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  1. Slutty cum dump can accom all next week in Leicester, looking to get bred. Anon, sleaze, group, rent welcome.
  2. Slutty cum dump can accom all week in Leicester, looking to get bred. Anon, sleaze, group, rent welcome.
  3. Slutty btm in Leeds hotel 20-22 June, can accom for raw tops, sleaze, group, rough welcome. Use it & breed it.
  4. Slut in Manchester hotel Wednesday 25 March & can accom raw tops, sleaze, group, anon welcome. Come breed me, film it, wreck it
  5. Slut in Heathrow hotel Mon 23-25 Feb looking for raw, Dom tops. Group, sleaze, anon welcome. Total cunt, message for room details & send my orders. Bring friends, publish my phone number. Come breed me
  6. Looking for raw tops Heathrow hotel Wednesday 4th, anon, sleaze group welcome

  7. Slutty bottom in Heathrow hotel 4th February, can accom for raw tops, group. Sleaze, anon or filming welcome.
  8. Slut in Heathrow hotel looking to get bred, sleaze, group welcome. Will give hotel & room number for you to walk in use, dump & go. Submissive & will do what pleases you. 11 & 12 November
  9. Looking for a hard breeding UK

  10. Sent t22_leics@hotmail.com is this cunt
  11. BB party in Torquay 25 October - total cum dump available for breeding. See South West party listings on BBRT
  12. Sounds great to me! Total cunt here, love to serve www.recon.com/leicestersubcunt is me
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