening but not penetrate it. "What is it you want, pig?" "I NEED your toxic strain inside my ass, Sir." "Are you sure you want it? It's a really potent, unmedicated bug. It's the greatest gift you could ever hope to receive. But you know what? I'm not sure you really deserve it. But then, the risk and decision is solely yours. There won't be any opportunity to change your mind - once we get started." "I'm desperate for the bug, Sir. I've wanted it for such a long time. Rape your strain into my ass as roughly as you can. No pulling out, and no 'safe word'. As he commited himself, I felt his dick harden in excitement. "Good answer, fuck pig. First, however, I need to prep your hole. I'm gonna brush it so it's nice and bloody, and the strain definitely takes - and quickly. "Yes, Sir. Will it definitely take? You're definitely poz, right? I really hope you are!" "As I said before, pig, I am most definitely poz, and guarantee my strain will sero-convert you. If you still don't believe me, well, you will believe me in about a month. Just wait and see!" I slid the new toothbrush out from under the jock, running my thumb over the clean white dry bristles, rubbing the toothbrush gently over his hole for a few seconds, then grasped the handle firmly as if I were holding a knife, without warning and in one quick movement drove the toothbrush deep into his guts. The stupid fucker squirmed and let out a cry which he muffled by driving his head down into the pillow. I started out with a gentle sawing motion inside his hole, applying more and more pressure, then reverting to a gentle brush, seeing just how much he could take. The more he squirmed the harder my dick got. I withdrew the brush and found it covered in a little blood, I pulled his head back, lifted the blindfold he was wearing off for a second and showed the dumb twink the bloody toothbrush before reinserting it. I continued with the previous brushing method, then started to rotate the brush 360 degrees. Now that was painful, it was clear to see from his muffled screams. My dick was throbbing by that point and dripping with pre-cum. It was time to fuck. It was time for his conversion. I pulled the brush out of his ass as roughly as I could. The bristles were now covered with a large amount of bright red blood. His hole was more than ready! "It burns. It feels like my hole's on fire, Sir." I positioned my dick over the now bloody hole and slid in slowly, I wanted to savour every minute. The blood, earlier spit and pre-cum helped lube my entry. He let out a low moan as each inch passed through his ring. His hole grasped tightly around my shaft and I started to jack hammer his ring, pounding my meat as deeply and roughly as I could. The entire time he begged for my poz jizz. After approximately 15 minutes of continuous fucking, as the sweat dripped from my body and as his blood seeped from his hole, I was ready to shoot my load. "Here it comes, pig. You ready for it? My nasty toxic bug. My pure, potent strain of poz cum. Beg me for it! Beg me, pig! Be the stupid fucker who begged to get pozzed-up." "Please, Sir, poz my hole, I beg you! Convert me! I want your DNA inside of my ass - to be a part of me forever. You will own me, but your seed will destroy my hole." With that my cock pulsed several times, I began grunting and spewed out my three-day load, completely emptying my nuts into the pig's guts. As the last spurts drained into his body, I collapsed on top of him, pinning him to the mattress. Then, whispering into his ear I said "Welcome to the club, AIDS pig. You are now completely fucked. I've just give you one of the nastiest strains of HIV on the planet. You dumb fuckin' whole. I know you're going to come to regret taking my load." I pulled my meat out and wiped my bloody shaft on his bed sheets, cleaned up and was out of there within a few minutes. Later that evening, of course, he messaged me on Grindr thanking me for his conversion. I sensed that he still doubted my status. I told him I wanted to hear from him as soon as he started to get sick with the fuck flu. A few weeks passed and I dropped him a message on Grindr. He answered saying he felt unwell, and suspected it was the fuck flu. My dick hardened and I gloated that I had guaranteed his conversion, and his doubts aside, I was a man of my word. He continued to thank me for my strain, apologising for his initial doubts and how he was hungry for more strains. Another week went by and he hadn't replied to my most recent messages, but I honestly didn't think much about him. Then a week after that he contacted me, telling me that he was so weak from my strain he had had to spend the remainder of his fuck flu in hospital, on an IV drip! When I read as much I instantly got a boner. After all, I suppose if you're going to do a job then you have to do it well, and his this case I did it extremely well. He's a lucky pig to get such a potent strain and he knows it. He tells me that he's started to fuck as many twinks as he can find... apparently good news isn't the only thing to spread fast
  6. I got on CL for something anonymous and hooked up with this guy! He described himself as a blond jock and said he wanted to fuck me “raw!” He had two conditions: One: since it was anonymous, he insisted that I agree not to look at him while he was there! Two: he wanted to record our encounter “just for his personal pleasure!” I was super horny and readily agreed! The sex was GREAT! He sure could throw a mean fuck! It wasn’t until a few days later I saw that he had posted this pic of him BALLS DEEP inside me on several gay sites...even tumblr! FUCK! He was no “blond jock!” I KNEW this guy! He lives in the apartment next door and one thing I know for sure about my neighbor is that he has FULL-BLOWN AIDS! Should I file a complaint...or should I ask him to come over tonight for another session?
  7. I was half asleep when I felt the weight on me. His hard cock slid up my ass crack until his knob caught on my lubed hole. I was awake now and pushed back with my ass until the head popped in. He had a decent size cock so I grabbed the poppers and took a big hit. He leaned in to take a sniff to. We both moaned as he sank in all the way. That's when I noticed he was fully dressed, his cock sticking out of his fly. "You got me so hard when you walked in," he said in my ear, "I never thought I would have a chance at getting my dick in you." I realized it was the guy at the counter when I checked in to the bathhouse. He was pretty old and not particularly attractive but his cock sure felt great and I told him so. The last part I mean. "I got a big load for ya but it feels like you have already been bred. You got some loads in you boy?" I admitted that I did. He wanted details while he fucked me. I had few details for load number one since he took me from behind and I neither saw or spoke to him. Just plain old doggy style raw fucking. He had a fat cock though and stretched me good. Load number two was from a young Latino guy. He liked to make out while he dicked me so I got on my back and wrapped my legs around him. He was very energetic and whispered a lot of things in Spanish that I could not translate. I enjoyed his whispers and moans. He got really loud as he was cumming in my hole. So hot. "Yeah that is really hot," agreed my lover. "That guy is here a lot and I often hear him getting his nut. We both chuckle and then he settles down to some serious fucking. One more deep hit of the poppers for both of us and then he is a goner shooting his seed deep inside my willing hole. After he is done he lays across my back to catch his breath. "I hope that was as good for you as it was for me," he says. "It was great," I answered, and meant it. Continuing, I told him that I loved raw raw cock and getting boned by strange men. "Well, by the end of my shift I should be ready to go again, so I can take another go at your ass," he replied. "Hell, yeah," I answered, adding "if my door is closed to just let yourself in with your master key." Giving me a grin of approval, he left, leaving my door wide open. Before I can decide if I want to leave it open or sleep or go up to the glory holes a figure appeared in the doorway. My latest visitor was a light skinned black man, probably about fifty years old. Pulling my legs up to my chest, I presented my cummy ass. A big toothy smile crossed his face as he tossed his towel on to the bed. His cock was half hard but after rubbing it across my crack a couple of times he was ready to go. His dick was quite big, in any event it was certainly the biggest of the evening. Asking him to pause for a moment, I took a deep his of my poppers, offering them to him afterwards. "No, thanks," he answered, suggesting "you might want to take another hit. You're gonna need 'em 'cuz I'm gonna pound you good." And he did just that. Hanging on for dear life, he rutted like he was starving. I hadn't had any black dick in a while and I found myself absolutely getting off on being fucked by bbc. He got a little mean and rough at the end, calling me names, spitting in my face and choking me. "Take my load you fucking faggot cum whore," he wheezed, hand still around my throat. I was so turned I didn't care if he was choking me, seemingly to death. I loved it. My cock was rock hard, trapped between our bellies. Fortunately he ignored my cock 'cause had he touched me I would have blown my load. After he shot his load he seemed sheepish about being so aggressive. "Oh my god," I gush, "that was fucking amazing. Holy shit man that was intense!" I thanked him whole heartedly for both the fuck and the load. I decided to go for a stint in the sling stopping first for a piss break. The place seemed empty but I am a patient man. I settled in and waited. Didn't take long though. Someone appeared. He looked at me then started looking around. I think he was shy so the next time he looked my way I gestured him over. He was a short, stocky middle aged guy that was probably really hairy but he was trimmed all over. He was going to have to fuck me on his toes. As soon as he was close enough I grabbed his rod and pulled him into my mouth. It was a pain in the ass since the head end of the sling was too high and I had to really bend and twist to get my lips on it. It was worth it though since he was leaking a lot, and I am crazy for pre-cum. Before long he pulled off and went for my ass. Oh yeah! Back to the poppers. I did not bother offering him any as had a death grip on my legs and was pounding away furiously. I knew it would not take him long at the rate he was going. Sure enough a couple minutes into our breeding session he was emptying his sack up my ass. Bliss. Then he was gone. Laying back in the sling I felt pretty good. Still I wrapped the towel around my head hoping for some anonymous action. ************************************************************************* Okay enough for tonight. I have got to wack it. I will tell you about the rest of my evening tomorrow. Happy jerking boys.
  8. The Furnace Man Cums Twice

    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself with the title. But it’s true. It has been a couple of weeks since our first encounter and, even though he’d showed interest in more, I wasn’t sure what to expect. Plus, this is the busy time of year for him, so I doubted he had much free time. Anyway, I was at the local Walmart, turned a corner, and there he was. Shopping with what I assume was his girlfriend. I wasn’t that surprised. He noticed me, too. He said something to her, she nodded and moved further into the purse department, while he walked away, glancing back at me and giving me a subtle nod of the head. Of course I was following him, and saw that he was going to the bathroom. Really not the best choice if you’ve ever seen them at the Walmart stores -they don’t even have doors on the outside anymore. I followed him in anyway. He went directly into a stall. I saw there was a guy pissing at the wall urinal, so I just washed my hands and he finished up and left. Now we were alone. So I quickly ducked into the stall with the hunky furnace guy. I didn’t know how this was going to go -it was so risky there! He sat down on the toilet and pulled his already hard dick out, which I gave a couple of quick sucks to get it wet. Nothing about this was planned or I would have prepared my ass better. He didn’t seem to care, and I sure as hell wasn’t about to turn down another load from him up my ass. Facing him, I squatted over his cock and lowered my ass onto it. With really no lube except his natural juice, it took some doing. Luckily he does leak quite a bit of precum, so eventually I could feel him sliding into me. Within a matter of minutes I was sitting down completely on his lap. I slowly rode him, loving every second of that meat up my hole. Fuck this was so risky but so hot!! I let my head fall back and let out a silent sigh, or maybe I wanted to moan. I guess it looked that way because he quickly clamped his hand over my mouth. Just then we heard feet and knew that someone had come in. I impaled myself totally on him, and did a little Mission Impossible balancing act with my feet on the wall behind him, and my hands on the door behind me. That way if anyone happened to look under the door, they would only see one set of feet. I think it had been security, too, because they didn’t use a toilet or urinal or the sink. But luckily they did leave. He looked me in the eyes and whispered, “We’re going to have to make this quick.” I was okay with that. I climbed off of him and he stood up. From there I kneeled carefully on the toilet seat and he got behind me -still only one set of feet showing. He entered me from behind, grabbed my hips, and nailed me hard and fast. Within a matter of a minute or two he held in deep, breathed loudly through his nose, and I could feel his dick twitching up my ass and blasting me full of his baby makers. He slowly eased out of me and wiped himself off with a handful of toilet paper -surprisingly he wasn’t messy. He signalled for me to stay in the stall for a second and he opened the door and peeked out -the coast was clear. I pulled up my pants and followed him out. Just then another customer entered and went to the urinals. We stood at the sink, staring at each other in the mirror while we washed our hands. He turned to walk past me and leave, but whispered to me just as he was passing, “Meet me out front in 10.” Yay! I was hoping that meant he was going to give me another load like he had the first time we met. I met him out front in exactly 10 minutes and he immediately began walking when he saw me. When we were out of sight from the doors, I caught up to him. “I told my girlfriend I forgot my wallet in the truck. That should give me enough time to give you another load . . . if you want it,” he said with a very cute grin. “Like you even have to ask,” I laughed. “Where?” I asked him, looking around. It’s not like we could fuck in his truck. “There are some walking trails off this way. With all of the snow, I doubt anyone is using them.” He led me away from the parking lot to a wooded area. When we were far enough out of sight, I just walked to a tree, leaned forward and yanked my pants down, exposing my ass to the very cold winter air. I was thinking this was going to be another quick fuck -I wasn’t sure how the cold was going to affect his cock and balls. Of course my ass was more than hot enough to keep his dick warm, so he jammed right into me now that I was prelubed with his first load of cum. He stood very close to me, wrapping his arms around me from behind, and just began pounding me, rutting into my hungry ass. There was always something about fucking like this, so close to each other, hugging close, that always gets me so hot. I could feel his head near mine, and his warm breath on the back of my neck and ears. He leaned his chin on my left shoulder and whispered as he fucked me. “You like when I fuck you, don’t you?” “I love your dick in me. You can fuck me any time you need. I promise you that. Just give me your load,” I moaned now. “Yeah, you’re a greedy cum slut. Fuck you make me feel better than my girlfriend, that for sure. I love your ass,” he told me, starting to slam me harder and as deep as he could go. It only took another couple of minutes, and then his face was next to mine again as he growled in my ear and unloaded his swimmers deep into my whore ass. We took a moment to catch our breath and straighten our clothes, and then headed back. We re-entered the store as if nothing had ever happened and we’d never even met. He went his way, and I went mine. As I shopped I could feel his loads leaking out of my hole and down the back of my legs. I was glad I was wearing nylon trackies -the wetness wouldn’t show through them. I felt like such a slut doing my shopping while I was literally dripping in cum.
  9. HOW LOW WILL I GO? (A Fiction/Fantasy Story) Chasing started as a natural progression once I began taking loads bare. Something inside of me just hungered. For cum. More and more cum. And then not just any cum but viral loads. After months of taking every load I could get up my ass, including several HVL’s from HIV poz fuckers, I got my last test results -still negative. What does it take? How far am I will to go to get what my body needs to satisfy this craving? How low will I go? I was walking home from work one day and passed a guy, much smaller stature than me. At first I just thought he was a little guy. But when I glanced at him just as he passed, I noticed that he wasn’t a small guy. He was wasting. This was the first time I had actually seen a man with FULL BLOWN AIDS in person -naïve, I know. The thought of it had always terrified me until I began chasing. Now, taking one look at him . . . something happened. Without even thinking about it, I found myself following him another block to a black door in between two businesses. I knew there was a sort of hidden bathhouse somewhere around here, but had never had the nerve to check into it. I had always heard that the most hardcore and nasty types of guys went there. And every disease available was floating around from guy to guy in that place. The stuff of nightmares for the younger me. Now? It was the stuff that was making my dick swell in my pants and my ass involuntarily yawn open. I need something in me now! I followed the wasting man down the dark stairs towards the glow of a room opening at the bottom, filled with the sounds of pulsing music and the grunts and groans of pure animal man sex. After he payed his entrance feel, he glanced over his shoulder and saw me. I don’t think he’d been aware of me following him, but his eyes showed some recognition when they locked on mine. “Did you turn around and follow me down here?” he asked, his voice surprisingly deep, raspy and sexy. The desk clerk took my money and went back to playing on his phone, not caring what we did from that point on. “I, uh, yeah, I guess I did,” I admitted. I followed him to the changing area and stowed my clothes, while we continued to talk. “Why?” he asked me. It wasn’t a suspicious question. He seemed sort of playful at the thought that I, normal looking, ‘regular’, healthy guy, would follow him into a seedy bathhouse. I decided to just bite the bullet and be brutally honest. Nothing to lose, right? “Well, to be honest, the first thing that went through my mind when I walked passed you and really saw you was ‘sex’. Now.” He laughed, but not at me. “You really want to have sex with me? Do you have any idea what is coursing through my blood right now?” I swallowed over my dry throat and looked him in the eyes. “Yes, I do.” “And you still want me to fuck you?” The giant bulge in his jock told me that he wanted to fuck me, too. “Yes.” “You realize that I will only fuck you bare. And I will not pull out. You will get all of my toxic AIDS seed in you. Is that really what you want?” “Fuck yes,” I growled. He smiled a very devilish smile and yanked me by the hand to follow him through a couple of doorways into another dark space. I could hear sex happening everywhere around us, and it only made me crave it so much more. In fact, it wasn't just the sounds. It was the smells. That intoxicating blend of sweat and cum that has always worked better than a bottle of poppers for me. My stomach was a jumble of nerves, and I was both scared and excited at the same time. I knew that I was crossing a line that I couldn’t uncross. But logic had flown right out the window and I was just doing what an animal does, following my hunger. After a few minutes in that room my eyes adjusted to the dark. I could see a few different pairs, in the midst of their sucking and fucking, lost in their own worlds of depravity. Suddenly I felt his fingers at my hole, testing to see how tight or loose I was. It was going to be a tight fit no matter what given the bat he had swinging between his legs. It looked almost wrong -such a tiny body with such a huge cock. I suppose if he was at a healthy weight it might not have looked so extreme. But it was his wasted look that had gotten my attention, anyway, so I didn’t care. He pushed me down onto a small padded bench, giving him a better height and access to my opening. I heard him pumping his dick to full mast with a lubed hand, and then he started pressing into me. I knew that this was not going to be slow or gentle, and he just kept pushing, forcing my hole to open and take him into me. He just kept pushing and pushing, and I swear that I could feel my inner lining splitting a little. That little thought and realization made my heart thump wildly in my chest. Am I really doing this? He made me bleed, I’m sure. There is no escaping his bugs now. The force and heat in my ass naturally took over, and I found myself shoving myself back hard onto his huge cock. “Fuck yeah, take it!” he yelled, slapping my ass hard. He stopped only for one second when I felt his bony hips flush against my round ass cheeks. And then he yanked himself back, almost all the way out, and the drove back into me. HARD. I couldn’t help but grunt and growl. I was giving into the animal, I might as well sound like one, too. There was nothing fancy going on, no switching positions or breaks. He just stood there and pounded my pighole over and over, for at least fifteen or twenty minutes. I was impressed with his stamina, not knowing what to expect with his frail looking condition. As his fucking got even harder and deeper, it felt like his cock was growing even bigger inside of me. And I knew that he was getting close to cumming. This is it, am I really going to let him cum in me? I could pull off right before, it’s not too late. He started growling, and then spoke for the first time since he’d penetrated me. “I’m getting close buddy. There’s no backing out now . . . you’re going to get my load.” Oh, fuck, I forgot that he made it clear he would not be pulling out. The tingling in my stomach met with the fire in my groin and ass and I knew there was no need to deny it. “Fucking give it to me!” I yelled, surprising myself at how loud I’d been. “Knock me up!” “You want it? You want my AIDS?” he asked. “I’m going to pump you full of my toxic seed. Fucking knock you up with my AIDS babies.” “You got a neg ass there?” I heard one of the other guys ask. “Yup,” my fucker replied. Getting as loud and vocal as we’d gotten, I shouldn’t have been surprised that we attracted an audience. And they had all stopped their own messing around to watch me get impregnated. Knowing all eyes were on me taking this stranger’s dirty seed seemed to make something snap inside of me and I felt like a true cumwhore. Now all of the guys were yelling at us, at him, to get me pregnant, to trash my hole, to pound me and rip me up. And I was really getting into it, shoving back hard to feel every inch of him in me. My hole felt gaping, sloppy and wet, slick with my own ass juices, his natural lube and my blood. Finally he growled through clenched teeth, gripped my hips so hard it hurt as he impaled me balls deep as he emptied his balls into me. “That’s it, take it you fucking whore,” he finally panted as his cock began to soften after a few minutes. I looked over my shoulder at him and smiled. He smiled back and said, "You must be a fucking whore to follow a guy you don't know, who is full of AIDS, and beg him to breed you." He slapped my ass one last time and let his cock fall from my hole. So there I was, naked, on my hands and knees on a little padded bench, in a room filled with strangers, panting and covered in sweat, with a butt full of toxic high viral cum from a FULL BLOWN AIDS fucker. And I felt happy. And I wanted more . . .
  10. After work, this past Tuesday I got a motel room and posted an advertisement on Craigslist, which said 'Anonymous, motel room door ajar, lights off, porn on the TV'. My favorite scene. In total seven guys showed up, which, considering the number of guys who flake out, is pretty good for this kind of scene. The room was dark so I didn't get a good look at anyone but all were decently hung. There were four black guys, one Hispanic, and two white guys. I took three loads in my ass, one on my face, one down my throat and two guys insisted on using condoms. (I ate their loads out of the condoms once they left.) All in all a very good night!
  11. Sloppy seconds

    Sitting here with 2 loads in my ass as I write this, though I kinda wish it was more. I had a stroke of inspiration yesterday - allow me to explain. I have a BBC friend who I've met up with pretty regularly for a few years. Good guy, great lay. His cock is perfectly thick (it's to him that I attribute how loose my hole is!), a nice 7 inches, and it curves to the left so that when he lays on his bed and I blow him, it slides right down my throat, effortlessly. He's a jackhammer when he fucks -- but in a good way, going real deep with every stroke so I feel all of him in my ass. We started off using condoms at first. He'd get me going with the brown bottle and use a lot of lube to make fucking effortless. I had been trying to prod him to bareback for a while when one day, I thought he had cum so I reached behind me, slid the condom off his cock, and aimed it back at my hole. I hoped he would at least slide it in for a moment so I could see what he felt like bare. Well, he hadn't yet cum, so he finished that day by pounding my hole raw and finishing inside me. We've played bare every since. It's been a while since I saw him - he's been traveling a lot. I got an email from him a few days ago though, stating that he was back in town and wanted to meet. We made arrangements for tonight. He left an hour ago, and left behind a huge load that's still trickling out of my gaping hole. This time we didn't even need lube. He was slick enough from the hot deep throat I gave him that he slid right in. Here's where the inspiration comes in. Anyone who reads my posts knows that I love multiples, so after we made arrangements to meet I hopped on CL and posted to see if I could get any additional loads once he was gone (he's not into 3somes/groups/gang bangs, his one flaw). So I posted with the title "sloppy seconds," and got a bunch of responses from married guys. Most couldn't make the time frame I specified - he was coming at 7 and I figured 7:30 would be a good time to begin taking other loads - but one guy informed me that it was ideal. He waited down the street and as soon as my friend had left, I sent the address and he came right over. He just left a half hour ago. He didn't have a huge cock, maybe 6" and not overly thick, but he knew what to do with it, and I felt him get harder as he realized how slick I was with my friend's cum. Before long he was ready to shoot, and presented me with a choice I've never had before: he could cum deep, or just inside my hole. Being the cum slut that I am, I opted for deep inside, and I clenched my hole around him as he pulled out to milk every last drop out of his balls. A third guy who told me he was on his way never showed - typical CL flake. But I can rest easy knowing that when I want more cock when my friend is finished with my hole, it's only a post away!
  12. I made a quick visit to my favorite Las Vegas ABS video booths. I only had about a half hour before I was meeting some friends for an early dinner and a movie. When I entered the video arcade, I found 4 red lights on the 12 booths. I tried the occupied booth's doors and found one unlocked. I entered the booth and found a latino guy in his early 50's leaning against the wall, his uncut cock sticking from his zipper and he was stroking, while watching some str8 porn on the screen. I added a dollar to the machine and dropped to my knees in front of him. I took a deep drag on my poppers and went to work on his cock. I heard him ask for my poppers. I handed them up to him and he took several drags on them. He was a quick cummer. I very quickly felt the sweet taste of his cum as it filled my mouth. I got up, wiped my face and left his booth. I noticed that the red light was on over the door of one of the booths that had the only glory hole in this arcade. So, I went into the adjoining booth that was just being vacated by an older latino guy, and peeked through the hole. A young asian kid in his early 20's, with a very large, thick and rock hard cock was standing in the booth stroking. Some str8 porn was on his screen. I put a couple of dollars in my video machine and dropped to my knees at the glory hole. I'm an older guy, so I wasn't sure this young kid would want my offer of a bj? But, he quickly put his rockhard cock to my mouth at the hole. His cock was a pure joy to worship. I sucked and licked his cock and balls. I could tell that he'd get close to cumming, then he'd pull from my mouth for a few moments, before putting it back into me. He liked to fuck my mouth like a pussy. So, I'd put my face up to the large, oval glory hole and keep it there as he'd fuck my face. He continued to keep taking small breaks from his face fucking so he wouldn't cum. He was trying to make it last by edging. But he finally got to the point where I could tell he couldn't edge any longer. He was ready to shoot. I hungrily worked on his cock. Taking it as far to the back of my throat as I could. Finally he let out a soft groan and filled my mouth with a giant load of very sweet juice. It typical str8 boi fashion, he quickly pulled his cock from my mouth. Grabbed some tissues from the dispenser, wiped his cock, put it in his pants, zipped and quickly exited the booth. I heard the front door buzzer chime as he quickly exited the store. I always chuckle at how quickly str8 guys want to get out after they cum. I glanced at my watch, I only had another 10 minutes to spare before I had to head to meet my friends. I tried all the doors with red lights on them. All locked. Just as I was thinking I'd better get going, a man in his early 40's, nice looking, wearing dress slacks and a white long sleeve shirt entered the arcade. It's 116 degrees outside. The only reason to wear a long sleeve shirt in this temperature would be if he had just gotten off work and was on his way home. Our eyes catch each other as we pass by the display of all the movies playing. He enters a booth and locks the door. DAMN! Maybe he doesn't want a bj? He's nice looking and I do have 10 more minutes I can stay. So, I hang around for a bit near the movie display. I go to try his door a couple of times. But it's locked. I do rattle his door handle just a bit, so he knows that someone's interested in coming in. He's been in the booth for just a couple of minutes when I hear the door lock on his door being moved. I try the door again, Now it's unlocked. I go inside and find him sitting on the chair, his pants around his ankles, his 7" cut cock in his hands, stroking to some str8 porn. I lock the door and assume my position on the floor, between his legs. I take my drags of poppers, then go to work on his cock. He looks hard already, but I can feel it harden even more as I suck on him. He doesn't take long. About 4 minutes of cocksucking then I hear his breath quicken, his cock throbs in my mouth and he pulls the back of my head down onto his cock. I tighten the back of my throat on his cock as I feel it pulse and fill my throat with his load. He finishes cumming, then pushes my face off his cock. He and I both take tissues from the dispenser, wipe ourselves off. I get up, leave him and leave the store. In less than 30 minutes I've sucked off 3 str8 guys. All without speaking a word to each other. All totally anonymous. Just as I like it.
  13. Another anonymous night of fucking

    Once again last night I found myself headed for my favorite motel after work, and again the evening didn't disappoint! Took another seven cocks including one BBC. Alas, three of the seven decided to cover up and of the four who didn't, one fucked me bare but then shot his load down my throat. It was pretty hot though - he grabbed my head and held me in place while he fucked my throat. I was barely conscious by the time he let me get some air, then before I could say or do anything his cock was back down my throat! He must have been a good 9 inches and he was lodged down my throat when I felt his shaft start pumping its load directly into my stomach, no swallowing necessary! Very hot. All in all no complaints!
  14. “DOES THAT RAW DICK FEEL GOOD BOY? IS THAT WHAT YOU NEEDED?” The bottom had tried crawling forward, his body reacting to the infectious AIDS T-Bone I had just shoved in his booty hole - dry. He didn’t get far. His doggy masked head shook from side to side as his manicured pink nails - hidden inside his puppy costumed paws - tried to hold their grip on the edge of the bed. “GET BACK HERE BOY! STAY!” I snarled as I yanked my dick out of his rare hole, grabbed his wrists, dragged him back to where I wanted, and then mounted him again. My POZ drip mixing with his bloody hole was all the lube the pup needed. The pup’s dog tags jangled and jingled. “FEEL THAT BIG DICK KNOTTING YOU BOY?” He might have said something, but then arched his back and yelped like a good pup when I yanked out and slammed back in. I yanked out again, took a second to admire his furry little hole - surrounded by a touch of pink, now red, skin. His hole was the only thing on his body not covered by his pup costume, which was just fine by me. All I needed was someplace to bury my AIDS T-BONE. “BIG AIDS DICK IN THAT ASS BOY - FUCKING YOUR PUPPY HOLE!” The boy bucked, I laughed, grabbed the back of his collar, slid the fingers of both hands underneath and twisted and pulled back. The pup bucked and yelped and my AIDS T-BONE buried a little deeper. “I GOT A SHIT LOAD OF HOT AIDS GRAVY FOR THAT PUP HOLE BOY - FULL OF VIRUS KIBBLES AND BITS!” His little paws were useless. I turned my head to the left and admired myself in the full length mirrors he had on the wall. The small lenses of his two video cameras were not easy to detect, but I made sure they got the shots. I hope he enjoyed watching this later. I hope he enjoyed seeing my wasted body, the skin that hung slightly off my muscles, the ribs that showed in my chest, my hollowed out cheeks and lesioned skin. “THAT’S IT - WHIMPER FOR ME PUP. MY AIDS T-BONE DICK IS FILLING THAT ASS UP - TURNING YOU INTO A FULL FLEDGED BITCH!” The pup gurgled his agreement as I twisted the collar tighter and started to long dick that ass with deeper, filling, stretching and wrecking strokes! I had been eyeing the pup online for a while now. I knew his habits, his secret desires, his voyeuristic pleasures. I knew he liked to secretly record and live stream anonymous dick fucking him. I knew he always insisted on safe sex only - something which he was not only vocal about, but condescending to those who held a different approach to life. “I’M YOUR AIDS SIRE PUP! UNMEDICATED DADDY DOG DICK SLICKING UP YOUR LITTLE HOLE - BUSTING IT OPEN WITH MY BIG KNOT - THAT FORESKIN SLIDING BACK, GETTING READY FOR MY POZ NUTT TO SPADE AND FIX YOU!” A loud, clear, yelp escaped the pup’s lips as I tore open a new path of destruction in his guts. I pressed down on his shoulder blades with my left hand, turned my body clockwise with my dick still buried deep in his furry ass. We formed an AIDs’ cross, ready for his crucifixion. I took my right hand and pushed his right leg outward so his hips raised up a bit, giving me head on access to his sidewalls. “YEAH BOY, PLAYING FETCH. TAKING MY AIDS T-BONE SMACK IN THEM ASS WALLS. OPENING THAT FURRY HOLE SO WHEN MY BALLS MAKE YOU PREGNANT THERE WILL BE LOTS OF BRUISED AND BLOODY SPOTS FOR THEM BABIES TO HOOK UP TO!” The pup’s hole was smearing my dick good now, creaming for my AIDS T-BONE. I yanked out, the pup’s body spasmed from the sudden evacuation, and I easily rotated my position. I used my right hand now to press down between his shoulders keeping his body on the bed and adjusted his left leg and held it so I could damage the other side of his ass walls. The pup’s whimpering told me he was hungry. “GOOD PUP READY TO SUCKLE SOME POZ MILK OUT? GET THAT ASS BACK HERE - THAT’S IT - RIGHT ON THE END OF THE BED AND DROP THEM LITTLE HIND LEGS DOWN. I’M GOING TO DRIVE MY AIDS T-BONE RIGHT UP THAT HOLE AND SQUIRT MY VIRAL MILK! GOOD PUP - TAKE THIS AIDS T-BONE! FEEL IT PUP? FEEL THAT KNOT SWELL? YEAH WHIMPER FOR ME LIKE A GOOD PUPPY - WHIMPER FOR ME AS YOUR SIRE BREEDS YOU - BEG FOR MY POZ MILK! BEG FOR IT PUP - BEG FOR IT - FILLING YOUR PUP ASS UP YOU FUCKING BITCH! FILLING YOU UP!” A couple of hours later I got up my nap. Filling a NEG hole up is always the best thing to get me set for a long nap out in hammock in the afternoon sun. I wiped the sweat from my brow, adjusted my eyes, and pulled up the pup’s homepage. Fuck yeah! Folks had liked our scene and had rated it five WOOFS! Lots of comments about ‘what a great set up’, ‘hot role play’, the ‘realistic fake fluids’. I’d give pup a couple days. He’ll come scratching at my door begging to be let in and when he does, I’ll be ready. (*From the author: If you like the story let me know - post a reply or give a reputation. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read these stories and for the continued support!)
  15. Taking loads in a park

    I'm in Loretto Hieghts Park in Denver looking for tonight only. I will let anyone bare fuck me no questions
  16. hello everyone! I've always wanted to organise a meet where id just leave the hotel door on latch and have guys come in dump a load and leave - anonymous and/or not. trying to find a hotel in london where i can do that --- meaning guys can just walk in and up to my room without anyone asking or checking at all. anyone know a couple places like that? the cheaper/sleazier the better!
  17. 4 tops and 5 loads in 2.5 hours

    Plans fell through last night so I decided to get a room at my favorite motel and post on CL for anonymous tops to stop by and use my holes. Thursdays normally aren't great but last night was a wonderful exception to the rule! Many of you already know that when I do this scene, I leave the door ajar and turn the lights off, waiting naked on all 4's on the bed. The motel room doors open to the parking lot, so tops can park immediately outside and then push open the door, which I leave ajar. Sometimes I have to wait for the first guy to walk in, but last night he was right on time, walking in at the moment I said I'd be ready. I was laying on the bed on my stomach and as he walked around in front of me, I saw that he was a well-built black guy. I took a few huffs off my brown bottle, and before I knew it his big black cock was growing in my mouth. Before long he was holding my head as he slid his long, thick cock down my throat, while I coughed and gagged and drooled and loved every second! He was a thick one to be my first, so I urged caution as he walked around to the other side of the bed to fuck my already-lubed hole. I was disappointed when I heard the telltale crinkle of a condom wrapper, but my disappointment quickly turned to anticipation when he asked, "You clean?" without putting it on. I replied in the affirmative, said I hoped he was too, and that was all it took. He pushed me forward on the bed, climbed on top of me and eased his cock - still slick with my saliva - into my hole. A few more huffs from the brown bottle and my ass rose to meet each of his thrusts as he pounded away. He wrapped an arm around my throat, half-Nelson style, and rode me hard until I heard his breathing begin to quicken. A few grunts, a few spasms of his hips to drive his load deep, and I had received my first cum of the evening. As he slid out, I spun around off the bed and onto my knees, taking his still-hard cock in my mouth to clean up the mess I had helped him make. The taste of my ass juices, his cum, and a hint of lube all hit my tongue at once, and I gobbled his cock down greedily to the root, making sure to lick every inch. He pulled on his clothes, grabbed his things, and with a thank you headed out the door. I lay back down on the bed but only for about 10 minutes when I heard a car door outside. I assumed the ass up position, and sure enough the door pushed open. In walked another black guy, and just like the first he dropped his pants and made a beeline for my mouth. As with the first guy, I licked and throated and savored this cock. It was a bit longer than the first, maybe 8.5", cut and a bit more slender with a slight curve to the left. It slid easily down my throat, his balls smelling and tasting a little muskier than the first guy. Flying in popper heaven, the deep throat saliva drooled down my chin and onto the bedsheets as I gave him one of the best oral treatments I've ever given. Once again, though, as he walked behind me I heard a condom wrapper, and this time the elastic "snap" as he unrolled it down his shaft. My hole was still slick with the combination of lube and cum from my first top, but still this second guy had to use extra lube to work his cock into my hole. That's why I hate condoms! I stood bent over the bed, and as he slid into my ass, this guy's longer cock hit my prostate just right. He slid in and out, the friction from the condom annoying me somewhat despite how good his thrusts felt. Then he spoke. "I'm going to take this condom off now," he said as he continued his motion, driving his cock deep in my ass. But he didn't stop, and he didn't say anything more. I was excited at the prospect of another raw cock, and finally got impatient enough that I moved in such a way that his cock slipped out of my ass. I deftly reached behind, grabbed his cock, and in one motion pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor. I grabbed his now bare cock again and guided it back into my eager fuckhole. He was only too happy to oblige. This guy was a fucking machine, pounding me raw for at least 10 minutes before he asked, "Where do you want me to cum?" In a moment of concern at the anonymity, for some reason I told him to pull out and cum on my hole, rather than in it. He complied, and as I came to my senses I pushed my ass back so his still-spurting cock slid back up my hole. After he came, I spun around and, as with the first guy, took his length into my mouth to give it a thorough cleaning. I noticed that he wasn't pulling away or rushing out the door, so I stood, turned around, and guided his cock into my hole once more. He gave a couple of thrusts before pushing me face-down on to the bed, where he mounted me and rammed another load deep into my guts. It felt amazing! My first two visitors were the highlight of my night, leaving me with three loads in and on my ass. After another 15 minutes or so, a tall white guy walked in, rammed his cock down my throat, and held my head in place until he pumped a load down my throat. He left just as quickly without saying a word. The last guy of the evening was a young black kid in his early 30s. Turned out that he wasn't a fan of deep throat (I know, right?!?!) and would only fuck with a condom (which neither of us had), so I sucked his cock and we made out a bit. He fingered my hole as I slobbered on his cock, and I was rewarded with a real big load, which he told me afterward had built up over 8 days. All in all a fruitful night! I'm hoping for as much luck (or more!) again next Thursday as I head to Boston for my first all-night ass-up fuck fest. Can't wait!
  18. Cum slutode

    At a gay resort in Ontario and feeling slutty. Guys on the slurp ramp looking to get off. All I could see were dicks waiting to be serviced. I started with a nice thick 6" cut dick. I sucked him for about 10 minutes when he put his hands on the back of my head and forced his dick down my throat and filled me with a sweet tasting load. then I started working on a 8" smelly dick.while he started fucking my throat someone came behind me and started fingering my hole. after he opened my hole he let me feel the pa at the end of hi sick and then he shoved all 10 inches in my ass. the two of them started fucking me hard and didn't let up until they coated my insides with their cum about 20 minutes later
  19. I have a room at the Parliament House June 23rd through 26th. I may be travelling with a female submissive that enjoys watching me be used or I can blindfold her in a corner while you use my mouth or hole to empty your balls.
  20. Boring bokkstore loads

    Was your basic bokstore booth. Was on my knees waiting for someone to use me. Guy walked in, unzipped his jeans, pulled out his cock, and i started sucking. Couple minutes he was fucking me when another guy came up and started watching. Sucked the second guy till the first guyfinished, then the second guygot into place and finished his load insideme
  21. One of my favorite times of every year here in Las Vegas are the first 2 weeks of December. For 10 days each Dec., Las Vegas hosts the National Rodeo Finals. The town is filled with nearly 30,000 rodeo cowboys and rodeo lovers. There are a couple of cowboys that I've been hooking up with each year. But they can be a bit paranoid about having me come to their hotel rooms, for fear that one of their cowboy buddies might find out. This year I decided to get a room at a cheap motel, just across the freeway from the LV Strip Hotels and host there. I love this particular motel. It has parking just in front of the rooms. It's easy access for both the out of towners staying on The Strip as well as locals. And there are two large lots on either side of the motel for 18 wheel trucks to spend the night. I like to get a room at this place every few months. Just to whore out and take loads. The first night I had the room, I invited both of my cowboy regulars to my room. They both fucked me and seemed to be a lot more relaxed coming to my room, instead of hosting in theirs. Both guys consider themselves str8. But both say they look forward to our yearly fuck. I sure do enjoy sucking, rimming and fucking with both those masculine cowboy studs. One guy is from Austin, TX. The other from South Dakota. Hot fuckers! The second night that I had the room, I decided I wanted to try an anonymous pump and dump in my room. I posted on BBRT.com, Squirt and Craigslist. I posted my KIK number on all the ads. I said in my ad that starting at 11pm, I would have my door unlocked. Just come in, find me ass up, and fuck me. It had to be raw. No condoms allowed. I got my room ready with several bottles of lube and poppers, tissue boxes and wet wipes set on both bedside tables and on the dresser. I also had my own bottle of poppers that I alone would use for the evening. By 10:45p I was douched, showered and had the lights off. At 10:50p the first guy came into my room. He felt my ass and fingered my hole for a minute or two. Then I felt him drizzle some cold lube on my ass and his finger slid some up inside me. His finger was soon replaced by his hard cock. He was a quick draw. He probably only fucked me for a couple of minutes, before he groaned and filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He pulled out, pulled up his pants and was out of the room in all under 5 minutes. At about 11:05p my door opened again. Another guy came in, quickly stepped up behind me, lowered his pants and slid inside me. His fuck was a bit longer. Maybe 10 minutes. Just before he came inside me, I heard the door open again. Another guy had come in. He undressed as he watched the other guy fuck me. And as soon as that guy had filled my ass with his load, the 3rd guy stepped behind me and sipped in my hole. As #3 fucked me, #2 pulled up his pants and left. Guy #3 really pounded me hard. He was really enjoying his ride. He took about 20 minutes of pounding, before he emptied his balls inside me. Within 45 minutes, I had taken the first 3 loads of the evening. I was thinking, "This is going to be a great evening". But then I went for over an hour without anyone showing up. I was starting to get discouraged, but at about 1am another guy walked into my room. I was sitting in a chair, checking emails on my phone. So I just dropped to my knees. He stepped up to me, unzipped and fed me his cock. I sucked him hard. Then I got up, knelt on the edge of the bed and sniffed some poppers, as he removed his shoes and pants. Soon he was sliding his dick up inside my cum lubed ass. He was a rough fuck. Really slamming into me. A good, hard 10 minute fuck finally resulted in load #4 going inside me. After #4 had cum and gone, I checked my emails and KIK. There were 8 messages on KIK and well over a dozen emails and messages on BBRT & Squirt. I replied to them all, giving them all my hotel address and room number. Knowing that usually, just a small portion of the guys that reply, will actually show up. But, you never know? And on this particular evening, I'd say that the vast majority of the guys that replied, actually did show up. As I've learned in the past, here in Las Vegas, as the evening gets later, the anonymous tops seem to multiply. And the str8 guys that have been hanging out at the strip clubs, getting lap dances, are now horny, drunk and tired. They want to shoot a load and get to bed. By this time in the evening, they don't really care about whether the hole is male or female. They just need a warm hole to get them off. From about 1:30am till about 4am, I had a steady stream of horny guys coming into my dark room. I sucked a few, ate a few asses, but most chose to fuck my raw ass. I really have no clue how many loads I ended up taking that night? I totally lost count. But, I'm guessing that I took about 15 or 16 loads in my ass alone, that night. A personal best. Most loads went in my ass. Two loads went down my throat. And one guy jacked off into my mouth. One guy never even made it to one of my holes. He was standing next to me, watching another guy fucking me. He was so turned on, that he sprayed his cum all over us as he watched. One of my regular cowboys that had fucked me the previous evening, came back to fuck me again that night. Even though the room was pretty dark, the majority of the guys seemed to be str8 cowboys. More than likely, even a trucker or two. Since there's overnight 18 wheeler parking on both sides of this motel. I was more than happy to be the hole for them to deposit their straight sperm inside. By 4am, the flow of guys had slowed. So I pulled the duct tape off the door lock. Locked the door and climbed into bed. As you would expect, I woke up the next morning a bit sore, lying in wet sheets, covered with sweet smelling cum. I do have to say, that Rodeo Finals once again was some of the best raw fucking I get each year. There is just nothing I love more than being a cum whore and cum depository for str8 guy loads. Not only was my asshole sore as hell for a couple of days, but I could barely walk, because my thigh muscles were sore from being on my knees for that many hours. But, I'm not complaining. I loved every single minute. And I will do it again in a nano-second when I get the opportunity.
  22. Anonymous fuck last night

    Last night a str8 guy posted on Craigslist that he was staying at a hotel, not far from my home and wanted a guy to come to his room to blow him. His ad said he was 45, married, white, businessman. I sent him a reply to his ad with some pics of me sucking dick. He replied back that he was in Las Vegas on business at an airport hotel. He said the room would be dark. The door unlocked. Just come in, find him sitting on the edge of the bed. Drop to my knees and blow him. He cums, I go. No chat. No reciprocation on his part. I told him that sounded great. He sent me his hotel name and room number and I was quickly on my way to blow him. Just as he said, his door at the Hampton Inn was cracked open. I entered his room. Momentarily, when I came through the door, the hall lights gave enough light that I could just faintly see him sitting on the edge of the bed. He was tall, thin, muscular, hairy and naked. But, I couldn't see any details like his face. I closed the door and walked over to him on the bed. I dropped to my knees and took several deep hits of poppers. Then leaned forward and began to suck his partially hard cock. He had a respectable 6"s, cut. As I sucked on his cock, it began to grow in my mouth. Soon growing to about 7"s. He then laid back on the bed and I began to lick his balls and underneath his balls. Then I lifted his legs and licked his asshole. He was silent, but I could tell he liked it. He was spreading his ass cheeks with his hands to give me more access to his hole. So I could get my tongue deep, up inside him. I rimmed his ass for about 5 minutes. Then went back to sucking his cock. He was now leaking precum. Very sweet tasting. As I was sucking him, he sat up and leaned over me. Sliding his hand down the back of my pants. Finding my asshole, he fingered it. Great! He was up for fucking! Without asking if he wanted to fuck me, I stood and took off my pants, my briefs and my shirt. I was now naked. I knelt on the edge of the bed next to him. He got off the bed and stood behind me. I spit on my fingers and lubed my ass with my spit. He spit on his cock and put his rock hard cock up to my hole. He slowly pushed into me. I'm sniffing poppers as he slides in me and then begins to pump his cock in and out of my hole. He's obviously turned on. He pounds me hard and deep for only about 3 or 4 minutes, before he groans and shakes. He's emptying his balls in my ass. As soon as he cums, he pulls from me and goes into the bathroom. Closing the door to the bathroom before he turned on the bathroom light. I climb off the bed, his cum dripping from my hole and I dress in the dark. I leave his room before he ever comes back from the bathroom. I never got a good look at his face. But loved the anonymous encounter with the str8 visitor.
  23. I was in Salt Lake City, the Mormon Capital of the world, this past weekend. I normally will stay at a fairly nice downtown hotel or one out by the airport when I'm in SLC. But because I wanted to host an anonymous hotel walk in Breed & Seed on my raw hole on Saturday night, I rented a ground floor room at a somewhat seedy motel, just on the edge of Downtown SLC, Utah. This motel had parking right in front of my door. It was right across the street from a streetcar tram stop. And just on the edge of the downtown area. So, it had very quick and easy access. It's also in a neighborhood with a primarily Black and Latino population. So, I just had a feeling it would be a good location to host a breed & seed for the Saturday night I'm there. That hunch turned out to be right. I had listed my anon breeding party on BBRT. I'd received 10 guys saying they wanted to attend from that BBRT party ad. I also posted on Squirt.org and kept placing ads on the SLC Craigslist M2M pages for several days before the party. All my posts stated that starting at 8pm on Sat., my hotel room would be unlocked. the room dark, just come in, find me ass up, face down on the edge of the bed, slide in and seed my hole. I arrived at my motel room at about 4:00pm on Saturday afternoon. I got to my room. There was a king sized bed and the room was quite large. So it looked like a perfect setup for a fuck party. The motel was a bit on the seedy side. But, that made it even better. I quickly douched myself completely and showered. Then I contacted two guys that said they could only attend if it was early. So, I emailed both those guys to tell them that I was at the hotel and ready to start taking loads. I gave both guys the name, address and room number of my hotel room. The first guy, a "str8", married, Mormon guy in his early 40's quickly emailed me back. Saying that he was 5 to 10 minutes away. I unlock my door, turn off the lights to be ready for him. I used some duct tape to tape over the door latch. I turned off all the lights with the exception of a small nightlight that I had plugged into an outlet near the bed. It just created enough light so my outline could be seen kneeling on the edge of the bed. Outside, the temperature was a bone chilling 26 degrees. True to his word in less than 10 minutes I heard the door open and close. I felt the blast of cold air from the open door on my naked body. Then I heard a belt buckle being undone and pants being discarded. A very cold hand then began to feel my ass and asshole. I hadn't lubed up. Very soon I felt his hard cock pressing at my dry hole. He was trying to press in. I had lube on the bedside table. But, I really wanted just spit and cum to be my lube for the night. So I asked him to spit on my ass and his cock to lube up. He spit a couple of times, while I poppered myself up. Soon he was pressing his cock at my hole again and he finally plopped up inside me. He wasted no time in getting right to it. Within just minutes I heard his hard breathing. His speed was increasing and he let out a soft groan as he filled my ass with the first load of the evening. He quickly pulled up his pants, slipped his coat back on and was out the door without saying a word. I checked my email and the other guy that said he could only come if earlier than 8pm had replied to me. He had said he was 30 minutes away and would head right over. I checked the time of his email and looked at my watch. He should be here shortly. So, I assumed my position, on my knees, on the edge of the bed. My ass facing the door. Sure enough, within just a few minutes, I heard the sound of the door opening and felt the blast of cold air hit me. "Mmmmm..... Nice", I heard him say. I started to sniff my poppers as he undressed. He begins to feel my asshole. "Fuck, YEAH! You got a load in you already", he said as he felt the previous guys load at my hole. "Suck me, a bit", he said. I climbed off the bed and got on my knees. He put his semi hard cock to my lips and I began to suck him till I could feel him grow to full hardness. Then I climbed back on the bed and he very quickly slammed into me in one, quick, thrust. He grabbed me around the waist and pumped me hard and deep. This guy's cock was a lot longer, thicker and harder than the first guy. His cock was stretching my hole as he pounded his dick hard into me. We were both grunting with each thrust. Soon he put one of his legs up on the bed to get a deeper angle to my ass. He was going balls deep with every thrust. The he pushed me further up onto the bed and he climbed up on the bed, kneeling behind me. Now the headboard was banging against the wall as he slammed into me. About 5 minutes of intense fucking resulted with him letting out some loud grunts as he filled my ass with load #2. After he came inside me, he climbed off the bed. Grabbed some of the tissues that I had on the bedside table. I climbed off the bed and handed him some wet wipes that I also had on the table. As he's cleaning off, he and I chat a bit. "So, are you married? Is that why you wanted to come over early?" "Yeah. Married to a guy. We have a don't ask, don't tell arrangement. So, I needed to do this before your party, so I can get home to him", he said. "Yeah. I understand", I replied. "Thanks for the fuck. I needed that", he said, as he dressed and left my room. It's now almost 6pm, so I send out my room number to all the other guys that had replied to my ads. All in all from all the different ads I had placed, about 20 guys had replied that they wanted to attend. Now, from previous experience, I know that normally, just a small portion of those guys actually show up. Sometime the attendance can be amazing. And sometimes it turns out to be a complete bust. So, I had no idea if it was going to be an active night? Or if I was going to be bored to death, waiting for guys to show up? Well, the evening turned out to be quite successful. Most of the night was slow, but steady. Though I had said I wanted to start at 8pm, at 7:20pm my door opened and an older Mexican guy came into my room. I was at the desk on my laptop at the moment, checking email replies. He came into my room and began to take off his pants. I moved to him and dropped to my knees. I got him hard and then climbed on the bed. He then slid into me and fucked me for about 10 minutes before filling me up. Once he had left, another guy showed up. A tall, muscular and hairy guy in his late 40's. He took no time sliding right into me. While he was fucking me, the door opened again and a guy in his early 30's came in. Also quite muscular. These two guys seemed to know each other. They're laughing and chatting about the coincidence of running into each other at a "Cum & Dump". Soon both guys are on the bed and are kissing each other as I climb between their legs and take turns sucking both their dicks. Once again, the door opens and a small, thin guy in his mid 50's walks in. He quickly undresses and slides up on the bed, laying alongside the other two. I'm now trying to suck all three. Finally the first of these three guys tells me he wants to fuck me again. I get on my knees on the edge of the bed. He stands behind me and slides back up into me. He's an awesome fuck. He fucks for about 8 or 9 minutes before he plants a load in me. He keeps fucking me slowly. I can feel that he's still rock hard in my ass. Soon his pace picks up again and he puts a second load in me. He finally pulls out and the short, thin guy climbs off the bed and comes behind me. He slides his cock up into me in one, quick, thrust. This guy doesn't take long to empty his balls in my ass. My hole is now getting really sloppy with cum. The guys are commenting how slick and silky my hole is. While the thin guy was fucking me, the previous guy as climbed back on the bed. He's now sitting on the other guys dick, taking a ride on his buddies cock. I'm loving this scene as two of us are now enjoying cocks in our holes. Again, the door opens and closes and that familiar rush of cold air fills the room. In the darkness I can see a very, very tall, broad, muscular black guy in his late 20's/early 30's undressing. As he pulls his pants off, His hard cock comes bouncing up. Holy Fuck! He's hung! Not only hung, but it's really, really thick! And he is ROCK HARD! As soon as the thin guy has cum and begins to dress, I climb off the bed and drop to my knees in front of the black kid. His cock is so big and thick, I can't get much in my mouth. I suck on his cockhead and suck on his balls. Then, I say to him, "Fuck me". I climb back on the bed and put my ass up for him. He tries to push into me. Even though my ass is well lubed with cum, he's just too big and thick. "There's lube to your left", I tell him. As he's lubing up his cock and my ass, I'm sniffing poppers like crazy. I'm going to need the popper rush to loosen my hole enough to take his monster cock. Soon, he was pushing up into me. It was burning a bit. But, I wasn't going to slow or stop him. I wanted his bbc and his load. I literally had to keep the bottle of poppers at my nose for the first few minutes of his fuck. It really was hurting. But soon the pain began to ease and I was loving every thrust of his bbc. His cock was rubbing my prostate in a mixture of pain and pleasure. Soon the prostate friction was causing me to orgasm. "Oh, Fuck", I said as my cock exploded on the sheet below me. Having me cum, just by him fucking me, seemed to tip the scale on this black God. He began to shake in orgasm himself and emptied his balls in my ass. I milked his cock with my ass muscles. He hadn't said a word, but quickly dressed. I now realized the older, thin guy had been standing beside us. Watching in awe, as this hot, black guy was assaulting my ass. He also now left my room. The other two were still fucking on my bed. So, I got back on my laptop to check for messages. I also now got onto Grindr, Growlr, Scruff and Jack'D. Changing my profile on all those phone apps to state that I was in SLC taking raw loads. That seemed to pay off. I quickly got several more replies from guys on those apps that wanted to come seed me. The rest of the evening was a slow and steady stream of guys coming in to seed me. Several more black and latino guys. The older Mexican guy that had come about 7:20pm came back for a second fuck. He brought a buddy of his along to also plant a load in me. They took turns tagging me. The older Mexican guy put his second load in me. Then his younger buddy emptied his balls in me. By the time 11pm came, I had completely lost track of the number of loads I had taken. It had all become a blur. I'm guesstimating that by the time of 11pm, I had taken 9 to 12 loads in my ass and 2 in my mouth. But, I'm truly not sure? As I said, it had become quite a blur. The vast majority seemed to be DL Latino and black guys. Which is exactly what I had been hoping for at this location. I was just about to lock the door and go to bed, when the door opened again. In walked a tall, thin, gangly looking guy in his mid 50's. He had long gray hair, pulled back in a pony tale. An aging "Hippie". He was familiar. This guy is a horny, kinky fucker that has fucked me dozens of times over the years, when I've been up in SLC. But, I hadn't seen him in several years. The last I knew, he had moved away to Oregon. But, he was obviously back living in Utah again. He had always told me that he was bisexual. He always seemed to be in a different relationship with a woman. His relationships never seemed to last very long. He had told me that he would sometimes have 3ways with his girlfriends and his bi buddies. But some of his girlfriends had no idea of his m2m sexual activities. I remembered that he was very verbal. He loved to fuck raw. He loved group fucks and he loved watersports. In fact, he's the first guy to piss on me and make me drink his piss. He tended to be quite aggressive and dominant while fucking me. However, I also remember him telling me that he was very submissive in his relationships with women. Quite an interesting guy. I remember him telling some really wild stories of his yearly visit to 'Burning Man' and his week long sexual escapades there in the Nevada desert. Anyway, I was really happy to see this old fuck buddy of mine walking in. He took no time to dump his clothes. "How many loads do you have in you, bitch?" "I have no idea", I said? He kneels behind me and begins to lick my hole. "Mmmmm...... You do have a sloppy cunt, bitch!" He's licking and lapping away at my hole. Then he stands behind me and immediately slams into me. He fucks me hard and deep. Then leans down and licks my hole again. He keeps alternating between fucking me and eating cum from the other guys from my hole. "Who's been in this hole tonight, Dave? Who's cum am I feeling in your pussy?" I begin to describe some of the guys that have seeded me. He's particularly enjoying hearing about the black dick in me. That's really turning him on. Upon hearing about the young BBC that had made me cum while fucking me, tipped it for hippie guy. He now was filling my ass with his load. Once he had "cum and gone", I removed the duct tape from the door. Put the other lock on the door and slipped into bed. It was now nearly Midnight. I fell asleep immediately. Waking up the next morning with a huge wet spot on the motel sheets from the cum that had been dripping from me all night. I had no idea how a "Breed & Seed" would go in Salt Lake City. But it turned out to be one of my better attended events.
  24. My buddy called again last night wanting to know if he could stop by at my work after close. Obviously I said yes and knew what he wanted. He called again when he was in parking lot wanting to know if I was ready. I said yes. Ready means I'm naked in restroom, lights out and on my knees waiting. He come in and I start sucking him. He grabs my head and he's unusually rough fucking my mouth and throat. He's talking shit telling me I'm such a slut and asking me if I been fucked that night yet. I say no, he says he's gonna fix that. Reminder he's only 20. He stands me up and keeps me bent over still holding my head and rough fucking my mouth when I feel another set of hands on my ass. Had no idea he brought somebody with him. I never see this other guys face. He spits on my hole then fingers me deep and gets rough. I'm trying to take it like a good bottom should. Other dude then slides his dick in me balls deep as I realize he's not average size and I feel every inch. He never speaks, he uses me hard as my buddy is holding my head and using my mouth telling me how I'm such a nasty slut taking that raw dick. Other dude got this death grip on my shoulders and getting in me deep. Snapping his hips hard each time like he's trying to make it hurt which he does. I'm trying to hang on. He goes in me deep one last time and holds it. My buddy asking him "you doing it?" as he's pumping his load in me. My buddy starts jacking and shoots his load all over my face. That first time my buddy doesn't breed me. He pushes me to the floor, I'm on my knees catching my breath and dripping cum I hear my buddy say " hope you fucked him up good". They both leave, I never saw the other guy, he never spoke. Have no clue. Hope a repeat soon.

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